Saturday, April 28, 2018

Dead to Self & Alive Unto God....deno.

When you have indulged yourself into everything, every self gratifying pleasure and had your name shinning in lights and your homes sparkling with glistening gold and yet deep within in your secret place you are still so empty and miserable as if dying on the vine, this vibe is for you.
........When your life is not about you, its then you will find the life & joy God has for you...Few there be that find it. Self serving is of the greatest strongholds. Self worship is a deceiving thief that keeps the souls freedom to be no longer than a vapor and robs the soul from ever experiencing God and the true life God had in store for us to live...God resisteth the self worshipper for his vanity consumes him. The KINGS Spirit needs an empty cup..Self must decrease. Self must die that the life and the increases shall come from a kingdom that only those dead to self and alive unto serving God and others inherit.
.....Jesus said, I came not to be served but to serve and to lay down my all for the good and ransom of others. His Reward? God gave Jesus HIS SPIRIT without Jesus is highly exalted and honored being seated at the right hand of God in the Throne of the Almighty with a given him reward of tremendous joy called the oil of gladness far more than everyone else.
......As long as we look in the mirror each day and say, How can i serve and please you today and all our agenda is set on that, we do not know it but we are so missing out of the greater things God wanted for us. There exist eternal rewards and daily blessings that God offers and so desires to bestow on us but our self vanity and self serving spirit is like grace terrorism that destroys and robs us of the good things that each day God has in store..
......Jesus said weeping over the people of Israel, O Jerusalem Jerusalem.....each day I desired upon you My Good, My Blessings, My Protection and Shelter as a hen protects its chicks BUT YOU SERVING YOUR SELF WOULD NOT ALLOW IT...Isaiah said that in the time of Christ on earth, EVERYONE IN THE LAND OF THE GREAT VISITATION WAS DOING THEIR OWN THING.
.....Friends there is a beauty of life and a joy that only those dead to self find. God wanted to bestow upon Israel HIS PRESENCE, HIS GOOD, HIS BEST OF EVERYTHING but they chose to serve self more than to serve God from the heart and they were robbed and the thief was their own heart. Jesus did not say that Satan robbed them, but they themselves. Their own self serving hearts did not allow God to do all THE GOOD that HE wanted for them.
......Friends when our day is all about serving self and self gratification we are our own robbers to the good life God has in store..Time for an overhaul to our thinking and way of life. The course of this world and its thinking is set to deceive, destroy and to rob us of the presence and joy God wants for us. Today is not all about me or you but for the lift and blessing of others....deno.