Sunday, July 31, 2016

Satan's Way Of Attacking A Society That He Has Targeted......deno...share freely.

.......Create a generation of unusually vain and proud people both male and female who crave to be admired. Conform their minds thinking to think that studly IMAGE is everything. Chisel at and form their society to crave massive attention and self idolizing. Create stages that these vanity possessed people can takeover and inhabit to feed their ego and vanity. Those stages are movies, television, and music in concert and others.You will find that these people who have that extra vanity to be admired and that craving for fame will do anything to make the stand out, the stage, and the screen.
.......This mentioned above is the same spirit, the same type of craving and vanity that was in Lucifer that cost him his fall from heaven to hell for eternity. These possessed by that heart and spirit of pride and of vanity that have an abnormal craving for fame and attention and for stand out, they want fame so much they are willing to betray all salt and light and all modesty and decency and Jesus Christ himself. This is what the movie footloose was all about. HELLO.
........ Unfortunately many if not most of these who crave to be idols of peoples worship are so vain that they are willing to go forth in their vanity strut to show friends, family and the whole world the heart and way of a non God fearing, non God minded person in society TO ASSIST EVIL IN CHANGING SOCIETY... The people that finance these vain peoples ungodly shows and anti God fearing life expressions use them to UNSALT SOCIETY....If not stopped, eventually Satan the murderer and the destroyer will invade heavily those societies and the last state of those people is worse than the former.
.......You cannot give place to the devil and things turn out for the better. Oh for awhile at the beginning things may seem gleamy and tantalizing like your first hit on a joint or some other amusing deceiving drug or sinful pleasure. But eventually the sweet of the beginning will be turned in time into the most unpleasant bitter, a thing the devil always hides from those he preys upon.
.......The apostle James wisely wrote....Resist the devil and he will flee from you..Let him in and he is not leaving without a vicious fight. Unfortunately today people are so unwise to not resist the devil, they let he and his wolves more and more into their lives and societies and countries and they are starting to reap more and more the dangers of doing so....God resisteth the vain and the proud. He gives His Grace to the humble.......deno....share freely.
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Monday, July 11, 2016

Give Them The Light That Heals.....deno.....share freely.

Give Them Words of Truth. Words that Correct and That Heals.
......Well though God is not prejudice and though the love in my heart is not prejudice, some hearts are.
.......Truth is, Black is beautiful. White is beautiful....God created both as an expression of love and of HIS BEAUTIFUL MINDS DIVINE CREATIVE IMAGINATION...And And And. God gave them both His Son...John 17:23.
......The real difference, the real truth is, all this evil and wrong going on in our nation is a heart issue not a skin color issue. Skin is mindless. No skin chooses what color it will be. The heart has to be taught to either love or hate its own skin color or others skin color. It is a taught behavior. Its what people are being taught that is the problem. These dividing teachings are from hell, NOT FROM HEAVEN.
.......If a white man is doing bad, it is not his skin color that is out there making the bad decisions. If a black man is doing bad, it is not his skin tone that is making the wrong choices. Its the evil in their hearts that is the cause. The color of their skin makes no choice ever. IT CAN'T....IT IS ALWAYS A HEART ISSUE.
.......Those who magnify our skin color differences to divide us, to cause friction or civil unrest and discord by hate, should be held accountable by THE PEOPLE. We Are All Americans.
......Black is beautiful and White is beautiful...That is what we should forever teach....I really thought we were so far beyond all this.....deno.....share freely.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

There Is Hope..God Is Always One Step Ahead of Satan.....share.....deno.

THERE IS HOPE......deno.
.......Our nation and others have been praying and groaning for so long in the spirit for America, for our nations condition, and for the lost. Like a raging soulish stir and storm, our guts have been feeling the grind of spiritual warfare and confrontation for years. We have been wrestling with opposing spiritual powers and we have been wrestling with a spirit in a kings heart whose agenda wars against the saints and the Christians faith and influence and against the Christian heritage of America.
........But though the enemy of all light has tried to even thru kings like as he did in Herod's time, trying to keep Gods peace and goodwill plan of grace and light from being born into the world or dawning in a nation, God the greater One has always kept HIS SPECIAL WORKS of grace a step or more ahead of the hinderer.
........From the first day our hearts were set on hope in God to save America from this route to a great fall, our prayers were heard and being heard by God, God (THE FAITHFUL TO HIS WORD GOD) began His Answer and Response. Even as James says of the Lord, The Lord exercises in himself patience and longsufferring until he receives the early and the latter rain which brings forth the precious fruit of Gods purpose that He has planned. When it finally appears, THE PEOPLE REJOICE..
........When Herod who was moved by Satan in his heart, rose up against the plan of God and against the Christ child, the bloodshed and slaughter was great and there WAS GREAT scroll down
VIOLENCE IN THE STREETS BY THE SOLDIERS as the sword was raised against every male child 2 years old and younger. The bible said, Rachel Weeped IN THAT HOUR OF SLAUGHTER, but could not be comforted for her children were slaughtered and were no more. But still yet, despite that horrible uprising of Satan in those people against the peace and goodwill plan of God, God as always was a step or more ahead of Satans attemps to stop the peace and the goodwill that God sent to the earth in Christ. Jesus became flesh anyway and dwelt amongst us in the glory and power of God and they that sat in great darkness SAW CHRIST MARVELOUS LIGHT..
.......God is always a step ahead of the devil. All this uprising and crazy stuff going on is Satan trying to stir up things, things to discourage people and effect their hope and faith. He is stirring up things in hope to thwart the goodwill plan of what God by His grace is going to do. It is something wonderful, something good of HIS ABOUNDING GRACE for our generation because THE PEOPLE CRIED and PRAYED...All of this flows from and back to the face of Jesus Christ and no other. Behold Jesus sits in the Throne of God with the Father. That speaks volumes about Jesus Christ.
........There is more going on inside all these protesting rioters and their movement than meets the natural eyes and understanding just as there was more going on inside Herod when he sent the sword against all those children 2 years old and under. By their fruits Jesus said you shall Know them.
........What is the fruits that we see in the protester?. Listen to their mouth and hear what they are projecting having no holy regard for childrens heart nor for their ears.. Whats in their heart they speak. It is not coming from the love or morals of God. It is their own hate, and defiled hearts and bitterness as they seek means to vent their multi faced heart and soul frustrations, envies and hatred.
.......When Rachel weeped in the bible against the slaughter of her child and for the children of all those mothers in Bethlehem that dark night, she spoke no evil or filth with her mouth, not even hate. Her heart was light filled and righteous filled even as she cried out to the God of Israel, her pain and suffering.. What we see today in the hearts and in the eyes of so many of these protesters is ways that become as the bible puts it, ways of the children of the devil. You see it in their eyes. You hear it in their speech. You watch it in their walk and in their cocky defiance for authority. Scriptures are being seen fulfilled in their despising authority behavior. White or Black is not the issue. The issue is in the heart and that in the spirit.
.......Sometimes its like birth pains to give birth to good things of God in people and in nations BUT THANK GOD THEY ARE BORN.

Jesus (the true Spirit of Jesus) cannot deny or demean Himself.....deno......share freely.

.......When our hearts eyes are enlightened by the Spirit of Jesus himself, THAT SPIRIT the Spirit of Jesus, he will magnify the things about Jesus , things about himself. He certainly cannot deny himself nor deny the power of his cross, death and resurrection. Only another deceiving spirit would do that.He, the real Spirit of Jesus our Lord, he will magnify His Cross, His Blood, His Sacrifice and His Resurrections HIGH HIGH IMPORTANCE.
       If the spirit that you are INCLINED TO and that you are hearing does not put at the top of your redemption list the message of Jesus Christ and him crucified and risen from the dead importance and its power....RUN.
      Jesus cannot deny himself and he certainly would NEVER demean, denounce, or take away the power if his own sacrifice for our sins on the Cross. But on the contrary the true Spirit of Jesus himself will magnify and exalt his blood, his death on the cross, and his resurrection far above everything else. Without the shedding of Christ blood, without his death and resurrection THE REST DOES NOT EVEN MATTER and HAS NO POWER TO SAVE ANY OF US. The Cross of Christ is the POWER OF GOD THAT SAVES US.
       Jesus did not die in vain nor go to that Cross in vain..He died for our sins and rose again for our justification. That is HIS TRUE SPIRITS MESSAGE AND THAT MESSAGE JESUS' TRUE SPIRIT WILL NEVER ALTER OR CHANGE...He (Jesus our Savior and Lord) cannot deny himself.......deno.....share freely.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

We Must Choose The High Road & Be Wise As Serpents......deno......share

........Jesus and his faith that is the TRUTH, is Peace loving and People loving, it is not Stone Throwing, nor murdering or malicious nor is it lawless behavior.. It does not seek anyone to destroy them but to save them and do them good.
....... The Spirit of God and the heart of His Son Jesus Christ. is love, perfect love rich in mercy and drenched in compassion. It is the spirit of the kindness of the good Samaritan and of the heart of the man that Jesus said forgives his brothers trespasses against him. Though his brother sins against him 7 times 70 a day the brother forgives him.
........ (Gods true Spirit is not at all what we see in the Muslim religion and we must say that we see this also in some Christians who would rather punish than forgive, who would rather stone to death and to kill than to have compassion.) They have a religion, but true Christians with Jesus and the Father have a heart in heart, Spirit in spirit family tie and relationship with the love of God shed abroad in their heart by the Holy Spirit.
.......ISIS and many other hostile enraged Muslims and even certain Christians missed and chose the low road instead of the High Road......Like Jesus said of the path of true life and of Gods redeeming love, he said, FEW THERE BE THAT FIND IT....I pray they and all find it for such is the THE TRUE WAY TO REAL LIFE AND TO THE PEACE OF GOD......deno.....share.