Thursday, May 4, 2017

Whereby We Cry Unto God, Abba, Father, Daddy My Dad.....Blessed Writing......deno....share freely.

      Our preaching dad often rebuked me sharply and chastised me for my many wrongs growing up, but he always still loved me, called me son, forgave me, and restored our Father to son fellowship. You see my many wrongs never changed our father to son RELATIONSHIP..I was certainly BORN of MY FATHERS SEED....What he restored was our FELLOWSHIP...We need to discern THE DIFFERENCE..Mercy and forgiveness are Gods power weapons for all renewals, refreshing's, reconciliations, and restorations of all fellowships. Even yours to His.
      Our heavenly Father has loved us with an everlasting love in Christ whose tie and bind is even greater than what i experienced with my earthen father. My earthen fathers love overwhelmed me over the years of how true and genuine it was. It even brought me to all these writings that i do in honor of him and Jesus now.
      Yes my earthen dad really loved me and gave himself for me daily as a caring loving dad. HOW MUCH MORE OUR HEAVENLY FATHER who is perfect love loves us all even far more?. Most peoples problem is they have a tainted image of Gods love for them. A very shallow measure of understanding of the greatness of our Heavenly Fathers great love for us (John 17:23). Many can tell you and preach to you sermon after sermon about the wrath of God with hell, fire, and brimstone.. But greater is Gods love than his wrath...FAR FAR GREATER.
       God created hell which is said to be a small portion of this earths inner region down inside the core of this earth out of His wrath for the evil mean sinful unloving uncaring brutal spirits that rebelled, but with HIS LOVE God created all of the vast and beautiful heaven and earth and the entire Universe and the Cross of Christ whereby by His love for us he redeemed and saved us, and swore in His love to us that he would love us with His Everlasting Love and Everlasting Life thru Christ... 
......There is no sin and no situation that God with His great love cannot forgive, fix, heal, restore, and mend. We just need to humble ourselves before the Lord so that we are not resisted by God. For the scriptures says, God resisteth the proud but gives his grace to the humble....Love you friend.
     As it is written, And God has poured into our hearts the Spirit of Jesus His Son whereby we cry unto God Abba, Father, Daddy my Dad....deno.....share freely.