Thursday, May 30, 2013

Jesus and Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke Together Coming to America for Crusades Across Our Nation. Be In Prayer For God To Save Millions and Do Great Things of His Grace, Power and Compassion On This Generation. Heaven knows and we know how much America needs Jesus these days in all our hearts....deno

Jesus Our Access To The Four In One Victory Combination. Us in THEM and They in us. Make the connection....

      The Cross of Christ is our access to the removal and destruction of all our transgression and to all of sins authority over us. It frees us from the Law of sin and death. 
      The Resurrection of Jesus Christ is our access unto Life Everlasting where death has no dominion over us ever again. 
      The Ascension of Jesus Christ is our access unto the Throne of God and His Power so that we can find His grace to help us in all our circumstances, in all our situations, and in all our times of need.
       The Sitting down of Jesus at the Fathers right hand in His awing Glory and Throne is mission accomplished and is our access unto His endless rest in the covenant of His perfect peace with God that endures forever.
        The Cross, The Resurrection, The Ascension, The Sitting down of Jesus at the Fathers side in the Throne of endless peace between God and His Son (whose flesh and bone we be (Hello), was all done, even every bit of it, was wrought for our benefit and blessings now and forever. None of this did Jesus do for Himself. He laid down His Life for us, for our needs, not His. He rose from the dead for us, and He ascended back up to the Throne and Sat down with the Father, all for us. Each one of these are incredible redemption benefits contain marvelous blessings bestowed on us all who are in Christ Jesus.....deno....please share freely

To Know God Exist Is To Trust Him....A Short Message to us from Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke with additional info from deno. I love the way Brother Bonnke thinks and speaks to us from the Spirit and Mind of Jesus.

      The way to know that God exists is to trust Him. The way to know that electricity exists is not by theory but by using it. Simply begin believing God, act on it and doubts will disappear. Live as if there were a God and you will know there is. Faith in God is our own natural ability made operative by the Holy Spirit. To use faith is to be led by the Holy Spirit. God is not “my faith in God”, but He comes to me when I am prepared to trust Him. Try today. It really works. God bless you. REINHARD BONNKE.
                                                             *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  
Hebrews 11:6)...but without faith it is impossible to please God; for anyone that comes to God must believe that He exist and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.
       Jesus taught us that it is by faith, by believing, God becomes a reality in our lives. If we will believe and obey His word, God will manifest Himself to us, even on a constant basis. Without faith there is no plugging into the Power and Spirit of God. Faith is our hearts extension cord that reaches out into Jesus Christ the socket that connects us unto and into God and His Power. Without that connection we are void of Power. 
      The Cross of Christ is our access to the death and destruction of all our sin and sins authority over us. The Resurrection of Jesus Christ is our access unto life everlasting and His Ascension is our access unto the Throne of God the Father that we can find His constant help and strengths in all our times of need....deno......please share freely....and remember to pray with us for Brother Bonnke and His upcoming Crusades taking place soon in America. God Be praised. Jesus be magnified and believed on more abundantly in our nation. Amen.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Lord is My Shepherd...A New Psalm by deno.....make it yours

      The Lord is my Shepherd, no need to fear.
He gave His all for my salvation and glorious freedom and provisions. He reached me with His love. He sought me and found me and planted me in His pleasant garden, in the heavenly soil of His endless life in His everlasting covenant of peace with God. He joined me into Himself from His advent from the Cross to the Throne. I sit with Him in His great rest.
       The Lord thru the power of His right Hand delivered me from all my enemies schemes and works that they organized and formed against me. The Lord preached to me His Sermon, that He loves us even as He loves Himself and that we are His flesh and His Bodily members and that these words are for real. Amen.
        So I say of the Lord, You are my light, my life and so great salvation. You are my Joy. You are my sweetness and the peace of my heart and life. In You we are greatly loved. Being Your flesh and bone makes us highly blessed, highly honored and favored forevermore. Amen....deno.....please share freely

THE LORD IS MY FOUNDATION....psalm of praise by deno.....make it yours

        The Lord is my Rock and the foundation of my life and feet. The Lord is the God of my cause, even the glory of my purpose. Amen.
        I will say of the Lord, You are my Wonder and You alone are my awe. You are the glory and the splendor of my sight. I see into the Wonders of God. I ponder into the deeper things of God in Christ Jesus and learn more advantageously more abundantly.
        The Lord in His great generosity as the greatest of all givers kindly shares with me His understandings. The Lord is Wonderful and wonderful is His grace in you and me in Christ Jesus.
         Our future is bright and filled with greater light of the One who is called The light of Life. 
         Thank You Jesus. Thank You for making us a part of You and Your Eternal Everlasting Life forever.......Amen......deno.....please share freely


I received these words while off shore on 13 February 2013.

      There are different levels of torments in hell, but its all nothing but torment. There is no gentle or soft touch in hell, NO COMFORT. All is a steady grind of constant misery in tears of endless sorrow with the knashing of teeth.
      There are different measures of Joy and Gladness in heaven, but its all Joy and Gladness. There are different levels of Sweet in heaven, but its all Sweet & Delicious forever.......deno......please share freely.

Jesus Honored Me With His Own Precious Blood.....Psalm by deno

     Jesus honored me with His own precious blood. He lifted me up on high in His great love with His own redeeming sacrifice. The Lord destroys all the strength of my sins by the power of the sacrifice of Himself so applied. My past He makes beautiful with the washing of His mighty blood and the purified image that His great mercy and forgiveness brings.
     The Lord took His mercy and reshaped my past and rewrote by lifes story and living forever. I am in Him and He is in me; therefore I will remain in the love of God forever and the love of His truth shall more abundantly prosper in my life by Jesus Christ
       My future is filled with Gods love, goodness, guidance, favor, blessings, orders, commands, strengths, gifts, grace and good news and with the presence of God and His Sons Redeeming Power....Amen....deno....please share freely.


Tuesday, May 28, 2013

End Time Words Now A Blazed

     Friends you can mark these words. As those who believe and belong to Christ our faith shall be tested and tried severely in these latter of the latter days from now on. So many scriptures will be fulfilled in what shall seem to be like just a brief moment in time. Jesus said, in those days, peoples hearts shall fail them as they see what is coming to pass on the earth.
      Many of us do not like to talk about such times as this that Jesus spoke but we would all be in disobedeince if we did not share and preach them. They are all HIS SERMON
      Christ in time sermon is one of great and glorious good news for the faithful believers, but is one of misery and woes to the lovers of this world and for those who prefer darkness over light. The old saying, Be sure your sins shall find you out, shall come to pass in the end generation and sad to say it but it must be said, this (our generation) most of its present people, are lovers of the pleasures of sin more than lovers of God and righteousness. 
     Christ said Sin would be abounding in the last generation. Just about every movie, tv show, song written and sung is about life in the pleasures of sin and disobedience in open defiance against God and His Laws for life and living. Like one big united party, this generation has been partying and dancing up and down  pushing on the buttons of Gods patience for quite some time now, and are blind to His judgements against such bold rebellion. Then when it happens they wonder why? What is goindg on? This generation by its own wrong choices strike the match to set end time words a blazed against its own self.
     Lord have mercy. Send revival instead of wrath. In Jesus Name....Amen.....deno....please share freely 


Matthew 18:12 "What do you think? If a man owns a hundred sheep, and one of them wanders away, will he not leave the ninety-nine on the hills and go to look for the one that wandered off?

Monday, May 20, 2013


2 CORINTHIANS 5:19 - 21

Vs 19) This is what God has commited unto us to preach, Please be reconciled to God, For God was In Christ Jesus Himself reconciling  (Buying back. Bringing back) the world back unto Himself....HERES THE AMAZING VERSE. ARE YOU READY?........Not holding against them their trespasses and sins......

Folks this amazing verse of AMAZING GRACE means all of us can come to God thru His SON Jesus Christ by faith, believing God loves us each and all that much

Friend lets all take advantage of this glorious INVITE.....deno

Christ, Your Eternal Fountain of Youth...Good News....deno

As Christians whose destiny is Glory Bound, growing older means your just that much closer to your eternal fountain of youth. Just like Jesus you will be. He is the same yesterday, today and forever. God is going to fully inject into you His Eternal Everlasting Joy, Life Energy and Unchanging Might. No part of the New and Improved You shall ever age or fade away again. Pure Light and living waters of Gods Eternal Life shall flow in your veins. Great big smiles shall only be seen in your mirrors. Laughter in wondrous praise to God shall be the beauty of your new speech. When you look within, all you will see is the the perfect purity of Christ and the Father in you glowing in loves perfection and inner fellowship that never ends. Your train of thought will forever line up with these words, God is so wonderful and wonderful is my everything henceforth forever. I must go to the Throne and personally thank Jesus my Redeemer....Be Blessed.....deno
As Christians whose destiny is Glory Bound, growing older means your just that much closer to your eternal fountain of youth. Just like Jesus you will be. He is the same yesterday, today and forever. God is going to fully inject into you His Eternal Everlasting Joy, Life Energy and Unchanging Might. No part of the New and Improved You shall ever age or fade away again. Pure Light and living waters of Gods Eternal Life shall flow in your veins. Great big smiles shall only be seen in your mirrors. Laughter in wondrous praise to God shall be the beauty of your new speech. When you look within, all you will see is the the perfect purity of Christ and the Father in you glowing in loves perfection and inner fellowship that never ends. Your train of thought will forever line up with these words, God is so wonderful and wonderful is my everything henceforth forever. I must go to the Throne and personally thank Jesus my Redeemer....Be Blessed.....deno

Sunday, May 19, 2013


    The apostle Paul wrote and revealed to us all that In Christ Jesus WE HAVE redemption thru HIS BLOOD, and that We Have THE FORGIVENESS OF OUR SINS.......Colossians 1:14....Glory to God, we all have THE FORGIVENESS OF OUR SINS. Isn't that GREAT NEWS. It is one of those glad tidings of great joy reports to us from the THRONE OF GOD...FROM THE CROSS OF CHRIST.
     HAVING FORGIVENESS is part of our GREAT INHERITANCE as bodily members of Jesus Christ our Redeemer. WE HAVE IT NOW....THE FORGIVENESS OF OUR SINS......Knowing this let me lovingly remind you of something wonderful... DON'T FORGET TO FORGIVE YOURSELF.  Self forgiveness is included in this great inheritance possession that we have  IN CHRIST. Without self forgiveness we cannot enter into Christ rest and the peace which passeth all understanding.
       Jesus said If we do not forgive others their sins, neither will God forgive us our sins. That is how important forgiveness is. We must forgive. Included in this must forgive doctrine of Christ is also self forgiveness. For to not forgive ones self is to hate ones self (HELLO). And it is an issue of faith and trust. If you say God has forgiven you but you don't forgive yourself you are in doubt. You are in unbelief. You say well I don't feel forgiven. No where in the bible does it say that we are to be led by our feelings. We are to be led by Gods word on all matters. When this is established in us then the deceiving feelings will eventually be conformed and be brought in to subjection to Christ forgiveness GOOD NEWS.
      Jesus preached in one of His personal sermons to Peter. Peter, what I have cleansed, let no one call unclean. What I have washed, let no one call not washed. What I have purged and purified, let no man call not purged or not purified. What I have forgiven let no man call Unforgiven, NOT EVEN THE MAN HIMSELF.
        Jesus said to the man, YOUR SINS ARE FORGIVEN YOU. THE MAN MUST SAY BACK TO JESUS. THY WORD IS TRUTH. I AM FORGIVEN.....BE BLESSED MY BROTHER.....BE BLESSED MY SISTER...YOU ARE FORGIVEN. YOUR FORGIVENESS IS WRITTEN IN THE PRINT OF THE PAGES OF YOUR INHERITANCE IN CHRIST....SO FORGIVE YOURSELF AND GO IN PEACE...Listen to the song above until Self Forgiveness is fully formed in you.....Jesus Loves You And Is For You......deno....please share freely


    Being a member of Christ flesh and bone gives you incredible belonging. How can I explain? It is sort of and much like this. To be seated with the Father right next to Him in Glory is a place, a position of the HIGHEST HONOR. He and they who are invited there and that sit with the Father in His Throne are known and called in heaven, "MEMBERS OF THE THRONE", God shares with them HIS RULE AND REIGN WITH CHRIST.

        With that in our sights now, THINK ABOUT THIS. You are Jesus and in your risen physical body you look at your body and every day you see that there are many members living there. You call those members My Body, MY FLESH AND MY BONE. My bone and My flesh. Now pay attention here or this will fly over you. To sit with a Great King upon His Throne is one thing and it is an awesome honor no doubt.. But when that same great King calls you Himself, My Body, My Flesh, My Bones, He is and has absorbed and engrafted you into even the life of HIS BEING and NAME thru the Body Of Christ Oneness Connection. Christ is One Body made up of MANY MEMBERS. The riches, the blessings, the honors, the highest life of His Crown, every bodily member known as HIS FLESH AND BONES share and partake of for THEY ARE JOINED TOGETHER IN THAT ONE BODY WHICH MAKES THEM  ONE.
       Doesn't even your feet enjoy all that you have and are? Doesn't your feet posses your Full Name as a member of your life by its body connection to you? Even all your activities and blessings? YES THEY DO. There is not one single thing you do or have that your bodies feet are not included in and involved in. So even if your located in one of the feet of Jesus you do and will partake of Gods Far Above All Life And Blessings of Jesus Christ.  

       Being Christ flesh and bone revealed to us By Gods Own Lips makes you as much a part of Jesus' Body and He is of Himself. This is a revelation of Part of the great Love Mystery concerning Christ and the Church as written in Ephesians 5:23-32......AS A CHRISTIAN YOU ARE CHRIST FLESH AND BONE. YOU ARE IN THE FAR ABOVE ALL IN EVERYTHING SON OF GOD. YOU ARE SO BLESSED.....deno...Lord Open Our Eyes to the Love of God in these words. In Jesus Name Amen.

LET ME GO A LITTLE FURTHER HERE TO HELP YOU SEE THIS GLORY. When you shower, doesn't your feet go with you in that shower and  enjoy the shower to? Yes. How can it not? When you go fishing, doesn't your feet go with you? Yes, How Can They Not?  When you are getting a spa massage, doesn't your feet partake and enjoy that massage thru the body connection? Yes they do. How can they not? If you were to inherit a billion dollars wouldn't your feet posses that great inheritance along with the rest of the body? Yes they would? Well when God said to Jesus with His risen body, Come Now and sit at My Right Hand until I make your enemies your footstool,  HIS FEET AND ALL HIS FLESH AND BONE BODILY MEMBERS WENT WITH HIM TO THE THRONE. HOW COULD THEY NOT? Church, you are HIS BODY, the fulness of HIM, that filleth all in all. (Ephesians 1:23) You are greatly LOVED (John 17:20-23)

Saturday, May 18, 2013

AMERICA...THERE IS HOPE..... deno.....share freely.

      With God All Things Are Possible. Jesus turned water into wine. He fed thousands when the Father poured out His multiplying grace and power on the situation. He turned a raging wind and stormy sea into still waters by the command of "Peace be still. Where there was sickness He turned it into health. Where there was death, he turned it into life. Where there was darkness He made light to dawn. Where there was bondage he turned it into freedom. Where there was lack he turned it into way more than enough. Where there was sin he turned it into forgiveness and took away the sin even of a whole world. Where there was a world of hate he showed us the love of God and heaven and said to us all in His Name, love one another.

      When I think of our nation today and sometimes weep over our national moral condition at how so many of us in our past and many of us in our present have strayed from the Lord and His way and His love thy neighbor as thyself rule, I have often thought to myself. Is this now America for the rest of her days? Brother against brother. Neighbor against neighbor. A nation to divided against itself? Is she a hopeless nation with no recovery in sight? Has she gone so far to the left that she has reached the point of no return to loving her neighbor as herself in righteousness ever again?

       Recently when I was thinking on these things and was tempted to think all good is lost in the promise land, these words came rising up from within me. Even from these STONES God can change them into children of Abraham....hmmmm....of these stones.

       Even the most hardened of hearts that have been made stone by sin and hate and rebellion, those heart thru Jesus Christ and Gods miracles of His grace can enter and God can take away the heart of stone and turn it into a heart of flesh tenderized by God with the love of God in it. We must pray for these miracles of change thru grace by Jesus Christ to abound in our Nation.
      Friends All Things, All Things, All Things Are Possible With The Lord. We should always be abounding in hope for better days and in praying to our MIGHTY GOD for each other,  for our Nation and the world. Jesus says, That is why we are still here on earth, To pray expecting. To watch soberly. To abound in hope thru the power of the Holy Spirit. To be the SALT of the earth. His light to the world. Always abounding in the work and grace of the Lord. To always BE BELIEVING FOR GOD TO INTERVENE AND TO DO  SOMETHING BIG AND GREAT IN JESUS NAME....deno.....please be a blessing to someone today and share this freely and remember ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE WITH GOD.......thank you. God Bless.....deno.......share freely.


The Lord is the Good Shepherd giving His life, seeking His lost sheep. Turn over the leaves of the Bible and you can track His footprints from Eden for long centuries. Half way through Scripture we come to Jonah. It is the Old Testament book on evangelism. Talking of knowledge just now I remember somebody said that Jonah learned more in the belly of the fish than many do at theological college. Jonah’s terrifying ordeal had a great meaning. It gave Him something in common with just one other person - Jesus Himself. The jaws of death held Him for three days and nights like Jonah. Both saw the light of day again. Jonah was the world’s first evangelist. He had to begin simply by warning Nineveh that its wickedness has mounted to heaven and judgment was about to fall. He preached repentance. If Jonah obeyed and if Israel followed, their work would go beyond Nineveh. They would be the hinges upon which history would swing. The Lord had and has a plan of world salvation – and by the Great Commission we are a part of it. GOD BLESS YOU. REINHARD BONNKE

Friday, May 17, 2013

They Swore the Oath To Defend, Uphold and Protect The Constitution Of The United Sates. If the ones in power do not uphold this oath, it is our duty America to dishonor them for dishonoring America.

America They Swore The Oath To Uphold, Protect And Defend The Constitution of the United States.....No matter what the liberals or others say, THIS MATTERS or nothing does......deno
America They Swore The Oath To Uphold, Protect And Defend The Constitution of the United States.....No matter what the liberals or others say, THIS MATTERS or nothing does......deno

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Denos Testimonies #12b conclusion to #12a.....

     With all those experiences within the grace of my life and with the grace of that warm honey that went thru my head with  sparkling bubbling joy into my heart landing down into my belly springing forth a stream of delicious joy that my heart and soul so desperately needed, this had happened just a few months ago before this evening (See testimony #11). In the foyer of the chapel Im sitting there behind that desk when I began to hear that congregation in the sanctuary praising God. I got up out of my seat with that oppression and depression hanging on me that had been tormenting me for almost 3 and a half years or so now. I had tried to shake it. Cried God knows how many tears over it over those years and months but was nothing bettered. Only occasionally I would get a drop of relief from it out of Gods mercy and great compassion. Thank God God delights in mercy.
        I walked up to the double doors in the back of the sanctuary and I began to stare at those believers shouting joyful praises to God. They were testifying about how God had been so good to them that week. One was praising Him for this and another was giving God thanks for that. I watched with my heart out stretched toward heaven again in hope of being one day set free from what had been cleaving and ailing me for all those years and months. Real oppression and severe depression is merciless in its tormenting power. As I stared at them, watching, hoping, crying I cried out to God. God Why? Why? Why? I hate feeling like this. Please save me from this.  Little did I know He was already working on my behalf and things were about to take place that would change my situation for the better forever.
       As tears were falling from my eyes as I looked inside the sanctuary at those praising people, a tall young man about my own age (nearly 21 at the time) entered the front doors of the chapel to my left. He looked at me and said, Hey, how are you doing? As I tried to hide my tears I said, well not to bad. He looked at me with a strange look like he was really concerned and said back. Not to Bad huh? Yea I said back , Not to bad. He went thru the rest of the annex area of the chapel to look around and  a few minutes later he came back by me, said by and left. I didn't think much more about it when he left, all though dear God, God knew how desperate I was for my soul to be set free and healed of its oppressions some way, some how.
       Well there was still a lot of time left in that service going on (They were in no hurry to leave), so I went back and sat down behind the desk thinking about my life and those experiences I had experienced with God over the years. WATCH YOUR TONGUE, WATCH YOUR TONGUE, WHAT YOUR TONGUE, I could never forget that shout and those words. But still as then even so it was that evening, I wondered what God was trying to teach me in saying those 3 words to me so loudly and audibly years back. Remember,  dink da dee deno.
       Going over all this and other things in my mind, that same tall young man that had left about 30 minutes ago, came back. He entered those front doors again with a big ol smile on his face starring at me. He said, Deno, when I left here earlier the Lord spoke to me. Now I knew the Lord still spoke to people no matter what others say about that, because He had audibly spoken those 3 words to me years back. Plus I was raised up hearing, singing and believing the Song, He walks with me and talks with me along lifes narrow way. He lives, He lives salvation to impart. You ask me how I know He lives. He lives within my heart. I grew up singing and believing that.
     I said back to him, HE DID? He replied back, Yes He did. He told me to go get this tape and bring it back to you. He said you are to listen and listen to this tape until you really grasp the rich wisdom in it. Tape I thought, what tape? The only tapes I was familiar with were mom and dads gospel music tapes and my Boston tapes, and a few others. He reached his hand out to me with that tape in it and I took it out of his hand. Then I looked at the tape. 
     When I read the title of that tape something special went off on the inside of me. It was like this day, this moment and this tape had been meant for me for a thousand years and this day far away from my home town in America, all the way over here in England, it was finally in my hands. I noticed a cartoon like figure of a man in the corner of that tape behind a pulpit preaching pointing his finger. He looked familiar that man. I had seen him once before on TV years ago on a Sunday morning. My dad and family went to church that day but I was having a bad day so I stayed home. While they were gone I turned the TV on and that man I saw on this tape was that man on TV and I recognized it to be him, Brother Kenneth Copeland. Now I did not know his name then, but I did recognize the face. 
      Do you know what the title of that teaching tape was in my hands? It was called THE POWER OF THE TONGUE by Kenneth Copeland. When I read that title something began to stir around in my heart and I knew, I knew, I mean I knew that this tape was for me but I had no idea at that moment how much that tape and the word of God on it, was going to really bless my soul and life in the days to come.
     After that service was over, I locked up the chapel and was excited about getting home and listening to that tape. When I got home and put that tape in the tape player and punched play...OMG.  My inward spiritual juices began to flow. The bread that I was needing, my ears and my heart was finally hearing and my soul was soaking up every word and every line that Brother Copeland spoke. I don't know how many times I listened to that lesson tape by brother Copeland but I will say this. The Word of God in that tape and applying its wisdom to my life, in just a few  short weeks RESTORED MY SOUL AND RESTORED UNTO ME THE JOY OF OUR SALVATION and brought in to my life Gods presence in a manner that I had never tasted before. I became totally set free from all that oppression and depression that had gripped me and had been haunting my life for all those months and years by believing and doing what Brother Copeland was teaching me in that tape which was  TO WATCH MY TONGUE. 
      You see friends though that day I heard God speak to me audibly those 3 words WATCH YOUR TONGUE.  One of the reasons that I did not receive what He was shouting at me was because the words I was saying were not cuss words or vulgar words as our mom used to tell us.  But worse than that, I was saying over and over and over again and again and again  into my life CURSE WORDS and these kinds of words do more harm to the souls peace than cuss words. Once I had learned from brother Copeland Gods Word about the tongue and its power, I stopped saying those words and began to replace them with faith and strong determination with words of life and peace.  Doing that, obeying God in that, ended up putting a joy and gladness in my heart and soul so delicious and sweet. I began to fall in love with Jesus all over again.
    In closing I write.....Pleasant WORDS are as the honeycomb. Sweet to your soul and good for your health and bones....Proverbs 16:24
    Life and Death are in the Power of the Tongue and those who love it will eat its fruit....Proverbs 18:21
     A mans stomach shall be satisfied from the fruit of HIS MOUTH. From the PRODUCE of his lips he shall be filled.

    In closing I want to suggest to all of you to go on line and order from Kenneth Copeland Ministries the CD message title, THE POWER OF THE TONGUE. Brother Copeland is a strong man of spiritual wisdom and your soul will bless you for heeding his God given us delicious light....Thank you.....deno....much more to come....please share freely.

      Till we meet again The Lord Bless You and Keep You. The Lord shine upon you His favor and peace. The Lord smile upon your life with singing and rejoicing over you. The Lord strengthen your hearts with Joy and Love evermore. In Jesus Name...Amen