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Jesus, Far Above All Others....Why? Explained....deno

       In all the nations of the earth, religion and beliefs, names, and esteemed people and other things we have all held these things as dear and sacred to our hearts and that is all understandable. But that being as it may does not position any of us as exempt from judgement and accountability to God and His truth that is in His Son Jesus Christ by Whom He Created all things.  Colossians 1:9-20.....This truth just said is why billions of people in all the nations, we have let go of all our former beliefs and now we believe in Jesus Christ and follow him on earth and  unto the real glory of Paradise in heaven after death.
      Jesus Christ, along with all those miracles and healings he did that would have filled up volumes of books all over the world, he along with all those thousands and thousands of signs and wonders preached and what he preached He backed with Loves power, signs and glorious wonders, and He boldly, in the face of all the world of opposition thrown against him from Satan, and from used Rome and of Israel, he proclaimed that He and His Word was and is and shall always be THE WAY, THE TRUTH, AND THE LIFE AND THAT NO MATTER WHAT THIS WORLD THINKS, SAYS, OR EVEN DOES OR DOES NOT DO, NO ONE WILL ENTER INTO GLORY BUT THRU BELIEVING AND FOLLOWING HIM Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is Gods Son. We must everyday be and remain faith connected to  THE BLOOD OF HIS REDEEMING CROSS WHERE HE DIED AS THE PUNISHMENT FOR OUR SINS AND TO HIS GLORIOUS RESURRECTION. Only Thru Christ. 
       Only thru Jesus Christ is Eternal Life and Salvation. Only thru his death and resurrection we are redeemed, not by ours. To think that you, blowing yourself up and killing others gets Gods favor is deception at its peak. That would be saying the tears and the sufferings of Christ were weak and beggarly. Jesus, God in the flesh paid a horrible price on the Cross for our sins to be forgiven and God will not dishonor His Sons agonies by exalting your blowing up yourself as necessary. Jesus died to save men not to destroy men. Love is of God. Hate is of the devil....He (Jesus) paid the GREAT PRICE. We are to know and to believe in the love Jesus has for us.
      Jesus even said that all nations and all people will be judged by HIS WORDS in the day of judgement and for that reason He said, Go into ALL THE WORLD and  INTO ALL THE NATIONS AND PREACH THE GOOD NEWS THAT MY NAME, AND MY CROSS, AND MY BLOOD,  AND MY MY DEATH AND RESURRECTION HAS ACCOMPLISHED FOR THE WORLD. Make disciples and believers and followers of people in all nations (Europe, Asia, The Middle East Nations that I love, The West, nations of the North and of the nations of the South, and do so unto the END OF THE WORLD. He said those that believe the message of My Good News shall be saved, but those that do not believe that I am the Christ the Son of God there is nothing I can do for them and they BEING DECEIVED by the religious Satan, shall die in their sins separated from God forever.  The blood of MY CROSS and MY DEATH is only what counts and it is the power of God unto salvation and blessings and not any body elses blood or death. So do not be misled by wolves in sheeps clothing  that tell you that blowing yourself up and killing others has redeeming value. It does not. I died for all that all might live. Only My blood and death Saves, Redeems and Blesses. All other sacrifices are in vain and have no redeeming value but Satan deceives those that do and in the judgement that follows they are guilty of murder and as My Word says, no murder has any eternal life abiding in  them (1 John 2:18-23 and 1 John 4:1-12) so don't let Satan deceive you or use you or abuse your body and soul with a bomb for there gain and world agenda and for a lie.....And Jesus, the Son of God BY WHOM  HE MADE THE WORLDS, His Cross and His message is the TRUE MESSAGE from the THRONE of God. No other exalted or non exalted man or prophet can fit those MIGHTY SHOES just as John the baptist said...
      Well that TRUTH and THAT MESSAGE from the resurrected King of Glory (Jesus Christ the King of Love and of Eternal Power) has not changed. If any of us, no matter who we think we are and no matter what others may proclaim or proclaim themselves to be, Jesus Christ and His Message is THE SAME YESTERDAY, TODAY, AND FOREVER. It has never changed.
       Now Satan will transform himself into a messenger of light and lie about Jesus Christ message and this truth just as he lied against the Word of God to Adam & Eve. But nonetheless the scriptures says, let every man lie about this but God will not. And it is God, even the risen Lord Jesus Christ who is Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End. He has the final say so about all things being Himself the Beginning and the End. GOD HIMSELF IN FLESH.
       Other reasons why Jesus is FAR ABOVE US ALL AND FAR ABOVE ALL OTHERS AND FAR ABOVE ALL the so  called Prophets, Priest and Kings, we find in Hebrews 1:1-3) the GREAT DIFFERENCE between Jesus and us and prophets. Here we plainly see Jesus Christ was much much MUCH more than just a man in the Spirit. Let's read.

vs 1) HCSB TRANSLATION....Long ago God spoke to the fathers by the prophets at different times and in different ways.
vs 2) But in these last days, God has spoken unto us by HIS SON....(note here what the Holy Spirit of God reveals about His Son Jesus Christ), whom He (God) has made heir of all things in heaven and on earth, and through Jesus Christ His Son (in the beginning before the worlds were brought forth and before man) GOD CREATED ALL OF HEAVEN AND THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE BY HIS SON JESUS CHRIST. Such could never be said of Noah, of  Abraham, of Moses, nor of Elijah or Mohammed. Give your soul a chance unto real life and real salvation and hear those words just penned.
         Friends near and afar, all of us with all that we have been brain washed to think or have been taught since our childhood to hold to be sacred and dear to our hearts, whether those things be beliefs, creeds, doctrines, convictions, people, places, ways and means, none of us in all the world can say that what we have been taught can measure up to the level of Jesus Christ the Creator and none of those diverse things we were taught have ever been told us to be the Divine power and the Divine hands of the Living God. None of us Jew, Muslim or Gentiles can honestly say that the men we esteem high and that we believe and call upon were know to have CREATED THE UNIVERSE. Not uncle Sam. Not the King or Queen of England. Not Abraham. Not Moses. Not King David. Not Solomon. Not Joshua. Not Buddha and not even Mohammed.....
      But this we all can read and see, we see Jesus in the Holy scriptures, spoken much more of in the Koran than to my shock more than Mohammed is spoken of in the Koran. Jesus and His Name covers the spread and fills the pages in the New Testament Scriptures, and Jesus said to all of us that His scriptures and words cannot be broken as to fail from being truth.  The holy scriptures reveal that this Jesus that shook the world with His Love, Light & Power from God testified of Him saying to  those who tried to put Moses and Elijah on the same level as  Jesus Christ Gods Son, God said, "No, do not build a place of worship for Moses and Elijah here with MY SON. For those men that I love, they are but men only and only prophets. Theycannot fit the shoes of MY SON. For Jesus Christ is My Beloved Son by whom I MADE AND CREATED the Universe by. That in itself means Jesus Christ is FAR ABOVE ALL. Even as the Creator is FAR ABOVE the created.
      For Noah, Abraham, Moses, Elijah, Buddha, King David, Solomon , Mohammed are the made NOT THE MAKER. They all together are the created NOT THE CREATOR. God said to us all in Hebrews chapter One that By MY SON Jesus Christ were created all things and without Him nothing was made that was made. SO NOW HEAR HIM  JESUS CHRIST MY SON. LISTEN TO HIM. OBEY HIM. ESTEEM HIM.  For He Is Exalted and Honored FAR ABOVE ALL....For only in Jesus MY SON am I well pleased...Believe and Obey Him......scroll down.

       Friends now near or afar, God has spoken all these words of truth to us all in these last days.  God has now spoken THIS TRUTH TO YOU. Let all that we were formerly taught as the truth, let it go God says and follow HIS SON Jesus Christ and His Love and Strengths for on this is the true Salvation of the soul. For God raised HIS SON from the dead and SAT HIM at His Own Right Hand in His Throne Far Above All Men And Far Above All Prophets and Names. Jesus Christ is in the Throne, is the one you have put your hope in on ON THE THRONE? No he or she and they are not....ONLY JESUS CHRIST THE SON OF GOD BY WHOM GOD CREATED THE UNIVERSE AND ALL HEAVEN is on the THRONE. He then knows what is the truth verses a religious lie or misleading.  (Hebrews 1:1-14)....Amen.....deno.....share in love freely. Father in Jesus Name Open out their eyes to you truth that is in You SON Our Redeemer Jesus Christ..Amen Amen

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They Shall Mount Up WIth Wings As Eagles......Top Gun Ready........deno

...they shall mount up with wings like the eagles.....
Photo: .....they shall mount up with wings like the eagles.....

AntiChrist and his Beheading Religion of Lies.......deno.

       Revelations 20:1-4 reveals to us that the AntiChrist and HIS WAY & RELIGION, it reveals to us that what is included in that religion that exalts itself above the God and Father of Jesus Christ and above the Cross and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. is that it is a WAY & BELIEF & RELIGION that includes THE BEHEADING of those who oppose that way, to behead those who believe that Jesus Christ the Son of God is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. (Remember He Is AntiChrist, against Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. He replaces Jesus in the peoples hearts and minds with HIMSELF & with His religious lies about divine truth and ways.....
      America & Europe I ask you. What religion in this world fits this picture and promotes BEHEADING????....America & Europe please listen...... Tolerance is a Poisonous Snake just waiting to strike as soon as things warm up. The more they advance, multiply in the nations, the more that old Serpents blood is warming up. And when the numbers are right and the weapons positioned, and when the children of blindness are ready to believe and embrace the GREAT RELIGIOUS LIE THRU FEAR OF TERROR....then the world once again will suffer the Serpents Greatest Bite of the AntiChrist FLATTERING SMILE AND TONGUE that religiously deceives the nations with smiles backed by the BEHEADING THREATS OF PERSUASION.....Scroll Down.

        Some people better WAKE UP.....Just like Jesus said...The last days are not a time for HIS NATION & HIS PEOPLE TO BE FEAR FILLED AND ASLEEP.....Revelations 20:4) And I saw thrones, and they that sat on them, and judgement was committed to them......THEN I SAW THE SOULS OF THOSE WHO HAD BEEN "BEHEADED" FOR THEIR TESTIMONY FOR THEIR FAITH IN JESUS CHRIST AND THE WORD OF GOD (HIS FATHER). FOR THEY DID NOT WORSHIP THE BEAST OR HIS IMAGE, AND THEY DID NOT RECEIVE HIS MARK ON THEIR FOREHEADS OR ON THEIR HANDS........deno.....share freely.

Common Core Communism Plan. And You Wonder Why the TEA PARTY EXIST WITH MILLIONS OF AMERICANS......deno.....share freely.

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This is what we are talking about America....The Liberal Agenda Is Anti Constitutional....They Want to re write in our kids minds Americas History excluding the conviction of our founding fathers for freedom and Independence......HOW CAN WE BE SILENT????
Photo: Want your children to learn about the Founding Fathers in American History classes? DON’T count on Common Core - they’re left out of the curriculum!Want your children to learn about the Founding Fathers in American History classes? DON’T count on Common Core - they’re left out of the curriculum!


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A Man Visits Hell.....share freely.......deno.

       A Mans Visit to hell.......A man went to hell on just temporary means. While there he heard loud screams of agony and of souls of people that looked just like people do on earth and they were every one in torment. He heard echoes and echoes of people crying and begging for mercy but no mercy was given. He heard women cry why, why, why? Help me somebody, save me, help me. He heard young men, even boys and girls and grown men shouting, Please someone let me out of this place. I want to go home. I want to go back upon the earth. The man visiting was in horror. He was terrified at hells reality and of souls swollen in hells merciless grip... 
      He had to find out why all these billions and billions of souls were all in hell so he began to shout out to them questions. Why are you here he shouted? The souls began to cry back these answers. Adam, Adam some cried. Others said, Preachers lied to me. Others said, fornication, fornication. Others cried adultery, adultery. Others said Doubt and Unbelief, Doubt and Unbelief. And others cried lying, lying. Some cried Hate Hate, Envy Envy. Prejudice Prejudice.....And still others cried, I was a thief, I was a mugger and a robber. Some cried Murder. Murder. Some more cried I was Angry and mean. Others cried, Rape, Greed, Lust and Pride. Some more cried, Sex, drugs and rock and roll. Others, I was a whore monger and a trouble maker. Thousands cried I was a gangsta gangsta, Drive by Drive by. Dope dealing Dope Dealing.... On and on they continued...Billions in one accord said Porn Porn Porn. Some cried the deceptions of Buddha Buddha. Others Mohammed deceived us. Millions and Millions of people of fame and of fortune by fame cried, Lucifer lied and deceived us.....
       Then one man in agony that seemed in more sufferings than the rest said, Betrayal, Betrayal, for 30 pieces of silver I betrayed the Son of God. It was Judas.....Then a silence came across hell....It gave the visiting man the thought, the idea to ask one more question. What about atheist. Are there any atheist down here? He listened patiently in the silence. Finally a man spoke out and said, The God Delusion, The God Delusion, I wrote the God Delusion. That same man cried out, there is not a single atheist amongst us in this horrible place sir, not in this place. They are only on the earth reading my book. Go and tell them to burn that book before they burn here with us...On his knees the soul of Richard Dawkins cried with a loud voice. Truly Jesus Is the Son of God. Then all the souls in hell on their knees shouted Jesus Is Lord. Jesus Lord. Jesus is Lord. Jesus Is Lord but it was to late to call upon the Name of the Lord for them. The gates of hell were sealed shut all around them and the demon over seers would not let them go. Satan's deception of all of them prevailed and was going to prevail against them for all eternity....
        Friends the scriptures says now is the accepted time. Now is the voice of the Savior heard. Now is your day. Harden not your hearts like all the souls in hell did. Repent and Ask Jesus to forgive you of your sins NOW. Tell him, Lord Jesus I believe you are the Christ the Son of God. I believe you died on the cross for my sins and that God raised you from the dead. Save me Lord Jesus and fill me with Your Spirit...Amen......deno......please share freely.

Jesus Said, In My Name Feed The Hungry, Cloth The Naked. Visit The Bound......share freely.......deno

Jesus said......And the poor man full of sores laid at the rich mans gate daily. In his poverty all he desired was just the scraps, even the crumbs from the rich mans table. But lying there slowly dying day after day the rich man walked by him ignoring the poor man. Better you down there than me he thought. Then it happened. The inevitable happened. Both men died. Isn't that a shocker?  The rich man who was always well dressed and well fed, he went to hell for fattening his soul and for looking down on people and not caring for the poor and for other reasons, and in torment Jesus said he went to crying for just one drop of water to be brought to him to ease his pain for he was in torment in that flame, but no drop of water was given him just like he did not care enough to take the time to help that poor man that laid at his gate begging for just one piece of the crumbs.....Jesus said in the last days the love of peoples heart will have waxed cold. In other words they will see people in need right in from of them and just walk on by. That is the sign of cold hearts in the end of the age known as grace......Something to think about........deno......share freely.
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We Must Now Fight For America......deno.....share freely.

       For over 200 years the pulpits in America were the guiding light of Christ steering the moral compass and the decision making of the citizens and of the Government of these United States. When we were all, on the most part, in agreement with the pulpits of America, God kept this nation and made His Face to smile upon America even thru our most trying times of freedoms perfecting and independence upkeep. In those days many could actually wake up in the mornings and there was a beautiful mysterious awe in the atmosphere that the heart and soul could taste from coast to coast and from sea to shining sea. You could sleep with your widows up and the doors open in 99 plus % of her vast territories of people for the atmosphere in America was sweet and pleasant and brotherly. It was Gods grace presence and blessing.
       During most of those years the statistics prove America was always above only in every good way of blessings and National strengths that made us stand out from all the other nations of the world. But guess what. That 1 % in time began to scream at the rest of us in their despise of our Christian graces in this nation. They yelled and they screamed and they foamed at the mouth until their venomous poison began to be spread little by little thru out the land using that good ol sweetest of words called tolerance. Now that bunch hates the pulpit. Despises faith and esp. the Name and the faith of Jesus Christ and everywhere they go they try to spew their poisonous venom into schools, businesses, public arenas to shut up the believers of America and their pulpit that kept America the shining city upon a hill by Gods Favor and Blessings on this nation for centuries. 
      The whole gigantic majority  of WE THE BELIEVERS IN THE UNITED SATES OF AMERICA of this nation are to now gloriously unite in number, and in One voice, and in our GIGANTIC AVAILABLE RESOURCES as we did in the olden days, we must  all together rise back up and sue that entire unholy alliance bunch that seeks to silence God and His pulpits in America by using the Constitution of the United States that is on our side when rightly interpreted and not spun, and freedom of religion and the full expression thereof be the Law of all rulings conformity and revoke the Courts evil wrongful decision that Atheism is now a religion. That is so wrong and evil to rule that Atheism is a religion. Those evil blind court Judges redefined what religion is just as they have redefined marriage.  
       Now the Judges having no fear of God have said, God you are wrong in your biblical definition of Religion and Marriage. This court ruling has brought on us shame from heaven and from even other nations and a has brought a gloomy cloud over our Nation. Those other nations themselves wonder what in the world  has happened to America.  Confusion is even more and more setting in on our little children's moral compass. Atheism is not a true religion and even a child knows better than that. But that organized bunch that made that ruling, having infiltrated by influence into the courts of America, do so so that the Atheist could go on to attack the real believers and the real faiths of America and could demand equal rights to Atheism and even Satanism which our founding fathers would have never allowed in America...
      That 1% is destroying more of America and Americas Christian Traditions and Values than all the wars and blood that Americans have shed in the battles for our Independence and for the Freedom of Religion. THEY MUST BE STOPPED.....deno....please share.....And thank God for the American Center for Law and Justice. and for WallBuilders by David Barton/WallBuilders.....Please Pray For Them & Support Them....Thank You...God Is On Our Side and There Is Far More With Is Than There Is With Them.....Rise Awaiting Giant And Lets Let Our Thundering Voice Be Heard In This Nation Again Henceforth And Forevemore To The Glory And Honor Of God Our Savior And Our Salvation.....Amen & Amen.

Americas Blessing......deno.....share freely.

      There is such a blessing of God that has been placed upon America from even prayers and of faith long ago from the founding Christians and fore fathers that it takes under minding men using deception, manipulation, betrayal of country, covenant breaking, disloyalty, and purposed mismanagement of resources and of our prosperity to stifle our increase and quench our blessings and strengths. People usually in Americas inner circles connected to others who are not Christians are the ones going about striving to dismantle Americas blessing and strengths like those people who allow lawless entry of millions and millions into our nation unlawfully even after they themselves have severely mismanaged Americas checkbook irresponsibly.  This is severe destructive it is written in the scriptures, "Who brought in all these weeds into the garden of the Lord. Jesus said, An enemy has done this.....and He was talking about people who did not belong there. Go and read it.
      You know you are blessed when if the Government would quit meddling in your citizens affairs and would not be your ball and chain you would keep on prospering and prospering and prospering. 
     You see the bible says that the devil gives the AntiChrist the throne of his government over the world. He does this because HE KNOWS that thru government he can eventually work his evil and curse upon the citizens and souls of the world....
     Government in Jesus' hands is and shall be beautiful for all the world forever. Government in Satans hands is the eventual downfall and destruction of nations and of the worlds soul and system in less than 7 years of strong deception in the reign of the AntiChrist. When Satan finally pushes and presses the nations governments under his Satanic Leadership under the AntiChrist, it all comes falling apart even withing less than 7 years.  For all Satanic wrought riches and prosperity are sweet candy coated delusions to hide the destruction ahead. Prosperity by AntiChrist leadership will rise quickly but with tremendous bloodshed of  the righteous, and then his reign will come crashing down to a swift and terrible end when Jesus returns to avenge the blood of his saints. Its like a party of the blind who have no real idea the evil of the heart of the one whose hands are at the wheel leading them because he is always smiling at them with the fondest of smiles during the hidden destructive process...this is AntiChrist spirit. This is the GREAT DECEPTION of the last days....It is already shaping and organizing governments and the nations and their citizens minds for his platform. 
     America, against all odds and against all the world STAY WITH AND CLEAVE TO JESUS CHRIST and THE TRUTH THAT IS IN HIM.......deno.

Jesus Is A Warrior. The Lord of Armies He Is Also Called.......deno....share freey.

By Deno Smith
     When Jesus returns in the glory and power of God in the end, do you know that He is coming back for war and one of the first things on the list of His agenda that hour is, He goes to war against all those who oppose Him and the truth of the blood of His Cross and Resurrection...I am not making this up...Read Revelations and 2 Thessalonians 2:1-13....
     Friends Jesus is love yes, but He is not blind to evil that is in this world and he is not blind to all the schemes of Satan and wicked spirits and evil and wicked men on earth. Love is not the way of the fool but of the wisest of all and Love deals with evil. Love knows how cruel evil is so Love moves to protects its children from evil. It does not let evil run over itself. Love, real love is not weak. It is as strong and as powerful as the Cross of Christ. Love was fighting all the evil in the world thru the blood of His Cross. Evil wants to take over the world, the creation and even every THRONE that exist, including Americas, Englands, Germany, etc. and including Gods. Jesus did not rebuke Joshua nor Kind David for fighting for their nations faith and to put to nought their enemies, for they were of God...
     If we do not fight against these evil people that are butchering Christians and Jews young and old in the world and seriously stop them in their tracts with our STRONG ARM, we are then giving a Giant Wolf great place in the world and that giant is the greatest wolf in sheeps clothing the world has ever known and seen and if he is given place the world will never be the same and only Jesus' return will solve that major world lying wonder and problem.......
      This is not an hour to be asleep America. The deceiving fantasy days are over.....Your enemies, the enemies of Jesus Christ and of God the Father are on the move and they so desire to cause Rachel to weep and cry again but this time in our streets in America and in Europe as she did in Bethlehem 2000 years ago as they make their war against Jesus the true Christ in these present days..... Scroll Down.
       Read Matthew 2:18) Herod sent his murderers into the streets of the city of Bethlehem to wipe out Jesus Christ in his infancy and killed their children. And by that Rachel (the mothers of those baby boys) wept and a former prophecy was fulfilled...A sound was heard in Ramah, Lamentation and weeping and GREAT MOURNING, Rachel was weeping for her children, refusing to be comforted because they had killed her children in their sweep against the Christ. This is their nightmare dream that they want to bring to the streets of America and Europe in that present evil spirits present world wide sweep against the Cross of Jesus Christ and the truth that is in Him. It is time for Strength and not Weakness. For action and not tolerance lest the whole world becomes possessed with evil spirits and their lies every where. Holiness under the guise of a lie is Satan the prince of darkness transformed as a messenger of light just as the Apostle Paul warned all the world about in his writings.....share freely.....deno.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Shall Obtain Mercy.......deno......share freely.

       Remember this....Gods shepherds keep watch over their flocks with Words. Words of God. Words of the Gospel. Words of the manifold wisdom of God in Christ. Words of life and with Words of warnings. For we must all appear before the judgement seat of Christ to account to Him and to receive from Him what we deserve whether good or bad according to that which we did while upon the earth....So lets all love one another. Forgive all and always be merciful for Jesus said those that are merciful SHALL OBTAIN MERCY......deno.

SATAN & THE ANTICHRIST SCHEME......share freely....deno.

By Deno Smith
     Satan and the AntiChrist Scheme....Believe it or not this is truth....It came upon us from the spirit world (Ephesians 6:10-20). This is it.......Bombard America, the believing righteous nation of Jesus Christ, with every visual and verbal most powerful sensual looking and sensual sounding temptations most appealing to the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, the lust of the ears, and vanity. Load the air waves and the imagery sources with Flesh beauty, Porn and songs by the trash loads that exalt the beauty of flesh and its present beastly like lust, and forbidden fruits, and the pleasure of sin and disobedience and the drum rap and beat of demons who have rebellion against God, the rhythm of their sin and heart. 
      Use all these demonic arsenals above against Americas eyes and ears and get it bedded down deep into their souls and into their hearing until it becomes their conviction and the way they constantly think so that the light of their former generations is dull within them to where it is seldom brought to their minds. . Do so day after day, month after month, year after year, decade after decade until a generation rises up who has lost the righteous mindset of Americas former generations...
      And strip them of real hope in the past traditional ways and christian faith in America to where all they now think about is mostly of darkness, of the pleasures of the flesh and of the world and of this life by all means available right or wrong... 
      By all this mentioned above cause America to go from a righteous nation, a righteous God fearing people to one of the most unloving, ungodly, back biting, untrustable, deceiving, selfish and self serving, immoral, perverse, murderous, sensual, sin craving nation on the planet. 
      Take them down this road to their faiths dead in and then replenish in their hearts another false faith, false religions, false prophets, false light, false ideas, another Constitution, and theories of delusions and get this new immoral unstable soul generation to vote and desire lust over love, lies over truth, and want and choose darkness over light, and wrong over righteousness and even make hell itself to their deceived minds seem as beautiful and worthy of demonic lordship over their hearts love and affections even though doing so will cause them to perish in the wrath of God...If and when this fruit is fully grown Satan more takes the throne...America it is your choice. Believe it or not this is the scheme. This is the truth.....Repent and come back to Jesus before it is to late......share freely.....deno.

God Will Seriously Judge the Muslims for their lying to the World For Exalting Mohammed more important that His Son Jesus Christ.......share freely.....deno

       In the Koran Jesus is spoken of much more than the prophet Mohammed and every honest learned Muslim will tell you that. And Jesus never mentioned the Prophet Mohamed (NEVER). Jesus preached that HE WAS THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD, not any other (NO OTHER). 
      Jesus said go into ALL THE WORLD and PREACH HIS NAME, HIS GOSPEL, HIS LIGHT, HIS LOVE, HIS MESSAGE, HIS BLOOD , HIS DEATH, AND RESURRECTION PURPOSES and HIS FORGIVENESS TO ALL THE WORLD, AND MAKE DISCIPLES OUT OF ALL NATIONS (Including all the Middle East Nations and He said, and Lo I Am With You Always Even To The End Of The World......Note: To the end of the world Jesus' Gospel and Message was to be preached and his Gospel does not change)..... ( ALL ARE TO BE BELIEVERS AND FOLLOWERS AND EXALTERS  OF JESUS CHRIST & HIS LIGHT AND LOVE AND NO OTHER)...
      Paul in his calling for the defense and for the confirmation of the gospel of Jesus Christ shouted to all the nations that there is NO OTHER NAME OR MESSAGE UNDER HEAVEN THAT SAVES THE SOUL FROM HELL BUT JESUS CHRIST AND HIM CRUCIFIED AND RISEN FROM THE DEAD....Christ Message has not and cannot change).....
     Jesus said He was the Way. He was The Truth. He was the Life and that no man comes unto the Father except thru Him. Jesus did not suffer so much and die in vain. His death on the Cross was the ONLY WAY FOR US TO BE SAVED. (Mohammed himself is fully subject to THIS  TRUTH and to all Jesus' Words). To think other wise is deception. 
      And even God the Father Himself said in Hebrews chapter one to His Son when He raised him from the dead, He said to Jesus, Come now MY SON, and sit here IN MY THRONE AT MY RIGHT HAND until I make all your enemies and all your opposers your FOOTSTOOL PLACED UNDER YOUR FEET, POWER AND AUTHORITY (Mohammed is not on the Throne of God) but far far far below it.......
       Mohammed himself has to humble himself at the foot of the redeeming blood of the Cross of Jesus Christ as well as all of his blind followers or he or they shall not make it into heaven no matter what he or they think and no matter what the devil said to him/them religiously. Satan deceived them to believe a religious lie, just as he has deceived America and many to believe we can keep on living in sin and it will be ok,  and no matter how they burn or kill people by self destruction such is to their own destruction....They are highly in error and highly deceived and so highly misled. It is a most horrible and a most sad ending story for them unless they repent and bow their hearts love and faith to the Risen Son of God.
        Jesus said that He was the light of Life and His resurrection was THE PROOF. God Himself bore His own witness that His Son Jesus Christ was the truth when He raised His Son from the dead......
      Jesus said that He was The Bread that CAME DOWN FROM HEAVEN And the bible says by Jesus Christ God made the worlds and without Jesus was nothing made that was made. Moses, Isaiah, Ezekial, Daniel, Mohammed, nor any angel could ever honestly say by them were the heavens and the earth created and made. 
      Any so called self appointed prophets that preaches their word is above Jesus' Words, or exalt their names Above Jesus, they are FALSE PROPHETS of religious demons that roams inside the thoughts of deceived minds. Paul wrote that the devil and his demons transform themselves to come across as religious messengers that seem to be light but they are deceivers of the darkness and they deceive the blind and they deceive and seduce their hearts and minds from the truth that is only in Jesus Christ blood, death and resurrection purposes...
       Jesus Christ is Lord and For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believed in Jesus in the obedience of faith would not perish but have EVERLASTING LIFE.....The Muslims are in for a serious rude awakening very soon. They should not have promoted Mohammed above Jesus Christ the Son of God. You  (Scroll Down)

cannot escape hell nor live forever with Jesus in his glory by doing so......deno......please share freely.

The First Ingredient of TRUE SALT.......deno......share freely.

        Jesus said we are the light and the salt of the world....Light shows the way. Salt preserves and keeps things from rotting.
    Here is some light of the things spiritual salt does....Salt stays connected to and stays in fellowship with Jesus for without Him we can do nothing.  Salt lives by the Love of God commandments and rule. 
     Holiness without love is like clouds without water. Holiness alone is not the fulness of God. God is love. God is rich in mercy. God is good. God forgives. Love (Gods Love) holds no record of wrongs or sins done (1 Corinthians 13:1-13). 
      Holy Jesus is for sure, but it was Gods love that caused Jesus to take up the Cross and shed his blood for our ransom. Holiness says no to sin but love is what caused Jesus to step off the Throne and come to earth and lay down his life for the punishment for our sins. Love (Gods love) forgive sins and keeps no record of wrongs done. Gods love forgives every sin.
     Love (Gods love) bears one anothers burdens. Holiness God is, but His great love caused the holiest of all to become a man and He that never has ever sinned humbled Himself and  HUGGED POOR SINFUL PEOPLE DAILY when He was on earth. The God that is light in whom is no darkness at all HUGGED POOR SMELLY PEOPLE, HE HUGGED CURSED EVIL PEOPLE. HE LOVED THEM TO THE VERY END the scriptures says.
      Holiness by itself does not do the above. Love does the above. God is truly a sinless pure Holy Spirit but His heart is Love and by His love He that is Holy gave himself for us and saved us by His own blood. Therefore Love is salt so salt must forgive. 
     Forgiveness is one of the greatest ingredients of salt. Forgiveness destroys sins destructive powers coming and going......SO LET US ALL FORGIVE. Scroll Down.
     Without forgiveness all the world is doomed. Salt saves. Salt forgives. Salt keeps no record of wrongs forgiven. If we do not forgive we shall not be forgiven Jesus said. There is NO SALT at all in UNFORGIVENESS. Let us all BE SALTY IN FORGIVENESS......Amen.....deno....Pastors/Preachers there is a message in this. I know you can dig it out what I am trying to say here. God bless.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Jesus Is Praying For You....Be of good cheer......deno......please share freely.

      Several times when Jesus was on earth people were in situations that seemed forever a loss cause and hopeless. Parents children had died. Mothers daughters were possessed with wicked tormenting spirits. The list is huge but Jesus healed them all. Jesus fixed their problem...... 
       Peter had denied the Lord 3 times and his heart was broken and Satan toyed with Peters head minute by minute telling him he had committed the unpardonable sin, for He had denied the Lord and Jesus said if you deny me before men I will deny you before My Father which is in heaven. Satan pounded Peter with that scripture over and over again trying to destroy his faith and crush his hope, hoping that Peter would throw in the towel and give up all hope and quit following Jesus in faith and faithfully.....
      But friends Jesus is not called Savior in vain. He is a mighty Savior and one who prays and intercedes for us so that even when we do fail him and lie and miss him, He can still fix all that mess we made by his powerful intercessions. Peters case proves this....
     Isn't it great to know Jesus right now is at the Fathers side praying and interceding for you/for us....His prayers NEVER FAIL.....This man Peter who Satan tried to sift as wheat and tried to crush his hope by using Peters denying the Lord, and his lying sin and failure, he used all that against Peter in his mind, which I call the place of faith persecution. Jesus' interceding for him not only got Peter totally forgiven, but lined Peter right back up with Gods grace and favor and the original calling that God wanted Peter to fulfill as a soul winner....Peter was the man Jesus chose, anointed and used on the great day of the outpouring of the Holy Ghost to win all those thousands of souls to the Lord......Friend hope thou in God. Jesus is praying for you....Be Believing.......DENO......share freely.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Invoke this blessing into your life in Jesus Name. As often as you will speak these blessings over you and your childrens life. Read Numbers 6:22-27..........deno......please share freely.

Father in Jesus Name Thank You For All These Blessings In My Life. Amen.
1) Bless the Lord O my soul, and all that is within me bless His holy name.
2) Bless the Lord O my soul and remember all His blessings and benefits and these treasures of God and His grace in your life. These blessings are mine in Christ Jesus.
3) God forgives all my sins and God separates me from the darkness and from evil. The Lord fills my heart with Christ marvelous light of the gospel and the light of life and the path of His Joy forevermore.
4) God Cleanses me of all unrighteousness and He removes my sins and their effects from me by the deep depths of the healings that come from His forgiveness. He separates my sins from me as far as east is to the west and He remembers them no more. These blessings I have in Jesus Christ by His Blood.
5) The Lord saves me and keeps me. The Lord preserves me and delivers me and my life from failure and famine, from disasters and destruction. 
6) The Lord takes away my sickness and the Lord removes from me all diseases. He restores my soul.
7) The Lord by Jesus Christ crowns my life with His tender mercies and with His goodness and Joyfulness in the Holy Ghost.
8) The Lord touches my heart for His glory and my heart is healthy and healed, strong and tender and unstony.
9) The Lord satisfies my mouth with His goodness, with His Good News, and with His Good Things so that the youth of my spirit, heart, soul, mind and body is renewed like the eagles and as a healthy joy rich happy child of God in Christ.
10) The Lord keeps me and protects me. The Lord continues to favor me and blesses me and my life, my days and my nights exceedingly.
11) The Lord makes His Beautiful face to shine upon my life.
12) The Lord is so gracious to me.
13) The Lord is very kind to me. 
14) The Lord turns His face towards me and His love overtakes me and my life each day and night.
15) Im in Gods love and Gods love is inside my heart and life.
16) The Lord Jesus Christ gives me sweet peace and great assurance forevermore. God manifest Himself to me in His love and great favor in Jesus Name in all these blessing and much more for He is the God who is always far more than enough. My cups overflow with the blessings of the Lord and the riches of His grace, glory and presence. Christ is my Head and I am His flesh and bone.  We are the most highest, most royal, most richest blessed family in all creation. We are Father, Son, Children of God in Christ and Holy Ghost in Jesus Name...Yes and Amen. 

Yes and Amen.

To My Children Hear My share freely.

       To my children, my precious two sons and my beautiful daughter, thanks for being born. From the day I saw each of you enter this world your dad smiled and I stood there in awe. I saw the wonder of God in your eyes as with your eyes you glanced at me and said Hello Dad. I held each of you as I stood there in your very own unique awe and God given glory that babies have. Your smiles lit up my world and our world. I could not help but think of God as I looked at you with the signature of His creative touch all over your face and little bodies. I thought, Lord How Great Thou Art. Children, thank you for all the times you made me laugh and for all the times you made me cry and for all the times you made me get on my knees before the Lord with thanksgiving and with a fathers concern. Dads do that children. Dads that know the Lord call upon His Name in good times and in trying times for their children. Such never gets old. Such is common to those fathers who know the Lord. I love each of you and it is in that love I feel led to write these words today. Please Hear My Heart. Please Hear Your Fathers Cry.
         And now here we are decades later kids and I still call you my kids and as my children I want to talk to you about the God of your childhood, The Lord that formed you in the womb and about other important things.  God is the Lord and Jesus is His Name. Children I never dreamed we would see the day in America when there would be so much hostility in our nation against the Lord that formed you in your mothers womb that made me stare at you in awe and wonder when you were born. I never dreamed that in America there would rise a people of such darkness that they would boldly come against the faith that is in His Name, the Name of the Son of God. I never dreamed that America, though in so many ways imperfect, yet having faith in God,  God accounted Americas faith as her righteousness (Like He did Abrahams faith) as a nation of believers, that so many in this nation would so blatantly and viciously take their stand against the Lord and count the blood He shed in His love for us to redeem us and  for the everlasting covenant of peace with God to be established, that men and women in this Nation would mock His sacred blood and His sacrifice and strive with all their power and might to silence His message and to cast His Name out of America thru what is called the freedom from religion movement. A movement that is unlawful according to the Constitution of the United States which in all honesty of heart and print was written by believers in God and for their believing in God freedoms and expressions, privately and publicly, not for their faiths  suppression as to closet faith in America, or run faith under ground. That movement itself should be sued and the honest Constitutional Judges render such a movement as unlawful according to the Constitution that a child can read and see plainly the freedom of religion is for believers and religion and not against them and silence that unConstitutional voice forever lest America give way to even more curse and darkness and lack in the land.  Even many of these same ones that count Christ blood as un-sacred also think very little of the sacrifices many men and women have made for Americas independence and liberties. These same people not only are they anti God but many of them are also anti the American Dream and Independence and want to change the Constitution of these United States for their power and control of the greatest nation that has ever been raised up by God on earth. Kids please hear your fathers cry.
       Children when your dad was a child I heard all the politicians call upon the name of the Lord in this nation. I heard Hollywood call upon the name of the Lord. We heard Actors, Lawyers, Judges, Pro football, basketball, baseball players and coaches call upon the name of the Lord. Such was shown on TV all the time. It was common place when we were kids. We heard the entertainment industry in America call upon the name of the Lord. We heard country singers, rock singers, and soul music singers call upon the name of the Lord. We heard the Presidents of our nation call upon the name of the Lord unashamed of His Name and of their faith in Him. Both the members of the Republican party and the members of the Democratic party called upon the name of the Lord. We heard the Principals and Teachers, our Coaches and even University Professors call upon the Name of the Lord in classrooms and at graduation ceremonies. Even we as students in the classrooms proudly pledged our allegiance to God, to Freedom, and to the United States of America with our hands over our hearts as Patriots who loved the God and Country combination. That was America for many generations from her birth.  Children we were not a perfect people. America has never been a perfect nation but think about it, no nation has never been perfect or without sin or bloodshed. NOT ONE. Not one in all of history. But what we as Americans did have back in those days and for centuries before us was faith and hope in God. We believed in the Lord and in the promise that blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord and that thru God better days would come upon Americas future. But as our founding fathers knew, we knew WE HAD TO HAVE GODS FAVOR, HELP, AND BLESSINGS ON OUR NATION.
        Children, now today in America it seems that your generation has been persuaded to set aside the ways of the old America and open your hearts to another spirit, another drum beat, and to voices that in my childhood were forbidden all across this nation. Your generation has been persuaded to accept things that in my youth America would have warred against being they were things unpatriotic and of things contrary to the Constitution of these United States. When we were children freedom to express our faith was uncompromised. Freedom to call upon the name of the Lord was allowed on every public square for we believed that we needed God, His grace, His favor, His blessings and I never saw a soul burn the American flag. Those that thought such things were considered traitors. 
        Kids our hearts were not blind to our need for God, nor were Americas founding fathers blind to our need for Gods interventions in our nations affairs. Congress even voted for the White House to be the local CHURCH BUILDING in D.C. for decades and decades. They did not believe in separation of church and state as lied about to your generation for the darkness to cover this land today. They prayed daily in all our government buildings all across this nation, and if you would have said to them that doing so was UNCONSTITUTIONAL, well go study history and find out what such would bring upon you. Hint, what did we do when England tried to take away our liberties and our independence? That children was the real spirit of Americas freedom loving, freedom upholding founding fathers.  And my generation, we hippies, and we hillbillies, and we soul men, and we crew cut college boys, we believers of all sorts, and we doctors, and we lawyers, and we pilots,  and we bike riders and we mechanics, and we plumbers, and we carpenters, with all our beautiful American girl friends and wives (YOUR MOTHERS)and we moon chasers and all the many others of the Patriotic Generations, we sang constantly and unashamedly the great hope and  prayer song titled, God Bless America, Land That I Love, Stand Beside Her And Guide Her Thru The Night With Your Light From Above. (That light we Believers all over this nation knew and believed was Jesus Christ the light of life as the bible says who was BY GOD BORN OF THE VIRGIN MARY who in the proper time showed us His love for us and gave His life to ransom us from sin thru the blood of His Cross and that God raised Him from the dead giving us endless hope by faith).       
       But today children, some how others of a different creed and of a different belief structure, and of convictions prevalent in other nations, and of a different idea that opposes our traditional American ways and traditional Christian faith and values, and opposes our traditional patriotism spirit, and opposes our countries Constitution have somehow infiltrated our nation and have rose to power and their goal is to bring an UNLAWFUL, UNCONSTITUTIONAL CHANGE TO AMERICA. But they can only do so if (YOU), your generation of Americans surrenders Americas  traditional beliefs and compromises Americas Constitution by the caring not just give me the money mind set which is BOUGHT BETRAYAL. Will you? Will your generation go down in history as those who cared not about Americas Traditions that made this nation so strong and great and about Americas Traditional History and Christian Heritage? Even the winos when we were kids voted to keep the righteous in power in America for they had sense enough to know we needed righteous people in power in this nation and we needed those who believed in peace thru strength because they knew like we knew that in the world are some serious crazies and nuts out there who in the name of their beliefs and in the name of their god would cut your head off for disagreeing with them and a strong America would be their downfall from spreading their poison in the world. But now we hear the words be Tolerate and Tolerance. Words which give the nuts of the world territory to infiltrate not to mention the Evil one himself. Kids as your generation sleeps your enemies, the enemies of our faith and of America move and scheme in the land waiting for the right moment. It is time for your generation to wake up and realized what is really going on in your nation and what others want to do to your generation in America. They are hoping that they have your generation so addicted to unlawful sex, to drugs, to rock and roll, to rap, to lust and pleasure that your generation could care less about what is going on as long as you can get your SIN FULL, FUN, ENTERTAINMENT  PLEASURE FIX. Kids through out history kings and mighty men have been conquered being drunk and asleep at the wheel. They have even lost their heads. Shall the statue of Liberty lose hers because your generation cared not but to have THE BIG PARTY.
         Children as an older parent now and as I look at your generation and to the things your generation esteems as important and as worthy of your time and devotion, is life now all about the pleasures of life period? Is it all about the BIG PARTY with forgetting the pains that purchased Americas Freedoms to party. Children the future of America cannot be paved rightly if her liberties past birth pains are forgotten and her much blood shed purposes silenced in the present by the loudness of your generations don't care  BIG ON GOING PARTY.  
        Kids America and Freedom has enemies and you must not forget that. God and His Son have enemies and that to you must never forget either. These enemies love your generations love for pleasure and hate for discipline and the things of God and of Americas Traditional Heritage. Satan loves your unclothed beach parties and your hate for religion, for light, and for what is right and honorable and  faith. Even as Jesus said, Those that oppose him in the end will love darkness more than light, and the pleasure of sin more than salvation. He said, the last generation that falls away from him will love fun and pleasure and entertainment more than God. They will be ripe for the AntiChrist stage and for his plucking of the American eagles feathers. This leaves that generation naked and unarmed against the wrath of God to come in the end. That is what Gods enemies and the AntiChrist wants of your generation. To be defenseless against him and against them. Your generation is asleep while they party in the scream, and they are deaf, dumb, and blind while they profess such brilliance. I love you but as a concerned father of your generation I must speak the truth. These words were destined to be penned out of my love for you. Dad has learned so many things from virtue and from so many wrongs of my own doing and mistakes. And from all I see going on in America.
        Kids if your generation continues down this dead end road of reckless irresponsibility  concerning the maintenance of freedom and faith in America, you and your generation will wake up one morning under the light of foreign leadership that our founding fathers fought against to keep America Separated and Free.  To you and to all your generation we implore and we plead with you as caring fathers and parents, put the juice down for a moment and take a record of your ways. Does your generation fear not God? Are you the faithless generation the Spirit of the Lord fore told us about that would rise in the end of days? 
         Children, all this you see in America, all her strength, all her cities and economic power, it did not happen by accident or by freak chance, nor by people who stayed in the shade all day, or on a phone 24/7, or on a computer pleasure box smoking a blunt, or with their pants hanging down every day in public rebellion and self humiliation. Nor was America built by immoral women whose mouths embarrass the Angels sent to serve and to protect. People who, though they were not perfect, yet exercising faith and hope in God, and human muscle, sweat, brotherhood, and TOGETHERNESS, they built this nations glory and independence. And each generation passes on the torch of Americas glory and freedoms maintenance to the next generation, but for the first time in our history we are finding it more difficult to find true Patriots in your generation that is worthy to receive the torch of freedoms care and this is causing our enemies and Gods enemies to be  like sharks and lions roaring about now so close to a great feast of their desire which is the FALL OF AMERICA.
        Please children, hear your father and the fathers of this nations cry. Come out from the ways of darkness. Come out from the spirit of Pilate who knows not the Lord and gave him over to be crucified by those crowds of great unbelief. Come out of the the way that Jesus said makes a person two fold the child of the devil and of hell. Please please wake up and come to Gods senses before the final chapter is fulfilled of Gods mercy offerings to the world. God is going to close the door of His Grace soon and as a loving father I want to be with you in the Paradise of Gods love forever. So come out from the way of sins pleasure and repent and do the right thing. Come out of the ways of dishonorable living and conduct. Come out from amongst them and be ye separated from the path that leads to famine and destruction and take up the Name of the Lord and to His Honor restore the hope of your fathers generation in the future of America. Freedom is at stake and so are the souls of the people of your generation. The choice is yours. We fathers cannot make this decision for you. We can guide you to the voting booth. We can cry aloud that you be wise and choose light over darkness, right over wrong, strength over weakness, but even God lets all people of every generation choose for themselves their destiny in this world and in the after life. Please children, hear the cry of Americas fathers, your dad included......please share freely.
 Love You With All My Heart. 


Nicky Cruz Conversion Testimony (70s but never gets old)........Powerful......Jesus Loves You. He Will Change Your Life. He Will Save You And Give You A Beautiful Future With His Love & Light. Just Like He Did The X Gang Leader Nick Cruz.........deno......please share freely.