Sunday, March 12, 2017

The White As Snow Promise......deno.

Though your sins be deep red as scarlet I will make you WHITE AS SNOW..
........Does your spirit wrestle with the White As Snow Part of Gods grace and glorious promise?..The WHITE AS SNOW part is where the love of God is. That's the part where the Joy of the Lord is found, the joy of salvation and full restoration...We go to God putting our faith in HIS LOVE FOR US and we give to Him all our guilt and shame in Jesus name. God in turn gives us THE WHITE AS SNOW PART. He gave that promise (THE WHITE AS SNOW PART seen in our text in honor of Christ His Sons Blood)...He gave to us that glorious promise for us to also believe, to be sure of, and for us to be happy about, and to help us overcome the power of sin consciousness, guilt, and condemnation...Only in walking in the light of THE WHITE AS SNOW PART will we find the PEACE & REST our souls seek..Until we believe the WHITE AS SNOW PART we are not enjoying rest but are wrestling against the love and promise of God thru unbelief and doubt.
......Jesus promised...take My yoke upon yourselves and LEARN WHAT I HAVE DONE FOR YOU and you will find rest for your souls....The WHITE AS SNOW part is part of that REST that HE GIVES...By faith in that promise WE ENTER INTO THAT REST...Without faith no one can please God....Without faith we cannot enjoy the SWEET PEACE and REST that Christ wants to give us.....share freely....deno.

Richly Knowing Gods Love For You Casteth Out Tormenting Fears.....share freely.....deno.

.......Do you have a love relationship with Jesus whereby your spirit and soul soars with love, light, and joy, or do you have a fear based walk with Him of dread as to be stoning your own self every day in the mind and in the conscience whereby all joy is suppressed and brightness finds no place to shine? 
...... Christ our Savior sat down, ate with, talked to, and fellowshipped with the chiefest and most despised sinners in Israel when he was on earth and by that God in Christ spoke volumes (For God So Loved). Many that were legalistic, law minded, and very religious, even the elders of Israel did not understand the love of God as many do not to this day (John 5:42 & Ephesians 3:19).
...... All who came to Jesus, he never turned them away. Some walked away of their own accord not understanding the love that they were talking to or hearing, but He still cried to them and to all this cry....Come unto Me all of you that are weary and heavy burdened (By the Law, By the weight of its Stone that was imposed on them) and I will give you rest (He knew His Cross carrying was going to remove the laws condemnation power off their backs by the Sacrifice of Himself and open up heaven for the Spirit to be given to all them that believe). He said Take My yoke (the gospel which means GOOD NEWS) upon yourselves and LEARN of Me (He is the Gospels Good News). FOR I AM GENTLE (not mean, heartless, short fused or abrasive, nor Satanic in fault finding as to constantly all you do is accuse accuse accuse), for I am gentle and lowly (He is so humble He will walk with anyone who is in faith. Let us remember, He got on his knees before his children (John 21:5) and washed the disciples feet) and YOU WILL FIND REST UNTO YOUR SOULS.....Before Him in love..Perfect love understood casteth out our tormenting thoughts and fears about God. 
.......The fear we are to have of the Lord is not tormenting fear but a reverence that actually enhances our life with more of Christ, his love, peace and joy....Fear not, Jesus said, and believe only and you shall see the glory of God (shine on you with life and light and miracles of Gods presence). One kind of fear keeps this from happening, thats the tormenting fear that robs faith, hope, confidence, joy and love from us. The other kind of fear is the good fear, even the beginning of wisdom and confidence and faith building. It is more of an awe of God and Jesus, an awe and a marveling of the heart and of the mind that such love and greatness exist and is real, and that calls us (Whosoever) to sit down with Him at His awesome table of family fellowship here on earth and in the glory of His Paradise above in His great love.....deno.....share freely.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Jesus Himself...He is our New Covenant RIGHTEOUSNESS......deno.

.......New covenant RIGHTEOUSNESS also means ones right to be there...Jesus is the RIGHTEOUSNESS OF THE SAINTS and he certainly has the RIGHT to be in heaven seated with the Father in the Throne. This Righteousness, the RIGHT to be there surely exceeds the righteousness of the Scribes and of the Pharisees.
.......Christ said, If your righteousness does not exceed the righteousness of the scribes and of the pharisees you shall not ENTER Gods kingdom and paradise. Well as long as Jesus himself is YOUR RIGHT and YOUR RIGHTEOUSNESS and YOUR PASSAGE WAY you have a guaranteed ENTRANCE.....deno.

Enter Ye Into The Joy of the Lord......deno.

........There is endless joy and spiritual pleasures in heaven at Gods right hand. Christ joy, peace, love with laughter and rejoicing that yields much praise and thanksgiving to God are all part of HIS JOY...Remember what Christ said..Come good and faithful one and enter into THE JOY of the LORD (Matthew 25:21).
........When THAT JOY (CHRIST FULL JOY) goes thru your soul that day in the measure of that promised glorious entrance you will Shout for JOY (Isiah 52:7-9). Your mouth will be filled with endless awe of the Wonders of the Spirit of Christ unhindered and unquenched. The feeling is so incredible exceeding all heights and highs on earth..You should see how the Angels REJOICE with JOY when a person repents and receives Christ. It is a heavenly touch down like celebration. Angelic high fives all over the place. Spiritually speaking of course. But oh how they do REJOICE and CELEBRATE. To Rejoice in simple definition that we can relate to means to jump for joy in excitement.
........The bible reveals to us that Jesus was a very sober and serious man on a mighty mission, yet he also was the ANOINTED ONE with a heart of incredible Love and JOY (John 15:11). Love and Joy both were part of His divine attraction and energy. Both were tasted issuing forth from Him by those who WALKED CLOSE TO HIM.
........Jesus is Lord and HIS JOY is our strength. His Joy was their strength in the old covenant (Nehemiah 8:10) and HIS JOY is our strength today. So shall HIS JOY be a huge part of our hearts and souls strength in glory.
........Lets look at a scripture together that we find in the book of Psalms. Psalms 126...When the Lord had delivered us and restored to us the fortunes of Zion, we were like those that dreamed. 2) our mouths were filled with laughter, and our tongues with songs of JOY. Then it was said among the nations, The Lord has done GREAT THINGS for them. 3) The Lord has done GREAT THINGS for us and we are HAPPY (meaning glad and merry in heart).
.........Folks, this grace of JOY they experienced was experienced ON EARTH by a people God healed, delivered, and restored fortunes and blessings to after many years of bondage; just think of the JOY we can taste now on earth thru the out pourings of Christ healing and delivering blood, word, and Spirit given us IN CHRIST.... And just think of the glorious JOY and MERRINESS OF HEART AND SOUL that we shall taste when WE ENTER THAT DAY FAR ABOVE IN THE HEAVEN OF HEAVENS into the fulness of Christ Joy unhindered.
........In heaven Christ JOY has full free course and is never grieved or quenched as it often is here because of sins and doubt. It will be the greatest high ever for all those that ENTER INTO IT......and no alcohol or acid or weed or mushrooms needed for all you X the Spirit of the Lord unquenched.
........In Christ glory we will eat the most delicious bread of heaven and we will drink of the Holy Ghost best wine (JOY), the Joy of the Lord..
........In heaven we will all be like Jesus in all things. We will fully love righteousness and fully hate all iniquity (See Hebrews 1:9)...Yet the journey to paradise must begin here NOW in this life or we never get there (THAT'S IMPORTANT). Thru repentance and receiving Christ, confessing Jesus is Lord and that he died for our sins and rose again for our endless hope is our entrance unto salvation and into all the joy and hope that we have IN HIM...The journey begins NOW.....deno.
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Correcting our common thinking on a certain scripture.....deno.

........When Jesus said, What does it profit a man to gain the whole world but lose his soul, many people hearing that immediately go into a negative stand against prosperity or against worldly profits and consumption but that was NOT THE POINT AT ALL...For in other scriptures thru-out the revelations given Paul and others and by what Jesus himself said to John, WE THE CHURCH WHO OVERCOME THE WORLD WILL INHERIT ALL THINGS, EVEN GAIN THE WHOLE WORLD. Paul said that Jesus told him. For all things are ours, things now and things to come, ALL THINGS BELONG TO YOU and you belong to Christ and Christ belongs to God. It is a full course supper that Jesus has given us all IN HIM yet so many of us have the let me just eat from the crumbs that fall down from the Masters table theology. So we expect little and not much.
........Christ words and main emphasis here in our text was not at all about worldly gains and profits as the point of emphasis BUT ABOUT LIFE LIVED WITHOUT GOD and CHRIST and SALVATION and being lost for all eternity. Man is in a terrible situation in this world and Jesus was fully aware of it. MAN WAS'NT.
........Man is born into a life, into a course, and a world lost and disconnected from God. Mans horrible situation is hell connected and his course is hell bound from birth. Born into this lost misguided and deceived world mans mind is filled with all kinds of deceiving illusions and thoughts and strongholds placed in him by the rulers of the darkness of this world to keep him in the dark about heavenly truths and realities. Man seeks a purpose, a reason to live and in his quest he seeks out all kinds of pleasures to gratify and profits and gains of this world to satisfy. Like Rome and its people from its rise to that nations great fall, all those people and all their great world achievements were built by totally lost and disconnected from God people (THAT IS IMPORTANT TO KNOW).
........Rome was full of GREAT ACHIEVERS and world gainers who achieved much and were praised in this world by the world much, but Hell sad to say it is full of Roman citizens who achieved much, gained much but Satan cleverly kept their hearts and minds away from the One True God and from finding out about their souls serious trap by Satan. Satan deceived them by the use of mountains of Idols to hope in and philosophies and theories as their beliefs and doctrines. They gained the whole world but died as lost souls who never found the One True God..
........Being blessed and making profits and being fruitful are God given us doctrines if you know the whole entire light of the TWO COVENANTS of the bible. Go check the man that God gave a certain amount of talents (money) to but he went and hid that money in the ground and did not go and increase with it. That man got seriously rebuked and suffered loss for his failure to increase with interest on the money given him by his master. And go and read the first covenant promises of Deuteronomy 28:1--14 and see WHAT GOD WANTED for HIS PEOPLE by the obedience of faithful devotion to Him.
......No Jesus was not knocking profiting's and prosperity great or small in this life. that was by no means the point of the matter. He was warning us all even the whole world of the danger of living life here and gaining so much pleasure and riches of the world but die a loser of the soul for all eternity in hell lost and without God.
......But blessed was faithful Abraham the father of what we now believe in Christ. He found the One True God and lived his life on this earth connected to Him and was called Gods friend AND THE BIBLE SAID.... and God blessed Abraham and made him rich (Meaning more than enough in supply). Abraham's soul was not lost and in this world HE ENJOYED THE BLESSINGS GOD POURED INTO HIS LIFE for being a good and faithful servant who stayed on the course of God when all the rest of the world Satan was gobbling up by spiritual and intellectual misguidance....share freely.....deno..

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Good News Today.....deno.

 Good News Today.....Words of truth to hope in everyday.....deno.
........Christ blood was given to us all to keep Gods mind more focused on our good and most blind to our bad. Thru Christ blood God promised to be abundantly merciful to us, forgive us when we ask, to purify us and our record of all our sin, to cleanse us from all unrighteousness, to separate our past and our present sins from us as far as east is to west and to remember them NO MORE..All these promises God swore to us in HIS LOVE in the NEW COVENANT that is established upon BETTER PROMISES OF GOD TO US thru Christ...Christ blood is the ONLY THING on earth that can do all this...God gave us HIS WORD.
........God is rich in mercy and HIS MERCY is renewed every morning. Every morning that brand new mercy is filled with all these promises..God said, Though your sins be as scarlet I will make them WHITE AS SNOW...THAT IS THE PROMISE OF GOD... When we go to bed washed in Christ blood we go to sleep made WHITE AS SNOW. When we wake up washed in Christ blood we wake up purified WHITE AS GLISTENING SNOW.
.......So do you see yourself WHITE AS SNOW? A good confession after every wash in the blood of Christ...Thank you Father for forgiving me and cleansing me of all my sins. Now I Am White As Shiny Glistening Snow as only Christ blood can make me and as You Promised.You alone have THE POWER to do this and in YOUR POWER i do trust....
......Sin conscious or cleansed and made White As Snow Conscious? Its all in the minds warfare....Whom the Son has set free is free indeed..And what God has cleansed let no one call unclean, not even the cleansed one himself/herself... ..deno.

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