Friday, September 23, 2016

God Wants To Give Us Good Things......deno.....share freely.

Matthew 7:11....New King James Version

11....If you then, being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, HOW MUCH MORE will your Father who is in heaven give good things to those who ask Him!

       Think about that. Our heavenly Father is FAR MORE WILLING to do us good and to give us good things more than our parents.
        How can we partake of HIS FAR MORE WILLINGNESS TO GIVE US GOOD THINGS?....Obey Him. Really Honor Him as Your Lord, Your Boss and as your Father in all you say and do. Hang around those believers with the same goal to love God, serve him, and obey and please Jesus above everything else. Hang around the fruit choking believers and your prayer life will continue to be compromised, powerless, and non effective.. Love them. Pray for them, but do not wallow around in the mud with them. GOOD THINGS did not start happening again to the prodigal son until he came back to his godly senses, and arrived back home. IMPORTANT POINT THERE.
        In your faith continue in well doing, believing in how doing so will profit you and will not hinder your asking's.
        A big problem with many of us is, we do what God says sometimes (Maybe on Sundays and other occasions, but in the in between times we are out and about doing our business and not HIS BUSINESS like Jesus was always doing. Then when we ask for something or cry out in our desperation, we wonder WHERE IS GOD?. Yet everyday He has been calling us and extending out to us the right hand of HIS FELLOWSHIP but we showed Him that we would rather watch TV, golf, fish, talk, chat, gossip, sin, go to movies, watch ball games etc etc., the list goes on....As it is written in Romans 10:21..The Lord said, Over and over again, ALL DAY LONG, I have STRETCHED out MY HAND to a disobedient people who always RESIST ME....Who always push Me Away.
         Jesus lived every day to the honor and glory of His Father and to please Him only and not to please people above him.(John 5:44 KJV & John 8:28-29). And because Jesus was always doing what His Father said and asked of Him, HE REAPED his Father doing what he asked and said of His Father. This love for his Father and obeying His Father made Christ asking and prayer life SO GLORIOUS that it SHOCKED THE WHOLE WORLD EVEN TO THIS DAY.
         Jesus told us how it works. He said in John 15:7..IF, IF, IF...IF you do as I tell you and MY Words you obey (Not part time either)..He said, then you shall ask what you desire and it will be done.
         Church, if our asking's are not happening, we may need to check out John 15:7 and see how we are matching up in our doing what Jesus tells us. The only way to keep the choking weeds out of the garden of our personal prayer life and grace is by surrender and obedience. The more we please God the more we get pleased. The more we do what He says and ask as good and faithful servants, the more God does what we ask and say of HIM. It is a reaping by sowing covenant.
         As Jesus said, God wants to do us GOOD and give us GOOD THINGS more than our earthen parents do, but we must do what is OUR PART so that He can make our CUP to RUN OVER with the GOOD THINGS He yearns to do for us....OBEYING GOD WHEN THE REST OF THE CHURCH OR THE WORLD IS GOING SIN CRAZY IS WORTH IT....
         In closing go and read Matthew 23:37-39 KJV)...We find in these words of Jesus how God wanted greatly to really bless and DO GOOD to ISRAEL but they did not let Him...They lived more for themselves and not unto God.....AMEN....deno....share freely.