Sunday, May 28, 2017

Abba, meaning Dad my Daddy......deno....share freely.

......The word Abba used by Paul to describe our position with God in Christ means my father, but it goes even more intimate. It is like a child that cries to his father in love and in happy fascination DADDY...Each time Jesus said the word father, Israels ears heard him saying, DADDY MY DADDY...
......Being we are Gods dear children in Christ, we too should pray and call on the Father thinking and using the same intimacy as Jesus did saying, Daddy my Daddy. God has longed for the Church to wake up to this and call Him Dad, DADDY...Only Christ and His family of redeemed brothers and sisters has this depth of intimacy with God.
......You see when we pray and say father in Jesus Name in our approach to God, using that NAME means we also are approaching God in Jesus as Christ own flesh and bone and in the glory of Christ own CHILD LIKE INTIMACY WITH THE FATHER saying to God, Dad my Daddy...This could change your perspective. It can lead us all into a greater intimacy understanding and love walk with God, even to greater confidence in our prayer life....Dad my Daddy.
......That is always what Jesus said Dad my Daddy, and in His Name as His flesh and bone we pray and our mind needs to be set in and on Christ same child like intimacy with God our Dad my Daddy..The more we call Him Dad or my Daddy, the less the enemy can play with your mind and blessed assurance...Love you friend..PEACE.....deno.

The Spirit of the Lord is addressing all this FORTUNE TELLING going on in the church.....deno

.......I love and enjoy the good times like anyone. But there are times when God sobers us to His minds thinking..It is for our good. The Spirit of the Lord is addressing all this FORTUNE TELLING going on in the church.
.......Imagine Jesus who you know can never lie, saying to you at the beginning of your ministry that the day will come on earth when you shall die by the hand of others because you believe and belong and serve Me...Stay focused friends...Its not all about the the good times and the gains although we greatly welcome all that goodness and grace, but also for some, following Christ has a price..Have you not noticed how the Muslims are murdering Christians all around the world???
.......It is easy for all of us to shout his praise in the midst of joy and much comforts. But will we fall away when friends and family and the world turns against us for what we believe? Will we lay down HIS CROSS when under the fire of persecutions?
.......John the baptist greatly rejoiced in Christ appearing and visitation to Israel. His soul leaped with joy unspeakable and full of glory....But a few months later Herod's soldiers paid the same John a visit also in prison. In that discomfort John complained not..Somehow God is able to strengthen us in all our afflictions and persecutions whether it be to escape or to overcome them, or to endure them as John did...Keeping It Real folks...
.......P.S...Those of you that prophecy over people...If all you ever prophecy is peace and comfort and fame and fortune and yet you never declare upon anyone a warning nor any form of sufferings for Christ name sake you are prophesying from the human spirit and not from the all seeing Holy Ghost...The Lord rebukes you for your fantasy..True Watchman sound the warning and shout the alarm and tell it as it is good or bad and come what may...Lord this word is burning even so let it burn until we are purified from all our delusional prophesying and fortune telling in the Church......Love you friend......deno.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Thoughts and their Strongholds.....deno....share freely.

.......Thoughts are containers. They contain darkness power that blinds us and puts us in bondage, or they contain Christ light that lights up our eyes, expands our sight and sets us free. Either way they are strongholds. Either way they effect our moods.
.......What are the strongholds of our minds. Our thoughts make up our thinking. In our thoughts are we more light or darkness? More positive or negative? More sweet or more bitter? More love filled and beautiful or is our world view full of sour milk thinking where everything even the flowers to us are yuk? 
.......When you see a person coming into your eyes view whether in person or by internet, do you immediately go negative on them or positive about them? Does your mind suddenly start malicious thought gossiping about that person? Negatively judging that person and overly criticizing that person? Or does the thoughts that come from the Spirit and Mind Christ come to your mind?
......God is Love, perfect love. Love is a Spirit. The Spirit of God has a mind. That mind is called the mind of Christ. Christ mind is made up of many thoughts and thinking. Christ thoughts and his minds thinking everyday is filled with Lovely thoughts and the thinking of perfect love. Christ minds thoughts and thinking is full of grace and truth and that which is lovely and beautiful it thinks, and what is good and mercy filled. His mind is always thinking how he can love that person, save that person, forgive that person, bless that person, get that person out of his spiritual dangers. Christ mind is always thinking thoughts on how he can help that person to overcome what he needs to overcome. Christ minds thoughts are always filled with such great love for people. It is such wonderful thinking that it is not of this world. It is the mind of paradise life and thinking far above. In Christ we are SO BLESSED. IN CHRIST we are blessed with the mind of Christ to yield to HIS LOVELY MIND and to think by.. There are no hateful, bitter, envious kind of thoughts in the Mind of Christ and because of that Jesus always is in a great mood. His joy is full everyday.....deno.

The Spirit of the love of the truth is talking...Do you really know Jesus?...deno.

.......Friends when Jesus left the 99 who were living right to go find the one who was not, to find the one who had gone astray, something here we all need to remember. Jesus was the brightness of Gods glory and the express image of Gods heart (Hebrews 1:1-4). So what do we see the true Spirit and heart of God going to do to that one that went astray? He went to find him to bring him/her back home safely, carrying him back home on his own shoulders which means in redemption wisdom, it means he reconciled him back to God thru great love, and thru the Strength and Power of His Cross and Blood intercessions. He did not go to crush him, load him up with guilt and shame, or to destroy the one that went astray....And he sure was not going to set that person up as to bury them up to their neck in dirt so to condemn and stoned them to death by people poor in mercy whose hearts are full of devils.
......If the desire of the Spirit in you wants to gossip about that fallen person, or wants to shame and embarrass that fallen person, or wants to condemn and destroy that person, or wants to pray down fire from heaven upon that backsliders head, or that has fallen into satanic snares set as a trap for his feet, YOU THEN DO NOT KNOW WHAT MIND AND SPIRIT YOU ARE BEING LED BY....It is sure not the love or the thoughts of the Mind and Spirit of Christ.....In His Own Words Jesus Showed Us His Heart, Mind, and Spirit and what he does in that situation...He is gentle and lowly and you will find rest unto your souls...
.......You that say you know Jesus and know the Spirit and mind of Jesus and want to stone and kill the fallen quickly, are you sure you know him? Israel for centuries thought they knew the Lord also, but when he stood before them face to face, heart to heart as he foretold he would, THEY DID NOT RECOGNIZE or KNOW THE LORD who was the God of Abraham, Issac, Jacob and Moses. Though he was speaking to them face to face they did not know him so  they received him not.....What is your image of Christ and His Love...????.....deno..

GOOD NEWS FOR THE FALLEN......share freely.....written by deno.

......John 18:25)..And Simon Peter STOOD and warmed himself, They by the fire said to him, Are not you also one of Jesus's disciples? Peter (under pressure) denied knowing Jesus saying, No I am not.
......Jesus knew Satan wanted to sift Peter like wheat so Jesus told Peter, Peter I am praying for you so that your faith does not fail..I pray this prayer for you Peter because Satan knows you Peter, and he knows that you have some real fire for Me (Jesus) in you heart, and he knows that he better try to beset you quickly lest that fire inside you for Me turns into unstoppable passion to preach Christ....To feed My truth and in essence this is what was going on.
.......Our text is about what Jesus knew of Satans desire to sift Peter and of Satans move against Peter. Our text is another satanically orchestrated maneuver of the devil, set up and formed to break the spirit of faith in Peter. The whole scene and event was Satan formed. It was a satanic scheme and device formed against Peter.
.......Peter entering into that formed scene under its beguiling pressure failed to stand up for Jesus right then. Satan created a pressure situation against Peter to get Peter to deny knowing Jesus. Satan also puts you and I in pressure situations to try our faith and confidence. He does so in hope that we "by that pressure" lose our faith in the promises we are hoping in, believing, trusting, standing on, and speaking that we believe.
.......Satan attacks our faith zone. There exist many reason why he attacks and makes his moves against our faith. He knows the sinking powers in doubting. Remember Peter sinking and losing his blessed assurance when he began to doubt...But Satan also knows the incredible powers of strong believing or great faith...Faith Paul said, is a powerful shield and the shield of faith quenches all the fiery darts the devil throws at us and he knows that those who have strong faith in Jesus Name cannot only destroy all the fiery darts of the devil, but can be also used on the offensive moves of the church, and when we become bold in our faith and go on the offense instead of being on the defense all the time, he knows our faith in Jesus can destroy his works and schemes and cast him out.
.......Satan also forms pressures against us and temptations to test our commitment and loyalty to Christ in this world. To see if we will also deny the Lord in the midst of temptation to do wrong with others. Most every day those formations have been planned against us all by our enemy. They have been ordered against us by the devil..Be alert. Be sober...Remember the devouring roaring lion truth...He is clever seeking to catch us off guard, put us under strong temptation and pressure to deny the Lord in word or in deed as to sin or to be silent when we should have proclaimed and stood up for Jesus and the gospel truth..In the midst of FACEBOOK, or family, friends or in the midst of strangers, the satanic formations against us are formed daily...BE ON YOUR GUARD.....And And And watch that text or that phone call....The Serpent hisses in all kinds of ways....pssssss...hello.
.......Yes Peter failed under the formed pressure that Satan formed against him, but there is some GOOD NEWS that I want you to see in this light. As given me i give you. Here it is.... Satan won that round against Peter. Matter of fact, Satan won 3 rounds in his battle against Peter back to back. But let us REMEMBER THIS ONE AND MOST IMPORTANT THING...Jesus said, but Peter I HAVE PRAYED FOR YOU that your faith does not fail, and WHEN YOU HAVE RECOVERED (Peter was going to end up winning anyway) strengthen your brethren. In other words comfort your fellow Christians that lose a few rounds like you did.'..Let them how i payed for you and the results of that intercession. And Peter pray the same prayer in MY NAME for them..
........Yes Peter in the battle of Satan against him lost 3 rounds back to back BUT SATAN LOST THE BOUT.....PETER WON BY THE POWER OF THE INTERCESSION OF CHRIST PRAYER FOR HIM...CHRIST IS PRAYING FOR YOU. (Hello)...Christ prayers never fail....NEVER....Things may look like they are going south for awhile like they did in Peters case, but if we have Jesus praying with us or for us in the situation, all of heaven and grace will together mount up and will move on our behalf..THE MASTER HAS PRAYED...THE MASTER HAS SPOKEN and HE SPOKE SAYING TO PETER....YOU WILL RECOVER....Glory to God...
........The RECOVERED PETER who recovered by the exceeding greatness of the powerful prayer of Jesus for him, Peter on the day of Pentecost came back swinging at the devil and preached the gospel in the Power of God and Satan lost 3000 plus souls that day.
........So get up dear child of God..There is hope in the land called and from the intercessions of Christ for you..You may have lost the round or a few rounds, or maybe many rounds, but your going to end up winning the bout in the end. The one that prayed for Peter to recover and caused Peter to recover, that same mighty Savior ever liveth making intercessions for you...Jesus is praying for you that your faith fail not and that you recover and thru Christ you are going to win the fight and come back on top...HAVE FAITH IN CHRIST....And Church let us all pray for each other the PRAYER that Jesus prayed for Peter and that prayer was this...Peter I have prayed for you THAT YOUR FAITH and HOPE FAILS NOT......
.......THE PRAYER.......Father in Jesus Name we pray for every member of the Church all over the world that our faith in Jesus Christ and His Love, Word, and Gospel does not fail, and that our faith be fully restored in Christ....And Father we pray that our faith now grows exceedingly strong in the Lord Jesus and in the power of His might and glorifies the Name of Jesus Christ and His gospel causing many to repent and believe unto salvation unto the tremendous outpouring of the Joy and of the Spirit of the Lord upon and into all them that believe in all nations....Amen.....share freely.

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