Thursday, May 26, 2016

American Nationalist vs the Globalist......deno....share freely.

       The American Loving Nationalist of the Trump Party verses the globalist who sell out our nation to foreigners and the world. As America Loving Nationalist WE THE PEOPLE want borders to save America and to put America and the citizens of America First as was intended by our founding fathers written in the Constitution.....THEY (the globalist) DON'T....By the globalist comes all this violence and vandalism. They even fund the protest and pray for the violence to occur in hope that the All American Loving Nationalist (Trump & The Trump Train) will fear and step down....BUT WE SAY NEVER.....We are fed up with what you have been doing to OUR COUNTRY.
       The government of the globalist thought they had the controls of our nation in their hands for good and then this guy called Trump and the Massive Trump Train showed up and threatens everything.
       We The People Are Taking Our Country Back....Anyone that preaches against building a wall at the border or is demanding we have open borders and registering non citizens to vote, THEY ARE THE GLOBALIST and THE GLOBALIST PARTY..They are more dangerous to American Independence and National sovereignty than all our enemies abroad.
      The Democrats are the nations Main Globalist Party. They only get somewhat Patriotic about America as a nation around election time to deceive and mislead the people for votes. Then if we fall for the front and vote them in again, we find that they do not push an America First Agenda, but their global agenda and we get raped again as a nation and are left frustrated for another 4 years how things keep going the non American Way....ENOUGH IS ENOUGH....WE ARE TAKING THIS NATION BACK...JOIN US ON THE TRUMP TRAIN....share freely.