Thursday, October 31, 2013

This Woman I Have Found.... deno.....please share freely

The beauty and sweetness of this woman I've found
Enthrones my heart every day.
Her fragrance of love has smitten my soul
That my eyes cannot go astray.

 I long for her more as the hours go by
 My whole being so craves her embrace.
 The beauty that's hers so stuns my eyes
 God made her my love by His grace.

 I Love You.....deno

This Love I Feel.....deno....please share freely

This love that I feel is from heaven above,
It has no power to end.
It's glory  ascends all logic and time,
From my heart to yours it is sent.

So come to me my love from afar,
Unto you my love has been sent.
Ride the waves of my endless love
To oneness of two without end.

I Love You .... deno

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Have You Ever Been So Deep In Love.......deno.....please share freely

Have you ever been so deep in love that your own world disappears from sight? All that you see is the beauty of the one you so love.....deno

     There is coming a day when God because of His great love, shall cause all of heaven and earth to pass away. The whole creation shall melt from the heat of His passion and strong determination. In that hour God shall remove all the old to make ALL THINGS NEW. When His passion shall do this only we His So Loved Children who believed that He gave us His Son shall remain in His Sights. From that day on into all eternity Jesus shall everyday be about His Fathers business again, in a full time eternal ministry, which is to always be nourishing and cherishing us HIS BODY, HIS FLESH with the riches of the glory of God's endless loving kindness (Ephesians 2:4-7)....

     Oh the deep depths of the Father's love for us His children. We see this greater love preaching mightily it's glorious light from the Cross of Christ and we follow the story of this great love to the Throne of God where Jesus is seated at the Father's right hand. It is there the Father shouts out His Sermon, Come My Children In My Son, Sit Here With Me In Your Dad's Throne. For You and My Son Are One Forever......He that gave us Himself because of His greater love for us, shares with us Dad's Throne from the deep depths of His greater love for us....this is part of the exceeding riches of His grace & lovingkindness that God has given us in the giving of His Son, sonship with the Father, with Abba, Daddy....

     This is the exceeding greatness of God's love for us. In the Cross of Christ we see God living out His Sermons Love Story upon the pages of the Cross where in we read that God would rather die and taste death itself to ransom and rescue us, than to go on throughout eternity living without us (That is Amazing but that is in the message of the Cross of Christ). In the resurrection and ascension of Jesus to the Father, we see God telling Jesus His Son and HIS BODY (The Church), Come now sit with Me Your Dad in My Throne at My right hand.....

     One of the greatest revelations of God to usward who believe is seen when our EYES are OPENED up to the fact that God has fully and literally GIVEN, given you and I the FULNESS of His Son, even the FULNESS OF HIS LIFE, the fulness of HIS LIFE, HIS LIFE, HIS LIFE LIVED in glory, in the gory of the Son of God's RIGHTS AND FULL PRIVILEGES, as the Sons & Daughter's of God (John 1:16)(1st John 3:1-2) ....

       Another revelation of the Father is that God is 100% Unselfishness....100% Goodness....100% Pure Love.....Fact. God gave us all the fulness of His Son because of His great love for us and the apostle Paul preached to us from that foundation this glory...Seeing then that God did not withhold His Son's Life from us but has given himself and HIS LIFE with the Father to us, we can know for sure that Everything else (Being of lessor value) God shall give us those things also FREELY (Romans 8:31-32).....I pray you will see the glory of His love light in these penned words for you....Be Blessed....deno

Sunday, October 27, 2013

When You Find deno....please share freely

     When you find love, a river of heavens streams has finally made it's way to you.
     When you find love, the Throne of endless majesty has engulfed you with precious light.
     When you find love, even Angels gleam with holy blush.
     When you find love, it's so rare these days the earth  itself      stops it's orbiting to call the whole creation to it's full attention.

      When you find love, embrace it's beauty for it is calling you to do so from afar.
     When you find love, know it's value for it has become as a mystery upon the earth.
      When you find love, take it into your heart for the heart was made for all the beauty of loves endless story..
      When you find love, you must forsake all to possess and keep it for it is the greatest of these lest you lose it.

When you find love, you are truly the rich.
      When you find love, you have found life's eternal flame and meaning.
      When you find love, your whole world is nourished and deeply showered with blessings.
      When you find love, springs of refreshing waters break forth in a joyful dance within you..

        When you find love, cleave to it more than gold and silver.
When you find love, write it's story on the pages of all your seasons. scroll down.
     For Love is the most prized possession, but only those who have truly found love and have tasted it's glory, it's pleasant flavors and fragrances, and rare beauty can honestly know what it really means When You Find deno....share freely.

P.S. When You Find True Love . . .

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Love So True. Motives So Sincere.......deno

God give us all grace so that our hearts be more pure, our motives more sincere, our love so true that in the records of the Judgement no prejudices can ever be found against us. For your love O Lord created all things....deno

My Heart Is A Book For Your Love Story......poem by deno.

       Let This Be Loves Written Story.........My heart is a book for your love story. Take it and fill up the pages. Fill it up with the words of your passions, the stories of your desires and with the chapters of your dreams. May every line be a sentence of true love found and lived. Every paragraph one romantic moment after another of sincere love and unwavering heart to heart devotion that endures forever. Then when those challenges come and it seems that the time has arrived for the period to be put in place as to end the story of our love, I pray to God, that at that very moment the pen that we used to write our love story has no more ink so that the love we found and lived could never find an end......deno.

Monday, October 21, 2013

My Love For You Pslams and deno

How my heart longs for you.
My soul is thirsting for your satisfaction.
My flesh craves your precious touch.
My eyes so need the vision of your beauty in them. I'm in love.....So in has to be love...Scroll Down......deno.

My heart took flight and traveled to a distant land and therein i found the women of my hearts dreams. Her voice in my ear. Her beauty filling my eyes. Who is this sweet lady who caught my eye and fills my mind and heart with her constant attention? I love this constant knocking at my hearts door. Come in my love. Sit.  Rest...I'm yours. The heart of this home is yours. My walls are now down. My door is open. My resistance is gone.....Sweetest of hearts you fill my soul with Psalms and poems...I'm smitten. I've fallen.    It has to be love.....I love you....poem by deno....Remembering You. Remembering Us. Remembering Love.....please share freely.
P. S. I Love You.....

Abraham Believed...Abraham Blessed..... What Will Be Our Faith Legacy?.......deno

....When it cam time for Abraham to believe and trust God as his sole source, to be his God, the God of all his life and needs, he left all his family and traditions, religious ones and non religious ones, and he left all other sources of provisions to walk before God in full trust that God would make the way. That God would provide every need. That God would bless all the works of his hands. He left all the established systems of his human hope and provision and walked out holding on to firmly, so firmly in his heart, the PROMISES that God swore unto him....He had no McDonalds, No Walmart. No Holiday Inn.... He only had the word and the mightiness of God and the Power of God in His Promises. Nonetheless his life was changed for the better forever by God and believed promises.
      How would God pay all his bills? Meet he and his families every need? All he had was all he needed. GOD, HIS  PROMISES, commitment and a trusting heart strong in faith that gave glory to God..... and it is written...Abraham believed and trusted God and God counted his faith and trusting him daily as his righteousness and by Abraham's faith God was glorified on the earth....
      The results....His flock of animals multiplied exceedingly. His cloths were preserved. Silver and gold made it into his possession increasingly. Plenty of all good things in those days became his everyday companion. More than enough became his constant friend. God so smiled on him. God was good to Abraham for his trusting him and leaving all things for God's better plan for his life on earth.
      Gods plan for us is always better and sweeter. His blessings are there. His lovingkindness is there. Abounding grace is there. The favor of the Lord is there. Laughter is there. Joy is there. Love and family blessings are there. Gods Strength and might is there. Your Faith legacy is there.We seek it. We found the path..It is the obedience of faith...
      Abraham's blessings...the miracle child Issac, the presence of God in his life manifestly. He heard the voice and word of God directly from the Lord..his wife was unusually beautiful even in her and his old age. Visions, heavenly visitations and dreams from the Spirit of the Lord. All the works of his hands were God blessed and God prospered. God made him rich. God made him strong. Miracles of grace...pleasure in old years.....had a beautiful real covenant relationship with the Lord of the Creation. God named Him the father of those that believe. The father of many nations...the friend of God. and so much  more...
       Real faith and real heart trust is the way to the blessings of the promise land of God for our lives. From  his seed all the nations of the earth would be blessed (Jesus Christ was that seed and will forever be the high light of Abraham's legacy). God Himself became Abraham's exceeding great reward. God himself became the beauty and the glory of Abraham's life and name on earth and in heaven forever......Be said our Lord to us all the children of Abraham's faith. We too are a part of Abraham's faith and trusting heart legacy. We too are a part of Abraham's Faith, Name, Calling and Faith Legacy. Faith, Faith, Faith...deno.....please share freely.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

How Can We Be Silent In A Time Like This In America ?......deno

       How can we be silent in a time like this in America. Diverse voices are shouting against one another to top the other voices in order to be heard and to gain say over, to capture the minds, the votes, and attention of this nation for it's swaying to their agenda. From religion, to politics, to world views, and moral defining, VOICES are being heard every where as each pushes their own agenda in the land of freedom of expression and of speech.
       And though this is true and is going on like never before, I want to bring to your remembrance brothers and sisters in Christ that we, (The Redeemed) are the empowered of God. Jesus said, All authority both in heaven and on earth has been given to Me, In My Name this authority is invested. Use It. Use My Name And Rule And Cast Out Satan and the darkness with My light. The only advantage that we have over this worlds powers is God In Christ Jesus in the heart and on the lips of the believers in authority execution and intercessory prayer, in standing dogmatically on Gods Word, Truth, and Promises and nothing else. Fighting in our own natural wits and natural strengths only has some value, but gives us no advantage or power over the ruler of the darkness of this world the shapes and forms the evil and darkness of this world and it's thrones (Revelations 13:2). Darkness must be fought against with Christ Words of Light and Lucifer must be put underfoot with the Spirit and Name of Jesus Christ.
       In closing this script I feel it is good that we be reminded together what Jesus said is AVAILABLE to us as Believers....Luke 21:15) Jesus said...For I will give you a mouth of such My wit and wisdom that none of your adversaries will be able to gainsay over or resist. This let us ask God to do now in this hour of it's great need in America and around the world.....deno......please share freely

Margaret Thatcher.....A Hero to the Right of Freedom......deno

Wish we had leaders who thought like this.

God Is Involved in Politics & Government.....Proof....deno

      When God said by His prophets which were His messengers that A KING SHALL RULE IN RIGHTEOUSNESS, and when God said in 2 Samuel 7:8 to David,.....I took you from the sheep field and from shepherding the sheep, I put My Spirit upon you and anointed you to be Ruler over My people Israel, God shows us in this that our God was involved and gets involved in politics and the government of His People. Are you involved in the politics and the governing of this nation? It is a manifold calling that we as Christians have in Christ Jesus. Are we not called to evangelize the world? YES. Also isn't it also written that we are to pray for our nations leaders? YES...
      Other scriptures that proves God is not a silent side line God when it comes to politics and the government of His people....Isaiah 9:7...Speaking of Jesus Christ His Son.....and the Government shall be on his shoulders.....We know when Jesus returns and puts down all authority beneath His Name and Rule that all the worlds governments shall be upon His Shoulders....Jesus is the only one fully qualified to rule and govern over all the nations, even the Universe. 
      Friends we must be involved in the rule, the legislation and the governing of this nation more than ever before lest the throne of our authority in America is given over fully into Satan's hands. HE WANTS IT....Notice this scripture concerning the Anti Christ rule and governing power in the last days, Revelations 13:2..and the Devil gave the beast (The Anti Christ) his power and THRONE OF AUTHORITY on the earth...If we Christians stand on the side lines, resist him not, and give him place...the devil will take this nation over, it's government and it's society, or have you not noticed this truth yet. .....
       Satan will start with the smallest square inch of territory that we as a person, a people, or a nation will give him thru allowance by willful offering or by lack of resisting him. America in it's conception was given to God and the faith of Jesus Christ. This was upheld by the wise and the STRONGLY DETERMINED  to keep it that way for years and decades and generations and America enjoyed the blessings of that Strength and the Favor of  God on this nation. They stayed active in the political arena and government of this nation because they knew the GREAT IMPORTANCE thereof and understood from the scriptures what would happen if they let the mantle of this nations leadership down. They knew Evil would rise and darkness would follow and the morals of this nation would be promoted by Satan instead of God, by darkness instead of light.....HELLO........deno.......PLEASE SHARE FREELY.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Occupy Until I Return.......deno

      A young boy one day asked his loving father," Dad can i come home now"? Home was such a paradise, a wonderful place full of family and friends.  Full of love, joy, happiness, fun, excitement and plenty. The father replied, "Not yet son, there is still some work to do"......and Jesus said to us all,  "Occupy until I return to take you to our Fathers house"....So today again let us Inspire someone. Help someone. Hug someone. Encourage someone. Give to someone. Preach to someone. Visit someone. Feed someone. In whatsoever you do in word or deed, Paul preached, do all in the Name of Jesus Christ....and remember, Even a cup of cold water given to the least of Jesus brethren is noticed by God and worthy of great reward.....deno......please share freely.....

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Those People That Cross Our Paths......Lay Holt Of Gods Plan And Gods Blessing By The Grip Of Faith......deno

Sometimes people cross our paths that God is winking at us thru. Sometimes people cross our paths that God is trying to get our attention thru.
Sometimes people cross our paths thru whom God is trying to heal our broken hearts by and to wipe away the tears from our eyes and bring us into the good plan of His life and grace that He has for us..
And sometimes people cross our paths thru whom God is saying in them and thru them..... I Love You.......deno...thinking of you....KCM Photo that inspires us....

Hold Fast During the Storms. The Victory Is Ours. God Hath Sworn......deno

      At first glance, no one knew the beautiful plan God had for the life of us all in the visitation of His Son to the world. At the first, all their eyes were dim to it and their ears and perception were deaf to it. Some mocked him. No one saw the value of His presence on earth. Satan caused all kinds of trouble to occur and to rise up to distance and to keep blind the people and to disconnect the people from the path of Jesus and the incredible life and blessing he had in himself to give to each and every one of them/us. But those who stuck with Jesus, and who cleave to Jesus despite all the persecution and discouragements, to them gave God the power to become forever the sons and daughters of God. That is the highest honor and life God gives to any created creature. It equals them with Jesus as heirs of God and joint heirs with Jesus(Amazing Truth)(John 17:23).........
      Lessons we can learn from this truth....
      Don't let this world or Satan or people rob you of Gods good plans and good will for your days and life in this world and in the world to come...Surely troubles will come to separate us from the love of God and His plan and blessings for us. They will come to discourage us so that we lose all hope and faith, even to tears of gloom...It is in those dark like moments that we must weather the storms by faith looking unto Jesus , trusting and believing in the love he has for us. He will give us the victory and manifest the life and the blessing He has for us if we will not throw in the towel of faith during the persecution and discouraging process. Faith turned into doubt is like the iceberg to the titanic, it can ruin and destroy all hope and life. Hold on to the promise of God thru the storm and the Promise, being of God and as big as God and being fully backed by God, it will sustain you and bring you unto the fullest measure of victory. 
      Gods peace and good will promises are all Sworn by God in His Great Love for us , for our hope, blessings and joy...All He requires is that we really believe. That we mix our hearts trust to them believing in His integrity and great love for us as fully clearly revealed in the awesome giving of HIS SON....He that spared not His own Son, you can be fully assured that He also is fully willing and has given us His ever other good thing also, knowing they are of less value than the blood and life if His Most Precious Son that He gave and did not withhold from us. He did this also to show us How willing He is to save us and to share and to give and bless us all with His all His Goodness and GOOD THINGS.....deno....please share freely.

Kimberly Ang Shared A Word....Very Much Worth Reading & Heeding.....deno

When a man and a woman makes a commitment to be married, they are set apart for each other. The husband says no to all other women and dedicates himself to only one woman--his wife. That's what it means to be "holy" or set apart.

The same thing with the Lord. The moment you ask Jesus to be your Savior, He becomes #1 in your life. You say no to the things that displeases Him. It can mean breaking off an immoral relationship or turning your back on an addiction or a bad habit. And you start walking and abiding in His will -- loving, honoring, obeying and making Him known becomes your top priority.

May God's blessing be upon you all!

OBAMACARE-COMMUNISM - Obama's New Nation....A Change Is Coming To America....You Did Not Expect This Kind Of Change Though Did You? Nope. This OBAMACARE Bill, If Not Resisted, Will End Up Down The Road, Doing To America What All The Threats Of The Soviet Union Tried To Do During The Years Of The Cold War....And Guess What America? Our Lack Of Resisting This Could Implement This Socialist/Communist Agenda Way Into America By The Votes Of Our Own American, Sworn To Uphold The Constitution Elected Officials and By Our Own President...Talk About TREASON....This Is One Giant Step To The Compromise Of Our Freedoms Like No Other....deno

Do you realize that if the laws of our Constitution were being upheld by honorable Judges today who love America the way our founding fathers did and uphold the Constitution, that this President and his agenda would be in the the first 100 hundred years of our Constitution it would amaze you what that generation of Freedom lovers would have done to this present agenda publicly....It was that big of a deal is a shame what he is trying to do to America today and Americans are either covering it up until it becomes imposed Law on us by the way of Communism or they are deaf, dumb and blind....this is OBAMACARE...the CHANGE he was going to bring us...The Compromise of Our Constitution To His Communist Agenda and Dream For America......

If Ronald Reagan Were Here Today.......deno

If President Ronald Reagan were here this day and was healthy and in his full political mind and spirit.....HE HIMSELF WOULD BE ALL OVER THE PRESENT PRESIDENT WITH ONE AMERICAN REBUKE AFTER ANOTHER AMERICAN REBUKE STRAIGHT FROM OUR CONSTITUTION....Believe me, he would be leading the biggest American Army that America has ever had or seen marching against it's own government. OBAMACARE would have made his American freedom loving blood boil. ...and so would so many other events and things that have been going on in this present administration.......deno

Rejoice and Be Exceedingly Glad......deno

PhotoThrough all the evil and the horror and the hate and the grumbling and the darkness that Jesus saw and was aware of that was abounding and going on in his country and in this world during his days on earth, His Father and He still smiled and still loved and still rejoiced and enjoyed their life together and every day they enjoyed each other and together they sought someone to save, to heal, to enlighten, to give real and lasting hope to. They sought to make someone smile, to set them free, to heal, to give them HIS GOOD NEWS. They also still loved their family on earth. It is written of his love for the church, "and he loved his own to the very end." He also said that we his followers are to love the same. He also said while he was on this depressing hate filled world, He said to us, These things have I spoken unto you so that the joy you see in Me would be in you and your joy made full. Peace I leave with you,My peace I give you. Friends we have our Lords permission to laugh in the rain, to dance in the storms, and to love in the midst of all this hate. He permits us to be at peace in a world of trouble and to rejoice in a world of sorrows. And when the things get real real bad on this planet, he had the glorious audacity to say to us his children, Look up, Rejoice and be EXCEEDING GLAD for you salvation draweth nigh....SO HAPPY THOUGHTS TO YOU MY FRIENDS....Keep Smiling. Keep Rejoicing. Keep Believing....And Filled With Hope To The End.....Joy to all......deno
— with Gina Gentry Loudon.

Monday, October 14, 2013

God Did Not Send That So Run......

If it led you into sin, more sin, more darkness, or takes your heart further away from God, you can be sure that God did not send it. SO RUN.
James 1:13...Let no one say when they are tempted that they are being tempted by God. For God cannot be tempted with sin or evil, neither does He tempt us with sin.....It may look good. Taste good. Even feel good. So did the forbidden fruit that Satan lied about...Look what happened afterwards.....hmmm...wise up and run the other way....deno

Monday, October 7, 2013

Reasons For Miracles....Reasons To Not Gripe.....deno

"And God performed His miracle for His people. He caused water to flow from the rock in the midst of the desert for the children of Israel to drink to satisfy their thirst"......

     As believers we all could use a great special provision from God from time to time in our lives. So note this. The Lord our Saviors Name is A Great and Mighty Name. His Name means, The Lord will provide. The Lord will make a way in the wilderness. Both of these and even more Divine Power and Glory are included in the glory that God poured into His Sons Name in the great Exaltation of Jesus' Name (Philippians 2:9-11 & Ephesians 1:16-23) . As it is written, And God hath given His Son a Name Which Is Above Every Name.
     Jesus' Name, is a Name Empowered by God with God's highest glory, power and strengths matching in ALL THINGS the fulness of all the Power of the Godhead and the THRONE OF GOD. It is a Name Exalted far above all names by God's own doing to the glory and honor of His Triumphant Son and for all His children and all the world to call upon. To call upon His Sons Name believing and trusting to the very end thru all the thick and thru all the thin.  All this Divine Power and all the Throne of God's majestic Glory together are all INCLUDED in the Name of Jesus that is fully worthy and fully perfectly fits Redeemer, Savior, Deliverer.
       Proverbs 18:19) The Name of the Lord is a STRONG TOWER. The believer runs into it and is safe. (The righteousness of God to man is by faith).
                                      *  *  *  *  *  *  *  * 
     Yes we all can use a special work and miracle from God's grace from time to time. But something here I felt God wanted said in this light of this miracle that He performed for His people in that desert (The miracle that God cause water to miraculously flow from rock). It is this, did you notice that the children of Israel were on the very path God wanted their feet to be on in that hour of His works on the earth for His People. Now their heart was not totally with Him as the scriptures revealed, but in some measures of faith and quivering trust, led by a believing Moses, they were in the desert exactly according to God's plan and timing. 
    This teaches us many things. This is just one of them. It reveals to us that on this earth, certain things will come to pass just as God says in His word that it shall, and certain mighty things shall God do on the earth and perform for His People  exactly as He said they would and exactly in His timing. This shall all happen and occur even though His people, whether  they are in the very location He wants them to be in or not, and even though their hearts are not fully with Him , IT SHALL ALL HAPPEN AND COME TO PASS AS GOD PERFECTLY WILLS IT AND WHEN GOD TIMES IT TO BE.
       Even though they (The world or His Chosen People) may laugh at a miracle God promised them  because of unbelief, it shall still come to pass. Even though God's people do not fully understand  what God is doing, there is a certain specific course of God's word and Divine will in the earth that SHALL ALL COME TO PASS whether the world or God's' people will it to or not. It shall come to pass whether His people believe or doubt, trust him or no, understand or do not understand, whether they care or don't care. There is and does exist a certain specific path of God's word on earth whether His People or the world believe and agree with God or not......
                               *  *   *  *   *   *   *   *   *

     What times we are afraid, we can still TRUST IN THE LORD....Trust in the Lord and lean not on your own understanding. In all you do, acknowledge Him and He shall direct thy path.....
                               *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *
      The children of Israel barely understood God's goodness or His goodwill GREAT PLAN for them, their life and their future here on earth. So in their darkness, blindness, (in their not understanding, not knowing) just like we have done from time to time, not understanding what God was doing, they cried, griped, grumbled and complained against God our Mighty God. But note this. This did not stop God's miracle that we have talked of here, but guess what it did stop? It caused them not to be able to enter into God's glorious plan that He had for them and their children in this life in location, blessings, close fellowship with God, and even much materialism. They sinned the sin of great unbelief, griping in bitterness, complaining in their lack of trust and patience.(Hebrews 3:7-19 wow). 
     They should have, after seeing all the MIGHTY WORKS GOD DID FOR THEM, they should have confessed even if in trembling, Well God got us this far by HIS MIGHTY HAND, so shall He get us the rest of the way. Then enjoy God being God. But they did not do that. They wanted Moses replaced, God replaced. So they appointed their own spokesmen and made their own god out of gold (Golden Calf) and under deception changed their religion so to speak for a while....NOT GOOD. It was not good for them and I assure you it is not good for us today.
                                     *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  

     Well to sum this manifold light up, we have seen that there is a path of Gods timing and Gods very own will that shall happen and come to pass on earth no matter if the world or Gods children will it to, or want it to or not. I call this the exact over riding Divine will of God. Like the resurrection of Christ. Whether the world or Gods people believed it or not, or wanted to happen or not, THAT WILL, THAT PROMISE OF GOD ALL HELL COULD NOT STOP IT. It is that will  and it is those promises told us from God that is what im talking about in this light.
     Other things we can see in this message. God has a specific,  direct path for our feet to follow. If we will find this path and walk in it, we will enjoy God being God Himself for us making things happen for us even with miracles of provision. A great example. Look at Joseph and Mary and Gods plan for them and their life's path. God showed up mightily, Angels showed up greatly involved in the steps of the faith walk of their life with God. Provision, Protection, Prosperity, Housing, Words from heaven. Great Help. Comfort even in the most uncomfortable situations and circumstances. Travel Cost covered. Favor. Joy in even unpleasant surroundings. And God always by DIVINE INTERVENTION AND FORE TELLING kept them many steps ahead of the desire of all the child's and their common enemies.
    I do believe this. Taking God at His Word and believing Gods right now life promises is always, every day, thru out all generations an exact perfect will of God. They who walk by this rule by faith in this light, more enjoy divine works of God, miracles, and the light of Life Himself more than others who choose to gossip, gripe, murmur and complain. Amen....deno....please share freely.

Be Renewed. Be Refreshed.....deno

A great time of the year.....A season has passed giving way for a new. The earth refreshes itself. Prepares itself for another season of renewed life and new fruit to come. With patience it all comes to pass....In your patience possess your souls and dreams....Believe.......deno

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Americas Has Become Her Own Worse Enemy......deno

So many opinions. So many differences. This one pushing this way. Another pushing that way. Constitution topplings. Amendments severely attack. Rights being compromised. Heads butting over politics. Fist clashing over policies. Invasion of the Communist/Socialist agenda thru the cloak of OBAMACARE (Hello). Throats being cut over religions in the name of peace. Drive by shootings over territory disputes. Wombs filled with the streams of innocent blood. Prisons full of those whom evil has taken captive to do hells will. Governmental lies and cover ups. Hidden agendas. Back door tactics. Deception. Crack and it's delusions. Crazy people shooting innocent people. Half of America's sexually active population down with some form of STD's. Fires and flood damage everywhere. Girls pulling each others hair out and shouting the filth of their hearts out at their victims and prey. Men dishonoring God and dignity grabbing themselves and cussing without restraint in front of small children because their demonic mental creed tells them it is the thing to do. Politicians swearing on the bible under oath and do not mean it. Covenant breaking. Marriage redefining. Gays wild and loose. Whites against blacks. Blacks against white. Illegal aliens. Welfare fraud and robbery. National Debt miles into space high. No Spending control by mostly all of America not just the out of control government. How in the world are we still standing...America it's not the other countries we need to be concerned about to take us down...We (Americans) have allowed our own selves to become our own worse enemies and our own biggest threat to our own freedoms, peace, and national security.....deno

By My Spirit Saith The Lord...Testimony #15...deno....I Tremble

         As I strive to convey my personal testimonies with you I want you to please understand that this that I am about to say to you, to all of you, these experiences that I have had with the Lord are His doings, not mine. Most of them I had no idea they were about to happen or occur. Many of them even took me by great surprise though I will say how desperate I was in need of them all. So please please do not put me in a place in your minds where I do not deserve to be. 
     Friends and family please here me. Experiences with God, even mighty experiences with God, THOSE EXPERIENCES  themselves do not exempt us from getting mad and striking rocks with our staffs when God face to face told us only to speak to them. They do not by themselves keep us out of sin for man has his own heart and will that God honors whether that which comes from it is good or evil. They do not themselves cause us to jump over buildings in a single leap or out run trains at will. They are given for the glory of God, not men. 
     For what are we without God but dust and wind blown about by powers beyond us. Without God and without His Spirit and Grace we are but lost without a sail and bones laying around upon the earth with some history as souls driven into the beyond the fleshes veil. Men without God and men without Jesus Christ are blind, lost, un-anchored souls void of the needful light. They are driven about by wonderment, questions, theories, speculations and presumptions, mostly presented to them in the mind by wicked unseen spirits, the rulers of the spiritual blindness of this world who with craft have molded and manipulated the thoughts and thinking of men about life, about mans experiences, and about divine things over the centuries of man.    
      So I have no right to boast in myself. Friends I have sinned maybe more than most seeing God gave me these experiences and often I have cried my heart out before God because I know so many times He has to have been very disappointed in me. I have made zillions of wrong unwise foolish decisions before and after these experiences. 
     And I have learned this much at least in all this, thus for, when  Grace comes, when grace multiplied comes, often after it, following it, comes some one to take you down or into things you will not and will against, even that you desire not and it is in those times you find out just how really strong, surrendered, committed, dead to self and devoted to God that you are or that you are not. Well for me, I have to confess, Lord be merciful to me for my heart has not always been right and my thoughts and words sometimes stout against You. Help thou my unbelief. Lord if you were to hold my transgressions against me, how then can I stand. But this I do hope in, not by my might, nor by my power, but as you told King Saul, saying, Saul when My Spirit comes upon you, you shall be a different person and you will preach and prophecy like the Prophets. Even so Father , By Your Power and Might of the Spirit of the Lord Jesus only SO BE IT. 
    So we all can thank God for this comforting truth. It was not that we loved God, for we and the world did not really know Him. The beauty of the gospel is that God So Loved Us not that we loved God.(This our dad taught us from our youth as he preached over the many years)....As it is written, Jesus Christ is everything good for us and to us, so that no flesh/no man/no women can boast of itself in the sight of God, but he that will boast let him boast and exalt the Lord his Redeemer (1st Corinthians 1:25-30). 
     Also the elder said to the apostle John who was weeping much because no man, none, not even one of us including the disciples, none of us were worthy to open the book and to loose the seals that had sealed that book, to wrap things up in the earth to prepare it for the refreshings of the Lord, in Revelations 5:1-12, the elder said,Weep not John, For behold, though none of you were found worthy, The Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, He hath prevailed. He alone is worthy." HE IS AND HIS NAME IS JESUS OUR SAVIOR.
     So my hope and boast is this today, Lord by Christ Spirit in me So Be It and to God be all the glory, the honor and the praise forever more..Oh how I need Him to be my all in all, my every good and needful thing that God may walk in and thru me, you and us even as He wills and desires. Amen
     So in the very near future when I share the Vision God gave me. Remember the words that I wrote in this segment of my testimonies. I am nothing without God. I need Christ to be the all, my all, my everything to get the job done according as God has chosen and willed it. This God Knows....thank you friends for reading...Please pray for me....deno...please share freely.

Acts 2:17-21)  vs 17) And it SHALL come to pass in the LAST DAYS, saith God, the I will pour out of My Spirit upon all flesh, (the results will be this) Your sons and your daughters shall prophecy, your men shall have VISIONS & DREAMS......

For The First Time Im Seeing Who You Are....Rod Stewart.....Sometimes True Love Is Right There In Front Of Us....This Is Always True With Jesus....I Know This Is Not Spiritual But It Is From The Heart....From One Heart To Anothers Heart. Share It And Send It To Someone You Love Today...They Will Smile....For Those In Love.....deno

Saturday, October 5, 2013

History Repeats Itself.....deno

The simple, the poor, and the common and ordinary people heard Jesus gladly. They were found rich in faith and miracles were wrought by God in their midst. It was the powers of this world and even it's religious rulers that found him politically incorrect. Well you know the rest of that story. Strange how history repeats itself. But let us remember; Christ resurrection and ascension was the first rapture. Soon we will be hated by all nations as Jesus foretold us because we to, for loving him, will be called more and more by America and the world POLITICALLY INCORRECT. In the midst of all that trouble we shall be raptured. After that , God avenges the blood of His Son upon the world......deno

When Lucifer Came On The deno....please share freely

When Lucifer came on the scene unknown to Adam and Eve, he had a secret and hidden agenda. He had a deceptive plan to fundamentally CHANGE Adam & Eve's world and paradise. In that plan, to get it implemented, were these ingredients. Possess a body (serpents flesh). Talk believably (Great Speech Giver). Present your point as if you really loved and cared (Fantastic Smile). Lie. Cheat. Murder, Deceive, Cover Up. Hide the truth........And he wanted them to partake and bite into his plan (forbidden tree fruit) before they really found out what was in it. Yep, that about sums it up.....DON'T DO IT AMERICA.....OBAMACARE is to hurt us and it is disguised in the fruit of health care.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Todays Prayer.....Billy Graham post.....deno

Today's prayer:.....
 Father in Jesus Name"There are still areas in my life that need to come under Your authority and Lordship, Lord Jesus. Give me Your grace and strength to yield everything to You and obey you joyfully and faithfully forevermore to the glory of God the Father. Amen."

Church, Know Your God Given You Power & Authority On Earth In Jesus Name.....deno

.......When Jesus was on earth, a huge part of his calling and purpose was and is to OPEN THE EYES OF THE BLIND AND TO CAUSE RECOVERY OF SIGHT TO THE BLIND. On one side of the coin of this truth Jesus covers physical blindness, but exceeding that blessing was the blessing of the eyes of our understanding being enlightened and opened. As it is written, Then Jesus there opened the disciples eyes so that they could understand the scriptures.
      Well there is something He wants all our eyes opened up unto. Jesus wants our eyes opened up unto the exceeding greatness of God's power and authority given us who believe and belong to Him (Ephesians 1:16-23). Paul said to us that it  was God's will that we the redeemed of the Lord who are still ON EARTH, know the exceeding greatness of HIS Power that is ours who believe.
      One day after Jesus had sent his disciples 2 by 2 into local towns and cities to preach the gospel with Gods Power and Authority, the disciples came back to Jesus happy and excited about what they had experienced. As Jesus was talking with them on how things went, they replied. Lord, even the demons are SUBJECT TO US IN YOUR NAME....Jesus after hearing that, used those words to open their eyes to a truth that they and we all need to hear. A truth Satan has fought vehemently to hide from the saints. He said, When I was in heaven, I beheld Satan fall from heaven like lightning. The Jesus said, Now pay close attention to what I your Lord am about to unveil and tell you. I'm given you My power and authority to tread on the serpents ( poisoning subtle crafty deceiving demons) and the scorpions (oppressing tormenting evil spirits) and I'm giving you My authority and power over ALL THE POWER OF THE DEVIL/ENEMY. So much so that by using rightly the power and authority that I am given you, nothing of the power of the devil shall harm you. It's power whereby my people in MY NAME shall pounce and tread on Satan and his head and not the other way around as he has been doing since the day Adam laid down his crown. He/Satan casted the world out of Me and My Father by deception unto sin. Now I command you to have NO MERCY UPON HIM, for he is all evil and a liar and a deceiver and a murderer and has been so from your beginning. Believe in the Power that is in MY NAME. For it is by faith and thru faith in MY NAME that shall make Satan powerless against you and your offensive and defensive maneuvers against him. In MY NAME people shall be delivered from the power of Satan and become replanted into the God and Myself into the kingdom of God. (Acts 26:13-18)(Colossians 1:12-14)

Supporting scriptures:
Acts 3:16) for Jesus' Name by faith in His Name has made this man whole before you.
Luke 10:17-20)and the seventy returned happy and said, Lord even the demons submit to us in YOUR NAME.
Matthew 17:14-21) The power of unbelief. This scripture here is why Satan is warring against the faith of America to keep and make people unbelievers and to doubt.
Ephesians 6:16) Here it is revealed the tremendous importance and the tremendous POWER of real bible faith. It reads....above all the things in the armor of God, we exalt this fact, take up the SHIELD OF FAITH. For it is by the shield of faith that you shall be able to quench ALL THE ATTACKS OF THE DEVIL....

These scriptures are why Satan has severely attacked the faith of this generation in America with evolution (to cause doubt) and with other lying wonders and faith in other names and false religions so that he can roam freer in and thru this Nations people who are deceived by him. To work his dark magic and evil in this nations lands, streets, homes, schools, affairs and governments. In Americas colleges, minds, businesses and entertainment industry or have you not noticed this? We We were targeted long ago and in the 60's we were directly attacked by Satan in this nation thru the spirit and the people of Aleister Crowley (Satans bunch)....please share freely....deno



No you don't have to believe.
No you don't have to love.
No you don't  have to care.
No you don't have to pray.

No you don't have to serve.
No you don't have to commit.
No you don't have to take His Stand.

No you don't have to love and live for the Lord.
But remember the rule? We reap what we sowed. You will reap a great big NO in the end......

But Lord don't you remember me? And the Lord answered them. NO, I never knew you, you lived and worked for someone else.

At This Hour In Our Nation......deno

         Think about it:......Our ears were created to have never heard one curse word or one negative word, nor one single scream from fright or terror. Our eyes were created to have never seen any form of hate nor evil. Our spirit, heart, soul, mind, and body were created to have never tasted any kind of oppression, pain, sorrow, soul vexation, or death. Man and woman were created with all their spiritual and physical senses to enjoy and taste only the lovingkindness, and goodness, only Gods love and favor and blessings daily without any speck of darkness or gloom or the spirit and presence of evil in their life and existence. As it was in heaven, so it was Gods original plan to be in our lives on earth thru the safe keeping of the delicate and precious balance....Isn't it amazing, the power of a wrong choice? The power of a wrong decision?...
        In America, In our nation this very hour, we are hearing, seeing, experiencing and tasting the fruits of the power and consequences of wrong decisions and evil choices that we and our Government has made in past years and is making in present days.....As Jesus was the answer for our salvation from Adam & Eves wrong choice and evil decision, SO IS HE THE ANSWER FOR ALL THIS MESS IN AMERICA..If only we all would welcome Him back into our nation that His Spirit would have FREE COURSE....
       RIGHT NOW God, though He loves us and the world and truly desire to do for us HIS GOOD (It's like Matthew 23:36-39 all over again, but it s in America), He is grieved with this evil and unfaithful, cold, hard hearted, selfish, self worshiping, proud, arrogant, beastly, brutal, cocky, hate filled, unloving, uncaring, doubting generation. The earth is filled with evil, violence, strife, hate and discord of family and nations. Children have been left behind by their evil, selfish, pleasure seeking fathers, whose ruled by their bodies rather than love and wisdom and their children weep and their hearts have an emptiness where a fathers love is missing...The streets and our societies are becoming filled with their bitter cups overflowing with the effects of the absence of a fathers love. 
       God in Jesus Name, please have mercy upon us all. Come in your great mercy and save and heal us of the things that our evil and wrong choices have brought upon us. Help us gently in your greater compassion to bring forth the fruits of repentance and righteousness again in this nation and around the world. Stay back your wrath Lord and pour out Christ Intercessions upon us all in this generation....In Jesus Name....Amen.....deno....please share freely.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Better Promises, Greater Power, Better Everything...The New Covenant..How Can This Be explained.....deno

       Jesus said...this is My blood, the blood of the NEW COVENANT shed for many....Paul taught us that the New Covenant is a better covenant established upon better promises (Pauls eyes were opened up to this). The blood of the old covenant was of male circumcision and of the blood of animals, the blood of the goats, sheep and the heifers and its many promises were awesome (See Dueteronomy 28:1-14). But note this, The blood and the promises of the New Covenant far far exceeds the old covenants bloods strength, power, promises, and glory. The blood of the NEW COVENANT IS OF THE BODY OF HE THAT SAT UPON THE THRONE OF GOD. It is the blood of He that created all things visible and heavenly. Being it is the blood of Gods Son Himself by whom He made the worlds, it has far far greater power, strength, far far greater Covenant riches, promises, and glory than the former covenant. Its promises are far far exceedingly better and more precious than the old covenant as well. All we need, as in all things of Christ and redemption and the glorious things of He and the Father, is to have our eyes, the eyes of our understanding opened up unto their sight as the apostle Paul's was. Paul lived in the glory of Gods power and experienced Gods presence in his life and in his serving God in the miraculous measures. It was common place in his committed life to Christ to see the notable miracles of healing's and deliverance's. So in this light having Christ love in his heart he prayed that we to would have our eyes opened to all this as his was and we to experience Gods greater presence and power and activity in our lives and in our serving the Lord. Read the prayer. Pray the prayer. Ephesians 1:15-23 & Ephesians 2:14-21,and also read 2 Peter 1:2-4.......deno....please share freely ....Be blessed.

I Have Come In My Fathers Name..Jesus.....explained.....deno

Jesus said, " I have come in My Fathers Name....What riches of glory and what a greater honor to be sent from heaven into this world in the Fathers Name. Now that is high exaltation and high responsibility. Jesus in all he and the Holy Spirit did together they never dishonored the Fathers name. They never dishonored the Fathers Name with talk and actions of weakness or lack of strength and power, with lack of grace or might. They never dishonored the Fathers Name with gripes and complaining and grumbling. They never dishonored the Fathers name with lack of love and lack of faith or with the lack of miracles of healings. They never dishonored the Fathers Name with sin and un holiness. They never dishonored the Fathers Name with lack of devotion and commitment to doing the Fathers daily plan and will. They never dishonored the Fathers Name with strife and division and discord or any form of unforgiveness. Jesus glorified the Father on the Fathers full level according to the greatness of HIS NAME....God I ask by grace we now more and more do the same in Jesus Name according to the greatness of Your endless love and lovingkindness given us all in Christ Jesus...amen......deno.....please share freely.
Philippians 2:9-11)..Jesus became obedient unto death, even unto the death of the cross. vs 9) For this reason God also has HIGHLY EXALTED Jesus, and given Him a Name which is above every name......