Tuesday, June 27, 2017

And you shall find rest for your souls.....deno....share.

 .........In Hebrews 1:1-4 the Spirit of the Lord said that after Jesus had by himself PURGED or REMOVED our sin, HE SAT DOWN...And where does it say that Jesus sat down? It says He Sat Down At The Right Hand Of God....This means TO US, this also symbolizes for us RE-ESTABLISHED FELLOWSHIP AND COMMUNION WITH GOD OUR FATHER. We see Jesus when after he purged us of our sin he went back up and SAT DOWN WITH GOD next to the Father for communion, fellowship and conversation with the Father...All of this was FOR US for our benefit and blessings...For our Peace with God, signifying our reestablished fellowship after our sin is forgiven and purged......
........What else can we learn from this light?...This also means Christ enters into rest about our sins once they are FORGIVEN, PURGED, REMOVED...Christ himself and the Father entering into rest about our sins after we are purged of them speaks to you and I good things...This my friends authorizes all of us to do exactly the same.
........It is time for you to ENTER INTO CHRIST OWN REST ABOUT YOUR PAST AND ABOUT THOSE SINS THAT HAUNT YOU...For since the JUDGE, the HIGHEST JUDGE can enter into REST about them because He himself purged us of those sins with HIS OWN BLOOD and MERCY, then we the purged can ENTER INTO HIS PERFECT REST ABOUT THEM also...WHOM THE SON OF GOD (whIch is THE HIGHEST JUDGE) has SET FREE IS FREE INDEED.....ENTER INTO HIS REST....Preaching Peace By Jesus Christ.....deno.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

The Circumcision of Christ......deno.

The Circumcision of Christ.....
.......Thru what Paul called the circumcision of Christ in his passion where his flesh was ripped and striped, and on the cross where his flesh was pierced in hand and feet and side, thru all of that, nearly all the precious redeeming blood of His body was drained out upon the world to take away the sin of the world. (It is written that without the shedding of atoning blood, sin is not removed nor taken away). When the final out poured drops hit the earth, Jesus gave up the ghost, his body died and the earth shook tremendously from the power of what was just released. At the same moment the veil in the temple was rent in twain.
......When Jesus gave up His Spirit, the temple in Jerusalem, the holy of holies also gave up the Spirit of God at the same time. Both were representing the other. When the Spirit of God left the temple, he took off from that hiding place where he had been for thousands of years behind that veil, he left to soon come running to His children like a rushing God in a mighty wind who had for thousands of years been in waiting, in longing for that reuniting day when His Spirit could become One spirit with His new born children in Christ Jesus...It was the the circumcision of Jesus Christ and him crucified and His blood poured out upon us washing us clean and making us ready for the infilling of the Spirit of God that made it all happen.
.....Christ blood, the blood of the creator, it gives us great power, good standing, and tremendous advantage in things pertaining to God and redemption....Lord open our eyes to the full glory and power and benefits that Your Blood gives us all in Christ Jesus....Amen.....deno.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

The Blood of God Speaks.....deno.

The Blood of God Speaks.....deno.
.......Blood has always been used for the atonement of sins. From what the blood flowed from measured its atonement power.
.......The bible says that it was not possible that the blood that flowed from the bull and from the goat and from the heifer, THAT BLOOD was not able to take away sin, nor did that blood have the power to give boldness and bold entrance into the holiest to the believers. The blood of me're animals was weak though in its shadow form it greatly represented something enormously great that was to come....Christ the Lamb of God...Immanuel meaning God With Us.
.....But oh my friends God provided for us all some really GREAT NEWS, when the Creator of heaven and earth became flesh and dwelt amongst us with blood in His veins, with the destiny of a redeeming Cross before him. The blood that was in HIS VEINS was the greatest and highest and MOST PRECIOUS POWERFUL ATONING BLOOD that ever could be. THAT BLOOD would tremendously empower those that believed and understood its power and the advantages which THAT BLOOD would give them. THAT BLOOD would give them access with confidence boldness power to enter not only into the Presence of God, but even greater than that, THAT SAME INCREDIBLE BLOOD gave His Sinless Holy Spirit its own BOLD ACCESS unto us like a rushing mighty wind and boldly ENTER into the insides of those that first trusted in the power of the sanctifying blood of Christ that set them apart to be filled with the Spirit of the Holiest of all, Almighty God...
.......And He, creations Creator, the Most High God himself said, This is MY BLOOD (Immanuel's Blood) which I give for the ransom and redemption of many and for the life of the world....My Blood, the blood of God was the magnification there and so should it be so magnified.
......His BLOOD, Almighty Gods Blood, not only took away the sin of the world, it redeemed and saved all those who put their trust in it with eternal redemption, and gave us all access with confidence into all things of God and in all things that pertain to life and fellowship with the Almighty in Christ Jesus..Thru His Own Blood We Come Boldly to the Throne of God in Jesus Name...His blood speaks to us all saying, COME BOLDLY NOW BY ME UNTO AND INTO THE ONE FROM WHOM I FLOWED FROM...HE HIMSELF BY ME COMES BOLDLY INTO YOU..

....... Gods blood was poured out for our salvation power and assurance, for our boldness of faith power, for our bold receiving power, and for our bold ENTERING POWER and GLORY....As it is written in Hebrews 10:19..Having therefore BOLDNESS to ENTER into the HOLIEST, into the Spirit and Presence of God BY THE BLOOD OF JESUS.....deno.

Can You Answer This Redemption Question.....deno.

Jesus came down from heaven FOR US.
Jesus became flesh FOR US.
Jesus went to the cross FOR US.
Jesus was wounded FOR US.
Jesus was bruised FOR US.
Jesus was punished FOR US.
Jesus was striped FOR US.
Jesus tasted death FOR US.
Jesus rose from the dead FOR US.
Each one of these mentioned above, most can give the why and the what for and the redemption purpose for each of them. All of these Jesus went thru for our benefit.
But it does not stop there. The bible says that after God had raised HIS SON from the dead, after Jesus had purged us of our sins, HE SAT DOWN at the right Hand of God.
Christ sitting down and that at the right hand of God was ALSO DONE FOR OUR GLORY and BENEFIT and the why and the what for and the how come is glorious GOOD NEWS....Can you unveil the significance, the benefit, the how come, and the what for? Such a blessing when you SEE IT......deno

Answer....Where Christ is seated reveals the magnitude, the displayed measure of OUR PEACE WITH GOD that His Sacrifice obtained for us. We were all far far from God. We used to fear to enter the holy of holies. But my my my how Jesus changed all that for us. Now IN CHRIST JESUS, (and thats a great place to be), thru Jesus the GREAT PEACE OFFERING, we HIS FLESH and BONE, we who are IN HIM partake of all He has with the Father. Christ Peace with God is our same Peace with God. Lord open our eyes...Amen.

P.S..When God raised Jesus from the dead, Jesus took US (His Body) with Him. From the Cross Back to the Throne Jesus took US (His Body) fully with Him. Thats Important.

The Word Jesus Instructed Paul to preach in every city....deno.

........This word Jesus REVEALED and gave to Paul and commanded that he and all preach it. It is called the sermon or the word of reconciliation. Satan hates it. Angels love it. Sinners who see the love in it rejoice and their faith comes alive unto God thru Jesus Christ. Be sure to preach it. God commanded THIS WORD BE PREACHED. Here it is.

........2 Cor 5:18-21).....18) .....And this is the ministry God has given us, even this, to preach to the world by Jesus Christ the word of reconciliation which is this....19) How God was in Christ Jesus reconciling the world back unto himself, NOT HOLDING AGAINST THEM THEIR TRESPASSES & SINS...Yes, this word God has commanded us to preach.20) So knowing this good news that He himself has revealed to us and given for us to preach, we beg you by Jesus Christ be ye reconciled unto God...21) God is not holding your sins against you...He laid them all on Jesus who never once sinned, so that we who knew no righteousness could be given the gift of righteousness which is given to us by faith in Jesus Christ who died for our sins and rose again for our everlasting hope.. Christ loved us a gave himself for us. At the right hand of God he now sits. Your sins price has been paid for and paid for in full. Now that God is not holding against you your trespasses and sins, you are free to come boldly to the throne of grace and salvation...So be now reconciled unto God.....deno.....share freely.

The Wealth and Riches of God.....deno.

No where in the bible does it say God is poor or hates wealth. No where in the bible does it say, And My God shall meet all your needs according to HIS POVERTY in glory.
........If being well off, or having plenty, or being rich and extremely wealthy is a sin in itself or an unholy thing as some preach or think, then God is a great transgressor. For His paradise is splendorous with riches of gold, diamonds, rubies, and all kinds of precious stones that glisten and shine with the glory of God. His supply trees, vines, and gardens are so beautiful and luscious with fruits and veggies and foods we know not of. His Throne and His city and cities are filled with riches beyond measure. Paul said these words to christian givers, he said, And my God shall supply all your needs according to HIS RICHES, HIS RICHES, His great wealth in glory.
.......God never has a problem finding what you need out of his riches in glory. 7 billion trillion people and angels God can make fully happy, fully supplied, fully rich, fully fed and clothed and housed splendorously for all eternity with nothing good missing and nothing ever broken, with all their joy ever full. He is the, My Cup Overflows God and Father....
.......P.S. Gods incredible wealth never causes His perfect love to lose perfect love focus...He has always been INCREASING His paradise with greater riches and good things to increase HIS GIVING LOVE and all that increase has never made His hearts love to do unto others as he loves himself to ever wax cold...Gods increasing increase, well He has had to do that as He expanded the numbers of His creatures and created territories, spiritual and physical.
.......The problem with most of us is our hearts are not right but selfish and we lose focus when we come into smooth waters or prosperous times. The smooth and the plenty become like idols of comfort to us and we take our eyes off of God or off of serving Him..But God is the good and faithful God and there is nothing of Himself, of His veins, or of His great wealth, or of His entire kingdom that he will withhold from us..He has loved us with an EVERLASTING LOVE...He did not even withhold from us HIS SON who means more to Him than all he has ever made.....deno.....share freely.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

GET THIS.....deno.

......God with all His Power, with all his holiness and righteousness, with all his marvelous good deeds, with all his glory and majesty and authority as being Almighty God was absolutely helpless to save us without His Sons Blood. Friends that speaks VOLUMES. Gods hands were tied and his power WAS OF NO POWER TO REDEEM THE SOUL WITHOUT HIS SONS BLOOD. Even if he said I Forgive you Adam and Eve, without Christ blood applied, their sin could not have been removed. That is the power of sin.
.....And since God with all His power, glory, perfect holiness and spotless righteousness was helpless to save us without His Sons Blood, we also with all our so called self disciplines, holiness and righteousness are helpless in saving ourselves by those things.
......ONLY BY CHRIST BLOOD we are redeemed. For since God who is perfect holiness and perfect in all his ways was helpless to save us without Christ blood, we too are helpless and without hope without Christ blood our hope and salvation, OUR WAY, TRUTH and LIFE......deno.

God was helpless to save us without His Sons Blood....deno.

Lord Open Our Eyes....
......All the Power of Gods Spirit (ALL OF IT) could not save the soul of any without the blood of Christ in the mix.... God needed Christ blood to save us just as much as we needed Christ blood to save us...When you understand this truth, you understand the wisdom of God in the blood of His Son.
.....We were helpless to save ourselves without Christ blood and God was helpless to save us without the blood of His Son. That is why Jesus had to drink that cup...HE HAD TO or we were hopeless forever and Gods word and heart would have been broken forever....deno.

All the Power of God could not save the soul of any without the blood of Christ in the mix.... God needed Christ blood to save us just as much as we needed Christ blood to save us.....deno.

.....When Gods people got themselves into troubles like famine and enemies, he delivered them over and over again with His divine power. He brought down kings and mighty empires for his people. He parted the Red Sea for his people. He sent His angels to help his people take down their enemies. The bible is full of the stories of God delivering His people with His mighty hand.
.....But did you know that it was only by a sacrifice, a blood sacrifice that God saved His people from their sins. Only by the shedding of blood were their sins atoned for and they were saved from them. God could take down their enemies by His mighty hand, but only in the shedding of blood could he save them from their sins.ONLY IN THE SHEDDING OF BLOOD.
.....God from the very beginning was always preaching the mystery of the Cross of His Son and of the IMPORTANCE OF THE BLOOD SACRIFICE....As even John the baptist said concerning Jesus....Behold the LAMB OF GOD that TAKES AWAY THE SIN OF THE WORLD...And in another place the angel also proclaimed about Jesus. He said,,Unto you in the city of David a Savior has been born who shall save Gods people from their sins...They too were preaching the Cross of Christ.
......God could part a thousand Red Seas and open the earth up under the feet of a thousand armies who rise against His People, but none of those powerful acts would nor could save us, HIS PEOPLE from their sins. NOT ONE OF THEM....Only thru the shedding of innocent sinless blood can we be saved from our sins. That is why only in the Cross, in the Sacrifice of Christ would Paul glory. He understood Gods redemption wisdom in the covenants blood sacrifice purpose..And only in the Cross of Christ should we too glory and trust..Christ Precious Blood saves us from our sins.....deno.....share freely.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Jesus verses AntiChrist....Globalism verses Americanism.....Know what is going on.....deno.

#1)....Make no mistake about it, the world is in a religious spiritual war and battle where Satan and his team is battling against the truth that is in Christ Jesus. He is battling against the truth that is in the Son of God with the various lies, misleadings, theories, fantasies, with cultures that they have formed in their world and deceptions spawn from the spirit of the son of a deceiving religious appearing Satan. We must remember, Satan knows all about God and Gods heavenly world and throne and worship. He has lived there, been there, done all that..Therefore he knows how to imitate the same with his counterfeits.

#2)....America is at war within itself. Globalist and communist within our country who are even members of the house, the senate, and congress, and of the democratic and republican parties, are at war with the American People that still love Americanism, Americas sovereignty, constitution, traditions, independence, history, and way of life who oppose globalism who always want America First for the American Citizens. It is there legal citizens right..

........THESE TWO BATTLES ARE WHAT ITS ALL ABOUT FOLKS....Jesus represents Gods truth to the world and Satan is fighting hard to upend this truth out of the heart of the nations thru Islams many lies and other means...Trump represents Americanism and the people of America who love America and so the globalist sellouts in Washington of both the democrat and republican parties, and the globalist around the world are doing all they can to take Trump and American First Americanism out of power.
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Pay Attention to What is Going On.....deno.

.....You may not understand why you write the way you write. But the time will come in this world when souls will thirst for one drop of Christ wisdom and words about the end times and the events in those days. For when Satan is terrorized with the thought that he only has a short time left until his unending torment begins and his rebellion is put down, those who are connected deeply to His deceiving terrorized spirit go forth to terrorize the world...Pay attention to what is going on. The terror going on in the world is to lead the world into the need and into the arms of the false Messiah call the AntiChrist...He fills the world with terror and problems to give his voice and platform a stage that will cause the world to marvel at him, run into the arms of his deceptions, and to worship the beast and his image...Know what is going on.....Jesus Christ Is Lord and THE TRUTH.....deno .....share freely.

Monday, June 5, 2017

Seeing thru the lie.....deno

......If love me don't judge me was of Gods Spirit and full truth, then there would be no hell. You could then do and live as you want and have nothing to worry about for there would be no judgement..But hell exist and why does it exist??? Because love me don't judge me does not work with God...It is a doctrine of devils sent forth from hell to mislead people to not worry about repenting of their wrong behavior....Keeping it real..Satan screamed at God in his heart, love me don't judge me, just let me live as i want..Just love love love and do so without judgement making no rules and drawing no lines. Satan right after that fell from heaven like lightning....deno.

Still Yet....written by deno and His Jesus.

Still Yet....written by deno and His Jesus.
......King David had a sin history liken unto us all. He also had a whole lot of wild and crazy things going on with his own children and family. And yet still, the bible declares that God used David in the ministry of a foretelling prophet that prophesied certain truths and events of Christ that was to come.
.......Folks lets all quit kidding ourselves. We can all talk about perfection and perfect relationships and families, but underneath our delusions we are all like David and his children and family. We all inside and out have spots, wrinkles and blemishes of all sorts. We all have imperfections galore. Still yet, For God So Loved...Still yet, God made good things to come forth from the most driest of grounds.... Still yet, from rock God made His refreshing water to flow....Still yet, when there was lack God brought forth plenty. Still yet, when there was hopelessness God made hope come back alive. Still yet, when Israels backs were pressed up against the wall God made a way thru the Sea...Still yet when there was sickness and disease God brought forth healing.. Still yet, when death was all over the scene God raised His Son from the dead....Still yet when the nets were empty God made a way that filled them up....Still yet when a woman was in the shame of the guilt of her sin, Still yet God forgave her and set her free and put a smile on that woman's face the world could not take away. Her soul was touched by God....
..... ..So there is you and I with all our flaws and imperfections, but let us not forget Gods STILL YET part. It is seen all thru the bible of God using such imperfect men and people who in themselves, in their relationships, and in their families had flaws and imperfections, but it was GODS STILL YET that made all the difference...Christ came to us from Gods STILL YET LOVE and Grace...Thank You God for...Still Yet......deno.....share freely.