Sunday, January 8, 2017

There is No One Good But God.....Grace Comforts......deno....share freely.

 ......Do you think you are not good and so unworthy? Well your right and your not alone. None of us are. Jesus made it clear to us all that there is no one good but God (Matthew 19:17). You can cash that truth check. That truth check in Gods sight and according to His own mouth will not bounce.
......Do you see yourself as a bad person, sinful, awful and terrible, not even worthy to look up into heaven? There is given you some great news from Christ and his love. He said there is no one good but God, and he said, You are all evil. He said those words about ALL OF US, even to ALL THE WORLD. Those words make it clear that he knows how bad we all are within. No beautiful smile, no amount of monies sparkle and shine, and no other outward expression can hide the sinful thoughts within going on in us in secret (God sees all).
......Also we have this GOOD NEWS to us the awful terrible ones, It is written, When we were terrible acting and sinful, Christ died for us, yes Christ died for the ungodly, us terrible ones. (Romans 5:5-10). We all need to be baptized in that revealing light. We all need to be baptized into that lights GREAT GOD, AUTHOR and LOVE every day, JESUS CHRIST.
......Friend in Gods eyes there is no one good but God. You and I compared to His holiness and compared to Gods pure heart and mind are devils in comparison. The bible says, One sin makes us all guilty of all, so under the Law guilty of all is our real self truth and our real look to God. The guilty of all have nothing to boast about. WE ALL NEED CHRIST. Christ we all can forever brag and boast about.
......This i know for sure and i have learned in the seeking and finding grace that God offers all sinners who believe, of whom i figure im one at the top of the list. What I am sure of is this....Being that we are all sinners, awful and sometimes even terrible, this for sure makes us all very qualified. Qualified for what deno? Qualified for the love and mercy of God and qualified for the power of the Saving Cross of Christ and Christ interceding love where God said thru the prophet Isaiah that those who believe on His Given Crucified Son who he raised from the dead, he said that those that believe in Gods love and in the giving of His Son, He shall ABUNDANTLY FORGIVE AND ABUNDANTLY PARDON. (Isaiah 55:6-7 & Isaiah 54:4-10).
.......Friend we are all terrible and awful compared to Gods personal holiness and purity of heart and mind. He knew this completely and still He loved us and gave himself for us. It is when we put on the holier than we are fronts, it is then we get into trouble with truth and grace and with the words that there is no one good but God.
P.S...Until you accept the truth that there is no one good but God as Jesus said, you will wrestle with Christ and the power of his Cross, and you will be wrestling against truth and grieve and frustrate Grace called unmerited favor...Pressing on with you in Christ.....deno.

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