Friday, August 26, 2016

We Measure Gods Love For Us Only By The Cross of Christ...Answering Why?......deno......share freely.

.....For God so loved the world....
.....We know and believe in the love God has for us....
.....Not that we loved God but that He loved us....
.....Gods love in Christ, that love has been shed throughout our hearts by the Holy Spirit..
.....God showed us His love for us in this, when we were yet sinners, Christ died for the ungodly.
.....No greater love exist above this, that a man lay down his life to save his friends.
.....Love one another as Christ has loved you.
.....The Lord loves His church, He nourishes and cherishes it for it is His own flesh.
......I am persuaded that there is nothing that shall be able to separated us from the love God has for us, shown us in Christ.

Lesson Light....All of us as we increase and grow in Christ, eventually we are tempted to take our eyes off of the heart of our hope and that heart and its light is Gods incredible GREAT LOVE that He has for us as the Cross of His Son reveals..
.........Jesus said in John 17:23, He prayed that we would come to realize, and even all the world, realize that God loves us all EVEN AS HE LOVES JESUS...At first that is hard for some to chew on, but no matter how hard it seems to be to believe, Jesus said it therefore that scripture, that revealing truth cannot be broken....It stands even as Jesus spoke it. God loves us even as He loves Jesus.
.........Jesus never ever doubted the Fathers love for him or for us, NEVER. No matter what came against him, no matter the back talk of people, no matter that people took stones up to stone him, or palm branches up to praise him, and even though many, even members of his on family did not believe He was the Son of God for awhile and told him that he had lost his mind, Jesus still, not even in the slightest bit ever doubted questioned or doubted Gods great love for him and for us. He did not look for pleasant things or pleasant pastures to be the proof of the Fathers love for him, and Jesus did not let rough waters and persecutions make him doubt Gods love for Him. He knew the Father and He knew that nothing would ever separate him from His Fathers love, not even hammer and nails, nor a mighty rejection of this world that rose up against him..
.........Jesus knew the Fathers love. He knew God is Love... He Knew the Fathers heart. And not even his pain and sufferings on that cross made him question Gods love for him even though he was in tremendous pains on the cross that redeemed us.. He knew the Father was faithful and He could trust His Spirit into His Hands from the cross to the resurrection day. He did not let his pains be his measuring stick of Gods love for him or his rough circumstances, Jesus in his heart KNEW THE FATHER...That knowing sustained him thru all the pleasant days and thru all the persecution, hate and hell that this world threw against him.
.........We to must not look at this worlds circumstances or our circumstances or conditions in this life to be what we measure Gods love for us by, nor His presence with us by. Our faith in Gods love is based on and grows upon the love we see that God has for us in the giving of His Son for our sins on the Cross. From that light which shines from the Cross of Christ, our faith in Gods love finds its true foundation and our faith in Gods love grows and increases....Take your faith and eyes off what the cross preaches and try to base or measure Gods love for you by this world and your circumstances and you enter Satans deceiving territory. 
.........People that base Gods love for them on their health measure up or down, or by a rich or poor measuring stick, by smooth waters or by rough waters, those people usually are easily tossed this way and that way and some even get so frustrated that they quit the hope all together and head back into the world. Satan took them out of the true love light by tempting them to measure Gods love for them by what they have of this world or have not and by other self circumstances and conditions, taking their eyes off the love of God revealed in Christ and Him crucified. When you set aside the Cross of Christ as your constant measuring stick of Gods love for you and you look to measure the love by other means, your in dangerous territory. We must not be in that territory of thinking in the last days. In those days the whole world undergoes a great shift by the spirit of AntiChrist and the whole world hates the church, despises the church, comes against the church and many are even killed for believing and belonging to Christ....Have your affections set on things above,
..........When Peter, Paul, John and others of the early church were suffering for Christ, being beaten, stoned, mocked, imprisoned, laughed at, spit at, unwelcomed, ridiculed, fed to lions, crucified on crosses, whipped and put to death, they always remembered and faith banked on the love God had for them revealed in the sight of the Cross of the risen Son of God that they had come to love and know and to serve with all their hearts devotion, having their hope set on things above where Jesus is seated at the right hand of God.. They did not allow Satan to deceive them or to make them question Gods love for them by the formed persecutions and rough times they were day to day experiencing as servants of Christ in a world that hated their Savior and Messiah.
.........We must understand this truth and fix our measuring Gods love for us by the Cross of Christ only and by no other measure. Faith and assurance grows from remaining in that love light that the Cross of Christ preaches..Take your eyes and your love measurement off of the Cross of Christ and place it on other circumstances or things going on in this life and in this world and you will end up frustrated beyond measure by Satan.
........Keep your eyes and faith on the Cross of Christ. It is and it fully reveals the great love God has for us every day and that revelation never changes......Amen....deno.....share freely.