Monday, April 25, 2016

Addressing the Hundredfold Doctrine of Christ......This must be said.deno.....share freely.

Addressing the HUNDREDFOLD DOCTRINE OF CHRIST....In obedience this must be said......deno.

..........Then the disciples said unto Jesus, Lord we have left everything to follow you. After they made that statement Jesus responded back with THE BLESSING.
 Mark 10:28-30...New King James Version (NKJV)

28 Then Peter began to say to Him, “See, we have left all and followed You.”

29) So Jesus answered and said, “Assuredly, I say to you, there is no one who has left house or brothers or sisters or father or mother or wife or children or lands, for My sake and the gospel’s, 30) who shall not receive a hundredfold now in this time—houses and brothers and sisters and mothers and children and lands, with persecutions—and in the age to come, eternal life.
         Let's clarify the Lord's meaning. First we must make plain what should be obvious in order to reach the true meaning behind the words.
         If you left one child to follow Jesus and for the gospel shall you literally father 100 more children with your seed? or receive 100 more children. You could spiritually BUT NOT PHYSICALLY.
         If you left two brothers to follow Jesus shall you literally gain 200 more brothers of your same parents or be adopted into another physical family and with your new parents in the flesh gain 200 brothers? Physically no, such is not possible. BUT SPIRITUALLY YOU COULD. We are all brothers and sisters in Christ in the spirit by the hundreds, by the thousands, by the millions, by the billions.
        If you left your father or mother to follow Jesus shall you literally receive 100 more real dads and 100 more real moms from whose womb you came from? No, not physically. BUT IN SPIRITUAL WISDOM YOU CAN.
        Now, if you left your physical house, your property, your car and boat and swimming pool, and shovel, and rake, and motorcycle etc. to follow Jesus, shall you  literally receive 100 more of each of those items, those things in this life with the full title of ownership? Not physically you want, but in spiritual wisdom gains and advantage of CHRISTIAN FAMILY GROWTH in the faith of Christ YOU CAN. Let's explain.
        You see, what God our Father owns we own and have access to, and as brothers and sisters in the family of Christ and in the love of God my house is your house, my table is your table and vice versa and such is multiplying in houses and tables access in the true sense but without literal title deed transfer of ownership BUT BY CHARITY. You need a car, come use mine, by usage not by ownership, although some do give cars to others.
        Brother or sister are you hungry? Come and dine with me at my table. From village to village, from city to city we as Christians are welcomed into christian brothers homes and in their love they share what they have with us at their table and we eat what they set before us questioning nothing. We do not rob them or take away their title deeds to their house to our ownership, but we sure have gained a house access and blessing by the working of Gods love in sharing our homes and bread with other christians as needed. They broke their bread with us.  
        And as the family of Christ grows and increases in the land, we have access to even more houses and to each others houses and we are part of the family that is made of hundreds and thousands and even millions of brothers, sisters, fathers and mothers, and of houses, lands, husbands and wives. WE ARE ALL A HOLY FAMILY. WE ARE ALL ONE IN CHRIST. 
        As heaven is opened up unto me, so my hand is opened up unto you in the love of Christ. For they shall know that you follow Me (JESUS SAID) the way you love one another. BY YOUR CHARITY AND GIVINGS AND HELPING TO BEAR YE ONE ANOTHER'S BURDENS so fulfilling the law of Christ. 
       It is a different kind of wealth increase and access DIFFERENT FROM THE PILE UP SYSTEM OF THE WORLD, not by ownership but by access thru Christ love in charity, as we open our hearts and homes to one another as needed in Jesus Name; but NOT AS FOR GREED or title deed transfer pile ups and dollar bill increases as to the hundredfold per dollar invested. Sharing our bread and homes with others who believe for we are family in Christ.
          Yet we can go the extra mile in charity where WE BLESS with the extra. But that choice is not under duress, but of free will offering and choice. 
          We must remember, if Christ hundred fold doctrine was a law of literal ownership increase and physical full ownership deed and wealth increase and transfers to the hundredfold, and being that it was A LAW, then that Law could not fail and could not be broken for it was scripture LAW as some interpret. And if that was the case, THEN THE RECORD OF THE DYNAMIC WEALTH and LAND INCREASE BY OWNERSHIP and hundreds of HOME OBTAINING'S OF THE DISCIPLES by title deed ownership, such amazing prosperity would have MADE THE BOOK the bible. It would have been a STRONG and AMAZING DRAWING CARD and Jesus would have MADE SURE THAT SUCH MIRACLE BLESSINGS  WOULD HAVE made the book. For by so doing He could have WON the WHOLE GLUTTONOUS WORLD if such really was the real proper interpretation OF THE HUNDREDFOLD TEACHING OF CHRIST. Who would not want to be on that incredible train? If it happened exactly that way by and for every member of the early church as some preach it is to literally do, then the church would be the most debt free people of wealth in all the world. EVERY MEMBER, not just the receivers of the TITHES AND OFFERINGS.
        The Lord wants us to think about this, about what is fixing to be said now to clear the air. The HUNDREDFOLD DOCTRINE was spoken DIRECTLY into their (Peter, James, John, and the other first disciples) hearing by Jesus himself. Now remember with me, JESUS SAID to them TRULY TRULY when He spoke about the hundredfold doctrine.  Jesus saying TRULY TRULY to them about his hundredfold teaching MEANT THIS; it meant it would be just as Jesus meant those words to be and not AS SOME TODAY  INTERPRET IT......THAT'S IMPORTANT.
          But the disciples did receive a hundredfold in this life as Jesus really meant in his hundredfold teaching, but not as men interpret that doctrine today. According to the way  men interpret the  hundredfold doctrine today,  the disciples and the early church members were failures in this area and fell way way short of the fruit of the doctrine which would mean Jesus lied and misled them. For they certainly received THE WITH PERSECUTIONS PART exactly as Jesus said, but the hundredfold wealth increase of a hundred dollars for every one dollar sown, and one hundredfold house and land increase by title deed ownership they fell way short of the mark....Stop this says the Lord. He came to you thru his prophet KENNETH HAGIN to correct this and you refused the correction. The children are at risk, and the birds of the nest have their mouths open but their hope is in vain not knowing their parents gather only unto themselves while the birds in the nest starve and die under delusion.
         So many in Christ, their faith and their hope has been effected by or even crushed by the false interpretation of the hundredfold words of Christ. And many of them are crushed because they were taught to seek the physical fortunes of Christ Hundredfold doctrine as literal ownership (Mammon), only to find out the same preachers preaching that over and over again have to come up with several reasons why its not working as they interpret it for you but does for them. Well I will ask this. Where is the bottom of the funnel pointed? You do not have to be an Einstein to see this. Wherever the giver gives it is received period. From there on God sees where the heart's treasure is both of the givers and the receivers.
          According to certain people's interpretation of the hundredfold doctrine of Christ,  you leave your wife or husband for Jesus and the gospel and you shall receive WHICH MEANS TO SOME PEOPLE'S LITERALLY INTERPRETATION WOULD HAVE TO MEAN, to them it means YOU WILL marry and gain unto yourself a hundred more wives or marry a 100 more husbands? Come on friend, we know Jesus was not speaking so literally as to mean that. That would be adultery.
        As ONE BIG FAMILY in Christ whose hearts are rich in the love of God, what is mine you have access to according to holy means and standards and what is yours I have holy access to according to Christ holy means and love of God standards. And when Christ heart of charity is abounding, no one in the family should be lacking in needs met. But watch out for greed, selfish ambitions, and worldly lust. Now it is ok to be rich, the hundredfold doctrine of Christ makes us all rich BT ACCESS unto great sharings of charities of the saints, but NOT BY TITLE DEED OWNERSHIP MULTIPLICATION.
         The way of the true hundredfold doctrine makes us all rich but not in the way some preach it, BUT RICH IN THIS SENSE, IN ACCESS to one another and to one's another's things by love in charity and sharing, BUT NOT BY THE TRANSFER OF TITLE DEED OWNERSHIP or ten dollar bills being multiplied on a printing machine somewhere.. It is sharing and caring for one another in Christ as brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers of One Great Big Family where the love of Christ has rule and dominion as we bear one another's burdens as God's Family in Christ on the earth in this life..
         But had the disciples (the elders)  taken the great givings of the early church that piled their givings up at the foot of the apostles, had those disciples went and used 90 percent of it own themselves to pile up and 10 percent of it they gave to ministry and back to the givers which were the THE OTHER MEMBERS OF THE CHURCH,  JESUS WOULD HAVE REBUKED THEM SHARPLY and took them to the side and had a serious chat with those boys saying, YOU DO ERR......Share freely......deno......share freely.