Thursday, July 31, 2014

A Word from the Spirit of Jesus to America....His Warning. His Counsel. His Hope...31 July 2014.....deno.....please share freely.

........The Holy Ghost says America is a polluted nation. That the very atmosphere of America has become the flight of every foul bird and the rivers and creeks of the flow out, the serpents den of thieves. The land has become the dwelling place of the sly fox and of the butchering hyena thirsty for more.The stench of the poisonous snake is everywhere upon the grass and underneath the rocks waiting for the unwise and unprotected. The shining shield is now dull and heavy. Its weight the same but to the men of this hour it is heaviness for the strength of the former has left their arm by the heaviness of this generation's transgressions.
........He cries, There is no glory of God in sin and shame. Wickedness is never My friend and iniquities never within my door. Those My Spirit loves, I forgive, I warn, rebuke and chastise. I the Lord do all these things. You have to be purified to enter into My Father's House of My glory. Repent I preached before I preached on faith. Demons believe but they all are wicked believing unclean spirits of devils who refuse to repent though they know and believe. Faith without repentance is incomplete light. Holy is My Everlasting Unchanging Name. I deal with My childrens sin as a father deals with his sons disobedience. A loving mother does the same. Only the wicked applaud sin and make lite of rebellion. Only the uncaring withhold the rebuke. The most loving father raises the rod to discipline his child. He does this for the child's good and not to appease his anger. With My own I'm not angry for the chastisement of our peace was upon Me, yet I still raise the rod because of My true love. This is My Doctrine.
........Most seek their own. Most war to parade upon the stage. Flattery, seduction, and abominations are flourishing in every town and village in this nation. Ten thousand lies here and mounting false prophecies there. The soothsayer is the lips possession and seen by the angels in the midst of the great congregation. All is well, All is well they cry, when blood is spilt by murderous hands in God's garden made from dust and upon the streets made by the curse of the sweat of the brow, for they are paths now and so many are they whose course leads straight to hell. Elders are blind to the whirlpool that leads to damnation. This bread is uncooked though it is risen to be served. Prepare ye this bread of the Lord, make this doctrine straight for the way is still narrow.
.........This is become a dark nation. A beast driven nation of the lions roar and evils daily delight. A delightsome  land to Satan who is ever so comforted and comfortable with a people who love and cherish darkness and deceit more than light, and pleasures more than contentment or the spirit of grace. To their darkened minds holiness has been redefined for it is a curse word to this generations deluded mind of reprobate. A nation where most seek their own and power and fame in both light and darkness.  The glory and the splendor of the world and its stage they esteem more than honor, more than the fear of the Lord, more than the gates of hells threatening. They love idols.
........By the spirit of Pontius Pilate the children of this generation cry, What is THE TRUTH?  There favorite drink is called STRONG DELUSION. They are abominable offspring and practice their fathers craft in lies, trickeries, and deceits. They honor not God nor parent, and their lacking of respect for God and authority is fulfilling the TRUE PROPHECY....But they cry All is well, All is well.
.......I warn, and I rebuke, and I judge and I sentence. I lift up and I cast down, I kiss and I spew, I say Come unto Me and I say Get thee behind Me. I reward and I punish saith the Lord. I also  give life and bless those that repent. Hell was formed out of My fury against rebellion and sin. Heaven was formed out of My love.
....... Those that repent and overcome the delusions of this nations craft and overcomes the deceitfulness of her sins I will bless in My Name. Repent and Return to Me saith the Lord your Redeemer and the God of the Light of your foundations, and with my own blood I will cleanse this nation and pour out My purifying fire of the Spirit of the Lord...Jesus Is Lord......deno.....please share freely.