Monday, June 27, 2016

They Cry, Give us Barabbas and Mohammed Instead.......share freely......deno.

Might as well go ahead and tell the truth.
......The Left and the Liberals have fought against the light of Jesus Christ and Christianity for years and decades in America. They have fought and fought to cause Christianity to lose its power over American politics and its influence off the conscience of the American people and off of the American society. They had no idea that Satan was just waiting in the balance for a few decades until he could move in with his deceiving counterfeit religious replacement called Islam and its radical Muslims.
......Yes the Left and the Liberals hated Christ influences on the American culture from its founding days so they went to political war against Christ and Christianity and as a result, now the wolf himself from hell with his blood thirsty wolves are in their neighborhoods waiting for their unsuspecting prey to behead them and to strike at anytime.
......The same replacement counterfeit false religion also Satan waited in the balance to invade into England and Europe. Now the Liberals and the Left have their hands full trying to control this violent religion of those who are rioting in the streets, practicing no tolerance for those who disagree with Islam; And they gave place to the same Islam of radical Muslims who wants to behead them both, both sinner and saint alike and crush all liberalism and freedoms.....They were to shallow to see what was coming after their AntiJesus Christ movement, and what they were giving place to by their Psalms chapter 2 rebellion against Americas Christian God and Americas Christian Heritage.
......England has been really feeling the consequences of their casting off of Jesus decades ago with the present Muslim invasion in Londond and all over their British country by the Muslim religion replacement that is literally giving England and the rest of Europe all kinds of different Hell on earth these days....deno.....share

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Jesus verses Mohammed....Gods 2 Greatest Commandments reveals THE REAL TRUTH from the real lie when it comes to Gods True Religion......deno....share freely.

The healing of the nation....The healing of the world.....deno.
      Matthew 22:36....And the man asked Jesus, Lord what is the greatest of Gods commandments to all of us.....37 Jesus said to him, “‘You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind. 38 This is the first and great commandment. 39 And the second greatest commandment from God is like it: ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself. 40 On these two commandments hang all the Law and the Prophets.”
......(Notice here in what Jesus just said, notice that he said ON THESE TWO COMMANDMENTS HANG ALL ALL ALL THE LAW ...hang all the word of God (that is of God) and ALL THE PROPHETS (of His True Spirit)....If your so called holy book and your prophets, their words and their commands and laws are not based on Loving God first with all your heart and also loving loving loving loving loving your neighbor as yourself, then some other spirit other than the Spirit of the Lord wrote your book.}...Heaven Affirms These Words as the REAL TRUTH THAT CAME DOWN TO US FROM HEAVEN.)....Jesus said...I came down from heaven itself to give you the Words of My Father......deno......TRUMP THE NATION......share freely.

The Missing Link Is God.....Dr. Gina Loudon.....Following.

        A pill is not going to fix it. A counseling session is not going to fix it. We have to recognize the difference and the acts of evil in our culture. The separation of God from our society ISN'T WORKING. The missing link is God."....Dr. Gina Loudon.

Monday, June 20, 2016

There Shall Be Weeping & Gnashing of Teeth.....share freely......deno.

        Christ deepest felt tears could not save us, ONLY HIS BLOOD COULD....Neither will a man or woman's tears alone save them. We must all place all our confidence and trust in the precious blood of Christ.
        In the day of reckonings and of judgement, Jesus said many many will be weeping tremendously, even gnashing their teeth, but none of those tears will pardon any of them...We all must have our names written in the Lambs Book of Life and be washed in the blood of Jesus Christ. 
       In the day of judgement many will weep like they never wept before when they realize the blood of Christ was THE NECESSITY. These weepers while they lived on earth, they did not place any value nor any trust in Christ blood, but their confidence was in other religions and other beliefs and they fail short..Don't be one of them. Put your trust in Christ and His Precious Blood. He was punished for our sins and rose again from the dead for our sure hope and consolation by grace.....share freely....deno.

Christ Tears Could Not Save Us..Only His Blood Could....Wisdom from the Cross......deno......share freely.

       Redemption Forgiveness is the pardoning of the guilty by the power of a punishment and by a price made and paid by someone else who was sin free for the sinners transgression....It is a purchased forgiveness and freedom, not an emotional response only to the problem.
       Tears and crying alone even by God and Jesus could not save us, forgive us or pardon us. Jesus wept bitterly in the garden about our sins and his cup, but though he cried the purest sincere rivers of tears, HE STILL HAD TO GO TO THE CROSS FOR US TO BE PARDONED AND SAVED. His tears and crying were not enough...As it is written, Without the shedding of blood there is no removal of transgression, no pardon, no forgiveness. Christ had to give up his life thru the shedding of HIS BLOOD FOR US TO BE FORGIVEN, PARDONED, AND SAVED.
       Redemption forgiveness is not an emotional response but a purchased pardon. That is the wisdom of God in the Cross of Christ. He died to set the guilty free thru divine complete pardon that was paid for in full by HIS OWN PRECIOUS BLOOD.
       If we could have been pardoned and saved simply by an emotional response of the me're words I FORGIVE YOU from God and so saying those words alone would have pardon us and forgave us, then Jesus would have been spared the horrors of the blood of His Cross. But instead Jesus HAD TO GO TO THE CROSS because an emotional response IN WORDS ONLY had no power to wash away the guilt stains of transgressions, only blood can do that. Jesus had to pay the price thru severe punishment, even unto the full taste of death for us to be forgiven, pardoned completely, and saved.....As it is written in Colossians and in Ephesians...Thru Jesus Christ WE HAVE REDEMPTION THRU HIS BLOOD, EVEN THE FORGIVENESS OF OUR SINS.......deno.....share freely.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

To The Nation of Islam THROW AWAY YOUR STONES....deno......share freely.

To The Nation of Islam THROW AWAY YOUR STONES.
        Thru Jesus Christ, Gods Full, Complete and True Light and Love Came Into The World.
        If you have not come to the revelation that God Is Love, then your religion is far behind the times and far behind the feet of Jesus the Christ, Gods Eternal Son that became flesh.
          If stoning and torturing and killing people for their sins is your religious eyesight then you have not arrived to Gods True Insight. Jesus in speaking to people who were religiously deceived he said, If what you think is light in you is really only darkness, how great then is that darkness.
         There is a religion today that the world is dealing with that thinks their word is light but as Jesus said, it is nothing more than darkness. If your religion wants to stone, kill, and torture sinners you have not caught up to the footsteps of God and His Grace on the earth. He has already come down from heaven and allowed himself as a man, to be the FOR ALL TIME SACRIFICE and PUNISHMENT to forgive and pardon people and to save them from their sins. Its all about Love and Mercy now since the MIGHTY PRICE of Gods own blood has been shed. Now we are all commanded by the true Spirit of God to throw away our stone, repent, believe in the good news of Jesus Christ and to love one another as Christ loved us.
        When the time came for sinless Jesus to be punished for the sin of the world, from that time forward, God BY HIS SON commanded the putting away of the stone. Now In Christ Jesus we have redemption thru Christ blood, even the full forgiveness of our sins.
        When the true light of the Son of God dawns within you, within your heart and is shinning brightly, you too will THROW AWAY THE STONE and start to love and have compassion upon people instead of wanting to kill them and torture them for their wrongs. Gods love will be birthed inside your heart and revealed to your mind as you recognize what GREAT COMPASSION the LORD had on you, seeing that it was He himself that loved you and died for your sins. By Gods True Light you will see and more understand that He (Immanuel-Jesus) was punished for your sins so that you would not have to be, and you will see that in His rising again from the dead, Christ rose again to assure you of your real and everlasting hope by grace thru faith that worketh by love...He Loves You.....His Love is what all our hearts need and crave.......THROW AWAY YOUR STONES.......deno.....share freely.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Samson & Delilah.....A lesson about preserving THE ANOINTING......deno....share freely.

Samson & Delilah.
       We must learn that the devil uses people. He will use Peter against Jesus. He will use You and Me against one another, and he will use anybody who yields to his will knowingly or not knowingly.
       With Delilah, the devil was using her in the flesh pleasures to get the anointing removed or quench its power from Samson (Gods Man of that hour). She eventually got to Samson and caused Samson to (for Awhile) quench that anointing and much damage was done to Samson who was now operating in the flesh and not by the Power of the Spirit of the Lord.
      Even though Samson lost that anointing's power, God still allowed Samson to (IN TIME) regain that Strength and Power to finish the work God called him to do. But it was regained at a heavy cost.
      Let us all learn from our past mistakes. We have all made them and let us begin afresh to be not unequally yoked with the wrong people. For without Gods Spirit and Power we can do nothing.....deno......share freely.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

To Islam I Write These Words In Gods Love.....Lord Open Their Eyes.......deno.....share freely..

Today I posted some words about Islam from the Koran that got a huge response in the group that I posted it in...Muslims, Christians all began to reply their replies... With all that attention to that post given I felt led to write these words and post them as a reply to all the post down line. These are those words.
...........To the beautiful people of Islam, the seekers of divine truth, and to the world I pen these words.
...........In the revelations given us in the Bible we find that there was hatred and enmity against and between God and man before Christ came into our world to bear his incredible divine witness to THE TRUTH.. Adams far reaching in consequence sin and transgression had brought great friction between God and man upon us all and his sin consequence covered every race of Adams seed. None of us were left unmarred. We all, yes all of us were in the same boat of Adams curse and separation from God.
............In that friction and in that separated state between God and man, men of all the races of man, in their spiritual blindness fought against God in their behavior because of their own personal thoughts, fantasies, and ideas about what or who was the true God, and also men fought against men because THE REAL TRUTH OF GOD was about to be re-established in the earth thru men, men such as Abraham unto Moses unto the coming of Jesus the Christ the Son of God who was himself the Lord from heaven.
............All the world had been cleverly deceived by Satan about divine things and about who God really was until God in his divine mercy began to re-intervene into the affairs of men thru the avenue of the covenants. The friction on earth between what was divine truth and what was not was fierce and was reaching a boiling point upon the earth much like it is today.
.........After many years that the Abrahamic covenant had been established on the earth to re-introduce the One True God in the midst of hundreds of made up gods and idols and beliefs, it was revealed by God himself more clearly the enmity, the separation, and the friction between God and man. God told Moses and the prophets that no soul could enter behind the Veil of the holy of holies where He resided in that temple in Jerusalem except one man, a certain selected by God priest who only once a year was allowed to enter behind the veil into Gods presence. But we also learned that that selected priest could not enter into the presence of God thru the confidence of his own goodness, nor thru confidence in his own righteousness. God said that selected man MUST ENTER WITH THE BLOOD OF AN ANIMAL. HE COULD BY NO MEANS ENTER without the atoning blood of a lamb or he would perish as he entered. Atoning Blood was that important. As it is written, Only by blood is sin removed. Not all blood atones. Only atoning blood and that blood has always been selected and ordained only by Gods choice and not by sinful man.
.......This strict demand of entering only with atoning blood revealed that the way of Peace with God for all men was not or had not yet been achieved. But Christ, (the mystery Lamb of God that all those hundreds of thousands of other atoning sacrifices represented in a mystery), Christ that they represented, his sacrifice was soon to come and he would come in a body prepared for him of sinless blood to be poured out on a cross to atone FOREVER for the sin of even all the world..After His Great Sacrifice no other sacrifice would ever have to be made. The Son of God tasting death for every man was that exceedingly powerful in atoning redeeming power and glory. It was already written in the sacred holy promises of THE BOOK of the true Prophets of God...THE BIBLE...Isaiah 52, 53, 54, 55
............But in the proper time Jesus the promised Christ of the love and faithfulness of God did come, and the prophets and the angels declared that Jesus was sent to establish PEACE between God and man with the giving of his own precious pure sinless blood.. As those selected priest could by no means enter into the holiest of all behind that thick veil without the atoning blood of a lamb, even so no man can enter into heaven itself without the atoning blood of Gods Son Jesus Christ his covering. Without Christ atoning blood we are all naked and our sins and our shame is all exposed....That is the true wisdom of God in Christ and the power of His Atoning blood and sacrifice.
.........Jesus with all power, with all kinds of signs and miracles of healings and many other miracles, Jesus proved perfectly to Israel and to all the nations on earth that the Mighty True Hand of God was with him and upon him and he was declared to be the Son of God with the Divine Power by raising many from the dead including himself after those three days that followed his Cross.
.......... No man ever spoke like this man (Jesus) the many multitudes said. And others said of Jesus, His word is with Power, everything he says happens.
........ Jesus revealed to all the world that the true heart of God is love and peace..His doctrine, his wisdom, his words astounded the most intellectual people in Israel and on earth. He was the Son of God in the Spirit inside that flesh man body talking to men face to face looking thru eyes of human flesh. It was awesome what was really going on.
..........Then after three years of preaching His Good News to Israel for all the world in and by the Power of God, Christ in his love for His Father laid down his sinless life to bear in his body the punishment for all our sins and for our peace with God to be established. You and I, we all deserved to be punished for our crimes and sins even unto hell itself, but Jesus said to the Father, Father let them be laid on me instead so that they be spared, and so the love of Christ was done as planned and as he asked. The scriptures says that the Lord laid on Jesus the iniquity of us all. His punishment for our sins was far more than enough for us all to be saved, if we will only believe and cleave to Jesus with all our hearts love and faith.
...........When God did as Jesus asked and as love planned, that love of God peace offering by Christ blood, COVENANT PEACE with GOD was indeed achieved and that curtain, that veil that before represented separation, friction, and enmity between God and man was torn ascunder signifying to us all that now all men can come to God in Peace by Christ atoning Peace Offering of His Love filled Sacrifice.
.......... Now by faith in His Son Jesus Christ and His blood, by faith in his reconciling death, and thru faith in his justifying resurrection that speaks volumes of achieved good things to all, esp to all of us who are washed in the blood of Christ and His Peace Offering, we are saved from the wrath of God to come upon this world.
........ By the first mans sin wrath and enmity was placed between God and mankind and a separation was established, but then came Jesus the Christ, GODS SON OF GODS LOVE and with love in his heart and healing in his atoning blood and by the willingness of the second Adam Jesus Christ (who was an Adam type) God upended that wrath and enmity that was between God and mankind and God removed it all out of the way nailing it to cross of His Son Jesus Christ SO THAT ALL MEN COULD COME TO GOD IN PEACE UNTO SALVATION THRU FAITH IN HIS SON WHO LOVED US AND LAID DOWN HIS LIFE FOR US.
.........We are only saved by the laying down of life of the Body of Jesus Christ, no other self sacrifice of any other, not of ones self, or to themselves or to others has any saving or redeeming value. To think or to believe it does is a spit of the devil into the eyes of the Son of God and such is the devils delight..IT IS MURDER BY DECEPTION not a ticket to paradise.
.......ISLAM PEOPLE AS BEAUTIFUL AS YOU ARE AND AS GREATLY AS YOU ARE LOVED BY GOD, I PRAY THAT YOUR EYES WILL BE OPENED TO THE LOVE OF THE TRUTH THAT ARE IN THESE WORDS THAT YOU NOW HAVE READ...Peace be upon you I pray by Jesus Christ and thru the love light of all Gods true prophets........Amen....written by deno in Gods Love to Islam and to all the world.

Monday, June 13, 2016

The Need of the Enforcement of Moral Law to be reestablished in society......deno.....share freely.

.......A person, people, or nation without the strong enforcement of moral law is like a ship stripped of its sails being drawn and blown away by the wind and will of evil into an abyss called hell on earth. America and the world is headed head first in that direction. Seems we've lost our backbone against evil and wrong.
...... We need to put the sails, the enforcement of moral Law back on this ship before its to late. We need the ministry of moral SALT back in our country because all this pepper is giving our nation national constipation. We substituted pepper for salt way back in the 60's and now we are really reaping the high cost of that Anti Bible legislation. When the the moral salt of the Ten Commandments was thrown out by the liberals in America, the pepper was put in its place. Do what you feel and do as you will became the American children's new guiding light...And now look at America's children today....Sad.
.......We were fun bad in the 70s but today these kids will cuss you, spit on you, stab you, pull each others hair out, and shoot you just for embarrassing them or giving them an awkward look or for being a different color. A real evil vain pride has lodged itself deep into the heart of our children and it is dividing our kids like never before. And then also we have the crazies who have been deeply deceived to believe that killing certain people is doing Gods present service which is the devils lie. 
........This is where we are at in our society. Its not the beautiful roses that are standing out in America as the beautiful rose used to, now its the thorns that we see more than the flowers. Sad days in our nation and world. And we caused it thru our Anti God, Anti Jesus push and legislation decades ago. In America for centuries, we used to grab our bibles and quote the path of righteousness. Now we grab our crotches and sing the way of demons and of evil right into the heart. Once the abundance of evil is planted into the heart, soon afterwards the harvest of it is seen in society. We are there right now.
..........We removed the salt in exchange for the pepper. And now even with this evil religion that is the present most threatening thing on earth to life and peace, we still refuse to apply the real salt, we just throw some pepper at it. This will only cause the cancer, this infection to spread even more. Trump is the only politician that makes true sense. To tolerate evil such as this is the massive use of pepper and no salt. It is time that true real American Salt that preserves and saves a people and a nation from evil be revived and again the legislation that is back in Washington and in all the states.
.......Our founding fathers understood that evil is in the heart of man (EVEN ALL MEN, theirs included) and it takes biblical SALT and the strong enforcement of moral law or you will have abounding sin, corruption, abounding wrong, anarchy, riot, violent protest, and liberals and their delusional wisdom running crazy in the streets and in Washington. They were so wise and so right.(Biblical SALT and the strong enforcement of moral law is the only real defense against an immoral lawless heart and mind. Become soft on crime and you will reap the whirlwind of abounding evil and civil disobedience as we are seeing in our society today. You feed evil and evil multiplies, increases and becomes stronger. Pour real SALT on evil and against evil and it decreases and weakens.) Whatever happened to the ABCs of basic common sense? Liberals, that is what happened.
.......The enemies of SALT and the adversaries of a moral society based on biblical principals removed the SALT and the moral law of the bible out of the teaching ground of our schools generations ago thinking such was good for America and they thought that they were wise in doing so and the devil with the wisdom of his deluded liberals moved happily right on in. These deluded people say things like, "what was before wrong in our society we now call proper and the right thing to do". They say things like, "guns are living breathing machines with a heart beat and mind all their own, therefore we must imprison all the guns". They say things like, "Its not what your anatomy shows you that makes you a male or a female but what you feel is the true truth????" They are a demonized and confused people. They must be stopped for the sake of the nation.
....... By these antiGod antiBible people, the wisdom they live by that replaced the bibles moral light has made the new law that says and imposes that Men with men trying to make babies together is now made by their corrupt legislation against Gods Word, they say it is the new family unit of America and we are glad. NO were are not glad. 98% of America says, We Are Sad. But its not the majority that rules anymore but the smallest minority are given the power and they are bullies. Immoral money is huge in America buying up all kinds of politicians and votes against SALT and God in society. For heavy amounts of mammon they have forfeited their souls. A saltless and defenseless disarmed nation is the devils delight..
......WE NEED TRUMP and his strong determination to save our nation. No he is by no means a preacher, nor a bible thumper and we all know that. That is not his gift. That is where we can help him and pray for him. But at least he has the sense and courage to see the wrong, the danger and say enough is enough of all this pepper. We need some real SALT back in our society. This Tolerance Card is endangering and ruining our country. In this I believe we can all agree....deno.....share freely.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Its Come Time For Truth and Honesty To Have Its Own Day In Court In Washington...The powers that be are subject to the Authority of the Throne of God.....deno......share freely.

Trump Family, Party and All of You who bleed Red, White, and Blue For America Please Read and Share. I pray this light will brighten your day....deno.
.......Trump Party and Fans, remember this. In any battle going on inside an arena, when two opponents are mixing blows, one for awhile seems to be getting the other better, then the next thing you know the tide hast turned and the other boxer seems to have the upper hand. Back and forth it goes. So it is in political battles. So it is in RIGGED PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING MATCHES AND RIGGED ELECTIONS. There has to be the show, THE PUT ON to make the people buy in.
........But folks right now in this present political match we have on one side she that is 100 % all part of the rigged system wrestling against he that is coming from the heart, from real love of country, from real American Patriotism and is All RAW AND REAL.
........Trump is not of the rigged system. He is like you and I coming from the midst of WE THE PEOPLE who has seen the evil and the tyranny and the corruption of our government who has been selling us out, and he has dared to INTRUDE OR TO ENTER INTO THE POLITICAL RIGGED SYSTEM. A move like that takes guts and real American Bravery of the which we have not seen from the heart in many decades in our nations political pretenders.
......... All politicians of the last several decades have all come from within the rigged system to put on the SHOW, the put on of good cop verses bad cop style political competition of Left vs Right to deceive and to manipulate the American people to think real democracy still runs America. Either side takes the throne, they get voted in but nothing really changes for the better of America and the American people, but for the American Worse. 
..........We elect those or these pretenders and every time America BY THEIR POLITICS AND LEGISLATION gets more and more Un-American, Less Free, more Communistic, and Less Patriotic and our religious rights and freedoms more compromised and threatened....HELLO. 
.......... But now THEY HAVE A MAJOR
PROBLEM....TRUMP AN ALL AMERICA WHO BLEEDS RED, WHITE, AND BLUE SHOWS UP ALREADY RICH AND WEALTHY WHO CANNOT BE TURNED BY BRIBERY. TRUMP CAME FROM THE OUTSIDE IN. He is our ALL AMERICAN ROCKY COME TO ENTER THE RING TO FIGHT TO SAVE AND TO BLESS OUR COUNTRY. He entered the arena not as a politician but as AN AUTHENTIC PATRIOT WHO REALLY LOVES AMERICA and REALLY WANTS TO DO OUR NATION REAL PRO AMERICAN GOOD.. This great honor is due him only of them all. This is why, those lying misleading manipulating political pretenders who are like wolves in sheeps clothing from both sides of the isle are fighting against him. He has invaded their corrupt system and threatens the dishonesty and bribery and corruption by which they protect each others Left or Right political power, control and turf. It is evil, very evil what is going on in Washington on both sides of the isle.
........ Right now, for a brief moment, thru media and other attacks against Trump it seems he is taking his licks. Well he is. That is normal. No one is ever 100 % loved in elections and politics. NO ONE...But soon the tide is going to turn massively again into Trumps Favor and Trump will be overpowering them all once again. 
........For in American it has come the time for truth and honor and honesty to have its own day in court for its own justice in the American political arena in Washington who has sold God and this nation out thru multi faced betrayals. ........God has opened up the eyes of the American People and His AX is laid at the foot of the corrupt evil trees in power in Washington and in power all over this nation. Their corruption to God is worse than Sodom in the days of old. God will curse those who uphold and still try to protect the corruption and He will bless those who repent and uphold what is honorable, honest, upright, truth and right.
..........All these people who are in the game who are weighing the issues of corruption to either again turn their head away from the evil and political corruption as to let lies, bribery, and deceit, and blood money prevail, God shall take on each one of them, He shall take them on personally in this life for the rest of their life on earth and their judgement shall be extended into all their eternity. They have really angered Jehovah for their wicked politics and demonic ways. You should see things from His high above all point of view going on by these corrupt people. Nothing has been hidden or escaped His Eyes. Judas He names them all and let them all remember the place Judas ended up. But if they will repent and let honor and honesty and truth have its own day in the courts of its own deserved justice and prevailing victory, God can spare them. But if not, then they shall spend an eternity in a many of hells regrets. It has come to that level of seriousness for corrupt politicians and judges who hide the truth in cover-ups and in unrighteousness and each of them know their part in the corruption and in the corrupt system. What does it profit any person, male or female to gain the whole world but lose their soul to damnation..
.......Don't let the delusion of voodoo politics from the corrupt politicians and system fool you or get you down. We THE TRUMP FAMILY AND PARTY all are still here. He has lost nothing of his record breaking base. They will use their media voodoo to make us think the nation is turning against Trump. Its all a flash and show magic trick of delusion, but it will not last long. Trump will be beating their political brains in soon with truth verses Hillary's true record of dishonesty, doublemindness, lies, coverups, scandals, and with her back and forth on the issues. For great is the Lord who commands truth and honesty to now prevail over all the corruption, blood money and lies and coverups of those who are evil and corrupt. Who always politically smile at us all, but they do so already having 30 pieces of silver in their pockets..
......So for right now, the evil political corrupt trees in power they are pounding on Trump hard, knowing a storm, a major pouncing on Hillary and them is just ahead. Yes it comes by men, but sent from God who demands righteousness over the corruption or else He sends upon each of them His own personal judgments for them in this life and into their eternity for their love of wrong over what is right....The knock out punch comes from Trump to Hillary and from TRUTH finally winning over lies and coverups and not the other way around....Blood from the past is screaming to He that is Above.....share.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

America's #1 Political Voodoo Queen.....The True Story Must Be Told....Why? Because We Love America....WATCH THE VIDEOS.

Americas #1 Political Voodoo Queen.....The nation must not be allowed to be Bewitched by her voodoo and spin of what is the truth....Her great speeches are voodoo filled to get people to believe lies and to forget the real truth.....With political voodoo she strives to hide and cover up her real record, her real words, her real scandals, her real agenda, and her real story....If you cannot see what is the truth, your under the spell of Americas #1 Political Voodoo Queen....Are You Under Her Political Voodoo Spell????..Have you been Bewitched?..Sorry but this is the truth.....This is just a small portion of Hillary's Political Voodoo Witchcraft....They draw their voodoo political powers from the power of their lies.....This is why I cannot support her this time....We are sick of Washington and all their lies. spin of the truth and voodoo.

Americas #1 Political Voodoo Queen.....The nation must not be allowed to be Bewitched by her voodoo and spin of what is the truth....Her great speeches are voodoo filled to get people to believe lies....With political voodoo she strives to hide and cover up her real record, her real words, her real scandals, her real story....If you cannot see what is the truth your under the spell of Americas #1 Political Voodoo Queen....Are You Under Her Political Voodoo Spell????..Have you been Bewitched?..Sorry but this is the truth.....This is just a portion of Hillary's Political Voodoo Witch Craft....They draw their voodoo powers from the power of their lies.....This is why I cannot support her this time....We are sick of Washington and all their lies.


Monday, June 6, 2016

Jesus Himself On Border Control.....From His Own Words......deno......share freely

.......JESUS HIMSELF ON BORDER CONTROL...FROM HIS OWN WORDS....Matthew 22:1-14 & Revelations 21:10-27.
.......Heaven is a city. It has borders protected by walls and it has specific ENTRY POINTS...Those Entry Points are guarded and protected. No one enters into heaven illegally. You have to enter into that country above thru the provided door....Jesus believes in Border Control....Jesus is a Patriot For Heaven Who Loves His Paradise Society and Country..We should pattern our country after His Image.
.......In the given text that you will find in those scriptures given above, an invitation from heaven goes out to many people all over the world. People respond from all over the earth. Then after awhile the King which is Jesus, comes in to see the invited guest who have entered into his paradise place. He sees people with the wedding garments on all over the place. He himself provided those wedding garments and he had them located at the legal ENTRY POINT to put on those who were invited to show they came in legally thru the provided entry doors and legal points.
........ But as Jesus is looking around at all those people with those wedding garments on, he sees a man in the great assembly place with no wedding garment on or you could say without a green card. Jesus goes up to the man with his servants and says to him. Sir how did you GET IN HERE?....The man knew that he sneaked in thru an illegal way and replied nothing...Jesus told his servants. Take this man into custody and cast him out. He entered in ILLEGALLY.

.......This is a bible lesson, it is a lesson of biblical truth about legal entry into heaven and it also reveals to us that Jesus is Pro Heaven, Pro Country Above, and Pro Border Control with Legal Entry Points and those entry points are guarded and the Law of Entry ENFORCED. Jesus himself shows us HIS OWN REACTION TO THOSE WHO DO NOT RESPECT HIS LAWS OF ENTRY and how He does not tolerate ILLEGAL ENTRY....That my friends is proper governing and Strong Leadership taught us BY THE KING OF KINGS HIMSELF from the Word of God itself.
........Only one, just one running for the presidency is acting anf thinking like Jesus on this matter. (Trump). The others are deceived into lawless behavior approval on this most important national safety issue. They have this delusion of a utopia society of WE ARE THE WORLD so lets remove all borders and lets all come together in a One Word Order  and just love one another and get along.
.......That all sounds good on the surface, but given a more deeper realistic view, its only utopia dwells in the human imagination of delusional thought because the present man and this present world IS EVIL, full of hate and religious exaltation's of the one over the other that will never change and there are people and there is a religion in this world that is of Cain and of Ishmael who bitterly despise and hate the seed of Abel and of Issac and of Christ. These will not get along until all the enemies of Jesus Christ are place under his feet (Hebrews 1:13). To try to be ONE WORLD  WHEN THE HEART OF THE WORLD is a heart full of hate, enormous prejudices, and evil inward formations is the path of a fool deceived in thought. Just look at what the Islamic immigration is doing in England and in Europe. Cain hates Abel still....Read Matthew 22:1-14 and Rev 21:10-27..
.......Borderless Societies in this present evil world is crazy and satanic. It gives place to the unlawful who do not respect our laws and it gives place to the unruly ones and enemies. Those who do not believe borders are right and necessary in this present high tech chemical and nuclear weaponry evil age are deceived by wolves hungry for sheep....Heaven is Gods paradise and God guards His place with defending WISDOM and with walls and guarded entry points and those Laws Established for legal Entry are ENFORCED without compromise. And yet men think themselves to be wiser than their Maker.
.......Enemies to our Constitution in Washington will be enemies (our enemies) at our borders to let in anybody...If they really do not defend and uphold our Constitution, they will be lawless at defending and upholding our laws of entry into our nation and they will stand against border control thinking such has no danger with it. They are deceived, and enemies by them REJOICE AT THE OPPORTUNITY STUPIDITY HAS GIVEN THEM.

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Being Wise As Serpents Can Keep You Harmless As Doves. But lose that wiseness and you will have to fight to save your own country and for your life.....deno....share freely.

More Europe Troubles * America..
.......Only being WISE AS SERPENTS CAN WE REMAIN HARMLESS AS DOVES....But if you become deceived blind fools of heart and see not the danger of letting the wolf in and you become so unwise that you open your own door to the wolf, you are just asking for trouble and your peace will be taken from you and you will not be able to remain harmless as doves. YOU WILL BE FORCED TO FIGHT FOR YOUR LIFE AND YOUR OWN SURVIVAL....I write these simple words of wisdom in hope America and Europe will regain the WISE AS SERPENTS PART AND CALLING.......deno......Trump is the only one that i can see that IS WISE AS SERPENTS against our enemies. 
.......Folks Cain and his descendants have an evil heart that makes him and them unable to live at peace with Abel. 
......Wolves cannot live with sheep, nor can Lions live with bulls. The bible and the animal kingdom teach us all plainly that certain things have a heart that cannot blend, nor live in peace with each other. Men are men much the same outwardly but not all hearts are the same, nor do they hold dear and sacred the same things and thats where the friction and the wars spawn from. There is no same page for everyone in this world. That is an evil we must live with and be ALERT TO IN THIS LIFE.
.......The sword of Christ and the lies of the devil cannot sit at the same table as true friends without their being conflict and friction eventually. One wants to do good and to save, while the other is looking to draw blood with hammer and nails.
.......In this light Jesus said, "Think not that I have come to bring peace on the earth but a sword that divides and will cause people to become enraged and mad at you, EVEN KILL YOU. This Sword, THIS WORD OF MINE will make best of friends become each others enemies and will make family members to become divided and enemies. Knowing this light we say to all presidents and leaders of the nations, since the Words of Christ can divide best friends and closest family members, and cause one to rise up against the other like Judas did to Jesus and cause people to even kill like Cain did Abel for his different sacrifice, how do you figure yourself to be wiser than Jesus Christ the Lord of heaven and the Creator of the creation? What Christ Sword divides apart you cannot expect to live as friends at the same table. You are just asking for trouble. THAT sword that Jesus said will cause the world to hate his sheep is His Gospel and Word of truth)....He said this sword (My Gospel) will cause the world to hate you, even rise up against you and even kill you because you believe and belong to Me). He said if they hated Me they will hate you. What they do to me they will want to do to you.
........Because of what Jesus himself said, Certain immigration is like opening your house doors to a rattle snake invasion. Many do not believe as others do, and they do not cherish nor believe in the right for others to believe what they believe. In their heart they have ZERO TOLERANCE..I mean it was one thing to argue your differences, but the Koran commands Muslims to tolerate no difference. It tells them to cheat, to lie, to deceive to advance the cause of Allah and to torment and kill those who will not convert, even behead them..This spirit of the one who gave that doctrine, who wrote those words is deep inside the heart of Islam. Get your head out of fantasy land AND LOOK AT THEIR FRUIT IN THEIR OWN NATION AGAINST CHRISTIANS THERE.
........A so called holy looking religion of so called peace made from human deceptions and prejudices THAT REFUSES TO SUBMIT TO JESUS CHRIST and that rejects Jesus as Lord and Christ is Satans most clever creation. The religion of peace part is the ploy, the strategy they use to get in the door and to get to sit at your table, Then in time comes the hidden agenda, and the scripture of what happened to Christ by Judas is fulfilled in and thru them also. That scripture is this one, He That Broke My Bread With Me Lifted Up His Heel Against Me."... For what was INSIDE Judas who hung around Jesus' table for three years then turned against him, then betrayed Christ and led Jesus to those hammer and nails, IS INSIDE THE HEART OF ISLAM waiting (like Judas) to in time and at the right moment, rise up and betray Christians and others. They are already doing this in their own homeland and they are using stealth style strategy to bring that fire to the rest of the world.
.........It is time for our leaders to be wise as serpents AGAIN so that you can remain harmless as doves. But the only way you can be and remain harmless as dove is to keep the rattle snake out of your house by being wise as serpents and not dumb as the man who tries to pet a rattle snake expecting for something sweet to come from it...If you do not act and handle your business wise as serpents but blind to evil and harm and open the door to a rattle snake, eventually your being harmless as doves will (by threatening circumstance) be taken from you and you will have to rise up yourself and kill that snake in your house or he is going to get the best of you and cause ill will to you. Then you will say, Why in the world was I so stupid and so unwise as to let those snakes get in my house and cause me to lose my harmlessness??? It is BECAUSE you laid down the calling to be wise as serpents part. 
..........Jesus said, behold I send you as sheep in the midst of wolves..Meaning you have wolf like enemies in this world who will want your blood and life for lunch. Be wise and give no place to the devil (THE NUMBER ONE WOLF)....America used to be filled with men whose hearts were filled with the wisdom of Christ in these words. But now they have laid down the power of Christ alerting wisdom and have let evil of all sorts enter into what used to be a Christian nation. Now the western world is trying to blend sheep with wolves and im telling you by the Word of the Lord they are not being wise as serpents in doing this
....... You have to outsmart the enemy that wishes ill will on you. You have to be wise VERY WISE in order to live in peace and in order to REMAIN HARMLESS AS DOVES...If you lay down the wiseness part and calling, you will not be able to remain live in peace nor harmless as doves. The fight will be brought into your house and land and nation and you will have to rise and defend yourself. Best thing is to keep the sheep away from the wolves and the wolves as far away from the sheep as possible....FAR FAR AWAY....scroll down.
........ Any person that is not functioning according to the alerting wisdom of Christ and thinks wolves and sheep can live together in peace and harmony GODS OWN WORD SAYS IS A FOOL....And friend watch THE MAN THAT PUSHES an AGENDA TO MIX THE SHEEP WITH WOLVES...His heart is either the heart of a fool, or his heart is deceived, or he is flat out working for the devil himself to cause trouble for the nations of Christ sheep.......deno.......share freely.

Muhammad Ali -"This is your Life"...I pray Peace be upon him by the Prince of Peace Jesus Christ.

       He was a fighter, Americas Favorite Boxer. Ali was funny, cocky, super confident, loud, strong, brave, determined, with a smile, and with words and sayings and poems big as his punches. One of our greatest Champions that America gave its love. What a man. What a beautiful heart.
       At times in his younger years Ali had his protest and they had their rightful place. But in all his justified protest, Ali never stopped loving his fellow Americans nor America, neither did he wish or bring any harm on anyone in his stand against what he believed with all of his heart was a wrong and an injustice. He was a Muslim American that America and the world loved and was never afraid of unless you got unto his boxing ring....Peace be upon him I pray by the Prince of Peace Jesus Christ.......deno

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Turncoat Conservatives

America's Sovereignty Maintained or Lost Forever. This is the present battle......deno.....share freely.

America's Sovereignty Maintained or Lost.. This is the battle we face as the TRUMP PARTY AMERICANS.
.......I never thought we would see a day in this country when being a christian and patriotic to the "I'M ALL AMERICAN PROUD TO BE AMERICAN level would be offensive, an offense, strange, and politically incorrect in our own country.
.......We are being and have been little by little taken over by another infiltrating idea by globalist that is different than what our founding fathers made us and meant for us as an independent power and nation to be...Seems like the whole western world is right now being reshaped and re identified by the globalist mafia that is undermining all national sovereignty's to push a borderless world where the nations must let go of all their national sovereignty and re identify themselves as a ONE WORLD ORDER without the division causing national constitutions. This is part of the reason why TRUMP our nominee is under attack for his ALL AMERICAN AMERICA FIRST STAND and AGENDA.
......The globalist mafia has been raping and slowly reshaping our nation for several decades now bending the will of the American people little by little to be less and less American Patriotic and more and more subjected to One World Mindness. A borderless world to globalist is a world of no separating constitutions. It all looks good on paper but the problem with this is PEOPLE ARE FLAT OUT EVIL, selfish and hate filled, and do not get along with others for all kinds of reasons that make them different in the heart to others. The heart of Cain and the heart of Abel are two different hearts and they do not mix and cannot walk in peace as one. You may sedate Cains heart for a moment, but what he is in the heart he is and he will rise up eventually and kill you for your difference (Religious Difference). Your two altars do not contain the same sacrifice.
....... It is whats wanted and desired in the heart where the division and wars come from...Globalist cannot change that. All the beautifying of the new world order books in all the world by the zillions that glamorize the one world order subject cannot change that. The heart is what the heart is and the heart loves what the heart loves and most hearts today are very much selfish and evil and crave self identification, separation, admiration and worship of all sorts.
.......ONLY GOD CAN change the heart and that will take something that is not even of this present world thru the entrance of the light of the Jesus Christ and his gospel. This was Americas UNITING POWER AND FORCE FOR CENTURIES, our national history and heritage shouts this point....But then came the globalist infiltration and doctrine and since their dawning America has been undergoing the plowing up of what before so greatly united her and gave her her inspirations and cause. Now the weeds of globalism are everywhere in our nation and our traditional liberties and traditions in America are being choked. We who love America, love being American, love our Constitution and traditions are feeling more and more the frustrations of their attack and the blades of the plow that is plowing up Americas traditions and grounds for the new globalist seeds of change to America.
........Borderless living in this present evil world is crazy when there is so much greed and evil and agendas of all sorts and craving lust in peoples hearts. Borderless living gives great place to all kinds of terror and evil on a person and on societies. It is not a good idea when really analysed. Matter of fact, when the AntiChrist comes on the worlds stage, the world will be in awe at World Unification Speech and its seeming hope, but it does not last long until suddenly the dream turns into a living nightmare under the judgement of God who avenges his REAL SON JESUS CHRIST. It becomes a bloodbath of men against men who have infiltrated each others nations crossing their borders for a dream that cannot be really realized without God and His true Son at the top.
.......The present move for globalism for monetary gain of the rich and of the wealthy is the Satanic counterfeit of Gods future plan for the world that we read of in the sacred text called Gods Word the bible.
......(LISTEN....The present Globalist do not know it but their thoughts are satanic. Satan has entered his will, desire, and plan in their hearts to carry out this premature global unification plan. The world will resist the plan for sovereignty reasons and for other reasons. Seeing the plans delay and seeing the resistance, these people running out of patience for the plans achievement, turn to plan B which is the use of perpetrated TERROR upon the world thru small to great measures TO FORCE THE GLOBALISM agenda into play. This is what we have been experiencing for decades now. If you cannot covert them to the one world order idea by persuasive speech, you terrorize them into the idea thru fear and destructive panic.....You use 9/11 style terror and other terror activity to the advantage of your globalizing cause...The one world order will one day be temporarily achieved but not by God and not from love for one another but thru rivers of blood and tidal waves of trouble on the earth and for the terrible things that are coming upon the world. THESE TROUBLES GIVE THE ONE WORLD ORDER ITS POWER AND IT GIVES THE FALSE MESSIAH (The AntiChrist his world stage, cause, and pulpit)
.......We all need spiritual walls and fortresses for protection and families and nations need certain physical walls on their borders for their protection from evil agendas and against those who desire to invade and plunder a nations wealth and society. Folks bottom line, evil exist and it is massive today. Evil comes to us in terror and threats and evil also comes to us with a great big glowing smile on it. There will be no paradise life on earth until Jesus Christ returns from heaven with great power and glory to subdue the nations in righteousness when God places the worlds government on HIS SONS SHOULDERS. His shoulders are the only shoulders worthy and able to handle in love, power and in justice all fulness. The present One World Order fantasy is Satans premature counterfeit.
......But now enters Trump and the Mighty Trump Party Army who still have incredible patriotic passion for America as Americans and as an independent nation of its own sovereignty and power. Our rightful passion for America and our Voice that is justified and afforded us by the Constitution of the United States that the globalist love to bypass as our present president does so often. Our All American America First Stand is a threat to them and their satanic globalist dream, and our uncompromising stand to take America Back is threatening their dismantling of our sovereign identity as ONE NATION UNDER GOD INDIVISIBLE...Go read what the definition of ONE NATION UNDER GOD INDIVISIBLE MEANS...This is under their attack.
.......They are attacking our nations national most sacred identities and our motto of IN GOD WE TRUST, and our ONE NATION UNDER GOD INDIVISIBLE.....pledge....Wake up America.
.......And many of our other traditions they have been attacking (even the most American Sacred ones), forcing change upon us and their twisted re-definings. Marriage they re defined. This is evil....Gender is re defined. Sin is denounced and denied. Christ out of Christmas they want and the resurrection out of Easter, for now all these things are so called politically incorrect. That is globalism speech and push in America making room for all the world, while Americas heritage and precious heart felt traditions are Sacrificed on the altar of change.
......Shall the American People win this battle or shall the globalist remain in power and continue their rape and plundering of America????....Sad to say it, but all those past and present politicians and even past presidents that are taking their stand against Trump THE ALL AMERICAN AMERICA FIRST PATRIOT are all part of the globalist mafia. The media is even a part of it and for this core purpose they bring their heat.
......Friends, fellow Americans and Trump Party, this is where the rubber meets the road. This is where the friction of our division against this globalist agenda becomes hostile and hot. They are the ones that cause the violence in the protest against Trump waving even foreign flags at the mighty Trump gatherings SO THAT THRU TERROR LIKE FORM they hope to break our will to stand for Americas sovereignty and national independence. We must not bend an inch to their will. .........We as Americans for decades have already bent enough at their subtle plan and all it has done for America is weakened and worsened our nation in every aspect (Open your eyes and just look). The globalist fear and despise the idea of America really Being Made Great Again. They know this can literally be done, but such would put them way back again in their plundering of our nation and giving our wealth and jobs to the world.
.......These people of the globalist mafia know that they undermine our Constitution and they know that they have broken over and over again their sacred oath to uphold and to defend the Constitution of the United States where our INDIVISIBLENESS COMES FROM AS A SOVEREIGN NATION. They know also that this makes THEM guilty of TREASON. They know that in many many forms and ways they have betrayed the American people and the sovereignty of America and of our Constitution and it scares the hell out of them to see a man like TRUMP ( a true American loving Patriot) rise to power. They could all be impeached and tried for treason if the whole American Constitutional Law was truly enforced, defended and upheld against them...Our founding fathers would have showed such treasonist people no mercy...NONE
........Its been a show folks for many years, a fabricated rigged show of good cop verses bad cop politics at the elections times to make us think that we are still a democracy and still an independent sovereign nation while in reality we are now falling way down the list of the most freest nations on earth. Its all on the record to see.
........ The Secret globalist societies have been running this American show for a long time now and they never thought that America would ever produce or see a John Wayne style All American, All for America level PATRIOT again. Well here we are TRUMP and THE TRUMP PARTY and they are baffled and trembling at our Resolve and strong  stubborn determination to save America and To Make America Great Again resolution revolution.
......We (The Trump Party and movement) with our every American Constitutional Right are in the right and they are in the wrong. But if the corruption is risen so high that even the treasonist and the corrupt walk free while the upholders of the Law and of the American Constitution are nailed to the wall, then America has lost her sovereignty to the hilt by inside infiltration. The clock is ticking and soon who wins will be revealed. If there was ever a time for Americans both small and great to fight for their country and for our American Independence and Sovereignty it is now. If we lose this election, America then and our heritage as we know it is lost forever. This is why Trump is the only one FOR TRUE AMERICA and not those of the globalist America that sells us and our American sovereignty out to the plundering for the worlds gain at the Americans demise.