Thursday, April 28, 2016

Satan's Punk of the Gangster....written in God's love and light by deno.

........All arguments cease the moment one's breath is taken away. At that moment the spirit world is seen. Are you prepared?

           The young gangster made his boast saying, Hell, man I'm not worried about hell. Why when I get there I'll take the granite over and run the place with my boys, yea......The young gangster was shot and killed in a turf dispute soon after he made his boast and now he was all alone.. His words made him ripe for the devils plucking. Being deceived he did not know, he did not know that in the way he lived on earth as the baddest gangster around that he was day unto day punked by Satan.
           In the region of the damned Satan saw the soul of the gangster all alone in the darkness and headed down so he came to him and said, You said what? The young man seeing the face of evil himself was horror stricken. Crying and terrified he replied back, I didn't say anything. Satan laughed and said you've been my punk on the earth for years, then he personally through him in the fire to the demonic vultures who called the gangster by his name. This is your reward Satan said to his demons. You deceived him now feast on him.
           All the devil's creeds and promises are believable lies only to destroy the soul in the end. All of them.
           All the bad boys can boast of their heartless badness upon the earth now. They can cuss, swear, grab their crotch while doing so in their defiance of wisdom and God's authority, and live and move as criminals and brute beast on the earth. They can wear their pants down to their knees having no concern for children, use and abuse people, lie, rap the words of evil being punked by Satan who laughs at them while they do so because it's just fuel to his case against their souls. They can walk with the proud look and with hate and evil in their eyes, and fire their iron at others while holding their gun sideways,  but they are playing right into the devil's hands and playing the devil's game never ends well. NEVER. There is no rose garden in hell.
          Not one gangster that descended to hell (And there are many) went there without weeping and gnashing of teeth, crying and screaming as hell's reality and fury filled their eyes. Their descent and their personal entrance into the region of the damned was so horrifying and so terrifying they lost all their strength and shook violently with fear that in measure was unknown upon the earth. Hell has no play grounds. No basketball courts. No street called hope, no bench called rest. Not even one drop of water for relief anywhere. Its all pure hell and torments in every sense of the word. Its a place of extreme punishments and moanings willed with massive regrets. It is a living nightmare that has not even a speck of peace nor any chance of ending. It goes from worse unto worse for eternity. Its worth escaping by all means necessary. Don't stay punked by Satan.
         In hell the teeth grind in the agony of the damned. None of them had to end up there, but they chose evil over good and darkness over light. They chose to be cocky for the gangsters applause instead of fearing the Lord. They were convinced by the blind to choose hate over Jesus Christ and God's love. They learned the behavior to grab their crotch instead of grabbing the bible. They were trained to rather strut for the devil instead of walking in honor before the mighty God and Christ. They thought on the earth they punked everybody else while all the while unbeknown to them Satan was punking them daily with his deceptions formed in their thinking that was the cause for the way they rapped, talked, acted and behaved. Satan punked them all in a stealth manner to fatten their souls up for no escape from hell and damnation. What does it profit to gain the whole world but lose your soul in hell's damnation forever?
          Repent and lay holt of the Son of God while you have time. The lion seeks to feast on you in hell in ways the world knows not of.
         There is no mercy in hell, no death, no compassion, and no rest to the soul from it torments. No one is there to pull the wolves and the lions off those they attack. There is no dispute over turf. Satan and his monstrous demons rule it all like vultures feeding upon the souls of men that they deceived and punked on the earth.
         The most heartless and ruthless gangster on earth, his heart quivers and fears when he sees the grinding teeth of a pit bull gone mad. In hell such creatures are calm pets compared to the evil and ruthlessness of cursed demons who hate God and the souls of men that Jesus loved so much as to die for, in order to ransom. The devil has a chip on his soldiers against all men so he schemes and deceives them in stealth and in the open to take them down.
         Please Wake Up to all the truth of these words you have read in this light....Choose Heaven..There is an awful hell to shun and there is a glorious heaven to gain....Believe and change your ways before it's too late for you to. Death  approaches all ......deno.....share freely.