Tuesday, November 25, 2014

A Message Of Hope.....Gods Greatest Blessings Rise From Anti Jesus Persecutions.......deno.......share freely.

         A Message Of Hope........In the midst of the greatest persecution against God that the world has ever heard of or seen Christ was crucified. Seen by the world as a defeat, but seen by the Christians eyes thru the Spirit, it was Gods greatest blessing to the world. The blessing of everlasting life and of the resurrection followed.
         In the midst of some of the greatest Anti Jesus movements the world has ever launched against Christ and Christians, Paul was beaten many times and imprisoned. From those wounds and from that prison cell the Spirit of the Lord rose up in Paul and from that environment God poured out another one of His greatest blessings to the church and to the world. Those blessings are the letters of Paul to the churches. What a mighty blessing that was from God to His children given right in the midst of great persecution.
          When the barrel of persecution was aimed at the beloved St. John he was exiled to an isle called Patmos away from the civilized world. and on that isle, there came the great day wherein He writes, Here exiled on the isle of Patmos for the word of the Lord and His testimony I WAS PULLED DEEP INTO THE SPIRIT OF THE LORD ON THE LORDS DAY and in the Spirit I SAW and I Heard....Church on that great blessing the church day, John wrote what he saw and heard from the Lord and from that persecution situation came to us the great blessing of the BOOK OF REVELATIONS.
         In this present atmosphere in America where there is a rise of the enemies of the Cross of Christ to persecute Christ and the Church and the Word of the Lord as to silence Christ voice and influence in America past, present, and future, we can be assured God sees, God is Aware, and God has His blessing in store...Lets believe. Lets ask. Let us be in the anticipation of faith and of real hope for HIS BLESSING to our generation. As it is written, Hope Thou In God......deno.....share freely.

Repent & Believe The Message Of His Cross......deno.......share freely.

       He loved us to warn us. He preached to us judgement and the need for Christ for the forgiveness of sins. He preached that there was healing at the cross of Christ and free justification for everyone in Christ resurrection, received in all who believe. That men need to humble themselves and repent and to turn from their wicked ways. He told us, the world was evil but God still loves us and still wills us good if only the nations would all humble themselves in repentance and meet God at the Cross of His Son Jesus Christ.
       Evidently these below listened to a different sort of a preacher, a non peace maker. A wolf in sheeps clothing. Satan transformed as a messenger of light only to spread division and evil. Wonder what is the message of the words to the beat they listen to. Could it be Love one another? Evidently many still haven't heard the TRUE MESSAGE. Or maybe they heard but refused to heed or believe as to make a difference in their life and conduct. Maybe the message went cross grain with the lust they daily chased to gratify in all forms of sin and wrong.
       Those were violent times in the days of Noah. Sin and hardness of heart was every where to the four corners of the earth. Men were proud, arrogant, self serving, sinful, uncaring, and roamed as beast without restraint or shame. They had no honor of life. No decency of thought. They defied God, His message and authority. Their hearts looked for reasons and for open doors and for excuses to express the beast and the bad and the shallowness of thought that roamed within them. Their hearts, the bible says, was set to do evil continuously.
       God rose up in His disgust of their behavior and His wrath He poured out from heaven and rained out His judgments upon them in the great flood. Then afterwards using Moses, God gave the Law of Commandments contained in ordinances to restrain the evil beast in man. Then after the reign of the Law that showed us all how guilty we all are before God, God then sent His Son to the Cross to save us from our guilt and from our sins by repentance and by faith in Christ blood, death, and resurrection. After Jesus rose from the dead and went back up into heaven and sat back down in the Throne with His Father, He and the Father ceased from their redemption labors. No other message will come from heaven. No other Cross will Christ have to endure. All that is left now is the clock of His grace ticking down the finals seconds. Please, cries the Spirit. Repent and believe and turn from evil lest your pride drown you with eternal perdition. It is not to late. Repent and believe the Message of His Cross......deno......share freely.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Unstable Souls That Refuse To Cease From Sin. The Threat To Americas Society........share freely.....deno.

      People that have no real faith that can bring to the heart the Spirit of the Lord and His righteous convictions; Plus wicked people that love not God or America, who are not Patriotic, they have no inner heart tie God, to righteousness, or to the nation they live in, they are a serious threat to the health, peace, and welfare of our society. 
      The devil for a couple of decades now has been at work pounding in them his message and ways by song, by demonic lyrics of hate and distrust, and has been patiently forming his evil wicked spirits formations inside the heart of a generation in our nation effecting both male and female. 
      These are people whose morals are without restraint or sensory of convictions, and they have no time nor need in their eyes for repentance. Little true love was shown them, little love they have to give. Peter said, they are unstable souls, brute beast that have no fear of God in their eyes. They despise authority, and they cannot cease from sin. 
      Our streets today in America are full of these. They have drifted so far away in their hearts rebellion and sin that their constant way in the wrong they perceive is the right thing to do, and what is right and lawful they consider the wrong path of choice. They are and will be a thorn in our nations side unless the curse is broken off of those people in the spirit. Only giving their heart FOR REAL to Christ Jesus can break the snare that possesses their envious souls, their unstable souls. Like Paul said, in the latter times, a people will arise without normal healthy natural affections. (2 Timothy 3:1-7) (2 Peter 2:12-22) (Jude entire chapter).....deno......share freely.

Oh That Old Snake Skin Called The Sinful Flesh. Who Can Bear It?......deno......share freely.

       Our bodies called by Paul the sinful flesh do not want to do what the Holy Spirit says and leads to do. How could it? It is sinful flesh, not holy flesh as some creatures in heaven have. The Holy Spirit says pray today for an hour. The sinful flesh RISES UP IN RESISTANCE and wants to go to sleep, or run the roads, go to a movie, or maybe shopping, or facebook all day. Anything but pray for an hour.
        The Holy Spirit says, I want you to fast for 2 days. You flesh suspects the threat to one of it's favorite delights Pizza, and it is Pizza night at your house and home. Your flesh is used to eating all the Pizza Hut it wants on family Pizza night whenever it wants so it turns on the hunger pains for Pizza and not only do you end up eating a whole Pizza yourself but you also end up eating 1 whole bucket of KFC on top of that. The power of the sinful flesh and its cravings. How many of us has the sinful flesh kept from the further blessings God has in store for them if they would only control the sinful flesh instead of the sinful flesh directing our path.
       The Holy Spirit says be still and be quiet today, and your flesh rebels and wants to thunder a lightning loud conversation out its mouth. The Holy Spirit says, don't look, don't watch, and your flesh can't get enough of the sight. The Holy Spirit says don't listen to that kind of music and the sinful flesh says GET THEE BEHIND ME SATAN I'm not under Law but under grace. I can listen to, look at, and touch all I want. Sound familiar to anyone? Can any of you relate? I can. Paul the great apostle himself could. Read Romans 7:7-25. Galations  5:13-26. 1 Corinthians 9:24-27.
        Paul said, But as many as are lead by the Spirit of God (That means also as many as obey the Holy Spirit of God) they are the children of God..Lets repent and keep pressing ONWARD....Father in Jesus Name I ask that we your children in Christ will BY GRACE overcome the control the sinful flesh has had on our lives and over our walk and relationship with You and begin to please you by the Holy Spirit, in the Spirit, and thru the Spirit more abundantly..Amen......deno......share freely.

More Of The Spirit Of The Lord......deno......share feely.

      If you will stop wrestling for peoples attention and wrestle only for Gods attention, you will find yourself in the path of the blessings of the Lord and in the path of the life lived where you continuously are experiencing God honoring you. 
        Jesus said in the book of John that those that God exalts, and those that God draws near and gets involved and promotes are the ones that seek the honor and attention and praise not from people, but from God only. Jesus lived exactly this way. He lived each day to please God his Father only to receive Gods attention and praise and honor ONLY and God the Father honored Jesus for that devotion to Him, giving Jesus His Presence and Spirit without measure performing his every prayer for the people. 
      Do you remember what Gods Spirit did and His Spirit accomplished in the Beginning when He moved over the face of the deep? The whole creation came forth. Just think what could happen in your life with more of the grace and Spirit of the Lord working for you, in you, with you, thru you, and not against you every day. Imagine the life where God is HONORING YOU every day, every where you go. Well lets do as Jesus did. Learn to live for Gods attention and praise and honor only. It is so worth the life of living sacrifices.....
      The More of the Lord Spirit and the less of us equals blessings abundant and joy and happiness truly made full. A truly fulfilled life in Christ.....deno.....share freely.

The Deceivers Clever Hiss.......share freely......deno

       None of us can look at all the sin, the darkness, the worlds curse, the hate, the crimes, the frictions between the nations and the races, the murders, the divorces, the rapes, the abortions, the stealing and the thieving, the drug abuse, the fighting's, the word breaking, the wars, the friend betrayals, the filthy talking, the poverty or the hunger, and by the sight of all those things know or understand that God is Love, nor can those things tell is how great God loves us. Those evil things are Satan laid to hurt, divide and to deceive. All of those things are of evil and not of God, nor of Jesus, but are all done by evil people and their union with Satan.  Jesus said to them, You are of your father the devil, and his evil desires you do. He was a murderer from the beginning and the father of all lies and deceptions that destroy.
       We are to look only to the Cross of Christ for the truth of the love God has for us answers and reality. Looking elsewhere is straying from the light and from the truth to other deceiving voices, and like a sheep that strays away from the fold, you could get devoured by the lions and the wolves out there who hang out in this world arrayed with all it's hate and sin and bitterness who use it to stir up trouble and preach deceiving words about God.  Listen the present condition of this world with all its troubles, problems, with all its hate and evils, it can tell you all about the devil, but very little about God, about how He Is Love, and His great Love for us. 
        Watch out for those evil people that with lies and with real world looking delusions hiss at you trying to remove your eyes from the exceeding great love that the Cross of Christ preaches. For God so loved the world that He gave his only begotten Son so that whosoever believed in Jesus and the blood of His Cross and Resurrection would not perish but would have everlasting life. Keep That Your Hearts Faith and constant Focus and it will go well with you....share freely......deno.

Please Join In Prayer For Oprah Winfrey.....We all love her....Lets lift her up in prayer that her eyes will be re-opened and she returns to the Lord......deno......share freely.

        The Word of truth, the scriptures foretold us that in the latter times these words would be fulfilled.."And some will depart from the truth giving heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of misleading demonic spirits"....Satan smiles and Lucifer always looks like he is having a great time as he preaches his lies pulling people off and away from the Cross of our redemption....This is very sad what has happened to our beautiful and precious Oprah. But that is why it is so dangerous to go to church not having the true connecting Holy Spirit that causes the heart and its faith to cleave to Christ and Him crucified and risen from dead. My sheep hear MY VOICE and they do follow Me and another's Voice they will not follow.
     When one tries to say God is everything to all people depending on their own individual path, so all paths lead to God, that is MODERN IDOLATRY....It is a new cover for idols and false paths everywhere. Follow yourself and yourself shall be your guiding light to God after all life teaches us that self is always right and self is never wrong. Right? No. SO WRONG. How many times in life in different matters or equations have ourselves thought we were Oh SO RIGHT even as to swear by it, only to find out later on HOW WRONG WE REALLY WERE? How can lies be right? They can't. This to you is your god and way. That other thing to him is his path and god. All paths lead to the same ONE AND THE SAME END....SO WRONG. 
       Even Jesus and the Word of God says so. One scripture, There are many ways that seems right to a man but the end thereof is destruction... Jesus said, I am the way, the truth, and the life. NO ONE comes unto the Father but thru Me. Jesus knew that his Cross would be the saving launching platform for all thereby by faith, could ASCEND UNTO GOD. He said, Narrow is the way that leads to life but few find it and few enter in. Broad and wide is the way that leads to destruction and the many go down that path. It is also written, Be not wise in you own thinking. Fear the Lord, repent and depart from evil and run from the things of darkness that deceive and blind men unto eternal ruin.
......New Age Idolatry says there are many paths to God, many ways to God. No specific way. That is unanchored souls making up THEIR OWN RULES by what they think and by what they see and perceive of people all around the world are doing, instead of getting their information from the Spirit of the Lord. Jesus told the disciples and he told us to go into ALL THE WORLD in the midst of all those beliefs and PREACH THE GOSPEL TO THEM, the Word of THE TRUTH..

      But if you do not have the Spirit of the Lord, you can more easily believe lies and deceptions and be led astray (2 Thessalonians 2:1-13) and fall right into the devils ear tickling snare.....
Folks, even to preach for one to forget the Cross and go back to the law of commandments given to Moses and do them for that is your salvation, EVEN THAT TO CHRIST IS NOW IDOLATRY. It is false and not right and it was God who gave the tablets but for to lead us to the need for Jesus Christ  and Him Crucified. How much more Oprahs' New Age Anything Goes Doctrines God will not accept........deno.......CLICK BELOW TO WATCH VIDEO.

Oprah Winfrey openly denied Jesus Christ the Only Savior.
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A Needful Word To All Spiritual Warriors In Christ & To All Believing American Patriots......deno......share freely.

       To all my fellow Spiritual Warriors in Christ and to all believing American Patriots, remember this. Satan was found deeply rooted in the heart and thinking of many in Israel when Jesus visited them, and he was found every where in the land of Israel where the Lord went, and even when Jesus faced the enemy face to face in confrontations, Satan did not go or leave easily nor willingly nor did any of his deeply embedded evil spirits leave without a fussing fight back. He  and his evil spirits fussed back and fought back each and every time. So knowing this truth from the scriptures, we can see that we are in for a serious resisting fight in the church and in our nation. But let us remember this. We are empowered and called to win and to walk in victory over Satan and over all the power of the enemy in a treading over fashion. Jesus called us to do this in the spirit first and then in the natural it will be realized to the celebration of the people of righteousness.
      Satan and his crowd will fuss and fight back like unto the strain of the foaming out of the mouth in their stubborn resisting of Christ and His Powers and Authority working in us to retake America, first in the spiritual in intercessions and then from there it will rise up and over flow into the natural of our nation. Only thru prayers and intercessions mixed with FASTINGS can stronger demonic rooted powers be by force taken and uprooted and cast out as Jesus said in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. And only by the same prayers and fasitngs can our cups fill up with Gods graces and spiritual power and then from there overflow into the natural becoming flesh, becoming physical, becoming real in our naturals worlds arena in the land of the living on earth.  Scroll Down.
      So lets be sure to win the victory on the spiritual battle fields in the good fight of faith in prayers and intercessions all wrought in the Name of Jesus Christ, as we march on in the natural exercising our authority and political convictions in our stand for God and for righteousness and for our freedoms in America.....Have Faith In God......deno......share freely.
Deno Smith's photo.
Deno Smith's photo.

The Scroll of Gods Promises......deno......share freely.

      The truth of the matter is the situation was every bit dead, and completely in the natural IMPOSSIBLE TO CHANGE. Lazarus Was Dead and now his body was stinking. So the situation was dead, and the situation stunk. Have you ever been in a situation much like that? The situation looks impossible to fix and YOU SAY, this sure does stink?
       Jesus, Lazarus is dead, said the people. Jesus he stinks, said the woman. So many times WE SAY the problems. So many times WE SAY how the situation stinks that we are in or how dead it all looks or seems to be.
       Complaining is not praying, AT ALL. There is NO FAITH or HOPE in the spirit of griping, murmurings, or in complaining. We need to quit scrolling down the list of the problems and of the reasons to gripe and complain, and switch that list out with a SCROLL OF THE PROMISES OF GOD concerning our situations and pray and confess them before God in the spirit of faith and of hope, believing in the love God had for us and face those challenges and those mountains in the Name and Word of the Lord. 
      As the children of God in Christ, there is no victory, nor a triumph without a Word or Promise of God prayed, called upon, hoped in, and believed.......deno.......share freely.

The Saying GLory of God. And God Said and It Was So.......deno......share freely.

     And God Said, And it was So....And God Said, And it was So.....And God said, And it was So.

   And God created Man in His own Image. In the Image of God created He him, male and female create He them.

   And Mary said of Jesus, "Whatever He SAYS to you, Do it. For Mary learned and knew that what Jesus would SAY, It Was So.

   The People said of Jesus, His Word was with power. They saw and learned that What Jesus said, It Was So.

   The disciples said of Jesus after he said to the storm, Peace Be Still and after that SAYING the storm immediately ceased, they said. What kind of man is this that even the winds and the seas obey what HE SAYS. What Jesus said, It Was So.

    Cast your NET on the other side, Jesus said to the disciples and they did as HE SAID, and they caught the biggest catch of fish because what Jesus Says, Is Was So.

    Go fishing, Jesus said to Peter, And the first fish you catch look into it's mouth and there in that fishes mouth will be a coin. Take that coin and go pay our taxes. Peter did what Jesus SAID to him. He caught his first fish and SURE ENOUGH what Jesus Said, It Was SO.....there was that coin in that fishes mouth.

    Speak the Word only said the Centurion to Jesus and my servant shall be healed. Jesus SPOKE and What Jesus Said, Is what was So. The Centurions servant was healed.

    Jesus SAID to the dead little girl. Daughter, I SAY UNTO YOU ARISE, and her spirit returned to her AND IT WAS SO. She was raised from the dead.

    Master the fig tree that you SPOKE that curse to, it has withered  up from the root. For what Jesus SAID, It Was So.

    And Jesus commanded of the demons to shut up and be silent and He SAID come out of him AND WHAT JESUS SAID, Again IT WAS SO.

     The blind man said, Lord that I might receive my sight. And JESUS SAID, Go your way in peace, Your faith has made you whole. And the bible says IMMEDIATELY the blind man received his sight for what JESUS SAYS, IT IS SO.

     And the man with leprosy came to Jesus and said, Lord, if you will You can make me clean. And Jesus SAID back to him, I Am willing, Be Clean, and the man was cured of that awful disease, for what JESUS SAID, IT WAS SO.

     Then Jesus arrived to the tomb of Lazarus who had been dead for four days. The peoples eyes were fastened on the Lord and  wondered would He use HIS SAYING GLORY in this situation? They had seen Jesus' SAYING GLORY many times before. Could it now work in this dead situation also even after a man had been dead for four days? 
    Well visiting that village was the I AM THAT I AM. I Am the resurrection and the life. He that believes in Me though he were dead yet shall he live. Jesus pointed HIS TONGUE, HIS SAYING GLORY that he has had with the Father from the beginning of the creation by which SAYING GLORY He made the worlds, and He directed HIS SAYING GLORY to the situation that Lazarus was in. 
     The truth of the matter is the situation was every bit dead, and completely in the natural IMPOSSIBLE TO CHANGE. Lazarus Was Dead and now his body was stinking. So the situation was dead, and the situation stunk. Have you ever been in a situation much like that? The situation looks impossible to fix and YOU SAY, this sure does stink? 
       Jesus, Lazarus is dead, said the people. Jesus he stinks, said the woman. So many times WE SAY the problems. So many times WE SAY how the situation stinks that we are in or how dead it all looks or seems to be. Complaining is not praying, AT ALL. There is NO FAITH or HOPE in the spirit of griping, murmurings, or in complaining. We need to quit scrolling down the list of the problems and of the reasons to gripe and complain, and switch that list out with a SCROLL OF THE PROMISES OF GOD concerning our situations and pray and confess them before God in the spirit of faith and of hope,  believing in the love God had for us and face those challenge and those mountains with the Name and Word of the Lord. It  is not complaining about your sin that will set you free from it. Complaining about our sins profits us nothing. It is when we CONFESS our sins unto the Lord that we receive the Words faithfulness and forgiveness and are set free from them. Jesus who is Lord is also the Word of God. The Word is Faithful to all them that confess and believe.
        Jesus knew the situation of Lazarus to the natural power and means was dead. But Jesus came down from heaven. Jesus came down from the throne he shared with the Father. Jesus was anointed with the Holy Ghost and with Power. Jesus served us and ministered to the people in the POWER OF THE SPIRIT. In The Beginning THE POWER OF His Eternal Spirit had moved upon the face of the deep in a face off with the darkness and God Said Let There Be Light And It Was So, And God Said And It Was SO, And God Said And It Was SO and BY HIS  SAYING GLORY WHERE "THE SECRET OF HIS SPIRITS POWER IS RELEASED" ALL THINGS WERE CREATED AND WITHOUT HIM (The Words and the Sayings of God)WAS NOTHING BROUGHT FORTH THAT WAS MADE.
        And Jesus, turned HIS SAYING GLORY towards the tomb of Lazarus where Lazarus laid dead for four days AND HE SAID, "Lazarus, Come Forth," and Lazarus Came Forth raised from the dead and every cell (The trillions and trillions of them) of his body were all perfectly restored and healed and set back into perfect complexity of function. Jesus took the Power of the Spirit with His Eternal Incredible Knowing and Understanding and Intelligence Glory in the Mix and with His  Power and  Great Knowledge Understanding Mix poured together into Lazarus situation and body and WHAT JESUS SAID, IT WAS SO. Lazarus situation was changed and Lazarus was raised from the dead by THE SAYING GLORY OF CHRIST the Lord wherein the secret of Gods Powers are released.

Now what can we learn from this SAYING GLORY of the Lord and our SAYING GLORY.....Let's read.

       Mark 11:23-24) And Jesus who the disciples were astonished of how ALL THINGS HE SAID ALL HAPPENED EVERY SINGLE TIME, Jesus said to them, Truly Truly I say unto you, If you WILL SAY unto this mountain (Your problems, Your opposers, Your Situations, Your giants that you face ) Face them off with your prayers of faith and with your words in the spirit of faith. For truly I tell you that when you pray and believe what you ask of God shall come to pass, you shall have those things; And also if you WILL SAY unto this mountain be now removed and be cast into the sea, and SHALL (as I do) believe that those things YOU SAY shall come to pass, you SHALL HAVE whatsoever YOU SAY.
       Than You Jesus for this truth, for this bread that can give us the victory in all circumstances and situations. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the WORD OF GOD. I love inclining my ears unto YOUR SAYINGS MY LORD AND MY GOD.....Lord, Blessings Abundant to all those that reads these words in Jesus Name.....deno.......share freely.


Sunday, November 23, 2014

Gods Spirit Is On to This......deno.......share freely.

     The wise know what his majesty is doing...But to use the compassion card to hide the politics is evil...But then again, it goes right along with all the rest of the dishonesty mess. 
      If this present move of the president came from a heart of real love & compassion and not from politics, he would have given this illegal aliens compassion speech, and done and said all this months and months, and years ago when he had the house and the senate and congress made up of HIS DEMOCRATIC PARTIES MEMBERS. He would have said and done all this BEFORE THE ELECTION and not just a couple of days after the BIG DEFEAT of his ideas, policies, and party. 
       The damnable truth is, How wicked can mens hearts be and how many false fronts and lies can the heart conceive and speak for gain of power sake. He is mounting up votes on the SUBLIMINAL TRAIN in hope to, in the future, make up for the difference of the distance that defeated him and them in this last most important nation saving election. The fake tears that he and his party fraudulently shed in the name of compassion on the illegal immigrants speech of his was not for love and compassion on them but for themselves and for their loss of power. The glaring truth of this matter is that all of it was slyly formed for the gain of democratic votes they are now in desperate need of now that the voter photo ID will probably be in acted as a must which will eliminate a whole lot of numbers and  voter fraud corruption that has been going on in America for the turn over of power to the left and their most unholy, anti God, non constitutional agenda to fundamentally change America.
        What he has done at this time is satanically super subtle. I mean it is as clever as the serpents on hiss and craftiness was in the first garden. The president, with his recent beneathing compassion speech to justify to the American people more of the tearing up and the breaking of the law of the Constitution concerning the illegal aliens, is to try to make all moves that come against this mood swaying compassion card speech, to be seen by the American people as a work of evil of the newly, so called by the democrats, unloving, uncaring elected Republican candidates that "We The People" seeing now thru all the democratic parties crafty schemes and scams which are many, voted to take the president and his unholy, lying, constantly deceiving alliance out of power over the nation. 
      This immigration speech of his was a lying wonder of a believable  kind of the serpents forked tongue in man. I don't know if the anti Christ himself could have said and done this any better. I will pray for our president, but I sure will not agree with what he ON PURPOSE KNOWS THAT HE IS DOING to America. Gods Spirit is on this with His exposing light and grace.....deno.

The America of Faith that I grew up in......deno......share freely.

      This is the America that I grew up in. An America where even the worlds most educated and the intellectuals were not ashamed to profess the name of the Lord publicly and they were not ashamed of the Word of God. They were the worlds finest and yet they still humbled themselves before the Mightiness of God in faith, fear, respect, and awe. 
      Back to hell with all this modern day Political Correctness. All that is in the spirit realm, is Satanic Configurations in our present society be formed by the use of a weapon called ENFORCED TOLERANCE so that evil can march on in and become planted as a norm amongst us in hope to be set firm without resistance or complaint. It is an evil agenda. 
       Heavenly Father we pray, Deliver us from wicked and evil men who wish moral harm and other evils upon the American heart, soul, and society. Deliver us from their power, their grip, and from their influence in our nation. Expose them all and take from them their power. Bind their works and destroy all their schemes that they have set in motion to hurt and to bring down our nation. Restore and recover our nation to faith, hope, and love of God, of one another, and of country in Jesus Name. Amen.....Jesus Is Lord.......deno.

There Exist Only 2 Points for THE BEGINNING of all that is.......deno......share freely.

     There exist but two points for THE BEGINNING. In the beginning God thru His Eternal Power created....or......In the beginning Nothing from it's lifeless non existence, not ever being or never having itself existed made all this something out of it's NONE EXISTING NON SELF OR NOTHINGNESS.....deno....It's a no brainer to some of us......deno.......share freely......
       But note this. We know from life and existence itself that Some One or some energy or power or thing has always existed. Eternal is it's energies. Always has been and forever is and forever shall be. That is Eternals meaning and power. 
       Nothing from nothing can never lead to something. Such is un scientific and beyond logic and proper intellectual reasonings. To say that nothing just some how (though having never existed) leaped into something, especially into something of the scale of this incredible Universe is illogical. Something had to be before the next something is. It is a fathering or parenting force, energy, or power. 
       Knowing this we now know something has HAD TO HAVE ALWAYS BEEN. It is the only logical power that could have struck the match that led to the fire of a well designed and formed  Universe or the Creation.
       It is written...Christ thru His Eternal Spirit offered up the blood of His body that He took upon His Eternal Spirit, for the atoning of the sins of the world. Meaning He is Eternal in Spirit and Power, living in Oneness with His Father, having no beginning nor ending. Always has been and ever shall be. Scroll Down.
     The apostle Paul and the other disciples wrote, all this was made sure to us of all that we preach of Jesus Christ, for we are his witnesses of his resurrection  from the dead, which we both saw and handled with our own eyes and hands as we also saw the Lord in His glory in light. Jesus they said WE PREACH, warning every man of things to come and of things hereafter and of judgements to come for the evil men do against God and against His Sons Love.....deno......share freely.

Billy Graham above preaching TWO sermons.
1) Who is this Jesus.
2) The offense of the Cross.

Genesis....In The Beginning Inspirations of Hope......deno.......share freely.

      In the book of beginnings (Genesis) we see in the very first 3 verses that the Spirit of the Lord MOVED FIRST and then afterwards came the results. The Spirit moved, then the Spirit said (Preached), and then results beyond measure that are still being calculated by men today took place (New Creations).....Prayer. God cause the Spirit of the Lord to move upon America and the nations afresh.. God make us your people in Christ Jesus fountains of the Holy Spirit. Rivers of the Living water. Springs of the Holy Ghost and pour Your Spirit afresh on this generation. Preach & write the gospel thru us beyond even all yesterdays and save and heal and mend and unite this generation as One heart and one mind in Christ Jesus rich in love and the affections of the Spirit of the Lord. Amen..And all things are possible with God and to them that believe.....deno.

     More on the subject.....In the first 3 verses of the bible we see that things were in disarray, things were without form and purpose was in waiting. Then God poured out His Spirit upon the face of it all and then He began to TAKE HIS WORD and organized and made order out of chaos, formlessness, and emptiness. Do you feel like your life is in chaos?. Like your empty within and without purpose. God can change, rearrange, and make order out of all of us who are in disarray and fill our hearts with His Spirit and give us GREAT PURPOSE to the glory of His Name and to our Joy being made full in Jesus Christ.....deno.

     Did you notice also that when the Spirit of the Lord moved upon the chaos, upon the disarray, upon the formlessness, and the without purpose situation in the beginning of Genesis 1:1-3), He FACING OFF with the situation poured out HIS WORDS on the situation, upon the challenge, upon the circumstance and HIS WORDS changed everything for THE BETTER..In our situations let us be filled with the Spirit of the Lord and the spirit of faith, and face off our problems & challenges, face off our situations and face off our circumstances with the WORD & PROMISES of God. Lets SPEAK & PRAY THE WORD OF GOD on and into them all in Jesus Christ Name. Gods Spirit and Words are the most powerful forces in all creation....Thru faith in them we can CHANGE OUR WORLD.....deno......share freely.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

We Must Ask To Receive. It's The Law.....deno.....share freely.

      I often thought it strange why the Lord asked that blind man, What would you have me do for you?  I mean it was obvious to all including Jesus that the man was blind and needed sight. So why didn't Jesus just simply go over to the blind man and heal him? Well in that light, why doesn't he automatically just save every soul on earth automatically? We know from the love HIS CROSS preaches to us all that he wants to. Here is some of that which I learned from the Lord. I have learned to try to quickly share what I learn from the Lord. For to those who give, more shall be given them. I want to learn more things to share.
      Well I have learned this from the Lord. Ask to receive. Do not expect automatic transaction from heaven to earth or from God to man. Salvation which is the most important need of all people is not an AUTOMATIC TRANSACTION though it is Gods highest desire and goodwill for all and every ones greatest need. If you do not call upon the Lord and ASK HIM to forgive you and to save you it will not automatically happen. You HAVE TO ASK.
        Jesus preached that, "You have to ask in order receive. You have to seek in order to find. You have to knock in order for the doors to be opened." That is the true way that God himself set up.
      We need to become the most believing, the most asking, the most seeking, the most knocking on the doors Christians ever.  By doing this we in faith, in hope, and in love more abundantly, we then prepare ourselves for the biggest outpouring of receivings and findings and opened doors ever before us.....Jesus Is Lord......deno.....share freely.

Love & Lawlessness Simply Said.......deno......share freely.

     Love and Lawlessness combined is Evils way of life, not Gods way of life. Love and Lawlessness oppose one another. Love and Lawlessness is National Instability. Love and Lawlessness is a Monster of a being. Love and Lawlessness is chaos. 
     Supposedly Love for Allah and Lawlessness combined into One crashed together into the world trade centers and crushed and burned and murdered thousands and turned them into powder. Compassion which is of love, and Lawbreaking, which is disregard for Laws is one turning the cheek while the other beats the hell out of you for your lack of insight to how evil lawless people really are......deno....share freely.

Love & Lawlessness Cannot Mix.......deno......share freely.

      Love and Lawlessness combined is Evils way of life, not Gods way of life. Love and Lawlessness oppose one another. Love and Lawlessness is National Instability. Love and Lawlessness is a Monster of a being. Love and Lawlessness leads to Adulteries and Betrayals. Love and Lawlessness leads to lies and cover ups and covenant breaking. Love and Lawlessness is chaos. Love and Lawlessness is the spirit of anti Christ. He claims He loves you and at the same time he makes you believe CHARMING  LIES that will end up destroying you. He is wise and witty at this. In the name of love and of compassion and preaching that the world is one great big happy family that all need to come together under his umbrella as family. Using the power of deceit by a smile with flatteries, he ends up destroying them in their delusions of his false hope speeches that has mesmerized them all thru AntiChrist.
      Supposed Love for Allah and Lawlessness combined into One, crashed together into the world trade centers and crushed and burned and murdered several thousands and turned them into pieces and powder. 
       Compassion which is of love, and Lawbreaking, which is disregard for Laws, is one turning the cheek while the other beats the hell out of you for your lack of insight to how evil lawless people really are. One of the lawless ones favorite words is the word TOLERANCE. It is used to push and promote their lawless unholy agendas.......deno.....share freely.

A Must Watch. Upholding & Defending The Constitution .....Trey Gowdy and the Law.....deno.....share freely.

    Scroll Down To This Power House Video.... 
     America was founded and built by the blessing and mercies of the Lord in and upon courages, imperfect, faith filled people that He graced. They were not political wimps. Nor did they duck tail, run away and hide under pressure from opposing forces and powers that opposed liberty. They were modern day Abrahams and Sarahs who left home and country to go to another land flowing with milk and honey that contained opposition that they would have to conquer with faith in God, trust and courage, to establish a christian nation based on biblical faith and biblical based laws.
     They were men and women of faith and of courage like David who called upon the Name of the Lord in troubles and when attacked by enemies, and they were strong in the political fighting arenas always standing up for God and promoting Gods agenda every where. They never allowed anyone subtle or not so subtle to ever deceive them to lay down the power for others to change the nation, it's freedoms course, or it's Constitution. Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death was the spirit of their generation for years. America, What Happened?

Had Jesus Sinned What Would Have Happened, Insights.......deno.......share freely....

     IN the beginning, God gave Adam & Eve ONE LAW with the highest consequences attached to that ONE LAW if transgressed. Just One. To keep that Law was holy. Well they were holy, designed and created in the exact perfect holy image of Jesus Christ and his righteousness. Their entire spirit, soul, and body was sinless, holy, perfect. To live holy and be righteous was completely all natural for them. That's the image they were formed and created in, in righteousness and true holiness.
      One of the more severe things in their transgression, in that temptation, was that that which was HOLY sinned. Could you imagine what would have happened had the holy perfect Jesus sinned under his temptation. The consequences had Christ sinned would have been catastrophic beyond anything we could fathom in the fullest reach of that transgressions consequences. I mean Adams sin in it's reach and in it's effects hit the throne of God and brought Jesus down from heaven to earth as a man to the blood and agonies of His Cross unto the full taste of death. ........Had Jesus sinned, something more horrific in sight than the Cross of Christ would have taken place. That sin, JESUS SINNING, would be God sinning and it's effects and reach would extend all the way to the Father thru out the full of all of heaven and earth, for the Father sent the Son and the Father HAD SWORN Christ victory in perfect righteousness WITHOUT SIN. Had Jesus sinned God would have sinned and had God sinned the Throne of God and the creation could very much have even imploded, collapsed and come crashing down.
       You see the bible says God uphold all things (Together and running in tune) by the word of His Power (Included also in that is the strength of His Integrity). Gods Word has never failed. Jesus is that Word. All things were created by Jesus and without Him was nothing created that was made. Had Jesus the Word sinned, the Word would HAVE FAILED and He was and is the strength of all things upheld EVEN all of heaven and earth and all the creation. Had He that upholds all things by His Power and Unfailing Integrity sinned, THE WORD HIMSELF WOULD DIE....Note this, incline your spiritual perception right here. For no matter who you are there is an inter woven Law and mystery in the creation and it is consequently this, THE WAGES, THE COST FOR SINNING IS DEATH.
       This law SATAN KNEW himself. In Satans fear filled desperation due to the horrific eternal judgement that God pronounced upon Lucifer for his hideous sin and attack upon God, he KNOWING THAT THE WAGES OF SIN IS DEATH, he tempted the Lord our God in hope that the Lord our God would have sinned himself so that the whole of all things including God would have come crashing down. Had God in Christ sinned, as Adams sinned caused the breaking forth of curses everywhere in all the reach of his authority and dominion, SO also CURSES ON LEVELS that we cannot fathom would have broken out into all the creation of God both in glory in paradise and in all the Universe for GODS authority and dominion extended into ALL THINGS CREATED BY JESUS CHRIST both visible things and the invisible worlds and kingdoms of the creation of God.
        Armageddon suicidal earth destroying war against God and Jesus by Satan and evil men, is a short and small version of the bigger picture of the hope Satan was hoping to happen if he could have caused God to have sinned in Christ.....There was MUCH MORE behind and involved in the temptation of Christ the Lord our God that surface knowledge sees or recognizes. Satan was trying to bring God and the whole creation down or into a heavy curse load that we have now way to rightly measure...Thank God Jesus did not sin......deno........share freely....

The Major Impact of Davids' Faith......deno........share freely.

      The courage and the faith act of one boy in the name of the Lord changed the fate and the course of a war, of an entire nation, and to this day still has major impact in peoples lives of faith and hope in God. One faith filled heart. Just One. 
      What impact could millions and billions of people have on their nations and in this world if they would really activate their faith and  believe as One United Voice in Christ Jesus?.....deno.

P.S....Ephesians 4:13) Till all the believers in Christ come into the UNITY OF THE FAITH and of the knowledge of the Son of God.....

Friday, November 21, 2014

GOOD NEWS CORNER....Forgiven.......deno......share freely.

      GOOD NEWS CORNER.......We can let our past whip us, or we can let Gods love grip us...Paul said of his own dark past where he had Christians murdered and of our own sin filled past, he said, let us forget those things of our past and press now onward to gain more of Jesus Christ. 
       To enjoy Gods forgiveness we all must and we all have to believe in His great love for us as to do as He Swore to do. He swore in His Love saying, "I will be merciful to their unrighteousness and their sins and iniquities will I remember NO MORE." Then after we believe those love filled words, WE MUST ALSO FORGIVE OURSELVES...That forgiving of ones own self is mostly where the torments come from. Ones lack of forgiving of ones self is a major part of ones own personal peace problem. 
       But let us all listen carefully. If the perfect sinless God forgave us and has washed us clean, and He always does His love part, who are we to not forgive ourselves. Are we above God? So forgive yourself and be at peace with the love God has for you. And Jesus said to that man with the palsy, YOUR SINS ARE FORGIVEN, rise up and walk AS THE FORGIVEN...Forgiveness Healed He And His Life...It has the same power to do the same for you......Jesus Is Lord......deno.....share freely.