Sunday, May 19, 2013


    Being a member of Christ flesh and bone gives you incredible belonging. How can I explain? It is sort of and much like this. To be seated with the Father right next to Him in Glory is a place, a position of the HIGHEST HONOR. He and they who are invited there and that sit with the Father in His Throne are known and called in heaven, "MEMBERS OF THE THRONE", God shares with them HIS RULE AND REIGN WITH CHRIST.

        With that in our sights now, THINK ABOUT THIS. You are Jesus and in your risen physical body you look at your body and every day you see that there are many members living there. You call those members My Body, MY FLESH AND MY BONE. My bone and My flesh. Now pay attention here or this will fly over you. To sit with a Great King upon His Throne is one thing and it is an awesome honor no doubt.. But when that same great King calls you Himself, My Body, My Flesh, My Bones, He is and has absorbed and engrafted you into even the life of HIS BEING and NAME thru the Body Of Christ Oneness Connection. Christ is One Body made up of MANY MEMBERS. The riches, the blessings, the honors, the highest life of His Crown, every bodily member known as HIS FLESH AND BONES share and partake of for THEY ARE JOINED TOGETHER IN THAT ONE BODY WHICH MAKES THEM  ONE.
       Doesn't even your feet enjoy all that you have and are? Doesn't your feet posses your Full Name as a member of your life by its body connection to you? Even all your activities and blessings? YES THEY DO. There is not one single thing you do or have that your bodies feet are not included in and involved in. So even if your located in one of the feet of Jesus you do and will partake of Gods Far Above All Life And Blessings of Jesus Christ.  

       Being Christ flesh and bone revealed to us By Gods Own Lips makes you as much a part of Jesus' Body and He is of Himself. This is a revelation of Part of the great Love Mystery concerning Christ and the Church as written in Ephesians 5:23-32......AS A CHRISTIAN YOU ARE CHRIST FLESH AND BONE. YOU ARE IN THE FAR ABOVE ALL IN EVERYTHING SON OF GOD. YOU ARE SO BLESSED.....deno...Lord Open Our Eyes to the Love of God in these words. In Jesus Name Amen.

LET ME GO A LITTLE FURTHER HERE TO HELP YOU SEE THIS GLORY. When you shower, doesn't your feet go with you in that shower and  enjoy the shower to? Yes. How can it not? When you go fishing, doesn't your feet go with you? Yes, How Can They Not?  When you are getting a spa massage, doesn't your feet partake and enjoy that massage thru the body connection? Yes they do. How can they not? If you were to inherit a billion dollars wouldn't your feet posses that great inheritance along with the rest of the body? Yes they would? Well when God said to Jesus with His risen body, Come Now and sit at My Right Hand until I make your enemies your footstool,  HIS FEET AND ALL HIS FLESH AND BONE BODILY MEMBERS WENT WITH HIM TO THE THRONE. HOW COULD THEY NOT? Church, you are HIS BODY, the fulness of HIM, that filleth all in all. (Ephesians 1:23) You are greatly LOVED (John 17:20-23)