Saturday, January 7, 2017

The love me don't judge me delusion and lie.....share freely.....deno.

       Satan's spirit and his satanic deceiving counterfeit love demands the right for every sin and lust and way of life to have its right, freedom, and course without any form of counter judgement. All who oppose Satan's satanic love and anything goes rules he cleverly calls haters when the opposite itself is the real truth. God who is perfect love says, Thou shalt not and he says that a lot.
      God who is real love, even perfect love, as a loving parent says the Thou shalt not because He is trying to save you and protect you from Satan and evil, and from joining Satan in his fall to the bottomless pit.
       Satan's spirit and love includes all out rebellion against God and the drawn lines of God saying anything goes. But Gods who is love, even perfect love does not allow every lust and way of life to have its right, freedom. and course without consequence.
        Think about it....Hell is filled with souls that thought love does not judge, but love tolerates all and love gives liberty and equal rights to every desire and lust without consequence....Satan deceived those souls in hell with his love me don't judge me delusion and lie. Do not be deceived the bible says, for God cannot be mocked.