Thursday, September 26, 2013

Satan Troubles Us Knowing Gods Blessing Is About To Be Manifested......deno....please share freely

When upon this world comes the end time events to fulfill end time scriptures, all the troubles and tribulations, all the sorrows and sore vexation are not just because the world took sides against God and Jesus Christ and hates repentance....But it also means that Satan is stirring a whole lot of confusion and deception on earth because the biggest blessing the world has yet to experience from Jesus Christ and the Father is about to be revealed and fully manifested. Jesus is returning to gather us unto himself and to live with us on earth a 1000 years with the Father restoring all things as he promised....something to think about.....some of the greatest victories and blessings come after the most severe trials and troubles.........deno

Monday, September 23, 2013

As The End Approaches......deno

As the end approaches closer, this in the pic, is kind of what it will feel and be like for the saints. In the end days the whole world turns against and hates the Christians and Satan as a roaring lion will be roaming to take us out (HELLO). This is the hour we must become strong in the Lord. Affections set on things above, not on things so much as of this world (Colossians 3:1-4). I once hoped that God gave us America and it's Constitution for the safe haven for Christians in the latter days. But now I'm in doubt of this seeing how this nation is more and more mocking him in their songs, movies, television shows, and media coverages and legislation and politics. Plus they chose a type of Barabbas instead of Romney in this last election which reveals cloudy judgement, and a deceived people, and a severe lack of discernment. But still yet, All things are possible with God so we can still ask as He said for us to. But none of us can pray away to none existence the end time scriptures that must be fulfilled and we must remember that. When it is that time it's that time and things then will happen rapidly on the earth...Let us not forget that...Jesus Loves You and He is Lord.....deno.....please share freely

Where Are The People Of The Religion Of Peace?....deno

   People in America, and others and the whole civilized world is wondering why the  supposedly rational Muslim communities in America and around the world are not condemning these murderous acts against Christians all over the world. Well it is like this. Secretly, quietly they are glad they are doing what they are doing and secretly in their hearts they condone this for Mohammed said do it. You see we as Christians have always admired and appreciated those men like Billy Graham and Others who over the years have been on the front lines of the Christian evangelist movement going into all the world as Jesus said do, to convert sinners to Christ thru the gospel. We have loved their courage and boldness and have prayed for them and supported them.... Well the Muslims secretly love what the so called extremist are doing. They are like their heroes. Their front line religious soldiers. Their way of evangelizing so to speak is thru terror because the message is unattractive and weak...So they revert to evil and fear tactics to force submission.....deno

THE POSSESSION Starring America As Linda Blair.......deno

America.....Remember......Our forefathers fully intended for America thru out all her generations to be a nation of BELIEVING FAITH FILLED PEOPLE. They fully intended for America to be a nation free for the freedom of religions of real peace NOT OF TERROR. They did not intend for America to be a land of people who in the name of freedom of religion went about beheading others because they believed differently than they. The amendment for freedom of religion was not founded for that type of people or religion. Our forefathers would call that murder and would literally arrest and destroy them before they destroyed America. Toleration is Satan's favorite word in America. Tolerate me until I get deeply establish in you, or in your children, or in your nation. Once I'm that deeply in and connected, the next thing that comes is THE POSSESSION starring America as Linda Blair...deno....

What Are You In And Here For ? Conversations In Heaven & Hell.....deno.

       When we that are In Christ Jesus are all gathered together in glory, into the paradise of God, each of us will have our own individual awe and wonder of what we are feeling and seeing. Our sights shall be filled with the scenes of awing Mountains of God, rivers clear and clean. Huge lush trees and beautiful flowers and gardens landscaped to heavens perfection and not a weed anywhere. Fruit trees, humongous trees with beautiful smelling leaves and the most beautiful green forest you have ever seen with birds arrayed in the most beautiful colors singing their unique praises to Jehovah. Animals we know of and ones we know not of shall roam the rolling green plains with the children. Mighty and glorious spirits called angels in the variety of  shapes and forms shall we see moving about. Some with eyes all around their heads signifying the glory of the all seeing, all knowing God that created them. Others with mighty wings flying the friendly skies of heavens endless space. Cities so beautiful our earthen cities look ugh and dim in comparison. Buildings of the Mighty Builder and His carpentry angels perfectly constructed for praise and family gatherings of heavens massive numbers for the most joy filled, Jesus filled, get together's.
       As we walk and stand in the awe of heaven we shall turn to one another and share our praise and awe with each other of the glory of God that we see in the things which He has made in heaven His Paradise. His ears and His knowing shall hear all our words, our conversations, and all our thoughts of praise. For there the worship is so much on the inside of our inner man, in the spirit of our being in ungrieved free flowing fellowship with God who is in us and us in God, in the domain of the connection in the heart, that is the spirit. Jesus said. "they will worship God in spirit and in truth." 
     In heaven we shall see loved ones and friends that overcame the darkness and spiritual blindness of this world. They called upon the Name of Jesus Christ unto salvation. They made it to heaven thru their joining Jesus, God's Son, by faith from the Cross to the throne of God the Father where in he sits and reigns with the Father. They received Jesus as Lord and Savior while they were on earth (where he must be received) or we fall short of the glory of God. 
     These loved ones and friends shall come to us, talk with us, share heaven with us. They will show us around in extreme delight and happiness speaking  wonderfully about the Lord, His goodness, and even what is presently to us Mysteries. They will show us strange but yet such beautiful heavenly things and realities that function to the carnal mind like miracles or for lack of a better word and forgive me for using this word, God's real magic, not fake. And God shall we see High and Lifted up in His awing mighty Throne that is the headquarters of His Eternal Life, Might and Power. There in the throne lightnings, thunders, atomic energies for lack of a better word proceed out from the Father's Spirit of incredible love and light that lights up the heaven of heavens. A most perfect and beautiful rainbow extends round about and above the throne of God reflecting His covenant on earth with man.These things and so much more shall be in the walk and the conversations between you and I and those that ran the race before us who entered into the Joy Of God and Jesus Christ our Redeemer in heaven God' paradise.
      But now for a brief moment let us turn our attention to THE OTHER  PLACE. The place of the outer realms of darkness. The place of the knashing of teeth where the worm (meaning in part where the souls are buried in the deeper dust of the earth in hell), where the worm never dies and the fire is never quenched. Into the region of the flames where the hands on witness of it's sorrow in conversation with Abraham said"for I am tormented in this flame."
    We find from what Jesus revealed to us in Luke 16:19-31 that in hell to, in hell ALSO, they can still talk in their agony. They can converse with one another even in and even under extreme discomforts. There is no comforts given in hell, no not one, not even the smallest drop of water so don't go there in your departing from the body. Jesus died for your escape from hell and rose again from the dead for your way to heaven. He took care of our sins punishment thru the torments of His Cross so that we could be forever saved and eternally comforted in His Glory in heaven. Amen.
      One of the things they will ask each other being in hell in the grievances of hells reality as where they are is a nightmare of nightmares but they realize it is their living reality and that forever-unending. They will ask each other inside the prison of all prisons, inside the prison God created originally for demons which are heavens criminals of the worse kind. How did you get here? What did you do? Though the answer can be heard  in the trillions of response I want to write  a few of them below.
    Some will answer that question saying: In this writing  let us look at just one of the many.
1) They answer...I don't know.....These are they who were entrapped by the sin of Adam and not their own. Let me explain....
      God had given Adam a bag of seeds attached to his body to plant and bring forth from. ALL the children of God to come would all come from his loins, from that bag of seeds created attached to his body. This was the highest entrustment  and honor that God could ever entrust to a created creature that He had made and to Adam such a crown of glory & honor was given.God entrusted Adam and Eve with all the safe keeping and all the bringing  forth of His sons and daughters to come.
     God told them,"I have given you the earth, the fulness thereof and everything in it." It is yours. Till it and farm it and have dominion over all of it, it's vegetation, forest, animals, birds, fishes and all the I have made." KEEP IT ALL SAFE, they are now in your hands. And also I have given you My Own Special Honor. I have given you a special BAG OF SEEDS and A HOLY GROUND for it's sowing called the mothers womb. This is My Highest honor that I can give. I give you the responsibility, THE SACRED TRUST, the crown of glory & honor that you, (Adam & Eve), are to be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth with My children, My sons and daughters. To the both of you I bless, vow and give this great sacred trust. KEEP IT AND THEM SAFE."Be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth.
     Friends all they had to do was not eat of that one tree, remember? He gave them every other tree and fruit and herb and vegetation  of the whole earth to eat with thanksgiving. Only one he said as the Everlasting Father/Parent, eat not of and it was that one Satan was hissing from.
      Note: Satan is always hiding in that which is sin or forbidden. It can be an herb to smoke, or another drug, or a psychic hot line, or a false belief, or a false religion, or a false doctrine, or a demonic lit movie, or a bodily allure, or a lying, deceiving tongue, or a Wiji Board, or a Tara card, or a sin filled song that glorifies disobedience and the pleasures of sin and transgressions, or inside a friend, even a loved one, or a family member, even a church member (Read Matthew 16:21-23 for that one). He hides to lie in wait to deceive, then wound, and even kill, and destroy if allowed by non resisting prey.
      Well when he deceived Eve to sin and she allured Adam to the bed of betrayal, the affliction, the curse of that one transgression, cursed, poisoned, caused spiritual and physical deformations in the DNA and genes from their original perfect image and polluted that bag with all it's seeds with evil, with weakness, with sickness and disease, with aging and decay, and with spiritual death disconnecting the children to come from God and connecting us all to sin and death, to the grave and hell, and to Satan(Acts 26:18) in a legal transaction. 
    This sin of Adams betrayal was no lite thing or a lite matter at all and should never be thought to have been. It's weight was so heavy and FAR REACHING that it even reached into the Throne of the Godhead and brought down Jesus to tears and to  sweat as it were drops of blood and poured it's heavy weight on to the very life of the Son of God Himself by whom the Father made the worlds and slung him in it's force upon the horrors of a redeeming tormenting cross. If Jesus was forced by Adams one sin to suffer the cross and taste a horrible death for every man do, not think souls do not taste the torments of hell whomever they be. Jesus' cross reveals to us how terrible, how awful Adams sin was. Jesus' chained hands as he was brought to judgment reveals to us God's hand were tied to His words to Adam and Eve in the great SACRED TRUST and the only remedy would be that the Law Giver taste death to dissolve the power of the Law He gave. For if the giver of the Law died so legally and without argument could the Law and the letter of sin and death that killeth the soul. For the strength of all sin the scriptures reveal is the Law, but where there is no Law there is no transgression (Romans 4:15)(1st Corinthians 15"56-57) The world does not or accept what I'm about to reveal to you, but none the less it is accurate. 
    Adam & Eve committed the most horrible of sins man could commit and it's consequences exceeds our imaginations. Souls in hell, whether that of children or of adults, are there for the same reason Jesus was on the cross. Not because of their own sins Necessarily (Important point there) but because of Adams Sin (See Romans 5:12-21) & (Ephesians 4:17-18) & (Ephesians 2:12...friends vs 12 includes the children). This is the nightmare of Adams transgression that caused mans children much pains and sufferings, and God's Son tremendous pains and sufferings. The Law of sin and death is a real legal binding spiritual law. It was not born from human intellect or human reasoning, or of the human will, or from human wisdom, or form human fantasy, but is a spiritual binding law that the LOST BLIND WORLD is blind to in understanding. 
    Adam sinned and betrayed the SACRED TRUST, throwing the world and the world of God's children to the lions and the wolves of hell. Only Jesus by the power of covenant ties, becoming the Second Adam, could undo what the first Adam did. But note this (Important Point Here). Even though God's Son became a man(the Lamb) and went thru all, all, all the horrors of the cross to save and redeem man, and even though the Cross of Christ is God's mightiest maximum power to save; the truth of the matter is, the law of sin and death is so real, is so true, is so legally binding, and is so attached to mankind, that the small and the great,  many many many of them still want make the great escape though the MIGHTY POWER OF GOD was fully unleashed to save them is stretched out to all the world. That itself tells us how powerful Adams Sin was on the soul. For though God Almighty himself became flesh and dwelt amongst us and went to the cross to save the world, THE POWER Adams sin and peoples sin including the sin of unbelief, KEEPS THE POWER OF EVEN ALMIGHTY GOD'S CROSS FROM PROFITING THEM (Hebrews 4:2))Mark 16:16) That is amazing but it is the truth.
    When God gave Adam the bag of seeds for all the children to come from and gave Eve the holy ground of her womb, THE SACRED TRUST WAS GIVEN (That's Important)....God is not an Indian giver so to speak. His givings, his gifts and callings given man are without His regret and without his repentance. No matter what, God will not lie for no one. If it cost Him His own life God will not lie. He will swear and keep His word and His part of the bargain even to His own hurt though others don't, the cross proves this. Though others run from the truth, deny they know the truth, If God said that he was going to the cross to die for the sin of the world, friends he is going and that's it. Come hell or high water God will uphold His word. If it cost his life or others their lives, GOD WILL NOT LIE. He upholds all creation and all thing s thru the power, the truth, the unblemished flawless integrity of HIS WORD. 
     Adam and Eve transgressed God's commandment, God's word that God in His unbreakable integrity had attached the consequence of death unto. Only God knew the full of the reach of the death word that he used in the warning of death to the transgressor.  Eternal everlasting separation from God was in the defining ingredients of the words He used saying You Shall Die if you do. It was God's vocabulary not mans. When they sinned by Satan, despite the warning God, by the law of God's  unbreakable integrity, all was binding even unto eternal and everlasting measures and scales. Even to the souls in hell never dying, but rather with the devils suffering indignation and wrath forever and for them their is nothing that the mighty interceding cross of Christ can do. That is amazing but none the less is it the TRUTH. So when those that answer in hell what are you in for and they say I DON'T KNOW. What you read today unveils the answer....deno.....more to come...please share freely.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Why I Believe In The Trinity #5)...The Father, Son (Jesus) & Holy Spirit.........deno

    Did you know that after the resurrection of Jesus from the dead, conversations began to continue between the Father and his Son Jesus Christ. In these conversations was God the Father or Jesus the Son talking to their Self like in a mirror or was it a real conversation between TWO wills and two loving entities or persons? Lets look and see.
    In John 20:17 Jesus freshly being raised from the dead and delivered from the grave, appeared to Mary who loved him dearly. When she realized it was Jesus talking to her, with childlike excitement Mary wanted to reach out and embrace and hug Jesus so tightly with all the strength of her love for him, for no man or person on earth cared for people so genuinely as the Lord, nor did any behave and carry themselves like Jesus.  He was the only perfect man on the earth and such a man Mary was privileged to have known, touched and handled with the disciples in holy embracement and fellowship. And now above all that, here he is standing right before her in the freshly revived  body with the resurrection glory of the Father still a fixed to him, and she is in full awe. The wonder of him and the wonder of what she is now witnessing after seeing him so brutally slain upon the cross gives her such excitement she is wound up for the biggest joy filled hug of her life. Jesus is risen from the dead. Her Lord. Her Savior. Her Master is standing right before her. She moves in for the great hug and Jesus needfully so says, Wait Mary touch me not. For I am not yet ascended unto MY FATHER. 
     You see Jesus knew the Father was to be the first to cleave to and to embrace the Son for his mighty triumph over sin, over Satan, over death, hell and the grave after the resurrection. That was the plan. The Father was to partake of the resurrections first fruits first  of His Son, for the Father was the author, the sower and the harvester of the first fruits of what he had sown in the world in the SOWING, IN THE GIVEN OF HIS SON.  So to Mary he says, touch me not Mary. For I have not yet ascended unto my Father. But I commission you(A WOMEN) to go preach the good news of my resurrection to the disciples. This is the sermon I want you to preach to them. Tell them I ascend unto (Notice this) My Father and Your Father. To My God and to Your God...Here after his resurrection Jesus testifies that he was not the Father, and that he has not as of yet ascended back to heaven unto His Father.  Plainly in this light we can see that Jesus is still on earth, but His Father is still in Heaven needed to be ascended unto by the Son from the earth.
    Now as Mary left, Jesus did ascend unto the Father in speed our known light cannot even fathom easily. He arrives in the third heaven, the paradise of the His Father even as he told Mary. He arrives there to be honored by HIS FATHER AND OUR FATHER. By His God and as he told Mary, By OUR GOD....He is standing before the mighty Throne of  splendorous glory and power. His Father, the Greater One is gazing at Him and into His eyes with a Fathers love beyond the realm of all human love though we do get glimpses of this kind of love in parents love for their children. There their eyes meet again face to face for the first time since he left from the throne to the earth. Now he is back having finished the work His glorious Father sent him into the world to accomplish and he is standing before His Father as the overcoming King. It is time for the Father to fulfill Jesus' prayer petition that we have talked about in John 17:4-5) he prayed this....Father I have glorified you on the earth. I have accomplished the scriptures and completed the work you sent me into the world to do. 5) AND NOW, Loving Father, glorify me with YOUR OWN SELF with the glory which I had with you BEFORE WE CREATED THE WORLD.
    Those words of Jesus' prayer rises up into the mind of the Father as if afresh. Love beyond all known love is stirring up it's exalting glory in the Father to honor His Son in heavens highest and do so far above all (See Ephesians 1:16-23). The Father begins to pour into His Son the glorifying power of God that used to be in His Son before His Son volunteered to humble himself and be emptied of the glory he, before the world was, had fully shared with his Father(John 17:5) & (See Philippians 2:3-11).
    The Father says to Jesus in the presence of all of heavens angels and citizens. In front of all the patriarchs and the prophets of old Hebrews 1:13) Come now My Son and Sit on my right hand here with me in MY THRONE (see Revelations 3:21) till I make all your enemies your footstool. (One day all the so called self made prophets of religions today on the earth who exalt themselves and their messages above Jesus Christ are going to perish under the rock of THIS TRUTH. The word says the truth that is in Jesus Christ will one day crush his enemies and his opposer's to powder.
    Let's continue:  Come the Father says. And as Jesus is walking up the steps to the mighty Throne, the Father continues His personal praising, honoring, and the exalting of His Son that He so dearly loves with all His heart and being, with all His power and far above all might and Name. It is in these words of the Father unto His Son, (and it is absolutely impossible for God to lie or mislead), that we find in the conversation between the Father and the Son in heaven, that the Father himself, as Jesus Said, is Jesus' God and Jesus' Father, and that also Jesus, the Son, is IN THE GODHEAD as the Second Person of the Godhead, of all that makes Power of God and of all that makes God up. 
     Follow the words, the revelation, the light below and let it's truth burn within your hearts. God the Father Himself confesses before all of heaven and earth that He is God and Jesus shares the same Godhead status and glory with the Father and the Father Himself Calls His Son God to, God as well. Man did not introduce this light of the the trinity of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Ghost. The Father Himself did. And it is to be noted that the Father did this upon His Throne. Upon the Throne that He swore all His promises to Abraham upon. Upon the Throne of Unblemished light and integrity.
     Hebrews 1:8-12)...Unto the Son , he saith, Your throne, oh God (remember this is the Father re-glorifying His Son as Jesus prayed in John 17:5 as we talked about earlier). Your Throne, Oh God, is for ever and ever (Meaning there shall be no end to this exaltation, the re glorification of the Son, and there shall be no end to His reign. Jesus shall never have to again humble himself and empty himself of his divine position and glory with the Father as he did to become the Lamb our Redeemer. Redemption has been accomplished and the Fathers satisfaction of His Sons redeeming works is sworn as forever never to have to be repeated ever again)..... A sceptre of righteousness is the sceptre  of your kingdom. vs 9) You have loved righteousness and hated iniquity, so for this reason (Notice the Father's vernacular)... God, even Your God.(Jesus the Father says has a God just like he told us in John 20:17, (in this they agree) and the Father has a Son (Jesus) that He Himself calls God and He has never ever been ashamed or thought it to be robbery that His Son is God,( Equal as God) and has been God with the Father (John 1:1-4) from all eternity, before all creation.....vs 9 in part again....therefore God, Even Your God, hath anointed you with the oil of gladness above all others..vs 10) And You, Lord, (The Father Calls His Son Lord...See Matthew 41-46)
in the beginning (He is not talking to the man but the Eternal Son who was with Him way before man was even created (See John 1:1-4)(Genesis 1:26) have laid the foundation of the earth; and the heavens are the works of your hands (Christ Jesus shown here involved in the birthing and is fully included in the ownership of the Creation). vs 11) They shall perish; but you shall remain (In this exaltation of the Son Jesus is having  so much Eternal Might and Everlasting Life Power of the Fathers Self, of the Eternal Life that is in the Father, injected into even His Body that death cannot in no way, shape, or form, come nigh his dwelling ever again.)...heaven and earth shall grow/wax old as do clothes, vs 12) And as a garment you shall fold them up and they shall be changed; but You Jesus are the same (Jesus the same yesterday, today and forever no matter what happens to the heavens or the earth)....yes heaven and earth shall undergo change, but Jesus you are the same and your years shall not fail.(Now and forever Jesus in His resurrected body and with his resurrected body shall live forever unchangeable and untouchable by death.
     Friends, in this light tht we have had unveiled today, we can see Jesus calls His Father- His God- and God the Father calls His Son, A God but not His God (important point there). The Father as Jesus said is greater than he and all. What God is the Son or who is the Son both Lord and God of? Well as the Father is the head of Christ, Christ is the head of the church. The Father is the Lord of Jesus (Matthew 22:44) and Jesus is the Lord of the Church, John 13:13)(also John 20:26-29). and Thomas said to Jesus, "My Lord and My God." Jesus from all eternity has said to His Father, My Lord, My Father, My God, and the Holy Ghost the third party and person in the Godheads Eternal Mix has always rejoiced over this, but be very careful never to talk bad of or blaspheme the Holy Ghost, for such is as forbidden even as the tree of the knowledge of good and of evil was to Adam and Eve......deno....please share freely.

We Are Standing On Holy Ground....Song For Worship.......

Christmas A Touch Of heaven On Earth.....deno

Christmas is like Jesus, a gift from heaven to the world in His Name. In heaven the spirit of Christmas is an everyday reality and way of life......Heaven loves. Heaven gives. Heaven uplifts. Heaven Laughs. Heaven rejoices in Jesus Name. Heaven is all as One and One in all in perfect harmony, joy and peace. Nothing missing. Nothing broken. All given to you and I because Jesus lives.....deno....please share freely

Wishing Everyday Was Like Christmas.......deno

Coming Soon.....The most wonderful time of the year....To think Jesus Christ gave the whole world in HIS NAME this most beautiful season of grace, of good news, of glad tidings of great joy, of salvation, of love and giving and fellowship of family and friends all around the world. It was meant to be an everyday of our lives celebration. What a great place this world would be if everyday was like Christmas. Let us push and proclaim Christmas everyday, heaven does. The earth, the nations, the animal world would rejoice for it. It would be like greater measures of heaven on earth. Well we all have a dream. This is one of mine......deno

A Common Affliction......deno

Christ heart and my flesh are two different natures of even opposite desires and boy do I know it....Sometimes the Spirit desires one thing like fasting but my flesh is screaming for Pizza and Ice Cream and donuts and fried chicken and, well you get the point. Growing pains here. Surely I can not be alone in this common affliction?.....deno.....please share freely.

No Stones In My Hands.....deno

Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God. Well I personally have not seen Him face to face yet in all His magnificent glory so I can safely and honestly say that my purity of heart is still under going grace construction. No stones here in my hands. Are they there in yours?.....deno.....please share freely.

The Scars Of Life.....deno

The scars in our life also mean that we have been healed....That we have survived life's attacks and made it through. God's mercy sustained us....God will do it again....Many are the affliction of his people, but the Lord will deliver them from them all. He loves mercy and delights in the merciful saying, Blessed are the merciful for they will obtain mercy. Do you need God to be merciful to you right now so that the present wound in your life can become another scar healed by God. Be then mercy rich unto all others. Jesus is the Rose of compassion and the beauty of all mercy. He is not the thorn. Are you?...FORGIVE.....deno.......please share freely.


A MESSAGE ON HOPE.....Psalms 119:49-50)....Remember your word to your servant, for you Lord have given me hope. My comfort in my sufferings is this, Your promises preserves my life......amen

What a pleasant word to comfort us and console us. Are we weary or tired? Are we downcast or hurting? Are you experiencing a heavy trial? Has life given you one of it's unsuspected blows? Has the world befriended you? Remember with us this light. He that restored the earth after the flood. He that shall restore the whole creation when He makes all things new as He promised, can handle you, your life, and your situation thru his PROMISES TRUSTED & BELIEVED.  His mercies are renewed every morning for this very purpose. He also promises those who trust in Him to satisfy our mouths with good things so that our youthfulness and vigor is restored like an eagles is restored. Remember the promise, He Restores My Soul. He makes a way in the wilderness and causes springs of refreshing waters to rise and flow in the dry and dreary deserts. When up against a wall let us remember HE PARTED THE  RED SEA. When we are weighed down in the mud let us remember He cause the children of His deliverance, the heirs of His Victory over Pharaoh to walk across on DRY GROUND. Are you up to your neck in troubles and problems? Then recall what happened to Pharaoh and his armies that were Israels harassing troubles and problems for 400 hundred years. God broke the chains of their troubles and removed off their backs the weight of all those problems. Your God is a mighty God.  His Hand is not to short to deliver you. He knows how to drown our problems and He knows how to bury behind us our troubles. TRUST HIM, OBEY HIS WORD, BELIEVE HIS PROMISES.....deno....please share freely.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Why I Believe In The Trinity # 4)......deno

.....Jesus came down from heaven to the earth to bear witness to the truth. From the bosom of His Father he was sent (which also means from the hidden place) to shed abroad his knowings to the world. He said I speak unto you of heavenly things. He said I testify to you of things I have seen, heard, and know. But he also said, "not every one receives my witness, my testimonies, nor believes Me."
   One of the startling things Jesus testified to, which also gives us more light on the trinity, on the THREE that bear their record in heaven (1st John 5:7),  we find gleaming from John 6:38) here Jesus said....I came down FROM HEAVEN not to do MY WILL but the WILL OF HIM that sent me." Here out of Christ own mouth (and it is impossible for the Lord to lie or to mislead), Jesus testifies that he was with the Father in heaven in the paradise of God...Note- (His physical body that he became clothed with in Mary's womb was not with the Father in the paradise of God before he came down from heaven. It was not even formed yet. His body, his flesh never came down from heaven. Now it did end up going up to heaven, but it did not come down from heaven. It was formed in Mary's womb. So from this knowledge we know clearly that it was not the man, nor the flesh speaking here, but the Eternal of John 1:1-14 and  of Hebrews 7:3 having no beginning of days, neither ending of days, but was with the Father from eternity). He testifies that the Father sent him from that high and lofty place in Glory from far above and he also reveals and makes known to us in this verse of revealing light that his own Self and individuality is one and the Fathers Self and individuality is truly another. 
     For here brothers and sister in this scripture we are given from the mouth of Jesus himself, that he has his own personal will and the Father has his own personal will and that these two wills are independent from the other except by submission....He said, for I came down FROM HEAVEN not to do MY WILL but the WILL OF HIM (the Father vs 37-40) that sent me..
      Now even though we see in this light the revelation of the Sons own will and the Fathers separate own will (IN HEAVEN), we can't just leave it there without engrafting some beautiful love light of the Two. For the Father and the Son, though they posses two separate wills as Jesus revealed to us in these scriptures, they TWO walk as One. As it is written, How can two walk together unless they agree, and believe me, THEY CERTAINLY PERFECTLY AGREE.
    From this verse comes the connection of the writing of John in 1st John 5:7-8 wherein John, in  part, is striving to unveil the beauty of the glory of the Godheads great love and harmony & agreement glory saying,"vs7) For there are THREE that bear record (means gives their witness) in heaven (then he makes full separate identification of the THREE in heaven), he writes, the Father, the Word (Jesus), and the Holy Ghost; and these THREE  are one...Using the number one here, was not a carnal use of the word as to mean simply numerical, but his focus was on the power of their harmony and agreement. They AGREE AS ONE IN ALL THEY DO AND SAY. vs 8) And there are THREE that bear witness on earth, the Spirit, and the water, and the blood AND THESE THREE AGREE AS ONE.
   Now people have argued that here in vs 7 that the revelation of what John is saying here is that the three in heaven, the Father and Jesus the Son and the Holy Ghost are all one and the same person. I totally disagree and here is why. The next verse clarifies to us that that argument is not correct. For in the next verse we have John saying that there are also THREE that bear record on earth; then he mentions them also to us separately. He says the Spirit, The Water, and the Blood. Friends put your spiritual thinking cap on here so that what is being disclosed here, it dawns on you. The Spirit is not the Water and the Water is not the Blood. Lets see you drink a glass of water and then a glass of blood. I assure you there is a sure and complete difference between the two. But in their witness, in there personal witness and record and testimonies they AGREE AS ONE IN GLORIFYING THE SON AND THAT GOD SENT HIS SON INTO THE WORLD TO BE THE SAVIOR THEREOF... AMEN......deno
.....more to come...please share freely.

America Was Born To Be And Remain A Free People.....deno

America was born from the desire to live free, to be free. To take the weight of an overreaching over bearing king and his policies off the backs of the people of the land and out of their pocket books and put the people IN POWER AND IN CHARGE of their lives and destinies. Now we have another king working in stealth and in the open to lay the weight of BIG GOVERNMENT and its BIG COSTLY POLICIES back on the backs of the free people of this land of the free. America this is not FORWARD. This is BACKWARDS. This is Freedom Backsliding... God did not bring us as a nation this far and loosen us from all our freedom trials, mistakes and chains of the past to entangle us again unto bondage. Pharoah is chasing the freed again with his chariots of socialist liars and BIG GOVERNMENT OVERREACHING RULES AND REGULATIONS AND THEY ARE TRYING TO DROWN US IN DEBT.....It's time for the sea to part and the freed to pass on thru on the dry ground again and well you know the rest of the story...Let's all who love our freedoms and as a free people close the books and remove our support of all those who seek to bind us up again with their Un-Constitutional Legislative Chains. All this forward talk of the President and the progressives is nothing more than legislative verbal moon-walking. It's an illusion. In it's illusion it looks like your moving forward but THE TRUTH IS your moving BACKWARDS.....deno.....please share freely.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Happy Thoughts To You My Friends....deno

Through all the evil and the horror and the hate and the grumbling and the darkness that Jesus saw and was aware of that was abounding and going on in his country and in this world during his days on earth, His Father and He still smiled and still loved and still rejoiced and enjoyed their life together and every day they enjoyed each other and together they sought someone to save, to heal, to enlighten, to give real and lasting hope to. They sought to make someone smile, to set them free, to uplift, to give them HIS GOOD NEWS. They also still loved their family on earth. It is written of his love for the church, "and he loved his own to the very end." He also said that we his followers are to love the same. He also said while he was on this depressing hate filled world, He said to us,  "These things have I spoken unto you so that the joy you see in Me would be in you and your joy made full. Peace I leave with you, My peace I give you."  Friends we have our Lords permission to laugh in the rain, to dance in the storms, and to love in the midst of all this hate. He permits us to be at peace in a world of trouble and to rejoice in a world of sorrows. And when the things get real real bad on this planet, he had the glorious audacity to say to us his children, Look up, Rejoice and be EXCEEDING GLAD for your salvation draweth nigh....SO HAPPY THOUGHTS TO YOU MY FRIENDS....Keep Smiling. Keep Rejoicing. Keep Believing....And Filled With Hope To The End.....Joy to all......deno — with Gina Gentry Loudon.

Duck Commander Preaches "Why We Need Jesus In America"


Enough Of All This Talk......God

Through out parenting and through out history there has always came the time where words, negotiations, sanctions, and diplomacy lose their strength and become of no avail. It is then force and military power and might are invoked to get the job done. Soon even God our Heavenly  Father is going to say Enough of all this talk. They are not listening anyway...It is then 2nd Thessalonians 2:1-17 comes to pass. So worth reading......deno....please share freely

Deno's Testimonies # 16)...... The Day I Met Brother Kenneth E. Hagin......God Answered My Prayer.......deno

      It was the late 90s around 1998/99 my dad heard that Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin was coming to Gonzalez Louisiana at Brother Leroy Thomson's church for some meetings. He knew how much Brother Hagin meant to me. He knew in England in the early 80s I listened and followed brother Hagins ministry and teachings intensely and how the combination of Brother Hagins, Brother Jimmy Swaggart and Brother Kenneth Copeland & Jerry Savelle teachings and applying them to my life had healed my inner world. My sorrow had been turned into joy. My gloom had been changed into the brightness of the noon day. So when he heard brother Hagin was coming to Gonzalez he said, son, brother Hagin is coming to Leroy Thompson's church is Gonzalez. Would you like to go? Go, heck yea dad I replied. So we booked some rooms at the Holiday Inn for those days and took off for the adventure.
     This is going to take a while so bear with me. When we arrived at the first meeting we entered the beautiful auditorium and found seats in the back part of the building. The place was beginning to fill and to me it felt like electricity was in the air. I was so excited like a kid in a toy store. I'm in awe. I am actually at a Brother Kenneth Hagins meeting after all these years. 
       After being there for about a half hour or so, a man who I did not know, came walking  up to me in the presence of my dad (who was the preacher, not me) in the auditorium. He walked straight up to me, looked me in the face and gave me a thus saith the Lord word. He said, son I'm sent over here to tell you something. I thought to myself, You are? well ok. What? He said. You are pregnant. I looked at him after he said those words thinking hmmm WHAT?. Dad looked at me like, well it was a dad look, lol. I'm thinking, Where is this man going with these strange words. He continued, Hear me out. Son, you are pregnant in your spirit. Seeds of ministry have been planted in you in previous days and that ministry will one day be born into your life. He smiled and walked off. Well I thought to myself. Ok Lord, so be it in your time and left it in the patience of faith.
       Well soon the meeting began. Brother Hagin entered the auditorium and my eyes are on him like eagles eyes and my spirit is soaring with praise, wonderment, and thanksgiving. We all sang songs of praise, of faith, and of worship, and a sweet Spirit of worship is on the place. After the songs, Brother Hagin moves to the pulpit and teaches us on faith. It was a delicious heavenly full course meal to our hearts/spirits/souls. Then after he teaches us, I and my dad witnessed something we had never seen before. Brother Hagin starts walking down the stairs from the platform and I am so into his every step. I'm like hanging on his every breath, his every utterance. As he is walking down those steps, brother Hagin says some strange words almost as if he is talking to himself out loud. He said, loudly to where we in the back of the auditorium could hear him plainly. He said. "IT SHALL BE EVEN AS IT WAS TOLD ME."
      After saying those words he walks over to the front row and laid his hand on one in that row and people down that whole row and behind it began to break forth in praises and laughter and rejoicings in the Lord. This joy and praise ended up breaking out all over the auditorium as the Spirit of the Lord shared with us the Joy of His Presence. It is written, "In God's Presence Is Fulness of Joy and at His right hand are pleasures forevermore. (There is and there exist that entering into the Joy of the Lord on earth and in heaven)." 
       Well I had never personally seen anything like this before. But oh how I was soaking the awe in. The bible says, How God anointed Our Lord, Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Ghost (which is most surely the presence of the Lord) and with power and he went about doing good.......Well this we were experiencing was good..It's taste was to my soul like delicious honey and it's fragrance to my heart was like the honey suckle in the summers breeze. As it is written, "Oh taste and see that the Lord is good".
        There is a taste of God...Joy is one of His many good/delicious flavors...Jesus said, These things have I spoken unto you SO THAT MY JOY might be IN YOU and your joy made full....The Lord's joy can be in us now if we, with child like faith, will be believing, trusting, and obey the words that He spoke to us in faithfulness. But if we are in doubt and in disobedience, not trusting then we are in rough spiritual territory and in some way or measure we then  QUENCH THE SPIRIT, the Joy. But here in this meeting God was being kind and compassionate and mercy filled. People all over, including myself, were soaking up God's presence, joy and goodness. God Is Good.
       Well after  the meeting we went back to the Holiday Inn to rest. Time was passing. I went and got alone with the Lord in my own child like faith way so to speak and I asked Him to do something special for me if it would be ok. I had seen God do what I was going to ask Him in years before at a Kenneth Copeland meeting in Blackpool England back in June of 1983. In those days at that  meeting I asked God to connect me with Brother Copeland to give him a letter of thanksgiving and testimony and God did this supernaturally. (Another Time for this one).
        So I asked God and said, Father you know how much Brother Hagin means to my heart and how his commitment to you has blessed my life so richly. Now Lord I know he is a busy committed to you man of God and I understand this. But I would like to meet him some how one on one, face to face, shake his hand and tell him thank you brother Hagin for being so faithful to God. You have blessed my life so richly. I was healed from your and Kenneth Copelands teachings. (People can mock and belittle Jesus or his other ministers all they want to and they have and will. But when you yourself know that God healed you thru using them, all you can do is say THANK YOU GOD FOR THEM. So Father I ask You In Jesus Name bring me and brother Hagin together so that I can do this. Lord thank you for making this happen someway. Amen.
      Well after this prayer I'm in my Holiday Inn hotel room with my dad. After some time I said, Dad I am going to run to the store to buy a WALKMAN  to listen to these tapes of brother Hagins that I purchased. Dad said, Ok son. I said, I'll be back soon. I got the keys to the car and walked out into the Holiday Inn parking lot outside the room. I got in the car, cranked it, backed out and headed to the main road which was about 200 yards ahead. Still having a good ways to go before I got to the main road, a car pulled off the main road into the Holiday Inn parking lot headed in  my direction. As that car approached me closer, for some reason I began to look at those inside THAT CAR.....THAT CAR...RIGHT AT THAT TIME. As the car got close enough to where I could see and identify those within it I was struck again with awe. OMG. Oh My God, that's Brother Hagin. He was in the front passengers seat. Another younger man was driving the car. Well they drove on passed me and it was like I could hear the Lord saying to me. Son I did My part. There he is. Now the rest is in your hands. Well I stopped my car. Put it in reverse and how strange it was. They parked their car right there close to our hotel room (SPECIAL DELIVERY IF YOU ASK ME) Glory To God.
      Well I pulled my car next to theirs and as they got out of their car I got out of mine. For some reason I was somewhat nervous lol. Brother Hagin and the younger man driving got out. Brother Hagins wife and another younger lady got out of the back seat and we all met together there in that parking lot right outside my Hotel Room.
        I walked up to brother Hagin and extended my hand out to shake his hand. We shook hands and when our hands connected, a beautiful joy entered me and a smile lit my face from it. His to. He had such a blessed smile. So did his wife. He is smiling at me and I am smiling at him and I'm a little shy to talk. I'm like OMG I am standing here one on one, face to face with  Brother Hagin just as I had ASKED about an hour or so ago. 
       Well catching my breath I said. Brother Hagin I just want to say to you thank you. You and your commitment to God has blessed and even healed my soul and life and I just want to tell you that. Again thank you. I finished those words and he is still smiling at me. His wife smiles at me. She was maybe around 80 in those days and she was still radiant and beautiful. Their combined smiles were lifting me.
       Well bother Hagin after I finished saying what I asked God to allow me to say to him, he only said one word back to me with that smile...One Word folks that is all, but it was a word that later down the grace road of my life, Jesus took and taught me a life long lesson from it. He smiling said to me that one word and it was this, "WELL. " He said it so sweetly in a beautiful spirit of humility. His wife said a few more kind words to me smiling so beautifully. Then after that they went their way and I got in my car and drove on to the store to get the WALKMAN.
     As I drove to that store I noticed that that joy that entered inside me when I shook Brother Hagins hand was still there. I thought,  Lord what it must be like to be so anointed and to have such rich joy. (in his presence is fulness of joy). When I purchased the WALKMAN I could still taste measures of that joy in the soul. God had answered my prayer. It was a great day for deno. One for the book of testimonies.
     Well in closing this testimony I would like to share with you some things the Lord had taught me in this personal encounter with brother Hagin. Though brother Hagin said but one word to me, the Lord taught me some things from that one word. One was, he reminded me what I prayed for. That I had asked Him to bring me face to face with brother Hagin so that I COULD TELL HIM THANK YOU FOR YOUR COMMITMENT TO GOD AND HOW MY LIFE  AND SOUL WAS HEALED FROM IT...I did not ask the Lord to have  Brother Hagin  to say anything to me. 
       Then later he taught me that there was a day when he was on earth,  in the days before the Cross, that he sent his disciples out on journeys of obedience to towns ahead and he said ON PURPOSE "GREET NO ONE ON THE WAY."
        Friends in our day if some one extends to you a hand for a hand shake and you withhold your hand from them, such is known and felt as cold, rude, unmannerly, right? And if you are walking down town and someone walks by you looking at you in the face and says hi and you don't say anything back. Most would be offended considering that rude. But I want to ask you something. How for will you go to obey God and not man? What if obeying God is interpreted as rude or politically incorrect, wrong, or unpopular. Would you still obey Jesus and stand up for him no matter if all the world despises and calls you, and interprets your way and actions to be as a hater, or rude or even evil? When the disciples greeted no one on the way, "WELL" THEY SOUGHT THE HONOR OF GOD ONLY (John 5:44). Scroll Down.
They needed not to worry themselves with what was politically correct or what others might think. They were Kings and servants of the MOST HIGH GOD. Would they obey God to this quiet manner of greeting no one along the way? Evidently they did. Will we? Well.........deno.....please share freely.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Why I Beleive In The Trinity # 3)...Father, Son & Holy Spirit.......deno

   In our previous segment of my trinity writing we talked about how on the mount of transfiguration Jesus began to shine from the inside out, from his eternal power, might, and life that was within that physical body. The Word had become flesh and dwelt amongst us and we beheld his glory John wrote. Well surely on that great mountain of grace he John, Peter and James beheld the inner heavenly glory of the Son of God as he began to glisten and shine brighter than any white or light that they had ever seen or knew of (Luke 9:28-35/Mark 9:2-9). Then also the Father in a great cloud of HIS OWN divine witness began to shine overshadowing them and Jesus on that mount and said, "Jesus is My beloved Son in whom I am well pleased with, hear ye him."
     Now we said in the last writing that in the next spread of the ink we were going to find out just when did the Father start calling Jesus His Son or when was it that Jesus was known as the Son of God. Was it just on earth or was it in heaven as well before the foundation of the world or before all the creation. We said we were going to find out was Jesus ever know as or called the Son of God before he became flesh and dwelt bodily amongst us and that if we do find FROM THE SCRIPTURES THAT JESUS was known and called the Son of God before the foundation of the world, then we could in all honesty know him to be the ETERNAL SON OF GOD WITHOUT BEGINNING OF DAYS NEITHER ENDING OF DAYS. ONE WHO LIKE THE FATHER ALWAYS HAS BEEN AND EVER SHALL BE, AND HAS ALWAYS ENJOYED HIS ETERNAL PLACE IN THE GODHEAD OF THE THREE THAT THE SCRIPTURES DECLARE BEAR THEIR RECORD IN HEAVEN AS FATHER, SON & HOLY GHOST. That he has always been WITH THE FATHER sharing all the Fathers Alpha and Omega glory, attributes and status AS THE HEIR OF THE MIGHTY THRONE.
    Well let's look at some scriptures and see what is revealed. In John the 17th chapter Jesus is now in prayer action. He is soon to taste the cross to fulfill the written scriptures of the sufferings of the Christ. But in this particular prayer we find to our amazement that he is not pouting before the Father of the pains soon to become him, but rather he, in his faith eye, has endured the cross with victory and now he is asking the Father to once again glorify him and then he zeros the thrones attention on to  the church, on those who believe and belong to him which also includes you and I.
     In verse 4 Jesus says to his Father, Father I have glorified You on the earth. I have finished what you commanded of  me. Now Father I ask......this which Jesus is about to ask is not of flesh and blood origin. These words are not the words of Peter or James. They are not the words of Paul or Matthew or of Barnabas. They are not the words of the baptist denomination. They are not the words of the catholic denomination. They are not the words of any pentecostal denomination but they are the words of Jesus Christ himself. Do you suppose he knows more about heaven, heavenly things and things of the Godhead than you or I? Most certainly he does. He came down from heaven (John 6:37-40). He is Lord. Well lets see what he knows of himself and of the Father. 
     Verse 5 in Jesus' own words....And now O Father, (What Father? Our Father which art in heaven) glorify thou me with YOUR OWN SELF (Means Individual Self-Important word there. Important point there) with the glory which I HAD * WITH YOU*BEFORE THE WORLD WAS). A glory that Jesus is presently without as he prays he is asking the Father to replenish. He tells us that he (HIS OWN SELF, HIS OWN INDIVIDUAL SELF WAS WITH HIS FATHER BEFORE THE WORLD WAS). We know this was not the man/the bodies words because his body, the man part of Jesus by no means was with the Father before the world began. His body, the flesh that he became wrapped in in the womb of Mary, did not come into being until thousands of years AFTER the world was created. No, this was an Eternal Being and Eternal Son in the light of his greater than all heavenly knowings, reaching out to His Father that he loved and knew so well in prayer. This was a holy One of God that was WITH GOD before anything in heaven or earth was made (John 1:1-14). This was One who before Abraham was, existed.
This was a Son who existed before the Creation speaking of what he knew of perfectly and of what was now missing and of what was needing to be replenished into his Self by the Fathers Self....He prayed. And now O Father, glorify thou me with YOUR  OWN SELF  with the glory that I (MYSELF) had with You, with You, with You before the foundation of the world....
      Brethren we can most surely bank on these above words of Jesus the eternal Sons divine witness. That The Fathers Self is one self and the Sons Self is another Self. We could also pray his prayer using these words and be heavenly accurate.  And now O Father, You glorify MY SELF with Your OWN SELF with the glory that MY SELF had with YOUR SELF before the foundation of the world. This may startle some people, but it is heavenly ACCURATE. 
    Like water perfectly mixes with water so does Jesus' own heavenly mix and blend with His Fathers heavenly. Yet in this great Godhead Power Mixing they talk to one another  as Father and Son and always have saying things like LET US MAKE..... Then they can UNMIX and Jesus (Jesus' heavenly self) can be sent and come down from heaven to earth, be enwrapped in flesh and pay a tremendous price for the redemption of man and SO THE SON DID. The Father that sent him gave him that commandment and that great redeeming mission. I am so glad he did. I hope these words helped you and blessed you.....deno....please share freely...more to come...

Remember Who We Are by Krista Branch,,,Official Video....Patriotic Song...America Remember Your You Are And Do Not Compromise You Freedoms Nor Your God Given You Constitution & Independance.......deno

America Remember Who You Are..."The Uncompromising Free" KRISTA BRANCH DOES IT AGAIN! Her second release, "Remember Who We Are" is an inspiring patriot..

Ava Aston "We The People" Song & Video.....please share.....deno

Love This Song......deno

Available at iTunes: From the single release "We The People" - Learn more about Ava Aston at http://w...

Jesus Is Praying For You...He Ever Lives To Intercede For Us Who Believe And Belong To Him......

     In the heat of the moment, in the pressure cooker of trying situations, what we are really made of comes forth in flavor and aroma before man and God. Peter under the pressure of the Cross of Christ, when pressured by the people for the standing up for gospel light and for what he believed and knew was truth and right, he denied that he was affiliated with Jesus. The demonic set up and the pressure of the power of Satan who wanted to sift he and his faith as wheat was so great, he greatly lied and said I Know Not The Man....Well thank God Jesus prayed for Peter that his faith would not fail forever. By Jesus' intercession, in time, Peter was forgiven and fully restored. Isn't is good to know that He that prayed for Peter's faith not to fail and for him to be fully restored, is right now at the Father's side in the Throne interceding for you and me (Hebrews 7:25).....
      Have you ever failed the Lord? Have you ever denied knowing him or His ways? It is written, they honor Me with their lips but their life style and deeds deny Him...Well like Peter we all can repent. We all can be fully restored. I don't care how great the denial, the sin, or how great the lie, Jesus is willing to fully restore you back unto himself. That is His Great Calling, Redeemer, Restorer, Reconciler, ReUniter. Just to note. Jesus' prayer for Peter so restored him and his right standing with the Father, that God poured out on Peter His Spirits Power and Peter was and became the first mighty soul winning preacher of the gospel even after he denied before the world that he even knew Jesus....Truly God Is Merciful. As it is written. God's mercies are renewed every morning.....deno....please share freely

Elizabeth's Prayer For Courage.....A Prayer Good For Us All.....deno

Almighty God our Heavenly Wonderful Father, Who gives strength to the weak and upholds those who might fall. Give me courage to do what is right, for those that trust you have no need to fear. Make me brave to face any danger which may now threaten me. Give me the help that you have promised to those who ask it, that I may overcome my fears and go bravely forward. Fill me with courage, that nothing which is my duty to do, may be too hard for me. Fill me with grace that I may trust in your power and goodness and love without wavering. Thank you my LORD, In Jesus Name .....AMEN.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

HOW OFTEN........deno

Much to often many of us christian believers are way to involved fulfilling our own agendas than the Lords. For this reason evil spreads across the land like a raging fire little resisted and nations are weakened and even brought down by weaker hands.... Prayer is spiritual bullets and weapons in Jesus Name....How often are you firing your God given you gun called intercessory prayer? How often do you intercede for the nation? How often does the God of glory see us on our knees crying out for the healing of our people and nation? How often do you share the gospel and help the weak? How often do you visit and help the stranger in need? How often do you visit the imprisoned or cloth the poor and feed the hungry in Jesus Name? How often do you take the stand for His Truth? Is our nation being overcome and consumed because we are to busy to fight the good fight of faith for we prefer this worlds pleasures above the pains and comforts that come from carrying on the Cross of Christ?....let us pray for one another to become on fire for Jesus, full of faith and full of the Holy Spirit like Stephen and Phillip and Paul were in their hour of the great duty....deno....please share freely.

I Hear His Whisper.......deno

I hear His whisper...Be Strong. Be Courages. Be Fearless Against The Enemies Of The Cross Of Christ and Against Those Who Oppose His Resurrection. All They Have Is Fear And Terror For The Spread Of The Great Deception because of the emptiness of their cup. But the truth is God is Love and God's Love In Christ Jesus Is The Ever Enduring Everlasting Truth. As David was not intimidated by the size , or by the threats, or by the terror and growls of Goliath, nor was he afraid of that entire nation and all it's evil and false beliefs, neither are my people to be afraid. For as I was with Moses and David in battle I am even more with the Church, the Redeemed of the Lord. Only Be Believing And You Will See The Salvation Of The Lord.....Amen.