Wednesday, May 29, 2013

THE LORD IS MY FOUNDATION....psalm of praise by deno.....make it yours

        The Lord is my Rock and the foundation of my life and feet. The Lord is the God of my cause, even the glory of my purpose. Amen.
        I will say of the Lord, You are my Wonder and You alone are my awe. You are the glory and the splendor of my sight. I see into the Wonders of God. I ponder into the deeper things of God in Christ Jesus and learn more advantageously more abundantly.
        The Lord in His great generosity as the greatest of all givers kindly shares with me His understandings. The Lord is Wonderful and wonderful is His grace in you and me in Christ Jesus.
         Our future is bright and filled with greater light of the One who is called The light of Life. 
         Thank You Jesus. Thank You for making us a part of You and Your Eternal Everlasting Life forever.......Amen......deno.....please share freely