Monday, January 27, 2014

How To Bring Down The Greatest Nation On Earth......deno....please share freely

    How to bring down the greatest nation on earth? Cut back on her military. Cause low moral in the 4 military branches. Send her weapons to other nations. Make her mostly dependent on foreign oil and money. Strip down her economic strength by burying her in debt and take down her factories and send her jobs to other nations. Take her tax revenue and give it to foreigners and to aid foreign nations. Create major government dependency on half its people. Send billions and billions and billions over seas to other nations and yet cut back on funding American jobs, government jobs. Cut military raises. Cut civil service emp. raises. Divide her citizens. Denounce patriotism. Burn the flag. Don't show respect to the national anthem. Do all you can do to divide the kingdom against itself, by all subtle means possible. Remove faith in God and promote unrighteousness....Sounds very familiar doesn't it?....The grass whithers and the earths most beautiful flowers fade away, but those who believe and obey Gods Word will live forever in His glory. Set your love and affections on things above, where Jesus sits at Gods right hand. Let us ALL remember this world shall pass away  including it's  present nations, but they that believe and obey the gospel of Jesus Christ shall God spare and glorify with Jesus.....deno
For money and silver a man betrayed the Son of God and turned him over to his enemies. Today for silver and gold and money, ELECTED MEN and business men who are lovers of money more than lovers of God and America are betraying  America and they have been handing us and our strengths over to our enemies. America please RETURN TO LOVING GOD AND  COUNTRY.

WHOSOEVER WILL LET HIM COME........deno....please share freely

.....Friend I cannot put myself in peoples shoes like my dad who loved and lived so honorably and righteously in Christ love and pastored and  preached for over 50 years before going to glory. Nor am I worthy to unloose the sandals of our pastors and elders of the great assembly today. To me I'm amongst the least of all the saints for so many reasons. But I found out that even those of us that see themselves as one like I have been can read this word from the Lord, mix our hearts faith with it's loving, inviting words from God and even we, in the row of the chiefest of sinners can return to God and rejoice in it's richness of mercy. It is this one, Jesus said, Whosoever will let him come, yes let him come and drink from the Waters of life freely (meaning at NO CHARGE to them).  Sinner or saint you are a WHOSOEVER.  Rich or Poor you are a WHOSOEVER.
     Jesus paid the price for all to come unto the table of His Bread. He paid the full price for us to come and sit down with EVEN HIM in heavenly places of His grace and glory given to men in the Spirit to eat and drink the full course meals that His blood paid for all to eat and drink and enjoy IN FAITH, for whatsoever is not of faith is sin  (Romans 14:23). 
      So the word WHOSOEVER here that Jesus used in the invite means exactly that. Sinner or Saint, greatest or the least, the good or the bad, Christ has called all and invited all to the table of his bread of grace and truth THE GOSPEL OF GOD and their worthiness is Christ himself and the fact that God himself authored and gave to all this non partisan invite. He said WHOSOEVER will let him come and drink from the waters of life freely. 
     Others may gripe and grumble at this non partisan invite but that matters not. They may cry and throw fits in self righteousness that God lets this rain of His goodness and grace  to fall upon the good and the bad, but IT IS THE VERY WILL AND WORD OF THE LORD. They may be bitter and angry that Jesus sits at the table of even the chiefest of sinners in their eyes and sup with them and feed them himself His Bread and His Living Water, but let us all REMEMBER that He alone is God and the Judge of all  men. When the judge has set you free you are FREE INDEED. When the highest of all has said WHOSOEVER will let him come and drink from the Waters of Life freely, it matters not what the proud or the religious envious say or don't say. Come unto the Lord one and all for all He has called and invited to the tables of His grace of the abundantly pardoned....

Revelations 22:17) And the Spirit and the bride (The Church) in loves agreement)  say Come. And let him that hears say Come, And let him that is thirsty Come. And WHOSOEVER  will let them take the water of life freely.

Isaiah 55:6,7) Seek the Lord while He can be found, call upon Him while He is near. 7) Let the wicked forsake his wicked ways, and the unrighteousness man his evil thoughts, AND LET HIM RETURN UNTO THE LORD, and God will have great mercy upon him, and let us RETURN unto our God for He will ABUNDANTLY PARDON.....

The Wheat Gathered Into The Barn.......deno

.....many preach often and their minds dwell upon the wrath of God. Such light has it's place but Paul said we as Christians should think on things that are lovely and of good report and that are honorable. He said we should set our hearts love, attention and affections on things above, not on things about hell below. Jesus himself taught Paul that we, as Gods children in Christ, have been called unto peace with God and that we have been delivered from the wrath to come and that God has not appointed us unto wrath but unto salvation by Jesus Christ. He came and preached peace to those who were near and to those who were far away. Jesus was the peace offering for our everyday and eternal peace with God....Yea but deno, John the baptist said that God will burn up the chaff with unquenchable fire. Yes he did preach that. My response, In Christ we are not the chaff. We are the children of the GOOD NEWS. We are the wheat gathered into his barn. Preach that. Don't be the chaff. Very unwise to do so. Trust, serve, obey, and cleave to Christ........deno....please share freely

While God Was On Earth......deno.

      While on earth God picked up children into His arms. While on earth God, even having the Holy Spirit of God without measure, He put His arms around people and hugged them tightly. He hung out with and hugged SINFUL PEOPLE (You should really think about that one. That happened often. So much is said in that). While on earth God bowed down His knees and washed His children's feet. While on earth God sat down with known sinners and talked with them over a meal. While on earth God turned water into wine to keep the party going and the wedding celebration. God likes good celebrations. While on earth God road on the back of a donkey. While on earth God exalted man above the Sabbath, saying the Sabbath was made for man and not man for the Sabbath. This saying disturbed a lot of religious people.While on earth God cried and shed tears. While on earth God laughed and rejoiced with people. While on earth God spent His days loving, blessing, and serving others. While on earth God daily took up His cross and preferred others every day before himself, serving them gladly, IMAGINE THAT. It Happened. While on earth God fed the hungry. While on earth God visited the sick and healed them. While on earth God preached the gospel to the poor. While on earth God taught the multitudes His good news. While on earth God went about doing His good and healing all that were oppressed of the devil. While on earth God had face to face, one on one conversations with men and women.....
      While on earth God with the Holy Spirit without measure stretched forth His hands and touched the unclean leper and healed them perfectly. Since He God with His Holy Pure Spirit can touch the unclean and heal them, He can fellowship with anyone who invites Him in. If you are willing the unclean leper said to Jesus. You can make me clean. Jesus said to him. I AM WILLING, BE CLEAN. The Holy Spirit himself touched the unclean man and made him whole. No matter how dirty or unclean you think you are, God is so willing to touch even you and make you clean with His blood, Words and Spirit.
      He Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Let us come boldly unto the Throne of the One who loved us and gave himself every day for us. Let us come unto Him washed in His blood and full of the light of His great love for us. Let us come unto the Lord in the full assurance of faith and in confidence. Let us let Jesus hug us every day (HELLO). He surely desires to (Thy love will be done on earth even at it is in heaven is scriptural). He wants to bless your day with His work. His work is always blessed. He wants to bless your travels and your fishing trip. He wants to supply all your needs. Trust Him. Love Him. Believe in the love He has for you. Obey Him. Do His will and you will find the life and the joy your soul thirst for. Trust and obey. For there's no other way, to be happy in Jesus, but to trust and obey........deno.....please share freely

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Heaven Came Down And Glory Fills My Soul.....deno

Heaven came down and glory fills my soul.
For at the Cross my Savior made me whole.
My sins he washed away and my night he turned to His day. 
Heaven came down and Christ glory fills my soul.

Now I have a hope that will surely endure,
after the passing of time. 
The light of Gods love fills full the sight of my eyes. 
His joy fills my heart so divine. 

Jesus is the reason for the smile on my face.
His mercy I rejoice in each day. 
He fills my heart with His power and peace. 
He feeds me His Word I'm to say.....Amen

Lookin Up.....deno.....pleaase share freely

      Have you ever noticed the fact that personal and national troubles seem to always cause people to look up and go back to church....There will be so much trouble in the last days that even Jesus confirmed this fact. He said when you see all these troubles coming upon the earth, LOOK UP for your deliverance draws nigh.     
      In the times of need and in the times of troubles LOOK UP. Look up the promises of God and stand upon them when the winds of trials and troubles blow against your house and life. The promises of God are also  part of the POWER OF GOD unto those who believe them. When we stand in bible faith on the promises of God we are standing on the HIGH GROUND OF God that God gave us in Christ to walk on ON EARTH. We are looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith when we do. Looking up unto Jesus causes the deliverance to draw nigh and be maniifested ....Amen......deno

Abba, Father, Daddy.....deno....please share freely

It is a giant step in Christ that we make when we go from calling God, God, and every day calling Him DAD. Jesus every day called God, FATHER. The word he used here in English is the name Daddy. Like a little child calls his pop, DADDY. This closeness is every child's birthright In Christ. Romans 8:14-17. This Dad and child closeness we all have in Christ with the Father. We just need our eyes opened to it's great love. John 3:16 For God so loved us. John 17:23, Jesus said," that they all may learn that you love them EVEN AS YOU LOVE ME". This is what God want us to all learn, know, believe, and walk in it's light every day as we learn more of Him and to obey His will. We really are His children. He really is our daddy. Unless you think and become as a little child.. REMEMBER.....deno.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Pro Life Is Of God. Pro Abortion Is Of The Devil.....Case Closed......deno.......please shae freely

     .....And Moses said to the people, "who is on the Lords side? And God said unto the children of Israel, "I set before you this day Life or Death, Blessing or Cursing, CHOOSE YOU this day whom you will serve in this matter. Let us all humble ourselves and repent, for without exception, we must all stand before the judgement seat of Christ to account for all we stood for or against, for every idol and for every idle word we spoke, and for all the deeds we did good or evil.  Remember also The Great White Throne of the Mighty God.

     To all Christians that some how differ in their convictions about abortion. This Word from God is for you...."And God said unto them, Be fruitful, increase, multiply and replenish the earth." These words quoted are Gods Words for the reproduction and increase of male and female, the sons and daughters of God. This Word is Gods Words that change not. He said, "I will not alter the thing I have spoken." Be fruitful, multiply and replenish the earth was Gods words, and God would never alter them. Abortion obeys none of these Words of God. 
     Friends, Gods revealing Word reveals to us that the devil is the one who spins the truth and spins Gods Words. The devil is the one who twisted Gods Word and formed the lie. It is written Cain was of the devil and slew/murdered his brother. Jesus said to men who wanted to tear Christ words to pieces and to those  that wanted him dead and lifeless, He said to them. You are of your father the devil and his desires you will do. He was a murderer from the beginning and he is a liar and the father of all lies and deceptions. 
     In these words God makes plain to us that Pro life is of God. Pro abortion is of the devil. The devil is always roaming  and looking for blood shed of people and for souls that he can devour. Abortion and all it's blood stained utensil are some of his devouring tools. But worse than that are the people, the souls who volunteer to assist in the devouring..... Case closed..... REPENT said John the Baptist......deno.

      If we confess our sin unto the Lord, he promises us that he will forgive us and cleanse us from all our guilt and sins. He loves you that much. Maybe you did have an abortion and you feel the stings of it. God still loves you. He would have saved every one of those men who whipped him and crucified him had they just asked him to...God is that loving and that forgiving. Thank God He is. 
     Make your peace with God on this matter. He loves a repentant believing heart..... And angels rejoice when people repent on earth, agree with God on earth, and turn to Him from their wicked ways. Jesus will fix it for you. Only Jesus can make peace for you with God. ONLY JESUS. That is what He lives now at Gods right hand to do every day for us all. TO MAKE PEACE AND TO KEEP THE PEACE by his blood, and by his  prayers and intercessions for us who come to him in repentant hearts of faith.....

The Message of the Cross........deno.....please share freely

“For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God.

For since, in the wisdom of God, the world through wisdom did not know God, it pleased God through the foolishness of the message preached to save those who believe.

but we preach Christ crucified, to the Jews a stumbling block and to the Greeks foolishness,

Because the foolishness of God is wiser than men, and the weakness of God is stronger than men.

But the natural man does not receive the things of the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him; nor can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned.

For the wisdom of this world is foolishness with God. For it is written, “He catches the wise in their own craftiness”;”
(1 Corinthians 1:18, 21, 23, 25; 2:14; 3:19).

Notes: The first verse above teaches us that the cross of Christ makes no sense to the natural mind of man. It is foolish to the worlds course and way of thinking. But to those of us whose eyes have been opened, the cross of Christ is the power of God that saves all them who believe.

    But we preach Christ crucified....What do you preach? What are you banking on for your assurance into heaven, the paradise of God? Remember, the Cross of Christ is the Message of God, not the words of men. It is the wisdom of God and it is the Power of God. Placing your hope in the commandments of the Law and strict obedience to the Law is the choice of man and it is weak and beggarly. It is weak and beggarly because no one, no not one of us can keep it to the standard God demanded. And what was that HIGH STANDARD? He said, cursed is every soul that does not do ALL THE LAW. 
     Don't hope in that which CURSES YOU for that to the angelic host in glory is real foolishness.  Hope thou in God. Have faith in Jesus Christ and him crucified and risen from the dead. He went back up into heaven itself thru his own blood, death and resurrection course and he was not going back up there until he first went thru the scriptural course of the Christ passions, of his blood shed, of his death on the Cross, and after his resurrection. 
    All of us in order to be saved must remain joined to and remain attached to JESUS, the Lamb of God, by faith that remains; by trust that remains in the Cross of Christ, which is the Power of God. Abiding Faith in the Cross of Christ, abiding faith in Christ blood, death and resurrection is the winning ticket. 
     We must become and remain one with our Redeemer by the gospels faith and mix connection. By faith we must become mixed with the blood of his cross, with his death on the Cross, with his resurrection and ascension back to the Throne and never veer off or stray from this mix nor leave this message of the Cross. For the Cross of Christ is the Power of God unto salvation. Every other message, religious or not, is the power of men and of human blind wisdom.. and of the human will. 
      I'm staying with Jesus Christ and him crucified. I'm sticking with, cleaving to, remaining mixed in, and with Christ Jesus our Lord and Savior from the Cross to the Throne. This way was HIS WAY back to heaven itself and back to the Throne of His Fathers glory. He could not go around this cup, the cup of the Cross, nor side step it and make it back to heaven. He had to drink that cup to fulfill the needful scriptures and so do we in ever trusting abiding faith in the Cross of Christ that justifies us in the sight of God. 
    Keep your Faith in the scriptures of the Cross of Christ and his resurrection for it is the Wisdom of God and the Power of God that saves to the uttermost them that BELIEVE AND OBEY IT'S LOVE MESSAGE. Greater love hath no man than this than to lay down, give and to live his life for others. Love one another as I have loved you said Jesus to us all. It is written, "believe on the Lord Jesus Christ (His Cross & Resurrection) and love one another. It is simple my friend and these two commandments are not grievous....deno

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Being Born Again Simply Explained.......deno....please share freely

        Until you really believe and know that your born of God in your spirit. Until you really know and believe that you are a son or a daughter of God your Father. Until you really see and believe that God is your dad and His tie to you is greater than the grip of any other family tie connection. Until you really know and believe in the love God has for you, you will never feel fully secure in Christ and your days will be gloomy with fear and doubt and questions wondering whether you are saved or not. 
      In Christ God is not your Dad because of your works and deeds. No , He is your dad by actual literal born of God birthright. See 1 John :1-5....The evidence is found in your spirits DNA. That DNA is Christ and His seed in you. He is the seed, the imperishable seed of God that we are born again by in our spirit within.
     Being born again is not a work of the flesh or from human deeds. It is a NEW CREATION in the hidden man of the heart in our spirit. It takes place the very moment the heart believes and receives Christ. The moment the heart mixes its faith with the unique one of a kind imperishable seed of Christ and His gospel, God recreates our spirit. Your spirit passes from death unto life (John 5:24). As Christ physical body was change from death unto life everlasting, (IMPORTANT CONNECTION TO BE MADE HERE) so is our spirits raised from spiritual death unto spiritual life everlasting when our spirit is really born of God and risen with Christ (Colossians 3:1-4). It is a spiritual resurrection which can by no means be figured out or understood by looking to the physical senses for its reality. That which is born of flesh is flesh and that which is born of spirit is spirit.... 1 John 5:1-5 tell us how we become born of God. 1 Peter 1:22-25.....deno.

The Inside National Security Threat To Our Constitution....Evolution.....deno.....please share freely

      To believe that man is nothing more than evolved bacteria and slushy funghi ghooo that shaped itself into a single cell thru zillions of trial runs and then thru billions of years and thru zillions and zillions more trial runs, that first single cell shaped itself into every plant life form and into every bug, fly, butterfly, spider, bird, turtles, all fish and all reptiles and every animal form and all these things different internal parts for things mindless matter formed to live and have life and reproduce, and then after figuring out all those internal and external zillions of differences cause, from the monkey squad, man to evolve and come forth is more dangerous to the National Security of Our Constitution than all other out side armies and forces. 
      America, this very threat to the National Security of our Constitution is being poured into your children in all our schools and Universities constantly. This very brain washing, mind altering lie and theory kicks God out, the bible out, Americas Constitution out, righteousness out, absolutes out, moral laws out, equality out, and leaves before this nation the DO WHAT THOU WILT SPIRIT of the lawless one and do it without fear of a God or eternal consequence from the judgement no matter how weird, violent, or perverted the act....And you wonder what has happened to the Nation that the world once looked up to as the righteous moral people of the world, a christian nation. 
      Now the very thing that caused Sodom and Gomorrah to be judged by God, wiped off the map, and it's people destroyed, Americas political forces on the take promote the same weapon for our mass destruction from God and from within. They promote the gay life style from the schools, to the porn world, to the White House and our once God fearing Supreme Courts dishonor our Christian Laws and the Great Law Giver to appease what the bible calls the deceitful lust of men of unnatural affections, who have no faith and who are, even to God, most wicked and most unreasonable. Romans 1:24-32.

Real Prayer......deno....please share freely

      Real Prayer is ones heart in faiths assurance, speaking words full of ones hearts desires, targeted toward God who when the faith measure is right moves upon the desire of the heart that prayed those words and turns those desire filled words into living heavenly and physical realities in our lives on earth.
       Prayer is always, every time, WORDS SPOKEN and WORDS PERFORMED, much like this example " and the Word became flesh and dwelt amongst us". The words of our prayers become our realities when performed by God..

JOHN 10:10) Jesus who is called the Word of God in the bible said.....I (The Word Of God, The Word of the New Covenant, I Gods Good News To Men) have come to you so that you might have life and have it more abundantly. It's us praying Gods Word and Promises in faith assurance that makes all the difference of life and death, heaven or hell, blessing and cursing, victory or defeat, salvation or condemnation in our lives on eath......Amen......deno.

....With Full Hearts....deno to America....please share freely

...with full hearts.....No matter what they think or say, I STILL BELIEVE...America, Romney was and is the right choice, but being deceived by the tongue of craft & deceit of one and of many on the take and inside the media truth twisting, spinning machine, you chose a lying wonder and now you are reaping the downward slope and your days are over laid with more deception, more deceit, more false fronts and altered numbers, more cover ups, with more darkness, more confusion, with more despair, and with a cloud of gloom....
     But  there still exist HOPE AMERICA. Here is the true reason why and we find it in the Word of Truth the Bible. Even though the disciples thought all hope was gone and the glory days now past by a depressing sight, by a staring empty cross and a full grave wherein their hope seemed buried forever, it was in that darkest hour Gods Glory and Good News came to light SAYING...... He whom All Things Are Possible By had great mercy, moved in front of His Sons tomb and commanded the hope of His people TO RISE AGAIN and He poured out His glory on the situation and upon His favored and raised His Son back to life from the dead and in doing so He raised back up and restored the joy, faith and hope of His people. 
       God and His glory poured out on America can raise her back up in righteousness, joy, peace, prosperity, and in POWER even beyond all her yesterdays. For with God all things are possible. All God needs is real bible faith on earth praying and believing that the Glory of God be poured out on our Nation....Words to think about  and to do. IF MY PEOPLE WHO ARE CALLED BY MY NAME..........deno to America with love for God and Country.....I weep sometimes for what should have and could have been and for what SHOULD BE but will the people hear the cry of a patriot?

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

From Eternity Into Time The Word Became Flesh......deno

Think about this truth of the gospel. The Eternal God became a man to TASTE DEATH for us all. Eternal means to have no beginning of days neither ending of days. To always have been and to ever shall be. Yet He stepped out of His eternal into the realms of man and calculable time thru the Word becoming flesh and took upon himself time and flesh to taste death for every man in order to bring many sons unto eternal  salvation and to no end of days....deno

The Blood Of God. It's Incomparable Power......deno.....please share freely

    Christ taught us that His blood was the blood of the New Covenant between God and Man.  His blood, the blood of the Son of God,was shed for many, for the remission of their sins and for their salvation from sin. As it is written...His Name shall be called Jesus for He shall save His people from their sins. It is also written, "that without the shedding of blood there is no removal or remission of sin". Therefore we can see in these scriptures that TO GOD BLOOD HAS TO BE SHED TO SAVE US FROM OUR SINS.  Knowing this God prepared for us His best and greatest sacrifice for our sins. A body God prepared for himself and it is written, "that by the sacrifice of Himself God put away sin."
     Can you imagine that with me? I mean just think about it. God became a man and by the Sacrifice of Himself he put away sin. No court of justice in their right mind on earth or in heaven could ever rightly argue against the power of the blood sacrifice of God. The blood of His own Cross is the power of God unto salvation. The only ones that do spit and wag their heads at the power of Gods own blood and of His own sacrifice are those whose hearts and minds eyes are blind to it's incredible awing saving  power. 
     The power God unleashed thru the blood of His own Cross is more powerful than all the energy and power God released when He created the Creation. We can trust and believe in the redeeming and saving power of the blood of our Makers own Cross.....It is written Have faith in God....We also write and say, Trust in and have faith in Gods Blood, the blood of our Lord Jesus Christ......
      Nothing of any of us on earth or in heaven can even compare to the saving grace and redeeming power that is the the Cross of Christ where God himself shed His own blood and tasted death by the way of the Cross to save His own people  from their sins......
       In redemption covenant wisdom, blood is far far more powerful and far far more redeeming than any good works of men...... The works of men on His altar compared to the blood of God on Gods altar are incomparable in power.....One is as blazing fire. The other is but stubble and straw......Thru all our good works that were are to do in Christ in obedience to His Lordship over us, let us keep our hearts trust, faith, and confidence in the power of the blood of God and His own blood and Cross.......deno. 

No Other Name Under Heaven Or In All Creation Above The Name Of Jesus......deno.....please share freely

    When Jesus gave us His Name to do all things in, he gave us the mightiest of gifts ever given by God to His creatures. So much can be said and written about this and so much has been taught us and written to us by the elders of the church. 
    One thing I want us to be reminded of in God giving us His Sons Name is that God knew why He gave us the greatest Name in Heaven and in all the creation. It was because He wanted to give us HIS BEST. He wanted to give us HIS BEST access to Him.  He wanted to give us HIS BEST entrance to Him. He wanted to give us HIS BEST WAY unto God's heart and ear. He wanted to give us HIS BEST power and HIS BEST reaching God authority. No One gets to God like Jesus does and it was Jesus and His Name God gave us THE REDEEMED for our salvation, safe keeping and accessing the Father to get our orders and to receive all the good He has for us each and every day on earth and in heaven. Yes this may surprise you but in heaven also, we to shall live in, pray and praise in the Mighty Name Of Jesus.......deno.....please share freely.

P.S.   When we ask in the Name of Jesus we are asking God in the name of the one who is sinless and perfect in righteousness. This gives us great asking grace and power in which we are to believe in and  believe on. It exceeds all our self righteousness and all the power of our very limited flawed filled records and names. We are to believe that God in His great love for us has honored us the imperfect and the weaker vessels by giving us His Sons perfect record, his sinlessness, and his perfect righteousness and relationship with the Father which all together given freely to us, is the mightiest asking and receiving from God power on earth and in heaven. 
    Jesus alone is the Name and the God given us gift of righteousness to Ask and Receive from the Father. Believe on that name and in his perfect record and righteousness and his perfect relationship with the Father and love one another. This is the Two New Commandments of the greatest power of God to man on earth.

Pray Down The Rain.....deno....please share freely

We are not responsible for the change in people. Our part is to plant the seeds of Christ and His gospel and then pray down the rain. Jesus did exactly that. He first sowed himself THE WORD thru the Cross to be planted and received in the ground of the hearts of all men. Then He went to the Father and prayed down the rain. Father He said. Send now to them that believe Your Living Water, The Holy Spirit...... We need no longer the word or the spirits of men in our nation that needs to be healed. We need the Voice of Christ and the Spirit of the Living God. As is is written of king Saul, The Lord said to him. Saul, when My Spirit comes upon you, you will be a different person. You will even prophesy like the prophets. Can you see here in this verse how Gods Spirit can really change and heal us and make in us and in our nation the BIG DIFFERENCE. LETS NOW PRAY DOWN THE RAIN OF GODS LIVING WATER THE HOLY SPIRIT UPON THIS GENERATION IN JESUS NAME....deno

Neither Give Place To The Devil......please share freely.....deno

Heaven never gives place to Satan nor to Atheist.They know to do so is Curse Full and Demonic Filled. The Americans before us clearly knew and understood this truth......But now The One Nation Under God is seriously regretting more and more That DAY she relaxed her stand and compromised her glory & honor and did. Her streets now are a blazed with hate, anger, and violence. Her children are confused and have gone wild in sin & they are bringing forth the evil fruits of darkness and unbelief.......deno

Let us return unto the Lord and He will pardon us. Let us repent and He will heal our land. God I pray for America. That by Your Gospel and Spirit we as as Nation wise up and repent and return unto the Lord and bring forth the glorious fruit of repentance and forgiveness. AMEN.

Reminding America......deno

Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord.
This verse of scripture is the foundation of the words, One Nation Under God....deno

Reminding America: Together We Stand, Divided We Fall. Blessed Are The People Whose God Is The Lord. 

God Bless The United States Of America.

Whats In Your Heaven? Lay Up For Yourselves Treasure In Heaven.......deno.....please share freely

     The scriptures teach us that Christ went to the Cross and tasted death for us all to bring many people unto glory, unto the heavens of God. It is written, Jesus by his death reconciled us unto God.... Now that we who have received Christ are the children of God who have received the great reconciliation that Christ death accomplished for us; and now that we as His children are RISEN WITH CHRIST (Colossians 3:1-4) in the spirit unto his heavenly places of position and honor (Ephesians 2;1-10), it is totally up to us and our decision only of how much treasure we will have laid up for ourselves in heaven where Christ is seated at the right hand of God....The world will ask you, Whats in your wallet? Angels of exceeding great power and glory will ask you, What's your treasure amount in heaven?....

     Today start being about your Saviors business and lay up for yourselves more and more treasure in your heaven in Christ.....Reminder #1, In all that you do acknowledge the Lord and he will guide your path. Reminder #2, And whatever it is that you do, do all in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.....
      In glory right now, Angels are treasure hunting. They are looking for the treasure that you laid up for yourself this day in heaven for your enjoyment in your eternity with Jesus and God the Father. He left all this part fully up to you and me......deno

Jesus said, If you give a cup of water to even the least of these my brethren, you shall by no means lose your reward. Imagine what a full course meal given to one will provide for you in your heaven.

Jesus said, Did you not know that I must be about my Fathers works and business? 

Monday, January 20, 2014

God Swore The Peace......deno.....please share freely

  1.        I have been down many different roads in this life thru both good and bad decision making. I admit that. Sometimes I will admit this to that there are times in my life that I did not listen to my earthly father, nor to my Heavenly Father, so that i took a small bite out of that apple to start with, but by the deceitfulness of sins lying pleasures THAT ROSE UP IN MY MIND, I ended up eating the whole thing and my rear end and life ended up feeling the whip of both a loving earthly father and a mighty Heavenly Father. Both were professionals in the area of chastising the children they love........
          Did you know God who loves us and gave His Son for us knew perfectly the full precise measure of chastisement that was needful and necessary for you and I and all believers who hearken and obey His voice to have established for us the forgiveness of sins, eternal redemption and an everlasting covenant of peace? He fully pre-calculated the full measure of that chastisement and punishment that was needful and necessary to bring forth eternal salvation and a SWORN WORD OF ALMIGHTY GOD of everlasting peace between God and men on earth and God put that chastisement, THAT MEASURED CUP, before His Son and commanded him to drink that cup and leave nothing remaining in it. He left nothing friend, not even a smudge on the cups sides or edge. All of it Jesus fully drank, he fully absorbed into himself all that was in that bitter cup...Then once the drinking of that was finished, once it was accomplished Jesus cried out, It is done.
           It was RIGHT THEN by those words and what they meant that all that was necessary to tear the veil in twain in the holy of holies in the temple so that ALL men by faith in Christ could enter unto Gods Holy place/presence/dwelling/throne in an upheld by God himself covenant of endless peace and His Holy Spirit into them. This was and is everyday the Power of the Blood & Cross of Christ. It is always pointing up and pointing US towards heaven to the Father and His throne. NOW NOTE THIS WITH ME. A GOOD WORD IS ABOUT TO BE PREACHED AND REVEALED HERE FOR US ALL AND FOR OUR REJOICING......

           Around that magnificent Throne is the GREAT RAINBOW which was place and positioned there TO everyday remind God what He Swore, that He would never destroy the whole earth by water again Isaiah chapters 52, 53, 54, 55 a must read....With that rainbow there in mind and its purpose to remind God what HE SWORE.....ABOVE THE IMPORTANCE OF ALL THAT, LET US TOGETHER NOTE THIS... the Father HIMSELF sat Jesus down right next to Him in the GREAT THRONE and Jesus there CONSTANTLY AND DAILY REMINDS God of the Sworn Words THAT HE SWORE of eternal salvation, of eternal redemption, of endless peace and the forgiveness of sins He Swore between God and all who believe and obey His Sons Gospel and voice. Jesus there is constantly reminding God of the scriptures of the prophet Isaiah, saying REMEMBER FATHER, I was wounded for their transgressions, I was bruised for their iniquities. REMEMBER FATHER, that the punishment and the measured chastisement that was needful and necessary for the covenant of endless peace between God and the believing and eternal redemption to BE SWORN BY GOD TO MAKE IT UNBREAKABLE SCRIPTURE AND AN EVERLASTING UNBREAKABLE GOOD REPORT and GOSPEL I DRANK FATHER FOR THEM.... AND FATHER AS YOU COMMANDED OF ME I DRANK THAT CUP TO THE FULLEST MEASURE LEAVING NO REMAINS FOR ENMITY BETWEEN GOD AND THOSE WHO HEARKEN UNTO MY GOSPEL, WHO REPENT AND BELIEVE AND OBEY MY WORDS.....As it is written. the chastisement that was needful and necessary for our PEACE WITH GOD AND HIS PEACE WITH US JESUS MET....Yes my dad preached these words to me and my family for years. In honor of him and in honor of Jesus and in their love for you I have written them to REMINDS US ALL. Hope you did not mind ....please share His Love. Your friend in Christ.....deno

Thursday, January 16, 2014

If My People Who Are Called By My Name....If We Will Resist The Devil He Will Flee From Us.....If We Welcome Him He Will Not Leave.....deno....please share freely

If your the antiChrist and your father the devil knows it is soon time for you to come upon the worlds stage, you will scope the world scene to see what nations are in power and what nations are filled with believing Christians who are the light of the world and who are the enemies that war against the powers of darkness. Those nations of power filled with Christians you will place your attention upon to either take them down or take them over so that they cannot hinder your hours works on the earth. America is his target because of her past & even present christian heritage and her present power in the world....This is why we are under going such anti Christian anti Jesus attacks and changes is this nation. So that the anti Christ spirit, his demonic power and force is less grieved and less agitated and less disturbed. He is looking for free course of his demonic will over the world.....deno

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Let Gods Promises Grip Your Storm Or Need And Bring Peace & Salvation ......deno.....please share freely.

The Lord is His love and mercy can take the roughest of hearts and make them His smoothed by His Spirit, Gospel, Grace and Goodness. The Lord can take the most darkened mind and the most hate filled heart and turn that mind and that heart into a fountain of His sweet LIGHT and love. The Lord can take the storm of all storms and grip that storm with the mighty grip of His Word and Promise of PEACE BE STILL and calm it to the peace of his perfect rest. Of stones he can turn them into children of God and of Abraham.. Of the dead He can raise them up unto LIFE EVERLASTING. The empty basket he can fill to overflowing. With the Lord there is hope. All things are possible to those who really believe and please Him....And the Lord said to the blind man, "WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO DO.?". This to is included in the Word Of Gods Good News To Man In Christ Jesus.. God answers prayer. God will perform the desires of the believing. He will bring to pass the desires of those who delight and obey His voice......deno.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Come Down Off The Cross??? No Way....updated with a revelation from the Lord.....deno.....please share freely.

     They said, If you be the Christ, Come down now from the Cross.
       And the blind said to Jesus when he was upon the Cross....If you be the Christ, the Son of God, save yourself. Come now down off the Cross.
        Had Jesus come down off that Cross and failed to fulfill the Words of God (The Scriptures) concerning the passions of the Christ, all hell would have erupted and broke loose on earth and into all the regions of heaven itself FOR THE FATHER AND JESUS WOULD HAVE BEEN FOUND TO BE LIARS and Satan in the great war would have been given even further incredible place. (Note this the first Adam sin gave Satan the world and the souls of men..See Luke 4:5-6, 2 Corinthians 4:4, Revelations 13:1-2. Jesus Christ the Son of God, the  2nd Adam, had he lied or sinned or fell in temptation, he would have given Lucifer the Spirit and Soul of God, even the Throne, for that sin would have been God Committed and on that Highest level so would be the consequence).
       Believe it or not it is still true. All things of God are upheld from creation to the throne of God by the word of Gods Power and His Words perfect unfailing integrity upholding strength . For man, men, or God Himself to transgress Gods words and commandments IT IS SIN and it has      grave/separation/robbing/self destructive consequences. 
One jot or one tittle failing to come to pass would bring the whole house of God down from the throne down, for the Throne had committed transgression against itself. That is a mystery of truth revealed.
       If God ever lied, then follows the cryptonite effect. That's why we see the fright, the fear, and the soulish pressure in the garden of Christ despair as his mind and soul were under temptation being pressured to side step the Cross scriptures of the Word of God. Satan in his desperate fight for self survival was using all his darkness mind manipulation power to take Jesus captive in his thoughts to use fear and anxiety by the horrors of the Cross to pressure Jesus from drinking its cup.
        If there ever was a chance for God to transgress His own Word this was it, the pressure of the Cross event. This was the hour of the power of darkness against the Son of God and also it was Lucifers greatest opportunity in the warfare to possibly cause a lie in the Godhead. All Satan needed was one lie, one transgression and the Kings guilt would be as guilty of all. A liar is a liar and the lie Satan is the father of and the ruler over.          Had Jesus side stepped the scriptures concerning the Cross that would have been the greatest sin and Word of God Transgression far above all others and it would have given unto Lucifer the greater place of authority and dominion over the Son, even to the throne of His Authority and Dominion which he had been after for a long time. Satan took Adams kingdom and keys and dominion of authority away from him by ONE transgression, and he was after the keys to the kingdom of God and Jesus Christ, tempting Jesus the second Adam to sin thru the sight of his own blood and the pains of the mercy filled merciless Cross. The scripture says, for you have not yet resisted sin unto blood.  This scripture was written all about Jesus as he sweated as it were drops of blood mixed with sweat as he was being TEMPTED to not drink the Cup of the Cross.
      When Jesus was in the garden sweating like drops of blood under extreme pressure from the weighty pressures pressing against him hoping to keep His tasting the death of the Cross FAR FROM HIM, all the Powers of darkness were united together against him in the heavenly realms of the mind, soul, spirit and body. United in the warfare against the Son of God they were doing all they could to scare our Lord, our Hope, away from the cross of Christ Word of God scriptures, in hope that a jot and tittle of the Word of God would fail to come to pass. Then by that transgression Satan would have gotten the Second Adams keys to his kingdom also. But Christ kingdom has no limit in measure as Adams did. Christ kingdom as Creator of all of heaven and earth encompasses the whole creation, even the throne of the Creator. 
      As Satan came against Eve and Adam to transgress a Word of God, even so he came against Jesus in hope to cause him to sin against a commandment given him as well. The Cross of Christ was a commandment given Jesus by God and avoiding the cross would have been sin, it would have been transgression against a commandment. Gods command of His Son to taste the fullness of death by the way of the Cross was Satan's best opportunity for his temptation to possible work to cause 2nd Adam transgression whereby he would lay holt of the keys.
      Had Jesus backed away from the Cross and failed to fulfill its scriptures, this would have meant the delicate balance of Gods Word that upholds all things would have been upended and the root that upholds all things in creation would have fallen by the power of GOD HIMSELF LYING. GOD LYING would be the end of God as we know him and the creation as we know it. Well thank God Jesus went to the Cross and stayed on the Cross even when all the evil spirits that use men and live in their hearts and in their thinking kept taunting Jesus to come down off the Cross. Thank God Jesus resisted sin even when suffering incomparable anxiety, pain and suffering in blood for the sin of all the world. 
    We to my friends must not let anyone, friend, family or foe talk us into coming off of, or coming down from, or going around the gospel of the Cross of Christ for salvation. If Jesus came down off the Cross even the Father and Jesus himself would have suffered severe condemnation and tremendous FALL from perfect light for lying. If you or I come off the Cross truth and power, or come down off the way of the Cross of Christ, being deceived by the serpent by other ways to follow other means of salvation, we to then would be found to be liars and we would suffer the severity of the condemnation of those who cleave not to the Cross of Christ. Such would be FALLING FROM GRACE and that fall has no end for it is a bottomless pit.
        And the Serpent will say to us, If you are saved, If you are a child of God come now down off the Cross and go to other means to save yourself....To do so, to do that would be spiritual suicide.....Stay Crucified with Christ and Risen with Christ......All of redemption and the so great salvation happened thru Christ drinking the Cup of the Cross...We must remain in the faith eating His Bread and Drinking the blood of His Cup in remembrance of His Great Sacrifice and Overcoming or there is no eternal life in us....deno.....please share freely.


I Will Cling To The Old Rugged Cross and Exchange It Some Day For A Crown....Keeping the faith Paul told us to keep is to cleave and cling to unwaveringly to AND with all yours hearts faith and trust to Jesus Christ and Him crucified and Risen from the dead AS THE WAY OF GODS ESTABLISHED FOR US SALVATION. No other road leds us unto glory but the Cross Of Christ. It is exactly how Jesus made it back safely to the Father,( NO WAY AROUND IT) and it is our way as well......deno.....please share freely

     What God has done from eternity we will live an eternity learning and finding out. His works are that in depth with His wisdom, knowledge and understanding. What Christ has done for us thru the cross is by no means naturally known or understood. It is revealed. Flesh and blood cannot make us know or understand it, but only by the Spirit of our Father opening our eyes can we know the glory, the benefits, the blessings, and the exceeding great saving power that is in and of the Cross of Christ. It was upon the Cross God Himself in the flesh tasted death for every man in order to save His own and all the world of believers from their sins and to bring many people unto His glory so that where Jesus is we can be also.....Only thru the Cross and the continuous mixing of our hearts faith and full unwavering trust in and with Christ precious blood and His exceeding great sacrifice and glorious resurrection shall will rise up unto God in His heavenly places that are far above.......
     Paul preached the saving power of the Cross of Christ from his beginning with Christ unto his dying in the Lord....For I am not ashamed of the Cross and Its Good news he preached, for it is the power of God, the power of God, the power of God unto eternal salvation saving all who believe from their sin. 
     The Cross of Christ is the ARK that we all are to enter into by faith and remain therein for assurance and safekeeping. It is the Ark built and provided by Gods own design and Gods own hands that will get us home safely. REMAIN IN THE ARK OF THE CROSS OF CHRIST....deno....
      OBEY THE CROSS....AGREE WITH THE CROSS OF CHRIST....CLEAVE TO THE CROSS OF CHRIST with all your love, devotion and faith for it is THE POWER OF GOD THAT SAVES US WHO BELIEVE FROM OUR SINS. Repentance is powerful but repentance without abiding faith in the Cross of Christ and His resurrection is a dead deed that cannot save. If all it took was repentance God would have spared His Son the agonies of the cup of the Cross. It is because of and from the Cross of Christ eternal redemption was obtained for us and it is also to be noted that all resurrections take place and occur only from the Cross, even the Lords. 

    So we repent yes, but we cleave to with all our hearts faith, hope, love and trust to The Power Of The Cross of Christ and His precious blood and resurrection to SAVE US. Without the blood of the passover Lamb, the repentant would have perished if they did not believe in, hope in , trust in the saving and keeping power of the blood of the PASSOVER LAMB on that wrath of God night. If the repentant Moses himself would have removed his trust off and away from the blood of the PASSOVER LAMB and put his confidence elsewhere, in himself, or in his repentance, or in anything of his name or doings, to save him from Gods wrath that night, and then step outside the great importance of the Lambs Blood, MOSES HIMSELF TO WOULD HAVE PERISHED THAT NIGHT.....Stay in the Ark of the Cross Of Christ, its that IMPORTANT...deno....please share freely.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Law of Moses Verses The Power Of Faith and The Mighty Works Of God.....deno cities and towns where Jesus came to  minister the Gospel and the Anointing upon him, (He had the Spirit of God without measure); in one village he ran into a wall, a wall of unbelief flowing from and erected  from people full of the Torah but who were also full of robbing unbelief. The scriptures reveal to us that in that village of people Jesus could do no mighty works there because of TH PEOPLES UNBELIEF. 
     Now many of these same people, being Jews, the children of Abraham, were very very familiar with the Torah, the Law, and the importance of circumcision and keeping the holy commandments. They new the commandments and many of them strove in honest effort to keep them. But did you know all that Law Keeping & Law Observing had in itself no power, nor did it give them any right or authority to be exempt, or to get around, or side step the NEED OF FAITH, THE NEED TO BELIEVE GOD to received from the Most Powerful Anointing That Flowed From Within Jesus Christ in the day of their visitation.  All that strict LAW KEEPING  of the scribes and the Pharisees profited them no special place in the arena of faith that was demanded by the Son of God who was himself inside that flesh body, the Lord God of Abraham, Isaac, and of Jacob..It takes faith to please God and the scripture plainly tells us that the Law was not of faith (Galations 3:3-14). Important  point there.....

     So what can we learn from this light. You can be one of the most strictest of Law Keepers as a Pharisee, but when it comes to believing God for a miracle, or a need, you must be justified by faith in the sight of God to receive your miracle or need met....It is a law in itself.....As it is written in Romans 14:23...for whatsoever is not from faith IS SIN.

     It is written, He that works His miracles amongst you and performs your prayers, does He do it from the works of the Law or by the hearing of faith and from the believing of the heart? From the believing heart is how they are wrought......deno.....please share freely.

   We all need to read these words penned above till it's light and revelation and importance fully dawns on us......

FAITH BIGGER THAN OUR FEARS.......deno.....please share freely

       David said, When I'm afraid I will trust in the Lord.....Faith can work in the midst of fear....We can trust God in the most challenging situations and circumstances. David exercised his faith and trust in God on the battle fields of much blood shed where swords and arrows were flying everywhere.  Remember Goliath. Remember Davids war victories....Peter was told by Jesus face to face that one day in his future he would be killed for following Christ. Everyday with that hanging over his head Peter found a way from the grace of God given  to still rejoice with joy unspeakable and full of glory. He believed in the hope and the fellowship with God that Christ  blood, death and resurrection and ascension back unto the FATHER  gave us. He believed to love and serve Christ is Joy and of great gladness reward, and to die in Christ is far better..Peter rejoiced when he was found worthy to be persecuted for the Lords cause......deno

Satans Most Favorite 5 Words. A Must & Most Important Read.........deno.....please share freely

.......then Jesus said to the disciples the word of His upcoming passion. He said, "We go to Jerusalem and there I will be betrayed and handed over to the Gentiles. I will be crucified unto death. Then three days later I will rise again". The saving gospel, the so great a salvation that our dad preached for over 50 years, Jesus just preached to the first church members of the body of Christ. They heard for themselves the simplicity of the way of the gospel-THE CROSS OF CHRIST. They heard in their hearing the incomparable words from a mighty God that God was soon to, as a man, taste death for every man in order to, by His death and resurrection, reconcile and bring many sons and daughters unto God, unto glory. 
    Jesus in the above paragraph, told the first members of His Church, Words, even the Words of the gospel whereby they and their household would be saved by.......And just how did they, the first elders of the great congregation, react and respond to his sermon about the Cross of Christ? Peter, the Moses of the pack said, Get this, are you listening?????.....He responded to the Cross of Christ and to the death and resurrection of the Son Of God this way. He said,
 "Be It Far From You Lord." (Matthew 16:21-23)
.......Now lets notice how Jesus answered Peter, the Moses of the pack back. Jesus said, "GET THEE BEHIND ME SATAN........Do you know that these 5 words "BE IT FAR FROM YOU," that they are Satans counter words for almost every thing God is trying to talk us into believing and into doing? THEY ARE SURELY THAT.  FOR INSTANCE.... it far from you.
PRAY WITHOUT it far from you.
FORGIVE it far from you.
TURN THE it far from you.
LOVE ONE it far from you.
BELIEVE ON THE LORD JESUS it far from you.
HAVE FAITH IN it far from you.
MEDITATE IN GODS it far from you.
TAKE UP THE CROSS OF it far from you.
DAILY DENY it far from you.
SERVE GOD it far from you.
OBEY GODS it far from you.
GO TO it far from you.
SHARE THE it far from you.
TESTIFY YOUR it far from you.
BLESSED it far from you.
JUSTIFIED BY it far from you.
WALK IN NEWNESS OF it far from you.
WALK IN NEWNESS OF it far from you.
VISIT THE it far from you.
VISIT THOSE IN it far from you.
FEED THE if far from you. 
CLOTH THE it far from you.
HELP THE it far from you.
BE HONEST & it far from you.
BE it far from you.
TITHE & GIVE TO THE it far from you.
BELIEVE YOU RECEIVE it far from you.

    Well by now you should get the point. BE IT FAR FROM YOU IS SATAN'S EVERY DAY CONSTANT SERMON THAT HE PREACHES THAT ROAMS IN THE MINDS OF PEOPLE ALL OVER AMERICA AND THE WORLD. He persuades us and preaches that to our minds and to peoples minds to ROB GOD OF OUR LIFE, SOULS, MINUTES, HOURS, AND DAYS. His main and  highest purpose for this 5 word demonic inspired persuasion and sermon is to keep people far far away from obeying & serving God and far far away from the Cross of Christ which is the Power Of God Unto Salvation. All of us must start to respond and answer back and mean it just as Jesus did....GET THEE BEHIND ME SATAN........deno....please share freely.

P.S......Isn't it rather strange that the first person that we know of to say or to preach Satans 5 word sermon against the Cross of Christ , "BE IT FAR FROM YOU," was preached by the first great up and coming  New Testament preacher/prophet/evangelist Peter the Rock. Satan will try to use any of us to keep the Cross of Christ away from others or others away from the for thought....

So you took them every weekend to the skating ring and the city swimming pool. Did you ever take them to the Cross of Christ?

So you took them to the ball games every friday night. Did you ever take them to the Cross of Christ?

So you took them to church every Sunday. But in that church did you ever take them to the Cross of Christ???????? Jesus died on the Cross to save us from our sins and He rose again to justify all who believe....and Paul wrote in Romans 5:1 in the light of the glorious power of the death God Himself Tasted on the Cross, he wrote....Romans 4:23-25, then Romans 5:1) therefore we being now justified by faith, WE HAVE PEACE WITH GOD thru our Lord Jesus Christ....Jesus on the Cross was our PEACE OFFERING.....Behold the Lamb of God that takes away the sin of the world...IT IS WRITTEN...God, by the sacrifice of Himself Put Away Sin.....Hebrews 9:26.....By The Cross of Christ.....AMEN