Wednesday, November 18, 2015

When the Courage of a Nation is Under Fire.....deno.....share freely.

When the courage of a people and of a nation is under a test.
.......When a religion is empty of real light and truth, when it's message is dominate by fear and torment and not by peace thru the spreading of love, it is not strong enough to draw hearts by its message because the common sense people and reasoning minds can see right thru a bold lie, the deceptions, and schemes of evil. And because of its true weaknesses, that religion from envy, fears, lust for power, and from religious frustrations, that religion will revert to deceit, deception, lies, violence, murder, and terror for its drawing card because it is man manufactured with the help of a cruel and brutal Satanic Forces working on them, in them, and thru them under spiritual radar detection. They think they are doing Gods service just like Jesus said, but it really is Satans game. It is a religion of fear and fear based and its spreading power is false doctrines, spiritual illusions, scripture delusions, fear, threats and terrorism. They use all of that to make or force conversion. Love and freedom is a foreign language to its evil religious looking spirit.
...... (Note: When Jesus was on earth in the flesh, the children who Satan had blinded and taken over said and shouted that Jesus was the lie, that Jesus was even of the devil...But the very opposite was the truth...And all these chants about America and western civilization is all together the great Satan and that Jesus was only a man and that Jesus Christ and the Christians are of the devil is the same old deceiving lying ANTICHRIST SPIRIT that fought Jesus day to day when he was on earth and drove the nails.....but those driven nails God turned for our GOOD. It is called REDEMPTION BY THE BLOOD OF THE LAMB OF GOD JESUS CHRIST).
........And that is what their prophet/messenger ORDERED thru them upon THE WORLD...He boldly wrote that Allah ordered a cross of physical torture, blood shed, decapitations, bodily mutilations, murder, and terror on the opposers of his Religion of Peace, on those who believe Jesus is the Lord from heaven and is the Messiah; on those who oppose his messengers supposed spirit of sweet love and perfect peace to all men by terrorizing the hell out of everybody because we THE GREATEST RELIGION OF PEACE THE WORLD HAS EVER KNOWN, well we so love... THE WISE IN HEART SEE RIGHT THRU IT THAT PACK OF LIES...Be wise as serpents Jesus said concerning the enemy, REMEMBER ? He transforms himself to come across as a Messenger of light.
...... Every soul that approves of this BOOK of theirs is the gospels, and Jesus Christ and the worlds most dangerous foe. We have a rattle snake let loose in the world and he has mated and now he has little and big snakes finding snake dens all over the world in every nation.
....... Due to mind and heart sedation of ruling kings of western nations they have opened the door to hell on earth days to come. The world now will suffer THE KING OF SNAKES snake bites everywhere as they seek to subjugate the nations to submission by threats and terror using fear because there is no real love, nor mercy, nor tolerance in the heart of Islam. It is Evil, Deception, and Poisonous Snake Venom all packaged up together and delivered with a smile on it. But its heart is John 8:44 and its spirit is a butchers knife.
........ America, just look at the small dose of the venom of it so far around the world...THIS IS NOT A GAME. This evil is in their hearts and they are playing this thing for KEEPS even if they have to blow the whole world up in the name of the King of Snakes who has deceived their eyes and has exercised their hearts for murder and terror upon the world. They will not stop unless the world unites and puts them down. It did already once centuries ago, and the British empire had a whole lot to do with that victory. Now though, now the present England under strong delusion has allowed that snake even into her backyard and she has mated. Now England has within her boarders some no go zones where Muslims have made their demand despite British Law. They are planted. It will take a civil style war to crush the serpents head there and there is no way to pain a pretty picture of its course.
.......Im telling you, the powers of the Judeo Christian Values nations RIGHT NOW best put their shields back up because this enemies BOOK has in itself declared WAR on Jesus Christ, the gospel, western civilization, all other beliefs, theories, philosophies, Constitutions, and freedoms around the world.
........Right now, the powers that be are playing right into the Serpents scheme, placing his little snakes everywhere on earth. He is even being aided by stealth Leaders of nations who support and promote that spread. I CRY OUT TO AMERICA AND TO THE NATIONS that this product that he and they are trying to get us to buy into is worse than a lemon and it was manufactured in hell itself. QUIT BUYING IT AMERICA....STOP HIM and THEM NOW BEFORE IT IS TO LATE. Jesus Christ in his great true love and mercy for each of us forgives 7 times 70 sins a day. The beast shows no mercy and will roll the heads.
..........If you only really knew what is ahead of us and the world because we have eaten, tolerated, and keep eating this end time forbidden fruit. The bible says the antichrist has the people beheaded who refuse to bend to him. WHO or WHAT RELIGION IN OUR DAY SHOWS US ALL THEY LOVE THIS BEHEADING PRACTICE....If and when they dominate the world there will be a huge line all over the world. NEXT NEXT NEXT NEXT.Their doing it already..Go ahead and laugh. That is exactly what they want but the evidence has already been captured of how evil and heartless the beast is in them and that evidence is mounting up for the men of courage of the western nations in the world to take action against. If not soon it will be to late.
....... America, and I am speaking to WE THE PEOPLE because we have no Anti Islam leadership on the throne but AntiChrist and antichristian suppression AS IF NONE CAN NOTICE THIS..... BY THEIR FRUITS HE SAID YOU WILL KNOW THEM. Yea but he went to church all those years, Well we say YEA BACK so did Judas who claimed to be a Jesus follower FOR THREE YEARS BEFORE HE CARRIED OUT HIS HIDDEN BLOODY TAKE DOWN JESUS AGENDA. This is not a time for fear but for a boldness such the likes, like we have not seen in our nation for years.against any and all those found openly or in stealth assisting the Serpents mating game and spread of his religion of terror.
.......Who is AntiChrist the bible ask? It is those who deny the deity of the eternal Spirit of Jesus Christ and that deny that He is the Eternal Son of God that became flesh and that denies the Jesus is the Christ. Who is the AntiChrist the bible ask? It is he that says of the Cross of Christ, just a normal man died there which strips the great atoning sacrifice of its power and glory and counts Christ sacrifice, blood, death, and resurrection a powerless death of no redemption value. THAT THAT THAT IS THE SPIRIT OF ANTICHRIST and our borders and the nations are being FORCED to let those snakes that have that spirit inside them to flood the nations.
....... There is a madness INSIDE THOSE INFANT SNAKES of the KING OF SNAKES that fears Jesus Christ and that madness if not put down and seriously controlled AND PUT BACK IN ITS OWN PLACE, it will be the regret of the nations. We are just now seeing the shallow of the truth that these given words speak.....One day the blood will rise to the horses brow because of this same ANTICHRIST SPIRIT....

In the Bitter and in the Sweet........deno.....share freely.

.......You know, sometimes I wished i could just write about butterflies and beautiful birds and flowing streams of living water and post sweet honey post about Jesus, but the Spirit of the Lord want allow me to do that only. He told me true love and loyalty is found in the bitter not in the sweet. That is where the test of submissions and surrender really is and the test results scored ends with stagnation or increase of honor and grace.
....... Many of us Jesus wants to take further up his mountain of grace for greater grace transfigurations, but only few past the test for the extra climb. Most just want the sweet he says and they cast off any form of the bitter. He said it is the bitter side of grace that produces greater honor from God when under its fire we cry Holy is the Lord and not get me the heck out of here. We face our giants like David did, not tuck and run from them in fear.
......  When we serve the Lord by a gift of grace, sometimes he will take us to the rough waters in the ship of his grace. Those that are surrendered with the heart and with the mouth and with the pen to the Lord will not just write or post the sweet only  he says. The sweet only pen and post the Lord says, is like a building that is well decorated and beautiful and scented with sweet fragrances, but it is not grounded to withstand the stronger storms and attacks from the enemy. When the lightning hits, those are on the sweet only diet cannot handle the bitter side of the cross and many fall dead in faith or they cry out that the fire of this test is just to hot and they run. So many under those heavier faith trials run and only few make it thru to the next level up the mount of higher grace transfigurations.
........The Lords Spirit, he says the hour the world has entered now is the hour for the Strong in the Lord, who in their heart say, come heaven, hell, or high water I will be true and faithful and obey and serve Jesus even in the most bitter of times carrying the Cross. As it is written of many of the last days saints, even in the fire of the world's hate of them and Jesus Christ, they remained faithful and loved not their life even into death. THAT IS SCRIPTURE.
........ The day Jesus calmed the storm and multiplied the loaves and the few fish were sweet days of Christ on earth with men. Lots of happiness and satisfaction in those days amongst many. But that could not put out the bitter fire of drinking the cup of the Cross and persecutions for following Jesus. We to will have days where our storms cease and plenty is on the table and life taste like honey in Christ, but those sweet days cannot nullify the bitter side of the cross that we have all been called and chosen to take up.
......Just Ask Stephen, Peter, Paul, John, and the pillars of the church of the living gospel of this truth. The blood of the martyrs for the name of Jesus truly testifies.
.......Friends it  is easy for us to say, Thy will be done and not mine in the sweet, but in the bitter times as Peter was before the haters of Christ so often like he did we flee claiming the fire of the test is to hot and the cost to great.
.......I give to you as it was given me....If all i am willing to do is post and write the sweet in Christ which i like to do  i admit it,  then I am serving my own posting agenda and not the will of the Lord.
........Jesus posted to Peter one day this. He said, Peter, Satan wants to take you out...Peter when you were young you did as you desired. But I must tell you this bitter because I love you and want you prepared. He said, Peter, because you belong to Me and serve me, when you get older somebody is going to take you by the hand and lead you into something you prefer not.....This spoke Jesus to Peter to let Peter know by what death he would glorify God...Then after posting those words to Peter, Jesus posted these....Still yet FOLLOW ME..
.......The Spirit of Jesus in that fellowship said to me thru that light , YOU SEE, MY TRUE SPIRIT POST, SPEAKS, and WRITES THE SWEET AND THE BITTER. NOT JUST THE SWEET ONLY WITHOUT THE BITTER...AND NOT THE BITTER ONLY WITH NO SWEET.....Both the sweet and the bitter My True Spirit Speaks, Writes, and Post...Whatever I command bitter or sweet obey and do.....FOLLOW ME.......deno.....share freely.

The Powerful Redemption Revelation......deno.,,,share freely.

This is a powerful redemption revelation.
........When Jesus poured His life and his blood out from the Cross of our redemption,  not a drop was left. Of His fulness was the out pouring and of his fulness have we all received and grace for grace. There is nothing left that needs to be done or that needs to be poured out from Jesus for our redemption. PAID FOR IN FULL.
....... Jesus thru the Eternal Spirit offered himself up unto God and in that one Almighty offering, Jesus obtained for us, not a temporary fix, he did not come into our world and global sin situation and just put a bandaid on the problem. Jesus fixed the problem completely. He took it all out of the way nailing it all to His Cross.
........ Start paying real close attention here...When you see the sinless, the perfect, the pure, the undefiled Holy Spirit who for CENTURIES and  CENTURIES was hidden behind that thick Curtain in Jerusalem where only One Priest once a year was allowed to go behind that curtain tip toeing back there for fear of being struck dead if he entered to boldly or wrongly,  when you see that Same Holy Spirit that was for all those CENTURIES now running to the church in the upper room on the day of Pentecost and like a rushing mighty wind passing BOLDLY thru even their sinful flesh and without any form of hesitancy going and ENTERING HIMSELF deep down into their hearts to become One Spirit with the believing in Jesus spirits of men, THAT BOLD COMING AND THAT BOLD ENTRANCE INTO THE HEARTS OF PEOPLE WITH SINFUL FLESH, THAT MY FRIENDS IN REDEMPTION WISDOM, TRIUMPH, AND VICTORY MEANS MISSION ACCOMPLISHED BY MESSIAH.
........God promised long ago and said he was going to tear down all the dividing walls that stood between us and God, and us and heaven and Jesus the Christ, the Lamb of God that took away the sin of the world did EXACTLY THAT. Christ  took every one of those dividing walls out of the way NAILING THEM TO HIS CROSS so making God's Peace and Goodwill mission to all men by Jesus Christ accomplished.
.......The only thing standing now between God and men is Unbelief, the dividing walls are gone. The power and dominion of sin over man thru the Laws that separated us from God, Jesus took those Laws and their dominion, rule, and power over us out of the way, nailing them all to death with him on the Cross. When he did that NOTHING was left standing between Gods Spirit and our spirits except ignorance and blindness to the good news of the gospel and unbelief.
.......On the day of Pentecost when the Holy Spirit came like a rushing  mighty wind and passed thru all that sinful flesh of those believers in that upper room who were justified by faith in Jesus Christ and were washed in the power of His redeeming blood, and you see Him THE HOLIEST OF ALL coming and boldly entering into their hearts to make His home with their spirits in those flesh temples of the Holy Ghost, friends the BOLDNESS OF THE HOLY GHOST THAT DAY entering those believers without any hesitancy who were justified by faith in Christ, that tells us all loud and clear, that there was no DIVIDING WALLS of friction or enmity standing in power between those BELIEVERS and GOD.....For I give you the revelation that SOMEONE VERY SPECIAL gave me, He said for the Holy Spirit entering into the hearts of men on earth on the day of Pentecost is the same as men washed in My blood entering into the Holiest above in the very heaven of God. Both entrances are wrought by the exact same Power which is thru  My Blood....Both entrances happen thru the same power NO DIFFERENCE. He said it works the same BOTH WAYS..The entrance   way and the access with Confidence in both directions is the same...It is thru Jesus Christ and the power of the blood of His Cross. Did Jesus have any problem accessing back unto the Father and entering the heart of the Throne? No. Neither did the Holy Spirit of the Father run into any problems on the day of Pentecost accessing and entering into the hearts of the children of grace justified by faith in Jesus Christ. The blood and the Cross of Christ was endured by Jesus  to bring forth the glory of an eternal redemption whereby the glorious redemption mix of John 17 would be realized in the Spirit in spirit mixing of the Father in His children. Jesus said, I in them, You Father in Me and they in Us. That is love and the redemption heavenly Mix.
........All praise and glory to you Lord Jesus ....deno.....share freely....Forgiven.

Our Mini Book....Deno and Jesus to the Church and the World.....deno.

.......I Felt the Lord stir me up. Did not have a clue what to write just had the stirring. The things in the spirit have to rise up into the arena of our minds. He spoke a few words to me and I said, OK HOLY SPIRIT let's do this...And this mini book came out...I am no professional writer. JUST WILLING and filled with this passion...I sit down to write in faith and it is then a world within my world I find again and  I begin to see and then I just watch what the Lord brings up and I write it....To God be all the glory for my glory is surely my God...Thank you Jesus.... Im not a professional writer so bare with me ...Thank you....deno.
.........The Words, For God So Loved The World That He Gave His Son and His Son Loving US and Giving  Himself For Us are Gospel TRUTHS and COMBAT SCRIPTURES for the present warfare in the spirit. You and I and all the world Satan is daily challenging with all kinds of demonstrations of evil, of wrong, of injustice. He challenges our reasonings with storms, rough waters, calamities, frustrations, stomped toes, messengers of Satan sent to buffet us with harrassments, satanic verbal punches thru family, thru friends, thru enemies. The messengers of Satan sent to buffet us use persecutions, trying situations, trying thoughts, with deeds and necessities. They use world circumstances and manipulations and with friction from arrogant brutish unreasonable people for not all men are of God. Satan  does all this TO THROW US OFF TRACK AND TO CAUSE US TO GO ADRIFT IN UNDERSTANDING THE TRUE HEART OF GOD and for us to question God and His love for us WITH THE HOPE TO NEGATIVELY EFFECT OUR FAITH.
......... The whole world lies in the embrace of these continuous temptations and schemes of the enemy to deceive and to cause us to question God, His goodness and the love that God has for us and for the world. Most of the time all these troubles, trying times, and rough situations, and monstrous demonstrations of evil come with a strange voice connected to them that whispers to our minds, Where is your God now in this? or Oh and you say God loves you, then why did you stomp your toe and get that ticket this morning? Ahhh, so God loves you huh? And He is with you and loves you dearly, then why did that happen to those innocent people, or to that innocent person? Why did that calamity and trouble come into that persons world if God so loved the world and that person? These attached whispers are attached to most every trial and tribulation of life and of this world, esp. amongst the Christians and it seems that it is universal that something about God and His love always goes on TRIAL on earth when they take place. It is one of the most enduring thoughts and questions that lingers thru out the ages.
.......Friends, you will be challenged more and more about this in the ages to come as the biblical tribulation draws closer and more peaks and is more and more expressed. But we must not be deceived Paul said BY NO MEANS. Not by troubles in our lives, not by false doctrines or scripture misrepresentations, nor by miracles performed by spicy demons, who will perform miracles soon in this world to get the world to really like their taste and their flavor....So to help us to not be deceived let us enter prayerfully the following light.
........Church, Jesus is the love of God ALL WRAPPED UP IN ONE and He alone is what God sent to us to know and to believe in the love God has for us and to be the only constant measuring stick of Gods great love and of His great love for us. He is the only event and the only thing on this earth that fully EXPRESSED the full truth of the love of God and THE IMAGE OF THE INVISIBLE GOD perfectly. He is THE REAL LIGHT OF HEAVEN SHINING IN THE WORLD and HE IS THE LOVE OF GOD PERFECTLY EXPRESSED on earth.  Hebrews 1. When you leave the word and when you leave sights of Christ that we see in the Word of God, in the scriptures. you then move out of the God given light and are walking OUTSIDE GODS LIGHT and TRUE STEPS and you are then in the outer realms of darkness where the devil and his deceiving spirits lie in wait to trick and to deceive with false interpretations about things that pertain to God, His love, and the true divine things that are of God. Outside of the Message of Jesus Christ and Him Crucified and risen from the dead are pulpits full of deceiving spirits, false doctrines, and false religions.
......Yet we need to know and to note something due to the times we live in to help our faith and hope remain strong and anchored deep in God and His Love for us for what is going on now and for that which shall soon occur in our world. For Church, the times for the things to take place that could deceive even the very elect is soon at hand. From troubles and tribulations interpretations, to tricks used to deceive the hearts of all, we have entered the shallow of these scriptures that shall be soon fulfilled. Soon comes the deep of those scriptures and since Jesus said they shall be a challenge to the faith of even the most studious and graced in Christ, (THE VERY ELECT as to possibly even deceive them), then we must prepare ourselves to stand in faith and not deny the Lord even when the earth and its foundation is being shakened or quaking under our feet.
.........First we all know from the scriptures that Satan trieth the saints and makes war with them, these are scriptures that are and must even be more fulfilled.. With those trials of our faith and his warring against us he is trying to make us give up the resisting fight, to cause us to let go of or compromise our faith standings in Jesus Christ and to let go of our faith grips on the Living Word of the Son of God and Gods Promises. (He wants us to go from Hot to lukewarm in faith and if he can to take us to even being cold as dead in faith if possible where one wonders about the church and roams about in the world not sure about anything anymore).
........If he (the devil) can pressure us enough to let down the shield of faith and cause us to lose hope as to become disobedient to God's Words, and less hopeful in our hearts in things pertaining to God in Christ, he knows he can fill us and our lives with piercing darts to his advantage against us in the wrestling warfare.
........ But friends even darts that have gotten thru and that we have let hit us, they can become nothing more than BATTLE SCARS by grace, for God can recover the wounded and heal the broken as he did Peter after the great denials. Understanding, meaning the obtaining of God's true light is one way that God heals us, mends us, and then completes us being that He is the author and the finisher of our faith, of our believing.
........One could write a book on this truth by the Spirit of Jesus but we don't have that time in this setting in the light so i will just touch on a few given points. The Lord of all revelations Jesus Christ wants us to go and look at a revealing truth. It took place in the days he was conceived in Mary's womb thru the mighty Holy Ghost. God in those days was all over and all present in that situation in the land of Israel for in that land was the Covenant of the promises God made unto Abraham that in Your Seed shall all the nations on earth be blessed
............God had come down  Himself to fulfill that promise and to make a way for all the world to connect to that blessing promised, God HImself was in Christ and was Christ. He was even entering the womb Himself as the Word was becoming flesh. Also during those times Angels, glorious Angels were showing up in those parts to different people to proclaim that the Grace and the love of God was now soon to be HIGHLY SEEN, HEARD and EXPRESSED in the land of Israel in an up and coming  Anointed by God Savior Jesus Christ for THREE FULL YEARS ON EARTH in immeasurable measures of the Spirit of the Lord is upon Me love, words, and expressions. Heavens Immanuel, God with us scriptures were now in motion as fore told by the prophets and the skies were even lighting up with light from the mightiest of Angels sent to magnify and protect the Christ, God's Son, and the Message that God So Loved The World that He gave His only begotten Son whose time had come to Shine the light of Gods love in peace and goodwill to men.
........Yet at the same time, AND IT IS IMPORTANT TO THE HOLY GHOST THAT WE ALL KNOW THIS, though all this heavenly light and Love of God dispensation was going on and wise men were seeking the King by following the star, and shepherds were being fed and led by the bread from Angels concerning Christ, even so other men such as King Herod were seeking the Son to.  But Herod's seeking the Son of God was not for good but for evil. NOTE THIS....His (King Herod), his Government he felt by the Christ Child, by his presence on earth, by his movement and the Prophecies foretold of Jesus, Herod felt deeply his governing authority, rule, power and dominance were being challenged or his ruling power was being threatened so we see the first steps of the spirit of ANTICHRIST taken against the true Christ who now was on earth, and those first antiChrist steps were taken by a government of this world's thrones  on earth. That step was not a pretty one and this is where I need you to incline for this light... Lord Jesus open our eyes.
......... I cannot promise you that this light is a pretty picture of grace as the type that makes us all want to jump the pews or to swing from our hanging lights in the church buildings due to the glory that those motivating grace filled messages fill us with.  Those motivating messages of gospel grace and of faith with joy gushings have their place in the distribution of the bread of life, but so does the sobering grace whereby men see how really bloody the story of FULL GRACE and TRUTH really is. Today's spiritual climate is not a time for itching ears to rule, for the itching ear sermons are only partial grace that is selective and very fleshly biased and a whole lot of  life in this world based. We must let the Spirit of the Lord speak and be expressed and not hold Him to human worldly interest and desire. Help me Jesus to convey this bread, Lord I so need your blessing and strength to do so.
.........When Christ was conceived in Mary on this planet,  the blood bath of the true story of grace, its seed right then was sown on the earth. As that seed of Genesis 3:15 grew on earth in the woman, so grew the spirit of ANTICHRIST in a man  (in a government, in a governing man, in a throne of this worlds powers). EVEN in a A RULING MAN on earth the spirit of Antichrist was inside as at the same time Immanuel was made flesh (AT THE SAME TIME). Light and Darkness were both present in the story of TRUE GRACE with blood being spilt  of both innocent sinless blood as well as from the veins of even children who in sin their mothers did conceive them as David himself wrote of all of us born in sin.
....... THIS BLOOD BATH IS THE ABSOLUTE TRUTH of the real Grace Story and not the fantasy one that people are being deceived with today.
........That governor or king saw the true Christ was a threat to his name and  kingdom. If abortion had been the open rule in those days, that spirit in king Herod would have enforced such evil TO STOP THE SON OF GOD ON EARTH GRACE MANIFESTATION. That same tactic, that same evil which is of the damned and not one drop authorized from the heavens above, has been Satan's work on earth today to abort special graces of God from being born into our world from being inside men. But God as always,  is always a step ahead of the Serpents rebudle. THANK GOD FOR GOD BEING GOD.
..........Now this what I am about to say is to help us see things as God needs us to see them and to take to heart. The fantasy that there is no Cross for us to bear must be shattered by TRUTH. Satan is leading pulpits today to turn the hearts of the redeemed from heavens anticipation to world and worldly consumption. Prayer is said alot to only be saying a prayer instead of really from the hearts love passion for God communicating with the Almighty. Say grace they say and it is just the saying of a prayer that is worshipped and esteemed the most and not the UNTO ONE in so many family get togethers. It has become like a blank and empty tradition that has a look and a form but no meaningful power. Just a mindless heartless thing we do.Lips so near, but hearts so far away once again.
........And And And as the Spirit wills Lord help me say it.
........And giving is preached not as in the light of the heart of the good Samaritan, but as the WHATS ALL IN IT FOR ME APPROACH which is the incorrect highlight of the real love teaching of God seen in the GOOD SAMARITAN. It's more taught as in world style investments focus for world style gains in this world and no longer as treasure stored up in heaven's eternity for the saints.
........ Now this does not mean that God on earth does not make men wealthy for I know for a fact he has and is doing so. But all wealth given by God is for our enjoyment yes, but its main purpose is to help others in need so that the Love of God can be expressed thru those whom God has given HIS WEALTH UNTO...IT IS HIS YOU KNOW...He just shares it with us. When you lose sight of that truth, your in a danger zone. You may be cruising on a Titanic with the same surprise ahead. No matter how poor or how rich we are, we must never ever lose the love of God calling in our life's purpose. Christ gave the earth all of Himself and all of His Atoning Blood to be shared with all the world. Not for the pile up of just one or a few. Every time Jesus looks in the mirror he never has a self centered thought. NEVER. He sees us the church, HIS BODY AND HE LIVES NOURISHING AND CHERISHING US ALL. We all are so on His Mind and Thoughts that he knows each day the number of the hairs on each person's head. Jesus loves us more than we  have yet fully comprehended.
.........Now do not misunderstand me in this light.  God does not mind pulpits being laced with gold, or with Thrones and fences polished with diamonds, or gates made of Pearls, that does not faze His Spirit on earth to much one way or the other.  What does set Him on fire is when those pulpits for gain sake withhold the needful bread and withhold the REBUKES for sin. And when mostly all the church hears every time the bible of the sacred blood is opened what is preached is everything about us gobbling up the world's substance and goods in the pulpit. That grieves the true Spirit of the Lord when sin is all over the place going unrebuked by the WATCHMAN.
......... God is grieved when the gain of this world's goods is exalted above the rebuke of sin, when the people are richly sinning and no one is bringing the fire. Go and Sin nor more is far more the Holy Spirit's desired sermon to a sin infested people than thru the sacred blood get rich quick sermons. God has called us into the riches of His glory yes FOLLOWING THE FRUITS OF REPENTANCE unto holiness unto OBEYING GOD....Now that's His Fire...This fire may unrest some of us, it does me, but the Lord said bring it. Bringing it I had to stop and say Lord, this Word is above me should I deliver it? Obey Son, obey. I type trembling at His Words.
.........It is nearing a cold spot in pulpits where in the pulpit men and women are laying down the laying down of the Cross, refusing to preach the doctrines of SIN NOT and HOLINESS. But the real shepherds and not the hirelings that's in it for the pomp and not for the friction of the Crosses fire and weight, when they see the wolf coming they flee, for to them their is no self advantage or worldly gain in that BREAD, but a Cross of hate and of back lashings from those who have become comfortable by the itching ears doctrines and control of the pulpits where Satan sits and thrives with his clever tickling of the belly deceit. 
........OK LETS GET BACK ON THE ORIGINAL COURSE...The Lord had me write those words for a serious reason.
........Friends, When Jesus was conceived, the spirit of the ANTICHRIST took his first steps to the Anti Jesus movement. It wasn't long after Jesus was born that the Government sought to butcher the HOPE of the souls of men that had become flesh. There was nothing TICKLING about what was going on then. That antiChrist spirit gave the orders to kill every male child 2 years and younger in hope to abort the true Messiah and Saviors Mission on earth and those orders in those regions of his control were executed with no mercy or care for a mother's heart or feelings (Still nothing going on to tickle one's ears).
.......... Church and friends, heed this light,  that same evil and antiChrist heartless spirit (that was in Herod) is in a religion on earth today (INSIDE  MASSES OF MEN BEING SPREAD OUT ALL OVER THE WORLD TODAY) and it is increasing its influence in the Governments of this world today, bending them toward its unsuspected drawn swords, including in shock to many - the government or the Prince of the United States of America. And as evil and as awful as that sounds of what the spirit of AntChrist in Herod and thru HIS GOVERNMENT DID TO THOSE SMALL INFANT BOYS in torturing blood shed,  that is the kind of evil that we face from the spirit of ANTICHRIST in the last days all over the world in all nations to a people who enforce the doctrine of beheadings..
..........And (and this is a main point to all this light). Just because Satan thru Herod and his government murdered mercilessly all those infant boys in those days, not one of their drops of blood in Grace's story meant that the love of God was not on the earth. HE WAS BORN AND LIVING AMONG MEN....Not one of their mothers tears though they seemed to be totally ignored by the Throne of God, none of those mothers could honestly say that God does not love us here on earth because the real truth of this matter is, though not understood by even the most precious of all mothers, it is still the truth;  When all that monstrous evil was going on, Gods perfect and greatest true love for us all was in full expression mode in Christ. For God so loved the world that His Son in THOSE DAYS he had sent into the world.
.......All that evil we see when Jesus was born thru Herod and all the evil we see in our world today going on against mainly christians,  is not going on because we are abandoned by God or because He does not love us or is not with us. But when your eyes are BY GOD opened you see that the exact opposite is the truth. Gods perfect presence and perfect love for us came to us thru Christ Jesus, but the love of God has ENEMIES, wicked terrible enemies filled with fear and terror about Jesus Christ.
......... All that evil befell those infant boys and people because of the for GOD SO LOVED THE WORLD THAT HE GAVE HIS ONLY BEGOTTEN SON LIGHT and that light irritates the prince of darkness the devil and his people, and his established controlled religion wants the true light snuffed out of the world so that they and the demons can move in stealth deception mode under radar and under human detections.  Governments are blind to this massive human and demonic spread of the religion of Satan disguised under a false pretense and under a message of darkness that has been transformed to look like a messenger with a message of light. But it is Satan and his spirit of ANTICHRIST and ANTICHRISTIAN FAITH under radar to soon even more heavily attack and brutally attack the true light as those people did those infant boys when Jesus the true Christ was born on earth..
.........Satans clever ploy is to try to keep people from seeing how really good God really is and how so greatly He loves us all as represented perfectly in the giving of His Son Jesus. His ploy or tactics include  causing all kinds of terror and torture and  evil of his to befall on people everywhere he can so that the interpretation is God has abandoned you, or is against you, or you are evil yourself and not loved by God, or that you are on the wrong side, and he gets all the world to think and believe that God is doing all this bad stuff to people, when it is his own hand on the knife. What a clever demonic scheme and trick on the hearts and minds of the people.
..........But friends the real truth of the matter is THIS WORLD, its ruling spirit and prince  is ANTICHRIST and he HATES GOD and he is ruthless to express that hate on people and thru people IN HOPE TO BLIND THE WORLD OF THE REAL BEAUTY AND GLORY OF THE LOVE OF THE HEART OF GOD.
.........Listen, it  was Adam and our sins that gave and that give the devil his place to do all this evil in the world and all his deceptions to us, not God....John 10:10 and Ephesians 4:26-27.
..........Wisdom is revealing, let us listen.... Just as Mary had to believe and to yield and to say,  Lord, BE YOUR WORDS DONE IN MEN AS YOU HAVE SPOKEN:, even so we also give place to the devil when we desire similar things of his desires.
.......... If Satan could run us all over at will, he would have done so to all of us already. But he needs us to volunteer whether by choice as Adam did in his sin, or by being deceived as Eve was in the sin. Satan cannot just automatically destroy  us just as God cannot automatically save everyone without  their say so or consent in the matter. THAT FRIENDS IS THE REAL FACTS and that is HIGHLY IMPORTANT TO KNOW. Both God and the devil must honor the human will, faith, consents and our choices. IT IS A LAW OF LIFE of those created on our level of the creatures of GOD. If people do not understand and accept that FACT OF LIFE, they will never rightly understand why things are happening like they are on earth and in people's lives. No one gets into heaven without their own consent in the event and no one goes to hell without somehow connected there by the will of a man. Either Adams will and far reaching bad choice put us there, or we prefered darkness over the things of light and chose the pleasure of sin over the sacrifices of righteousness after the light was preached to us.. It still came down to mans choice to believe or not to believe. To join the tender mercies of God in Jesus Christ or to take the rough road of damnation chained to a lying, fallen hissing Serpent. 
..........The bible says clearly that it is Gods express will that all men everywhere come to Jesus Christ and be saved, but the fact that most men go to hell proves GOD IS NOT IN FULL CONTROL OF ALL THE ACTIVITIES IN OUR LIVES ON THIS PLANET (THAT IS SO SO IMPORTANT LIGHT TO KNOW AND UNDERSTAND). If God's will was fully done on earth just as it is in PARADISE, none, not one soul would go astray, nor perish, but all would obey God perfectly and be saved. But we see this is not the world's reality and hell is filled with the roaring lions drop offs every day.
.........This shining light reveals to us that in this world God bends and Satan bends to the will of men by respected Law of the will and choices of people. Most of the time Satan uses deceptions and deceptive tactics to cause people to bend his way. God being HOLY AND ALL LAWS OF LIFE OBEYING will strive with His Spirit to convince you with truth and honest reasoning as thru the preaching of His love for you seen in the blood of His Sons Cross to get you to agree and to side with HIm, but if you bend away from Him, He like the devil must honor your will and choice.
........ Satan on the other hand being a liar, dishonest, a deceiver, and ruthless as seen in his murdering those 2 year old infant baby boys, he will trick you, deceive you, lie to you, threaten you with an immediate knife to the throat or offer you face to face all the kingdoms of the world and all its wealth, and fames sharing to take your will into his captivity to the final end of the soul's destruction.
........In both of the above mentioned truths and cases though, whether by truth or by lies believed the choice of men are heavenly honored in the heights of heaven above to the depths of hell beneath and this honoring of men's choices the world is blind to.
.......So in that blindness, as they see what men yield themselves to, in doing these monstrous evil things to people as we see going on in our world today, they wonder where God is and why did he not stop the blood shed of the innocent? Well does God stop the soul going to hell if the soul chooses the wrong path? NO...And what did those 2 year old boys do to deserve what was done to them 2000 years ago? Friends as much as people do not want to accept this truth and light, God's hands were tied to saving them due to the fact that he had to honor Adam's sin choice and his sins consequences not only to others terrible hurt, but even to HIS OWN in the Cross.
.........God just like the devil, they honor all choices of all souls and God does and has done all He legally can to save people of free will.. IT IS ON EARTH THE LAW..And God will not break any of His Laws or He would be a TRANSGRESSOR HIMSELF. The world is a mixed up place whose fruit is wrought by choices of evil people and some God fearing people who have free will. If the devil comes and tempts us and we choose not to resist him, then we suffer the consequences. If he comes and tempts us to listen to certain music or to watch certain movies or programs that are in the spirit places infested with wicked spirits, we end up with wicked spirits poured into us because we welcomed them and we sin more and more and more. On and on the story goes. The last condition of that man Jesus said by the increase of wicked spirits in him is worse than the first.
........Friends Adams sin was huge in bringing on us all evil cursings and consequences and His one sin set in motion the law of sin and death and of separation from God and IT SEPARATED US FROM THE WILL OF GOD BEING DONE ON EARTH EVEN IS IT IS IN HEAVEN.   Adams sin, it put this world in the hands of a murderer who is the deceiver and the constructor of the blindness of the way men think and reason things about God.
........It is for that very reason, that though when the earth was filled with God in Mary in Jesus on earth, still yet though Jesus had the Spirit of God without measure in Him and Upon Him, murders still took place in Israel. Rape took place in Israel. Even in the towns that He (GOD) was immediately visiting and healing many by the Spirit of God, still yet even adulteries and fornications, lies, and schemes to betray and to do harm to people was even done just a couple of feet away from the Son of God WHO WAS  God with us on earth. All those evil things going on and all those sins taking place which none was the will of God, all were happening because Adams sin gave place to such beastly behavior in people separated from God and who were without God on the earth. (Ephesians 2:11-13).
........This revelating truth and bread  must be understood and seen in our hearts these days for what we as the BODY OF CHRIST and the world face in the now and in the not to distant future. When Christ was conceived on earth, even so was raised all kinds of demonic in people opposition and schemes against him and even to the bloodshed of infants. There is not a place on earth that is not in the War Zone between heaven and hell. Not one place. But the ones that have more of the salt of Christ and the light of the world walked in, they taste more the goodness of God and the less of the devil. America is today a mix of it all and she is a shakened nation under demonic influence and pressures trying so desperately for this nation to forsake her Christian God, Ways, Traditions, and Heritage. The spirit of antiChrist is behind this present persecution and murderous style acts against the Son of God and his gospel light.
........That bloodshed of those infants in the days Jesus was born is the true heart of this so called sweet Satan that so many today in the music industry in America and elsewhere in this world have BEEN DECEIVED to bow their knees to for their share of this world's game and fame. But just as he cared less about the cries of those 2 year old and under kids, nor about their mothers tears, he smiling at those that have bowed to him their knee, he is just waiting for their THEIR DEPARTURE TIME from the earth. What he had done to those baby boys in the flesh is a small drop compared to an eternity of NO MERCY in the devil's hell.
.......But despite all that Satan does to deceive the world and to make God look like an absentee Landlord and not Love, the true love of God can forever be remained in as long as we keep our hearts focused on the Message of Jesus Christ and Him Crucified to save us from our sins.. For the Message of the love of God demonstrated in the blood of His Sons Outpourings is the REAL TRUTH OF GOD'S HEART AND LOVE FOR US and it never changes. It's bloody, but when the love of God is really seen there IT IS BEAUTIFUL'
.........Don't let a circumstance, or a stomped toe, or a aweing miracle, or a terrible condition, or an act of terror deceive out of you GOD'S PRESENCE, nor deceive out of you the love that God has for you. These kind of things as we have mentioned in this light even went on right around Jesus when GOD WAS ON EARTH IN CHRIST. Even when Jesus was preaching the message that for God so loved the world that He gave his only begotten Son, sin and evil and terror and murders and rape and other evils were taking place at the same time in Israel and all over the world.. THAT IS TRUTH.
.......Look only at the Cross of God's Son and let the light of the love there ever ever shine in your soul and do not let all these evils going on in this world convince you or preach to you that God does not love us and that He has abandoned us. Let us deal with our realities from the word of God and Wisdom.
........Somethings by faith and prayer we can control certain things. But when you see things going on right next to Jesus as sin and evil and back talk etc, that reveals to us that in the honor of men's choices we all have limitations to what we can and cannot control in this life. If people could murder and commit adulteries in the towns Jesus was in, then that my friends reveals God honors the will of all people, good or bad at all times everywhere on earth. For Jesus was GOD WITH US ON EARTH. If anyone could have stopped all the evil on earth or in a town completely, Jesus I promise you WOULD HAVE done so, but God being that He honors our free will and decisions, must just STAND AT THE DOOR AND KNOCK. Then He waits as the true gentlemen He is for the person to wilfully with his own free will to Come to him and to open the door and invite Jesus and the will of God in.
........On a final note. There was a time in Paul's day where in a Vision Jesus appeared to him in a certain city. Jesus told Paul what we need in our every town and city in America, and in our whole nation and in every nation around the world....In the Visitation Jesus said to Paul. Paul preach on in this city, for no man shall hurt you here...then Jesus said the real reason why....FOR I HAVE MANY PEOPLE THAT BELONG TO ME IN THIS CITY....THAT IS WHAT WE NEED IN EVERY TOWN AND IN EVERY CITY AND IN EVERY STATE AND IN THE WHOLE OF OUR NATION and IN EVERY NATION and those people in charge living and doing all things to the glory of God and Jesus Christ....And being very salty and exceeding bright is shinning Christ and His light. That and believing on the Name of Jesus Christ is was backs off evil and the powers of darkness. It is the only true offense and defense against the spirit of the devil and his antiChrist.....WE NEED MANY MANY CHRISTIANS EVERYWHERE  IN OVERFLOWING NUMBERS AS THE MAJOR MAJOR MAJORITY....This is why Satan has attacked the USA and its Redeemer's Name and its Christian Faith and Christian Heritage.
........Father in Jesus Name whom I serve with my spirit in YOUR LIGHT I pray they see what the Spirit of Jesus Christ is saying to His church in these words....Amen......deno.....share freely.
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Friday, November 13, 2015

( if ) The Smallest Biggest Word in the Bible......share freely......deno.

A word of wisdom from the Lord......deno.
........There are more principalities and powers of the demonic world parked around the (IF) word used in the bible to link men up to the bible promises than most any other parking place in the old and new testament. Everywhere a promise of God has the word  IF attached to it, it is a conditional promise. These conditional promises challenge our hearts love and devotion to God. They weigh heavy on us all the NOT MY WILL BE DONE BUT THINE BE DONE  Spirit and Heart of Christ. Will we submit to the drinking of the cups of the conditions in the promise or will we follow the Christ from a distant heart that is far from him though the lips each Sunday morning speak otherwise.?
........The word IF used in the promise tells us and our opposing spirits that, that promise is a conditional promise. They know that people have to meet the set forth conditions for the promise to be realized in their life. They know men and women have to decide something, think something, obey something, do something, or believe something CONSISTENTLY  for the blessings of the promises to become activated in that persons life. So they are parked around the parking place of ( if ) to fight against us to keep us side tracked and off balanced lest we start meeting the conditions and start seeing God and His Promises SO REAL and SO BIG in our lives on the earth. It is a most severe day by day war of heart to tempting spirits confrontations going on after the affections and devotions of the hearts of men and women DAILY.
........ Yes that place called IF is a huge parking place of opposing spirits hoping to keep us in park and never in drive. They fight against us to keep us in park lest we find and engage the promising gears that will cause us to move forward to reach and obtain the result side of the promises of God that are conditional promises and that are conditioned based...So many promises brothers and sisters that the Lord has given us are conditional promises saying to us, IF YOU DO then I WILL....  IF YOU DON'T then I WON'T.
........Like the Lord told me years ago..Son if you want to taste the honey, then you are going to first have to fight your way thru the bees...As there was no way for Me around the Cross, there is no way for My Church to side step or to go around this faith fight and this overcoming need and doctrine.The land flowing with milk and honey was battled for. The opposing enemies had to be overcome for the children of Israel to possess the land...For you who are in Christ Jesus, your enemies are not flesh and blood but OPPOSING SPIRITS that are robbers, thieves, Word of God stealers and gospel manipulators, deceivers, evil and ill will thought enforcers, strife promoters, doubt pedlars, trick artist, spirit slayers, murderers, tempters, rulers of the spiritual blindness of men that oppose all entrances of the kingdom of God and fight at the entrance gates of all Gods Promises to men lest such fruit is found on the earth that they seek to rule and maintain their dominance upon.......Amen.......deno......share freely..

Thursday, November 5, 2015

America and THE FREEDOM OF RELIGION.......deno.

       The Freedom of Religion and the unsuppressed expression thereof is our full Christian Right and is protected BY THE ALREADY ESTABLISHED CONSTITUTIONAL LAW in the FIRST AMENDMENT. Any Judge that would make a ruling that goes cross grain with this Law is a Constitution Law Breaker Himself. He has rose up in the modern political ranks of this nation with other organized political firms and forces to change the face of America in so many ways.
        As idiotic as this sounds to the 3 percent of this nation who claim to be atheist, Hell is for the people of the nations of the world that did not believe the gospel of God. Heaven is for the believers from every nation that did believe and obey of the gospel of God. That is the final result of all separation of Church and State anti God anti Jesus activities and matters. It is that important of an issue. It extends its reach into eternity. It is the fight of unbelievers against believers. It is Atheist seeking to force the unbelief of their 3% of this nation populous still in darkness over the rest of the nations populous who are mostly the sons and daughters of faith in light who profess their faith in the words, In God We Trust.
        American Believers We Must Fight The Good Fight of Faith. The nations soul and the way our children view God and the face of our Nation is on the line. In God We Trust Must Live and Not Die. Faith Still Breaths Here....deno.....America Founded By Believers For Believers. It is the Law of the Constitution.

We Must Weather Faiths Opposing Storms to get to the Promises Destinations......deno.

       We Must Weather the Faith Opposing Storms To Get to our Promises Destination.....Word of God Fuel that feeds my faith and hope......deno.
       First Satan stirred up the people against Christ and His Christianity, Suddenly the atmosphere of the nation became filled with hostility against Jesus and His name and cause. Many of the people couldn't understanding why all this sudden change and hate against Christ and his love and doctrine and cause. Just a few days before the crowds couldn't get enough of Jesus. They were singing and shouting praises to him up and down the street. Oh how things can change quickly, up then down and then down to back up. How the spiritual winds can quickly change direction in a nation or in our own lives for our good or for our bad.
       When the enemy had caused Christ situation in Israel to turn suddenly south, Satan used that evil unbelieving momentum and he had his boys crucify the Lord. Things seemed to go from worse to worse... From the Cross to the grave all seemed lost and looked like things were all going Satans direction and Satan's sin filled way in the land of Israel concerning Christ. But hang on a minute the Holy Ghost whispers,  never judge a book or a situation by its cover or by how things presently look or by what things seem to be, especially when you are talking about and dealing with your glorious and wonderful Holy Heavenly Father, Almighty God. He can turn things back around over night EVEN IN A SECOND, EVEN IN THE TWINKLING OF AN EYE., even in just three days.
       In just Three days God fixed Jesus and the disciples whole life and situation and even the course of the world thru the glory and power of the Promises of God concerning the resurrection of Jesus Christ. And that same POWER FILLED PROMISES POWER is fully given us in Christ Jesus for the mix of our faith and hope in all of life's circumstances and situations. God has words and promises every day for us to obey and to stand upon in faith daily, even to each days every need. For He has called us to the calling of first seeking God and his righteousness and His will for the day and He promises to add the rest of our needs to us. Seeking God has promises attached to it. God is a rewarder of them that diligently SEEK HIM.
        It is truth like this that is shining to us from above as mentioned in the previous paragraph that fuels my faith and fuels my hope for America and many nations and for our personal lives.. God always has the last Word. His Sworn Promises govern and foretell the outcome of all situations of them that believe them and obey the Lord. 
        God is Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. Put Gods Word First, Put Gods Promises First on your life and situations and GODS WORDS and Gods Promises will be the end result and the final fruit of your life and of your trial or situation being those situations and circumstances BY OUR INVOKING OF FAITH IN THE PROMISE OF GOD AND INVOKING HIS MIGHTY NAME makes our circumstances brought into full surrender and into full subjection to the Word and Covenant Promise of God. The bible clearly says God has the Power to subject all things to Himself. He has given us great and precious subjecting promises so that by our faith in those promises all our situations and circumstances be brought  into full SUBJECTION TO WHAT THE  PROMISE OF GOD SAYS...Getting this done day to day is one of the heaviest and toughest spiritual battles...Believing and faith enduring thru the storms of faith opposition until the promise has fully subjected our situation and our circumstances to its far more powerful self is all a big part of FIGHTING THE GOOD FIGHT OF FAITH. Just keep in mind the course of the Promises of God and Satans clever scheme to cause us to lose faith. I call it the Up to Down to Rising Back up way of the promises of God as seen in Christ situation in Jerusalem when they were praising His name greatly one day, then suddenly the situation went south the other way. It went south and the same people who were just praising Jesus started shouting for his crucifixion. And the situation of Jesus even went further south to full taste of death itself. That is when most people standing on a covenant promise of God that is in the covenant scriptures start sinking in faith and most of the time sad to say it the battle is lost right there. But remember, every promise of God has in it a beginning, and many times an up to down to back up again course to it, and every promise of God has the glory of Gods resurrection power in it to come back up even from the dead or what appears to be a hopeless situation. And it will be raised back up if we will weather in real bible faith Satans clever counter attacks to our faith with his bewitching strong delusions that he has formed against the hope of our faiths expectations. 
       Put the Living Scripture Promises on your circumstance and situation as was put on Jesus on the cross and in the tomb, and dogmatically believe those promises & scriptures calling upon the Name of the Lord and those scriptures concerning your situation will COME TO PASS in your situation just as they did in Christ.
       No matter how dead Jesus was or that your circumstance seems to be, GODS WORD IS OVER RIDING GRACE and OVERCOMING THE WORLD POWER. Jesus stuck to his scriptures and his scriptures stuck to him thru all the down turn, thru all the pain, and the illusions of defeat. Jesus stuck to his scriptures concerning his situation as Christ in his death, in the threes days and nights of his body in the tomb, to his resurrection and beyond.
        Sometimes our situation may get so bad that it looks like the three days and the three nights of Jesus dead in the tomb. But friends who believe and trust and stand on the scriptures that cannot be broken, the promises of God in the battle of faith, every promise may have a sudden opposite down turn as what happened to Jesus when the people went from praising him loudly to crying against him to crucify him. The situations may even go to the point of death or hopelessness and seem to be dead and as good as gone as Jesus was dead in the tomb.....But listen listen listen.. EVERY PROMISE OF GOD BELIEVED HAS A BEGINNING  a trial and a trying, and a course up to down and then down to back up Victory Ending....IF THE PROMISE IS BELIEVED UNTO THE END, IT WILL ALWAYS HAVE A RESURRECTION STYLE ENDING and that's with all the promises of God great or small.
        If we will hold fast to the beginning of our confidence in the PROMISE OF GOD all the way thru faiths manifold trails, down turn tricks of the devil and thru faiths tribulations, WE BY THE WORD OF GOD, shall see the salvation of the Lord, in the temporal faith challenges and in the Eternal one as long as we are STANDING ON A REAL COVENANT PROMISE OF GOD that God Swore to us in His Sons own precious blood.
          A PROMISE OF GOD BELIEVED is a Thus saith the Lord Word on our situation to us personally.  Gods Living Word believed will come alive on your situation and triumph. For Christ death and resurrection power, God has given us who believe and belong to Jesus Christ. (Ephesians 1:19-20). Gods resurrection glory and power is in every Promise.
         But let us listen attentively here. Usually when the three days and the three nights come at us during our faith and hopes expectation  trials, when it seems that the promise that we are standing on is in the grave, in the  three days and the three nights faith period buried and out of sight, it is in that strong anti faith anti Promise of God delusion that Satan the enemy of our hope and of our believing causes  most people, like the disciples and like doubting Thomas, to throw in the towel of faith and be filled with doubt and discouragements and in that, they like Peter taking their eyes off THE PROMISE, they begin to sink not weathering the storms that Satan stirs up to oppose our faith and confidence in THE WORD OF GOD, in hope that our faith fails and we lose what we are believing for by the entrance of robbing doubt and unbelief..
        But deno you do not know how dead this situation is or seems to be. Well Friend, UP FROM THE GRAVE JESUS AROSE BY THE PROMISES OF GOD, WITH A MIGHTY VICTORY OVER HIS FOES. Your still breathing aren't you? Can't get anymore dead than dead dead, and it was in the dead dead Gods Words and Living Scriptures PREVAILED AND Jesus Rose Again REVEALING THE REVELATION OF HOW PROMISES OF GOD WORK even when the devil has done all he can to kill them. Even when it went all the way to death itself, Gods Promises are so ALMIGHTY GOD FILLED they brought Christ back from the dead. They can bring our situations back from the gloom and doom as well BUT WE MUST BELIEVE. Just no way around us drinking the cup of faith that God has commanded all of us to drink without wavering. Those who believe all the way to the finish line of the trials of faith,  WIN.
       With God all things, all things, all things ARE POSSIBLE. and ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE TO THOSE THAT BELIEVE.......deno......share freely.

Intelligent Blindness and The Creation of the Earth......deno.

         All the result of the the power of God's faith and the strong determination of the glory of His Mighty Believing Eternal Spirit Substance. The Holy Perfect Spirit of the Lord.
         To create things, the designer which is God, He fills His Word up with all His Eternal Spirits substances, glory, wisdom, knowledge, understanding, with His desires, eternal powers and life forming energies, and completed blue prints and designs. Then in the power of the Spirit of His faith and Almighty Might He says, Let there Be and all the power and the glory of God in those spoken words leaves HIS ETERNAL SPIRITS ETERNAL POWERS and  enters into time and becomes the created things. That is how the Eternal Spirit of the Eternal God GIVES BIRTH TO ALL THINGS we see and are in what we call SPACE and TIME.
        The earth my friends is Gods Intelligence and His Eternal Spirits Life forming Life producing Energies and Power at work together in Released Words filled with Gods infinite imaginations and the brilliance of His brilliance placed in His own intelligent designs.
        God releases the Power of His Eternal Spirits Powers, Matter and Substances and Energies in Words. His Word is with eternal incredible Power....Gods far superior to us way of doing things and getting things done, it is truly like higher far more advanced alien technologies that the present world of men in their present  blindness and  deception are primitive to in thought, intelligence, and in deeds....But God did not evolve to that great level of incredible ability and greatness, HE HAS ALWAYS BEEN THAT GREAT AND THAT SO HIGH. He is the Most High Almighty Eternal God.
         Jesus came down from heaven functioning in the high glory of God healing all that were oppressed of the devil and showing the greatness of God in love of God ways. He could have stopped the earths orbitation by the power of God and nothing would have been damaged or thrown into chaos . HE and the Fathers Eternal Spirit HAS THAT KIND OF POWER. Actually, God would only burn a couple of His Eternal Spirits Energy calories in doing that.
      Strange how it is that unbelieving men cannot fathom the power of God but they say they can  measure the power of NOTHING by how nothing brought forth the Universe, saying it just happened out of the force of NOTHING. How blind is blind.?...That is called intelligent blindness or ignorance which ever you prefer.....Jesus Is Lord......Share Freely.....deno.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Thus Saith The Lord....This is not a set back, but a set up (in grace).....Sheila Berry.....Precious Words.

Feeling overwhelmed with a load bigger than you?
Somehow suspended - helpless against the unseen?
Can't seem to get your feet on the ground?

Good; that's exactly where I want you
Look up. Lift up your eyes upon the hills, from whence comes your help... (Psalm 121: 1)


"I don't need your help; I need your helplessness.
This is not as it appears, neither is it as it feels.
Hearken not to 'your' voice, but to Mine.
This isn't about you beloved, but Me glorified in your life.

You're tender heart has given place for this to be so. I know how much you love Me...but beloved,
I love you too much to let you be in control.

Let JOY seap from your redeemed heart, a trickle, then a stream; not because of what you see, but because of what you believe. I AM is with you to do a new thing - All new My faithful one - for you.

This is not a setback;
This is a set up...TRUST ME, BELOVED.

Kimberly and Alberto Rivera You are so good Lord......

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

It Still Takes Faith To Please God.......deno.

        In our new covenant with God as we grow in our obedience fruit, it is still faith that pleases God, for without faith it is impossible to please Him. The Law of Moses without Christ faith, blood, and love, is vain and empty religion without God from above.
        Remember with Me what Jesus their Lord told the children of Moses' law and  light, he said, you will not see me here again. Not until you call upon the Name of Jesus Christ for salvation. Then he said of God's departure from them. He said, Behold your house is now left you desolate, meaning empty of the Spirit of the Lord. They with their Law and their old covenant delusions were now on their own.
        In Christ we are the new wine skins for Christ New Wine of the Message and love of His Redeeming Cross. We live by faith in Gods New Way, by faith in the Redeeming Power of God in Christ. The more we really grow in God's love that is in the Cross of His Son, the more our hearts melt by grace into obedience to Christ Lordship over our lives.
        The Cross of Christ is God loving us into obedience....What is built from love will last. Love is the most uniting and heart tying force....deno.....share freely.

Do Not Bend The Gospel For the Fleshes Sake.....deno.

          Until the heart is ready to be hated by all men for the true gospels proclamation, there is a chance Satan will tempt us to dull and to alter the uniting Sword that also divides. (MEANING TO BEND THE GOSPEL TO AN APPEAL TO THE FLESHES DESIRES and not to self denial and to the sacrifice of worldly appetites that accompanies the taking up of the cross)
       Friends the sobering truth is this....In this world not every act of kindness reaps the kindness of this world.
       Jesus commissioned Peter into the ministry of His love and kindness with the Spirit of glory upon him. But also with that hgh calling came the sentence of his bodies death attached to it that would come to pass in his life in the hours that he had  learned to never compromise any truth of the gospel to appease men.
       Peter was persecuted and killed because his kind of gospel kindness was not loved by the world...He learned to really love the Lord was to obey Him and never compromise any of his gospel to appease the itching ears of the fleshes wantings and appetites....That's the real Cross....BE STRONG....deno....share freely.

Mighty Clashing of the Spirit and the flesh.....deno.

       Its important that we as children of God in Christ, whose spirits are born of God and made the new creatures, the new spirits created in Christ Jesus in righteousness and true holiness, it is important that we really realize and  KNOW that we are REALLY NEW SPIRITS created in Christ Jesus. That truth is so important. Without really knowing that truth you will not understand the spiritual bread that Jesus taught Paul about the spirit and about spiritual things. Without knowing that  truth and what it means you will base most of your religious views and perceptions by sight, by physical senses and physical feelings and emotions that are often times associated with misleading feelings and with the deceitful lust mentioned in Ephesians 4:23 and not after  your spirit man  which is patterned and created New after the holy and righteous image of the Spirit of Christ
        Remember with me the mount of transfiguration, the disciples had seen and known Jesus after the flesh with invisible to the eyes healing virtue ever present to heal and in some places they saw that invisible power and glory heal whole towns of the sick brought to him.
But now they were going to see the invisible REAL JESUS . God was going to allow them to see what others could not see. On that mount they were going to see Jesus' Eternal Glory. They were going to see His Real Son of God Self, His Holy Spirit Self come from behind the fleshes veil and be seen by the disciples in the glistening glory and light that He really is and has been forever in Spirit.  All though He would only allow them to see portions of His real eternal power and brightness, for no natural man can see the Lord in the full strength of His Eternal Power and glory and live. He has to veil Himself to us because of our present sinful flesh. We see him according to the measure permitted, as the Spirit wills.
       But what i want us all to see in this  light is that Jesus after the Spirit is not the same as Jesus after the flesh. The Spirit of Jesus is sinless and pure and holy in nature. His Spirit is eternal in life and eternal in power. His Spirit has always been and ever shall be. His flesh body was not the real Jesus, they were not one and the same, and  NOR IS OUR FLESH and our spirit one and the same. THAT'S IMPORTANT.
        Our spirits in Christ Jesus are NEW CREATURES created in Christ Jesus patterned after the righteous image and likeness of the holy Spirit of Jesus. (Ephesians 4:22-24). That is what happened to our spirits when we became born again in our heavenly man that is inside these bodies as Jesus' Spirit was inside and veiled behind his physical body.
        Our flesh nature  and our spirits nature in Christ Jesus are not one and the same in self and not one and the same in their nature. The spirit is holy in nature being born of the Spirit of God, but  our present flesh remains sinful flesh and is vile, corrupt, sinful and craves sin and we feel the war of these opposing natures and these two opposing men. One is a spirit man and the other is the flesh man just as Jesus demonstrated and showed the big difference of on the mount.
        So the conditions of the present sinful flesh are not to be our guide nor our guiding light in figuring out spiritual things or about spiritual definition. For Paul said, the spirit and the flesh desire opposite desires. You cannot learn rightly spiritual things by what the present flesh dictates. The fleshes sinful cravings are not called by Paul the deceitful lust for nothing.     The flesh with all its many unbridled lust can deceive you. If you try to figure things of the spirit by the things your flesh senses tell you and its carnal thinking, that will lead you into all kinds of spiritual error. Like it did Nicodemus, Jesus told him a spiritual truth of spirit reality when he saying, Nicodemus unless a man is born again you will not enter into the kingdom of God. Nicodemus' mind is all about flesh senses and flesh wisdom...Nic says to Jesus, How can a man be born again? Can he crawl back into his mothers womb and be born again? What at thought?? Lets not laugh. You and I back then would have probably said the same thing or something close after the flesh.That's all he knew and all we would have known to relate to those words. We need the Spirit of Jesus to teach us spiritual wisdom like he did to Paul. 
        Galations 5:16-17) This I say then, Walk after the Spirit and you will not fulfill the lust of the flesh. For the fleshes sinful desires fight and war against the Spirits holy desires, and the Spirits holy desires fight and war against the fleshes sinful desires AND THESE ARE CONTRARY AGAINST EACH OTHER  so that you find it hard to do the good that the holy Spirit and your infant new born holy spirit beckons you to do.
         So in this light we have learned thru Christ that the flesh and the spirit are not one and the same. Even at death we see the difference thru the severance. The body dies but the spirit lives on. Why. They are not one and the same man. The flesh man dies. The spirit man lives on.
         So the New Creature in Christ Jesus of 2 Corinthians 5:16-21 is found in our spirit man and nothing of the flesh. We must base everything about the New Creature in the spirit, by the Spirit of God and His Word and by the spiritual revelations Jesus gave Paul...Not by the deceitful feelings of the sinful flesh that will always try to make us think we are all bad and all evil with all its yuk sinful craving and emotions. For we christians who are born again in our spirits, who also are baptized with the sinless holy Spirit of the Lord, our flesh sometimes shows us its evil side thru its sinful craving, but the Sinless Spirit of God does not in any way mix, mingle, or blend with that sinful desire and association. Where then is the Lord when our flesh shows us its sinful side....He is hidden away with our spirit in compartments of grace and of heavenly places within and behind the veil of the flesh that few know about and few so little understand.........deno......share freely.

They Said.....Come Down Now Off The Cross.......deno.

You will never look at the gospel the same again after reading this given insight. Revealing what was at stake and what was on the line when The Word Became Flesh....Keeping it Real....deno.

        They said to Jesus, If you be the Christ, Come down now from the Cross.
        If only you would  read this.....and not just look at the pic....The Lord in this light has something he wants us all to see and to know....It reveals so much about the anxiety of Christ Jesus, the 2nd Adam sweating as it were drops of blood in the garden of his despair.

       And the blind said to Jesus when he was upon the Cross....If you be the Christ, the Son of God, save yourself. Come now down off the Cross.
        Had Jesus come down off that Cross and failed to fulfill the Words of God (The Scriptures) concerning the passions of the Christ, all hell would have erupted and broke loose on earth and into all the regions of heaven itself FOR THE FATHER AND JESUS WOULD HAVE BEEN FOUND TO BE LIARS and Satan in the great war would have been given even further incredible place. (Note this the first Adam's sin gave Satan the world and the souls of men..See Luke 4:5-6, 2 Corinthians 4:4, Revelations 13:1-2. Jesus Christ the Son of God, the  2nd Adam, had he lied or sinned or fell in temptation, he would have given Lucifer the Spirit and Soul of God, even the Throne, for that sin would have been God Committed and on that Highest level so would be the consequence).
       Satan did not come and temp Jesus just to be doing something that day. Satan knew the law of sin and death and the things that accompany transgression. If God sinned just one time against His own Word or commandments, there is the blemish and darkness would have been found in God, and the blood of the sacrifice tainted with sin impurity. That is why when Jesus said, Satan comes but he can find no flaw in me was more than just conversation material. It was a victory statement of the integrity of God warfare against God that Lucifer had launched against the King of heaven long ago in hope to bring the house down.
        Jesus the Son of God from heaven, was the only One who could be entrusted with such God Integrity SAFE KEEPING. The rest of us would have failed God MISERABLY BECAUSE OF OUR IMPURE SELFISH HEARTS. The throne of God was on the line in the integrity warfare and only a member of the Godhead who really understood the full of what was at stake concerning Gods throne and mans redemption, could  be entrusted with that HIGH CALLING that exceeds all callings.
........Only one in the Godhead becoming flesh could be entrusted with the fulfillment of all the words of God concerning Christ and his passion. Jesus thru all the rips and the pains sinned not, not even in his heart. You and I probably would have sinned in our hearts as soon as Lucifer  showed us all the kingdoms of the world with all THE MOST BEAUTIFUL OF ITS EVERYTHING. He has it down to perfection in causing sin to rise and to be committed in our hearts and just one sin of the heart would make the sacrifice blemished and unfit. Friends we owe Jesus all our love, honor and thanksgiving, for never sinning, not even in his heart no matter what sin and Satan threw at him. What a Savior.
       Believe it or not it is still true. All things of God are upheld from creation to the throne of God by the word of Gods Power and His Words perfect unfailing integrity upholding strength . For man, men, or God Himself to transgress Gods words and commandments IT IS SIN and it has grave/separation/robbing/self destructive consequences. 
       One jot or one tittle failing to come to pass would bring the whole house of God down from the throne down, for the Throne had committed transgression against itself. That is a mystery of truth revealed.
       If God ever lied or sinned, then follows the cryptonite effect. That's why we see the fright, the fear, and the soulish pressure in the garden of Christ despair as his mind and soul were under temptation being pressured to side step the Cross scriptures of the Word of God. Satan in his desperate fight for self survival was using all his darkness mind manipulation power to take Jesus captive in his thoughts to use fear and anxiety by the horrors of the Cross to pressure Jesus from drinking its cup. That would have been Word of God transgression for the Cross of Christ had been prophesied by the mouth of the Father and of the Son, even from the foundation of the world.
        If there ever was a chance for God to transgress His own Word this was it, the pressure of the Cross event. This was the hour of the power of darkness against the Son of God and also it was Lucifer's greatest opportunity in the warfare to possibly cause a lie in the Godhead. All Satan needed was one lie, one transgression and the Kings guilt would be as guilty of all. A liar is a liar and the lie Satan is the father of and the ruler over.          
       Had Jesus side stepped the scriptures concerning the Cross that would have been the greatest sin and Word of God Transgression far above all others and it would have given unto Lucifer the greater place of authority and dominion over the Son, even to the throne of His Authority and Dominion which he had been after for a long time. Satan took Adams kingdom and keys and dominion of authority away from him by ONE transgression, and he was after the keys to the kingdom of God and Jesus Christ, tempting Jesus the second Adam to sin thru the sight of his own blood and the pains of the mercy filled merciless Cross. The scripture says, for you have not yet resisted sin unto blood.  This scripture was written all about Jesus as he sweated as it were drops of blood mixed with sweat as he was being TEMPTED to NOT FULFILL PAST PROPHESIED THUS SAITH THE LORD WORDS OF GOD as to not drink the Cup of the Cross . Folks it was not the blood of the cross that was the temptation, it was the SIN NOT that he was resisting in that hour that Satan was pressuring Jesus in the mind and in the soul to TRANSGRESS A MIGHTY WORD & COMMANDMENT THAT GOD GAVE HIM to DRINK. Over and over again and again echoing in Christ mind and soul was what sounded like  Peters voice saying by Satan concerning the Cross ....BE IT FAR FROM YOU, BE  IT FAR FROM YOU.
      When Jesus was in the garden sweating like drops of blood under extreme pressure from the weighty pressures pressing against him hoping to keep His tasting the death of the Cross FAR FROM HIM, all the Powers of darkness were united together against him in the heavenly realms of the mind, soul, spirit and body. United in the warfare against the Son of God they were doing all they could to scare our Lord, our Hope, away from the cross of Christ Word of God scriptures, in hope that a jot and tittle of the Word of God would fail to come to pass. Then by that transgression Satan would have gotten the Second Adams keys to his kingdom also. But Christ kingdom has no limit in measure as Adams did. Christ kingdom as Creator of all of heaven and earth encompasses the whole creation, even the throne of the Creator. 
      As Satan came against Eve and Adam to transgress a Word of God, even so he came against Jesus in hope to cause him to sin against a commandment given him as well. The Cross of Christ was a commandment given Jesus by God and avoiding the cross would have been sin, it would have been transgression against a commandment. Gods command of His Son to taste the fullness of death by the way of the Cross was Satan's best opportunity for his temptation to possible work to cause 2nd Adam transgression whereby he would lay holt of the keys.
      Had Jesus backed away from the Cross and failed to fulfill its scriptures, this would have meant the delicate balance of Gods Word that upholds all things would have been upended and the root that upholds all things in creation would have fallen by the power of GOD HIMSELF LYING. GOD LYING would be the end of God as we know him and the creation as we know it. Well thank God Jesus went to the Cross and stayed on the Cross even when all the evil spirits that use men and live in their hearts and in their thinking kept taunting Jesus to come down off the Cross. Thank God Jesus resisted sin even when suffering incomparable anxiety, pain and suffering in blood for the sin of all the world. 
    We to my friends must not let anyone, friend, family or foe talk us into coming off of, or coming down from, or going around the gospel of the Cross of Christ for salvation. If Jesus came down off the Cross even the Father and Jesus himself would have suffered severe condemnation and tremendous FALL from perfect light for lying. If you or I come off the Cross truth and power, or come down off the way of the Cross of Christ, being deceived by the serpent by other ways to follow other means of salvation, we to then would be found to be liars and we would suffer the severity of the condemnation of those who cleave not to the Cross of Christ. Such would be FALLING FROM GRACE and that fall has no end for it is a bottomless pit.
        And the Serpent will say to us, If you are saved, If you are a child of God come now down off the Cross and go to other means to save yourself....To do so, to do that would be spiritual suicide.....Stay Crucified with Christ and Risen with Christ......All of redemption and the so great salvation happened thru Christ drinking the Cup of the Cross...We must remain in the faith eating His Bread and Drinking the blood of His Cup in remembrance of His Great Sacrifice and Overcoming or there is no eternal life in us....Keeping it real.....deno.....please share freely.