Tuesday, May 28, 2013

End Time Words Now A Blazed

     Friends you can mark these words. As those who believe and belong to Christ our faith shall be tested and tried severely in these latter of the latter days from now on. So many scriptures will be fulfilled in what shall seem to be like just a brief moment in time. Jesus said, in those days, peoples hearts shall fail them as they see what is coming to pass on the earth.
      Many of us do not like to talk about such times as this that Jesus spoke but we would all be in disobedeince if we did not share and preach them. They are all HIS SERMON
      Christ in time sermon is one of great and glorious good news for the faithful believers, but is one of misery and woes to the lovers of this world and for those who prefer darkness over light. The old saying, Be sure your sins shall find you out, shall come to pass in the end generation and sad to say it but it must be said, this (our generation) most of its present people, are lovers of the pleasures of sin more than lovers of God and righteousness. 
     Christ said Sin would be abounding in the last generation. Just about every movie, tv show, song written and sung is about life in the pleasures of sin and disobedience in open defiance against God and His Laws for life and living. Like one big united party, this generation has been partying and dancing up and down  pushing on the buttons of Gods patience for quite some time now, and are blind to His judgements against such bold rebellion. Then when it happens they wonder why? What is goindg on? This generation by its own wrong choices strike the match to set end time words a blazed against its own self.
     Lord have mercy. Send revival instead of wrath. In Jesus Name....Amen.....deno....please share freely