Friday, January 13, 2017

The peace giving pleasant aromas of the sacrifice of Christ.....deno....share freely..

.......WE all know that when Israel was in the wilderness God lost his patience with their delusional hearts and rebellion against His Name when they gave his glory to a golden calf....But did you know that In Christ God has sworn to us IN HIS LOVE. All his promises given us in Christ are Gods swearing's in HIS LOVE...For God so loved...
.......In Christ we are not appointed to wrath but unto salvation. We do not grow in the fruit of peace by dwelling on wrath. We grow in the fruit of peace dwelling on the things that IN CHRIST we are appointed to. Paul said In Christ we are not appointed to wrath but unto peace by Jesus Christ and I like keeping that appointment. We keep that appointment and stay in that APPOINTED POSITION by feasting off of the bread of Gods great love for us that passes normal understanding range and by the fix of faith whereby we are justified by Christ and his sacrifice..(Ephesians 3:14-21 & Romans 5:1). As it is written,,,Therefore being justified by faith WE HAVE PEACE WITH GOD thru our Lord Jesus Christ.
.......Acts 10:36 tells us God sent His Son to his people, PREACHING PEACE by Jesus Christ, not wrath.Why? For God so loves. We do not find anywhere in the scriptures this word,, For God so loved His people that He sent His Son to beat the hell out of them and give them all ulcers by invoking fear upon fear and dread upon dread. ITS NOT IN THERE. So why is that in your head? Somebody else put that in your head, NOT GOD. God to His own preaches peace by Jesus Christ. Even if God does have our pastors and preachers preach us a warning message of the wrath of God, I assure you it is FOR PEACE and not for his children to have tossing and turning nightmares..There should never be a wrath message that does not end with, but thank God thru Christ we have peace with God.
.......Have you ever known a person who is always angry and quick to become angry. We consider those people miserable people and disturbed souls that we prefer to less be around. We avoid them most of the time. The bible tells us to be slow to wrath, would God do less? Some think God does not keep His own commandment that he gave to us about being slow to anger. They think God is Quick to get angry. He is not. The bible says God is slow to get angry. God would not demand something of us that he does not keep himself. God is love not wrath, and God is the God of peace and order, He is not the spirit of fear nor the spirit of the ulcers and nightmares.
......Friends the sacrifice of Christ Paul said was a sweet smelling aroma to God, a soothing and mighty PEACE OFFERING sacrifice. It has soothed the Lord to peace with his own people forever. Stay in the knowledge of that eternal PEACE OFFERING and walk in the light of all its sweet and pleasant peace giving aromas. With that sacrifice God is well pleased and fully soothed. With Christ sacrifice God is FULLY SATISFIED. It was the EVERLASTING PEACE OFFERING. So great is its accomplished peace that no other sacrifice shall ever be required by the children of God who are the heirs of salvation.
.......Since the sacrifice of Christ is a sweet smelling fragrance to God giving him great peace, we should daily keep the knowledge of that PEACE OFFERING ever before us and ever before God lest we stray away unto the bondage of self justifications by Law. A Law that Paul said ignites wrath and not peace. We are to freshly fan Jesus Christ and him crucified and his sacrifices sweet aromas and fragrances for with such fanning God is well pleased. When we ask God to forgive us for our sins each day, we are not only being cleansed by the blood of Christ, but we are also fanning the sweet aroma of Christ sacrifice afresh to the nostrils of God.
......So in all things, in all sermons, let us conclude the message with this that to us who believe and belong to Christ we are not appointed unto wrath but unto peace and unto a SO GREAT A SALVATION by Jesus Christ our sweet smelling sacrifice and PEACE OFFERING and our PEACE WITH GOD yesterday, today, and forever to usward who believe....Amen....deno.
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