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Islamic Sexuality A Survey Of Evil.....Ann....America This Is Raw. Straight Foward. This Is Graphic. Rated R. But It Contains The Hidden Truth Of Islam and It's Evil Perversion. Watch and You WIll See..Ann Reveals Why We Can No Longer Go On Being Mr. Nice Guy About The Islamic Movement. Watch And You Will See & Understand Why...

And War Broke Out In Heaven. Americas Present Conflict......share freely....deno

        Revelations 12:7) And there was war in heaven: Michael and his angels (angels of the Lords army) fought against the dragon (the devil), and the dragon (the devil) fought and his angels (evil spirits) 8) And the devil lost the war though it was fierce for a while, neither was their place found anymore in heaven (they were cast out).....The next thing we notice is that Satan (the devil) was cast out of heaven to the earth and then we read in Revelations 12:13.17 that the devil makes war with the Jews and the reads) vs 13) And the devil persecuted the women (the Womb of Mary and of Israel) who gave birth to the Christ, vs 17) And the dragon (the devil) was enraged at the woman (who gave birth to the Christ on earth) and he went to make war against her offspring which keep the commandments of God and against those who believe and follow Jesus Christ (the Church).
         Now lets back up and read Revelations 12:9-12) All these scriptures above and the ones we are about to read below help explain and help clarify to us all this AntiJesus activity going on in America and in other nations today.
          Revelations 12:9-12) And the dragon (the devil) after losing the war he waged against God in heaven, he was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan which deceives the whole world; he was cast out into the earth, and his evil spirits were cast out also with him ( these are the spirits we wrestle with as told in Ephesians 6:10-18).  Revelations 12:10) And then I heard a loud voice saying in heaven, Now is come salvation and the kingdom of our God, and of THE POWER OF HIS CHRIST; for the accuser of our brethren is cast down, which accused them before God day and night. 11) And they (THE ACCUSED ONES) overcame him by THE BLOOD of the LAMB, and by the confession of their faith in the Christ, and they stayed faithful and true to Jesus even unto their death. 12) Therefore rejoice (let there be a joyful celebration in the heart) by the saints and the angels in heaven, and by the people (the Christians) that dwell on the earth. There is always a great feeling when victory is won over the devil whether a personal triumph or a group triumph. But we must always be wise to the second round of the battle. As it is written, And left the devil left Jesus to return later.
      (Now after that celebration comes another warfare warred against the church. A storm of persecution rises against the Jews and the Christians on the earth). vs 12).....Woe to the inhabitants of the earth and of the sea! for the devil is come down unto you FEAR FILLED, IN PANIC, and IS VERY ANGRY, because he knows that he has only a short time left. (short time left before his burn in the fire of the wrath of the Lord against him).
         Satan right now is in panic mode. He is feeling the anxiety and the stress and pressure of the fact that he can tell that he only has a short time left before the Angel comes and imprisons him within the torments prepared for him due to his rebellion against 100% True Love and against 100% Unselfishness- against God. This is the main reason for all this hostility in America in the present hour of the conflict that has risen against the Name and faith of Jesus Christ. 
       It is alarming how America (the saints here) does not understand the deep depths of Satan inside this nation at this hour from the top down though the devils pack and their works are masqueraded every where, being very obvious, and even with all in your face boldness. 
       There is satanical stealth going on all over this nation to crack, remove, and to break apart the spiritual foundations and the pillars of Christ and of Christianity in this country that America was founded upon and that has been the strength of our nation for a hundreds of years. If Satan can bring down Christianity in America where the light of the faith of the Son of God has been the brightest that the world has ever know since the resurrection of Jesus Christ, if he can prevail here, the negative domino effect of that will strike all the nations of the world and they will scream for GIGANTIC HELP....Guess who shows up them? You got it, THE ANTICHRIST HIMSELF.....
        Pray in Jesus Name Always. Pray in Jesus Name for the Peace of Jerusalem and Pray for America that we resist the devil to the degree that he loses here as he did in heaven. Our nation can still be GOD FAVORED if we cast the devil out as God did in heaven. Jesus said, take My Name and in My Name cast the devil out. The Lords name is the only name that can stop the devil in his tracks and cast him out. That is the core reason why all this hostility against the use of the NAME OF JESUS CHRIST  in present America. Political correctness is substance of AntiChrist weaponry and material.
       But friends, VICTORY over the devil will not happen by a whisper or the way of sugary sweet Christianity that has no real courage. We must become mighty men and women of valor in the Spirit and in the natural, strong in faith, strong in the Lord and in the power of His Name, Might and Strengths that the devil is no match for. We must be believers that are believing and that know our God and we do exploits in HIS NAME. Remember in our scriptures that a war, a conflict, ca major battle broke out in heaven, in the spiritual heavenly places of God. We are going to have to become spiritual warfare intense in the Spirit, in prayer and in our onward march in Christ Jesus. If we do, then while the devil is in severe panic on the earth, WE AS STRONG CHRISTIANS ARE IN SEVERE HAPPINESS AND REJOICING for the Joy of the Lord is our strength and we know that our great redemption draweth nigh. Resist the devil (correctly) and he will flee from you is an unbreakable scripture. Gods truth and integrity backs it. And Jesus said, But when the Son of Man returns, will He find faith on the earth? Ephesians 6:16 tells us that FAITH will quench every attack and work of the devil no matter how fiery or enraged it is...Jesus Is Lord. Do everything in HIS NAME PAUL SAID..Paul understood why.....deno......share....freely.

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Deno Honours His Dad....He is in heaven now, but what a blessing he was. OUR DAD.

It Is Well With My Soul.......deno.......share freely.

      As God stilled those hungry lions for Daniel in the lions den to where they did him no harm, even so likewise Jesus, thru the blood of His Cross, stills the wrath of God from getting to those of us who believe and have set our love upon him.
       Thru the blood of His Cross and thru the power of our Lords resurrection, we can say in faith with confidence, IT IS WELL WITH MY SOUL.  Even as it is written, Jesus gave himself for us to deliver us from this present evil world and he has saved us from the wrath to come......deno......share freely.

Let Us Return Unto The Lord And He Will Have Mercy Upon Us. And Unto Our God For He Will Abundantly Pardon Us.......deno....share freely

      Isaiah the fore telling prophet, fore seeing by the Spirit of the Lord the Cross of Christ, it's purposes, and the peoples reactions to their visitation from the Lord, he wrote, "All we like sheep have GONE ASTRAY, each one of us following our on dreams, and the Lord hath laid on Jesus the blow to bring us back (Isaiah chapters 53,54). He also wrote, We thought that Jesus was stricken by God for blaspheme because He said He was the Son of God, but oh the opposite was the real truth. He was stricken and wounded for OUR SINS & INIQUITIES. For the transgressions of His people Christ was stricken and crucified, nor for himself. For concerning Himself He never sinned one transgression. Holy is His Name and so matching that Name is to all His record. Even as the people themselves testified of Jesus saying, This man doeth all things well. Jesus sinned not.
       But all of us Isaiah said went away from the Lord, and most of us and Israel had left the Lord by deceptions, or by our own choice having loved this present world, fleeing from the presence and grace of the Lord. Then Isaiah said the GRACE OF GOD GOOD NEWS,  he wrote, "and the Lord laid on Jesus this iniquity of us all."(THE RECONCILING BLOW).
         By the cross God planned to win us back and to bring us back as we recognize the great love that the Cross of Christ magnifies to us from heaven, from the throne of God. I came down from heaven Jesus said, to do My Fathers Will...THE CROSS.....And concerning the the Cross of Christ, Christ went from His Throne in glory to the Cross on earth all because GOD SO LOVED THE WORLD, every man and woman, every boy and girl....John 3:16-17.
        In the day of Israels face to face visitation from the Lord of heaven, Jesus found that many of the children of Israel had left the way of the Lord. Their hearts were FAR FROM HIM although they were ROBED IN RELIGION & IN RELIGIOUS TRADITIONS filled with man made up oracles that had become MORE ESTEEMED by elders of Israel more than the actual Word of the Lord. They were so far off the correct PATH that they were blind from their pulpits down. They were so lost and so far gone astray that Jesus testified to this fact, as He called them the lost sheep of the house of Israel, having elders who are blind making them all fall into the ditch for their lack of needful sight. 
        They were so far away  from the Lord that even when the Lord himself was right in their midst visiting them face to face with Power and healings and miracles that no other man ever did, that the scripture records their response,  "He came unto His own but His own did not receive Him." Like Jesus said to the woman of Samaria, "Woman if you only knew who it was that was speaking to you." And to others He cried, Behold a greater One than Solomon is here." And in John He said, I am not of this world for I came down from heaven. These words they chewed on but spat out.
        What did they end up doing to their Lord that had come to visit them as the scriptures fore told he would and to do them good?  They mocked and scoffed at him and they crucified him with hammer and nails upon that Cross and they beat and whipped Him with rods and with the whips of their rejection from their blindness that had been formed by Satan within them (John 8:44).  
       And what was Gods response to them for nailing His Son to the Cross and for laying the Lord (His Son) aside to follow vanities in blindness? Well in the midst of the fiery darts that they shot at Him from their rejection, one day the Lord rose up as like unto His glorious rising as the King of kings upon heavens throne positioned on earth and made THE KINGS DECREE. He said to them face to face, Behold Oh Israel, fasten your attention on these words for YOUR HOUSE is now left you desolate. In other words empty of the Lords presence. Shortly thereafter the curtain of the old covenant He tore in twain from top to bottom, which also IN PART signifying that God was tearing up HIS OLD CONTRACT WITH THEM, like unto how the kingdom was torn away from king Saul and given unto another and only a remnant in Israel was to this day called THE FOUND OF THE LORD, but the Gentiles found Him mightily and His grace was multiplied to all the other nations of the earth, even to this day. 
      But is there hope for Israel WHO CRUCIFIED THE LORD IN UNBELIEF? Is there hope for any people, who even were cut off from the Lord and grace and struck with such wrath that their lives were disassembled, their safety net removed, and their security rattled to the core because of their sins and unbelief? For behold oh Israel the Lord said, Your house is now left you desolate, meaning empty of the Lord. And you shall not see me again, not until you cry, blessed is He who comes in the Name of the Lord. Well the answer is in those words. Yes there  is hope for people,  if they will return unto Him and Cry about Jesus, Blessed is Jesus who came to us in the Name of the Lord.
        And if they or any of us that left the Lord for the world, for the pleasure of sins and of vanity, or from being deceived, if we come to our senses and Gods senses and cry those words unto the Lord from the heart, HOW CLOSE can we come back unto Him after all that embarrassing ugly and pig like mess our foolishness and turning away from the Lord got ourselves into? How will He treat us? Will He say to us, NO? Will He say to us,  Come this close but no further? Would the Lord draw a line like that?  We learn from the scriptures that HE WOULD NOT DRAW SUCH A LINE. Praise be to God.
       We learn that He would not but would show amazing grace and love upon that soul. In Luke 15:11-31, vs 19-20 Jesus taught about the foolish son of a great father. He taught that that son seemed to have an itch for sin and for thing of the flesh, and for the world. That son having that itch, we he got to the heart place that he just had to have that itch scrateched. That son took his inheritance, he left his fathers great house, and lost it all thru wild, unrestrained, unwise, and irresponsible living,
       Well after loosing it all, having no more food or comforts above a pigs style life style, such broke he and his hard headiness down and he cried wanting to return home. He takes off on his journey home, which is every time folks, the journey of the heart and not so much the feet. Coming back home from being before FAR  FROM GOD, his Great Father  sees him and takes off RUNNING to His Son with NO LINES DRAWN to the embrace or to the measure of the return unto God. Jesus said, that the Father (God) sees the heart of His lost son returning to Him and the Lord takes off RUNNING, he takes off RUNNING TO His child and even PUTS HIS LOVING ARMS AROUND HIM and kisses his child on the cheek and pours out all His love UPON HIS RETURNED SON in the form of all HIS BEST and honors His son or daughter that has returned home to Him from FAR AWAY DISTANCES in HIS BIGGEST AND BEST GRACE FILLED WAY. For He that went to the Cross for this son, well His feet hurt no more. He runs to show us HIS LOVE IN FULL LOVE OF GOD STRIDE. Friends our God and Savior is SO GOOD.
       Also we find in Zechariah 10:1-12  Gods response to the house of Judah, and the house of Joseph who had become the house of desolation, empty of the Lord because THEY HAD CAST HIM OFF. He said in verse 6). The Lord Himself Speaking said, And I will strengthen Judah, and I will SAVE the house of Joseph, and I will bring them again (THE RECONCILIATION) TO THIS POSITION & PLACE THEM AGAIN in My Vineyard. For I will HAVE MERCY upon them; this mercy shall be SO GREAT that before Me they and things between us SHALL BE AS THOUGH THEY NEVER WENT ASTRAY, AND AS IF THEY WERE NEVER CAST OFF FROM ME WHEN I REBUKED THEM IN MY ANGER AGAINST THEM BECAUSE OF THEIR SINS AND UNBELIEF.  FOR I AM THE LORD, and I will hear the cry of their hearts and I WILL HAVE MERCY.
       I so like that. God is able AND WILLING and WANTS all PEOPLE that are far from Him and that have GONE ASTRAY to cry unto Him. He wants them to Call upon His Name saying BLESSED IS JESUS WHO CAME TO US IN THE NAME OF THE LORD. He want us to return unto Him with our hearts, no matter whether we are sitting on the pews of the sanctuary, or on the bar stools in Sin & Satans play grounds. He wants our hearts to come home, for it is not what the lips always say that honors the Lord, and IT IS NOT the place or location of a persons body;  BUT WITH GOD THE TRUE TRUTH OF EVERY MAN IS ALL ABOUT THE HEART and the heart of every man GOD READS PERFECTLY. He wants us all to RETURN to HIM with all our hearts, with all our hearts whether broken, shattered, wounded, or that has even suffered in the past a faith heart attack, so that He can show us His love, and pour out His GRACE & KINDNESS upon us and honor us as though we never had gone astray as written in Zechariah 10:6, and in the story of the prodigal son that Jesus taught us.  Folks, truly God is Love and God is a good and gracious to all that call upon His Name the Name of Jesus Christ..Just like He promised us in Isaiah 55:6-7) vs 6) Seek the Lord while He may be found, CALL UPON HIM while He is near. vs7) Let the wicked forsake his ways, and the unrighteous man his thoughts of to do evil, and let him RETURN unto the LORD, and THE LORD WILL HAVE MERCY UPON HIM, and LET US RETURN UNTO OUR GOD, for He will ABUNDANTLY PARDON US......Jesus Is Lord......Amen.....please share freely with someone you love and that may need these restoring words. God Bless You in Jesus Name.....deno.

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Latter Rain Prayer. Please Pray This Prayer with Us.....Thank you...deno.....share freely.

Please join us in this prayer.....

       Father in Jesus Name, let these days on earth be days where our cups overflow with the Presence and Spirit of the Lord and great grace upon us all. Cause these days to be the days of the latter rain of the riches of Christ glory and grace where our hearts overflow with the Spirit of the Lord in great oneness of heart and of mind with Christ our all in all.  Make us Your church the fountain of God on earth from which flows the Living Waters of the the Spirit of the Lord as mighty rivers Christ love, joy, of life and of healing, and of restorations and refreshing's from the Lord Presence and replenishments of faith that flows far beyond our banks into every heart, every home, every street, every town and city, every state, thru out our entire nation and to the four corners of the earth. With this flood of Gods glory and of Christ living waters of life, grace, and of salvation give us a GREAT & MIGHTY NET where by billions of souls are fished with YOUR GLORIOUS GOSPEL and caught and brought into the kingdom of God everlasting. In Jesus Name Amen.

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This Settles It. Mohammed verses Jesus..Jesus Wins. CASE CLOSED......deno.....share freely.

         FROM THE SCRIPTURES.......By His death and resurrection Jesus stripped Satan of all his power and of all the authority that he had over mankind (Acts 26:15-18, Colossians 1:12-13). Jesus then ascended unto the Father (John 20:11-18) and by God the Father he was anointed as King of kings and Lord of lords forever. He was exalted and anointed by God with the oil of gladness ABOVE everyone else (Hebrews 1:1-14). He was given a name which is forever ABOVE every name (Philippians 2:8-11). And God said unto his Son Jesus Christ by whom he MADE ALL THE WORLDS, He said to Jesus, Your Throne Oh God is FOREVER AND EVER (Hebrews 1:1-14).  Mohammed just lost double big time.
        The Spirit of the Lord said that God exalted Jesus forever as FAR ABOVE ALL. Then after all these FAR ABOVE ALL EXALTATION'S of the Father to His Risen Son Jesus Christ, Jesus went and appeared to His church, the disciples and said to them, ALL POWER AND ALL AUTHORITY is given unto ME both in heaven and in earth (Matthew 28:18).....This my friends settles it. Jesus Christ Is King of kings and Lord of lords. Jesus sits with the Father ON THE THRONE OF GOD....No other prophet, priest, or king can come close to the FAR ABOVE ALL POSITION AND GLORY OF JESUS CHRIST GODS WORLD OVERCOMING, DEATH OVERCOMING, SATAN CRUSHING SON by whom also He created all things by (Hebrews 1:1-2, John 1:1-4, Colossians 1:12-19).

        Not Moses, Not Elijah, Not Samson. Not King David nor Solomon, Nor Buddha, Nor Mohammed nor any other man or angel can fit those MIGHTY SHOES as to sit with the Father upon the Throne of God as Son of God, Redeemer, the Mighty God, the Prince of Peace, the Lord of heaven, Creator of all of heaven an earth, Savior, The origin of all things... ONLY JESUS CHRIST.....CASE CLOSED.... (Read John 1:1-14, Ephesians 1:15-23, Philippians 2:5-11, Hebrews 1:1-14, Revelations 1:8, Revelations 1:17-18)......deno......share freely.

Heeding The Call....The Ten Commandments (10/10) Movie CLIP - The Burning Bush (1956) HD

God & Moses Parts the Sea - The Ten Commandments (6/10) Movie CLIP (1956) HD

Angels Super Rejoice Factor......deno.......share freely.

          If you have a whole lot to repent about that you have gathered up against you over the years, well you then qualify for some GREAT NEWS. Jesus said, those that are forgiven much LOVE MUCH. They love the Lord that had great compassion on them even more. And His word also assures us of this truth also. Angels super rejoice when the chiefest of sinners repent and believe the gospel and return unto the Lord.    
          I'm praying for the meanest, even the most in the dark atheist, the most vicious, ruthless, wildest, and baddest monsters of men and women to repent and believe the good news that is in Christ Jesus and return unto the Lord and be filled with the Holy Spirits Power and Love. We and the world need such love that would be there's. What great testimonies shall the world here of such grace filled conversions bringing glory to the Lord our Redeemer...So Be It Father in Jesus Name. Please join us in this prayer.....deno.....share freely.

Jesus Then Opened Up Their Eyes So That They Could Understand The Scriptures......deno.......share freely.

        Until the veil is removed off the eyes, God could look like a double minded monster in the bible. That is why so many atheist use negative scriptures to try to demean the Lord and to demean that God is love. They, being blind, having that veil still over their eyes cannot see the goodness of God and His love in Christ. They are not able to rightly divide nor properly connect the scriptures from the redemption point of view, from the Spirit of the Lord. It's all a big blaah to them. God being love makes no sense to them by the natural look of things.
        Listen carefully....Only until Jesus opened the eyes of those men, his closest disciples, that had been with Him every day for the past three years, only then were they able to understand the scriptures of the Christ and of Gods love and the wisdom of God in the Cross of Christ, ONLY THEN...How much more in the dark are those then that have not faith? How much more then does the world NOT SEE THE LOVE AND THE GLORY OF GOD SHINNING FROM AND TO THE FACE OF JESUS CHRIST seeing they have not the Spirit of the Lord or grace? Those in darkness cannot see.

       Since therefore the believers were helpless without the Lord giving them His Spirit and grace to open their eyes and to make sense of it all, how much then in the dark  are the minds of those who do not believe....Thank God for opening our eyes and for giving us His Holy Spirit and grace in Christ Jesus....deno.....share freely.

The Word of the Lord.....Forgive All......deno......share freely.

       A forgiven man that refuses to forgive others, that man contains resurrection power. He resurrects his own past sins that were forgiven. Remember what Jesus taught us about the person that was forgiven much yet he turned right around and grabbed the neck of those that owed him something. That wicked person that Jesus forgave, Jesus fetched him and had him thrown into prison to pay for all his crimes and sins and all that he owed the Lord.....Forgive All.....deno.

Comfort Zion WIth Words Of Truth.....deno.....share freely.

         Comfort Zion with words of truth. Those who thirst give them living water to drink and those who hunger give them the bread of life. Those who are rejoicing, rejoice with them, and those who are strong join in their strength. Let the wondering soul be shown the guidance of My  light and let those that walk astray feel the Shepherds hook. He that is in the wrong, Correct with the Truth and  she that refuses let her heart feel the sharpness of My Sword. For the earth is filled with a madness to sin and to do so without restraint, and the pulpits upon the hills burn for their refusal to rebuke. The hour of My Fire has come....Jesus Is Lord.
           A man of mercy must be merciful and a woman so forgiven must keep no record of any wrong. He that is merciful shall obtain the mercy of the Lord, and she that forgives keeps undone her own past guilt and shame. Let not a  man or womans sins re-congregate...Forgive All......deno.....share freely.

Fire From The Spirit Of The Lord.....deno.....share freely.

         Fire from the Spirit of the Lord.......The Lord said I will strip the blinders off of My children and off the eyes of the world so that every soul will come face to face with the honesty of the real truth that God sees of the heart. The real love of every persons heart shall be revealed as fire purifies and brings to surface the true gold. No layers of lies or fronts shall be able to hide or cover up what God is piercingly after in that hour, for in that hour are the judgements of His scrutiny. The true truth and the true love of every persons heart shall be revealed.
        Friends because of all this truth and fire, let us give thanks that Christ blood hides the multitude of sins. Only His Precious Blood does so.....Without Christ blood cleansing us of all unrighteousness we are all totally stripped and naked that day and all our sins and heart impurities exposed for sight, for judgement, and for sentencing.
        LET US THANK GOD FOR THE PRECIOUS BLOOD OF CHRIST OUR PASSOVER LAMB. His Blood Hides The Multitude Of Sins. This to is why Peter called Christ Blood Precious and our salvation by His Blood a So Great Salvation. The Lord will not embarrass His own. Now that is GOOD NEWS for the believers, but the fire against the unbelievers leaves them in grief, in sorrow, in weeping with gnashing of teeth......deno.....share freely.
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Shout It Upon The House Tops......deno.....share freely.

       Had Jesus not said a Word. Had he gone to the Cross and paid the price but nothing was ever said about it. Had it all been done in total silence, then all his blood, death and resurrection power would have benefited none of us. That is why it is SO IMPORTANT to PREACH the GOSPEL.
        Jesus, Paul and the angels confirm this truth that the gospel has to BE PROCLAIMED AND PREACHED to benefit and that gospel preached must be believed in order for any of us to profit from it and to connect to the power that is in the blood, death, and resurrection of Christ (Read Hebrews 4:2)(Romans 10:13-17).
        Christ preached constantly. He was not silent from the beginning of his ministry to the resurrection. He spoke openly the gospel because He knew His Words are the connection point to the power of the Cross and they are the bridge between God and man. This is why Satan wants the preaching of the gospel and the calling upon the name of Jesus Christ to cease or at least be minimized.
        Silent Christians are powerless. A candle under a bushel has no calling in the scriptures. At least groan within yourself now and then and thank God for those who shout it upon the house tops.....Love and Truth is speaking to us. 

        Pray for and support your Pastors, Teachers, and Preachers. By so doing you help them shout it upon the house tops and you will be rewarded. Also clicking the share button is an Action and Voice noted in heaven......deno.....share freely.
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The Scriptures...Hebrews 2:1-4 ERV) So Great Salvation....deno....share freely.

Hebrews 2:1-4Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)
Our Salvation Is Greater Than the Law.

1)So we must be more careful to follow what we were taught. We must be careful so that we will not be pulled away from the true way (Trusting in Jesus Christ and him crucified and risen from the dead). 2) The teaching that God spoke through angels was shown to be true. And every time his people did something against that teaching, they were punished for what they did. They were punished when they did not obey that teaching. 3) So surely we also will be punished if we don’t pay attention to the salvation we have that is so great. It was the Lord Jesus who first told people about it. And those who heard him proved to us that it is true. 4) God also proved it by using miraculous signs, wonders, and all kinds of miracles. And he proved it by giving people various gifts through the Holy Spirit in just the way he wanted.....share freely.

UPDATED..Finding Sweet Rest To Our Past # 2.....deno.....share freely.

        Jesus said to Peter, What I have cleansed let know one call unclean. In other places God Swore saying, "I will be MERCIFUL unto their unrighteousness and their sins and their iniquities will I never remember NO MORE."In Hebrews 1:3 we also read something very interesting to eyes opened. Lord open our eyes. It says, "And after Jesus had by himself purged us from our sin HE SAT DOWN, he sat down at the right hand of God." That also means this, that after Jesus forgave us and cleansed us so perfectly clean (THAT'S WHAT TO PURGE OUR SIN MEANS) that he SAT DOWN about them.They were no more an issue between us and God so He entered into PERFECT REST about them. He cleansed us, He forgave us, and then He went back up into the throne of God and carrying us IN HIS HEART and IN HIM and we together sat down (Ephesians 2:1-10).
        Each and every time Jesus forgives us, cleanses us, and purges us in His own blood, the final result is ALWAYS THE SAME. We are perfectly forgiven, perfectly cleansed, and perfectly purged and we are to both enter into PERFECT REST about them. What I have cleansed saith the Lord, let no man call unclean, NOT EVEN THE MAN HIMSELF.
        Friends, In the throne of God is perfect peace and perfect rest. Jesus purges us so clean that we could even, AS HIS FLESH AND BONE, we could with Him and by Him sit with Him in the throne of God our Father. THAT IS PERFECTLY CLEAN. Does that amaze you? Well the same One that is sitting on the throne, His same Holy Spirit lives in our hearts right now which are the Lords other throne. Christ in you the hope of glory REMEMBER. There in the throne in glory, or here in the throne of our hearts Jesus, His Holy Spirit is the same yesterday, today and forever.
         Friend you can enter into the Lords own rest about your sins to. You need not to keep kicking yourself in the head about them. It is time for that torment to cease about your past and it is time for you to sit down about them as well and enter into Christ own sweet rest about them. For since Jesus can enter into perfect rest about them, surely we can to, after all He is the Judge and if the Judge sets you free you are FREE INDEED...Shouting Time. Praise God.
         Those who are forgiven they are forgiven indeed. God (As He Promised) remembers our sins NO MORE. Now that is Gods perfect rest about them, REMEMBERING THEM NO MORE...... Let THAT be our rest about them to. After all, that is what His rest was established for in the first place, FOR OUR PEACE with God and for our release from all fears and condemnation worries. Jesus did not go to the cross to have peace with HIMSELF, with God. He already had that, WE ARE THE ONES THAT NEEDED IT and we have it in Christ Jesus. There is power in the blood of Jesus.....Amen....Jesus Is Lord......deno......share freely.

Finding Sweet Rest From Our Past.....deno......share freely.

       Jesus said to Peter, What I have cleansed let know one call unclean. In other places God Swore saying, "I will be MERCIFUL unto their unrighteousness and their sins and their iniquities will I never remember again." In Hebrews 1:3 we also read, And after Jesus had by himself purged us from our sin HE SAT DOWN at the right hand of God. That also means that he forgave us and cleansed us so perfectly clean (THAT'S WHAT TO PURGE OUR SIN MEANS) that he could enter into PERFECT REST about them back into the throne of God. In the throne of God is perfect rest.
         Friend you can enter into the Lords own rest about your sins to. You need not to keep kicking yourself in the head about them. It is time for that torment to cease about your past and it is time for you to sit down about them as well and enter into Christ own sweet rest about them. For since Jesus can enter into perfect rest about them, surely we can to, after all He is the Judge and if the Judge sets you free you are FREE INDEED.
       Those who are forgiven they are forgiven indeed. God (As He Promised) remembers our sins no more. Now that is perfect rest about them.....Amen....Jesus Is Lord......deno......share freely.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

A Major Deception that Jesus wants us to wake up to......share freely......deno.

       Time was winding down for Jesus' earthly days on earth. The cross was just ahead. The time for Jesus to shed the redeeming blood and to taste death for every man by the cross  was at hand, and some final words were being said during the count down while he was still in the likeness of our flesh. Soon after the resurrection He would be conversing with them as with us, AFTER THE SPIRIT, in the spirit. The Spirit of truth would come. The other Comforter He would send and that sent Comforter (The Spirit of truth), He would lead and guide us into all truth. He would do so gently and filled with grace and he would give us understanding in all things. But first, Christ had to give up the ghost, the Spirit of the Lord, thru the prophesied way of the Cross. Knowing all this, Jesus sets the disciples down and he speaks.
        Jesus told the disciples so many different things in those final days and hours. Some of those things we need to note and let their purpose, even their alarm, have their place in our spiritual understanding. Here is one of them.
         Jesus told the disciples, THE CHURCH, in John 16:2 that there would come a time on earth that people would rise up and come against the Christians, thinking and believing in their hearts, that they are doing Gods work, and Gods will, and Gods business and service. In these words Jesus reveals to us the deepest power of satanical placed deceptions in peoples hearts and in their minds. They, even meaning well, believe with all their heart that they are pleasing God, and that they are serving God in what they do, but in their end, when they give up the ghost by whatever means that they do,  they die in their sin and go down instead of going up. That my friend is the ultimate horrific level of deceptions many hurts from its evils. To give your life and to give all your all to something you believed with all your heart to be right and correct, only to find out at your earthen days end, that you were misled and deceived by a sly demonic spirit who had religiously or non religiously tricked you. That my friend is the worse kind of nightmare, for you are dealing with the heaven and hell issue. People by the millions to the billions of souls such has been their case, even the case of most of the worlds populous.
         These people that we are talking of, some of them were taken down by strong family ties, while others were taken down by their emotional attachment to their national or family traditions. They were caught in the trap of their earthly cultures, and those cultures teachings about what they thought or promoted to be either of wise men of old that they were taught to highly esteem and to reverence, or from divine things and  inspirations taught them by others deceived people. Buddha and Mohammed and Harry Krishna are three of the formations of those things of which we speak . 
        Paul said of some of these,  that Satan deceived them religiously, by transforming himself  as a messenger from heaven, of light, and of righteousness. Others he tricked thru life's natural course that raises up so many questions by those who are not anchored in the truth. These folly in the thoughts and questions of where did we come from? How did we get here? or Who or what is God? or Is there even a God? Some try to explain things by all natural means and by man made up best guesses and imaginations in theory forms. Others just love their fantasies and they want everybody to just leave them alone about them. They even hate the name of Jesus Christ because to them He stands for things contrary to the things they love and is an enemy to the things they love to fantasize about. Like Jesus said, men hate what He preaches because their hearts love darkness more than light.
         Then there are also these and right here and right now America, THIS IS ALARM TIME. There are people who say they believe in the Lord Jesus Christ but live as though they serve another Master, and these after showing off most of their silky shiny flesh on stage, on the streets or elsewhere, and after strutting, dancing, and singing songs who lyrics are formed by serpents of sin and visible raw temptation, they come up to the mic afterwards,  after being highly applauded and highly rewarded for their struts in the sinful flesh, and say into the mic, I thank the Lord for this and I thank God for that and for all this talent, this song and dance, and for this great success, yet the real unveiled truth of the matter is, Satan hosted that show in the sinful flesh and the whole event from its root to the fruit, and not at all the real Lord Jesus Christ,  nor did the true Holy God of Israel have anything to do with it, with all that sin. For the scriptures plainly tell is all that the eyes of the Lord are TO PURE to look upon sin. He can never praise or applaud sin or it's look and pleasures. The Lord cannot agree with or walk with any form of sin, temptation, and wrong. It is deception to for any of us to think so and yet it is sad to say it but our generation has been full of this deceptions way of thinking.
        But these, just like those we mentioned above that Jesus said will do things, even kill Christians believing and thinking in their hearts and minds that God is with them and that He is in total agreement with all those killings. They believe that they are doing Gods work and business in killing those Christians BUT THEY ARE SO DEAD WRONG AND SO  DEEPLY DECEIVED.
        Even so, now lets us listen to this. Even so trying to warn those in the music industry, the movie industry, and other businesses that Jesus does not and is not involve with what they sing, dance, say and do, due to the sin and the darkness in them, THEY WILL GET MAD AT YOU, even real mad at you  though you speak to them the truth in love. Their flesh and their earthly fantasy about the Lord gets riled up. And these, they become offended just like Jesus said.
        Friends, listen. If a porn star went to a porn awards show and received several awards and trophies for her top several porn performances and after  being applauded for all that, she takes to the mic and says, I just want to thank God and thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for blessing me with this talent and all this success, all praise be unto to him. Wouldn't you think she is way off base, and far from the real truth? She would be amongst the most deceived. 
       Well so it is with any of us that think living in sin and making money by sins business and movies, and by sin filled lyrics in songs, we to are so greatly deceived if we go to the mic and thank God and Jesus for that success. The Lord cannot fellowship or approve of any form of sin and of darkness small or great. That is contrary to every thing He and His sceptre of righteousness and His throne stands for. He can and will forgive sin thats for sure, but He will never condone sin or approve of it, invent it, promote it, or fellowship with it, NOR REWARD IT or APPLAUD IT. He is not a kingdom divided against himself, SO LETS ALL WAKE UP TO RIGHTEOUSNESS and SIN NOT. Holy is the Lord.
        Why call Me Lord Lord when you do the very opposite of what I stand for, saith the Lord. How can light blend and fellowship with darkness? Come out from amongst them and be different saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean things, and then I will receive you. 
         Because of the Lords love I write this. Amen. (Read James 4:1-10).....deno.....share freely.

Even Perfect Love Draws Lines So Forgive........deno.......share freely.

         Please Please Let us all Understand and lets grasp this so important light..........Love, even the love of God draws lines and those lines that Gods love draws are the reasons and the why there is a heaven and a hell and a great in between, and why there is a freedom and an imprisonment, a prayer answered or a prayer ignored (HELLO). Please understand that.
          So many of us have thought or do think that Gods love is without drawn lines and that is just not biblically correct or true. Love, perfect love gave us His love rules and orders and said be ye doers of the love and not just hearers only. For instance, If we do not forgive everyone from the heart their sins and trespasses against us GOD DRAWS THE LINE. In that unwillingness to forgive, God draws a line with us and He (Perfect Love Himself) positions us as the UNFORGIVEN, so be sure to FORGIVE ALL. To not do so puts us in a very bad place or condition to be in. A line was drawn.. Read Mark 11:23-26..
          How much more shall the world suffer behind Perfect Loves Drawn Lines that mock and spit in the face of Jesus Christ His Son on the Cross..Love, Perfect Love does draw lines, even everlasting ones good or bad, up or down. So just because God is love and that we are believers, such is not to be interpreted as ANYTHING GOES. That is a deceiving statement or thought that possesses the mind of to many. So repent, forgive, trust, and obey. Amen.....deno.....share freely.

The AntiChrist Is Plowing Up The Ground of the Earth........share freely....deno

Do you want to hear the truth? Can you handle the truth?

      Traditions have to be challenged and changed. Trees of power have to be uprooted and rearranged. Some trees have to fall while other trees have to rise. Ground has to be plowed with disk. Old crops removed to give way to the new one. Why? For the seeds of the AnitChrist to be planted for the new crop of his agenda on the earth.
        All these traditional ways beings challenged; all this change going on in the world, to Europe, to Americas normal stand for Israel, for Jesus, and for biblical morals and holiness definitions redefined, and the way we govern
here and abroad; all this unraveling of power and changes is the plowing up of the worlds ground for the great shift of power to change the worlds traditional pillars, ways, and seasons of power for the AntiChrist up and coming crop for his stage appearance and takeover of the worlds main throne. You can smell it in the air and feel it in the wind of the Lord that reveals. The Lord is speaking even thru the events.
       The AnitChrist spirit is big today upon the earth. It is challenging the faith of Jesus Christ which is the real saving truth. It is stirring up troubles and problems on the earth to give reason for HIS so called Messianic Lying Voice. After all, he is coming to save something, but not so much the soul, but more so worldly lust and dreams thru the signs and thru lying wonders that are a demonic spin mimicking the divine. It is plowing the ground, uprooting the traditional trees of power and rearranging traditional ways of doing things and seasons to make the great shift for his new and for his unveiling. The world in sweat and in tears will marvel.
        Strange how it is that this President with all the changes of his to our traditional way of doing things in house and abroad, caught in so many lies that are obvious to even the whole world, and caught in so many obvious cover ups, and even crimes against the Constitution constantly being inflicted upon it, just seems to have a strange mystical sedating effect on the Senate and the Congress and others who have the power and the full Constitutional authority to stop him and to hold him in check and accountable BUT DON'T. Even Jesus had John the baptist to prepare the ground and the way for the Lords entrance REMEMBER. 

       The false Christ, the antiChrist will have fore runners to plow the worlds governing ground for his change that is coming to the world...HELLO. Only a serious and mighty resisting him stand from the Christians, THE SALT in America can stop him and the antiChrist spirit in our nation. But it seems even we are under a strange sedation to chase the gold and the silver above what is really the need of this hour and so we sit back and let come what may as long as our personal streets are laced with the silver and the gold. Oh we gripe about what is going on but we do so without rocks in our slings. 
         Christians it is time for us to IN THE SPIRIT SLING UP and in the Name of the Lord FACE THIS GIANT for our children in America. You cannot expect the Left to do this, they are already putty in the deceivers hands and believe me, their weapons are loaded for the warfare. It is up to what WE ALLOW (the saints). 
       Folks it is not hard to do. We just must COME TOGETHER as Christians and as His One Mighty Voice In Jesus Name and Agree That America Will Not Fall to the AntiChrist as we march as One in America and lawfully proclaim and vote everything Jesus and our Nation Remains Jesus' Mighty Voice On The Earth. 
       Listen the core reason why all this present hate talk and racism going on in this nation. is not a surface reason but it is Satan in the plowing of the ground,  trying to keep all the Christians both black and white believers separated and apart and in a hostile mode between each other because he knows that strife and friction between even the brethren HINDERS THEIR PRAYERS MAKING THEM AS POWERLESS and he fears our coming together in Jesus Name because he knows the spiritual power in Christian ONENESS & AGREEMENT.
         Be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might. Resist the devil and he will flee from you is still the constant truth. Jesus told us I give you power and authority to rule over and tread down ALL THE POWERS OF THE ENEMY THE DEVIL. Well the AntiChrist is certainly part of Satans power. It is up to us and to how serious we take these words of truth......deno......share freely.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

America, the land of the swapping of wives......share freely......deno.

 .........Friend I know this light is rather long written. The Spirit of the Lord just kept it going. But if you will go to a quiet place and get along with God and read ALL OF IT, you will see what God is revealing and calling the church to in this hour of grace need in our nation....God Bless You...deno.
..........Years ago in the 90s I was in a high school football stadium watching some high school football activity going on. My older brother was the head coach. It was an exciting time for our family in those days.....Before I reveal those words, let me say this now. Folks I cannot tell you that I have lived a super holy, set apart, sanctified life of sinlessness. For beyond me to say such a thing. I was one of sins favorites. Sin had a whole lot of fun with deno. But despite me I can honestly say I have had some experiences in my life with the Lord and His grace and mercy and compassion that to share it all, people might think I'm a tad crazy, not saying they don't think that already seeing all this writing that I
........Maybe these experiences happened and happen because i had a praying mom and a praying preaching dad crying out to God for me in intercessions. Dad had a tender heart and as strong and wise as he was as a Pastor, he still cried alot about people. GOD KNOWS.
..........But in that stadium that day these words came up in me and it was like i heard them so clearly as if audible....These were those words....America has become the land of the swapping of wives. Those words stuck to me. I was much younger in those days and I did not know then why such words came my way as they did but they did and now Lately I sense more the picture.
.........I have asked the Lord, Please Lord whatever it takes, make me a good and faithful servant that you can now trust and that pleases you so that I hear the words. Well done deno. You finally repented from the heart and overcame. You became a good and faithful servant. Enter ye into the joy of the Lord.
 .........Well to be repaired by grace, God goes to the root of that which sets us out of HIS TUNE, to cause us to repent and get back in tune with Him. We must all acknowledge this great sin that is abounding in our nation..Lets confess it and judge ourselves to lift the judgements upon this nation for this main root to the problems sin....

........In so many ways we have confused our children's generations with the way we as a nation and as the church have behaved ourselves who call upon the Name of the Lord...And now our nations counselors and leaders say and even teach our children that same sex marriage is righteous?......God help us.
 .........Do you love your children as to teach them the truth of what Gods Word says? To not do so is to be unloving and unkind to our children in Gods eyes.......deno......share freely.

P.S. 1 John 1:9) If we confess our sins unto the Lord He is faithful and just (in honoring His great sacrifice) to forgive us of our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. 
                                     *   *   *   *   *   *   *
........A powerful demonic spirit of disobedience has come against the American people since the 50s. This evil spirit is the spirit of lawlessness sent to start an unraveling of what used to be the moral fortresses or righteous strongholds of Christ in America that used to be strong in our nation. 
........Any time a nation that is of God raised (not perfect but graced and graced formed) or God formed comes undone, it usually is a purpose driven satanical attack and operation. Strong temptation is their first weapon, because they HAVE TO BE GIVEN PLACE or PERMISSION by PEOPLE to do so. Those demonic wicked spirits, or their rebellion, or the sin that they are pushing and peddling so to speak, have to be first WANTED and then WELCOMED, even if all their operation is under radar, done in stealth, or deception. 
........They (those sent evil spirits) do not come in their true form but most of the time when sent on a BIG OPERATION they, knowing the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes factor, the pride of life and knowing the present mans sinful responses, (having watched the fall of even the holiest of Gods kings and people over the centuries thru diverse temptations) they hide behind serpents, vessels, even man made THINGS (idols) and now often times the MOST BEAUTIFUL FACES or THE MOST ATTRACTIVE  talented men and women that they promote on the worlds stages built for worship.
      These men and women that they stand within, next to, or stand behind (depending upon the allowed depths that they are permitted by that person to penetrate into them or into their life) those people they USE have to first yield to their use knowingly or unknowingly. Those vessels yield or permit those wicked spirits to use them by their own welcoming spiritual signs seen in the heart and souls realms of sinful lust or desire for sinful pleasure or self worship, self exaltation, or by self idolizing. By their strong drive for worldly fame and fortune, for abnormal  attention and praise from people few or many, these hearts usually possess a greater measure of the pride of life and that drives them to stand out for attention great or small.
.......That mentioned above is all included in Satans spirit and sin that cost him eventually everything, the spirit self worship, self exaltation, one is ones own idol, the strong inner drive in ones heart and soul wanting abnormal attention from others as to be praised by the masses whether in heaven or on earth and will do all kinds of things to get that ATTENTION whether those things or that behavior be good or bad. It is a front to God and to His love and holiness. 
.........The movie and music industry are full of these willing vessels filled with these wicked seducing sensual spirits that have connected themselves to or have entered often undetected into these people who have such an abnormal itch to be idolized, praised, and worshiped by few or by many. Their moves, their music, their movies are Satan built and Sin laced to spread evil in sweet and nice forms like a disney worlds face on it, or a sweet looking boy or girl filled with alluring magical powers in the movies, or the most wicked, sensual, violent, seductive straight in your face moves, movies and music and bodily movements that show forth the vilest of sins in pleasure or violent forms without measure or little restraint.
......This abnormal sinful lust, darkness loving, and self idolizing spirit,  has become now so FORMED, so rooted in the heart and soul of the people in America that now people by the thousands into the millions VOLUNTARILY buy the TICKETS to PARTICIPATE in that sin and in the rebellion. And  IN THE FACE AND IN THE EARS OF THE HEARING GOD, GOD EVEN HEARS THEM WILLING SAY, WE ARE GOING TO HAVE SOME FUUNNN TONIGHT.
....... In the heavenly realm of those that watch all men, Satan the accuser of the world and of the church says to Jesus, Jesus they do so WILLINGLY and listen, they even call it their fun, a GOOD TIME, even their pleasure. Like Jesus said of many in his days on earth, people love and prefer darkness more than light. So it is in the end time generation.
........ Try not to go, try not to participate in going to that certain Satan and Sin laced movie that all your friends and all of America is calling a MUST SEE. Try not going to that sin filled, sin waiting to happen party or dance. Try not to go to that rock, country, or pop concert,  or try not to listen to or buy that certain kind of music AND SEE what happens on the inside of you. You may be surprised. You may find something that seems like a bad attitude with a strange voice fighting you to go, to go get yours. You may find a reality in you CRAVING A FIX that is not an illegal substance or drug but what has become what most call today NORMAL BEHAVIOR in America but the real heavenly truth is it is of demonic sinful rebellious spirits works and formations in the people of this nation and in our society.
........ God and the things of Jesus Christ USED TO BE THE MAJORITY THING THAT WAS FORMED IN THE AMERICAN PEOPLE and IN OUR SOCIETY (See Galations 4:19-kjv), but since the attack of that powerful entity of Satan that was sent in the 50s to allure, press upon, upend Jesus Christ, holiness, goodness, righteousness and to destroy the family unit, to over crowd the womans holy entrance, and to remove the convictions of the bible and the bible out of the American people using all sensual and seductive means necessary, that of God and Jesus Christ formation has been shattered and now most have gone wild and are possessed or inwardly laced with the substances of that evil spirit of disobedience demonic substances that is in the spirit of rebellion. It even is reaching deep into the church members hearts and behavior for it was church members themselves even back in the 50s that laid down the power, the salt and compromised and many of them under his spell even said one that was evil was a GOOD THING for he looked SO SWEET.
.........And now, it's all on and in the American people every where. The great SALT FORMATION that was once SO STRONG in this Nation has lost its seasoning, preserving flavor and strength, and what has happened is exactly what Jesus said about salt that has lost its flavor and seasoning. It becomes good for nothing and men gather that worthless salt, cast it out and trodden over by men.
        The lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, the pride of life those wicked, sensual, seducing SENT BY SATAN evil spirits know very well how to tickle, inflame and to appease. It starts  with a demonic hiss or a hey usually from common interest or a beautiful face that is interested or loves the sin, loves the self idolizing spirit and path that possesses them or rules their hearts and mind for sins gain or advantages over the prey. Once that Satanic way and welcomed rebellion is formed into those vessels(people), these most beautiful and most talented people often times even graced, or laced, or sprinkled by the devil knowingly or not, they end up on the worlds stage somewhere great or small, in demonic settings that has been built first in the spirit world for a form of praise and worship of that person and the spirits that are in them, or that promote them, to tempt the world to join them happily in their sin pleasures and rebellion. The crowd says it all. The women go lusting crazy for the men and the men can't wait to feast upon the offerings to even more crowed the holy entrance of the willing sinful SACRIFICES of the willing lionesses. 
........ It often times starts there, then the wicked spirits enter and increase in numbers in the willing, but most of the time they enter unsuspecting prey or as unnoticed by those they take captive to all kinds of sin addictions, even perversions of the most abnormal kinds. 
........In closing this light I remind you of this. Jesus said, when a wicked spirit is cast out of a person, that wicked spirits goes walking about in dry places seeking rest (which means seeking satisfaction or its particular sinful pleasure or fix) but he finds none. So in its starvation for that sin or rebellion style fix, it BACK TRACKS to the place where he was cast out. That wicked spirit looks at its former lodging place and to his surprise, he finds THAT PERSON MISSING that way or that strange company within his or her self. This means also that that wicked spirit SEES a WELCOME sign on the door. It doesn't even need to knock like Jesus has to for the door to be opened for that wicked spirit sees that it is already OPEN. That person wants it that way. That person would go and VOLUNTARILY buy a ticket WILLINGLY to again participate in that sin or pleasure or in that demonic formation of rebellion that was once in that person for maybe even years. We talk about it like this, we say it seems like I'm missing something that I'm used to having or being on the inside.  So that person misses it but really most have no idea it is the company of a wicked spirit and his ways that he used to use that person for, to gets its kicks or sinful fix in its rebellions against God and against the holy order and holy ways of God and of heaven.
.........Well that wicked spirit sees that that person missing that way, wants to return to the things it was before delivered form, like missing an old habit or sinful delight or pleasure. The stage is set again. The wicked spirit sees he is welcomed, he needs no forced entry or deceptive entry this time, but he does not stop there (The willing and the obedient to Satan and to sin can also eat the good side of evil as well at least on earth for a while). Jesus said that wicked spirit that lives purposely to defy and disgrace God and tear at his heart at their preying on the souls of people, with that drive also in his mind, he goes and calls 7 more demons more wicked than he is and together they enter that person, that soul and Jesus said that person ends up in worse shape at their end than in their beginning....And then Jesus said the huge monumental statement of truth, He said SO SHALL IT BE OF THE END GENERATION. 
.........Almost the whole end time generation Jesus said, this same activity will be going within them . It will be happening them, and they will be possessed by it reality and operations. FOLKS like the old saying goes, the proof is in the pudding. Americas moral pudding today is made up mostly of the sinful wicked ingredients of that powerful entity that was sent by Satan back in the 50s and what is strange now about all that evil spirits works and formations in most of the American people today is that this generation LOVES THAT TASTE OF SATANS PRESENT PUDDING. 
.......The younger  generation is sitting at the devils table and they cant get enough of Satans pudding called sin and rebellion against God and Jesus Christ. They love, crave, and are addicted to the pleasures of sin and they are fascinated with the things of Satan and with the entertaining tings of darkness knowingly or unknowingly. All this if now FORMED in this generations children of America. 
........And friends I'm not here writing to tell you a lie as to say things will get better in America. They want without the church getting serious and seriously engaging in spiritual and political warfare. This is a demonic STRONGHOLD now deeply woven and deeply rooted in this present generation.  It will not if this formation is not undone and those spirits over come and cast out and their strongholds in America pulled down or fallen under the feet of the treading over them strong faith filled saints who believe on the Name of Jesus Christ and its far above all authority and power. This great overcoming surely can come for all things are possible with God and to those that believe. But the overcoming has to, must begin withing the church itself. We must denounce the secret besetting sins and the hidden things of darkness that we are holding on to in the dark in our luke warm worship and approach to God. Only by this can those dry bones live to love again and that old worthless SALT be resurrected in America to be THE NEEDED SALT for this great move of God prayed for and this overcoming of Satans power on earth thru the saints. Both God and Satan use people to do their wills and to demonstrate their powers. It has been that way from the beginning. It has always been that way. Even the cross was God using a man, the man Christ Jesus to redeem is, though in the eternal part he was the Son of God by who God made the worlds. God needs us church, all of us.
.......In the saints we need hot believing believers. We need a MASSIVE wave of surrender, full devotions, consecrations, true sanctification, commitment, prayers, fastings, intercessions, the preaching of the gospel, and of the power of God in the land. Lets ask for it and do out part Church. The pudding of Satan that this generation loves and craves tells us that the time is short. This grace period maybe a short one in Gods scale of things but its importance is as important as all the Cross of Christ. The souls of children and of people are at eternal stake.....deno....share freely.