Sunday, May 19, 2013


    The apostle Paul wrote and revealed to us all that In Christ Jesus WE HAVE redemption thru HIS BLOOD, and that We Have THE FORGIVENESS OF OUR SINS.......Colossians 1:14....Glory to God, we all have THE FORGIVENESS OF OUR SINS. Isn't that GREAT NEWS. It is one of those glad tidings of great joy reports to us from the THRONE OF GOD...FROM THE CROSS OF CHRIST.
     HAVING FORGIVENESS is part of our GREAT INHERITANCE as bodily members of Jesus Christ our Redeemer. WE HAVE IT NOW....THE FORGIVENESS OF OUR SINS......Knowing this let me lovingly remind you of something wonderful... DON'T FORGET TO FORGIVE YOURSELF.  Self forgiveness is included in this great inheritance possession that we have  IN CHRIST. Without self forgiveness we cannot enter into Christ rest and the peace which passeth all understanding.
       Jesus said If we do not forgive others their sins, neither will God forgive us our sins. That is how important forgiveness is. We must forgive. Included in this must forgive doctrine of Christ is also self forgiveness. For to not forgive ones self is to hate ones self (HELLO). And it is an issue of faith and trust. If you say God has forgiven you but you don't forgive yourself you are in doubt. You are in unbelief. You say well I don't feel forgiven. No where in the bible does it say that we are to be led by our feelings. We are to be led by Gods word on all matters. When this is established in us then the deceiving feelings will eventually be conformed and be brought in to subjection to Christ forgiveness GOOD NEWS.
      Jesus preached in one of His personal sermons to Peter. Peter, what I have cleansed, let no one call unclean. What I have washed, let no one call not washed. What I have purged and purified, let no man call not purged or not purified. What I have forgiven let no man call Unforgiven, NOT EVEN THE MAN HIMSELF.
        Jesus said to the man, YOUR SINS ARE FORGIVEN YOU. THE MAN MUST SAY BACK TO JESUS. THY WORD IS TRUTH. I AM FORGIVEN.....BE BLESSED MY BROTHER.....BE BLESSED MY SISTER...YOU ARE FORGIVEN. YOUR FORGIVENESS IS WRITTEN IN THE PRINT OF THE PAGES OF YOUR INHERITANCE IN CHRIST....SO FORGIVE YOURSELF AND GO IN PEACE...Listen to the song above until Self Forgiveness is fully formed in you.....Jesus Loves You And Is For You......deno....please share freely