Friday, March 2, 2018

Dr Billy Graham: Who is Jesus?

In honor of Billy Graham..I can hear his voice preaching these words......deno....share freely.

In honor of Billy Graham who cried out for America to repent and to see both the love and the warnings that the Cross of Christ preaches.

       The Angels watch all the world to see who lives to give & who steals to live. Welfare Fraud fits Thou Shalt Not Steal.
       A separation is coming soon between the giver and the thief. Our nation has become infested with such corruption the angels rise. We must all stop this madness. Whatever our part is in this massive mountain of sin, thievery, corruption, bribes, and wrongs we must do our part in this call from heaven to National Repentance.
        I know the wrongs in me and in my life. No perfection here but Christ alone. I have things i have to get right with God and others about. Do you recognize the things your are in the wrong about?
        These sins and the spirits that accompany them fill the land. The sin of Adam (he disobeyed God putting his wife before Him), the sin of Cain (jealousy and murder), the sin of Noah (drunken debauchery), this sin of Abraham ( lied and misled others to nearly sin with his wife Sarah in the bedroom), the sin of David (Adultery and cover up unto blood), the sin of Solomon (Multiple bed partners, idolatry and double mindness). the sin of Jezebel and of Delilah who lusted against the true God and against His prophets is everywhere in the nation. Children mock and spit at their parents.
       The youth mock authority being taught by rebellious teachers to do so. Washington is filled with the error of Judas who for 30 pieces of silver tried to kick God and His Son and Prayer out of Israel and their schools by treason and betrayal. A mans word is now his snare and trap and integrity is a by word no longer present. Men young and old are now walking before God cocky with crotch in hand in the arrogance of their pride having forgotten the Judgements to come. Our women and young women strut to draw man again away from God with their flatteries. Humbleness is our stranger and self worship our exaltation.
        Divorce has defiled the land. The swapping of wives a root of a national curse. The stats proved it thru this massive swapping of wives thru the demonic divorce we are now a nation of swingers and are blind to it. We go to church hoping our attendance will right our wrongs but God wants the fruit of repentance and not simply our attendance.
       Only a mighty work of God Spirit in our hearts and nation thru His Son can change the destiny that is set before us. Judgement is pending but first He waits our response to His Mercy thru the gospel of the Cross. Every soul in the valley of decision. The Angels are watching.....In honor of Billy Graham....deno.Image may contain: 1 person, text