Thursday, January 24, 2013


We all do marvel at the power of Gods Words,
and truly together we should.
But have you yet thought in the light of this truth,
of the power of The Words own blood?
For since by the Word the Creation came forth,
and reveals The Words ability and power.
Just imagine how powerful the blood of The Word,
the blood of God our Maker.

By the Word of the Lord all stars came forth,
in numbers they surpass many billions.
The Word became flesh to shed precious blood,
to remove all sin by the trillions.

Now both are good, the functions of Gods Word,
in the creation and in our redemption.
For whatever God needs His Word to do,
Jesus makes it a living realization.

I want a creation, The Word agreed, 
then shouted in great jubilation.
The Universe came forth and a world of living creatures,
for The Word made them  a realization.

I want sin removed, the Word agreed,
so He descended to earth from heaven.
The Word became flesh and poured out His blood
destroying sin and bringing salvation.

God looked at creation His Word did make
and He said of its fulness its good.
He looked at the results of the blood of His Word,
sin was gone so God said unto His Unfailing Word...His Son...
Thy Throne oh God is forever and ever,
A sceptre of righteousness is the glory of your kingdom.
And You The Living Word Of God, in the beginning have laid the foundations of the earth,
and the heavens are the works of your glory and power.
They will soon perish but you shall remain and endure forever.
They will grow old as a garment does, and like a robe You shall fold them up and
they will be changed.
But You are the same forever and your years shall not fail nor your light ever grow dim.
You have redeemed the children with Your own precious blood, through the blood of your own design and cross.
For by Your taste of death they are reconciled unto God and by Your blood made free. 
Therefore in Your resurrection I have glorified You and exalted You for above all forever.
For You humbled Yourself and delighted Yourself to be sacrificed for their ransom.
Therefore I have made You The Head of all principalities and placed You far above the strength of all power.
Your Name is exalted as far above all names, things and powers forever.
You shall reign as Supreme Love and Superior Power forever.
Your flesh and Your bone shall share in all Thy pleasures and exceeding great delight;
for Your blood, Oh blood of the Word of God for them You gave.
Therefore Your Life in them shall remain and be to the highest exaltation and pleasure.They shall share in the Throne of Your great love for them.
For The Word their Redeemer and your offspring the redeemed are now One forever.
You are their Head and they Your body, even thy flesh and bone.
One Spirit, One Body, One Life, One Name, One Family Together Forever Sitting In the Auditorium of Your Risen Body TO REIGN.
OH FIRST BORN from the dead of many brethren, You are exalted above all forever.
For You cannot fail. In the creation and in redemption You have been tried, tested and proven.
You are unfailing no matter the demands placed upon thy strengths.
You oh Word of God are worthy of all  Praise, Trust, Glory and Honor....Its no wonder that Your Name Is Wonderful Forever...Worthy Is The Lamb - The Word That Became Creation Became Flesh ......Amen


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