Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The operation of the seven wicked spirits that Jesus taught about.....written by deno......share freely.

.......The scriptures says.....Be filled with Gods Spirit everyday....Then on the other side of the coin we read...And do not give place to the devil.
........Both God and the devil are spirits. One is eternal and has always been and ever shall be. He is eternal in the heavens. He is God....The other is a created spirit who in the day he was created was the seal of the sum of perfection, but he let his beauty puff him up with self admiration beyond the holy realm of allowance and his heart became lifted up with pride. Right then the idolatry of the worship of self, of the worship of the created more than the Creator began. Yes it began with Satan right then and there in heaven. From there he fell and great was his fall from heaven. Like lighting Jesus said.
.......Both God and fallen Satan war after the souls of mankind on the earth. Gods number one war weapon that he uses to save men is the message of the love of the truth that is in Christ Jesus and him crucified for the sins of the world. It is called the gospel of Jesus Christ which is the POWER OF GOD unto salvation... But Satan on the other hand, Satan uses all that made him fall from glory to war against our souls salvation and safekeeping. He uses lust, self admiration. Self talents. Self worship. Self ambition and he will offer us the pleasure of the moment and the finest of flesh and the glory and splendor of things of this present evil world in darkness to bring us into the traps he sets behind us and before us for the destruction of our peace and souls in this life and on departure day..
........But one of the most important revelations we all need to know and heed concerning Gods Spirit and evil spirits warfare operations is this. All spirits, Gods Spirit and Satan's spirits use WORDS to connect to those they target and to travel thru to destinations and determinations, and or to ENTER into those they want to save or destroy, set free or to possess. THAT IS IMPORTANT.
........Words Words Words are more than just the vibration of sound waves in the ear. They are spirits weapons. To spirits, words are vehicles that they travel thru, send their power thru, and use for their spirits transport from themselves into others. God and Satan drop off or rain into or pour into or disperse a whole lot of themselves and the things of themselves and the things of their kingdoms into people thru their use of WORDS
.......In the day of Israels visitation from the Messiah called Jesus Christ also know as Immanuel which means God with us, in that hour we read about that transport this way,...And THE WORD WAS WITH GOD and THE WORD WAS GOD and THE WORD BECAME FLESH AND DWELT AMONGST US. That traveling WORD that was God with us said, I came down from heaven SENT by my Father. The Word of God God traveled in in all fulness, for all the fulness of the Godhead bodily dwells in Christ whose name is forever THE WORD OF GOD. God traveled Himself from heaven to earth and then into men's hearts thru HIS OWN WORD that became flesh. His word is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No one connects to the Father but THRU JESUS CHRIST THE WORD OF GOD.
......Words matter. Words are powerful. Words are more than just talk and chatter nothingness. God and Satan and demonic spirits use words. They INHABIT WORDS, CONNECT BY WORDS, THEY TRAVEL THRU WORDS and ENTER PEOPLE THRU WORDS;...And they drop off their things into people, good or bad things thru the use of words they inspire and author that we welcome and join our tongues into agreement with or in some cases we just agree with as to desire what those words are showing us and telling us.
.......Folks there is more than you think going on IN YOU in the music and words you listen to. There is more traveling thru that rock music, rap music, country music, or gospel music than just a beat and enchanting INVITING sound. An attitude is traveling thru those words. A lust is traveling thru those words. A purpose is traveling thru those words. A persuasion is traveling thru those words. An invite is traveling thru those words. A knocking on the door is traveling thru those words. A calling is traveling thru those words. A sin and a sin participation is traveling thru those words. A demon or a defiling unclean evil spirit with their sinful way is traveling thru those words in hope to make their residence in you whether you recognize their presence or not.. SPIRITS SPIRITS SPIRITS are traveling thru those words changing people for the better or for the worse depending whose the author and master of the words we choose to listen to.
.......In this revelation recall with me this...Jesus said when an evil and wicked spirit is cast out of a person, that spirit goes about dry places looking for rest, looking for satisfaction but finds none and becomes frustrated like an addict in need of a fix. In his yearning that wicked spirits heads back to the house he was cast out of to see if there is a welcome back sign in the hearts door. He sees it is and that the door is opened to him. He says, wait a minute. Let me go and get 7 other spirits who are more evil and more wicked than me. He goes and gets them and they all together come and ENTER INTO THAT PERSON and Jesus says the LAST STATE of that person is worse (More wicked, more evil, more sinful, more sin minded and maybe even more troubled and disturbed) than the first state when there was just one. Then Jesus went on to say that so shall it be in the end in the people of the end time evil, adulteress, wicked and unfaithful generation.
......Now in the light of this, let us look at something here about the American people and our societies condition. In America let us go back the years. Was not America a more pure hearted nation decades and generations ago up to the 50's? YES...Then NOTICE how the MUSIC began to change in the mid 50's.......As Elvis and others were singing that NEW MUSIC and NEW TYPE OF SENSUAL ENCHANTING WORD LYRICS, people were shocked how girls and women began to behave in the audience as they watched and listened at the concerts. Never before had American women screamed, cried so, and fainted from what was going on or IN THEM from the NEW SOUND and THE NEW WORDS being sung. Elvis one time ran off the stage in fright of what he was seeing happening to the girls in the audience. He asked, What is happening to those girls. His friends and others said, We don't know. But whatever it is get back out there and keep doing what you are doing. Friends, often times even those causing spirits to roam about are blind to their presence and to their maneuvers in the dark or thru the true light. So it is with this blinded generation that is being prepped and exercised by demons for a great falling away.
.......Then came the Beatles and others with the Aleister Crowley satanic spirit connections and from there the hearts of women and of men in America and around the world began to backslide more and more. They began to backslide more and more in pureness of heart and of the minds thoughts and imaginations. Each decade from that period on has produced more impurity of heart and of mind in the people than the decade before. The stats and the look of our society confirms it.
........This same wicked spirit entering operation also went on for decades and generations thousand of years ago right before the flood of Noah's day. The scriptures says that in the days that God called Noah to use hammer and nails and wood to build a mighty Ark of salvation which represented Christ in a mystery, it says that God looked into the heart of that generation and He found that mans heart and his minds imagination was wicked and set to do only what was wrong, sinful, and evil. I assure you, that generations heart, mind, and soul was heavily defiled, unclean, impure, and and and men and women individually were filled in their hearts and minds with 7 wicked spirits all over the globe that caused the last state of those people in many ways to be worse than their first days.
........So it shall be with this generation because this generation want listen, refuses to repent, loves darkness rather than light, and says all this that we are revealing is nothing more that just foolish talk. So said Noah's generation at every nail he hammered....But then came the rain....scroll down.

.......Friends, let us all see Gods revealing wisdom in this light and its counsel and let us all repent and begin to guard our hearts and souls by guarding what our eyes are allowed to see and our ears are inclined to hear. Rock, Rap, and Country Music today is filling up the hearts, minds, and souls with wicked spirits and their manifold drop offs and with their operations making their prey act more sinfully and think more demonic like and sinfully until it is like a possession, as those wicked unclean spirits SEE THEMSELVES in all their lust and wickedness and rebellion against God, ACTED OUT in this wicked and adulteress, covenant breaking, unfaithful generation....He that has ears to hear let him hear.....deno....share freely.
......P.S...Let us think how Holy and Pure God is and let us remember Exodus Chapter 32 when the women and men that God had delivered went into rebellion and rose up to dance and to play in ways and to a beat that God did not author or condone.