Sunday, April 21, 2013


     If you are feeling the weight of your faiths trials and pressure test, Do not pop.  In the bible, the ones that were tested the most made the book. Their tested faith became scriptures. 
     To some people Satan only sends a small tiny beetle bug devil to wrestle and test and mess with them and that little beetle bug agitates the dream and the hope right out of them.
     To those whose faith are like Peter and Pauls, Satan sends people size devils and evil spirits, and storms to try to beat the dream and the hope out of them
     To people who are His greatest threat like Jesus, Satan comes to take them on himself often times personally.  Some times the greater the test and weightier the pressure,  that's a sign God has something BIG in store for you and your life for His Sons Glory and for your joy to be made full by you obeying and following Gods plan for your life....Stay Focused......Be Believing......Trust and God will see you through to the other side of the sea of your troubles........deno......please share freely