Wednesday, April 24, 2013


      The prayer of two believing hearts that really agree, can change even Nations. Read Matthew 18:18-20
       Jesus said, All Things Are Possible With God. Jesus also said, "All Things Are Possible To Them That Believe". The heart that is full of the Spirit of God, and full of the faith of the Son of God, IS THE MOST POWERFUL WEAPON ON EARTH. The believing heart full of God and His power from on High standing on the COVENANT PROMISES of God given to us In Christ Jesus, can move plenty of heavens power and riches to earth in human affairs all over this world. God Himself, the greatest of all and the greatest power, moves on earth thru His peoples believing (James 1:2-8). This truth is why it is so important for we who believe in Jesus Christ to BE BELIEVING.
        Luke 18:1-8)....Jesus said in his story of the unjust judge who was being begged and begged by a determined woman for justice, he said that the unjust judge finally gave in to the begging lady. He gave in not because of any other reason but that she was annoying to him and nagging. Her nagging got him to move on her behalf mainly to get her out of his hair. Then Jesus said that certainly God, who is the JUST God, will avenge and give justice to His own who cry out unto Him day and night about it. Then Jesus followed this by asking the BIG QUESTION saying, "But when the time comes for My glorious return, will I find faith on the earth? He meant would He find His people full of faith praying in accordance with Mark 11:23-24. 
     Mark 11:23-24  GUARANTEES US ON EARTH EXACT RESULTS OF PRAYER BULLETS FIRED HITTING THE DESIRED TARGET. In other words, by our more real bible faith we are controlling situations and things on earth by our nondoubting hearts. Brethren Let Us Together Be Believing in these LAST DAYS.  Real bible faith is what God is looking for in us His children. It is what Jesus would love to find in His peoples hearts when He returns.
       Mark 11:23-24...Jesus said, In the flawless honesty of God I tell you, whatever the thing is that you are desiring, WHEN YOU PRAY, Believe that you receive that thing or things, believe that it shall happen, AND IT SHALL COME TO PASS. We need not be over debating about things. We are guaranteed victory when we BELIEVE.....Family In Christ Jesus....ONWARD IN FAITH
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