Sunday, January 8, 2017

Jesus said, What do you want Me to do for you?......deno.....share freely.

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Jesus said, What do you want Me to do for you?......deno.....share freely.
........When Christ who was God with us said, What would you have Me to do for you?, and He said those words to people often; he opened up a WHOLE NEW LIGHT for us to walk in in the New Covenant of faith and of obedience, of greater love, of a greater relationship, of a greater covenant established upon greater promises, and of greater fellowship with God, and of believing and of believing you receive. And He said those words to people who were strangers of the New Covenant, who were not even yet citizens of the kingdom, but their faith justified them, approved them and moved God upon and into their situations. As it is written, Faith is the new righteousness. Faith in Jesus the New Access that we have WITH CONFIDENCE.
.......How much more Christ will say those words to the children of God born of God, who believe and obey him, to whom THE KINGDOM BELONGS. They are the rightful citizens. As it also is written, "If you who are evil KNOW HOW to give GOOD THINGS to you kids, HOW MUCH MORE will your HEAVENLY FATHER give GOOD THINGS to them THAT ASK HIM?". Surely He Knows How. He has been giving GOOD THINGS to His Creatures since the beginning of the Creation. How much much to the Sons and Daughters of God.
.......If we want God to do as we ask, let us plant the seeds of believing and doing first what He ask (John 15:8). And yet God is so good that He did what many people asked of Him in Christ when yet they were on discovery trail and not even sure who Jesus was in all his Fulness (God with us).

.......God is such a Wonderful Giving Loving God when you really know Him.....Pressing On with you in Christ.....deno.