Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Jesus Honored Me With His Own Precious Blood.....Psalm by deno

     Jesus honored me with His own precious blood. He lifted me up on high in His great love with His own redeeming sacrifice. The Lord destroys all the strength of my sins by the power of the sacrifice of Himself so applied. My past He makes beautiful with the washing of His mighty blood and the purified image that His great mercy and forgiveness brings.
     The Lord took His mercy and reshaped my past and rewrote by lifes story and living forever. I am in Him and He is in me; therefore I will remain in the love of God forever and the love of His truth shall more abundantly prosper in my life by Jesus Christ
       My future is filled with Gods love, goodness, guidance, favor, blessings, orders, commands, strengths, gifts, grace and good news and with the presence of God and His Sons Redeeming Power....Amen....deno....please share freely.