Sunday, September 27, 2015

Eyes That See Thru The Curse......deno......share freely.

       Some people are more focused on the thorns in this world instead of the Roses. The thorns and the thistles of this present life came from the sin of Adam that caused the curse to come into our world and lives...Don't let the thorns WHICH ARE MANY TODAY blind or deceive you or take your heart away into captivity from the great love of God that is seen in the giving of His Son....Never forget that GOD IS LOVE and that FOR GOD SO LOVED.....that He gave.
        In heaven there are no weeds, thorns or thistles in life that prick and cause pain. So don't let this present worlds mess filled with sins curses and Satan's multi-faced trickeries and deceptions that are laid out all over the place take your eyes off the beautiful Roses of life and blind you from the truth of the love of God that fills up all of heaven where Satan cannot contaminate.
        Heaven is all so Wonderful and curse free. No one hurts or kills or hates or destroys in heaven. Gods is love and Loves perfect and full will is done in all of heaven. But on earth sin and Satans will are all in the mix and that confuses people about God and the love of God..Keep your faiths eyes on Jesus. He is the love of God revealed and Jesus is the author and the finisher of what we believe....Love you in Christ.....deno......share freely.

If It Feels Good Do It....This Is The Doctrine That Demons Brought Into America That Has Been Weakening Our Nation From Within......deno.....share freely.

       It does not take a scientist to see that ever since men in this nation years ago rose up to take a stand against God and Jesus Christ and the gospel and made it politically incorrect to call upon the name of the Lord...And ever since it was called foolish to pray and to preach the Ten Commandments, and said in all kinds of ways to the crowds,  Let us together  take the yoke of Christ off and DO WHAT EVER FEELS GOOD and whatever we desire, ever since that all started Americans and America has been falling, YES EVER SINCE. 
      The hearts of men and women are waxing worse and worse. We are amazed at what is going on in the streets of America today and behind closed doors in what was before known and called by all the world for centuries, a God fearing Righteous nation.
       Oh how has the mighty fallen? They loved darkness more than light and esteemed a brief moment of sins pleasure again and again at the sacrifice of an eternity in damnation. Though they professed themselves to be wise they became fools and exchanged wisdom for folly and truth for the demonic whispers that destroyed them.....share freely.

Billy Graham Early Years:Los Angles Crusade Tent Day(1949)...A 3 Minute Sermon All The World Today Needs To Hear.....deno.

Jesus Only Is Worthy......deno.....share freely.

     Did it ever dawn on you that Jesus never did one selfish act while He was on earth? Not even One.  He never woke up and said, Well how am I going to serve and please me and myself today. Every single morning it was, Good Morning Father, thank you for the nights blessed sleep and for your presence with me during the night. What is YOUR PLAN for Me today. Lo Im here Father only to do your will O God. And Jesus did exactly that. Thank God for the greatness of Jesus' true and sincere love for the Father and for us.
      Every day as a living sacrifice Jesus denied himself and took up His Cross and followed the Fathers every step for him. Yes Everyday Jesus put on God's provided shoes for the days events and activities....That is why He alone is worthy of all praise, riches, wisdom, honor and glory. That is why we worship and honor the Son even as we do the Father.
      Jesus you are so beautiful and wonderful Lord. To you be all praise, glory, and honor. Forgive us Lord when we have misplaced your shoes for us and put on our own for the days agenda. Thou Art Worthy Lord. Only You....share freely.

The Lord Whispered.......deno.....share freely.

     The Lord whispered...One of the biggest delusions in My people today is their faith is set to use Me instead of them being used by Me. Who is Lord here?  Like a wishing well they try to use me without being submitted or surrendered to Me or My will and Fellowship.
     Well I am not a wishing well. I Am the Lord and I have a voice and a will. Why ask me this or that but you live for yourself and not for Me. I ask and you do not. I command and you do otherwise.
     He that has ears to hear let him hear. God is certainly dealing with the hearts of His people.....share freely.

Lord, What Must I Do To Be Saved?.....deno......share freely.

       You may not be called to be a preacher or a President, but ALL ARE CALLED TO SALVATION. That is why Jesus called and commanded us all from His love and from His knowing of what is ahead for the world, for us to Repent and to believe what He preaches.
       Take your child like step of faith and tell Jesus you are a sinner and you need him. With God humility comes before honor. Tell Jesus that you believe He is the Christ the Son of God. Tell him you do believe that He died for your sins on the Cross and rose again from the dead. Say Lord Jesus be merciful to me a sinner. I know and confess that I have sinned so much, save me from my sins. Come and fill me with your forgiveness, with your Holy Spirit and love. Open my eyes and lead, guide and direct me. Lead me to the fellowship you want me to be a member of in the faith of the Son of God. Into your hands I entrust my life, spirit and eternity. Establish me in all the will of God and help me to overcome all faith, hope, and loves discouragements in Jesus Name.
       Jesus I confess that you are Lord and I believe that God raised you from the dead. Amen.

Lord, she Cried...Where Are You?.....deno......share freely.

        Every time Jesus looks at his body and the holes in his hands and feet, he thinks of You. You are his flesh and bone members. God wanted to be so close to us that He made us His house, the new house He lives in, THE TEMPLE OF GOD. HIS DWELLING PLACE. We are His Body, the fulness of Him that fills all in all. Ephesians 1:22-23.

        Lord she cried in her distress, WHERE ARE YOU? She heard a voice say, Right in here. She said, WHO SAID THAT? Jesus said, I did. She said I WHO? Jesus said, it is Me Jesus. Lord she said, Where have you been?  Jesus said, I 've been right here. It is you that is always gone somewhere. Have you been with Me so long and you still do not know where I live? That's what happens when hearts have moved far from Me. Martha your heart is filled with so many cares of this life and so many voices of trouble and of this wold that you hardly ever notice or hear Me...You believe in Me I can see that. I can see your faith..Now Surrender to Me. I Am The Lord.
        Faith without surrender is like marriage without a vow of commitment from the heart. Love is lacking. Faith without love for Jesus is a most unhealthy spiritual relationship or marriage. We believe and call Him Lord, but we do not love Him as to do what He says. A whole lot of different kinds of unfaitfulness are found in loveless uncommitted relationships. 

John 14:21New King James Version (NKJV)

21 He who has My commandments and keeps them, it is he who loves Me. And he who loves Me will be loved by My Father, and I will love him and manifest Myself to him.....deno......share freely.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Physical Circumcision Compared to Spiritual Circumcision. Christ cut in our spirits.....deno.....share freely

Ephesians 2:6)..And with Christ God has raised us up together and made us SIT TOGETHER in heavenly places in Christ Jesus.....The Seated with Christ spirits, when they know they are Seated with Christ, the enemy cannot toss them to and fro (Ephesians 4:12-15) and make them doubt their place in salvation.

.......Did you know that Jesus was a Spirit that became in-housed with a body of flesh? Sure you did. Well did you know that before Jesus entered that flesh body you could still talk with him and walk with him, and even sit down with him in heavenly places with His Spirit and conversate as Spirit to spirit beings.  Angels are all spirits and they talk with Jesus daily and have been doing  so way before His Spirit came down from heaven and was in-housed  in flesh.
.......Spirit beings heaven is full of. They have shapes, figures, and all kinds of spiritual parts just like we do in our flesh. They eat and they drink and that which they eat and drink goes thru a process similar to our own. TO SOME THAT SOUNDS STRANGE...Some people cannot except that truth, but when you enter heaven you will see that the saints still eat and drink and so do many of the spirits DEPENDING ON WHAT KIND THEY ARE , and depending on what kinds they are is given them their kind of food or manna to intake..
....... Matter of fact, the earth and man and animals etc. get our patterns and images from Spirits and from heavenly patterns and realities. 
.......You know when a persons body dies their spirit lives on. In heaven or in hell they continue to live on. They talk, they hear, they think, they know things, they can ask questions, they can recognize things, objects and people. They can walk and run and even fight wars, raise swords, or play and have fun. They can eat and drink. The fallen spirits can and do feel pain and torments, while the spirits of heaven are drenched in exquisite comforts and everlasting joy is upon their heads. They partake of food and of things the world knows not of.
....... All spirits have an everlasting existence to them being that they are spirits, but the health and wealth and conditions of the spirits vary. In hell, those spirits are the poorest of poor in spirit measurements. In hell those spirits live forever and shall never cease to exist because of the law of Gods power and energies placed in spirits when He created them. That power and energy came from Gods eternal power and that makes those spirits unable to cease to exist and they cannot dissipate. Those spirits and souls in hell live on forever but they are deprived of all heavenly nourishment. They want water for comfort and relief from their  torments but are allowed none. Hell is a place of no love, NONE, and of NO MERCY, NONE at all. Don't go there.
........Heaven though on the other hand is filled with every lovingkindness of God and the spirits of people in heaven access and enjoy every spiritual blessing that exist. Those spirits in heaven eat of the Tree of life that is in the midst of the Paradise of God (Rev 2:7). Those spirits in heaven eat of the HIDDEN MANNA of heaven (Rev 2:17). They eat of all the goodness of God that He even created and placed in heavenly things that our world and life is much patterned after.
.......Even when we are changed in the twinkling of an eye and put on our glorified bodies that we shall have in the resurrection, we shall ascend into heaven itself and  sit down with Jesus and eat together with him at the wedding feast. There, all of us shall be served lamb better than all prepared lamb on earth in honor of Jesus and his redeeming us unto God by His blood.. Jesus' resurrected body is exactly the same kind of body that we shall have in the day of our promised resurrection and that we shall be in at the marriage supper of the Lamb feasting and celebrating the awe of it all.
.......After the resurrection of Jesus our Lord, we know from the scriptures that Jesus in his resurrected glorified body, he could even walk thru walls. We know he ate fish and honey comb. He probably drank something also, but not the fruit of the vine.
........Spirits have a nature and have conditions like our flesh does. Spirits can wax strong in spirit or they can wax weak depending on the grace and the spiritual intake and spiritual build up. Right now all of us whose spirit is in Christ Jesus, our spirit has a redemption state and condition and a spiritual circumcision type of mark in it that Gods Spirits sight and even the Angels eyes can see. That real but heavenly mark in our spirit identifies us as saved and born of God and says to the heavenly host that we are the redeemed spirits that believe and belong to Christ. That heavenly cut, that mark in our spirit man within shows us to be the heavenly spirit being members of the New Covenant that God made with our spirits thru the Circumcision  of Christ  and His blood of the NEW COVENANT. The old covenant was after the flesh and its mark was in the flesh of the mans foreskin and that circumcision was the sign that they were covenant members with God of the old covenant. God and the angels and men could see that cut in the foreskin. Well our heavenly cut in our spirits is to spirit beings just as visual to them. It is a real cut in our spirit man.
........In the New Covenant we undergo circumcision but it is not a flesh cut as was in the old covenant. In the New Covenant it is more of a spiritual covenant for the spirits of men, for their spirits eternal life and for their every spiritual blessing for spirits to have and to enjoy. But we also need to know that the NEW COVENANT  does contain and is filled with overflowing benefits and blessings that flows from the heavenlies into even our natural physical world and life. And it is for this reason the New Covenant, it is and is called the BETTER COVENANT ESTABLISHED UPON EVEN BETTER PROMISES THAN WHAT THE OLD COVENANT HAD. Glory to God.
........ The NEW COVENANT gives us all BOLD ACCESS to the Throne of God and Grace, and gives us the best of both worlds, the spirit world of God and the physical world of Gods creation. In Christ all things are ours what now is, what was, and what shall be (1 Corinthians 3:21-23).
.........So in closing this light I want us to be sure of this that spirits are real. We all are spirits living in these physical bodies of flesh.  Spirit of all kinds fill up heaven and they fill up hell. In hell those spirits there  do not bear in their spirit the mark of the heavenly circumcision. Because of this they died in theirs sins. They died alienated from the Christ and from the salvation covenant. They did not believe in the love of the truth that it is Jesus Christ atoning blood covenant agreement.
......Those spirits of the New Covenant in heaven, their spirits had the cut or the mark of the circumcision of Christ in them and by that cut they were and are identified as believing and  belonging to Christ. When their bodies died their spirit man was taken up it heaven into the glory of God in Christ.
....... A spirit that on earth is religious as all the Pharisees and Sadducees were who fought against Jesus and his teachings, who outwardly looked religious with all that that means, who are even circumcised with the cut and mark in their flesh foreskin, but are not circumcised in the spirit, in the inner man, they are the most misled and they are the most deceived by dead religion. They all wear the outward religious adornings. Their clothes even look religious. They make religious sounding sounds. They fast, they tithe and preach and quote the scriptures, but Jesus said on the inside of them they were dead men full of bones and of all corruption. All of that spiritual death, and darkness and evil that Jesus said was inside them was hid BY STRONG LOOKING AND APPEARING  EXTERNAL RELIGIOUS APPAREL. And Jesus said of these men the thing that notes also the true mark of the New Covenant circumcision that reveals to Christ if the spirit in that body is really circumcised with the circumcision of Christ or not. Jesus told them, I know you look religious BUT YOU DO NOT HAVE THE LOVE OF GOD IN YOU.
.......Brothers and sisters in Christ, not only is there a real heavenly circumcision cut or mark in the spirit that is born of God by faith in Jesus Christ that God and the angels can actually see as they look into our heavenly place AND PART within that identifies the spirit to whom it belongs to, but that spirit that belongs to Christ has a new Christ Spirit like nature given it when born again. It is the love of Christ and of Gods love and holy image and likeness. Read Ephesians 4:23-24 KJV and 1 John 3:14-19. For if any man be in Christ he is a NEW CREATION..this is speaking solely about his inner man, his inward spirit, the part of man that lives beyond the bodies grave.. His flesh is still that same. The New Creation difference is all in the spirit and nothing in the flesh. THATS IMPORTANT.
.......We cannot rely on our flesh for the witness of these spiritual things, nor for the proof of everlasting life or of the everlasting life of the spirit, for the flesh is daily aging and dying until it is finally all dead.  So for these mentioned obvious things to be learned and realized, we are not to look to our decaying, dying flesh to teach us about the spirit that is in Christ  and of its everlasting life. God has to OPEN OUR EYES as he did the Apostle Paul to show us and teach us these spiritual things and heavenly truths about our spirit that belongs to Jesus  and of those spirits  who are the members of Satan.
.......The circumcision cut or mark in ones own spirit deep within the heart as we have talked about in this light makes all the difference in the world between being saved or not saved, having spiritual life or spiritual death, between heaven and hell, between belonging to God or to the devil.
.......So knowing this we beseech you in the love of Christ and say, Have you been born again or do you just appear religious a couple of times a month or year? Are you just a show of external religious looks  but you have not the love of God in you as they had not the love of God in them?. Jesus said to those religious Pharisees and others of the elders of Israel that opposed him who he said outwardly looked righteous and religious, Jesus said, I see your spirit inside you (Jesus new what was in man). He said to them that they were evil, full of dead men's bones and all corruption and that he could tell that THEY DID NOT HAVE THE LOVE OF GOD INSIDE THEM.
........Loving others, even loving your enemies and doing them good for their evil they did to you are signs of the true circumcision of Christ in you. But if you hate people and your enemies and crave for them to burn with a unquenchable hate and anger, Gods love is not in you, or you have been tricked by the world and by Satan not to walk in it......deno.......share freely.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Concerning the Heavenly Things Themselves....Light from Gods Spirit about our spirit in Christ Jesus RISEN WITH CHRIST.....deno.....share freely.

........Colossians  3:1-4)..If ye be RISEN with Christ, seek those things which are above, where Christ is seated at the right hand of God. 2) Set your affections on things above, not on things of earth. 3) For you are dead, and YOUR LIFE IS HID WITH CHRIST IN GOD...4) Note this light that is coming. It reveals who really is our life. It confirms vs 3 that it surely is not us who is our life for Paul said in verse three that we are DEAD...ready? Vs 4) When CHRIST (Jesus) WHO IS OUR LIFE (HELLO, heavenly bells should be ringing here) shall appear, then shall we appear also with him in glory.
........What a revelating verse of scripture. Brothers and sisters in Christ, being RISEN WITH CHRIST is not just a theological thought here as some pine away at the scriptures, but is is a heavenly reality. Remember with me when the angels said of Jesus, He is not here. HE IS RISEN....Were those words just a theological thought? No, they were words of a great truth and reality. Christ Was Risen Indeed.
.........Even so are these words that Paul wrote about us being risen with Christ far beyond just being a theological thought express in words. His words in our text are heavenly words. His words are spirit and they are of the spirit and they are life.  His words here are of the born again spirit of the christians and not of their flesh. Paul was in the Spirit of Jesus, receiving from the Mind of Christ Spirit in him whereby he wrote these spiritual truths. A thing which some do even to this day.
........Paul saw into the spirit and understood spiritual things just as John who was in the Spirit on the Lords day in the book of Revelations, saw, heard and learned of heavenly things and of heavenly realities, so did Paul, such was his gift (Romans 1:9). He understood the heavenly things themselves being taught his wisdom and gospel from Jesus Christ himself. Paul learned and eventually knew the difference between our spirit, from our souls, from our flesh bodies (1 Thess 5:23-24). In Colossians 3:1-4 Paul is in the Spirit of the Mind of Christ in him and he is writing or speaking of the inner man, the hidden man of the heart, our spirit man. Paul is revealing what Jesus taught him that it is the spirit in man, mans spirit is the one that is RISEN WITH CHRIST, not the flesh and that RISEN WITH CHRIST man, OUR SPIRIT, IS A HEAVENLY  REALITY even as His bodies physical resurrection is a physical reality (John 3:10-12).
.......In this world inside every man and woman is a spirit, (James 2:26 tells us that our bodies are dead and lifeless without the spirit in them. Remember Jesus and Stephen both gave up their spirits and then after that happened their bodies died).
....... Jesus knew this, he knew and understood all heavenly things and spirit realities, after all He was and has been a Spirit (An Eternal Spirit, Hebrews 9:13-14 KJV) for all eternity before He became flesh and dwelt amongst us and was found in the likeness of men. Spiritual things Jesus understood perfectly. He was the Father, the parent of the spirits of all spirit beings and of the heavenly world where He and the Father share the Throne. Such light  was normal to our Lord from heaven. So when Jesus said in John 3, unless a MAN be born again or he will not enter into the kingdom of God, Jesus understood what he was talking about and Jesus knew that Gods Kingdom was a heavenly place and thing, a spiritual operation and spirit reality.
...... Jesus everyday on earth was in the heavenly place of the kingdom of God that was real within him. Inside his body, the hidden Son of God  who came down from heaven to us out of eternity he walked with God His Father. He was in the Spirit day by day with His Father and was talking directly to us from  His Fathers Spirit about spiritual realities and truths, and about the spirit of man and Jesus called...MAN, the real man.
....... In Jesus ' heavenly speech to us, He said, unless a man (The spirit of man, the hidden man of the heart 1 Peter 3:4) BE BORN AGAIN (or we could say it this way and be right), unless he be changed, be re-created, become a new creature created in Christ Jesus (Ephesians 4:22-23),..unless he undergo this rebirthing in his spirit,  he cannot ENTER into the kingdom of God.
.......Now notice with me here that when ones spirit is changed, is born again, Jesus said something we need to note about that. Jesus said a man who in his spirit is born again... HE ENTERS....HE ENTERS INTO
SOMETHING (That's Important).....Jesus said HE ENTERS INTO GODS KINGDOM.
....... Gods kingdom is a heavenly place, a heavenly or spirit place, a real place. A place that is the parent of the natural world and is more real than the physical world that the Spirit of God designed, formed, positioned and created. Jesus was everyday in the Spirit. Jesus was everyday in that heavenly place on the INSIDE OF HIM even though he now had a flesh and blood body on earth.
........ It was in that heavenly place within that body, THAT TEMPLE, that he and the Father daily communed and talked to one another in the sweetest of Spirit in Spirit divine fellowship and worship. Everyday he and the Father fellowshipped and walked together in Spirit and in truth. He said to us, Know ye not that I am in the Father and the Father is in me? (John 14:10-11). 
......Well, unless a mans spirit is changed, re-created, born again, then the Father cannot ENTER into that man, nor can that man ENTER  into the Father as things were in Jesus. God cannot enter into that man nor can that man ENTER INTO GOD as all of us can see happened on the day of Pentecost. Great Spirit in spirit entrances took place that day in heavenly places known by God to be in man. He that created that which was without created also that which is within. He knows and understand all that is a part of both men, that which is the outer man and that which is spirit THE INNER MAN.
....... On the day of Pentecost Gods Spirit entered into men and men's born agains spirits who first trusted in Christ (Eph 1:12-13) ENTERED INTO GOD. That is why Jesus did not bring to us the look of religion, such is deceptive, he came to us in the Power of the Spirit, a heavenly thing. Jesus did not come to us with just religious mind of  theological thought, the world had plenty of that, even Israel was full of men of much religious thought but no of God. Jesus said of those men, their hearts were far from him.
....... Jesus brought to us and taught us of God who is a Spirit reality and he showed us of heavenly Spirit life reality with the Life and Power of the Spirit of God in and upon Him confirming his wisdom and his every spiritual  word with invisible power that was clearly seen as it healed and even raised the dead and did many other miracles (John 21:24-25).
                                  *     *    *   *    *    *    *    *   *
......But brethren when the heavenly invisible part of man, when a mans spirit is born of God, changed and created new thru faith in Jesus Christ, Ephesians 4:23-24 reveals to us spiritual truths about that invisible man. It reveals to us that he, THE BORN AGAIN MAN, is a New Man and that new man is created IN CHRIST JESUS. He, that spirit man has ENTERED something. That invisible man, that new spirit man, He has even entered Someone. That something that he has ENTERED is the Kingdom of God and that SOMEONE that he as ENTERED is Jesus Christ who also is GOD, with God, in God and also now In Us.....As it is written, Christ In You the hope of glory.
....... The born again man who is RISEN WITH CHRIST has entered into Christ. In the invisible heavenly place within him that man is resurrected in his spirit even as Jesus was resurrected in his flesh. AND HE IS ALSO TRANSLATED, HE IS ALSO A TRANSLATED MAN as Jesus was translated into HEAVEN ITSELF, see Colossians 1:13. The body of Jesus our Lord that God raised from the dead and translated into heaven itself, that body that God raised up and translated back up in to heaven itself was first by God made different from the body of Jesus that was crucified by men. It is the same body taken by the Spirit of God and changed into what Paul called A GLORIFIED BODY.  God caused it, Christ Body, to BE BORN AGAIN and God caused Christ body in the resurrection change to be So Greatly Different than the body that was crucified and laid in the tomb.
......... God poured his resurrection life power into Jesus' dead crucified body and God transformed, translated, changed, and made different that body. The old flesh God made super glorified New Flesh. That RESURRECTED RISEN NEW FLESH of Jesus was so different than what was the crucified flesh. The flesh that the Word Became inside the virgin Mary's womb was made subject to death. But the glorified NEW FLESH of Christ body in the glory of His Resurrection, that glorified, changed, transformed, translated, renewed, made different and new redone flesh death, decay, nor corruption could never touch it ever again, NEVER.
........God created Christ risen flesh with EVERLASTING LIFE IN ITS EVERY NEW CELL & PART and such is the same with the spirit of every man that is Born Again in his spirit and made by God a NEW CREATURE IN CHRIST. It is important to know and to note that. It is important that the Christian who is a spirit, for it is only in the spirit where the real heavenly difference is really known. it is important the the christians knows that HE IS RISEN WITH CHRIST, WITH CHRIST, WITH CHRIST for real IN HIS SPIRIT and that he is made new and different in his spirit man just like Jesus was raised and made brand new and different in his body when God raised him from the dead. Matter of fact the Risen WIth Christ Born Again Spirit is John 5:24 and Ephesians 2:1-10 reality in us (go read those scriptures in the KJV but not only)....We learn from those scriptures that In the hidden man of the heart OUR SPIRIT MAN that lives on beyond the bodies grave is a resurrected spirit, a passed from death unto life BORN AGAIN spirit, a RISEN WITH CHRIST SPIRIT SEATED WITH JESUS IN HEAVENLY PLACES. A TRANSLATED SPIRIT THAT HAS BEEN DELIVERED  FROM THE POWER OF DARKNESS  AND HAS BEEN TRANSLATED INTO THE KINGDOM OF GODS DEAR SON--Colossians 1;12-13). (Please go and read those scriptures KJV esp, but not only).
.......Yes friend, being RISEN WITH CHRIST is far far more than a theological thought that tickles the hearers ears with fancy idle chatter in religious sounding talk. It is a heavenly reality that takes place in the spirit of man, in the hidden man of the heart, NOT IN HIS FLESH (yet) nor in his MIND. The mind has to be TAUGHT of heavenly things or of spiritual things. Being RISEN WITH CHRIST has nothing to do with our present flesh or flesh wisdom. It is a heavenly thing or a spiritual truth and reality of our spirit and every word that Paul wrote from the Spirit about the spirit of God and of man is literal in interpretation understanding. It is just that those who are not in the Spirit or exercised in comparing spiritual things with spiritual cannot comprehend their reality and truths properly. These people still think like Nicodemus did in John 3. They think being born again is crawling back into their mothers womb and coming back out. Even so with that same kind of unspiritual mind, when they read words about the spirit of God or of the spirit of man in the scriptures they try to figure them out by the flesh and they fall short of the glory  of the spirits blessings and realities that is has being born again ans translated with Christ Jesus in the heavenly part and in the heavenly place that is within called the Kingdom of God.
.......He that is RISEN WITH CHRIST, well Paul said in Colossians 3:1-4 that Christ Jesus is his life. He said Jesus Christ is that RISEN MANS LIFE....Go read it for yourself.... So knowing that revelation now that Christ is our life and that Jesus is the life of all them that believe and belong to Christ, we ask you, DOES CHRIST LIVE FOREVER or does he have a temporary life???? He lives now forever and death can never touch him again...Revelations 1:18) Jesus speaking said, I am he that was dead but now I am ALIVE FOREVERMORE....And because He lives we live also and for no other reason we are saved and have everlasting life.
........Friends, that which is flesh is flesh, and that which is spirit is spirit. When we know and can discern  the difference between them, between the two by the eyes and mind of Christ, and learn and know that the spirit of man is the real man and that the spirit that believes in Jesus Christ is the born again man created new IN CHRIST JESUS, we are then learning spiritual wisdom and comparing spiritual things with spiritual.
.......So  we have learned that we who believe and belong to Jesus are RISEN WITH JESUS and Christ himself is our life and that Christ our life LIVES FOREVER....So now we can more better understand that scripture that says to us, CLEAVE TO GOD for He alone is Your Life....Let us not  leave Jesus Christ the Son of God. He alone is the way, the truth, and THE LIFE...He alone is our Sure and True and EVERLASTING LIFE. All other names have no Eternal Power nor Everlasting Life in them. Those other names of people or so called prophets that men throw into the so called religious arena, they have been thrown into the religious equation and arena to DECEIVE and rob people of eternal salvation that is only in Christ Jesus the Son of God. For Jesus by the true Spirit of God exalts His Son always and in every thing as FAR ABOVE ALL...... For by Jesus Christ the Word of God ALL THINGS were made and without Him was nothing made that was made. Adam was  made by Jesus. Moses was made by Jesus, Elijah was a creation of Jesus. Mohammed was created by the Power of the Name and Spirit of Jesus Christ as so were we all. For by Jesus Christ the Son of God, God created the worlds by. He alone can wear such Divine Shoes..If Moses, Elijah, King David or Isaiah, or any other self proclaimed and  named by men prophets tries to tell the world that they and their light is above Jesus Christ and His Light, they are deluded by demons in the mind and they are fools and deceivers targeted by the upcoming fire of the wrath of God upon all those that bow not to the name of Jesus Christ the Son of God whose Words are far above all in truth, power and glory. Amen......deno......share freely.

There Remains No Other Sacrifice Needed.........deno.....share freely.

       The old covenants sacrifices were just the drops of something Big that God had in store to come. Jesus, Emmanuel, God with us, BY THE SACRIFICE OF HIMSELF was the full OUTPOURING. The Word that was with God and the Word that was God Became Flesh. Behold the Lamb of God John said of Jesus, He takes away the sin of the World.
       We need not any of the drops anymore now that the flood has been poured out upon the world. In Christ Jesus we ride that great flood of Christ blood all the way up into heaven itself. We Are Redeemed Unto God By Christ Blood....Amen.

Hebrews 10:5-14....New King James Version (NKJV)

Christ’s Death Fulfills God’s Will
5 Therefore, when He came into the world, He said:

“Sacrifice and offering You did not desire,
But a body You have prepared for Me.
6 In burnt offerings and sacrifices for sin
You had no pleasure.
7 Then I said, ‘Behold, I have come—
In the volume of the book it is written of Me—
To do Your will, O God.’”[a]
8 Previously saying, “Sacrifice and offering, burnt offerings, and offerings for sin You did not desire, nor had pleasure in them” (which are offered according to the law), 9 then He said, “Behold, I have come to do Your will, O God.”[b] He takes away the first that He may establish the second. 10 By that will we have been sanctified through the offering of the body of Jesus Christ once for all.

Christ’s Death Perfects the Sanctified
11 And every priest stands ministering daily and offering repeatedly the same sacrifices, which can never take away sins. 12 But this Man, after He had offered one sacrifice for sins forever, sat down at the right hand of God, 13 from that time waiting till His enemies are made His footstool. 14 For by one offering He has perfected forever those who are being sanctified.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

HAVE FAITH IN GOD....Songs of Faith to Encourage You......deno.....share freely

Have Faith In God.

You Are A Purchased Possession Paid For In Full...Vessels in the Mansion of God...Understanding the Value of the Price God Paid.....deno......share freely.

       In the New Covenant, the covenant of "not that we loved God but that He loved us light", God himself established our peace with him. We did nothing to accomplish the great and endless covenant of peace  between us and God except this, our sins nailed the Peace Offering to the Cross. 
       The peace offering of the flesh and blood of the animals in the old covenant was always offered for the friction to be set aside between God and Israel, but the peace of those peace offerings only lasted in brief moments of measurable time. None of them had Eternal power in them. None of them had Everlasting Power, Grace and Strength. But God had a plan of GREAT POWER, GRACE, AND SACRIFICIAL STRENGTH and that plan was known in God from the foundation of the world. God had the plan to take care of those sacrifices weakness. Looking into the mirror into the midst of the Three in One He said, Thou are slain from the foundation of the world. It is written, God became a man, and by the sacrifice of Himself, He put away sin FOREVER.  (Read Hebrews 9:7-15). God was in Christ Jesus doing it all.
        Jesus (without us), he went to battle for our peace to be won. He went  thru HARD LABOR HIMSELF on the Cross TO RAISE UP ENOUGH BLOOD  to obtain for us ETERNAL REDEMPTION and to purchase and to establish forever OUR COVENANT OF PEACE with God. With His own flesh and precious blood connected to His own Eternal Spirit, Jesus bought for us Peace With God and at the same time He PURCHASED US.  Now let us note this. What is about to be said is one of those sayings that we need to let sink deep into our hearing so that we REALLY HEAR IT with the HEART....ready? Bought things brothers and sisters are already paid for. Purchased things have no debt that they owe. Therefore the children ARE FREE INDEED and spiritually DEBT FREE concerning the spirits freedom.
       It is sad that so many do not know or see clearly or understand the deep meaning of the word that says, we were bought with a price and that we are a purchased possession and  that in Christ Jesus we are all Gods possession, vessels in the house of God. Many do not understand that they have been SET FREE and a MADE FREE PEOPLE, nor do they know the grace about their glorious liberty that they have In Christ Jesus.
       Freed people, set free people are surely free, but if their own minds wrestle with that fact, argue with that fact, then though they are free indeed in the spirit from their tie to the spirit of this world, the other part of their being which is the mind WHICH CAN LEARN or BE MANIPULATED, their mind by improper teaching, and shortcoming knowledge and wisdom is in bodage. For whom the Son has SET FREE is FREE INDEED. They are not half free, partial free, or part time free. Nor are they on lay away. Their freedom and their purchase, and there peace with God has been PAID FOR IN FULL. Jesus said they are COMPLETELY FREE...FREE INDEED.
      How can a slave enjoy his freedom  if he is stubborn in his mind against it, does not understand it, or is not aware that he has been SET FREE and that his freedom was BOUGHT WITH A PRICE and PAID FOR IN FULL? And how can he take advantage of BEING SET FREE when in his heart he refuses to believe it? He is free in the spirit, but still in chains in his mind. So what does he do in his ignorance? He picks up his bible and goes back to the place of the OLD WINE and gets drunk  to where he does not think right. He goes and gets his bible and he goes backwards into the fields working and laboring UNDER THE LAW OF SLAVERY trying to some day justify himself and save enough money up to buy what has already been PURCHASED FOR HIM. This my friend, is a deception where the enemy preys upon the mind of the FREED ONES  who still have blind spots in their REDEMPTION THINKING whereby he can take advantage of them by.
      Church, Satan always does his best works and roams in THE DARK. Blind spots in our understanding  are places the devil can still roam in our lives and keep us in chains there. For Gods people, the prophet said, are run over, even some destroyed, because of their lack of knowledge and proper understanding.
       People who in their minds do not know or understand that they are a purchased possession, bought and paid for in full with a price, the price of Gods own blood, they can still think that they are slaves in their minds and not free or they think of themselves as not being purchased. They think they are still on a shelf in a store somewhere in this world waiting for somebody to buy them instead of seeing themselves as a beautifully loved and greatly cherish vessel already bought by the price of Christ own blood and that they have been BY GOD HIMSELF placed in the Mansion of God.
       When we go into a Mansion, into a wealthy families home, we can see all kinds of items and vessels. You being the families guest you pick of a vessel on display on a beautiful cherry wood table. You say to the wealthy Dad, sir can I ask you a question? He answers back, certainly...Just how much did you pay for this vessel. He, hesitates and says, 2 millions dollars. You get a lump in your throat, your hands start to shake and you ever so gently replace that vessel back on to that display table. You now look at that same vessel in a different light as you did before. You honor that vessel with sacred thought and activity because your eyes have now been opened to that vessels incredible value.
        Well just like that story teaches us, so it is with the redeemed of the Lord who were bought with a price and are Gods personally purchased peculiar vessels in the House or the Mansion of God. All of heavens angels, as they walk about in the Mansion of God, in heaven itself, and they see the children of God in Christ there, they handle us with sacred approach. For for them, when they see us and our names written down there, THEY KNOW THE PRICE GOD PAID FOR US. OUR WORTH AND OUR NETWORTH there exceeds everything in heaven by the PRICE GOD  PAID TO OWN US, to make us GODS very dear children. Well, the children need to see and understand their GREAT PLACE AND WORTH as the Angels do in glory. Friends truly it is ok for us who are In Christ Jesus love our self as God loves us. If someone on earth paid a price ro purcahse and own you and make you his child and paid a BILLION DOLLARS to purchase you as his son, you would easily recognize how much you are loved, cherished, and worth, and wanted. You would think good thoughts about yourself. You would think and say, Wow, I am greatly wanted, greatly, loved, greatly cherished, and of great worth and greatly valued. All by knowing and understanding the price the BILLIONAIR PAID TO MAKE YOU HIS CHILD. 
        Well once we really see the wealth of the Blood of God which is the HIGHEST VALUE OF ALL THINGS in all of heaven and in all of earth, far surpassing all things in all Creation, we will start to say GOOD THINGS and Lovely Things, and things of peace and goodwill about ourselves and to ourselves with joy. We will say with deeper meaning and higher and greater more positive understanding, Truly I Am Greatly Loved and We are Redeemed and I Belong to God as His dear children by the greatest price of all, by Gods own Blood. For our eyes have finally been opened to the Price God Paid to make us His Most Prized Possessions in the Mansion of God.
       Those that do not understand the great purchase and have dimmed eyes about who they are In Christ and about their glorious liberty, and do not see that their freedom was paid for in full with the greatest price and that they are Gods very own possession, they are still in bodage in their minds with the OLD WINE mentality that the bible calls slavery or slave mentality.
        Brethren PURCHASED THINGS OWE NO ONE NOTHING. PAID FOR IN FULL ITEMS BELONG TO THE ONE WHO BOUGHT THEM. WE BELONG TO GOD AND THE PRODUCT OF OUR EVERLASTING PEACE WITH GOD JESUS ALSO PAID FOR IN FULL WITH THE PRICE OF HIS OWN BLOOD. God cannot and will not transgress against this Everlasting Purchase. He would never dishonor or demean or belittle His Sons Sacrifice and Blood. God has the receipt. He was there that day when He purchased us. How could he ever  forget. That day of the great purchase, It is carved deeply in both His Hands. It is important that you know that and use that truth every time the enemy tries to put you back in bondage or make you think that you are still on the shelf somewhere, or that God is against you, or that you are not redeemed or saved, or that you are not a child of God in Christ the spirit. You were bought, meaning paid for in full, with a great incomparable price.
        It is important that you see yourself free, bought and paid for in full and a vessel in the Mansion of God. With out that proper sight you can be deceived. Church we are free and the product of our peace with God has already been paid for in full.  Read the words of the Covenant of Peace below.

Isaiah 54:5-10New King James Version (NKJV)

5 For your Maker is your HUSBAND,
The Lord of hosts is His name;
And your REDEEMER is the Holy One of Israel;
He is called the God of the whole earth.
6 For the Lord has called you
Like a woman forsaken and grieved in spirit,
Like a youthful wife when you were refused,”
Says your God.
7 “For a mere moment I have forsaken you,
But with GREAT MERCY I will gather you.
8 With a little wrath I hid My face from you for a moment;
But with EVERLASTING KINDNESS  I will have mercy on you,”
Says the Lord, your REDEEMER.
9 “For this is like the waters of Noah to Me;
For as I have sworn
That the waters of Noah would no longer cover the earth,
That I WOULD NOT BE ANGRY with you, nor rebuke you.
10 For the mountains shall depart
And the hills be removed,
But MY KINDNESS shall not depart from you,
Nor shall My COVENANT OF PEACE be removed,”(It is Everlasting)
Says the Lord, who has mercy on you.....deno....share freely.

Do NOT FEAR the LORD IS NEAR!..* * * * * * * * * *

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Climate Change Card Use.........deno.......share freely.

More light from the pen of the pulpit.
        Can I just say something here about the issue of climate change. That subject is used for the obtaining of the NWO and United Nations power grab over the earth. Now the issue yes has some merit. But unfortunately the princess of this world are evil and power hungry.
        What a crafty way to take more and more control of the world and its powers by a seemingly desperate plea to all the nations to save  what they call Mother Earth for she is sick. It is a believable message to cause national submission of the nations sovereignties to United Nation NWO New World Laws. It is their justified means for measured takeover of the nations.
        But the sad thing is, what appears to be a salvation of the earth leads to the spiritual and soulish condemnation of the worlds inhabitants. For soon the NWO Throne is given to the man of sin (Rev 13:1-9) It all ends up in the hands of the devils son (AntiChrist) for 7 incredible hope and change giving years that is eventually turned in to a global human nightmare as the hope and change days of the AntiChrist become mixed with terror the world has never seen before.
          Even right now the world is getting a little taste of what is soon to come full force. Those hope and change days under the AntiChrist spell turn into hell on earth increasing as God lays out His Judgements on a world that has turned their faith and allegiance to the devils counterfeit of the Messiah and for the fact that they unitedly crucified His Son again afresh thru their new unbelief and rejection of the gospel of the good things Christ blood, death, and resurrection spoke. Christ spoke the love of God  to us all from the Cross of our true redemption that Jesus laid down his life to bear, to his ascension back unto His glory in the Paradise of God where he intercedes for us daily.
         In their confusions and in their delusion they switch out God for the bewitching spirit of the devil, and they switch Jesus Christ Gods Son and his Good News out for the AntiChrist, the son of Satan and his lies and short lasting hope and change seducing blaspheme's and abominations.  Sad that together they will smile back at the devils wink and not even know it.
         ALL THIS, well it is all being lined up by the demonic powers and forces of the rulers of the darkness of this world, not for real peace on earth although its presented and preached in the NAME OF PEACE, but for the taking down to hell of souls preyed upon under the beguiling of Strong Delusion that even fools and deceives the worlds most studious.
          Friend love and cleave to Jesus, for only he is our life, our everlasting peace with God, and our salvation. Jesus Is the TRUE CHRIST, the Risen Son of God. He really does love us. Just as Paul the Apostle preached of His Savior. He said, Jesus loved me and gave himself for me.....He is risen from the dead and his resurrection sealed the full assurance of our blessed hope that we preach in Jesus Christ that Jesus Is Lord......Amen......deno.....share freely.

Forgive All...No Other Choice....deno....share freely.

         Jesus said, For the son of man has been given power on earth to forgive sins....That son of man part includes us.....Son of man means offspring of Adam....Not only do we have the God given right to forgive sins WE MUST FORGIVE ALL WHO SIN AGAINST US.....WE MUST...It is Loves Demand and Loves Command.
         Jesus said. For if you do not forgive peoples  sins against you, NEITHER WILL YOUR FATHER FORGIVE YOU OF YOUR TRESSPASSES AND SINS.
         So FORGIVE ALL LEST WE FALL INTO JUDGEMENTS AND Enemy Advantages over us. Stop all cat fights immediately. The love of God forgives and forgets. The love of the Son of God says, Father forgive them and hold not this sin unto their charge.
         When Jesus was crucified on the cross and while Stephen was being viciously painfully stoned, in their pain they prayed the Father forgive them prayer.
          Brethren the Spirit of the Lord says, Therefore your excuse not to forgive is no acceptable excuse at all....Lord but look at what he/she did to me. The Lord says, Yes just look at what they did to Jesus and to Stephen. Still yet the love of God in them Forgave All.....You Must Forgive All. For to not forgive is worse than adultery, stealing, lying, cheating, gossipping, and worse than breaking all the Ten Commandments. For those sins against the Ten Commandments can be forgiven. But unforgiveness Jesus said will not be forgiven. Jesus said, For if you do not forgive all and every trespass against you, neither will the Father forgive you. You, me, we all need and must have Gods forgiveness so He commands us and judgement demands from us to FORGIVE ALL.
          Sorry, but there is no other Word from God or from Jesus on the forgiveness matter. We have no other choice but to Forgive. Like Jesus and Stephen, despite the great agony of the heart and the great pain to the flesh, the love of God heart and Spirit forgives. The spirit that rises up with malicious ill will and with the eye for an eye action is demons playing around with the Old Wine in the mind to hurt us even more. When Jesus said, Put away the stones, he replaced that old way with his New Wine Words in our hands and in our hearts that reads, YOU MUST FORGIVE... What he wrote in the sand and on the tablet of our hearts agrees with those words YOU MUST FORGIVE. PUT AWAY THE STONES.......deno......share freely.

Tears Mixed With Joy.......share freely......deno.

         With the Cross ever before Him Jesus still said, I delight to do your will Oh God. Even though every day on earth, Jesus knew that each of his steps were steps towards the agonies and the blood of the Cross, Jesus still smiled,  he still laughed and he had HIS JOY. He had such noted fullness of Joy and Peace, he used that to teach the disciples gospel truths backed by promises. The twelve knew Jesus to be a man of great joy and perfect peace with power beyond compare who controlled all things thru the power of HIS WORDS (John 14:27 & John 15:11). He was being who he really was, God with them.
       No matter what we face, if we are delighting ourselves in the Lord and serving Him, surrendered and submitted to His will, His joy can be in us, his peace shall sustain us, our joy made full, and we shall experience the breaking forth of rejoicings in God and laughter in the Holy Ghost along with the tears and the know...THOSE CROSSES.......deno.....share freely.

The Son of Man has been given the power to forgive sins......deno.....share freely.

       Jesus said, For the son of man has been given power on earth to forgive sins....That son of man part includes us.....Son of man means offspring of Adam....Not only do we have the God given right to forgive sins WE MUST FORGIVE ALL WHO SIN AGAINST US.....WE MUST...It is Loves Demand and Loves Command.
       Jesus said. For if you do not forgive peoples  sins against you, NEITHER WILL YOUR FATHER FORGIVE YOU OF YOUR TRESSPASSES AND SINS. So FORGIVE ALL LEST WE FALL INTO JUDGEMENTS and into Enemy's Advantages over us. Stop all cat fights immediately. The love of God forgives and forgets. The love of the Son of God says, Father forgive them and hold not this sin unto their charge.
       When Jesus was crucified on the cross and while Stephen was being viciously painfully stoned, in their pain they prayed the Father forgive them prayer.
        Brethren the Spirit of the Lord says, Therefore your excuse not to forgive is no acceptable excuse at all....Lord but look at what he/she did to me. The Lord says, Yes just look at what they did to Jesus and to Stephen. Still yet the love of God in them Forgave All.....You Must Forgive All. For to not forgive is worse than adultery, stealing, lying, cheating, gossipping, and worse than breaking all the Ten Commandments. For those sins against the Ten Commandments can be forgiven. But unforgiveness Jesus said will not be forgiven. Jesus said, For if you do not forgive all and every trespass against you, neither will the Father forgive you. You, me, we all need and must have Gods forgiveness so He commands us and judgement demands from us to FORGIVE ALL.
        Sorry, but there is no other Word from God or from Jesus on the forgiveness matter. There is no compromise to this word in the New Wine. We have no other choice but to Forgive. Like Jesus and Stephen, despite the great agony of the heart and the great pain to the flesh, the love of God heart and Spirit forgives. The spirit that rises up with malicious ill will and with the eye for an eye action is demons playing around with the Old Wine in the mind to hurt us even more in the body and in the soul. 
      When Jesus said, Put away the stones, he replaced that old way with his New Wine Words in our hands and in our hearts that reads, YOU MUST FORGIVE... What he wrote in the sand and on the tablet of our hearts agrees with those words YOU MUST FORGIVE. PUT AWAY THE STONES.......deno......share freely.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Sheilas Words to Me....Prophecy....

I need to share with you what I felt from the Lord from last night through this morning. The Holy Spirit gave me the above words along with this one for you:

"My Son it's time to move on to (spiritually) greener pastures where the harvest is RIPE. I will meet you there. This is a work from a position of rest (Heb. 4), and warfare (Neh. chapters 4 & 6,) (a tool on one hand; a weapon in the other) but fruitful, rewarding and victorious, for I have gone before you."

Pastor Smith, this is only the outline. He will give you the instruction in the privacy of your own heart. I am interceding for you. 

Dear son, whether or not you are a pastor you have a pastor's heart and the Lord is about to take you where you've not been, and show you what you've not seen.  He's waited to unlock whats in you now, in this season... that's why I'm called to pray for you and others moving into new realms of revelation, authority and intimacy with Christ.  You will soon understand.
 I am a senior citizen whom He has set apart for this work; and I take it very seriously.  You will understand very shortly and you are in His awesome hands.  God Bless you in your new & elevated walk with Him.

So be it in Jesus God and Jesus Christ be all the glory. AMEN. Keep me in your intercessions Sheila...I have been wrestling for months now yet God holds me together.

Sheila Berry7:14 PM


The "weight" has been increasing since this morning... not a burden- but a sobering sense of the battle U R in because of the call on you. Trust Him to always alert intercessors to rise up in battle 4U
with STRATEGIC (and I mean that literally) wisdom and instruction. I've already begun this new assignment and I assure you you will notice a change... He is closing in on your enemy. Be prepared for "holy" supernatural intervention. The angels will be working more with us all now in this season; we can't do it without them. DO NOT TOLERATE A SPIRIT OF FEAR. THAT SPIRIT FEARS YOU!!! YOU'VE GOT TO SEE (humbly) WHO U R IN HIM. YOU ARE ABOVE IT, & U R COVERED! In Jesus Name, Amen

If ever needed, you can use my email................

Finished... I wish I spoke Hebrew; English won't do. I didn't know
all the details, but I am amazed - - - The Lord placed on me a "weight"
which matched pound 4 pound and ounce for ounce your vision as I read it.
(???) Cannot explain, but felt weights lift (lighten) as I "experienced"
your well written vision.
There were "confirming reliefs" of things my spirit already glimpsed hidden
in you for an appointed time... (Hab. 2:3)
I cannot explain but I know you're already more aligned with "you"
than b4, because something has shifted... a paradigm shift bringing you
closer to your eternal identity & call.
A related side note: The Lord led me into tri-generational
relationships some time ago revealing the magnitude of such a merging
against enemy forces in this season. He's put my intercession in a place.

....Change is coming as is His Kingdom (purpose 4 U), & His Perfect will (4 U). There is a sweeter oil attending transition. Fear not, but prepare 4 change.
He needs time alone with you.
Trust, yield, obey and cast every care. You are covered...praying...

From Worry To The Peace Which Passeth All Understanding......deno......share freely.

.......From Worry to the Peace that passeth all understanding. Paul prayed that God would fulfill in us all the Joy and Peace that comes  thru the full assurance that real faith in Christ  brings...He also wrote in Romans 5:1) Therefore being justified by our faith in Jesus Christ we have peace with God. But do you have peace  in your heart and mind about that peace? Or are you constantly questioning and worrying about your justification and salvation? This light is for you.

       1 Corinthians 1:29-31)...As a Christian, as you seek to find, when you finally discover the revelation that God, yes God himself has Made Jesus to be FOR YOU your wisdom, your true and only way, your life (Col 3:1-4), your righteousness, your sanctification , your eternal redemption and salvation, also your not of this world measure (John 17:14-16) and your peace with God (Eph 2:13-17)..When you really find out this revelation given Paul and its truth and you see it and believe it for yourself, it is then that the days of your worrying are over. For it is then that you have taken the load of your salvation off  your  back and placed your faith all on Jesus Christ and him crucified's  unmatchable redeeming power. Jesus told us that the true yoke Jesus gives us is easy on us and its burden is light, not heavy, nor fear filled and worrisome. It is liberating, freedom giving, burden bearing, and worry free. It is achieved only by total faith, trust, and confidence in Christ and His Blood and true Gospel Promises. 
        But as long as your confidence remains on yourself and not on what God did by Christ Jesus and on what God  made Jesus to be for you thru the Cross, the enemy then can nit pick you in your mind about all your flaws and imperfections until your heart and mind is filled with  constant dread, fear, guilt, lack of peace and lack of assurance and worry. Paul called all these things spiritual satanic bondages laid on people (Galations 5:1 and Galations 5:7-8).
       Lets listen....Since we can cast out Satan himself and tread on all the power of darkness thru faith in the mighty and power filled Name of Jesus Christ, we can also possess and achieve many other things try faith in the same. We can have peace with God and find rest to our souls thru faith and confidence in the power of the Name of Jesus and thru total faith, trust, and confidence in the power of his redeeming sacrifice and atoning blood, death and resurrection. Its all in our minds coming to the right gospel understanding of the Power of God unto Salvation which yesterday, today and forever is Jesus Christ and Him Crucified and Risen from the dead (1 Cor 1:17-18 & 1 Cor 23-24). 
       Jesus told us, when you come unto the right knowledge of Him and take His true Yoke upon you, YOU THEN WILL FIND REST UNTO YOUR SOUL, NOT FEAR, DREAD, WORRY & DOUBT. Many are taught wrong about Jesus and the Power of His Cross. Many have had the wrong gospel proclaimed. Jesus Christ and him crucified, its power has been deluded and watered down in their minds BY PEOPLE WHO WANT TO MANIPULATE and CONTROL THEM sometimes for evil gain. Many have the wrong YOKE upon their heart and mind and they have found no real and deep assurance, nor the sweet rest that Jesus' True Knowledge and True Yoke gives. Jesus said, take MY YOKE upon yourselves and LEARN of Me and YOU SHALL FIND REST UNTO YOU SOULS. If what is being proclaimed and preached to your soul leaves you inconstant unrest, dread, misery, doubt and GIVES YOU NO assurance, RUN. We have been called to peace, not to confusion and spiritual ulcers.
       Brethren, Jesus was our sin offering, our guilt offering, OUR PEACE OFFERING so making peace. He was sacrificed to give us peace with God and for heart and mind peace. Jesus was sacrificed to gives us sweet fellowship with God not a BOXING MATCH everyday. He was sacrificed as our Guilt offering to remove Satan's guilt trip power and Christ was sacrificed to take away sins.  But all of his sacrifice and all of the power of God in the sacrifice of Jesus on the Cross does no good, nor does it benefit any soul that does not know the power of God in the Cross of Christ. Nor does all that redeeming power benefit the soul or the mind of any that does not believe it, trust in it, or that does not have any confidence in it. Without faith we cannot please God. Without faith, confidence, and trust in the sacrifice of Christ and resurrection you cannot please God.
       Without our faith in Christ blood and in his redeeming Cross, we are filled with total dependency on self and not on Jesus. That is not a safe place to be in. That is a crushing weight that robs us of peace and steals joy.
       Satans trick is to get your eyes off the Cross of Christ where Gods saving Power is, belittle and demean its power in your eyes, in your mind and make the faith and confidence exchange and switch where you lose confidence in Christ power and put more of your confidence on to your self to save yourself by your own works.
       But let us remember the revelations Jesus gave to Paul and what Paul preached. Paul said not by our works God has saved us but By the blood of His Sons Redeeming Cross. It is THE GIFT of God (Ephesians 2:1-10 & 2 Timothy 1:8-9). When one loses sight of that truth, he enters Satans gospel and Satans play ground. He runs all over the place in his mind to go get circumcised in order that he could be saved. Satan deceived him to think that he must also shed his OWN BLOOD in circumcision or he will not be saved. Paul boldly defended the pure gospel and said that THAT WAS A LIE, even another gospel. Even so so many Satan convinces to put their own works on the Cross with Jesus or they to want be saved. That is another of Satan's subtle deceiving lies, tricks and gospel that leads many to ruin, unrest, and misery, even to fall from grace. (Galations 5:1-4)
       Believing on the Name of Jesus can cast Satan out. Believing on the name of Jesus Christ can destroy the works of the devil and believing on the Name of Jesus can also give you perfect peace with God. It is AMAZING what real faith, real believing, have confidence in, and trusting  in the Name of Jesus can do for us.
       Do you really think you can get anywhere with God or impress God with believing in or trusting in your own name above His? or believing in your own self and good works above the blood of His own Cross? When you stand on the merits of anything you do you are believing and trusting in your own name and  in the acceptance of your own self. John wrote that we are all commanded to trust and to BELIEVE ON THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST. He understood the redeeming power of God in Christ and HIm crucified.
       So which do you think is greater, to believe and call upon your own name or believing and calling upon the Name of Jesus Christ the perfect sinless risen Son of God, Emmanuel himself?
       When you believe and call upon the Name of Jesus Christ, that means you have put all your confidence and trust in Him and His Far Above All Great Name, Deeds, His Works on the Cross and His achievements  and you have no more any confidence in yourself to save you. YOUR ARE SET FREE. Your trust and confidence now is all on Jesus' shoulders and in the Power of His Redeeming Cross where God intends in to be just like He commanded of all of Israel that passover night..
        Just like Moses and all of the people of Israel, in Egypt that passover night, God told them that their faith, trust, and confidence was to be ONLY IN THE SACRIFICE OF THE PASSOVER LAMB AND IN THE BLOOD OF THAT PASSOVER LAMB  and not in anything of themselves.. They were commanded by God to have zero confidence in their own selves, nor in their own names or good standing with God by their works, but to only have faith, trust and confidence in the blood of the sacrificed Lamb that represented Christ Jesus and the saving faith that was to come by the blood of His Cross. They had to let go of religious self confidence to redeem them and depend solely on the Blood the Lamb which was Christ representation to Save Them. Had they ignored Gods command of faith in the Lambs blood that night and being deceived walked outside the atoning blood thinking they could trust in their own selves, in their own goodness and works THEY WOULD HAVE PERISHED WITH THE ENEMY, even by the hand of God sent that night.
       Keep your faith, confidence, and trust in the blood of Christ and in his CROSS, DEATH and RESURRECTION, for this is eternal lifes true and everlasting heartbeat......deno.....share freely.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Justified Hate...The Doctrine of demons....share freely.....deno.

       They reached for the stars and for the high road of strength and blessing, but they failed to find it though they craved it. They understood not that their souls hate was the fuel that burned them and their hope up. Their hate and their prejudices made them one with the fire of the fallen stars.
       Friends hate and any form of prejudices is the fuel of Satan in men and in women. By these men and women double their troubles...Deceived and then Destroyed.
       Come out of that way and from that spirit that binds. Come out of that darkness that blind and deceived men call light. Justified hate does not come down to us from Gods love in the cross of Christ, but from the evil deceiving spirits that were in and  behind those that crucified  Christ the Lord, the Son of the Living God.
        Love and  the Truth Himself in his love bled forth the river of his mercy for you..It is written. Thru the blood of HIs Cross we have redemption, even the forgiveness of our sins.
        No time for hate in the hour that we are called to obtain mercy. Don't be robbed of Gods mercy. Love and to all be merciful, even to your enemies before your hate destroys you..What your hate does or wants to do to others does even worse to your own soul and self.....deno.....share freely.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Gods Word Against the Justified Hate Message that false prophets are preaching and spreading today......share freely....deno.

.......1 John 3:14-16...) We know that we have passed from death unto life, (also from Satan unto God- Acts 26:15-18) BECAUSE WE LOVE...because we love our fellow man. He that does not love his fellow man REMAINS IN DEATH. (He remains under the deception and under the power of Satan and darkness). 15) WHOSOEVER hateth his fellowman is a murderer; AND YOU KNOW THAT NO MURDERER HAS ETERNAL LIFE ALIVE IN HIM...(he has death and Satan still in him)

     The venom of the hate message that stirs up strife and division among men based on color or blood race is a demonic vice. Look what you did to me justifies my hate. Well though the wisdom of this world will not understand the love of Christ (It passes natural reasoning Ephesians 3:14-21), those that walk and live in the love of Christ overcome Satans multiple ploys and tricks....Those that live by the wisdom of justified hate they lose their soul to the fire.
       Paul preached in his spiritual wisdom given him from Jesus himself that strife and envy HINDERS PRAYERS and takes down to the pit souls. Satan knows this truth so he roams to preach the hate message  of hate justification in order to deceive and to spread massive hate, friction, and discord among men and among women and nations. Satan knows that the justified hate message  is hard to see thru. He knows hate justified SEEMS RIGHT and the acceptable thing. After all LOOK WHAT YOU DID TO ME.
      Well lets look at the truth of the wisdom of God which is in Christ and him crucified (1Corinthians 1:17-18, 1 Corinthians 1:23-24)...On the cross after being arrested unlawfully, after being beaten down and whipped to shreds from the lash of hate and envy, after being slammed on the cross and fastened to it with driven nails in his hands and feet. With all that going on to him, all that injustice, all that pain and suffering pouring into his body and into his soul, Jesus could have called fire down from heaven upon the head of his haters that arrested him and crucified him under false charges. HE WAS FULLY INNOCENT OF ALL CHARGES. HE WAS GUILTY OF NO SIN, OF NO WRONG....But Jesus the wisdom of God and the true power of God released the power of God praying and interceding for his enemies. This is the love of God that passes all human wisdom and understanding and natural reasoning.. To the natural thinking mind it makes no sense and seems of no value to love your enemies. To pray for those who do you wrong. But Jesus who is the true saving truth and who is the real love of God, HE KNEW THE POWER OF LOVE, GODS LOVE and how by love, the love of God in Christ revealed, men would overcome Satans vices and power over them. 
      On the cross and beaten down for our wrongs not for his, HE WAS INNOCENT. On that cross Jesus showed us all the love of God and the way that overcomes the devils vices and tricks that Satan uses to deceive us and  to bring down to hell the soul. On the Cross Jesus prayed for his enemies. He refused to walk in the worlds hate of Satans vice of nail for nail or bullet for bullet condenmning doctrine. On the Cross Jesus interceded for his accusers and abusers. On that cross Jesus prayed for those that hated him and despised him. On that Cross Jesus stood between us and Satan. On that Cross On the Cross Jesus prayed down the love and mercy of God upon his crucifiers. On the Cross in all that pain and suffering and injustice done unto him Jesus prayed the prayer of redemption and of salvation for those that crucified him  and for us praying, Father forgive them for they are blind and do not understand what they do. He could have prayed all vengeance and fire upon my enemies. BUT HE DID NOT DO THAT. Had he done that all would have perished. We will perish if we refuse to forgive our enemies and pray down hate upon them. Justified hate is one of Satans most powerful sermons that he and his deceived servants preach. 
       Jesus is our Savior, not our condemner. He said God sent me not to destroy mens lives but to save them. He is the light of the world and that light preaches love returned for all hate bestowed. It is the real overcoming Satan way. This is real strength.
      Overcoming evil with good, and overcoming hate with Christ love is the true Wisdom of God in Christ. Overcome evil with love is the redeeming, freeing, saving the soul message. If men follow this rule Satan loses over them. But if men follow Satans rules of justified  hate, friction, and discord doctrine of devils, then a mill stone Satan ties around their neck and their soul is marked for eternal destruction when the soul leaves the body. Jesus warned us saying, If you do not forgive neither will your Father in heaven forgive you. Satan knows this so he fills the world with offences for justified hate and justified unforgiveneness.The unforgiving soul pays the greatest price.
       Satan fills those he is feeding and preying upon with sermons and thoughts and wisdom of justified hate and discord messages and thoughts. Then once he has them in his vice, once he has sown that deception into the blind, into the unexpecting, and  unresisting soul, he turns those souls that  he is preying upon to destroy, he feeds them reasons to turn against one another and in the heat of that fire, and hate and friction  they attack one another and they shoot one another unto death. All the words and all the  bullets are flying back and forth with the souls of the trigger pullers thinking their words and their hate and their bullets are all justified. But the sad story of this revealed truth is that the blind leading the blind in the wisdom of the devil in justified hate, they both die and perish being deceived by the wisdom of the devil who preaches justified hate.
      What are you preaching HATE AND FIRE UPON YOUR ENEMIES or Father forgive them????? If you are thinking and preaching bullets and fire upon your enemies then you are in one of Satans most clever and deceiving vices. He has outsmarted you in your own hate wit that you say and reason is justified.
      The Justified hate thought and message is one of Satan most powerful persuasions, sermon, mind strongholds, and forces to deceive and to condemn the soul. He knows it is hard to overcome and to see thru it after all he says, LOOK WHAT THEY DID TO YOU. He takes your eyes off the Cross of Christ that God preaches and says, BUT LOOK AT WHAT JESUS MY SON DID FOR YOU. Jesus said if you do not forgive all, then neither will God pardon you. Unforgiving men and women are in danger of hell and of Satans on end and fire. This is Satans root reason for his bringing into the world his justified hate message that the blind and the deceive are preaching. The blind leading the blind Jesus said ends up causing both to fall into the pit. Are you justifying your envy and hate?.....deno.......share freely.