Thursday, December 26, 2013

When I Look At The Cross Of Christ..updated......deno.....please share freely

     When I look at the Cross of Christ I am beholding the Law giver Himself. On that Cross the Law giver is tasting death for every man. On that Cross the Law giver is suffering all the needful punishment to strip from the Law all of it's power and condemning weight. He being the Law giver gave the Law all of it's power, therefore He being the Law giver, he had and has every right to remove it's crushing and condemning forces off the backs and souls and lives of His People if He so chooses to....and thank God God chose to do just that, to remove the law. Now it is important that we realize that God did not remove or take away the Laws light, for it's light points us all to the need of the great and incredible sacrifice of Christ. It was the Laws destroying power Jesus came to give his life for to legally and justly remove off our backs so that we all could come to God, both the Jews and the Gentiles by faith in Christ redeeming and ever interceding blood by grace unto the free gift of Salvation. The condemning power of the Law Christ nailed to His cross with him. When Jesus died, so did also the power of sin, so that all of us, even the whole world, could come to God freed from the law of sin and death....deno....
     THE BLOOD OF JESUS SPEAKS UNTO ALL OF US THIS REDEMPTION GLORY....Where there is no Law, there is no transgressions....This is how God saved us. By the death of His Son ( the Law giver), God destroyed the Law that had us all under it's weight and curse so that all of us the same could be saved by faith in Christ atoning blood, reconciling death, and uniting resurrection. As it is most certainly written, By the death of His Son we were reconciled and brought back unto God and by his resurrection and ascension unto the Father we all together with Jesus sat down with our God and Father at and with Jesus in the Fathers Throne of endless Love, life and salvation. Have you learned yet to sit down with Jesus next to the Father? When you cease from your hope in your self righteous labors to save you and replace that with your hearts total dependency on Christ blood, death and resurrection, joining your self as Paul did with Christ from the Cross to the Throne, it is then, when you really fully do this with all your hearts trust, that you will find the rest your souls seeks and you will enter into Christ sweet rest right next to Dad in glory. But as long as you are trying to SAVE YOURSELF by the Laws good behavior demands and deeds of self righteousness, then friend you are going to eventually ware down and ware out from self condemnation and from the depression that comes from guilt and shame and shortcomings as you more and more realized how sinful and imperfect you still are in your many parts and in your dedication to God.I wish i were in all things perfect but only Jesus is. Thank God one day in the hope we have IN HIM we shall be like him in all things. But right now surely we are not that pure hearted or that perfect as he is in Love.
     So in closing this message. None of us, no not even one kept the Holy Laws to perfection though highly religious men did try to back then and some still try to today. And it is important that you realized the Laws standard was the demand of absolute flawless obedience to all its 600 plus commandments. The Law said if you break one of these 600 plus commandments, then in Gods sight you are guilty of all, meaning you have no place, nor right, nor help to boast about keeping the other ones. You will wear yourself out and down like the treading of high raging waters of a deep ocean without having no life preserver to help you trying to keep you afloat and to save yourself by the deeds of the Holy Law. You will always end up falling and coming short of the mark of flawless perfection that the Law in it's own words demanded. 
     Lay holt of Jesus. Put your hearts trust and hope and faith in the power of His Cross, His blood, and Resurrection. He, God gave. He is our everlasting and eternal life preserver. All your good works and good deeds and good efforts can by no means keep you above the waters of the stormiest of seas of this earth. Our sin situation is far worse than all this earths stormy seas. You cannot save yourself from the mighty storm and war that Sin & Satan has waged against you.. YOU NEED CHRIST...I NEED CHRIST...WE ALL NEED CHRIST THE SAVIOR OF THE WORLD......deno


To Serve and Inspire Others....YES YOU......deno

     You were born again in Christ Jesus into the Kingdom of God to serve and to inspire others each day with Gods amazing love, light, provisions and grace. YES start laying up for yourselves treasures in heaven for your eternity.....start sharing, start serving others, start bearing one anothers burdens, help the needy and the is in this life of unselfish love and giving done in Jesus Name, that we find the life within that our heart and souls are craving.....REAL SATISFACTION....

     When you enter into your eternity dwelling....Above or beneath you will be told these words...."Remember in your life time on earth you did this and you did that....good or bad, for gain or for loss these words we all will hear in one form or another.  Therefore lets all start freshly obeying God and serving one another and strangers. Remember the Word....We sometimes entertain angels who are as strangers to us for we do not know they are angels. Who knows, maybe that bum looking person was an angel....How did you treat him.....deno

Jesus Our Passover Lamb.......deno

We are not holy because we are in every way PERFECT. We are all together holy because God has bought and paid for us to be His with a mighty HOLY PRICE...His Sons own precious blood. The blood of His Son is the most sacred substance that exist in all of heaven and earth. It's preciousness exceeds all other sacred limits, for exceeding all the righteous works of men who have to go against, resist, and say no to their own evil passions to do that which is good and right...My hearts trust remains in the Blood of Jesus our Passover Lamb......deno

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

The Mix Of Real Bible Faith......deno

On that blessed holy night the Word became flesh so that all the manifold promises of God, from the heavenly ones to the physical ones, all could be materialized by the mix of the ingredient of our hearts faith in THE WORD...Jesus Christ....His name is Wonderful. His promises to all of us are Exceeding Great....All of Christ passions on the cross were endured so that we could attach our hearts faith to the promise of the so great a salvation and all the other New Covenant Promises that are better than all the old ones.. All that is missing from all these promises from God to us in and from Christ is the mix of the ingredient of your faith. When real bible kind of faith is mixed with Jesus Christ and all the promises of God, then real things begin to happen and occur and the promises more and more become flesh or materialize in us, in our lives, in our days. Let the Word, the promises of God become real and materialized in your life by the mix of faith Hebrews 4:2......deno

Christ...His Birth Changed The World Forever.......deno

Because of the birth of Jesus Christ and all that accompanies His work and visitation to the children of Israel and the World, many all over the world in all nations who have met and received THE SAVIOR that was born in the city of David, have smiled more, rejoiced more, laughed more and are ever being the more filled with the glad tidings of great his joy and endless good news as we in faith, together celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior. Lord Jesus, thank you for being born into this world and into the hearts of all of us that have believed the good report and have put our present and eternal trust and hope in you.. Lord you are worthy of all our praise...HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESUS the anointed One, for the is what the word Christ means.....deno

Friday, December 20, 2013

Repent and Believe the Good News.....

Jesus first worded sermon was short and simple...He preached. Repent and believe the good news....

For God so loved the world that He sacrificed His only Son for their sins so that all who believed and called upon His Name would not perish in the day God cleans up His Creation, but would have everlasting life......

Monday, December 16, 2013

Just A Spoon Full Of Gods Power.....It Can Bring Forth A Universe When Fully Grown. Jesus said to them, Your theory is wrong, for you err because you do not understand or know Gods Word or the glory of His Power........deno......please share freely

In this present atmosphere in America where the spirit that crucified Jesus has linked back up with and is walking in unison with so many willing hearts these days to crucify afresh the Lord of glory by the nails of doubt and by the hammer of unbelief, it is fitting to write words is defense of Christ our Lord. For though in this world men and women have betrayed the Son of God and his message, still yet despite all they murmur against him, none of their murmurings or insult...Continue Reading

Friday, December 13, 2013


     All creatures that exist come from a planted seed. No way around this. All creation itself came forth and was Born because the SOWER SOWED THE WORD OF HIS ETERNAL MIGHT & POWER when the Eternal Spirit moved over the face of  the deep which was His garden for the fruit of the Universe. Everything that the Mighty Creating Spirit of God creates, from His Creation to His Creatures, all separately and sometimes things together (Depending on the Word Mix Release) are all born from God's Word. The bible reveals to us that Gods Word, His Word is with His Power.
      Seeing from the scriptures that all things God creates or gives birth to, all come forth from God's Words, it is then only fitting that we realized that all of us who are Born Again, Born of God in our spirit, the inward man, in the hidden man of the heart, in the HEAVENLY MAN, are New Creatures Born of  "A Word" of the Lord. A seed of His Eternal Glory and Power. This seed Peter said is the gospel of Jesus Christ. (1 Peter 1:23) Being Born Again, not by corruptible SEED (Perishable Seed), but by incorruptible SEED (non perishable seed), BY THE WORD OF GOD THE LIVES, LOVES, AND REMAINS FOREVER.
     Do you know not everything made from a Word of God will live forever? For instance, all the present Heaven and Earth that God made from the words Let There Be Light, shall one day pass away melting in the fervent heat of our incredible God and Father as He erases the FIRST WORDS THAT MADE THE UNIVERSE (The First Creation) to give space for the New Creation that He so promised us in Christ. Jesus said, Behold I Make All THINGS NEW. When the first Words pass away and all the stars and planets and the elements that those First Words made are dissolved, it is then ONCE AGAIN, that the Spirit of the Eternal God, our Heavenly Father, shall move upon the face & space of the deep, and we His Redeemed children shall watch our Lord, The Father, Son & Holy Ghost in UNITED POWER AND GLORY, release the awesomeness of their COMBINED GLORY, FORCES, POWERS & ETERNAL ENERGIES in a pre-conceived New Creation plan that they together in an intelligence of infinite wisdom, knowledge, and understanding that only Pure and Perfect Light can contain. This GREAT INTELLIGENT DESIGN that they treasure and hold within themselves (Even right now at this moment they know all the full details of the design and plan for the NEW CREATION) shall be fully RELEASED in another LET THERE BE LIGHT ACTION OF ALMIGHTY GOD. It is at that moment we that made it to heaven thru the so great a salvation thru Christ precious redeeming blood shall see God in His Almighty Glory Strut His Creating Stuff. In those days and in those hours, there will  be no more confusion left in any of HOW THE UNIVERSE AND THE CREATION OF THE HEAVENS CAME INTO BEING.
      Yes friends, even now God fully knows all the plans and all the WORDS that He shall release to make the NEW CREATION TO COME INTO EXISTANCE. They will contain in THEM, IN THOSE WORDS HE SPEAKS, all the volumes of His intelligence and intelligent design for all the things that He makes NEW so that they never  perish or pass away again. Those NEW WORDS God uses in the NEW CREATION TO COME are by THE COVENANT SWEARINGS OF A MIGHTY GOD, incorruptible and non perishable......So Also Are The New Words God Spoke Out In Christ To Us In The Gospel By Which We Are Born Again By.

1 Peter 1:23) Being Born Again not by corruptible seed (PERISHABLE SEED) but by incorruptible seed, (NON-PERISHABLE SEED), BY THE WORD OF GOD THAT LIVES AND LAST FOREVER......vs 25)...this word we speak of is the Gospel of Jesus Christ.....Jesus said Heaven and Earth shall pass away, BUT MY WORDS, MY WORDS, MY WORDS, SHALL NEVER PERISH OR PASS AWAY...THIS  ALSO MEANS, that the heavenly part of us that is born of Gods incorruptible seed, non perishable seed, (CHRIST WORDS) shall live forever in CHRIST EVERLASTING LIFE IMAGE, LIKENESS AND GLORY.....
      The New Creation does not sustain itself but it is sustained and upheld by the Eternal Might of the Eternal Life that it is BORN OF. The promises of God in the NEW WORD that we are BORN OF IN CHRIST keep us alive and not we ourselves, it is the power and the gift of Christ. We in Christ, are born again in our spirit of a non perishable redemption seed. No other Creature has ever been redeemed or born again in the spirit. We are the first. This redemption seed is unique in all it's endless life, imperishable glory, and design. It is Christ Eternal Life and Eternal Might of Himself In Us Everlasting. He is The Eternal Word  that We Are (In The Spirit) Born Of and Like. The bible tells us God raised Jesus Christ from the dead and that the glory of the Life God poured into Jesus, (To fulfill the resurrection/redemption promises) those recovering/resurrection words shall never change, or decay, or grow old, nor perish (Hebrews 1:8-12). They shall keep the Son and HIS BODY THE CHURCH alive, healed and remaining forever the same  yesterday, today and forever. Jesus, the seed we are born of shall never perish. As long as we stay IN HIM so shall He remain IN US....

    So much more to say and to write on this, but this is enough for now. Words to ponder and think about....More to come.....deno....please share freely.


Thursday, December 12, 2013

Do You Believe In Miracles?...I Do..... Let's Join Together In Jesus Name and In Covenant Agreement For The Miracle Of This Prayer To Be Performed......deno....please share freely

Please Share Freely.....

Acts 4:16-17)...and the opposition to Christ Jesus said, "What shall we do to these men? For surely and indeed a notable (Undeniable) miracle has been done by them. All them in Jerusalem know of it and we ourselves cannot deny it."

This prayer is a BIG PRAYER. A PRAYER FOR OUR MIGHTY GOD.  A prayer for which only by His Power, By His Spirits Might, Glory & Grace such a miracle of Grace could be.

INSPIRATION.....Many thought when Jesus died all was lost and the glory of Jesus would be gone forever. Little did they know that His down moment was the seed of a mighty come back which most certainly by the promise of God was soon to come. His dropping to his knees in the Garden of despair, to the rejection of the counsel, to the whip, the thorns and the stripes, to the nailing of his feet and hands upon the cross, to his full taste of death, to his burial and three days and nights in the belly of the earth was all together a mighty seed of God sown into our world for the GREATEST COME BACK  the world would ever know.....deno

Jesus' Covenant Prayer in John 17 was the prayer that brought forth the Great Overcoming and Comeback of the Son of God. He knew what to pray by the Mind of the Spirit and He prayed the perfect intercessory prayer for His Come Back, His Resurrection, His Re-Glorification AND FOR US.....This prayer below that I have written was a prayer written against all visible odds. Like the resurrection of Jesus, even to His closest companions, such a miracle of grace just seemed beyond reach. But in their doubt and confusion and gloom, little did they know in what seemed to be the darkest moment in Israel, God was at work answering that prayer that Jesus prayed and little did they understand that the greatest event in all of human history was already under way and about to take place. The seed for Christ resurrection and mighty comeback was already planted and growing and when they thought all was that atmosphere of darkness and in much doubt.....Suddenly with all the doors being shut where they were assembled, JESUS APPEARED IN THE POWER AND GLORY OF HIS RESURRECTION.....deno

This prayer is a seed for the Church in these last days in this generation in America to plant for the God of all grace, of miracles, signs and wonders to stretch forth His Hand to perform. Please join me as we pray this prayer earnestly unto God our Father in Jesus Name (Daily praising His Name for it's undeniable notability). Thank You.

Father In Jesus Name....All things are possible with God and Nothing is to hard for the Lord. 

In Jesus Name cause the Spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ and the saving gospel that his blood, death and resurrection speaks to have the full and free course in Americas every place, city, town, street, home, heart, mind and soul, and cause the Lord Jesus Christ to be welcomed and received in peace by the increasing OVERWHELMING MAJORITY of the American  people and population from the youngest to the oldest in their hearts unto so great a salvation of the souls far far more that ever before in ALL THE HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. 

Cause all of Americas politicians, government, all of Americas thrones, Judges and local authorities in every town and city to overwhelmingly and uncompromisingly love, adore, FAVOR, believe, STAND UP FOR, confess, profess, trust in, cleave to, no longer deny,  but rule to promote, honor, exalt, magnify and glorify Jesus Christ the Risen Son of God and the gospel truth that his blood, death and resurrection speaks,....

And Father cause America to freshly and anew overwhelmingly & increasingly love and live for and STAND UP & STAND STRONG for Jesus Christ boldly far more than ever before in our Nations History...... 

And I pray that we all together love, adore, believe, cleave to with all our hearts faith, hope, love and passion to Jesus Christ boldly preaching and professing Him publicly even in and to our final breath and beyond the grave. For we being now full of faith and full of the Holy Spirit and full of the love of God refuse to deny the Lord that loved us and gave his all and his life to save us. 

Jesus only you are our life and true Savior. Only you our TRUE HOPE FOREVER......And the church together in unison and agreement said in Jesus Name, So Be It. Amen & Amen....

Let us remember what Jesus told us of His Power and Authority that He gave us the Church On Earth. He said...Whatsoever you the church allow (BIND ON EARTH) shall be allowed (Bound In Heaven)...Whatsoever you loose on earth shall be freed and sent from and in heaven....This is our prayer authority in Jesus Name defined......deno

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Come Back To God Each & All......deno.....please share freely

If you feel you are or have been the worse sinner on the planet, or the chiefest of backsliders, then these words of the Lord Himself were spoken for you..And the Lord swore in His love for us and for the sake of His Son," I will in honor of you and your sacrifice be merciful unto there transgressions, and their sins and iniquities I will forgive and forget and never remember them ever again". We right now cannot fully do this in our present condition, but the God that made the way thru the Red Sea and raised Jesus from the dead and that cannot lie can and He is faithful to all His promises. As the scriptures says. He has sworn unto us EXCEEDING GREAT AND PRECIOUS PROMISES (2 Peter 1:2-4). His promises give us all hope and faith whether your the most obedient or whether you are the chiefest of sinners and backsliders.....He loved you enough to go to the cross and endure all it's manifold sufferings, to forgive you and wash you clean with that precious blood He poured out in all those pains, sufferings & agonies. Believe me, it is MUCH EASIER, EVEN HIS GOOD DELIGHT AND DAILY PLEASURE to forgive you , wash you clean. Make you brand new before Him in love. The Cross brought Him to his knees and to tears. But to forgive us and to cleanse us from all our sins is His daily good pleasure and joy. He is enjoying the fruit of his labors upon the Cross....PEACE to those who are nigh and to those who are afar off.....deno.

Why there is bad news in the good news of the gospel......deno.....please share freely

The word gospel means itself GOOD NEWS FOREVER. But in the GOOD NEWS we all can read and find some bad news befalls people. The reason for that bad news in the gospel is this. It is only there because those people of the bad news did not love, believe, or obey the GOOD NEWS. That is the ONLY REASON that we can see bad news in the written gospel which means GOOD NEWS FOREVER. Other than that, the gospel is ALL DELICIOUS AND ALL GOOD NEWS EVERY DAY AND FOREVER JUST AS JESUS WHO IS (HIMSELF) THE GOOD NEWS AND IS THE SAME YESTERDAY, TODAY, AND FOREVER....Amen......We thank you Father in Jesus Name.....deno & Sia.

THE MOST IMPORTANT WORDS OF ALL......deno.....please share freely

...and the Angel said to Cornelius in Acts 10:6, Acts 11:14....Cornelius, your charity and prayers have come up for a memorial before God. Send now for a man named Peter who when he has come shall TELL YOU WORDS BY WHICH YOU AND YOUR FAMILY SHALL BE SAVED. It was BY THOSE WORDS he and his family would be saved if they believed them. Angels are not the ones God chose or anointed or ordained to share and preach the gospel of Jesus Christ to the world. God chose His sons and his daughters to proclaim the things Christ blood, death and resurrections speaks. It is our responsibility and calling. Those words are the words of eternal life. Christ words are the words of the so great a salvation. They are the most important WORDS of all on earth.  If those WORDS are removed from the earth, from society, from the lips of men by laws and legislation against them, whether those laws come from a Ceasar or a Congress full of betrayers and unbelievers, when those words are voted against and voted out, a darkness shall befall upon the world as never before since the beginning of man. Sin and wickedness shall have free course and abound in our societies until things get so bad the earth itself revolts against our presence on her floors......

    Keep on preaching the gospel. Christ words are the only words that real hope and salvation exist in. All other words are but dust and vanity, even wasted breath against the judgement ahead. Let us all remember what Jesus taught us about the wise man that built his house on the Word of God, on the words of the gospel. He built his life on the STRONG & TRUE  foundation. Jesus said, Heeding the other voices other than His ends in disaster when storms. pressures, and judgements fall.....deno.

The Three Dreams.......deno....please share freely

The Lords dream is that the world thru him might be saved.
The Atheist dream is to de-faith the whole world.
The devils dream is to deceive and then destroy every soul of every child born into the world.
Which dream are you helping to come to pass each day? There is no side line on this one. No spectators. One way or the other we are helping one of the above fulfill their dream. In our silence the world perishes. In our sins the world is confused. In our love of this world and this life our great calling is mocked. Help us Lord to submit and do your will and to please you everyday forever more. Amen.......deno

Your Testimony....Your Personal Bread of Grace...Share It.......deno

    Each of us have a testimony. It is your personal bread of the Lord Jesus Christ and His grace that came down from heaven. Be sure to share this bread with others.....And Jesus told the man that he had just saved and set free of the devils snare. The man said to Jesus, for this I will go with you to the ends of the earth. Jesus answered back the man and said. No this is not My will for you. But for you this is your mission and labor of love.This is what I want you to do. Go to your family, friends and neighbors in your town and TELL THEM, TESTIFY TO THEM, what the Lord did for you. How He is merciful and full of compassion. How He had great compassion on you....This will please Me. This will glorify My Father in heaven..... Have you been glorifying our Father in heaven with the sharing of the bread of your personal testimony? Why not start today? Jesus is worthy of all our praises.......deno

I know this to be the truth. In the beginning God Created the Heavens and the Earth.....deno

      I do not choose to believe this. I know this to be the truth. In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth..... The more I investigate into the arguments of the Creationist vs the Naturalist, I have noticed science behind the universe, it's information is often slanted or manipulated to promote peoples personal world and religious views much like the global warning issues are manipulated and twisted for political and new money direction gain. Nonetheless we all no science reveals all things have a parent force before itself. All things in the natural world are born from something previous. This is a natural known and accepted law.
      With this in mind, we all know now something has had to have always and forever been. Something behind us and before us has had to have always been. Eternal is it's power. Always has been and ever shall be is it's glory. His Name Is Almighty God. Like unto the Eternal Spirit of the Lord, having neither beginning of days neither ending of days. Always has been and ever shall be. Full of Life and Ignited with Powers that we have no idea to fully fathom or measure. 

      No physical matter could ever have possibly ALWAYS BEEN. From every law known to man no physical substance could have possibly FOREVER BEEN. Science now preaches the Universe with all it's known laws had a definite beginning point. Since all physical matter had a definite beginning point, where did the first physical matter come from? Scientist now write high level thesis saying IT ALL CAME FROM NOTHING. NOTHING they write made all things. This is a most darkened biased mind to say such arrogance on the level of the worlds top brains? They are told do not go to the GOD FACTOR no matter what. These same minds teach our children today in our schools......deno

The Clash in the mind......deno

     When God filled me with His Spirit that day in my car, His Spirit of truth in my heart began to clash with many of the former taught theories that men had planted into my mind thru the will of their anti God doctrines, schemes and theory promotions. This became such a clash within me, I felt that I was in a war zone. Little did I know I was. Friends there are intense powers fighting in the unseen realms of the mind and human imagination to hide and suppress the knowledge of the truth of God and his existence, and of that which His Sons blood, death and resurrection speaks. They are powerful, witty, crafty and subtle. Able to deceive and take down the whole world if not overcome.....1st John 2:12-23...

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

From Nothing....then over time to a blob...NOT......deno

From nothing...then overtime to a blob that came from nothing and yet became a blob of a world full of beauty and foods of all sorts and animals of unique differences and designs and beautiful seasons and colors and fragrances. This theory is a lying wonder. It was not a mindless power that made the Universe and all things therein..... In the beginning God with the glory of His Eternal Might and Thundering/Lighting like energies Created ALL THINGS of Heaven and earth by the Word of His Eternal Powers that no man is able to calculate. Gods Spirit and His life giving power and energies exceeds all known matter of energy. He tops them all. They came from reservoirs of the massive endless eternal powers and energies that reside within His Eternal Spirits Eternal Power and Godhead glory that no man can fathom. God is Incredible. God is Almighty. God is far above all Atomic. God is far above all Nuclear. The bow to Him that is their parent force......deno

Monday, December 2, 2013

When We Were Children.....deno

     When we were children brought up in the church under our dad the Pastor for over 50 plus years, there were times when we disobeyed his conduct rules and dad would always unfailingly let us know of our transgression. I can't count how many times his lightning bolts and my back side came in contact with each other over all those childhood years. Dad would whip me sometimes with such strong determination until I thought I was about to give up the just before I did he would stop and breath back into me the breath of life. He would so often say, Son I know you don't understand all this now but some day you will. I chastise you for your own good....
     You know I'm glad that I had a father who loved me enough to correct me when I needed correcting. His methods at times were pretty severe but how I thank God for every time he raised his whip to teach me his righteous lesson. In not one of them did my father ever condemn me. That was not the purpose of the whip. It was to teach me his righteousness rules of conduct which are for my blessing, benefits and best.....So it is with God's whip. He does not chastise us out of anger nor to condemn us. We have a covenant of peace with Him thru thru blood of Christ. He poured His wrath on Jesus on the cross so that we would not be appointed to His wrath but His salvation,peace and His goodwill to men. He came not to condemn the world but to save it. How much more then, the same is true unto his children, when He raises His whip on our backsides, it is not to condemn us but to save, to correct, to teach, to conform us.....deno

Prophecy for 2014....Jerry Savelle.......deno

Never stop celebrating
what I’ve already done
Now expect Me to do the greater
and it will come
2014 will be known
as the year of the greater!
I’m ready saith the Lord
to do a new thing
The likes of which
you’ve never seen
My glory shall come
in such a way
That you’ll stand in awe
and begin to say
My God, my God,
I never knew
That I would get to see
this side of You
Such splendor, such power
and magnificence too
No wonder the earth
will bow down to You
The prophets said these things
would come to pass
And now they’re here—
at last, at last
The greater glory
they spoke about
We’re in it now—
let’s shout, let’s shout
A new wave of His glory
is what shall be seen
For this is His plan
for 2014

Add This To Your Prayer......DrJosephMissionary......

God Can Turn It Around.......From Your Failure To His Success......deno

     And Jesus said to Peter...After your trial is over and after you have recovered, STRENGTHEN THE CHURCH YOUR ETERNAL FAMILY....Under the gun of Satan and his set up, Peter under all that pressure lied and said he knew not the Lord. Three times he denied him. Still, Jesus prayed for Peter that thru it all his faith would not fail and that he would come out on top never to deny the Lord again. Peter by Christ intercessory prayer recovered and became a Billy Graham to the Jewish people with the gospel.
     So friends let us all watch out for the enemies tricks and set ups. Let us be on our guard and let us REMEMBER Jesus ever liveth and is seated at the Fathers right hand interceding for you and for me. His prayers fail not. He can take our most worst moments in sin, failure, or denial and even in that make us his overcoming victors thru the power of his blood and prayers. It matters not how hopeless or how dead things look, we serve and call on the God of the resurrection. Have faith in God...deno & Sia.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

DECREE & DECLARE The Word of God

Scriptural Confessions - Speaking the Word of God over Your Life

DECREE & DECLARE the Word of God

Scriptures, Prayers & Confessions, Pt 1


Healing Scriptures from the Bible.wmv

Healing Scriptures from the Bible.wmv

Overcoming Difficulty - Failure - Bible Promises Spoken

Audio Bible Meditations: Scriptures Dealing With Worry, Fear, Stress, An...

Overcoming Difficulty - Failure - Bible Promises Spoken

The 101 Best Christian Affirmations - Positive, Encouraging, Inspirational

Why Are You Punishing Yourself.....deno

In Jesus we have redemption thru His blood, even full forgiveness and complete salvation from our sins. He was wounded for our transgression. He was bruised for our iniquities. The punishment that was necessary for you and I to have a covenant of everlasting peace with God was met and laid on Him and by His stripes we were healed, fixed, saved, ransomed, redeemed, made whole. FORGIVEN. Receive Christ Today. For whom the Son sets free from sin is free indeed.........deno & Sia.

May We Forever Be Thankful For America.......deno

Imagine a world where no one gives thanks.
Where coldness of heart is the way of the non grateful.
Where life is considered a blah and a result of a mindless blob.
Where there is no certainty nor absolutes, but all is considered but natural and normal as is.
Where all rules are made up according to the worlds deceitful lust.
Where men call themselves the god of their own lives and no other but self.
Where nothing is considered Holy. Where holy is not even a word in the vocabulary of men.
Where love is smitten and replaced with lust and greed is the light of every path for in their minds you only live once and nothing exist for the soul beyond the grave.
Imagine a Constitution where God is not included. 

Imagine a people who mingle without restraint for all goes in the land of the cold in heart. Nothing is sacred for we are but evolved animals formed from the waters that rained upon the rocks in non purposed days of the past. 
Imagine America without God and without Christmas or the day of Thanksgiving. 
Folks we have so much, I mean really, SO MUCH TO BE THANKFUL FOR. For the America that we have had to love and enjoy for hundreds of years now. May we always be grateful for all those who sacrificed so much to give us this free land and free way of life and to maintain the Constitution of the Free. And let us always give thanks to our God whose Name is Holy and Wonderful, Almighty and True. The good and faithful Shepherd........deno

The Power & Glory of Seeking First the Kingdom of God......deno & Sia

Jesus said, "But seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things will be added unto you.
Always Seek ye first the kingdom God.. then you will enjoy the additions God adds to your life Himself....Your labor is to seek...God's part is to add to you all your needs and all those other THINGS HE HAS IN STORE FOR YOU.....God will work everything else out for us. He already planned this. Had He not planned it He could not have promised us this GREAT PROMISE. This takes faith also.....
What is He wanting in this promise?. Our heart first love and fore most attention and devotion to Him....He desires this so much that He swore in His Love, that if we keep Him first, seek Him first, put Him and His will first, we will enjoy His mighty Hand, His mighty Word and Promise in this seek ye first scripture, become alive and activated in our lives much like His promise and Word that He spoke into Solomon's life was living and active for Solomon in his life on earth......We will see more and more the fruits of His labor in our lives. We will see more and more God's Promise Working For Us like unto a servant sent from heaven to serve us daily.....
Hebrews 11:6)....But without faith is is impossible to please God, For those who come to God must believe that He is, that He exist, and that He is a rewarder of them that DILIGENTLY SEEK HIM.....
.deno & Sia

Friday, November 29, 2013

God Watches Over His Words To Perform Them......deno.....please share freely

     Jeremiah learned an awesome lesson from God. He learned that God keeps His constant sights on His Word, to ensure He performs it. He said,"I watch over My Word to perform it or them....Jeremiah 1:11-12)...Since God is always watching over HIS WORD to perform it, it is only wise for us to obey and build our faith and our lives on THE WORDS that God watches over to perform. Then we shall experience God in our daily lives more abundantly. As it is written. Man shall not live by bread alone but by every Word that God has spoken for him to live by. The angel said to Mary. Because you have BELIEVED THIS WORD FROM THE LORD that I have spoken unto you there shall be the sure performance of THOSE WORDS that were spoken to you.....So let us now more and more find out what God has said about us and our lives and situation. Obey those words. Believe those words and we will see the God that watches over HIS WORDS TO PERFORM THEM surely perform them for us......deno & Sia

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Word Of God Is The Connector Between God and Man.......deno

    In John 10:10 Jesus told us that He came to give us life and that more abundantly. This meant salvation and life with and in fellowship with God to the measure of all satisfying. All thirst quenched. All life's desires that are acceptable to God fully met.
     Now in this light let us note this. Jesus, that said " I have come that you might have life and have it more abundantly", He is THE WORD OF GOD. He is THE PROMISES OF GOD. When we look at Jesus we are seeing the LIVING GOOD NEWS AND GOODNESS OF GOD all wrapped up in Christ. The bible says In Christ are contained all the counsel and wisdom and promises of God in the New Covenant all together wrapped up in One in words and promises spoken that we are to believe. 
     The Word of God is and has always been the mediator between God and man AND HAS ALWAYS BEEN THE MEANS AND THE WAY that God has met all our life's needs and blessings. God has gotten to us thru His Word and Promises and we get to God only thru God's Covenant Spoken Words and Promises. Without God's Word nothings is accomplished, nothing is made that is made and nothing is done, nothing is met. 
     The Word was sent. The Word became flesh. The Word spoke to us in these last days. The Word bled. The Word Died. The Word rose again from the dead. The Word ascended back unto heaven and sat down next to the One that sent the Word into the world to be a light to the Gentiles and salvation to His people. The Word is at Gods right hand praying and interceding for us. It is all about the Word of God and His Name is Jesus Christ.
     Jesus said, This is the perfect will of God, that you believe in Him who He has sent. God in Christ sent to us the fullness of His Better and Best Word of His Peace and Goodwill to man. We are to believe and mix our hearts faith with Christ every word and better promises. When we really do, we will see more and more amazing results and enjoy more and more true life and life more abundantly lived with and in fellowship with God here on earth. For if you will just think about it, it was here on earth Gods Word was sent to be believed and trusted and walked in and obeyed. It was here on earth the Mighty Word Of Almighty God was sent to take root in hearts and to blossom and bring forth it's manifold good to man.
   We believers are to more and more become believing believers believing His Word and Promises In Christ going forth from victory unto victory......deno.....please share freely.

I Have Believed That Word, Therefore I have Spoken That Promise........ And the Word becam flesh. The Word materialized amongst us......deno & Sia

    Jesus taught this powerful message. He said. Believe that those THINGS you say will come to pass and you then shall have whatsoever you say....Mark 11:23-24) Notice Jesus revealed to us something here. He said by our faith in our words we speak, those words will eventually even become physical things, materialized THINGS.....

     Wisdom from a higher place....What we need is all stored, laid up and located for us in the Spirit and in the heavenly Kingdom of God. All it needs to become physical, to become materialized, to become flesh in our world is a Word spoken and believed for it's transference from God's hands to our hand.....
    Note this light.....In the beginning was the Word and the Word was WITH GOD, WITH GOD, WITH GOD, but we on earth needed Him,THE WORD.... All the things that we need from a savior to a supply, all are WITH GOD..
     Note this....All  things were made by Him...He was before all things....God spoke and the Word we needed for a Savior became flesh and materialized in our world as both Lord and Savior and Christ.... There was a specific day that that WORD we needed BECAME FLESH and was materialized in our life and in our world to meet for us THAT NEED....
     Note this.....And unto us THIS DAY in the city of David a Savior HAS BEEN BORN) (the Word that day became flesh) which is Christ the Lord....
     ALL THAT WE NEED IS WITH GOD RIGHT NOW...Go and find the WORD he has spoken that covers your need, mix your hearts faith with it and speak it. By faith in the mix of what you speak it will have a DAY in which that Word you believed and spoke will be BORN in your life.......deno....please share freely.

We Must Ask, It Is The Law.....deno

     God knows your needs before you ask him but He still commands us to ASK HIM. In this we see God mainly moves thru our prayers, not our needs. Everyone has the need of salvation but that salvation is not received automatically, if that were so the whole world would be saved and none would perish. You must ask him. You must call upon Jesus to save you. He then will.
      If our needs were all automatically met just because we have the need, if that were true, then there would be no poverty, no lack, no sick in the world. All the gigantic loads of good that God is trying to give and bless you and the world with (Note this), sin, Satan and a lack of ASKING IN FAITH has been blocking us and the world from receiving.......God wants everyone saved, right? Yes that is right. But unless they call upon His Son, God, even the mighty God's will is not accomplished in them and for them though though they have that greatest of needs. So since the biggest issues of life like salvation are not automatically received except we ask believing, so it is on the basic needs of life....Yes, Jesus said, the Father knows you have these needs before you ask Him....But he did preach that to receive we must ASK...Prayer life check. Check your ASKING......deno

God's Fatherhood Right To Chastise Us.....deno

Wisdom from a higher place....Jesus was not whipped for us not to be chastised, Jesus was whipped so that we would not be condemned. God is a Father and He holds to heart His Fatherhood rights to uplift, bless, encourage, and even chastise and correct His children.....Every loving parent, father or mother whether rich or poor,  if they really love their children correct them and chastise them. So don't be confused over this matter....deno....please share freely.

You Are In God's Highest Cheifest Seats In Christ......deno & Sia

    Being called by God himself Christ body and Christ flesh and bone places you in the highest ranking, the chiefest seats in glory, in life placement in the life and in the the paradise of Jehovah our mighty God, Creator and Redeemer...Think about that brothers and sisters. You are Christ flesh and bone bodily members. The feet belong to Jesus and all that is his. The legs and arms belong to Jesus, to his greater than all life, inheritance and Name for the legs and arms are HIS LEGS & ARMS and that is their position and placement forever and how they are identified and known by the Father. Amazing grace how sweet the sound....deno.....please share freely.

The Knot Prayer....Worth Praying.......deno

Grace and Mercy of God's photo.

Stir up the grace and gifts within you.....deno & Sia knowing this let us STIR UP THE GRACE & THE GIFTS that God has given us for His work and purpose. Let us also remember that each day we have for THAT DAY a grace destiny of work that Jesus has for us to do and a word from Him for the sharing with others...So we surely pray to be connected to the Big Plan God has for us but let us not forget that each morning we awake, God has for that day, a THAT DAY grace plan. THIS DAY the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it abounding in the work and grace of God.....And Jesus said to his earthly parents on THAT DAY.."Did you not know that I must be about doing My Fathers Work, Word, and Business....He could have said those same words EVERYDAY. He was that stirred up to please His Father and to do His business.
     Oh He is hiring by the way...And God pays good. He is such a great loving giving boss that the last get paid the same riches of His Grace as the first. He will give us in the last hour of the Lords work the riches of His glorious grace. For though sin abounds in the last days as Jesus fore told us that it would, the Greater one also said GRACE ABOUNDS THE MORE....Deno & Sia...stir up the gifts, stir up the grace within is time.....please share freely.

Christ Was Buried To Bury Your Sin & Past Forever.....deno & Sia

     Jesus died to slay sin of it's power over you. He was buried to bury our sins forever. He rose again for us to come alive with him and walk in newness of spirit and of life by faith in His blood, death and resurrection. So put your past where it belongs, buried with Christ and today put you, your now, where you now belong, washed in His blood, cleansed of all your past and it's many sins, now made new, made a new creature within in your spirit and risen with Christ unto God the Father in newness of life.....deno & Sia.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Prayer & Fasting.....deno

Some situations and some things cannot be altered or changed or overcome except thru prayer....Jesus said, but this kind can only come out thru devoted prayer and fasting. Let us more and more bow down before our Mighty God offering up unto Him for ourselves and for others the sacrifices of prayers and fastings. This can change lives in Jesus Name....Sia & deno pressing on together in Jesus Name...

Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Creation & Commons Sense......deno

With the universe containing so many stars and planets that 7 billion people, each of them could have for themselves 11 trillion each, that all these planets and stars with all their unique chemical mix ALL CAME FROM NOTHING. JUST HAPPENED TO COME ON THE SCENE BY A FREAK ONE IN A TRILLION TRILLION TRILLION TIMES TRILLION ACCIDENT. You have got to be kidding me....All the massive debris just to make up one star or one planet is a massive load. Just think of the massive load of debris that it took to come forth, to come into being and existence, be packed together from the inside out to make all the trillions and trillions times trillions of planets and stars.....All of it had to have come from an INVENTIVE SOURCE....In the beginning God Created the heavens and the earth.... COMMON SENSE....deno..

P.S. Just think of how many truck loads of debris it took to form and make the earth....Now just think of how many truck loads of debris it would take to make all the trillions and trillions and trillions times trillions of planets and stars in the Universe... It Was No Accident.....It was an INVENTIVE SOURCE....

Do You Need A New Beginning?.......deno

      Do you need a new beginning? Well think about this. The scriptures tells us that Gods mercy for our benefit is renewed every morning. This means each day for us is a new day for new beginnings with our life and fellowship with God. So did yesterday disappoint you? Put it in the history book of Christ blood. He will take each and every sin and separate all of it from you and your future. This is His promise. This is the power of his sacrifice. It is written, that Jesus by the sacrifice of Himself, he put away sin forever. His powerful sacrifice puts away our sin FOREVER....Just as God promised. I will be merciful unto their iniquities and their sins and transgressions shall I remember never again...Wow what a PROMISE for us all.....God is faithful to do this always....Just ask Him to in Jesus Name and be renewed. Be BELIEVING.....deno......share freely.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Gods Words Is Full Of Power......deno

...And the Word became flesh and dwelt amongst us and we BEHELD His glory....Did you know that the Word of God which is Jesus Christ has glory in it that we should and can daily behold? The early believers , the early Church beheld THE WORDS POWER AND THE WORDS GLORY. They believed and by the mix of their faith, God manifested the glory of HIS WORDS POWER. Every promise of God has glory in it for our benefit, needs, and blessings. The Word and promises of God are living and powerful. God has put Hid Power into His Words and Promises. Faith, real bible faith activates that power....Lets be believing....deno....America Founded By Believers For Believers.

Christ Has Redeemed Us From The Curse Of The Law......deno

      About Jesus and what he accomplished for us in his Cross....Christ has redeemed us from the curse of the Law being made a curse for us so that the blessing of being justified by faith to receive from God like Abraham did without the deeds of the Law, would come upon even the Gentiles(Galations 3:13.....When Jesus was made this curse for us on the cross, just as he died not in vain as the scriptures reveal (Galations 2:21), even so Jesus was not made a curse for us in vain. In going thru and tasting the curse that he was made, and death, even the death of the cross, in both redeeming activities on the cross, Jesus  released salvation, life, and blessing powers to us all from heaven to earth, from God to man.....and all this power for life and blessings and for more abundant living and fellowship with God as our Father are all appropriated by (IN LOVE) obeying God and by the faith preached in Mark 11:23'14....deno & Sia

Monday, November 18, 2013

Walking in the Spirit.......deno

Jesus taught: That which is born of flesh is flesh and that which is born of spirit is spirit. Once the spirit is born of God by faith in Jesus Christ, that believing spirit within becomes a NEW CREATURE in Christ. He is a new spirit created in righteousness and true holiness after the likeness of the SEED that gave him his newness and that seed is Christ the holy one of God. This is one of those heavenly things Jesus spoke of. We must learn to let the new spirit, the new infant holy creature within us become our director by the Holy Spirits help. The Holy spirit and our new born again spirit have united in spiritual immersement meaning they two have become one spirit. That oneness is for the bringing forth of the fruits of eternal life and life everlasting. This none of us do automatically. It is a learned behavior....Some learn to walk in the spirit sooner than others. It is an acquired discipline......deno

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Never Give Up.......deno & Sia

    Looking back into the history of my life and trials I came to see this truth. In one of my toughest trials where i was under the heat of depression and Satan's jaws, it looked like for the longest time that this which i was going thru was going to be my lot in the rest of my life. I mean every day i would hear persuasions in my mind saying, you will never overcome this, not you, your stuck in this......
     Though in the taste of what i was going thru it tasted and looked like those words were every bit true, I refused to accept them as to let them settle over me as that which would govern the rest of my life. I refused to believe them, that they would have the last say so...For around 3 and a half years i fought against those words and that which i was going thru in what seemed in the natural to have no end it sight....But God, thank God for those BUT GOD places in the scriptures.  He knew the hour and the day for my victory was already going to come to pass though i was basically only in hope for it, believing for it. crying out for it...I did not see the beauty nor the joy that was just ahead that He had planned for me in England. In England when the victory came and the grace glory fell upon me it tasted better than the sweet of the honeycomb. It tasted better than anything that i had ever before tasted or ever dreamed possible in God in man....
     So friends I say to you, Never give up...Just keep pressing even if you feel your like barely hanging on the promise. It was in the darkest moment, in the peak of the attack of the storm, that when I called out unto Jesus that suddenly light and grace dawned and the victory came......deno.