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Apostolic Preaching | TF Tenney | Passion Before Power

The Fellowship of His Sufferings.......deno.....share freely.

......Partaking of the fellowship of Christ sufferings is two sided. One side we are hated by the world therefore we join him in suffering those things from that hate. If they hate Me Jesus said they will hate you and if they persecute Me they will persecute you.
      But then there is also the other side of the fellowship whereby we partake of the benefits of HIS SUFFERINGS and Sacrifice. He was punished for our sins. Thru the blood of His Cross we have the forgiveness of sins. He was punished for our peace with God, so that we could have and enjoy peace with God. He died so that we would live. He tasted death so that we would taste life everlasting and so that we would be reconciled to God. By His stripes we were healed. He was cursed on the cross Paul said in his letter to the Galations so that we would be blessed.....He died to save us from our sins and to ready us thru faith in His Blood for the infilling of the Holy Ghost.
      Being hated by all nations, being persecuted for belonging to Jesus, and all these mentioned good things and much more we partake of in the fellowship of his sufferings....deno....share freely.

More From The Pens Pulpit......deno.....share freely

.......Acts 1:8....And you shall receive power after the Holy Spirit has come upon you. The heart of the Power of the Lord is Love, for God is love. Extract the love of God out of the power and you have the demonic deception.
       The heart of the purpose of the Power given us is to testify and to bear witness to the Love of God in Christ shown in his death for our sins and in his resurrection for our true hope. Satan has power. He can do miracles called deceiving miracles or lying wonders (2 Thess 2:1-13). But he does not have the Love of God in him. 
       Power and power mindness without the Love of God the heart of the matter is not the Spirit of the Lord. He that is Love says Love and His power are one, Neither is mindless but one and the same. God and His Power which is the Holy Spirit are One. Love is the root. Love also the fruit. 
       Jesus endued us with His Love of God power, not just His miracle performing glory. By the way you love one another Jesus said is the difference.....The love of God has been shed abroad in our heart by the Holy Spirit (Romans 5:5).
       So you to can walk on water and call down fire from heaven and babble all the tongues of the creation? But your lawless, you gossip, break promises, break vows, underhanded, gripe, judge, condemn others, point the finger, refuse to forgive, cause division, your prejudice, you grace the rich and despise the homeless, you devise schemes, lie and cheat on your taxes. hmmmm....Do you know what spirit you really are of? God is also Righteous. He is Holy. He will never tell a filthy joke. 
        These are not the days to be deceived or found by God to be of the wrong spirit. Jesus Is Lord. Jesus Is Love. There is not a hateful prejudice bone in His true Body. Let us bring forth the fruit of sincere repentance. Let us bring forth the fruits of the love of God that is in Christ Jesus.......deno......share freely.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

The Power of the Tongue.....Classics.......deno......share freely.

........Mark 11:23-24)..The disciples saw and heard Jesus look straight at a fig tree and  on purpose direct the power of his tongue against it. Jesus said to that fig tree, let no man ever eat fruit from you again. That fig tree being infiltrated with unseen spiritual substance, force, and power of the faith of the Son of Gods Spirit withered up from the root. That tree ended up exactly as Jesus said to it from his Spirit..
       Jesus also said of you and I that WE ARE TREES....And concerning the fruit of our tree he said....You to believe that those things you say shall come to pass, YOU WILL HAVE WHATSOEVER YOU SAY.
       Proverbs 18:21) Life and death are in the POWER of the tongue.
 You win or lose by what you believe and say.
        I'm convinced from this truth, that that is why the first words the Lord spoke to me audibly were and I quote, 'WATCH YOUR TONGUE."
        Words are more than communication sources. They are what God uses to release the power and the substances of His Spirits Eternal Power and Energies into His situations and circumstances to bring forth or to do away with. Jesus and the Father always maintain a GOOD VERBAL CONFESSION ABOUT THEMSELVES AND HOW THINGS ARE GOING TO END UP FOR THEIR GOOD.
         Go back and do a study about this truth. In the bible God and Jesus are ALWAYS SPEAKING GOOD AND WELL ABOUT THEMSELVES. ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS. They confess I am this good thing. I am these good things. I am the Good Shepherd. I am the Bread of Life. My Words are Spirit and they are words of life. I am the light of the world. I Am Alpha and Omega the beginning and the end. I Am Almighty God, not I am a little bitty good for nothing God. I Am your life and the length of your days. I am the rock and the God of your Salvation. I AM the Lord thy Deliverer. My Name is Wonderful, Counselor, The Mighty God. I Am the Prince of Peace. I Am that I Am. I Am all you will ever need. I Am the Door. I AM Abraham's exceeding great reward. I Am The Most High God.
         On and on and all thru-out the bible we see Jesus and the Father confessing things about themselves. So should their children who are created in their image and in their likeness do likewise. Our words about ourselves should line up with Gods Word about us in Christ Jesus. Our words about ourselves should be way way way more uplifting than soul cast downing. Unfortunately the devil has warped the church with little worm talk instead of the sons of the living God decrees.
         Jesus also made confessions of who he was and of what he believed all the time. Study this out and you will find it so. Jesus never said one negative putting himself down word about himself NEVER. NOT EVEN ONE. And He always confessed and spoke what HE BELIEVED. He spoke words of  life to save and to uplift and to bless. Even when he did put fire to his words concerning his opposers, those words were carefully selected to warn and to inform those they were directed at of the dangers ahead if they did not believe and repent. They were for life and not for death. He said I did not come to destroy mens lives but to save them. So even his Woes Unto You words were to heal and not to break. Sometimes we have to be real strong and harsh with our words to get our children to wake up and to realize the danger of this or that, or of their ways, but the rebuke is well meaning from our love for them. If only they would heed them. Those love filled rebuking words.  
        With Words GOD (who is a Spirit) released the enormous power of His Eternal Life Giving Creating Spirit and the Universe was born. 
        Paul said we also are spirit, soul, and body. We to release unseen energy and spiritual substance thru our words. Jesus said by what a man says out his mouth, his whole body becomes defiled. His whole body becomes blessed with good substance or cursed with evil substances. Defile means to make unclean, to make impure, to pollute, to curse. We inject good or bad spiritual substance into our bodies and lives course by what we say according to the good or evil of the heart at the time those words are spoken. This Is Spiritual but of the power of TRUTH...scroll down.

         Life and death, blessing or cursing is in the power of the tongue. Jesus said, Believe that those things you say shall come to pass and you will have whatsoever you say. Unfortunately that can work for our good, or for our bad as Jesus demonstrated in his words that effected that fig tree and cursed it. Intercessions of Christ are often used to over ride and counter the hurt or evil our words were taking us to that we spoke in spiritual ignorance of their hidden power...WATCH YOUR TONGUE. See Mark 4:26-27..The Words of God and of men are the spiritual seeds......deno......share freely.

According To Your Faith......deno......share freely.

.....God is so glorious and so RICH IN WEALTH AND GOODNESS that according to the present count he could give each one of us on earth trillions of stars/planets, several galaxies for each person on earth. He is a Good God with a whole lot of goodness and good things to give.
........Why do we strain over Him providing for a gas bill etc? We strain because our image, our inner sight and understanding, our perception of His Love for us, His for us and not against us light, His power, His Presence, His High Involvement and Awareness of us, His riches, His willingness to bless, and to give us good things, and to take good care of us is so dim. We wonder and say, Does He really know each day the number of the hairs on our head? Is he really that aware of me and that focused on my life and days on earth as to supply all my needs according to His riches in glory and to give me life and that more abundantly? Yes He Is Jesus Said.
      Jesus said, The blind lead the blind to falls, to ditches which are all shortcomings and failures to receive, to receive from God and His givings, outpourings of His Goodness. Therefore we can also say, the dim lead the dim to dulled down results. The deaf lead the deaf to deaf ears results. But we can also confidently say that the seeing can lead us to really seeing and the hearing can lead us to really hearing fruit and results.
     Take heed what you hear Jesus said. For it shall be measured unto you according to the way you hear it. To you that hear SHALL MORE BE GIVEN, meaning MORE SHALL BE OBTAINED AND EXPERIENCE OF GOD, HIS LIGHT, AND OF HIS KINGDOM GLORY IN THIS LIFE ON EARTH. His arms are OPEN and His kingdom is OUT STRETCHED, but many see and think Gods hands are tied and His arms daily folded so they believe little and experience less. But others see Jesus' arms stretched out on the Cross in His GREAT GIVING LOVE for them and they, SEEING the greatness of His Love for them by the full image of the Cross of Christ, they believe just as Gods Word says. They look at Jesus Christ and him crucified because of Gods Great Love For Us and they deeply seeing that great love, they believe and then they say, Surely NO GOOD THING WILL GOD WITHHOLD FROM THEM THAT HONOR AND OBEY HIM, seeing He did not withhold from us His Son. The IMAGE of that truth has grown HUGE in them and they are believing and asking and saying accordingly. The bigger the image of that truth built up and formed within their inner image of their heart, THE GREATER THE FAITH. FROM THEIR COMES THE GREATER BELIEVING PRAYERS & PROFESSIONS. FROM THEIR COMES THE GREATER WORKS  and THE GREATER  RESULTS. Be it unto you (Jesus said) ACCORDING as you see it and believe it in your heart.
      We need to be around those who are getting the BIGGER RESULTS IN THE FAITH FOR THE OBTAINING OF THE GREATER WORKS AND THE GREATER BIGGER RESULTS. God is Huge. God is Great. God is glorious in Love, Might and in Power. And His great willingness to Bless us and to Give Us Good Things is to be ALWAYS IMAGED & MEASURED SOLEY BY THE SIGHT OF THE CROSS OF CHRIST and what great love and willingness to do us good that we SEE there. Any other measure other than the greatness of Gods love for us SEEN on the Cross of Christ, those measures are short of the true mark, and they are actually lies, short coming deceptions and false doctrine measures.
       We are to measure all Gods love and His willingness to bless, to do us good, and to give us GOOD THINGS according to the giving revealing sight of the Cross of His Son and no less and no where else or in nothing else. For the Cross of Christ is ALWAYS the POWER OF GOD unto.....unto everything received by faith in Gods love and Word.
       The Cross of Christ is the perfect full image of the love of God UNVEILED that answers all love of God questions. All of them. Plus the Cross of Christ answers in full all our questions of the willingness of God to bless and to do us good. Looking unto any other sight, or any other circumstance, or any other condition or sight good or bad, or unto any other word or thing to measure Gods love for us is gospel good news betrayal and idolatry. Stay with the Cross, it is ALWAYS the truth. Its light, its Word, its Wisdom never changes and is the mighty faith bringer that Paul preached and by it he perceived faith had risen in the mans heart to be saved and healed.
       Jesus knew the Fathers heart so well in all these things that He knew if he asked the Father for any good thing or to put a coin in a fishes mouth for Peters fishing trip and catch, that God would do it. Jesus' inner image and inner sight of Gods love and willingness to bless us and to meet our needs was perfect. Christ spoon fed us from the goodness of the God of the galaxies as much as we could or would believe for and handle. But He has galaxy loads of goodness for each. No wonder Jesus said, O you of little faith. He marvels at our unbelief. He stands in awe at the little measure that we really see of Gods love for us that is so revealed in the blood of His Cross, in the giving of Himself for us and what all that giving reveals and makes known and preaches loudly of Gods love for us and of His willingness to forgive, save, guide us, lead us, talk to us, bless us, raise us up, and give us GOOD THINGS from the greatness of His Love for us and from His Awing Goodness and Goodwill to  man as revealed in His own Sons Blood giving for the ransom, life and blessing of  them who will lay holt of His love and goodness in Christ.
      It really all comes down to the real inner measure of the perception that we have formed in us of Gods great love for us and of our inner formed image and sight of how we perceive Gods willingness to bless us, to meet our needs, and to give us good things. 
       What is your real inner level measure of the Goodness of God and His willingness to bless you? Behold, Paul said. He that spared not His own Son but gave him up for our sins, HOW MUCH MORE SHALL HE SURELY GIVES US EVERYTHING ELSE...O you of little faith Jesus said.
        I am convinced, and I know these words may upset some, but I am convinced that some of us in Christ have FORMED inside us greater perceptions and images of Gods love for us and of Gods greater willingness to do us good and to bless us with His Presence and Good things just as Jesus said in (Matthew 7:11).  Scroll Down....
      Now people are envious a lot of times over this but these words that Jesus said, their measure is according to faith. Jesus said, Whatever you are believing for, BE IN UNTO YOU ACCORDING TO THE MEASURE OF YOUR FAITH AND BELIEVING. The limit man gives to this. But as for God , God gave His Son to demonstrate all His Love and the greatness of His Willingness to bless, to meet our needs, to give us good things (Matthew 7:11). 
      GOD IS GALAXY ALL POWERFUL and Son of God all giving in willingness to bless and to give us good things. So let us GROW in this greater love light and grace and in the Knowledge of God and His Son Jesus Christ.....deno......share freely.

Caution...These words stir up the bees.......They will pressure you away from these words sort of like what Peter said by Satan to Jesus when Jesus said he was soon to be betrayed and crucified, he said, BE IT FAR FROM YOU....The deceiver and the thief will try to offend you away from this light....Use the name of Jesus against him. BE STRONG.....ENTER....deno.....share freely.

       It is time for the church to experience and taste the HONEY of the Grace of God in Christ.  But to get to the end times Honey of His Grace we must do our part and fight our way thru the opposing bees of the enemy and do so in the power and in the authority in the far above all name of Jesus Christ.....Asking & Receiving....Seeking & Finding....Knocking & Doors Opened....In Jesus Name commanding the evil spirits off, out, and away. Binding & Loosing...Sending the Angels with their chains to those evils spirits to void them harmless......And above all things Walk in the love of God and believe in the love God has for us clearly revealed in the sermon on the Mount of Golgotha thru the Cross of Christ....Living by faith in the expectancy of the goodness of God and of what is clearly revealed in Matthew 7:11....Dead to self but alive unto the Will of God. Always seeking first God and His will and living in the add ons from doing so.
       When we lose our life in the way of full surrender to Gods will then we will find the life and THE HONEY but not until and not without challenge and not without persecutions.
       We all know in our hearts that there is supposed to be more love, more presence of God manifested, more joy, more peace, more high, less low,  more power of God, more of the riches of Gods Grace, Presence, & Goodness, even the EXCEEDING GREATNESS OF THESE THINGS, OF GODS POWER AND MORE OF THE RICHES OF HIS GRACE AND GOODNESS. This is whispered to us over and over again. There is more, more grace, more light, more joy, more power, more His presence, more Strength, more God in us with us realities, greater fellowship, greater works, more to love, more to do, more to learn, more to visit, more to cloth, more to feed, more to help more more more.
       But like Israel so it is with us. When their feet landed in the soil of the promise land, In Christ by Colossians 1:12-13 light, our feet have also landed .........But like Israel so it is with us. When their feet landed in the soil of the promise land, In Christ by Colossians 1:12-13 light, our feet have landed in the promise land in the Spirit being delivered from the power of darkness (Egypt) and we have BEEN TRANSLATED into the Kingdom of Gods dear Son (The real Promise land). 
       We in the Spirit are not kingdom of God bound but we are TRANSLATED IN THE SPIRIT INTO the kingdom of God now and the kingdom of God is WITHIN YOU by the Holy Spirit. Like Israel, right after the souls of those feet landed on promise land soil, God tells us what He commanded of them, SUBDUE THE LAND, SUBDUE YOUR OPPOSITION, CAST THEM OUT....RID THE LAND OF THE ENEMIES WHO WILL FIGHT AGAINST YOU TO KEEP YOU FROM POSSESSING ITS RICHES, ITS MILK AND ITS HONEY, ITS GOODLY THINGS...OVER COME AND PREVAIL OVER THEM.....Possess the land, its treasures, its milk and its honey.....I have come that you might have life and have it MORE ABUNDANTLY.
        They had to physically fight with physical swords and arrows and clubs victoriously to take it, but the weapons of our warfare in Christ are not physical but spiritual (The Sword of the Spirit which is the Word of God) and they are mighty thru God for the pulling down of strongholds, to take the land....That is how we possess the end time HONEY GRACE AND GOODNESS OF GOD. Thru obeying Gods words and His will for us and fearing nothing, but believing only.
        In the spirit thru obeying God, living the love of God life, always forgiving, fasting and praying in the Spirit and believing the clear promises  given  us In Christ Jesus, we take out of the enemies hands all that he has been striving to hide and to keep away from the saints. The thief must be bound for us to get out goods back.
        Its time for the thief to be treaded upon massively and the kingdom riches and grace taken from his Lying, THIEVING HANDS  with violent spiritual force by those who are the flesh and bone of Jesus Christ who God has given all power and authority unto both in heaven and in earth...Doubters need not apply but step aside. Just stay on the milk, but the milk Peter says is for babes in Christ.
       The HONEY is the mighty grace and Spirit of God Glorifying Jesus glory, and the riches of HIS KINGDOM. The  STRONG spiritual warriors take it by spiritual weapons, power and force from the enemies who war against us to hold back our increases of the kingdoms light, power, love, joys, and riches and glory that God has given us who are HIS SONS FLESH AND BONE on the earth.
       We the courages with a mighty determined unwavering devotion, faith and love,  we fight our way thru the opposing bees and lay holt of the honey, BELIEVING  & OBEYING GOD as good and faithful servants and skilled spiritual soldiers.
       It has been poured out.... THE HONEY, for the filling up of our cups unto the overflow of the church and its members unto being filled with all the fulness of God as Paul revealed attainable by the church on earth. AMAZING GRACE HOW SWEET THE TASTE. (Ephesians 3:14-21).......deno.....Jesus Is Lord.....share freely.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

The Soul Seated With Christ #2.....Peace & Rest......deno.....share freely.

        Matthew 11:28-30).....Jesus Said.....Come unto me all of you that are weary in your work and heavily burdened down and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon yourselves and learn of Me (learn what My Cross Shall Do For You for the Blood and Power of His Cross is the heart of every message of and about Messiah), for I am gentle and lowly and by what you learn (of Me and MY CROSS) you shall FIND REST UNTO YOUR SOULS. 
       In these above words of Jesus we learn that Rest is Given by Jesus and Rest is Found by the believers. Jesus said I will GIVE YOU REST and he said, and you SHALL FIND REST unto your souls. It (that rest) is not earned by self justifying works. It is given therefore it has to be received. Rest Given is a gift. Therefore being a gift it has to be received, not labored for.
       In the text Jesus THE SEEING and KNOWING ONE wants to take off of them the burden and the weight of their own labors, the labors of self justifying works of self righteousness which was of the Law, and bless them with the gift of peace and the rest that comes from knowing one is justified By faith in Christ and his atoning sacrifice without the deeds of the Law.  Jesus is taking their eyes off of themselves and off their works, unto Him. He is saying COME UNTO ME, and place your eyes and confidence on the New and Living way that God has now consecrated for their new entrance into the kingdom of God and Christ. He says Come unto Me now. Jesus is taking them away from the old, it has served its purpose, and now tells them, now Come unto Me and Drink of My Redeeming Blood, the blood of his Cross THE NEW. He is taking them to the power of God, which was the power of His Cross ahead. (For the Cross is the only true place of redeeming peace and rest). He knew He was the mighty guilt offering and he knew that he was the great peace offering. But they needed to know that so He says, Come unto Me. Come unto Me AND LEARN.....Go and read Romans 10:1-13.
      The soul seated with Christ in the heavenly places of Ephesians 2:1-9, serves the Lord as the rested not as the weary. He who seeks to justify himself by his own works is always on the edge of self merit and questions himself saying, is it enough? He lives carrying the burden and the weights of doubt and from the weariness that comes from the lack of blessed assurance....But he that is justified By the power of the Cross of Christ has peace with God of the soul, for he rest his faith in the words, IT IS FINISHED.
       Romans 5:1) Therefore we being JUSTIFIED by faith (faith in the blood, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, in the IT IS FINISHED), we have PEACE within and PEACE WITH GOD thru our Savior, Jesus Christ the Son of God.
        Study this for yourself and you will find it to be the truth. It is the New Covenant of Peace with God thru the atoning blood of His Cross and not of Friction. (Isaiah 54:5-10).....deno........share freely.

The Soul Seated With Christ #1...PEACE & REST.....deno.....share freely.


       Jesus Said.....Come unto me all of you that are weary and heavily burdened down and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon yourselves and learn of Me (learn what My Cross Shall Do For You for the Blood and Power of His Cross is the heart of every message of and about Messiah), for I am gentle and lowly and by what you learn (of Me and MY CROSS) you shall FIND REST UNTO YOUR SOULS.
      The soul seated with Christ in the heavenly places of Ephesians 2:1-9, serves the Lord as the rested not as the weary. He who seeks to justify himself by his own works is always on the edge of self merit and questions himself saying, is it enough? He lives carrying the burden and the weights of doubt and that come from the lack of the blessed assurance....But he that is justified By the power of the Cross of Christ has peace with God of the soul, for he rest in the words, IT IS FINISHED.
       Romans 5:1) Therefore being JUSTIFIED by faith (faith in the blood, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ), we have PEACE WITH GOD thru our Savior.
        Study this for yourself and you will find it to be the truth. It is the New Covenant of Peace with God thru the atoning blood of His Cross and not of Friction. (Isaiah 54:5-10).....deno........share freely.

Interceding Prayer Is SERVING GOD......deno.....share freely.

.......To intercede is to SERVE....It is SERVING the Living God and Men who need it....Moses and Abraham served God and men with their intercessions......Intercession is tearing down dividing walls that need to be torn down in peoples lives that men may find their peace with God and re-erecting walls that need to be raised up to keep judgement and the evil one at bay.....All this is done by serving God and men with prayers of intercessions.
        If iniquity is abounding, often times it is because what is supposed to be HOT before the Lamb of God on the earth, they are lukewarm whose prayer is the breath of a human instead of the fire from the Breath of God that the lukewarm quenched,
        Luke 2:37)....and Anna was 84 years of age and she did not depart from the temple of the Lord, but SERVED THE LORD day and night with her prayers (Intercessions) and fastings. Intercessory Prayer Is Serving The Lord.....deno......share freely.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Faith of our Founding Fathers....David Barton.....American Heritage Series......deno.

Revelations 13:7-9)....The AntiChrist Makes War With the Saints/Christians......deno......share freely.

Ephesians 6:10-18...Put on the entire armor of God that you may be able to stand against all the schemes of the devil.

       America was founded by believer for believers. If this ever changes and is no longer the truth concerning this nation, then  a war of convictions and of clashing ideas was fought and the believers in the Son of God either did not fight, fought badly, played instead of prayed, or lost the will to fight and gave up. For ALL POWER was given unto them both in heaven and in earth to bind and to set free. 
      We can have all Power from on high given us from God, but if our hearts affections are not set on things above but on earthly pleasure, worldly dreams and aspirations, then that Great Power is QUENCHED, for we are to busy to fight or to afraid to be on the FRONT LINES of the warfare. Back row warriors give away so much territory. This is one of the reason and ways that the devil pins us to the mat and how the AntiChrist prevails over saints in America and all nations in the latter days.
       Revelations 13:7)....and it was given unto the AntiChrist to make war with the saints (to overcome them, to wear them down, to frustrate them and to challenge their influence of Jesus Christ in the nations) and to overcome them; and power was given unto him over all kindreds, and tongues, and nations...In his temporary triumph over the Church/Saints and their convictions and influence in the nations, he deceives and converts the world over to his beliefs/religion/ways/lies/deception. Sound any bit  familiar?
       vs 8) And all that dwell upon the earth shall worship him (The Great Conversion to His Way), whose names are not written in the book of life and of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world......deno......share freely.

From the Dry back to the Green. We cannot endure just living on a memory. Be Revived and Renewed in the Lord......deno.......share freely

       Sometimes we are so full and so filled with His presence that our joy and excitement ascends thru the roof. We leap like calves in the stall. Even when we walk in the fields and in the beautiful parks the trees clap their hands with us in the Joy of Gods fragrances, the fragrances of His creation blessings. On the inside we feel so much His touch our hearts rejoice with joy unspeakable and full of glory.
      Then there comes those days when it seems we are living on the power of a memory, on a memory of the joy and of the way it was when our spirits leaped with joy at just the thought of Him.
      We all have had our own spiritual honeymoon with the Lord in the beginning of the infilling of the Spirit and of his grace. In those days we were high as a heavenly dove.  But its been awhile and today we feel the lesser, even what seems to be like  the absence of His presence. Sometimes that is a sign that you and Jesus need your own personal anniversary get away.
       Turn your present dry back into green pastures by His still waters. Let the world go. Remove its weight and get into the presence of the Lord that He may revive you. First love remember?......deno.....share freely.

He Shall Wipe Away All Tears From Our Eyes.......deno......share freely.

........I have lived now long enough to know that life can be beautiful, have times of great joy and moments of awe in God and Grace that we will remember the good of those good things/times  for all eternity for they were Grace things, God with us moments that stood out strong in our life.
        But there also comes the day when Jesus said of the Church that He will take us into His highest presence. In the place of His highest presence is fulness of Joy, Happiness, and Gladness. From the presence of the Lord in that day the Lord will fulfill the following scripture. For in this life at times, though we enjoy the beauty of the Rose and we should, sometimes we feel the reality of its thorns and cry. In this life the Joy of the Lord has a cross attached to it. Ask Peter.
        Life is not without test or without  trial. Life is not without troubles and trying times. We bear these things thru the power of God. Thru faith in His covenant presence and promises, Lo I am with you always even to the end of the world Jesus promised. We stand thru it all thru the love of God that is shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Ghost that gives us real hope. We stand by the faith of the Son of God who loved us and gave himself for us.
        I have cried and I have been comforted with the comforts of God. And then I wake up again to find His joy, His purpose for that new day by obedience.  In this New Day I see that which has always been, before the called of God,  life and death, blessings and cursing, good and evil awaiting my choice as it was with the children of Israel before us. In the sweetness of the New Morning I hear the voice of the King say afresh....Choose you this day Who you will serve. There are things I need you to do, say, and write. Come and follow Me.
        Revelation 7:14-17....New King James Version (NKJV)
14 And I said to him, “Sir, you know.”
So he said to me, “These are the ones who come out of the great tribulation (Great Trial), and washed their robes and made them white in the blood of the Lamb (They believed, obeyed and served the Lamb.). 15 Therefore they are before the throne of God, and serve Him day and night in His temple (We will still serve the Lord forever). And He who sits on the throne will dwell among them. 16 They shall neither hunger anymore nor thirst anymore; the sun shall not strike them, nor any heat; 17 for the Lamb who is in the midst of the throne will shepherd them and lead them to living fountains of waters. And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes."
          Strange how it is during the fiery trials of this life, when the heat rises we suddenly cry out for rapture......deno.....share freely.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Evolution Vs. God Movie

God has put His Glory inside His Words and Sent those Words full of His Glory and Virtue to us.......deno......share freely

         Jesus told us. If you will believe you will see the glory of God. Paul said, Mixing faith with Gods Words causes us to profit and benefit from the glory of God that he has placed in His Words. Jesus said those that believe his words shall be benefited and shall be saved.
      *Faith unlocks the glory and power of God that is sealed in Gods Words and Promises*.
        The scriptures tell us that God sent His word and healed them. God placed His healing virtue inside His Word and sent it to them. Those that believed and obeyed, they drew out that healing virtue and they were healed.
        Faith is the WORTHINESS that opens the seal to the glory of God that is in HIS WORD......Faith is the Key....deno......share freely.

Concerning Women Speaking, Preaching, Teaching & Prophesying In The Church.....deno......share freely.

.........God using Male and Females in the Church for preaching and teaching His Word. This needs to be addressed for some. Some are confused on this matter.
       Lets remember that Jesus our Boss sent Mary to the Church Members to comfort and tell them who were in fear, doubt and unbelief that He is truly risen. On the day of Pentecost Jesus THE BOSS sent Peter to the LOST to proclaim also He Is Risen and that Jesus is both Lord and Christ.....Jesus sent both. One to the church and one to the lost...If He calls, If He ordains, If He commissions us to go and tell others what He wants us to tell them then we all both male and female must obey God no matter what others think. ·
         Acts 2:17-18...The Lord our Boss, the Head of the Great Assembly called in the scriptures the Church, HE SAID in the Last days I will. I will..I will do this, I will pour out My Spirit upon all flesh.What will He The BOSS make happen?....Your sons and your DAUGHTERS shall prophesy...The word prophesy here means to proclaim and to preach Gods Word, even His Revealed Word...Where will they do this OUTSIDE THE CHURCH or INSIDE THE CHURCH.....ANSWER...BOTH as the Spirit fills and moves and tells them BOTH, BOTH MALE AND FEMALE...the sons and the daughters of God.
        We have to give Jesus THE BOSS, The Spirit of the Lord His Breathing Room on this matter. He Breaths His Spirit on both believing male and females to use them (His Sons & Daughters) as He said in His Word He would in the last days. He said in Acts 2:17-18 that He would be using both Gods Sons and Gods Daughters to proclaim His Words. God cannot lie. He did not prophesy or proclaim Acts 2:17-18 falsely or in vain.
        If a woman cannot speak in the church as Paul suggested (Period) and we give no other breathing room of the Spirit of the Lord on this matter at all, how then would the women of Acts 2:17-18 fulfill Gods own prophecy in the church. Prophecy is for THE CHURCH so that all the church be edified. God does not just pour out His Spirit on just men to prophecy and to proclaim His Word (Acts 2:17-18 is His Own Prophecy...He said on His Daughters also to proclaim and preach His Word. If God failed to bring this to pass He would have a failing Word..God Never Fails.
       Paul said also, Muzzle not the chosen that treadeth out the corn. He was talking about those who believe the gospel and that Jesus has called and anointed with the Spirit of the Lord to prophecy and proclaim Gods good news the gospel, His Word..... Acts 2:17-18 is also the direct Word of the Lord that must and shall come to pass by Gods own doings. It is the Spirit of Prophecy. His daughters He said would prophesy and proclaim His Word just like His sons by the Same Spirit of the Lord. If women are not allowed to speak in the church's dogmatically as some preach, then also there could be a QUENCHING OF THE SPIRIT OF ACTS 2:17-18. For prophecy, the proclamation of the REVEALED WORD is for the edification of the whole church.
        In all the church's that I have been in over all the years, women are speaking to others in that assembly carnally or in the Spirit. They conversate with one another. They teach Sunday school in the Church's. They teach adult bible school in the church's. They testify and give their testimonies in the church's. They sing the songs of redemption, the songs of praise and worship, the songs of encouragement by the Spirit of the Lord just as the men do. YES THESE WOMEN SPEAK IN THE CHURCH'S OF GOD and Jesus has not rebuked or dropped a one of them dead yet for doing so. Actually I learned from the Lord that He inhabits their words of praise and of faith in His love that they speak in the church and at home of praise to His Name.
       Friends I assure you that as the man David was a man after Gods own heart, God has some daughters chasing after His own heart as well in these last days. Some have even just read these words.
        When God Breaths on us His Spirit of Acts 2:17-18, then we must respond, obey, speak, preach and proclaim the Word of God as the Spirit moves us and as the Spirit of Acts 2:17-18 wills. It is as God wills and God said I will pour out My Spirit of your sons and on your DAUGHTERS and both shall preach and proclaim My revealed words. Amen...Jesus is Lord...PEACE & JOY......deno.......please share freely.

Turning our darkness into light. Our sorrows into Rejoicings......deno....share freely.

       Let's not let anything of this world rob our peace or steal our joy, or crush our hope and expectation. Gods promises are all true and dependable. They are Yes & Amen to the glory of God. 
      Gods Word and His Promises have been tried and tested. When God demanded the creation from His Words, His Words did not fail. When His Words and Promises were even under resurrection pressure, Gods Words and Promises did not fail. Jesus was raised from the dead.
      Keep dreaming. Keep believing. Be filled with hope Paul said thru the power of the Holy Spirit. He also wrote, That all the saints would be filled with all the hope and all the joy that is in Believing. So keep believing. Have Faith in God.
      Remember that is was those that sat in darkness who suddenly saw great light and it was in the worlds darkest hour that the resurrection of Christ our endless hope occurred. God can make great things occur even in our most darkest hours. Have faith.
      Babe Ruth struck out many times. But all those strike outs could not keep the HOME RUNS from coming. Keep Swinging your faith bat. God has some Faith Home Runs for us to hit......deno......share freely.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

........The Demonic Scheme for the souls of America..Nothing is truly healed unless the root of the problem is uprooted and then cast out. The gospel today is often so presented and so preached that it is used for doping our pains but not cutting out the root or the real source behind the affliction, sin and Satanism. Satanism means to sin, to do the opposite of light and what God wants,.....share freely.....deno.

       Acts 18:10: Jesus appeared and said to Paul...For I am with you, and no one is going to attack and harm you, because I have many people in this city.”
       This above scripture is why I am so thankful for so many believers in America whose justification is by faith in Christ redeeming blood, death, and resurrection....But church of the Living God it sure is not a time to back off now, nor to quit Gods righteous cause. Christ passed his triumphs and victory and overcoming and his calling on to us the Church to tread on the serpents and the scorpions and to maintain the victories. He gave us this important task and he gave us all the light, the power, the authority, the faith and the love of His Greater than all Name, and all the weapons of our warfare to win it. If we lose anything, or any ground that was before our gain, it never was the weapons fault. It was never Gods fault, it was our own fault. We ran from the battle or did not take it serious enough to make the difference. We quit firing the spiritual bullets so to speak or we ran away in fear of what we thought to be in our minds giants in the promise land.
        We must fight in the spirit with Gods Word the Sword of the Spirit in prayer and fastings, and we must in the natural labor in those things that give structure and  formation to things in America more than ever and continue to make disciples of Jesus Christ of the next generation by the preaching of the gospel.
       The battle for the soul and the souls of this nation continues. It is Jesus and the Cross of Christ and His resurrection power and His Salt the Church, and Christ eternal promise against the devils soul damning end of days rock, rap, country, dark movies, TV programs, witchcraft, satanism, schools and Universities; against Americas fashions, present demonic mindsets, idolatries, worldly lust, gossip cravings, wicked mouth, against Americas rebelling government, politicians, magazines, CDs, DVDs, radio stations, sorcery books, physic hot lines and fortune telling horoscopes, terror and Tara cards, voodoo, and their call upon Aleister Crowley's powers.
        It used to be the scale fell in favor of the gospel influence in America......How things have changed in the people whose majority used to happily call upon the Name of the Lord.....Satan personally has attacked this nation and he has a whole lot of inside help. The numbers and their names would shock the nation. But what shall it profit all his helpers who temporarily make some gains but burn for it forever. All their demonically assisted gains, they are just heavy millstones chained to their souls and feet in the day that their soul is required of them. They have no redeeming power to escape the descent for they chose darkness over light and the temporary more than the eternal.
        BUT IF MY PEOPLE WHO ARE CALLED BY MY NAME WILL.....lets not just quote the rest of the verse. Such is of little power. Lets together DO IT. Doing it is where the Power is....
        Father have mercy and pour out Your Spirit and grace on us afresh all over this nation and around the world in the name of Jesus Christ. Father save more and more souls and change the heart of people for Your Love, Peace, for Your Good, Goodness & Goodwill by your Gospel everywhere in every nation. Amen.....deno.....share freely. 
.......In Jesus Name, Bound, Cursed, Defeated, and Miserable be any soul, spirit, or person that uses the forces and powers of darkness to come against Jesus Christ and against any member of the Church which is the Body of Christ. Cursed are they and their schemes do fall upon their own heads for their repentance unto salvation or unto their own willful destruction having chosen darkness over light, and evil over good, and Satan over Jesus Christ....But peace, joy, love, eternal life and assurance, and goodwill be unto all in Christ Jesus by the power of the Holy Spirit, the Greater One that is in Christ Jesus in you...Amen.

Monday, August 24, 2015

From The Pulpit....Make Clear The Way of the Lord......deno.....share freely.

       Friend whether you are straight, gay, or confused about what you are and you claim to be a christian, we all if we are honest, can agree that thru the study of the scriptures, we find that Lucifer wanted things his way and not Gods way, RIGHT? We all can agree that Satan did not want to stay in the boundaries of Gods law and way for life, RIGHT? We can all agree that Satan for the demanding of his will over Gods will, such as I'm going to do things my way and not Gods way cost him his soul and first estate, RIGHT? We can all agree that God sets the rule of Law for the created to live by and that the created do not make the rules for God to abide by, RIGHT? We can all agree that knowing Satan's fall from heaven like lightning and the creation of hell that was created by God for the devil and his angels means that God totally disagreed with Satan's law and disagreed with Satan's demand for his creature sin rights.
       In his delusion Lucifer believed he could upend God, even change Gods righteous mind to agree with him. Strange how people under strong delusion can believe the most obvious lies are true and should be counted as the facts, and that even clear and  obvious wrongs they can believe to be good, right, not wrong, and not evil. Such is the mind set of this evil, delusional, and unfaithful wicked generation.
        As the devil deceived Eve to believe his lie that the forbidden tree would not hurt her, that she had every right to eat of its fruit, even so he has deceived so many in this generation of his heavier works to believe so many lies and to believe that sodomy and same sex sexual encounters is a gentle issue with God and no longer a no go zone. Friends, deception never ends well, NEVER.......IT IS WRITTEN......REPENT FOR THE GREAT AND TERRIBLE DAY OF THE LORD IS NEARING......deno.....share freely....All Because of Love.

The Servants Heart (UPDATED)........deno.......share freely.

       The scriptures preach to us that Jesus  who is risen from the dead and is seated at the Fathers right hand, he ever lives making intercession for the church. He is still the good and faithful Shepherd. He is still SERVING US in the highest. He ever lives to do so. For serving is heavens way of  life. It is the way of God and Jesus. It is the greatest way of life in glory and all of that endless serving one another there is done with no one losing their joy, happiness, place or position.
        Jesus the creator of the Universe came to serve us all and he lost no ranking. He was the Lord from heaven when He came to serve and to save us, and he was the Lord of heaven when he went back to the Throne of God. He just took you and I with him this time, as members of the true Ark of His Body, which is also called the church, the Body of Christ. In His body, all of us who are IN CHRIST, in His Body we are fully Represented and Identified. (Ephesians 1:19-23) & (Ephesians 2:13-17) & (Ephesians 5:25-33).  
       Note this: It is when Lucifer sought the crowds to pile up to rock and wrap to the new music he wanted to bring forth in the heavens and into the creation for sin and for his evil desire for self admiration & self exaltation, and for sensual selfishness in worship and praise unto himself without the humble serving spirit, it was then that he got totally out of line with his gift and anointing in heaven and out of harmony with God. He took his spirits God given gift and talents and used them in his rebellion and revolt against God and he became the father of sin, the father of the lie, and the prince or lord of darkness, meaning to do the opposite of what God *who is light* does. 
       It was for that exceeding great and willful sin and self idolatry and self idolizing abomination, that Lucifer lost his eternal position and great was his demotion & fall. He gave hell its created purpose. Here in these last days, Satan is hugely involved with his cursed wicked heart, mind and spirit in all this rock and rap and worship of those that yield to bow and worship him first. They grab their privates in total disrespect of Gods holiness and against all decency and authority and sing and wrap by Satans demonic power in the spirit of rebellion for self worship, self exaltation, self idolization, stand out, and sensual sinful gratifications. 
        And.... that same demonic rebellious power that they sing by, it is thru their songs and those songs words that demonic spirits and powers work and travel thru and those wicked spirits are being transferred into their worshipers (Habitual gazers and hearers). The result? The result is more and more things of wicked spirits and of the wicked one himself is being multiplied in those participants, and from those demonized souls that wickedness spreads in the land to the shock of the decent and to the civilized. Things keep getting worse and worse in their hearts and lives and in the streets of America and the nations who incline to the demonic strut of the spirit of the beast that is behind their rebellions. Whether they are grabbing themselves or grabbing their prey with the demonic spirit of wickedness in their rock, songs, words, and rap, it is a last days subtle satanical grab anyway you look at it. Truly it will by no means end good for them. They are of their father the devil and his condemnation shall crush them to.
       The Servants Heart....Friends there is only One God the Father, One Lord Jesus Christ His Son, and One Spirit we are baptized with. No other is worthy of all worship and praise. God is God and Worthy is the Lamb. Let us and all the angels henceforth forever realize, remember, and never lose sight of the truth and the fact that we are the created. God  is Creator. Big big difference of Rank and Position there and forever shall be. And yet the Lord by whom God made the worlds girded himself with a towel and washed our feet. He came TO SERVE and to give His life as a ransom for many.
      God is the GIVING & SERVING CREATOR. His eternal Spirit is full of immeasurable power and life giving energies to the degree that from His Eternal Spirit proceeds mighty thundering's of His power and great lightnings from his energies as revealed in the book of Revelations 4:1-5, yet His heart is PERFECT LOVE & HOLINESS as perfectly expressed thru Jesus Christ His Son when on earth (Hebrews 1:1-4). 
       Everyday while on earth Jesus was expressing Gods heart perfectly and everyday Jesus was serving us and giving himself as a living sacrifice to save and to bless others. He was the God who preferred his brother before him to serve him. Everyday, though Jesus was Anointed with the Greatest King & Priest Anointing of all, he presented himself as a living sacrifice to use His Anointing to serve the Father and to serve us. He that is greatest among you Jesus taught, shall be the servant of all. Jesus is the Greatest Among Us on earth and in heaven. Believe it or not, Jesus still enjoys serving all. He is that great of love. He is that sure of Himself. He is that wonderful of a mighty God.
        Love, Gods Love Serves. It makes of the greatest Kings the greatest servants and still yet they remain the greatest of kings of the highest honors in heaven. No other love does this. From the least to the greatest in heaven EVERYONE SERVES one another and love to do so. This in part is why heaven is the dream society, called Paradise. It's not just Paradise because of its beauty, glory, splendor and it's most amazing awe. It is also Paradise because in heaven everyone really does love, appreciate, and serve one another with gladness. Can you imagine our presidents, our elected officials, and leaders of the nations washing our feet? Mom the child said in glory. Jesus is coming to our house tomorrow and he said he is coming to serve us. He said, He's going to prepare the meal and he is going to do the dishes. Mom the Master is on His Way. He really loves us as he loves himself. (Remember with me. After the resurrection, the disciples were at work fishing all night. Jesus that same night was at the outdoors kitchen, cooking up a breakfast to SERVE THEM. Go read it, ITS TRUE).
       In heaven, all the kings serve. Even Christ the King of kings serves. The bible says Jesus serves. When Jesus said the greatest among you will be the servant of all, this was not a temporary work or a dispensational gesture. It is everlasting. It is the way of heaven. There, in heaven with joy and gladness of heart, and being 100 percent satisfied and thirsting no more, WE FIND the giving of ourselves in serving others in Gods love and in righteousness is the highest life and honor. The way of fulness of Joy. When you lose your life Jesus said, it is then you will find it. You will find what your soul is thirsting for. He was calling us to the life of giving of ones self as a living sacrifice for others, as a servants life and heart serving others in Gods love in holiness & humility of heart and mind, and not of the brash way of self exaltation which is the heart of Satan and his great dividing costly sin. 
       Love rules heaven. Humility rules heaven. And what does the bible say about the mighty angels. In Hebrews chapter one we read," They are all ministering spirits, sent forth to SERVE those who are the heirs of salvation". Even Jesus said with his own mouth that He Himself will SERVE US in heaven. Read Luke 12:36-37...37) Jesus said, Blessed are My servants who when I return I find them watching, active in my work and serving Me and the church. Truly I say to you, I will dress myself and I will have you sit down to dine (in my glory) and I will come and myself SERVE YOU. Jesus practices perfectly all He preaches. Humbleness of heart and serving others is all part of the true path of the most satisfying life. The purpose therein is never ending. Love never ends.
       To have a servants heart is the heart and humility of Christ. Self exaltation and the worship me, worship me spirit of creatures created is demonic and divisive. It is the Satanic path and way to tremendous troubles and falls, to the fall even of the mighty. 
       The bible says that pride is the first steps to the fall. Remember Lucifer. It reads, How art thou fallen from heaven O Lucifer.....You have said in your heart I will exalt Myself...I will set myself apart from the others...I will exalt my throne above the stars of heaven. Well Jesus said, I saw Satan  fall from heaven like lightning and there was great reason for his fall. Lucifer lost the love of God. He did not like the servant calling of all in heaven. He wanted to stand out. He wanted to be worshiped from the vanity that he created. 
        Friends the greatest of all have the most humble of hearts, not this beastly look at me look at me, praise me praise me spirit we see today on earth. Lucifer surely has a bunch of vain, proud, arrogant, crotch grabbing kids (little beast) of his own spirit today desiring worship and praise and applause from the world. Their on stages every where. Stages in the home, in the schools. They are on stages in the stadiums and in the Civic Centers. They are on the worship stages of the Movie screens and on the television screen. They are on the stages of the beaches, lakes, swimming pools, and on every street desiring to be admired and worshiped. The evil spirit of the devil and his vanity is everywhere. It is his time to shine on the earth like never before to take'em down and they are joining his demonic cause by the billions. It does not end well for any of them.
       Satan by his self exalting sin has the most bitter ending of all. His judgement and his damnation is the greatest of all. Gods wrath on Lucifer is far above all other degrees in the everlasting pour out. In this bitter end of Lucifer we learn that self exaltation, and over self admiration, and self worship is ungodly, meaning un God like and divisive causing all kinds of comparisons and prejudices among the created, HELLO. It is provoking of all kinds of evil, of envies, jealousies, and murmurings that God abhors. 
       That evil worship me worship me spirit of the falling angel is today consuming the hearts and the mind of America, esp. the younger generation who satanically is being prepared for the man of sins full revealing. The fallen angels spirit has been working its way and purpose and passage, going from his spirit to their hearts, and from his self exalting mind to their minds in this nation for years and for decades now, connecting so many to the devils pride, vanity, self exalting worship, to his delusion, to his curse, to HIS SIN and separation from God. All of this leads to a terrible end for those taken captive to do the satanic will and way of DO WHAT THOU WILL and not what God wills.
        Worship me worship me of the created, of the MADE ONES is the spirit of the devil. Today we see more and more the hurt and the evil that this satanic spirit can do to a person, a society, and to a nation, to even a once mighty Christian nation who let Satan in, who gave him place by not fighting back with a more serious resist mode. The worship me, worship me spirit of the devil when it is prospering it eventually divides,  condemns, it tears apart, and it destroys. It puts a people in the position of "God resisteth the proud", the worship me crowd. Satan rewards the worship me, worship me crowd now in his deception of them, but their fun only last like a vapor in the eternal scale of things. In there death God shall resist them for an eternity with fire that avenges the blood of His Son the greatest servant of all. God hates those that sow discord and division. Self exaltation and self worship, and the desire to self stand out above the rest of the created is the primary means to all evil and divisions of the created. 
       Walking humble with God and before all men draws God nigh and keeps God near. But so many of us are affected by, heavily influenced and persuaded by, or even possessed with the look at me, self exalting, worship me spirit and it puts us in the position of demonic divisiveness and being resisted by God. That is not a good position to be in in the present warfare, nor in the day of judgement's.
        Paul preached that Christ the greatest servant of all, his blood speaks and that for us who belong to Christ, his blood speaks to us GOOD THINGS. Remember what God said of Able's blood. Cain, your brothers blood crieth unto Me from the earth. Well Christ blood that flowed down and in between the split rocks, intercedes good things upon the saints. It is the best covering of all coverings. This covering of Christ and His redeeming blood serves and benefits us everyday washing us clean as Christ did when he washed the disciples feel clean and said, now you are clean. There is not a day that Christ and his blood does not work for us and in big ways serve us. 
       Friends all things are created to serve and to serve a purpose. One thing created serving another thing that God created is the way of even the whole creation. The whole Universe is made of this serving harmony rule. Everything has its life and has its own serving purpose in its design. The Sun serves us with its purpose. The moon serves us with its purpose. The green trees serve a purpose to benefits others beyond their own created glory and the list could go on and on forever. As for us, we were all created to love God, to serve God and to love and to serve each other in righteousness and true holiness with humility of heart and mind. Straying from these two love commandments and from these two set ways is satanic and destructive.
       Church let us humble ourselves before the mighty hand of God and serve the Lord and one another with gladness. It is the way to God promoting us with more of His grace. God resisteth the proud, but gives His grace to the humble, the servants of all......deno.......share freely.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Satan's Desire. Satan' Boast. THE GREATEST TRANSGRESSION OF ALL...We the Church of the living God and Christ must counter Satan's boasting decrees and sifting desire of America with INTERCESSIONS and DECREES from us being Spiritual Kings in Christ on earth that say of America the opposite of what Satan's servants decree over America. We must do so in Jesus Name.. Read and You will Understand.......share freely....Scroll Down....deno.

.......We have to fight with our faith and with our mouths against the forces of darkness. Jesus always always cast out and dealt with all devils with His Words. If the devil is taking over a once saturated Christian nation it is because of doubt and unbelief and because of a lack of bold defense of the nations spiritual territory.  Also a change in that nations verbal faith creeds and convictions has occurred. Change the course of the tongues confessions and you change the course of the person, people, and the nation in time.
....... This above spiritual truth and law is how Satan is overtaking America. He has changed the way America speaks, sings, believes, and verbalizes itself and its things.
....... Satan loved it when one over America professed that America is no longer a Christian nation. Those words were going for the root of Americas Christian foundations and heritage. Those words were spoken to wither centuries of Christ rule and influence of this nation. They were spoken to pull even more at Americas long lasting spiritual roots and foundations of Christ  Lordship over the faith convictions of this nation to replace it with another that Satan hoped America would eventually follow soon to come.
....... That bold confession that America is no longer a Christian nation (People) from the throne of America was Satans delight not Gods. If we all kept on or keep saying that same profession over and over concerning America we would destroy America in the spiritual territories and spiritual heavenly places. We ourselves thru that profession would cause America to wither up in the spirit of its spiritual heavenly places. You can curse a fig tree or bless a fig tree thru the substance the tongue releases. Jesus taught that when he cursed the fig tree and it withered up from the root (Mark chapter 11). Jesus wants our tongue and Satan wants our tongue for their professions over ourselves (Romans 10:8-11) and over our families and nations for blessings or for cursings, for life or for death, for salvation or for damnation, for the magnification of light or for the increasing of darkness.
.......When from the throne of America came the profession/the kings decree that America is no longer a Christian nation or people, in the spirit realm that meant another spirit has taking over America. That profession had a natural sounding meaning which the natural man understands, but deeper was its spiritual definition and meaning which is only understood by revelation from the Spirit of the Lord. Christ means anointed with the Spirit of the Lord. Christian means, they or those people belong to that anointed one and His anointing.
....... To say America is no longer a Christian Nation in the spirit realm means to be out FROM UNDER THE ANOINTED ONE AND HIS ANOINTING. The throne of our hearts was no longer Gods throne, but another sits therein or DESIRES TO. It was a faith and spirit swap decree and boast of a mighty king on the earth who was given great authority and power and influence on the earth (Revelations 13:2). There are similarities, but one is a baby compared to the mouth of the main beast to come, but both are strong in lies, cover ups, and misleadings (Deceptions). One is for the preparing of the ground (the hearts and the minds of the people) for the great AntiChrist Abomination beyond all just ahead. THE BIGGEST LIE AND LIAR OF ALL-Satans Most Yielded, Lying, Deceiving, Misleading, Wooing the world Son of perdition, the man of sin soon to be revealed. (2 Thessalonians 2:1-13).
........Though the blind and those who do not understand spiritual wisdom and spiritual laws, though they do not or did not catch what happened by what was said by the king, their blindness cannot undo the facts or the truth of Satan's subtle determined purpose in that Anti Christian and AntiChrist like boast. It was a demonic curse spoken by a kings DECREE over the nation that made him ruler over them to bring forth the CHANGE HE WANTED TO INVOKE OVER THAT NATION BY HIS DECREE as Prince. He had to go out of his way and SAY THAT. Satan said similar things in heaven. He wanted heaven to become a place no longer under God or Christ rule but his. To make it happened first things had to be set in motion first, Satan understood spiritual Law. So he began to PROFESS AND TO SAY, I will exalt my desire above Jesus. I will replace His influence and throne with mine.  THIS IS THE GREATEST TRANSGRESSION OF ALL.
........Lucifer was speaking and saying, releasing evil substance of his spirit into the heavenly atmosphere of heaven itself for those words to take root and to hopefully change things. God had to strike him down from heaven and purge heavens atmosphere of the evil substances that Lucifer released that changed the course of angels. What Lucifer did in those Words and their substance was the sin above all sins. The greatest abomination. The AntiChrist by Satan makes the same boast on earth. (See 2 Thessalonians 2:1-13)....God will do the same thing to the AntiChrist to thoroughly purge the world and its spiritual atmosphere of the evil spiritual substances that the boasting AntiChrist speaks over the world from his throne over the nations. He will speak and profess and makes decrees of change change change to the nations and to the world for his false hope and deluding desires. His whole intent, though the world is blind to it, to his spiritual gains and game over them is to destroy the soul of the nations, of ALL PEOPLE with lies and smiles and demonic boast and thru the power that is in lies. Gods power is flows and resides in truth. Satans power resides in lies. His entire lying deceiving strut (For Satans powers are all in the power of the lie) is to mark all by his words and by his LYING WONDERS for damnation thru the mix and profession that he is God  and Jesus is not. The world marvels at the beast and joins him in his abominations against the true God of heaven and His Son Jesus Christ. (2 Thessalonians 2:1-13, esp11-12)....share freely.......deno.
.......All of heaven is filled with one kind of speech, one faith, one Spirit and all of it is the speech and the faith of the Son of God and no other. All of heaven is a Christian Nation and Kingdom and no one speaks otherwise except the spirit of ANTICHRIST. He that has ears to hear let him hear what the Lord is revealing and saying to this nation......Jesus Is Lord.