Sunday, June 30, 2013

The War Between our New Spirit and our Same Ol Flesh......deno

And Paul said, I serve God with my spirit....Romans 1:7-9)

     Friends spiritual things and physical things, though they have similarities as one patterned after the other, with the spiritual things being the parent force, though they have their similarities yet in nature they can be kingdoms apart.
    Think about this with me. God is a Spirit right ? Jesus said He was. Well so is the devil- a spirit. God is the parent force. Satan is a created spirit that eventually thru a tantrum in heaven in evil pride and jealousy and he got eternally spanked for it. Jesus said I beheld Satan fall from heaven like lightning.
    Both of these beings are spirit beings but in nature they are 100 % OPPOSITES (Important point there. Hang on to it). One is light, the other is darkness. One is a Holy Spirit. The other is an evil, wicked, unclean spirit. One is love, the other is hate and envy and strife. One always tells the truth and it is impossible for Him to lie. The other is a liar and he is the father of all lies, deceit and deceptions, so saith the Scriptures.
     Did you know that a Christians spirit is what we contact and walk in God with. It is our spirit that we serve God with. Paul said I serve God with my spirit in the gospel. The flesh mainly is supposed to just hang around for the ride and stay out of the way. But oh how the flesh prefers to get in the way of our kingdom business rather than to just be hanging around on a cross. 
      I don't know about you, but I have noticed that though my inward man, that is my spirit is a new creature in Christ (2 Corinthians 5:16-17), this sinful flesh of mine is not a new creature yet. It is just what Paul called it SINFUL FLESH. It is a world of iniquity trying to suppress and oppose the flaming desire that is residing in my heart that wants to love and serve God every day.
       The apostle Paul touched on the reality of this conflict of interest going on even in his own life, ministry and calling. This dual, this raging battle between the two opposite natures was going on in his own being and walk with God daily. He wrote in Romans 7:14-25) Read all when you can. Verse 22( For I delight in the Law (And in God) after the INWARD MAN. verse 23) But I cant help but see and notice another law warring AGAINST the law (THE DESIRE) of my mind (inward man) and BRINGING ME INTO CAPTIVITY to the LAW OF SIN that I see in my bodies sinful cravings.
      That  amazes me. That even in the giant APOSTLE PAUL who served God in my eyes far above us all, even in Him he struggled with the sinful flesh of his humanity. He in the Spirit saw the Lord often. He in the Spirit heard the Lords Voice and obeyed. He in the Spirit continuously received Visions and Revelations from the Lord, yet day unto day with all that Grace Glory of Gods Spirit manifested in Him and in his HIGH CALLING, his sinful flesh challenged him and opposed the good will of his spirit daily with carnal appetites of sinful cravings trying daily to get Paul to turn down a forbidden road. This was so true that He penned that EVERYDAY he died. That every day he had to control his bodies opposing desires and bring them under lest he be a cast away.(See 1 Corinthians 9:27)
       We all struggle with the flesh. Even as Christians my friends it is correct to write and to say that in us, that is in our present flesh itself dwells no goodness, no holiness, no good thing. All the good stuff if I may put it that way is in our spirit that is a NEW CREATURE in Christ Jesus. So don't beat yourself down at your awareness of the sinful desires that still roam in your present mortal body called in the bible the SINFUL FLESH. The present flesh is what it is. Let us learn like the Apostle Paul to control it and put it under. 
     For some of us it may be like breaking down a wild Stallion or a stubborn mule lol. But both have been broken and eventually tamed by men, right ? So what does that teach and tell us? There is hope for us all. Keep on keeping On. 
      The Lord our Merciful High Priest who is easily touched  with the feelings of our weaknesses knows the mind of the spirit verses the will of the flesh. He knows when the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. Thank God Jesus knows us better than we know ourselves. He will help us. He will strengthen us. He is involved in all the affairs of those who Call Upon His Name....Be Believing....More on this subject later.....deno....please share freely.

The Prodigal Sons Amazement.....deno

        When the Prodigal Son Came Home....He was amazed how the Fathers love for Him had not changed at all. He was amazed that his Father put back on his finger the, this is MY SON ring and His special robe. His heart was filled with gratitude. He had learned a great lesson of Gods Love. The killing of the fatted calf for the feast celebration that occurred was the outward physical expression of the FATHERS hearts real and genuine rejoicing that His child that went astray came back home. On the inside of him the son was filled with present wonder and awe of Gods incredible unconditional love for him. He wanted to tell others about it. He had so much to say and share. So many experiences to tell of. Good ones. Bad ones. Even many shameful ones. But the experience that topped them all was when he got home and God showed him 2 Corinthians 5:19. God wrapped him up in His Loving arms and squeezed tightly revealing to him the scripture, I Have Loved You With An Everlasting Love. So in his awe and wonder of Gods love for him, the son began another journey. He stepped out in the walk of faith to tell and share with the world the Love of God that is in Christ Jesus that the Father poured into his life....Oh Lord Our Lord. I cannot help but stand in awe of you and give you praise........deno........please share freely.

God is Big.....deno

      Jesus said the Father has life inside Himself. Inside God are things we have not the power to understand or fathom. He is bigger and wider and lengthier on the inside of Himself than all the creation about Him. In Him all things consist. In Him all things live and move and have their being. The universe was all seen, known, understood fully and even fully weighed by God in the glory of His infinite Light and in the glory of the Volumes of His Understandings spiritual data base. Then all that data, all that information, all that understand and precise calculation became mixed with the Life Stirring glorious power that is inside God. God began to stretch and His Spirit pregnantly moved over the face of the deep. The dream of the creation was BIG on the inside of Him. His Life forces were stirred up with His faith and enormous powers. Then in a rushing mighty wind like power beyond all thunderings and lightnings known to man, powers spinning and functioning beyond the speed of all known light came together in perfect form and divine harmony. The glory of the LETS US were functioning and rolling together, spinning tremendously as one. The measure of the power kept increasing and increasing and increasing and increasing. Then at the precise birth timing, God released the life giving forces inside Himself and Said, LET THERE BE LIGHT.......That My friends was the True Explosion. The big bang theory of men is but a birds chirp compared to what really went on Inside and Thru God in that day of the beginnings....As it is written in Ephesians 3:20...Now unto God who is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we could ever ask or that our minds could understand or imagine....Friends we are loving and serving a Mighty God.....Jesus is His Son.....deno

Another Praise and Good Confession. Make It Yours

Father In Jesus Name Thank You

In Christ Jesus I have passed from death of unto Life Everlasting. I have been set free from all cursings. God has delivered me from darkness unto light. He has delivered me from the Law of sin and death and placed me in His Grace and  in the Spirit of Life that is in Christ Jesus. God has gripped me with His Love and translated me into Christ and His Blessings. He has translated Christ and His Blessings into me and my life forevermore. In Christ Jesus God has lavished upon us the grace and the goodness of His greater love. In God my Savior I do rejoice. In Christ my salvation I sing praises to the God of my life.....Thank You Jesus...Amen.

Supporting Scriptures:
John 5:24
Galations 3:10-14
Colossians 1:12-14
Romans 6:14
Romans 8:2
Ephesians 1:3
Hebrews 2:11-13

Todays Good Confession...Make It Yours Everyday......deno

Today's Good Confession, Make it yours.....

The Lord brightens my days with His goodness.
The Lord fills my heart with His gladness.
The Lord anoints my head with His Oil.
My cup overflows with the blessings of the Spirit of Jesus Christ.
Thank You Jesus..Amen

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Be Graced and Even More Graced......deno

      Friends God has Graced us for such a time as this in America and in this world. Our Lord said ,"The last shall be first and the first shall be last". This, in part, means we RIGHT NOW in these days on earth have all of Heavens love and attention focused on us because of latter hour needs. God knows the hour we are in. God knows the times to come. God knows our needs to stand and to STAND TALL as overcomers in this latter darkness loving generation. The tougher the place the tougher the grace. Some of you are so Graced that many will be mysteriously drawn to the grace that is in you for the word of salvation and for the impartation of hope and strength. God is able to make all grace abound unto you. In Jesus Name Be Graced and even more Graced.....In His Love The Lord is Amazing Me With His Goodness and Mercy That He Has Lavished Upon My Life. He forgave me so much. He restores my soul......I know he will do the same and even more for you......deno

In Days Soon To Come....Sound The Alarm.....Matthew 24:13)Jesus said, and they that endure to the end shall be saved.

Note these words. 29 June 2013

      In days soon to come we as Christians and as believers shall under go heavy trials against our Christian faith and against what we believe and know to be true. The gloves are off in the spirit world as the war intensifies against God and against Jesus Christ and The Church, which is the redeemed of the Lord. Be ready. Be prepared. 
      Such faith and truth trials will be so heavy and pressing that many that are not serious and are not ready or prepared, they shall buckle under the weight of the heaviness of the testings. They will become confused and discouraged and some of them will fall away from the truth.
      Then next to that time of confusion and spiritual distorting of the Truth, comes the powers of the darkness to deceive if were possible even the very elect which are the most prepared and readied ones. So lets begin to turn up the volume of making our calling and election sure. The prince of all lies himself is coming to point his finger of confusion and of doubt in our face with his last days deceptions. In those days we stand and do not fall by standing firm in the faith; by walking in the light and by knowing and being fully assured in our hearts in the gospel of Jesus Christ and in the power that is in IT IS WRITTEN, the Holy Scriptures.......deno.......please share freely.

Read the following scriptures:
Luke 4:1-14
Matthew 24:9-27
2 Thessalonians 2:1-17
1 Timothy 4:1

No Way Around The Cross of Christ.......Important Light....deno......Song Video, The Old Rugged Cross by Gaither Voices.......

Question:  Just how important was the Cross of Christ to Jesus and the Father ?

      Well lets together think about it this way. Jesus himself was not allowed to side step the Cross, nor avoid it, neither ignore it. It was itself His only ticket, His only way back up to heaven unto His Father. Had he ignored the Cross. Side stepped it. Avoided it, he would have failed to cause sworn scriptures to come to pass of the Christ and his fore told passions. Then he and the Father both would have been found liars for both of them foretold of its coming to pass. A lie or a failure of the scriptures and of the spoken word of God would be a Word of God failure and the consequence of that sin would bring forth death and darkness beyond understandable consequences.
      The consequences of Jesus failing to go to the Cross would have been catastrophic in downfall and destruction measures that we have not the natural power to weigh or comprehend it's measure. God and Jesus falling from integrity would be sin and by sin spiritual death would have entered into them, and by sin they would have together fallen from heaven in a horror event to great to fathom. For the mystery of all things upheld is this, God Words Never Fail. Gods Integrity Never Has even the slightest blemish. What ever is demanded of Gods Word, His Words Fail Not.
      But thank God Jesus, though under tremendous pressure that the world knows not of, got his act together so to speak in the garden of his despair and prayed earnestly. He saw in the Spirit God answering him each time he prayed his recoiling plea with, Jesus, Son you must go to the Cross. You have to drink this cup. There is no way around the Cross. The mouth of God hath spoken, Thou art slain from the foundation of the world and the scriptures cannot be broken. You yourself in your own integrity told your disciples that you were going to Jerusalem and there you would be betrayed and handed over to the gentiles.  You told them that they would crucify you. Then three days later you would rise again. The mouth of the Son of God hath promised this. You must go Son. You must go to the Cross lest we fall from truth due to a jot and a tittle of the scriptures failing to come to pass.

Revelation 13:18) Christ slain from the foundation of the world. 

Isaiah 53:1-11, vs 5) The Christ was wounded for our transgressions. The Messiah was bruised for our iniquities. The punishment neccessary for us to have peace with God was poured on the Christ. By the stripes of the Christ we were healed.

Psalms 22:1-31)verse 16...they pierced my hands and my feet.

Zechariah 12:10) and I will pour upon the house of David, and upon the inhabitants of Jerusalem, the Spirit of grace and of supplications: AND THEY SHALL LOOK UPON ME (THE CHRIST) WHOM THEY "HAVE PIERCED" AND THEY SHALL MOURN FOR HIM AS A FATHER MOURNS FOR HIS (ONLY SON).......

     Friend, since there was no way around the Cross for Jesus, having to go thru it in order for him to go back up into heaven unto the Father because of its great importance, nor shall any of us, or any of the world, be allowed to go into heaven unto the Father except thru joining Jesus Christ at the Cross. There exist no way around this truth. Any one, or any teacher or teaching, or any religion, or philosophy, that says the Cross of Christ is not important, is not necessary, or that no one needs the Cross of Christ to go to heaven is a blinded heart, even a foolish heart, so says the scriptures and the true Spirit of the Lord. 

1 Corinthians 1:18) For the message of the Cross of Christ is to them that are blind and are perishing foolish; but to us who are being saved (By faith in its power) The Cross is the Power of God and the Wisdom of God) 1 Corinthians 1:23-24).

    Christ could not avoid the Cross, or side step the Cross, or go around the Cross. But instead He himself had to go the Way of the Cross first in order to go back up to heaven. Even so must we. We all by faith must join ourselves with Christ in all his redeeming works from the Cross to the Throne, or we shall not go to heaven either. It is that important. The Cross of Christ (Galations 2:19-21)......deno......please share freely.

Just Some Food For Thought......deno

Some time ago the Lord helped me see something. He opened my eyes to the fact the Satan had seen and knew all about heavens worship of God and everything thing involved therein. This knowing made him super qualified to come up with believable counterfeits. In his fall to the earth and in his deceiving of the world, he has formed in the hearts and minds of men in all nations diverse lies, deceptions, counterfeit things and cultures of beliefs about deity, about divine things, and the worship of God. These multi faced things looks like it, taste somewhat like it. But is artificial food and not the real thing. It's like FOOLS GOLD. Stick with Jesus. God raised him from the dead and sat Him down with Him in His Throne. He will get us there. The others lead elsewhere and their final destination is filled with weeping and great regret. 
                                                        *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *
The true worshipers now worship God in spirit and in truth. This is not a day or night thing. It is now constant and continuous fellowship and communion with the Lord in our hearts.We used to go to the temple where God resided behind the veil in the holy of holies. But the Word became flesh and dwelt amongst us. He went to the Cross to pave the way for He and the Father to come and dwell inside us and LIVE and walk with us EVERYDAY heart in heart. Christ In You the hope of glory. Worship is a walk, even an eternal lifestyle, and everlasting love in genuine best friendship of children with their Father and not a day thing....deno.......please share freely.

And The Scriptures Cannot Be Broken....Jesus (John 10:35)

    Every word Jesus uttered through out the ages and when on earth was Truth. The Lord called these written words scriptures which means God breathed and God spoken and written by the finger of God in men. What is called scripture is so true that Jesus affirmed them as of God though written by His servants that He said "And the Scriptures cannot be broken". They can be misunderstood by people. They can be mis-used by people. They can even be lied about by people. Nonetheless God has set His whole entire Eternity and Throne of perfect integrity on the line that His Written Word, The Scriptures are so factual and true that they cannot be broken. If one jot or tittle of them ever were to fail, The Throne of God would come crashing down.
     His word is so true that when He demanded of its power and integrity a glorious Universe, from the power of His one spoken sentence, IT HAPPENED by the great power and glory of Gods Unfailing word.
    When He  commanded of His Word mans redemption, the unfailing, always pleasing God Word went forth and became flesh and dwelt amongst us and the world beheld The Words unbreakable Glory in bright living truth, unfailing integrity, light, power, miracles of healings, signs and wonders and they also testified to the glory of Gods word saying, "No one ever had Words and Wisdom like this man."
     Then to top it all off in the glory of its unfailing power in the fact that the scriptures CANNOT BE BROKEN....The Word Bled, The Word Tasted Death by the Cross and Then The Word was manifested fully to be The Son of God thru the Power and Glory of His  Resurrection.
     Friends Gods Word which is His Son Living and Speaking we all can believe, trust, lean on, rely on, depend on, walk in, work with, follow, and rest in forevermore doubt free of its Truth for all eternity. The fact that men believe it or not cannot change or nullify the fact that the scriptures cannot lie or fail. His word is so true and so powerful that God has entrusted the upholding of all His creation and His unblemished integrity unto the power and glory of His spoken and written Word.
    Just as evil men of unbelief attacked Gods Word concerning the resurrection of His Son and formed all kinds of deceiveable stories to counter the witness of the disciples, of Christ resurrection (See 1John 1:1-3), even so that same anti Christ spirit lurks around today in our streets, towns, cities and Universities seeking from whose hearts and minds can they devour the truth out of using all kinds of earthly signs and lying wonders and theories. It's the same old story but Jesus despite all the odds against Him, and despite all the resistance, and despite all the will of men and of the powers of darkness to do away with the Son of God, Gods unbreakable scriptures and integrity glory prevailed again in what was to man impossible and Gods Words and Scriptures raised His Son from the dead......Truly Truly Christ is Risen Indeed. The attachment of ones heart of faith to this truth is justification unto salvation. Be Believing....deno....please share freely.


Friday, June 28, 2013

God and His 3 Questions For You.....

     Let's say you were suddenly caught up into heaven and made to stand before God by the Angels. The Angels said to you. Jehovah God is going to ask you three questions. Be sure you answer them correctly. Your eternity depends on it. 
    God calls you by your name and says, Come Forth. You go excited and trembling all at the same time wondering what in the world the three questions are that God is going to ask you. God says, I have three questions to ask you. Answer them according to your hearts true conviction and belief about them. Do not lie against the heart of your truth. I the Lord will know if your being dishonest. Is abortion a sin? Do I the Lord your God condone gay marriage? Why then did you stand up for their rights?......
      Only eternity can reveal the rest of your story. If you felt the pinch of conviction, then repent and ask God to forgive you in Jesus Name and to save you from all your sins. He will in honor of His Sons Great Sacrifice. This He promised.....deno....please share freely.

My Intercession for Paula Deen and for those she offended...please join me.....deno

Heavenly Father I come before You right now on behalf of Paula Deen. Father you are a great God. Your greatness exceeds all calculable measures of men and so does the greatness of your love and compassion. You are the God that heals the broken hearted, sets at liberty those that life has bruised, and you are the God that forgives , restores the soul and the lives of people, even their Names and heritage. Oh God have mercy. Paula is under the weight of judgements and condemnation of people for her words that offended and its trying to destroy and crush her soul. Father all of us have done our share of wrongs and we all have sinned and made every kind of mistake imaginable. I know I have. None of us have a right to throw a stone of grievance or cast even a shadow of ill will upon another. Even those who have sent her aflight for her mistake and tongue slip and have separated her from their crowds, they are not without sin or wrong or mistake. None of us are perfect as to run another over with harshness of bitterness, meaness and the malice of evil. Father in Jesus Name what needs to be forgiven in Paula and all parties involved be forgiven. What needs to be healed be healed and all goodness and favor restored by love that hides and forgives the multitudes of sin and wrong. I ask you to pour upon Paula Americas restoring love and grace and cause her heart and soul to have joy again and great rejoicing. Let us all learn from this together as Americans the lesson all of us should learn from this forgivable mistake. God please on all parties involved in all of this let not hate or unforgiveness rule or continue to dominate. This is a time in America where love must be the light between all Americans for only love can heal, mend, restore and reunite the hearts of everyone in this nation once again and restore unto us the blessing and beauty of God upon America and the blessing of hearts united as one. Father I pour this prayer into the beauty and the gory of Your great love and grace. In Jesus Name. Amen.....deno

They Picked the Fight, Not Us. Jesus Will finish it in His timing...UPDATED....deno


     It is more and more evident that Jesus Christ, Christian America, and American Christians are under an uncompromising attack from the power and the influences of the humanist and the atheist of this generation and others who oppose and despise Christianity and Jesus Christ. It is clearly evident that these multi-faced onslaughts are generated with a dark passion and a purpose and they are backed by the powers and the professors of our Universities for the confusing of and de-faithing of this Nation and of this generation. It is also clearly evident that these attacks and withstandings have been and are so orchestrated and planned out, that the launchers have set their face towards evil and on a one world order and that they will be damned before they let present Americas legislation go Christ or the Christians way as before in Americas glory days of abundant prosperity, freedoms and independence. 
      They are set to even break Americas financial back (HELLO) of the people if they (We The People) do not willfully yield to their global unification. Well such would not be so bad if (We The People) had not read or known the book of Revelations. The Anti Christ will be, for a short period of time, the worlds President. He sells them delusions  and dreams, hope and change, but like all deceivers he does not deliver. They all together end up in the lake of endless sorrows. Revelations 19:19-21.....2 Thessalonians 2:1-17.......

      Christian America we have a fight on our hands. A war of beliefs and of political agendas. This is no time for our spiritual swords and spiritual weapons to be in dulled condition. We must be at our sharpest and in our most skillful condition for the spiritual warfare of these present days. Listen very carefully. This war is so evident and so glaringly real that the players in the battle against us in our own nation, are set to go contrary to us in legislative form that even though it is evident to all that the majority vote and majority will of this nations people want the legislation and laws to go one way, or the bible  way, they will right in your face unconstitutionally go around the will of the majority of the people by the delusional vote of the supreme court who are also now players in the big game of this nations traditions take down. 
     By using the few votes of the Supreme Courts of this land, they have found a way around the vote and will of the MAJORITY of the people in the land of the United States of America and by this they have kidnapped the power of the nation. This is political robbery of the democratic vote of the republic and of the majority. This is how enemies of the Constitution steal the power from the  majority in the land. It is an inside job and weapon to take the power of the majority (Silence them) and put the power of the nation in the hands of the few (Magnifying them-even foreign influence). 
     They could not take it from us legally because of the power of the MAJORITY RULE so in their zeal and lust for power and change that they wanted to come to Americas morality and political traditions they deceived the nation exalting the power of the Interpreters of the laws (The Supreme Court) who are appointed by the presidents and by the will of his crowds desires over the power of Congress and of the Senate who are voted in by the vote of the majority of the people and are THEIR representatives ORDAINED to represent the majority will in their Constitutional votes uncompromisingly. 
     Believe it or not, doing it this way (USING THE SUPREME COURT AS THE VOICE OF THE PEOPLE) is even unconstitutional, but dumb down America does not see it. This is modern dictatorship where a few voices speak and rule over  all the nation. If all our judges were Muslims and they exercised the power that the thieves have given to the Supreme Court over the masses of America, can you imagine the course of America then? Where would their voice take us?And you wonder why and become more and more frustrated seeing this and knowing the course of this nation is not going the way or the will of it's MAJORITY or traditional path but according to the will of the minority and other outside influences of power as in foreign wills and NATIONS. People who have no real fear of God are now appointed Judges.. This is how America has become a BOUGHT NATION sold by betrayers and criminals of the American Constitution and it's majority rule of power.
      But this one thing I know for sure and no thief can rob us believers of this blessed hope. OUR JESUS SHALL HAVE THE LAST AND FINAL WORD. In that hour the rule of all the nations shall be upon His broad shoulders forever and all the earths and Americas crooks and crooked ones shall be made His and our Footstool......written by a simple man who loves his country.....deno

Poem Prayers by deno for all..These simple prayers can make BIG CHANGES in your Understanding In Christ Jesus......please share freely.....

Father In Jesus Name Thank You

God is good. God is great.
Let us thank Him for this day.
By His Spirit we are fed.
The most delicious Word of God Bread.
God is good. God is great.
Let us thank Him for this day. 
By His Spirit we are fed.
Christ most delicious  insightful Living Bread. Amen.
God is good. God is great.
Let us thank Him for this day.
By His Spirit we are fed
Gods best and most delicious soul saving Bread.
God is good. God is great. 
Let us thank Him for this day.
By His Spirit we are fed.
Christ best and most delicious In Christ Jesus Bread.


Now Get Into His Word and Feast On It Until Heavens Glory is your everlasting believing....walk in Christ love.....Your future is bright and filled with Christ light.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Jesse Duplantis Went To Heaven. His Testimony. His Book "Close Encounters of the God Kind" A Must Read. Jessie for many years now has been a God sent blessing to us all. Be a partaker of his grace. Pray for Jessie and help him in his constant preaching of the gospel. He is a Holy Ghost Fire of Jesus Joy and of the great hope we have in Christ.......deno

2 Corinthians 12:1-4)
vs 1) It is not expedient for me doubtless to glory. I will  come to visions and revelations of the Lord (Jesus).
vs 2) I knew a man in Christ above fourteen years ago, (whether in the body or out of the body I could not tell); God knoweth) Such an one was caught up to the third heaven.
vs 4)How that he was caught up into PARADISE........Paul the Apostle 

Richard Met God....A Most Touching Testimony. Thank you Jesus. And Thank you Richard for sharing. God Bless You My Friend. A Must Watch......deno.....please share freely

Jesus and the Father are Love. It is written. I have loved you with an everlasting love......Thank You Jesus


The Love and the truth and the One who co labors with Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke, well the liberals and the left fear and when they look at these true videos of the Lords work and know the Lord and Brother Reinhard Bonnke are coming to America to preach the GOOD NEWS OF JESUS CHRIST, many of them tremble in fear of the impact of these Crusades in America. I say well Lord Jesus SO BE IT and be praised and believed on and glorified forevermore. Watching this brings tears to my eyes. America there is Hope and His Name Is Jesus Christ. Amen......deno

Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke is principally known for his Great Gospel Crusades throughout the Continent of Africa. In 1974 the evangelistic organization that ...


      From now on, if we as believers and as conservative Americans look the other way, every morning we will wake up in what is more and more another America. We are changing in America. We are making changes to what was once our most common national binding ties and faith. We are making changes to our freedoms and liberties and not for the better but for bondages to our freedoms. We are making changes to our allegiance to America and to our flag. We are making changes to our tax laws for more taxation for the socialist agenda. We are making changes to the definition of marriage and religion. Atheism is now called a religion by the Supreme Courts ruling. We are changing the code of moral conduct and we are throwing out the word of repentance for such words fit not political correctness. What is of Satan and of sin is the LIKE rule and is what is approved and goes on as the thing to do and take pleasure in, in the land. What is of God and Jesus Christ in now called a hate crime, bigotry, and bias.  What a turn around. As Satan stole Adam and Eve from God thru a lie believed. He has put his guns sites on America to take America from God and the Saving faith and truth that is in Christ Jesus by great swelling lies and deceiving political correctness wonders.
      How in the world did God, the christian faith, Jesus, and the constitution become the wrong in America? Now I'm not a preacher, my dad was. But I would rather have someone point their big finger in my face to wake me up with Gods word of truth and of judgments than to be lied to and spend an eternity in doomsville.....deno.....a voice of one crying in the wilderness.  Eyes are being more opened. I do not like the things I see that our enemies are doing to our Country. Do You? Is all this the CHANGE he campaigned on. Then its Unconstitutional and UNAMERICAN and very much smells like antiChrist material in the making right before our very eyes. What say you????

Americas Courts have now hit rock bottom in the eyes of the Word of God. The bible reveals to us that there is wisdom which is from above and that there is wisdom which is from beneath. Rock bottom is way beneath the throne of God.

      I know this may sound crazy to some, but in the spiritual warfare going on between heaven and hell, God and Satan for the souls of men after the bodies death, Satan and his antichrist will focus on blaspheming God and promoting lies, cover ups, religious deceptions and things that God called Abominations. When Jesus and the importance of the blood of his cross is demeaned and denounced, and when marriage is no longer defined by God but redefined by hardened hearts for the approval of perversion, by courts that seek the honor and praise of people more than the honor that comes from God only (John 5:39-44), the world is then ripe for the stronger delusion fore told in 2 Thessalonians 2:1-17. 
      Friends we have reached rock bottom in the eyes of the Word of God with all this turning away from Jesus Christ in America and with all this casting off ourselves from the light of Gods written word that was given to the dumb and the blind to educate them on what was wrong and right in Gods sight, a sight that was lost in the heart of men thousands of years ago. When the highest courts in the land and its people agree against God, an open defiance has occurred. For this reason the scriptures unveil that God shall send them their hearts desire, even stronger delusions that they would believe even more lies and that they all would be damned who loved not the truth that Christ blood speaks but rather chose the wages of Balaam and of Judas and of unrighteousness instead (2 Thessalonians 2:9-12). To them these are hate words. But to God they are part of His loves highest expression in the warning of the people before the great and terrible day when God shall judge the world according to His standards and not according to the opinions of men. 
      Remember with me the history of and in the life of Jesus Christ. Though he loved them with all of his heart each and everyday, and though they saw the glory of God in signs and wonders and miracles of healings like never before expressed in the eyes of men on earth, still yet, they became so twisted in their hearts perception and reasoning that they chose in the court of their decision a murderer and a thief over the Son of God (Luke 23:13-31). This same spirit, this same delusion has surfaced again in the Courts and in the land of the United States of America......deno.....please share freely.

Gay Marriage...Americas National Disgrace

     Strange how these days I keep finding myself dealing with the liberal spirit and the spirit of other religions in even face to face debates and confrontations. It seems they are looking for a fight. An opportunity to engage in the conflict of differences of opinions, beliefs and convictions. Sometimes in these most sensitive arenas things can become pretty heated. This past week was no different.
       The subject of gays and gay marriage surfaced. All involved knew denos' stand  on this matter, but some who love confrontation just would not let deno alone. On purpose they began to say things knowing that that which is within me would become stirred. Push on those buttons and a man with a given whip rises up with IT IS WRITTEN SAITH THE SPIRIT OF TRUTH.
        Hey deno, what do you think about gays and gay marriage? A known libby around here knew my stand and knew how I felt, but since the subject had come up amongst others and spit fires was going on back and forth, he, the most hard headed, hard hearted liberal I know reached to bring me in. I wanted to stay out of it knowing strife is a prayer killer, but sometimes it seems God just would have me rise up with a spiritual sword. To be silent is to plug up the salt shaker lid. To be silent is to hide the light of HIS GLORY under a basket. I had to by salt and light obligation open my mouth and pour. So I did.
      Well after injecting IT IS WRITTEN into the spit fire the buzzards of the dark side really became tormented. Veins were showing in necks and sweat was breaking out on foreheads. Strange how the IT IS WRITTEN can do that. Some love it, but many foam at the mouth at it in immoral objection. 

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

America Must Never Forget

     Never forget. This was wrought by a religion that speaks curses over America and wants to take down this nation. This was done by their air soldiers. Now their foot soldiers are walking around in the land of the free, some say even in Washington. Just think what these same ones would do if they did infiltrate Washington. They would seek viciously to change Americas Constitution. Call America no longer a Christian nation. Say you would join the Muslims if things got rough in America in a book. Exalt tolerance and embarrass publicly those who opposed and exposed the dangers of Islam and its history. Bomb the nation with massive debt. Expand the Muslim Brotherhood power and grip in American government and society. Function by deceptions, cover ups and lies to hide your true hidden agenda.
      Look what they are doing in England and learn America. Tolerance is their implanted weapon today in the nations for their advancement. Again America, look at England and what they have and are doing to the United Kingdom. Many now wished someone would have road the streets saying The Muslims are coming, The Muslims are coming and warned them that they had a hidden agenda. The spirit of Paul Revere. Today it would take a revolution in England to remove this added fearful weight in their society. They cannot make a single decision that cannot offend the Muslims in fear of in house uprising of extremist and others in their land. But they must maintain the British smile as business goes on for their histories national pride of their before freedoms glory days. Let the Nation beware.....deno

American Freedom Wit from Abraham Lincoln

This I Never Dreamed for America.......deno......please share freely.

       I never dreamed that this once shining building would be a place for the headquarters of American Constitutional ripping. I never dreamed that We the people of the United States of America would have fears of what would come forth legislatively out of this building against our national liberties that young men and women have shed their precious blood for thru-out the generations and that we have enjoyed for centuries. I never dreamed that the greatest enemy of Americas freedoms would one day have bedded down here with foreign ideas and agendas (United Nations Agenda) exalted above the Constitution of America from within the walls of our own Government. I never dreamed that the most powerful betrayers of our Freedoms and Constitution would come from within these walls (of our own Government) for the downfall of freedom and the advancement of Socialism & Communism. But then again, their was Judas. 

     The enemies of our American Constitution and Christian traditions needed a friend to infiltrate and change us from within for their exaltation of the left and of the liberals agenda of darkness and deceiving delusions. They got a volunteer and under the power of misleading and misguiding words and enticing delusional speeches, we AMERICA fell for the biggest anti freedom and anti America agenda legislation that the world has ever seen and known since the declaration of our independence.......

      Everyday now, we all strain under the weight of the great troubling legislation's, lies, deceptions, cover ups, misleading agendas and government & media spins, and we are all feeling the sickness of the overall health of America by tyranny under the great weighty attack of the U.N., the Socialist, the Communist, and the humanist ungodly agenda against God, and against traditional America, and our believing History as a Christian Nation. 
      America we all know what needs to be done to heal this nation and get freedom back on its feet where she belongs and for God to Shed His Grace afresh on our Nation. Tolerance is not it. The power of real American Patriotism is. Tolerance and to tolerate in this hour is Satan's favorite word for his dark agenda and for his deceiving destructive advancements in our nation and in ones own personal life. Tolerate me, Satan says. Tolerate. Tolerate. Tolerate.....Well everyone  that has has suffered harm and loss, from a nations soul to ones own soul. 
      We need to vote our Constitution enemies out. We need to cast out the enemies of God and all those that war against God and our Christian Heritage. Vote them out early. Each and everyone of them.....deno and John Wayne and millions and millions and millions of others......please share freely.

Gods Word About The Gay Life Style and Gay Marriage. It Is Not Found No Where In Heaven. Just as in heaven there is no rape, or murder, nor is there homosexualilty any where. Such is not tolerated in heavens glory. Please agree with God on this before it is to late for you. All of us are appointed to die and face eternal judgement right afterwards. Don't let pleasures in this life ruin your eternity. It is not worth it. American Courts may condone this sin by the hardness of their hearts, but Gods Spirit can never condone this sin. He will forgive this sin but He would never approve of it or condone it. His rule says repent of this sin and live.

Warning: History is repeating itself.
 Romans 1:19-32) Take the time to read all these scriptures. The light of Gods truth and wisdom on this matter is all there. We will read selected verses here.

21)  Because although, when they knew God, they glorified Him not as God, neither were they thankful: They became warped in their reasonings and imaginations, and their foolish hearts were darkened.
22)   Professing their own selves to be wise and insightful they became fools.
23)   They even in this dumb down stage changed the glory of the incorruptible God into an image like to corruptible man, and to birds, and four footed beast and creeping things. (Evolution type worship)
24)   For all this God gave them up to uncleaness through the lust of their own hearts, to dishonor their own bodies between themselves.
25)  They changed the truth of God (Creator) into a lie, and worshiped and served the creatures rather than the Creator, who is the truth forever. Amen.
26)   For this cause God gave them up to perverted affections; for Even their own women did change the natural use of the man and did that which is not natural and is against nature with each other.
27)   And likewise the men leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another, men also with men doing that which is wrong and shameful and receiving in themselves that just  punishment for their perversion which was only right for their evil exchange of the right for the wrong and for their changing Gods truth for their lie.
28)   And since they did not want to keep God in their minds and in their lives but wanted to live by their own rules, God gave them over to a sinful approving mind and thought process to do those things which are not right.
31)   They lost proper understanding, lost their covenant integrity, became full of the evil spirit of warped and unnatural affections
32)   They knew the judgement of God, they knew to do such twisted perverse things was unnatural and wrong but their hearts had become so hardened by the deceitfulness of their sins that they lost all fear of God in their eyes so that not only did they enjoy doing these perverse things but rallied their crowds who loved and approved all this evil conduct with excitement and glee.........please share freely......deno      

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

God Loves You and Is Mindful of Your Love for Him and of Your Charity Toward His Children

Hebrews 6:10-12) NIV
 vs 10).....God is not unjust. He will not forget your work and the love you have shown Him as you help His people/children and continue to help them.
 vs 11).....We want each of you to show this same diligence to the VERY END, in order to make your hope sure.
 vs 12).....We do not want you to become lazy, but to imitate those who through faith and patience inherit what has been promised....amen

      Brothers and Sisters in Christ Jesus,  though things are looking grim in this world and many have departed from the faith by giving heed to seducing spirits and theories based on purposed lies to deceive just as the Holy Spirit fore told they would in the latter days; Let us not lose our faith to the satanical wiles that are besetting those who love to much this present world and the pleasures of sin and of darkness.  For the blaze of Gods fury shall burn as an unquenchable oven on those who loved not the Lord Jesus Christ. 
      Rather let us the redeemed, Continue in doing good to God and to all the saints here and there in Jesus Name. For God is also burning with hot desire to reward His good and faithful servants with the rewards of godliness in this life and of eternal riches that come upon those whose hearts are of unwavering faith and loves uncompromising devotions......deno.....please share freely

Why God Was Grieved With That Generation

Hebrews 3:7-14,18-19)

vs 7)....Today, if you will hear His voice,
vs 8).....Do not harden your hearts as they did in their rebellion. In the day of trial in the wilderness.
vs 9).....When your fathers provoked Me and tested My tolerance and saw My works for forty years. 

vs 10)...For those reasons I was grieved with that generation and said, They do always err and go astray in their hearts, AND THEY HAVE NOT KNOWN MY WAYS,
vs 11)....So I Swore in My wrath at them that they shall not enter into My rest.
vs 12)....So take heed my fellow believers, lest there be in any of you an EVIL HEART OF UNBELIEF, in departing from the Living God.
vs 13)....But encourage one another daily, while we have today; lest any of you be hardened through the lie of the pleasures of sin and of this present glamor of evil in this world.
vs 14).....For we are made partakers of Christ, If we hold the beginning of our confidence firmly to the end.
vs 18).....AND TO WHOM SWORE HE THAT THEY SHOULD NOT ENTER INTO HIS REST? But to them that did not trust and believe.
vs 19).....So we see that they could not enter in BECAUSE OF UNBELIEF.
                                     *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *
    Since 1963 America has been viciously attacked by the children of disobedience, rebellion, and by the children of unbelief and of doubt. So much so that this day in America is filled with people PROVOKING the Lord as in days of old. The sin of doubt and of unbelief is the most destructive sin of all. It gives God no place. It gives Satan more deceptive and destructive  room than he knows what to do with. 
     America Behold Your Nation. America Behold Your Streets. America Behold Your Ways. America Behold All Those Schools and Universities In Your Land That Is Robbing From Your Children Faith, Hope and Gods Sons Message and Love.....Wake Up and Turn from these most self destructive ways. Return to God in faith. Make doubt and unbelief and the promoters thereof along with Satan your feets footstool each day (Hebrews 1:8-13)....BE BELIEVING....As it is written. For we are made partakers of Christ IF We Hold the beginning of our faith-confidence firm to the end (Hebrews 3:14)....deno.....please share freely

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Today Better Than Yesterday...poem by deno

Father In Jesus Name Thank You

My today is better than yesterday.
My future is filled with greater light.
The Blessings of God are overtaking my life.
I'm seeing with increasing greater sight.

The light in me is so marvelous.
Shinning brighter than ever before.
It is great light of the brightness of Christ.
Christ light in me shines the more.....Amen

deno.....please share freely

The Light of Jesus shines in me.
It exceeds the light of the Stars.
It is the light of the Light of Life.
It's the light of the Christ the Lord....Amen

deno.....please share freely

Psalm by deno...Gods Thoughts......please share freely

Father In Jesus Name Thank You

The Word of God is renewing my mind.
My thoughts are more the Lords.
The Mind of Christ is the light of my mind.
Gods thoughts I think more and more. Amen....deno

     *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   

What is in the Spirit
Keeps coming up to my mind.
It is a constant inner action
Of Christ Spirit and mine. Amen....deno

    *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

God is good. God is great.
Let us thank Him for this day. 
By His Spirit we are fed.
The most delicious Word of God.
Christ delicious Living Bread. Amen.....deno

A Psalm by deno of the Father

    The Lord shall ever the more illuminate and enlighten me. I shall spread my wings and fly on the wind of His love and faithfulness. He girds me up with strength. He clothes me with the glory of His mercies and grace in Christ Jesus. I will walk and fly upon His high places that He has prepared for my feet from the foundation of the world. In His blessings I will do so with joy and gladness in my heart rejoicing in my Redeemer. I leap into His mighty Arms like a child in love and in awe of His Father......Amen.....deno.... for all.