Monday, June 30, 2014

The Vision God gave me (Part 2)....deno.....please share freely.

      As I mentioned in the preface of the Vision in PART ONE, the Lord had opened my eyes and shared with me how that those 24 elders (that had built for them by God Himself) 24 thrones to sit upon round about the THRONE OF GOD, how that those people earned their places in glory thru choice, love, devotion, commitment, loyalty to the Lord thru the thick and thin, when it was popular and when it was not, THEY REMAINED STEADFAST AND SOLID IN SERVING THE LORD. In times of ease and comfort as well as in most trying times they served the Lord faithfully and did not deny His Name no matter the course of the world. 
     These 24 elders on those thrones of honor, their hearts affections were SET ON THINGS ABOVE where Christ is seated at the right hand of God. Jesus and serving Him WAS THEIR FIRST LOVE and daily delight. They brought forth much fruit not of the will of the world, not of the will of man, but of God. Each one of them one day CHOSE, DECIDED to serve Jesus and commit their life and way unto him. They put their hands to the plow of that commitment and to the calling of God and stayed looking unto Jesus the author and the finisher of their faith. Friends you can do the same. It's a choice.
       Well as I was deeply that day pondering such things, I thought to go lay down on my bed and rest awhile. I got up from my study desk and stretch out on my bed lying on my back. I was thinking of those 24 elders and those 24 thrones and other similar things...Then it happened. That which I did not expect happened and when it did I found myself in the Spirit of the Lord and His awing Power.
       I was laying there on my back when all of the sudden the Power of God and His Spirit came upon me. It was the most powerful experience that I have ever had with God. I have had from time to time, had certain grace experiences with the Lord but this one topped all the previous ones to date. When Gods Power came upon me I suddenly lost sight of the room I was in. My eyes became full of the power of God. My whole entire being became full of the power of God so much so that it felt like my every single cell was fully baptised in the Spirit of the Lord with tangible to the touch Power. God was the one in the control of this experience and for His reason He made sure I felt His Power flowing thru me during the entire experience and vision that was just ahead.
      When I tell you that I could not see the room that I was in I was not kidding. I could not even see my hands 5 inches in front of my face. Me and my whole room was buzzing with the Power of God. It was the most awesome feeling. What I did see when His Spirit came first upon me looked sort of like a TV station when it loses its signal and all you see are those millions of beady looking things glistening on the TV screen. And as for as feeling the Power. Recall with me when the women with  the issue of blood touched the helm of the Lords garment. What did Jesus say of that touch? He said that HE FELT THE POWER OF GOD FLOW FROM HIM....Well for some reason God was allowing me to FEEL THAT VIRTUE OF HIS FLOWING. It was one of the greatest feelings in my life that I have ever felt.
        Before I go further into sharing this experience with you I want you to know that I just wrote a whole lot more of this grace to share it with all of you and my PC AGAIN went crazy and I lost all that i just wrote. (FRUSTRATING). Seems like every time I sit down to share this vision and grace some weird things occur esp to my PC.
        It is like several months ago a man was coming over to my house to set up on by website the way so that my verbal sermons could be listened to on my website by others. Well on his way here he was in a car wreck and his vehicle totaled.
       So here I go again to complete this writing. And please please remember that I am nothing and I am not writing any of this so that you might think of me above what I am. I'm a man who has sinned maybe as much as all the manifold common sins of this generation. But I do have this in me. A planted in me burning desire to understand what has happened to us as believers in Christ and to our nation America? 
      Why and how has the name of the Lord Jesus Christ that our dad preached for the last 50 plus years, become a name of offense for so many in this In God We Trust Nation when for centuries it was all together POLITICALLY CORRECT  to believe on and call upon the Name of the Lord in America in every town, city, village, government platform, and state. Did Jesus wrong us to cause us to turn away from Him as the government has in this nation? Why do so many now fight against His Name and good news? Why do people fight to keep the Name of the Lord from being spoken publicly and His ways shut out of the public squares and His commandments out of the hearts of the children of this generation, when for centuries it was a joy and an honor to do so even in EVERY SCHOOL AND MOST EVERY UNIVERSITY FOR GENERATIONS  in America? 
       Sinners are called by God to seek after Him. That qualifies us all (including me and those like me) to the calling of seeking and you shall find. Jesus said, WHOSOEVER will let them come and drink from the waters of life freely....Well whosoever means whosoever. You, me and everyone.
        Folks when you see that your in a moral ditch personally and nationally, it's time to cry out unto the Lord. It does not take an Einstein to realize our nation is in trouble, serious trouble, and see that our morals have become the way old Rome when Rome fail, and of the lovers of pleasures, and of the ways of darkness more than the ways of God and love for the Lord. 
         Well in this Power of the Lord I felt the Spirit of Gods power flowing all thru me. It was literally the feeling like unto a rushing mighty wind flowing in all kinds of directions thru me. Round and round, up and down. this way, that way. It seemed as if it was flowing even thru the circulation path of all my veins of flowing blood. As I was tasting all this glory and grace I never lost self consciousness so to speak. I could think with my own mind and ponder and reason everything that was happening to me with my own soul and heart.
                                        *   *   *   *   *   *   *
          As I was in the feel and the taste of the Power of the Spirit which taste lasted all thru the Visions duration, I was free to think for myself, however my movements were under Gods control. I could not just get up and take off running away from the Lord. God had gripped me. I knew I was in His Hands. With the Power of the Spirit of the Lord flowing all thru me in all kinds of circulating type directions I suddenly noticed that the Power that was flowing all over the places within me suddenly shifted and moved like gears of machinery suddenly engaged to cause purposed forward movement. When this happened, I began to ascend in an upward motion. I thought I was literally floating upward, higher and higher, being lifted up in the Hand of the Power of God. As I was going thru this ascending feeling I could see nothing. My eyes were still in this strange glistening sight similar to a TV that suddenly loses its signal and goes off station and all you see are those millions of beady glistening things floating all around. In this blind sight, and in this ascending movement these words came crying out of me from the child like spirit within my heart. I began to say out loud, Lord Jesus, Im trusting you Jesus , Im trusting you Lord. Im trusting you Jesus, Im trusting You Lord. That's all I was saying and in the Power of God, not knowing what was about to happen to me I kept crying out those child like faith words. (What would you have done?).
      As I continued this upward flight, not knowing where I was going to end up in this, I became more and more aware of Jesus. I thought that maybe I was about to see the Lord even face to face. I did not know, but I did know that something of the Lord was happening to me but where he was taking me in this I had no idea. I was not in control of any of this. The Father who lives within us-ward who believe, He was doing the work according to His plan and according to His purpose......Continued on the next part of this writing in Part 3. I don't want to lose this writing in my PC again. So I will go ahead and publish this part 2 now.....thank you for your patience.....deno.......share freely.


The Vision God gave me beginning (Preface-Part 1)....deno....please share freely.

     During a time when I was spending much time seeking God and studying His word, I was hanging around the verses in the book of Revelations that spoke of the 24 elders that sat on thrones round about the throne of God (Rev 4:4). During this focus the Lord shared with me how these men EARNED THESE positions by their dedication, loyalty, and by their commitment to the works God called them to in Christ. All are called he said. The whole world has been invited and each persons response is fully noted and fully measured for the advantages of gain or for the discomforts of loss.  He shared with me how each one of them (each one of those 24 elders sitting on those 24 thrones of high in heaven honor) how they like all of us have,  had the freedom to follow the Lord, follow Him CLOSELY, whole heartedly,  fully devoted, near my God to Thee, or lukewarmly, slightly committed, at a distance or even to walk away. The choice like always WAS THEIRS. They chose to love, to serve, and to live SO SO SO CLOSE to the Lord while on the earth and that committed love life carried on into their eternity still so close to Jesus around the THRONE OF GOD.
      CHOICE, CHOOSING. It has always been that way, even from the beginning until this day, God says to us all, Choose, Choose, Choose you this day whom you will love and serve. They (those 24 highly honored elders on those thrones next to Jesus in glory....note the word seats there in the greek is the word THRONES) they chose life and blessing and not the path of death and of cursings. With all their heart, thru the thick and thru the thin THEY CHOSE to LOVE, SERVE AND OBEY GOD no matter what happened in this world. Hated or loved, their hands remained on the plow of their work and faith in the Lord.
         They to, by life or under drawing away alluring's of this world and life, they could have said the cost is to great and served themselves in this life instead of Jesus. Or in diverse temptations they could have resisted the devil and resisted the world and CHOSE to live all for the truth, or to hide their light under a bushel and just come out on Sundays or just on religious days, or that they could have in fear hid that which was invested unto them from the Lords hand, but instead they gave Jesus their all and fullest devotion and brought forth much much fruit that endured into eternities life and glory unto great reward. And that their thrones round about the throne of God signals to all for all their eternity of their great reward. For how they greatly loved and served God and men in His Sons Name Jesus Christ.
       Church, these 24 thrones, these positions Jesus wants us all to know THEY WERE EARNED. These positions were appointed to those who the Father said in His divine searching of what was in the hearts of men were worthy of such high honor and reward in the paradise of God. That each one of them on their own had to one day DECIDE to live and follow and serve the Lord so dearly. Friends God has proven and has always allowed man to choose for himself who he will obey and serve. This is truth. This is scriptural. This has always been even in the garden of Eden.
       Acts 2:17) And it shall come to pass in the LAST DAYS saith the Lord, that I will pour out of MY SPIRIT upon all those who believe in every nation on earth. By My Spirit saith the Lord, your sons and daughters shall proclaim my message. Your young men shall have VISIONS and you older men shall have DREAMS from the Spirit of the Lord.
     That evening some of that scripture we just covered in Acts was going to come to pass in my life. Why me? The Lord only knows. There certainly is nothing special about deno. I'm as strange as they come yet so accustomed to the sins and the ways of our nation today. I to have often strayed off the path of righteousness. I to have been tempted and many times fallen in the temptations. My life has been a life of almost dabbing into everything just to see and experience it's high or it's common thrill. Yet this one thing I did have going for me. I had two believing Jesus loving parents that loved me and prayed for their son often and that in tears. Plus God, the God we all in Christ are in awe of and more learning to love and to serve, HE HAD HIS AGENDA and PLAN. He has His plan for me. He has His plan for you, and He has His plan for us all as One in Christ.
     That evening He was going to do something of His grace that would be sown in me until the day of it's showing in accordance to His divine timing and plan.  Truly I can say, I am nothing without Christ and if I do become anything for His honor and glory in this generation I am what I am and I become what I become ALL BY THE GRACE AND SPIRIT OF THE LORD. For folks I do not have anything naturally special in me. I have to have Gods grace and power and He working in me mightily or the tree is less barren of  the fruit. 
      Grace, Grace Gods Grace, Grace that is greater than me and all my sins....It is not those that commend themselves who are anything, but those whom the Lord calls, the Lord qualifies, and the Lord himself commends and anoints. Remember with me when it came Moses' hour, Moses did not want the job. God had to encourage and convince Moses that he was the man.
       Friends so often it is men and women like that that spring up amongst us in this world who by God are full of grace, full of Gods power, gifts, talents,  and gospel message. God chooses these type of people so that the excellency of the Power would clearly be of God and not of the natural talents in men....Friends I still tremble at the thoughts of this vision...deno....well I wrote this much thus far to hopefully let you see some of this grace and light i will be writing about of the Vision....stay tuned. I will continue this writing soon in part 2....deno...Jesus Is Lord and He is the reason for this season.....please share freely.

In the midst of the Crosses Pain......deno.....please share freely.

        In the midst of all the crosses pain, Jesus not once complained. When they spat on him and mocked him, he opened not his mouth. When they were driving those nails into his hands and into his feet Jesus never said please stop. When they hated him so much as to whip him and beat him unrecognizable and crucified him,he never doubted his calling, he never doubted his sonship place, for he cried Father. When all had forsaken him and when all the world stood before his blood pouring out all over the place and said to him, He saved others, let him save himself now. If he be the son of God let him now come down off the cross that we may believe. Jesus never looked to others to assure himself of who he was in God and in all that pain and suffering Jesus never doubted nor questioned the fathers love. But he did say Father, forgive them, they are blind. They have no idea what they have done. They are the lost...Forgive them....
      When Jesus came into our world he knew the world would not know him and that his own flock were blind to who he really was. He knew that most of the world would despise and hate him, yet he gave his life for their salvation anyway. Friends as rewarding as it is for us to submit and to serve God, following Jesus in this world will have its positive and negative prices. For three years Jesus rejoiced and laughed often in the Holy Spirit with his disciples. But the persecution was also a thorn and the day of the Cross like fire.....deno.....please share freely....

        Always remember the positive and the negative prices in following Christ. That way when the thorn that persecutes appears and the Cross comes, you will be mentally prepared and you know that it is all together (in this life) included in the cost for submitting and serving Jesus in this present evil world that is more and more being filled up with the spirit of AntiChrist...

Of Jesus they said....Behold, the whole world has gone after him......deno.....please share freely.

       As much as the left strive to silence our Constitutional and Biblical Voice they cannot. They tried to silence Jesus by the way of a Cross and he rose back up and was heard by ALL THE WORLD. His Truth and Voice went from that Cross in Jerusalem to the ears and hearts of billions and billions all over the 4 corners of the earth. 
      Just like those that opposed Jesus in their day. They tried and tried and tried to shut him up and silence his message and stop his influence in their society....But eventually they thru up their hands in defeat saying, Behold, the whole world has gone after Him.
       God in Jesus Name, make it so again in America.....with repentance and faith in Jesus Christ no matter how the left and no matter what all Christ enemies strive to do to silence his voice, his message,  and his influence in our hearts and in this nation, cause this whole nation to go for Jesus Again and find Him afresh and new in their hearts and lives and having fresh free course in our nation unendingly..Heal us and our nation Father in Jesus Name Amen.

A lesson from Babe Ruth......deno.....please share freely

      Just because we strike out from time to time does not mean we are not Home Run hitters. Babe Ruth like struck out more than anybody but he did not let those strike outs discourage him from going at it again to hit the BIG ONE. Because of that he is remembered for leading the league in HOME RUNS season after season for years.
      So you have struck out a few times. That same bat is going to hit you a HOME RUN soon. One is just around the corner. Get back up, be filled with hope, and swing having faith in God WHEN YOU PRAY......Jesus loves you.....deno.

Jesus said, Men should always pray and faint not. We having a real and living hope in Christ Jesus. BATTER UP.

At Christ Return. Supernatural Change in the twinling of an eye SPEED is Gods Injected Power at work (Hello).....deno.....please share freely.

         I heard a Doctor say that the reason Atheist use billions and billions of years to explain life as we know it and the planets, is not so much because they have concrete scientific proof that cannot be challenged or shattered under opposite arguments but because for the world to believe the theories of evolution, time multiplied has to be injected into the equation because they do not believe in God, nor in the Divine Power of God injected. So when you remove God and His Power and Glory out of your equation, you have to rationalize naturally  how could this great Universe come into being without a Master Hand. 
      So in that dark thought processing, you must approach all things as ALL THINGS CAME INTO BEING BY CHANCE and pure luck. And that all designs came by millions of years of trial and error out of pure nothing evolving into something then into all things....
      Jesus in His Own Words said....You do err because you do not know or understand God. Nor do you know or understand His Power and heavenly things/substance. Nor do you understand His Word and Voice. It is so sad that so many do not realize that Jesus spoke to the world the truth until their lies believed that deceived them engulf them in outer realms of darkness where the blind and the deceived have their end.......
       The resurrection of Christ and the witness of the Holy Ghost in his visitation hour on earth with all the signs and wonders and miracles of healings destroy the chatter of the unbelievers....He still rose from the dead despite all the natural logic and science known then and known now. As Satan with all his power of death could not keep Jesus in the grave, nor can all the theories and lies of this world keep Christ from coming again, but this time to destroy the deceiver and his many messengers....
      He comes with Great Power and Glory descending from the heavens to avenge Himself and all Truth. The men of logic and of science and of unbelief in Christ day laughed at Christ words then and mocked him unto death and spit at his resurrection power. But He overcame them by the Power of God and it did not take God millions and millions of years to turn Christ dead body into a resurrected body able to inhouse all the fulness of the life and eternal power of God the Father and sit with Him in all that glory and power in His Throne. 
    Even so by that SAME POWER we that believe and belong to Christ shall be changed. How fast comes that change???? 1 Corinthians 15:51-58 In the SPEED of the twinkling of an eye. Friends, even this verse of the Power of God to change things in number by the billions all at the same time disputes all the logic and natural wit of men of natural logic and of science. Jesus knows the Power Of God....deno.....please share freely.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Warning PG 13...Does This Truth Offend You?????....please share freely....deno.

Warning: Rated PG 13...
      Not throwing stones here but to open eyes and to make us rethink our traditional position of things I write this....Would a man of God rock his body back and forth on a stage in front of the whole world of men and women and children as he sang CC Rider?????...Would a man of God grab his private in front of people including kids that he knows is watching as he sings an unholy song????? Would either men do this before God if they were sent by God???? What Master would approve of such behavior??? What prince would you say they served? The Prince of light in righteousness and holiness, or the prince of darkness and sin??? 
     Funny how those who do the devils will have great looks and deceiving smiles and talents. Satan uses them to promote his wicked agenda against people, nations, and the world. The world is being more and more prepped by these types of people that the world loves and adores and idolizes for the coming stage of the adoring of the AntiChrist....Does this glaring truth offend your spirit? You may then need to do like I have had to and stop and listen to the real Holy Spirit and not the spirit that delights in the wonders and pleasures and glamor of sin and darkness....Go back and re read Ephesians chapter five......deno....please share freely.

A Dark & Dreary Cloud Is Now Over America.....please share freely....deno

      There is a dark and dreary cloud over our nation today. It is a cloud given place to by the double standards of we Christians, and by the unbelief of many who are atheist and humanist, and by the outright allegiance of many in the entertainment industry to the prince of the power of the air, that has offered them fame and fortune for serving him and delighting in the ways of darkness. They are pumping evil and darkness and the pleasures of sin into and throughout our nation from the wells of hell itself. 
      The bible reveals that in the last days the people will be lovers of darkness more than light. They would call evil a delight and righteousness boring. This generation in America proves this prophecies accuracy.....deno.

Americans Contesting Against Jesus Christ.....please share freely.....deno.

    The spirit that was in Jerusalem in those people that crucified Jesus in that day is now in many people in America contesting Christ again and crucifying him daily by means of their unbelief and from immoral delight. In America the Lord and his faith are under the attack of the spirit of antichrist. Those who had Jesus crucified back then are the same people stirring up friction against the faith of Jesus Christ today in our nation. This truth can be easily traced by the ownership of networks and Hollywood.

Prayer is Words Believed....deno....please share freely.

    Gods creating energies and powers of His Faith and of His Eternal Spirit are released thru the avenue of HIS WORDS...BY THE WORD OF THE LORD WERE THE HEAVENS MADE. The whole universe is the product of WORDS BELIEVED....
    Our words make things happen as well. Prayer is words believed when spoken unto God, and when we believe those words things happen...
     Jesus said, Believe that those things you pray and say will come to happen and you will have those things. (Mark 11:23-24).....deno.

Gods Paradise is Paradise because of Love.....deno....please share freely.

     Heaven is Paradise because in heaven they all really, truly love each other with godly serving hearts and by the affections of Gods Spirit in them. You can have the most beautiful homes in a rich and wealthy community. You can have beautiful flowing fountains, the finest automobiles, and the most pleasant flower gardens and beautiful golf courses, but if the heart of the people there think little of others, gossip all the time, criticize others, look down on the lesser vessels. If they are two faced, lying people. Proud and arrogant people. Unloving and ungodly. Then you are a community that the devil will use in another temptation saying to the tempted , "All this community with all its splendor and glory will I give you for it was made of me and my ways and I share it with all who will first bow down and serve me in this world that I'm the ruler of, just bow down and gossip like the rest of these here and do as they do....
     Yes such a beautiful splendorous looking community whose peoples hearts are wicked, and evil, ungodly, and unloving is no paradise at all but a deceiving cesspool compared to the paradise of heaven where all there really love one another with Christ equalizing love and humility.........deno.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

We Must Ask. We Must Believe......deno.....please share freely.

      All our needs were all together paid for in full in the Cross of Christ and supplied in the great outpouring of Jesus Christ. The need of salvation was met at the Cross. The need of peace was paid for at the Cross. The need for life everlasting was met at the Cross. The need of the forgiveness of sins was paid for in full at the Cross. All the children's bread and all our needs, whether spiritual, or physical, or material were met in the poured out provision power of God at the Cross of Christ. He died to meet EVERY KIND OF NEED, to the measure of life and that more abundantly..
      Yet though all this is TRUE, have you noticed yet that all these needs Jesus paid for are not automatically transferred  and poured on us all. Not even one of them is an automatic transaction from Gods hands of power to our hands of need. If it was automatically transferred from Gods hands to ours then ALL and I do mean all the world then  WOULD BE SAVED (for that is Gods explicit will 1st Timothy 2:3,4). But the truth of the matter is only those who BELIEVE BENEFIT. Yes Jesus is our total and complete answer for all our needs. But unless we PLUG INTO HIS POWER & PROVISIONS  by the attaching force of faith, He said then we receive not....
      Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. What are your heart and ears attached to most of the day????? Faith comes not by the voices of this world or by the things of the world, but by hearing and hearing the Word of God......deno.....please share freely.

God Responds To Faith.....deno.....please share freely.

     God reacts to faith.. If God reacted solely to needs then there would be no one lost, no one poor, nor hungry people on earth......I cried, griped, complained, and begged God over a certain matter and need for years. But the need was not met until I BELIEVED GOD FOR VICTORY OVER IT and stood on His promise.
       A man whose son was demon possessed lived in fear, tears and panic. That demon would often times take over his son fully and try to throw him into fire to kill him or into water to drown him. For a long long time that boy was in that demonic condition. Day after day the boys father cried, begged, cried, pleaded to the heavens and to men that some how his son would be delivered. But all those days, weeks, months, and maybe even years of all that begging, pleading, crying change nothing.
       Then one day the disciples (the church at the time) came into that mans village. He begged Peter, James, John to cast the devil out. They used the name of Jesus as they had been doing but this time they FAILED to move the demon out. This church spiritual failure sent the boys dad into a hopeless tizzy. He is crying, crying and crying. Then comes MESSIAH on the scene, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The man had heard of the glory of Jesus the Anointed One. The man runs up to Jesus. He is crying and begging for his sons deliverance. None of those tears nor all that begging moved Jesus to Power. Jesus could have said a thousand different things in that situation to that pleading, crying desperate begging dad. But one thing, just one thing was the solution and that one thing Jesus spoke it. He said, "All things are possible to him that believes".
      Tears themselves, though they touch the feelings of Christ, they do not move God to Power. Take a brief moment and really think about that. If they did the whole world and most every present home would be full of the Power of the Lord. Begging does not draw from God the Power. Desperation does not flow from the throne the Power of God. Jesus the Answer said Faith, the hearts believing is the key.
      Two men were crucified with Jesus, one on his right, the other man on his left. Both of them had the SAME NEED. They needed to be forgiven and saved. God had fully supplied those two needs thru the blood of His Son on that Cross who was right there next to the both of them. Their needs were fully met all they needed to do was lay holt on them. They had to do their part. They had to ask and RECEIVE what was ALREADY RIGHT NEXT TO THEM GIVEN BY GOD, by faith.
       Listen carefully here. Those two men crucified with Christ, well their pain, their desperation, their griping, their complaining, their tears saved neither one of them (THAT'S IMPORTANT LIGHT. I cannot emphasize how important that light is ). Only when that one man exercised HIS FAITH did then Jesus turn to him the Power of God unto salvation, ONLY THEN. Their pain and their sufferings and their cries and their tears did not move Jesus to Power. If such things could, then all the sick and all those in pain in this world would be healed. This is a sobering bible truth about the IMPORTANCE OF BELIEVING WHEN WE PRAY OR ASK.
       Strange though, of the two right there next to Jesus, only ONE ASKED AND RECEIVED and ended up saved. Both of them had the SAME PROVISION.  The other man had full access to the Savior as the other man did but he failed to lay holt. That man in his unbelief left this world empty of grace even though  he died with Jesus who was full of grace right next to him. He was so close but yet he died so far away. God was doing His part, shedding His redeeming blood on the cross. We have to do our part and Ask in faith to receive. The power is not automatically transferred. Not thru the need. Not thru the tears, not even thru the measure of pain as we see from the two thieves next to Jesus. The power of God unto all salvation's is activated THRU FAITH. 
      What can we learn from this? You can live bodily close to Jesus for years. You can walk 10 feet away from Jesus every day on earth. But if you do not put your hearts faith into the walk, that physical closeness shall profit you zero. It takes faith to receive and profit from God and His Son. That is spiritual Law (Hebrews 4:2) 
       The thief on the cross that did get saved that day turned to Jesus in faith and received the salvation of the Lord. The other man hung there griping and complaining and he received nothing, he died unsaved. All he had to do was in faith call upon the Name of the Lord Jesus to save him and he to would have been saved and been with Jesus in Paradise and not in hell. God responded to the man of faith but not to the man of complaints, THAT'S IMPORTANT. 
        Are we believers or are we complainers and those who murmur in this world????...Let us all BELIEVE GOD. Let us all be BELIEVING.....deno.....please share freely.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Live Forgiven....please share freely....deno

     To ask Jesus to forgive us is also being a doer of THE WORD...If we never do and obey this most important Word from the Lord then the rest very little matters....Without forgiveness of sins by the blood of Jesus Christ then the Law of sin and death remains intact and so does the wrath of God....If we do not forgive others, then Jesus said, neither will the Father forgive us of our sins. It is never good to live a day UNFORGIVEN...FORGIVE so that you can live FORGIVEN by God.....deno.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Allow. Permit, Tolerate....Satans Most Favorite Words.....please share freely......deno.

      Matthew 8:31) Notice carefully what is being revealed in this verse....So the devils BEEGED Jesus, (They begged Jesus saying)...If you cast us out (Notice, they knew they were in full subjection to what Jesus allowed, PERMITTED, or allowed not; they were subject to what he tolerated or tolerated not). If you cast us out, ALLOW US (Permit Us) to go away into the herd of swine....Satan, demons, devils, evil spirits only can do and can only get away with what we THE CHURCH ALLOW, TOLERATE AND PERMIT......
      Lets recall Luke 10:17-21...The Lord Jesus gave us THE CHURCH His Power and His Authority over all demons, devils and over ALL THE POWER OF THE ENEMY....We can never say in truth that while we were on earth that we did not have GODS POWER AND AUTHORITY OVER SATAN and OVER ALL HIS POWER for Luke 10:17-21 tells us all that were surely have it....He can only do and get away with what WE THE CHURCH TOLERATES, ALLOWS, PERMITS. Just like Jesus said to us, He gave the church the keys to Gods kingdom and the full authority of HIS FAR ABOVE ALL NAME and he told us, USE THIS POWER AND TIE UP, BIND THE ENEMY AND HIS WORK. For whatsoever the church BINDS ON EARTH IS BOUND IN THE SPIRIT. WHATSOEVER THE CHURCH LOOSES ON EARTH IS LOOSED IN THE SPIRIT.
     We must all get HIS SERIOUS about our authority given us in Christ in binding and loosing in Jesus Name and about prayer...When we pray not, and when we do not use our God given power and authority given us in Jesus Name, then the devils armies will be given more and more place to and will keep invading hearts, overcoming minds and peoples thoughts and thinking, invading and staying in our our homes, our towns, cities and nations because of the sin of TOLERANCE, THE SIN OF ALLOWING HIM TO, GIVING HIM PERMISSION TO, and Not RESISTING THE DEVIL TO WHERE HE STAYS IN THE FLEE MODE.
       But when we lift up in Jesus Name the Standard of the Lord, the Oh No You Don't Devil Wall OF CHRIST AUTHORITY AND POWER, THE MIGHTY SPIRITUAL STOP SIGN AND AUTHORITY CANNON.....then the devil is subject to what we allow, PERMIT, or allow not.
       And remember this Church as we together more and more abundantly do this..... THE DEVILS AS THEY ARE LOSING GROUND AND ARE BEING UPROOTED FOR THE CASTING OUT,  THEY WILL SCREAM, SHAKE, AND CONVULSE AND FOAM in diverse ways and in different manners. They will fight back. Spit Back. Kick Back. Hiss Back. Tempt Back. TALK BACK. They will scream with voices, pressures, and circumstances against us their desire and hope, which is they hope that we will give up and LEAVE THEM ALONE.....But nonetheless let us stand our ground and let not all those tricks of his deceive us to lay down the power we have in Jesus Name...It is spiritual War and spiritual Warfare....The spiritual war is now intensifying on the earth.
       Friends this light may bring to us affliction and persecution for awhile....Such is not abnormal (Mark 4:13-20).....So many over the years under these pressures, these counter attacks, Satan fighting back etc. have laid down the power and Satan has gained so much more territory in people, in lands, in regions, in towns, in cities, and in nations morality, spiritual conditions, and light level....This is in part WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO AMERICA.....It is so time to take our Nation back with Jesus Name........please share freely.....deno.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

An Atheist Cried Out, Why Doesn't God Show Himself?.....please share freely.

      Some unbelieving atheist screamed out loud, If God is real and so great why does He hide himself? Why doesn't He show Himself?......John 1...In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God. All things were made by Him and without Him was nothing made that was made. And The Word (God Himself) was made flesh and dwelt amongst us and we beheld His Glory John testified..... But though the worlds were made by Him the world knew Him not, and the world received Him not nor believed, but to as many as received Him to them he gave the power to become the sons of God, even to them that believed on His Name.....
      Well God did show Himself. He could not come to us in the fulness of all the lightnings and thunders of His Eternal Spirits heavenly power and glory for such would have destroyed us in this present sinful flesh. That brightness, the brightness of His fullest glory would destroy us who live in these mortal bodies (Revelations 4:1-5 & 2 Thessalonians 2:8)(Exodus 33:18-23 & Exodus 19:9-25 & Exodus 20:26. 
       So He came to us with His glory volume somewhat turned down so to speak, being found in our midst as an anointed man, but yet so turned on in His great love for us....THE CROSS tells it all....So men and women are without excuse now. For God did not hide Himself from us, but came to us in the form that was best and most beneficial to us all as the Lamb of God to take away the sin of the world thru the blood of His Cross. And He came not in Word only, but in Power, in Healings of Miracles and signs and wonders that no other ever did, even to the raising of many that were dead.....deno.....please share freely.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Biblical History Speaks (Warning PG13)......please share freely.....deno

Biblical History Speaks.(Warning PG 13).....

     Think about this. God appeared unto Solomon in his young days (this actually happened) and spoke to Solomon and asked Solomon, What would you have Me do for you? Solomon asked for wisdom and understanding to rule Israel as the next king. God blessed Solomon with incomparable understanding and wisdom and all that money could give a man AND YET....With all that wisdom and understanding, it was not until in his ELDERLY YEARS that he FINALLY LEARNED to please God and that loving God and keeping His commandments was the most important thing in any ones life. Before those days came, Solomon was sin crazy, wine, women by the multitudes and even idol worship he dove into when those women turned his heart away from God.
       Our generation is filled with people who know God like Solomon did. Even seen God and Gods wonders, yet we have chased monies delight and sins good feelings and pleasures from beer and wine excess, drugs abused, all kinds of sexual experiences contrary to Gods way and even have turned to witches and fortune tellers, and wizards that peep by demons, and what do the star line ups tell us. Solomon, even after the Lord appeared to Solomon, Solomon did the same thing.
       But Solomon came back to God and with his heart now finally turned back toward the well being of his children he wrote his proverbs and his final advice to his kids in Ecclesiastes ending his words with this Ecclesiastes 12:13) Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter; Fear God, and keeps His commandments, for this is the WHOLE DUTY OF MAN...For God is going to bring every work into judgement, with every secret thing whether it be good, or whether it be evil.
        Let us all thank God for Christ saving blood that washes away our sins and washes away Gods memory of them...Solomon came back to Gods senses before it was to late. Let us all do like wise..... The Cross of Christ is the way home.......deno.......share freely.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Come On Back Home.....please share freely.....deno

      When the prodigal son came home, he was welcomed by the father who in this grace and love of God story represented our Heavenly Father. The father with open arms in that story welcomed his son back home.  And did you notice this in this great grace love story that Jesus preached, did you notice that from the father came NO GUILT THROWING, think about that for a moment. He did not even say, Oh why didn't you listen or where have you been or what did you do with all that money that I gave you? He did not say to his son, Touch me not. Nor did he say, Stand over there and not here by me. He loved and kissed and hugged his son with all that trips sweat and the stink of pig association radiating from him. Love, Gods love looks over all those things. Human love which is evil love notices and magnifies those things in a belittling way. 
      The son that returned home from a time of foolishness and sins was fully welcomed back home by his dad. To his own amazement he was kissed and hugged and rejoiced over by his loving good father. His sins were no match for the love that the Father had in his heart for him. His sins were not imputed or held against him and he did not lose one ounce of status with his father. THAT'S IMPORTANT. That is the real love of God. So many preach WAY BENEATH THIS TRUE MEASURE OF GODS LOVE.
      That fathers love for His son was so real and it was to powerful for his sons sins and for even his sons foolish ways to cause the fathers love to wax cold toward his son. This is how great Gods love really is. His love is EXCEEDING GREAT LOVE. It is not the worlds love that grows cold. Gods love for us is the same yesterday, today, and forever.
      The brother in the same story that was trying to discredit the returned son by bringing up the sins of his brothers life and all his foolish bad choices, and that magnified his unworthiness represented the ACCUSER of the brethren, and the worlds fault finding condemning spirit. But friend, just keep your eyes on Jesus and the Fathers love in this sermon the Jesus himself preached and listen not to those voices that want to keep reminding you of your past and of your sins. Keep your eyes on Gods exceeding great love for His love is the TRUTH. Stray from Christ and the Fathers great love measure and the devil will guilt you till your spirit withers. Personally I do not incline my ears to those who love fault finding and embarrassing others for their past or sins, or who gossip. That is an evil I refuse to associate with. Scroll Down.
       Its a new day, and a new morning. The scriptures tells us that Gods compassion and mercies are Made New for us every morning. Today is a New Day. Come on back home. Jesus and the Father love you dearly even as they love one another (John 17:23)......GOOD NEWS.....Luke 15:11-32....deno....share freely.

Waking Back Up.....deno......please share freely.

       Divine Visions, Divine dreams, Divine Visitations from heaven, and The Lord himself appearing to you and living amongst you for 3 years does not in itself ensure that you will believe, or change over night, or do the right and righteousness thing. Jesus who God was with and gave His Spirit to him without measure on earth before all of Israel, after 3 years with Israel seeing all those miracles of healing's, and signs and wonders, they did not believe, they did not change, but this they did instead, they crucified him. 
       Solomon the Lord appeared to more than once and yet Solomon sinned more than any King even after the Lord appeared to him. Even after he built God His Temple he turned around and built all his girlfriends, who worshiped idols, he made their idols temples of worship with the wealth God gave him. The Lord appeared to Solomon about this twice and the bible says that Solomon refused to repent. Only until he got old did he wake up and come back to godly senses....
     This is also happening to many of us today. We have ran wild in sins and in love of this life and of this worlds splendors and pleasures, and now that we are getting older, like Solomon we are waking back up and coming out of our delusions and deceptions back to God........deno.

Satan and the Music Industry......please share freely.....

       We think of how Lucifer fell from heaven, from paradise itself. In heaven he talked back to God and against the way of the Lord. He wanted things his way. He wanted to do what he willed and not Gods will. He wanted to do as he pleased and no one else say anything contrary. He wanted to be his own god and a ruler. He exalted his desire above the desires of God. He ended up cursed, exchanging truth for a lie. That is what he could become god of, creator of, the father of,THE LIE. Jesus said of Satan, he is a liar and the inventor, the father of lies. He takes what God hath said and he turns and twist it, and he stretches it beyond intended meanings and boundaries. OR he just flat out preaches and proclaims it's opposite. Good he will say is evil and evil he will say is good. 
     This, his evil, his self exalting, unholy spirit is everywhere today in America. Friends can we be honest here? Even the songs today that most people like, dance to, strut to, fantasize to, buy and sing are not to God good but to Him evil. But hey, they sell a million copies and that's good, right? What does it profit a person to gain the whole world but.......
      Judas betrayed the Lord and His way for 30 pieces of silver. Today if what i like to do and what im doing, though it be sin or wrong, if it pays the bills, well then it is good. That is why, the love of money is the root of all evil. Like Jesus said, What will a man take, or give in exchange for his soul....Money is in that answer. 
     The kingdoms of this world and their glory and power that Satan showed and tempted Jesus with were built on the glory of fame, self exaltation, power, and money is it's power.....Now it is great to be rich and really believe and belong to Christ for Abraham God made very rich and wealthy, and he believed and belonged to Christ. But Abraham stayed true to the Lord. He did not open up sin parlors, nor did he sings songs contrary to holiness. 
     Today the music industry Satan is more and more using to sing HIS REBELLIOUS WAY INTO OUR HEARTS and he has been doing so in America since the 50s when sweet evil himself came on the scene and sang the pleasures of sin into this nation and that began a forest in America that has been burning up this nations glory ever since. How art thou fallen from heaven o Lucifer, the scriptures say. 
      How art thou fallen from your previous glory o America that used to not be ashamed of the name of the Lord and the purity of His holy way? We want things and we have become a people that delight in songs and things and ways that the Lord does not delight in and that makes the angels blush. God bring a great revival that is really of You in America and in all the nations of the world before you shut the door of grace.......
      Friends,We can become so attached to what is wrong and to how beautiful wrong looks and feels and sounds today, and even love it so much that when Jesus himself tells us to repent, to not touch and to not fellowship with the unclean things, that we become angry on the inside even at Jesus himself, and we run our hearts and our ears to the preachers who comfort us in our wrongs and sin instead of warning us of it's many dangers. God help us all. Me included......deno

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

God Outruns the lightning.....deno....please share freely

       God is heavenly light, literally. We on earth understand physical light in certain measures and we have calculated physical light moving at the speed of 186 thousand miles per second. Created light is but a shadow compared to the heavenly light of God it's creator. Created light is like a turtle compare to the speeds of God in full stride. God outruns and is far far stronger and far far more powerful and far far more energized than anything He has made. FAR FAR MORE....Since this is true, how is it men cannot see or visualize Gods Creating power and might getting things done and rapidly bringing forth things in speeds of 186 thousand miles per second and beyond? It is just as Jesus said, Men do not understand God. Men do not understand His Words. They know not His shape. Neither do men have a real clue of just how awing and powerful God really is in the full displayed stride of His Glory and Power. So do I believe that God could form and create the granite rock of the earth and all the earth in less than twenty four hours? Knowing now God moves far beyond the speed of His created light that moves faster than 186 thousand miles per second, my answers is YES WITH EASE and He would not even perspire.....Just think what we could accomplish moving at and operating at 186 thousand miles per second. We could do and compete every single job on earth in just a few seconds and then live the rest of our lives retired with all the money in the world for our vacations. God can create things faster than the speed of lightning...deno....please share freely.

American Overseerers, Where Is Your Salt?.....deno....please share freely.

     The devil is soon to get so much power and control over the world because the world did not resist him or his ways but actually became lovers of darkness and of the pleasures of sin and despisers of righteousness, that only the return of Christ coming back in the Fathers great power and glory can uproot him and cast him out.....Even America, the once so Christian filled nation, we have laid back and compromised, and have tolerated our nations on takeover. Satan has sung and deceived his way into power in our nations ruling seats, minds, and hearts affections...What used to be as solid concrete in moral right and light, is now cracked and blurred by the enemy with the anything goes spirit, and what is really divine truth questioning attitude? I mean who knows THEY SAY.. Even the Christians are now hailed as the haters for preaching and upholding WHAT GOD SAID. Now I cannot throw a stone at no one with what I have been forgiven of but I have sense enough to see the devils hand and agenda is being played in this nation and yet many of our overseers are to busy chasing the money than to strictly address the darkness that is going on in America.......deno.....PLEASE SHARE FREELY.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Forgiveness Is A Covenant Word. Let Me Explain. Very Important Light Here......deno.....please share freely.

      Forgiveness is a covenant word. A legality word. What do I mean? Let's look at it this way. If God, who is perfect Love, could have simply forgiven Adam and Eve and restored all things right then and there, and restored He and their   relationship by simply saying I forgive you, He would have done so, for such would have SPARED JESUS THE PASSIONS OF THE CROSS. But we see that Jesus was not spared. Forgiveness is more than an emotional response. It is a covenant word which spiritually means TO PARDON and to make as if the wrong was never done. It takes love to FORGIVE but that in itself is not enough to remove the sin for the sin remains. It takes peculiar precious blood to FORGET SINS, to abolish sins, and to separate the sinner from the sin he actually committed and from there comes the wisdom of the blood and Cross of the Son of God. 
     Sin is the transgression of established LAW. God had given Adam and Eve A LAW and that LAW was LAW. Transgressing that LAW was a type of crime so to speak. A Huge Crime. Law and Crimes committed against those laws have a price attached to them, even in the heavens of God.  Satan fell from heaven from transgressing LAWS in heaven.      
      When Adam & Eve ate of that tree they transgressed Law. They committed the first trespassing crime of man on earth. They crossed over the NO TRESPASSING ZONE LAW and that Law was the original Law of sin and death, it had separation from God attached to it in its wording. It had first immediate spiritual death attached to it, and the physical death would follow. 
      They (Adam & Eve) transgressed the GREATEST AND MOST HIGHEST AND THE MOST POWERFUL CONDEMNING LAW IN THE LAND OF PARADISE that man could transgress. It was almost as bad as Lucifer's sin and crime. The difference between the two was Satan had no tempter. Adam and Eve were tempted to transgress. Nonetheless let's not split to many theological hairs about Satan and man's sins, for hell they both go to. There was not that big of difference when you really think about it and really get to the bottomless pit about it. Hell is Hell and forever is forever. Both transgressing demons and transgressing men are in hell forever. This should be to us all a very sobering thought.
     WE (Mankind) HAVE FORGIVENESS of sins and the removal and FORGETTING of our sins by the power of Christ blood and by the sacrifice of himself only. Love put Jesus on the Cross for our sins. The blood of His Cross cleanses and PURGES us of all our sin. 
      Now note this.....From the Cross comes this Word of Gods love for us saying, I will be merciful unto their unrighteousness. Then from the power of the atoning blood of His Cross God also speaks these words , saying, And their sins and iniquities will I remember NO MORE. Those two combined scriptures is true, complete, covenant forgiveness. It takes love to forgive. It takes blood to forget and to make sins powerless against the transgressor.
      Only because of the sacrifice of Christ who stepped between us and God and stepped between us and hell and paid the punishment himself on the Cross, only by his sufferings do we have the forgiveness and great pardoning of all our sins and by no other means. (Isaiah 53:1-12) tells us that Jesus became the punished,  the Sacrifice for the sin of the world, so that our freedom from sins eternal consequence could be purchased, being that God himself as a man tasted death, even the death of the Cross for our pardon and so great a salvation. There was the hugest price paid for our ransom. God, he that is from everlasting to everlasting tasted death for every man. That in itself tells us how terrible the bind and the consequence of Adams transgression. Only God the Law giver could save man from the transgression of the Law he gave. And that Law could only be undone and erased by the death of the Law giver.
       No one in their right mind in heaven, or on earth, or in hell could justifiably argue that the price paid for Adams sin and for our sins was not enough. For the JUDGE HIMSELF (God) came off His Throne and went to the Cross to ransom and save them for what they were fully guilty of and deserved.
       The Judge gave the verdict that we were all guilty under the LAW. The Judge measured out the punishment which was hell forever without God. But in our case THE JUDGE HIMSELF did what was before in heaven THE UNTHINKABLE. He said that He would pay the price for the sin of all the world so that we would not have to, and only He, the Judge, THE CREATOR of heaven and earth qualified to pay such a high price that all the sin of the world demanded so that man in his spirit, in his soul, and in his body could have so great a pardon and Salvation for all eternity. 
      The Great Pardoning of Guilty Man was purchased by the Judge Himself putting our guilt and its punishment on Himself. The Judge understands and knows what He went to the Cross for, so that by the sacrifice of Himself he would put away sin forever and save to the uttermost his people from their sins.
     God could not have nor cannot just simply forgive the world without Christ blood in the mix. IF HE COULD THEN HE WOULD  HAVE DONE SO IN THE VERY BEGINNING AFTER THE FALL, AFTER ADAM AND EVE SINNED.  But because, as we said before, redemption's forgiveness is more than just an emotional response, He couldn't. Their sin had to be atoned for by a punishing paid price in blood, for the wisdom of God speaks this, saying, Without the shedding of blood there is no remission, no removal, nor forgiveness of sins. 
      The GREAT PARDON that we all needed could only be obtained by a price paid to justify that GREAT PARDON not just an emotional response.  If God could just simply say I forgive all, then all the world would be forgiven and saved period, but we see clearly as we look at the blood of His Cross and the souls in hell that it was not that simple. We see that all the world is not being saved. Billions are in hell today testifying to this truth. 
      That is why we and all must believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and keep our faith in His Blood Covenant & Agreement with us and be washed in His Blood. That is why Jesus really is the only way, and the only TRUTH, and the life that saves us and gives us full access  unto the Father. There exist no other way out there, in here, up above, or deep below that God accepts for men to be Pardoned and saved from their sins but HIS SACRIFICE ALONE. Christ did not die in vain. And there is no other Name, no other sacrifice, or redeeming blood for the eternal remission of sin but the death that Emanuel Himself tasted for us all in blood, in the blood of His Cross.
     This is the blood of the New Covenant Jesus said, shed for many. I give my life and my blood for the redemption and the ransom for many. 
     What will you give in exchange for your soul? It is only Jesus Christ and Him Crucified and Risen from the dead for me. All other things, all other ideas, religions and philosophies, and goosey bump feelings that take their stand against the Cross of Jesus Christ, those other ideas etc. are the devils formations to deceive the world and keep them from Christ. 
       Please never forget this. The Lord our God, THE JUDGE HIMSELF is not a God that is divided against Himself. He is not a kingdom divided against itself. He will not nor can He DENY HIMSELF. He knows good and well why He Himself became a man and went to that Cross. There was no other way to save us from our guilt and sin (NO OTHER WAY). If there was then God would have saved His Son (the 2nd Person of the Godhead) from all that pain and sufferings.
      God's Spirit will never deny that He is the Only Way. Such He cannot do and such He would never do. He cannot Lie, therefore He cannot deny HIMSELF or His own precious blood that he shed and it's reasons. But Satan sure would preach and present to the world another way, even many other ways to deceive the world again and again......please share freely......deno.

Something Could Never Come From Nothing. Something Has ALWAYS BEEN......deno.....please share freely.

       Something cannot come from absolute nothing. So the nothing that certain scientist preach could have never existed and since nothing never existed SOMETHING HAS ALWAYS HAD TO that itself destroys the theory of Nothing. And that something had to be of the equated power to HAVE ALWAYS BEEN since something cannot come from nothing. So our present something had to come from a previous something since nothing never existed......Did you get that? God is the only equated power that fills the sum of Eternal. ETERNAL AND ETERNITY MEANS Having no beginning of days neither ending of days. Without beginning and without end. Always has been and ever shall be, so saith the scriptures that reveal Him.
        So we conclude that nothing that never could have existed because something has always been, could never from it's non existing self jump start anything into being that is something. An eternal Parent force that has always been HAD TO BRING FORTH CREATION and it was not mindless matter either for we know that all physical matter had a specific beginning point. Something created it.....In the beginning God who had no beginning of days neither ending of days, of the Eternal Power  created the heavens and the earth.....God is an Eternal Spirit. He is the great I AM THAT I AM...It's simple share freely.