Friday, July 31, 2015

In The Spirit of the Lord WE SEE Visions. In the Spirit of the Lord WE HEAR His Voice Magnified...Jesus Christ Died for our sins punishment and Rose Again for the assurance of the salvation of those that believe and obey the Call......deno......share freely.

Revelation 1:9-12.....New King James Version (NKJV)

Vision of the Son of Man
What would you do if this or something similar happened to you????

9 I, John, both your brother and companion in the tribulation and kingdom and patience of Jesus Christ, was on the island that is called Patmos for the word of God and for the testimony of Jesus Christ. 10 I was in the Spirit on the Lord’s Day, and I heard behind me a loud voice, as of a trumpet, 11 saying, “I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last,” and, “What you see, WRITE IN A BOOK and send it to the seven churches which are in Asia; to Ephesus, to Smyrna, to Pergamos, to Thyatira, to Sardis, to Philadelphia, and to Laodicea.”..Scroll Down.

12 Then I turned to see the voice that spoke with me. And having turned I SAW.....then write what you see from the Lord and what He tells you......share freely.

1. The Witness - The Easter Musical (Barry McGuire)

The Witness with Barry McGuire as Peter......Jamie & Carrol Owens.

From Milk to the Meat in Christ Jesus...A Different Mood of the Holy Spirit in this one but certainly this light has its place..We Certainly Can Grow and Change By Prayer and By Grace. What is hard for us today, can be much easier for us in the tomorrows. Keep growing in the grace of God given us In Christ Jesus..Scroll Down....deno.....share freely.

         Even if our dear children or our parents or our closest companions break our hearts and turn from the saving way and even if loved ones refuse to repent or to take to heart the love and the warnings that the blood of Christ speaks to us all, we must choose Jesus over everything else.This is why Jesus said, If a man loves his father, mother, sister, brother, son or daughter more than me he is not worthy of me. Jesus knew the course of this world. He knew what was ahead.
        When the truth is under fire and the heat is on against the gospel and against your faith in the gospel, if you love your life or even your children and family and companions more than Jesus, you could very easily fall when under the satanical opposition that rises up in the last days against your hope in Christ.
         In these last days we will see the need for this and the truths of these word. Even if standing up for Jesus unto death is the days call as many christians in other nations are experiencing this day, Jesus still tells us exactly what he told Peter...Follow Me.
        What Peter ran from in fear to save his life when Jesus was being rejected by the people in fear of his own life being taken from him, after Peter was allowed to taste failure, he later grew in the Lord and later he went boldly to taste the price that he in his former years ran from. Peter had grown. Peter had changed.
        Thru intercessory prayer and growing in his love for Jesus, Peter increased with strength and grace. In his love and devotion to Jesus, the grown, the changed and strengthened Peter, he later joyfully laid down his life for his First Love Jesus under the same pressure that caused him to run for his life in his former days. The test, the trials, the temptations did not take him down as they did in his earlier years. He grew stronger. So can we.
        We can certainly grow and change and become stronger in the Faith of Jesus Christ. What is hard for us to do today can become a territory of ease for us in the future as we grow in the faith, the hope, and in the love and light of Jesus Christ. Amen.......deno........share freely.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Give Me Your Hearts Saith the Lord..... My Words Will Burn Like Fire........deno......share freely.

         Give God Your Heart Is The Message. Bring forth fruits that show forth faith, devotion, commitment, and true repentance. I'm tired of lip service saith the Lord. I join My Hand to those who walk with meaningfulness, not with those of the vanity of words that have not their heart in them. Idol chatter, empty words are the words of devils that say and do not. They are liars each and every one of them. Be not like them saith the Lord. Be full of the fire of My Spirits love and holy convictions.
        Do as I say and pour your heart out upon doing My Words and you shall reap Me pouring out My Spirit upon what you say unto Me. I stretch out My Hand each day to a people ordering Me around.  They call upon My Name in times of trouble but they are addicted to themselves and chained to their own will. Their own will they do. Fulfilling their own agendas is their task for the day. My truth burns hot.
       Obey and Abide in My words first saith the Lord and the Lord will abide in yours second. To many of you have authority out of proper place. But surrender your hearts unto the Lord. A surrendered heart is greater than all the sacrifices under the old. 
       Behold, The Lord your Rock is risen from the dead. Serve Him first and foremost and so shall you reap His power as your servant. The good Shepherd leads the sheep and the sheep that really hear His voice FOLLOW HIM. 
      Many of you wonder and say, where is the Lord?  Your reaping My wonder about you for years. Stir up your hearts and return unto Me. I have told you from the beginning draw near unto Me and I will draw nigh unto you. Seek me with ALL YOUR HEART AND YOU WILL FIND ME. One hand on the plow while the other is reaching back is unfit for the glory of My Presence to shine upon you. When the Spirit of the Lord is quenched, there is little movement of the Spirit beyond convictions. How great is your love for your children for them to see and to know Me and My Goodness? The choice is yours. Give me your hearts, not your meaningless chatter.....deno......share freely.

They That Sat In Darkness Saw Great Light.......deno......share freely.

         Before the Greatest revival and visitation came from God to Israel thru Jesus Christ His Son, Israel had 400 years of silence from heaven and their nation was deep in darkness and despair.  It was spiritually dry in the land that was meant to be flowing with Gods presence and best, and with His manifold unmatchable blessings of milk and honey. But their sins instead had caused them and the well of their blessings to become dry as the desert. Plus they had been invaded by foreigners. Rome ruled over the apple of heavens eyes. Their sins were that grave separating them from God and from the bestowing of his favors as mentioned in Deuteronomy 28:1-14.
        Sin was every where in the land of David accompanied by much confusion. The blind were leading the blind and the enemies of God (Rome) were speaking loudly against the God of Israel with all their idolatry and over ruling law. Then suddenly, suddenly in the midst of all that worldly deceiving noise of Rome and in the midst of tremendous abounding sin and in the midst of all those 400 years of heavenly silence, in the midst of all that darkness, despair, and confusion with the strong arm of Rome calling the political shots in the land,  a voice was suddenly heard crying in that wilderness saying, Behold  the Lamb of God that takes away the sin of the world. They that sat in darkness suddenly saw GREAT LIGHT, even the light of the the light of life, the Light of the Son of God Jesus Christ . The Lord of heaven had become flesh, Anointed Flesh that heals, mends, saves, forgives, makes rich, restores and reconciles. He opened the eyes of the blind and set at liberty those whom Satan had bound. Suddenly upon the desert places in Israel, Jesus the Lord from heaven was walking among His people face to face. God had become a man.
        It may be dark in our land today but always remember this. Though darkness can be so great in this world EVEN SO GREAT LIGHT IN THOSE OF THE LORD. Seek and You shall find. Ask and you shall possess. Jesus Christ is Lord. Do not go and seek another.....deno.......share freely.

God Is Up To Something BIG......deno......share freely.

          Since God showed His prophet in the scriptures that BY HIS SPIRIT God can make dead dried up bones come fully back alive and cover them with freshly made healthy tendons, muscles, organs, and bodies and that such is an awing but ease for God by the breath of His Spirit to do; we can know and believe and be fully assured  that no matter how dead our position, circumstance, or situation looks, WE HAVE GREAT SURE HOPE IN GOD. God showed His prophet that vision for truth to be established and for hope to abound in us (His People) thru the power of the Holy Spirit. It was for those of the times of resurrection grace of the Power of God. Even New Covenant Glory.
          Let us pray for God to BREATHE HIS BREATH on us, upon all flesh. TO POUR OUT HIS SPIRIT UPON OUR SITUATIONS AND NEED as we quote back to God in Jesus Name the words of His COVENANT PROMISES.
         Church we have a mighty New Covenant with God in Christ Jesus. Paul wrote that our new covenant is a Better Covenant filled with BETTER promises and filled with greater Power and filled with the greater presence of God and Grace than Moses had and better than all the covenant promises in the old testament. Surely in Christ Jesus we have resurrection power and hope from faith unto faith unto even resurrection measures of true hope. As the prophet wrote and in his writings said to us all, I SAW THOSE BONES COME BACK ALIVE AND LIVE SO HOPE THOU IN GOD, our MIGHTY GOD.
         Church God is at work and He is up to something and He is up to something BIG. Be a part of it. The past does not matter by the power of the blood of Christ. Believe me, God has taught me this personally. Forget those failures and sights of fright from your past deeds. Little sins, Big sins, Self sins, Group sins, Nice looking sins, or those horrific embarrassing haunting type of sins, none are any match against the greatness of the Love and Blood of Emmanuel, the blood of the Son of God. NO MATCH AT ALL. He promises to wipe away all our shame. 
        Let this New Covenant promise rule in your heart and minds. God swore these words for your and my benefits. He swore saying, In the New Covenant written with the blood of My Son, in honor of His blood I will be merciful. I swear these words that I will be merciful to their unrighteous deeds and their sins and their iniquities will I remember no more, nor bring them back up. WHAT A GLORIOUS NEW COVENANT BETTER PROMISE. God swore himself to those words for OUR BENEFIT. The bible says that Christ blood speaks unto us GOOD THINGS and that is ONE of those GOD THINGS that Christ blood speaks. All Aboard.
         Gods called ministers are believing Bigger than all their yesterdays. They are reaching to the heights of the most abounding grace and the most riches of graces glory given us in Christ. Let us all believe Big together. With faith confidence let us all ASK BIG the God who made all those dead bones come back alive again spirit, soul, and body.
         Lord breathe on us afresh Your resurrection Breath and Spirit in Jesus Name and cause the church to COME ALIVE with the riches of Christ in us grace and glory that the Name of the Lord be magnified and exalted in this generation afresh FAR ABOVE ALL. Let faith arise and all our enemies be scattered into the grace of God themselves thru faith in Jesus Christ His risen Son thru the goodness of God unto repentance thru the Good News Christ Blood Speaks. Amen.....deno....share freely.

Monday, July 27, 2015

The Peace Offerings Great Peace For Us.......deno......share freely.

       In the old covenant a trembling fear of God was often the atmosphere. The true heart of God had not yet been unveiled, but was steal hidden in God behind the curtain in a mystery. The great PEACE OFFERING of the Christ had not been sacrificed yet. The high priest once a year in those fear filled days tip toed with fear into Gods presence behind that veil of the curtain, for he knew if he did not enter behind that thick curtain exactly according to the laws demand, Gods power or His guardian angels would strike him down dead and the other ministers would have to drag his dead body out from behind the holy of holies veil. And he definitely would not enter without the sacrificial blood to place upon the mercy seat. Not that God Himself needed to be purified, but the throne was going to someday supply the blood of the final sacrifice. Israels eyes were dim to this mystery. Certainly that blood upon that mercy seat preached and its mystery was Christ sent from the throne of God who would shed his blood for the sin of all the world. But until Christ came their was still that fear. The tip toe days still abounded. Law ruled. Grace was still awaiting its day view.
        But now in Christ Jesus grace has come, grace has had its day view and we are in those days (John 1:16). We clearly see a differing story in the New Covenant. We see and know that the peace offering has been sacrifice. Christ, Gods Son has been slain. He died for our sins and rose again for our justification and to obtain for us ETERNAL PEACE WITH GOD. Jesus the Passover Lamb has been slain so making peace, and His blood and sacrifice has delivered us from fear, from the wrath to come and his great sacrifice PREACHES CONSTANT ENDLESS GOOD THINGS of PEACE in new covenant better form, better than the old. 
      In the old covenant let us recall that only Moses was allowed on the mount. The rest were told do not even touch the mount or they would perish. This signified also that the way to the holiest of all was not yet made for all. The whole mountain represented the holy of holies section of the tabernacle/temple. One priest (Moses) was allowed in the presence of God. But one day the way would be made for all to come and to climb the mount, even to its top, even into the baptism of the Holy Ghost and His sanctifying fire whose fire made all of Israel tremble with fear when Gods power shook the mountain top. They needed peace with Jehovah as we did and that peace would come in the dispensation of its prepared time by the up and coming one that Moses by the Spirit of prophecy preached and in Shadow form represented.
         Now that dispensation has come. Christ has already come in the flesh. He has already shed his redeeming blood for his people and for the sins of all the nations. His own blood, the blood of Immanuel Himself now is on the MERCY SEAT. Now in these last days thru the peace offering of Jesus Christ Gods Son God Himself has preached a sermon to us. God's New Covenant Sermon is this, Now thru faith in My Sons blood come BOLDLY into My presence. The tip toe days are behind us. The curtain is torn in twain. The dividing wall of partition My Son has abolished and removed. So now in the new and living way by access with confidence in My Sons Blood, COME BOLDLY, CLIMB THE MOUNTAIN unto the Throne of Grace into the presence of God and obtain help and obtain what you need from His provisions and providing hands.
       Love is talking. Love is calling. Love Himself is preaching all this light. Love is doing the inviting us ALL into His own presence by boldness thru the peace power of his Sons blood and says be bold about it. Be bold in your entering. Such words from God was UNHEARD of in the old way, in the old covenant. But in the new IT IS THE ESTABLISHED WAY. Anything other than this boldness, this bold entering by the blood of Christ is a dishonor to Gods Sons Great Sacrifice. The dull of hearing and the dimmed eyes still tip toe, even though the Holy Ghost shouts ENTER BOLDLY by Immanuels Blood. (Hebrews 10:7-23).
       But now, now In Christ Jesus the bold way has come. The peace is real and it is established. The peace is deep and far reaching for all, YES FOR EVERYONE even to the climbing to the top of spiritual mount Sinai, the throne of Gods presence in Heaven itself where Jesus our forerunner has risen unto himself for the benefit and glory of all them that believe. 
        The peace we have now thru Christ blood is by no means shallow nor weak. Immanuel tasted death for every man. Gods death as a man, as the man Christ Jesus is the most Powerful redeeming work of God and that God could ever possibly do. His cross was the altar for the peace offering and his own flesh and blood the sacrifice. 
       The peace offering of the Passover Lamb, that Lamb could by no means escape the Cross, nor go around it, nor side step it. It's cup the Lamb had to drink and drink all of it. The Cross of Christ was the way and the Power of God for peace with God and for salvation. Yes the Passover Lamb could not by no means escape the Cross. Neither will God allow any of us or any man to side step it. The Cross of Christ is the way. From there, we by faith become one with CHRIST JESUS and in Him we travel together WITH CHRIST from the Cross to the Throne boldly, for great is its power to present each of us cleansed and sanctified unto God and accepted in the beloved and His great congregation of the redeemed.
        Boldness in this matter comes from our faith and total confidence in Christ blood and sacrifice offering and it also comes THRU SEEING WITH OUR HEARTS GOD'S GREAT LOVE FOR US revealed thru the giving of His Son for our peace offering.
        Jesus fully understands the peace accomplished for us by the sacrifice of Himself. It is a sitting with God measure of peace even upon the mercy seat with God. He (Jesus) is seated down in the Throne of the holiest and that sitting with God in the Mercy Seat is the new place of the fellowship with the Father, no more a place of fear but of Peace in Love thru peace offering of Christ. Now Jesus and His Body is One with the Father in Spirit and in all things where others before him could not even touch the carnal mount or they died. 
       Yes Jesus is SEATED with the Father and he understand fully the full measure of the peace AS HE WALKS AND SITS IN THE LIGHT OF IT, in the Throne with God His Father. As in all that Jesus went thru from the Cross to the Throne, all of it was accomplished FOR US AND BENEFITS US ALL, NO LESS THAN IT DID HIM. Jesus has always had endless peace with God the Father. He has been seated in throne of God for eternities. We are the ones that needed peace with God established. And where we see THE MAN CHRIST JESUS at the right hand of the Father is the reaching measure of the peace His Blood obtained for us as the sons of Gods in Christ. The first Adam took the world to death, hell and grave, but the second Adam puts man back in peace with God face to face, and in the redemption mix of the Holy Spirit in our spirit measure unto eternal life in heavens glory with Jesus our forerunner at our Fathers throne....Come Boldly unto....
       Those who do not understand what Jesus understands about his great sacrifice, they in their minds and understanding have not sat down yet with Jesus in His rest, Comforts, and consolations at the right hand of God in the heavenly place (Ephesians 2:1-10), but are worry warts tossed this way and that way (Ephesians 4:10-16) and they are not sure one day to the next if their in the light or not in the light. If they have peace with God or have no peace with God. They are not sure one day to the next if they are saved or not saved. For their personal sight of the strength and peace power of the Greatest Peace Offering ever Sacrifice is filled with enemy smoke. But as we clearly see Jesus Christ and Him crucified for us, we must by the Vision of the Spirit of the Lord, see Jesus NOW SEATED FOR US at the Fathers right hand in the Throne of the glory of God FOR US. For as Jesus Christ and Him Crucified is the Power of God unto salvation, evenso Jesus seated at the right hand of God as a MAN is Gods way of showing us just how POWERFUL JESUS' PEACE OFFERING SACRIFICE WAS IN ITS OBTAINING. Jesus being filled with God in the Throne is like you and I being filled with the SAME GODS HOLY SPIRIT ON THE DAY OF PENTECOST in the upper room. Both entrances were wrought by the same Power and Peace, Jesus Christ blood and sacrifice. Christ ascension up into the throne of God and the HOLY GHOST descending down from the throne into the hearts of the redeemed all happened by ONE POWERFUL PEACE ESTABLISHING OFFERING, Jesus Christ and Him Crucified.
       Friends Listen Listen Listen. This is God given revelation light. He has given us eyes TO SEE and ears to hear....Being IN CHRIST JESUS as Paul preached and preached and preached MEANS THAT WE ARE IN, IN, IN, INSIDE THE ONE WHO IS SEATED WITH THE FATHER IN THE THRONE OF GOD. We have ENTERED INTO CHRIST. By faith in his blood, death, and resurrection we have entered into the AUDITORIUM OF HIS BODY and we have found and taken OUR SEAT in that great Ark Auditorium, the auditorium of HIS RISEN BODY where in we sit with Christ in God in the covenant of endless peace. (Colossians 1:4 & Isaiah 54:5-10).
       Friends there exist no greater peace with God that is, or that can be expressed above being seated with Him (Jesus) in HIS HOLY AND MAGNIFICENT THRONE. Church, We are IN CHRIST JESUS. We are INSIDE the very one seated with the Father in the Throne of God. We are IN CHRIST JESUS the true Ark of our eternal refuge and that Ark has landed and docked and it has landed and docked in the throne of God with the Father. All this was Gods doings, Loves own doing, and it is marvelous in the eyes of THOSE THAT SEE.
       Friends Jesus is the difference maker. If your still terrified about God then in your understanding Gods love revealed in Christ Jesus is less magnified and the old testament tormenting fear is still dominating you. In your redemption understanding the veil is somewhat still up. That dividing curtain has not yet been torn into or it is just halfway ripped. Your understanding of what Jesus accomplished thru the blood of His Cross is in the dark. You need your eyes further opened to the knowledge of God in Christ Jesus about the PEACE OFFERING of His Sons sacrifice. Christ died not in vain but died to have a glorious life more abundantly effect upon us all thru faith in the power of God in the Cross of Christ. Jesus and His Blood is our salvation. Jesus and His Blood is our eternal redemption. Jesus and His Blood and the sacrifice of himself is our constant unchanging peace with God....Amen.....Scroll Down.

Below Read the Peace Offerings Covenant Promise.
Isaiah 54:7-10New King James Version (NKJV)

7 “For a brief  moment in time I have forsaken you,
But with GREAT MERCIES I will gather you.
8 With a little wrath I hid My face from you for a moment;
But with EVERLASTING KINDNESS I will have mercy on you,”
Says the Lord, your REDEEMER (Jesus).
9 “For this is like the waters of Noah to Me (In My Oath Swearings and the Keeping of My Words)
For as I have Sworn
That the waters of Noah would no longer cover the earth,
SO HAVE I SWORN (Well, what did our Redeemer Swear to Us?) I HAVE SWORN
That I would not be angry with you, nor rebuke you.
10 For the mountains shall depart
And the hills be removed,
But My kindness shall not depart from you,
Nor shall My covenant of peace be removed,”

SWEARS the Lord, who has mercy on you.
.....deno......share freely.

You Are Royalty In Christ Jesus......deno......share freely,

       Gods love is so deep for us that He calls us by His Name, by His own Name. Every loving father gives his children HIS NAME. Every loving father calls their children by their name by the seed connection that the child is BORN OF. This is totally normal and natural in our world.
       Even so it is also normal and natural to do so in the heavenly world. It is just that in Christ Jesus, the name, the SPIRITS NAME that we are called by happens to be the most glorious and most Highest Royal Name of the highest royalty in all of heaven and earth forever. The whole FAMILY of God is named with the Fathers Name. If His Great Name is not your name then you are not His child, his offspring. Christ is the ROYAL SEED we are born of.
      We are so connected to the Fathers Name that really we are supposed to think by and do all things as His children (not as strangers or as foreigners, but as His very own greatly loved and perfectly belonging to Him children) in His Name, the Name of Jesus Christ. Paul said, In all you do, do all in the name of Jesus Christ. 
       We are to be children of God, called by His Great Name Minded. We are ROYAL CHILDREN of THE MOST HIGH and of His Most High Far Above All Name in Christ Jesus the King of kings. You and I in Christ are those kings he is King of...We are Royalty, a royal Priesthood..We are the sons and daughters of the MOST HIGH GOD in Christ Jesus.Lord open our eyes to all the glory in this truth and redemption light. Amen....deno.......share freely.

The New Mercies Bread....Such Good News......deno.....share freely.

        The Lord Swore in His love these words....I will be MERCIFUL to their sins and their iniquities I will forgive, forget, and remember them no more. That is such GOOD NEWS.
        Gods swearings in His Love are for our positive benefits and new day joys and strengths. Peace Jesus gave is. His peace he left with us.
       God also said that His mercies for our sakes are renewed every morning....Why? Well one reason is because more than we fully know God longs to walk and fellowship with us everyday, even all day. He is always ON for this. His love for us is so deep and so real that this is His daily Hot Desire towards us. He is never lukewarm concerning His love and goodwill for His children. God is always on fire for His people.
        Well sin can come between our fellowship with God, So God has to make His mercies NEW for us EVERY MORNING or the new day for fellowship with us and us with Him is already spoiled. He is not behind the veil anymore. That veil was torn in twain and ever since that day God is out looking for people , for us to fill us and our lives up with Himself and all His goodness thru faith in His Sons reconciling blood.
         God this morning, right now, is Hot in a good way. He is so ready to forgive you and put all those sins of yesterday and of all our yesterdays in the grace and MERCY of His promise to totally remove them from us as for as east is from the west.This is one of the GOOD THINGS Christ Blood Speaks for us.
        And God Swore, yes on His mighty throne of His grace and love, God rose up and Swore to give us this strong strong strong comfort and consolation  for our and His sake, He swore to REMEMBER THEM (Our sins) NO MORE . I will be merciful to their unrighteousness God promised and their sins and iniquities will I remember  no more He SWORE. This is one of those NEW COVENANT BETTER PROMISES.
        God is Far More Hot to forgive you and cleanse you of all unrighteousness than most think. He is in no wise lukewarm about this promise or about any area of His Love for us. He wants to fellowship and walk WITH YOU in love and grace thru Jesus Christ whose blood was shed to fulfill His Fathers love, peace, and goodwill desire for you.
         Don't let the devil deceive you to make you think God will not forgive you. And don't let the accuser of the brethren make you think it is God accusing you over and over again about your past sins, IT IS NOT. God Swore, God Swore, God Swore I will me merciful. I will forgive. I will cleanse You. I will remove your sins from you as far as east is from the west. He Swore this also (and the MOUTH OF GOD CANNOT LIE),.... I SWEAR YOUR SINS I WILL FORGIVE AND REMEMBER THEM NO MORE.
        All these above goodwill promises of God towards us, God has sworn them in His love for us and in total high honor of the redeeming sacrifice of Jesus His Son. God honors these promises. They are sacred ground to Him written in the blood of His Sons Sufferings. Satan is the one that dishonors these words, these great and precious promises. It is the devil that keeps bringing them (your past and your forgiven sins up) NOT THE SWEARING GOD THAT CAN BY NO MEANS EVER BREAK A PROMISE.
         Let us with God honor His Son Jesus this morning and every day and believe in the love God has for us and walk and live in the fellowship of the new covenant forgiveness.
       This is a New Day. Lets live it with our Wonderful Father and Jesus washed in the blood of the Lamb Happy and set  Free, for whom the Son sets free is FREE INDEED. Good morning Father. Good Morning Jesus. Good Morning Holy Spirit. Good Morning Church. Good Morning Angels.....Amen......Jesus & deno.....share freely.

God Swore In His Love the Bread for His Children.....deno.......share freely

        The world needs to be concerned about what God has sworn in His wrath. For them that should be a major concern for sure, for such light pertains to eternal and everlasting matters. For surely there is a glorious  heaven to gain and a terrible hell to shun. 
       But you and I that are In Christ Jesus, we are partakers of the love of Christ and are bodily members of Christ risen state and bodily members in the spirit of His presently SEATED POSITION. His peace is our peace. My peace I give you Jesus said.
       No greater peace with God can ever be so demonstrated above being SEATED with God in the Throne of His glory in the heavenly places. That is the highest peace with God possible on the peace measuring scale and brethren that is the peace with God Jesus gave us. (He gave us His own peace with the Father). See Ephesians 2:1-10 and  (Ephesians 2:11-18).
       In this whole matter I give you this revelation; Christ is our head in this matter, and we are His flesh and bone in the same togetherness. We that believe and belong to Christ, we cannot be separated from him even as He can no longer be separated ever again form his resurrected flesh and bone risen body. We cannot be separated from Jesus not at the Cross (Paul said I have been crucified with Christ), nor in the resurrection (Paul said I am risen with Christ). Neither can we be separated from being risen with Christ into the heavenly places of His glory. And we cannot be separated from being seated with Him for we are His own flesh and bone body. (See Ephesians 2:1-10). ON earth Jesus is IN US and in heaven we are IN HIM.
       Our oneness with Jesus in the Body of Christ connection is fact and in the spirit, (that is in our spirit) is found all the markings of the full complete passage and pass from death unto life risen with Christ realities. It is an heavenly thing as Jesus preached in John 3. When you grasp the redeeming HEAVENLY light that is shining from the It Is Written that is gleaming from in all these words, you will have more spiritual (position) understanding obtained than what most of the church has had for centuries. Jesus shared with me some time ago and said, Trace My Body from the Cross to the Throne and you will see where you are at in the spirit. My bodies adventures from the Cross to the Throne is your spirits right now same adventures from death unto eternal life everlasting. I called it Being Born Again. (John 5:24 is the the new birth of the spirit not of the flesh.)
         When Jesus is your peace with God and HE IS, and remember everything about Jesus is PERFECT (Ephesians 2:14 & Romans 5:1), then you have PERFECT COVENANT PEACE with God. 
         We have so great a peace with God which is Jesus himself, that the Holy Sinless Spirit,  God has poured out and shed abroad in our hearts. He that men feared in the old covenant behind the holy of holies and that tip toed into his present and were scared they would be struck down by protecting angels if they entered unlawfully, the same Holy God that they feared, because of the peace Jesus purchased for us with God and for God with us thru the blood of His Cross, that same Holy God on the day of Pentecost came RUNNING and RUSHING towards the children of the new covenant, and He came to them pouring Himself MIGHTILY into their hearts, into the hearts of the believers who were justified by faith in Christ blood. None of them dropped dead. None of them got sick. None of them were stricken with fear, or put in some sort of spiritual bondage but they were all filled with the Holy Ghost Joy, Strength, and Power and they were hilariously happy during to the infilling. They were so hilariously happy that local people accused them of being HIGH or drunk with some sort of new wine. Today we would probably say new drug. Well they were happy and they were filled with gladness and it was a Fine Wine that they were Partaking of. It was heavens Finest Wine called the Holy Ghost, the divine delicious Joy of the Lord. The scriptures says that IN GODS PRESENCE is fullness of Joy. Well on the day of Pentecost, the first church was SURELY in the presence of God as He out-poured  His Spirit into them IN HIS LOVING PROMISE (Swearing) to do so.
        Also concerning our great peace with God and salvation, the bible says that Jesus has delivered us from the wrath of God (1 Thess 1:10) and the bible even calls us in the spirit ALREADY DELIVERED from the power of darkness and ALREADY TRANSLATED into the kingdom of Jesus Christ in the spirit (Colossians 1:12-14 & John 5:24). None of this deliverance from and none of this translated into could have occurred if we did not have perfect peace with God to allow it.
        None of these good things mentioned above could be true concerning us if we had no peace with God. But being that the Holiest, the eternal sinless Spirit of the living God has been poured into our hearts, that gift itself thunders loudly in a living sermon and in a living speech how great peace we have with God if your eyes really see that message.
        Yes the world should be seriously concerned about what God has sworn in His wrath, but you and I in Christ Jesus God has called us TO PEACE. We who are In Christ are the children of the covenant of Everlasting Peace by the peace we have with God thru the blood  of His Own Cross ( Isaiah 54:7-10 & Hebrews 13:20-21 & 2 Thess 3:16).
........We in Christ Jesus should feast with joy upon all this bread, as we surely know and confidently believe in the love God has for us. We should feast off of all God has SWORN to us IN HIS LOVE, not what he has sworn in his wrath (See and read Isaiah 54:8-10). The wrath of God bread does not belong to the children. Our Bread is what God has Sworn to us in His Love for us in Honor of His Sons peace offering sacrifice.
      In Christ Jesus we are not the children of the wrath of God but the heirs of so great a salvation and the children of the New Covenant of everlasting life and peace with God. Some people think and preach as if Christ has not been to the Cross, that there is no peace nor goodwill between God and man. Some people think and preach as if the great PEACE OFFERING has not yet occurred. Yet friends "The day of Pentecost"surely preaches loud and clearly that the PEACE OFFERING has already taken place and when that days infilling events are really understood, you know then that there is a Great New Covenant of Peace we have with God thru Christ and His Blood that speaks Peace and Goodwill from God to men by Jesus Christ.
       Church, brethren.... In the great peace we now have with God, Jesus sat down with God in the highest heaven and on the day of Pentecost God the Highest came down from heaven to earth and Sat Down with us inside these New Temples of the living Gods Spirit Indwelling. The Same Exact Peace caused both SITTING EVENTS and in both events all was good and happy events. 
         I remember some time ago saying to the Lord, Lord as you talk to me in this Peace Light I NOTICED SOMETHING. What was that you noticed, he whispered.  I said well I noticed on the day of Pentecost when the Holy Spirit of the holiest of all came to the believers, the church, I noticed that He did not hesitate at all in His entering them. The Lord said, that is right, for son in the wisdom of God in redemption glory I was landing upon and entering into the same flesh that I entered at the Jordan River. I thought on that for a moment. Hmmm, same flesh, same body, one body..... THEN I SAW IT. THE BODY OF CHRIST IS HIS (Jesus') FLESH AND BONE. Jesus said that there is only ONE BODY, the Body of Christ flesh and bone which is the church, the fulness of Him that filleth all in all. He hesitated not because He was coming upon and entering into the same flesh of the same ONE BODY of the Son of God whose body is made up of MANY MEMBERS who all together as One are His Flesh and His Bone and not their own..We have been ENGRAFTED into Jesus' EVERYTHING.
        Yes you can study the wrath of God and such a study has its place, but way more so the children of the covenant of endless peace should study- of the things God has SWORN to us in His Love. Those precious good things should be our continuous DAILY BREAD.
       There is a BREAD that belongs to the children of peace that the children of wrath have no right to feast upon. It is the children's Bread that Jesus said belongs not to the world, but to the sons and daughters of God In Christ. It is the Bread of all that God has SWORN to us IN HIS LOVE in the covenant of peace thru faith in the PEACE OFFERING of Christ atoning blood. God himself has prepared all this bread of His lovingkindness  for us and has set all that good and delicious bread on the table that He has set before us even in the presence of our enemies. His enemies have no right to this bread, IT IS THE CHILDRENS BREAD.....Amen....Jesus & deno.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

The Holy Spirit is the Difference Maker. God, who is Love Himself, wants us to receive all He has given us in Christ Jesus. The Infilling of the Lovely Holy Spirit is certainly a gift poured out by Jesus Christ that God wants us to be filled with and to daily drink from (Living Water)....deno.......share freely.

       Jesus said to the disciples, Do not go preaching the good news until you are endued with My Power from on High. This spake our Lord of the Holy Spirit. The prophet wrote by the hand of the Lord upon him, He wrote, Not by human power,  nor by the might of men, BUT BY MY SPIRIT, saith the Lord.
       The Holy Spirit, the Anointing, the Power of the Spirit of the Lord is the difference maker.
       You know the disciples, being free willed creatures in Christ just like Adam & Eve were and just as Adam and Eve did, they could have chosen to not obey the Lord and not wait on the Lord, to not wait for the Holy Spirit. They could have gone forth preaching in their own power, talents, zeal, and human might but they would have gone forth with much less spiritual spunk and power than what by Jesus Christ is available. They would have been out there AHEAD OF THE LORD instead of FOLLOWING Him. Not Gods best position for us.
        Sort of like Moses striking that rock instead of FOLLOWING GODS ORDERS. God told Moses go and speak to the rock and the waters will flow.  Moses along the way, having also his own free will, he got mad at the stubbornness of the people of Israel and he struck the rock in his humanity (anger) with his staff instead of speaking to it. It cost him an entrance into the earthly promise and blessing God wanted Moses to have and enjoy with the people of Israel in the earthly promise land that flowed with milk and honey.  Disobedience Robs.
         God prefers saving people by the preaching/speaking of the gospel and goodness of God thru Jesus Christ to even the stoniest of hearts, than to beat the people into entering His Living Waters with wrath upon wrath. It is a comparison of faith verses works. Grace verse Law. The word of faith verses the whip of the Rod called the Law. Mercy verses the stone.
        Friend you, me and all the church need the Holy Spirit in the preaching of the gospel than human talents. We know non called nor anointed wolves have actually preached the gospel and have gathered crowds unto them only to later find out they were wolves in sheep's clothing (Jim Jones and others). The Holy Ghost and the love of God was not in them at all, but they startled people with their ability to listen to real preachers, preach those sermons and mimic the style of the truly called and the truly anointed.
        Let us be true to God and grow  and increase in the grace and knowledge of our risen Lord Jesus Christ. He said do not go until you are filled the Holy Ghost and Power. He is the difference maker.
       We want need all those emotional songs when the Holy Ghost is in manifestation. Paul, Peter, James, Phillip, Stephen, John nor any of the early disciples, preachers, evangelist did not need emotional songs to move people to God and to faith and entrance into the kingdom. The Holy Ghost and His power was their difference maker. Now do not take this wrong. Like many of you I to enjoy praise and worship and loving Jesus songs and music. But we need more than that the power of God which the first church had at work in them IN US. Jesus even said so. He the Holy Ghost is the difference maker. People get all emotional and rain down tears listening to secular emotion stirrings songs to. We need Gods power from on High. 
         Friends, church, God help us. It is late in the game. We are in the fourth and final quarter. It is time to get real with God. For what is ahead and for what we shall face from the enemies of the Cross. It will take more than emotional boo hooing songs to withstand in the evil day. Now music has its place, but the Holy Ghost is the power and the glory of the true difference. Always has been and ever shall be.
        It is time to seek God with our all and be filled with the Holy Ghost. Have you received the Holy Spirit since you believed?  The first disciples asked that same question as well. They knew from Jesus its great importance and need. They knew from their own personal experience what it was like for the Lord to be WITH THEM (which is good) and they knew what it was like having the same Lord INSIDE THEM (which was FAR BETTER (see John 14:15-17)..Big Difference they learned.
      Father in Jesus name fill us with the Holy Spirit, with His Love and Fire  and Power of God and make in us to this generation the Big Difference by the effective workings of the Power of the Spirit of the Lord that the name of Jesus Christ and his gospel by glorified beyond all yesterdays grace history. Let Christ love and light shine and rule. Amen.......deno.....share freely.

God's Not Dead (Like a Lion) - Newsboys (Lyric) (HD)

Light on the Glory of the Lord and with JDPERK videos that are so awesome and full of glory of God information from the Scriptures.........deno.....share freely.

1 Timothy 6:13-16.....New Living Translation (NLT) Scroll all the way down for the brief writing.....deno.

13 And I charge you before God, who gives life to all, and before Christ Jesus, who gave a good testimony (of truth and of his faith) before Pontius Pilate, 14 that you obey this command without wavering. Then no one can find fault with you from now until our Lord Jesus Christ comes again. 15 For, At just the right time Christ will be revealed from heaven by the blessed and only almighty God, the King of all kings and Lord of all lords. 16 He alone can never die (such is impossible to His Eternal Spirit. He has no beginning of days neither ending of days. He has always been and He shall forever be), and he lives in light SO BRIGHT & BRILLIANT that no (natural present) human can approach him. No (natural present) human eye has ever seen him (IN THE FULL GLORY OF HIS INCREDIBLE LIGHT), nor ever will (That is why we all must be changed into Christ resurrection flesh. In Christ resurrection flesh, Jesus sits inside the glory of God in the throne of the glory of God. The resurrected flesh of Jesus certainly can handle the glory of God because he is seated with God in the Throne. Heart in Heart, Face to face they love one another and face to face they talk and agree. You and I shall be changed and we shall become just like Jesus in all things of his resurrection TO HANDLE THE GLORY OF GOD AS THE ANGELS DO, and to enjoy the full love of God and the inheritance of the saints in light of eternal everlasting life with God and Jesus in all their glory). All honor and power to him our risen king and God our Father forever! Amen Amen.......deno......share freely.

God Has Saved His Best Grace For Last.......deno......share freely.

      John 4:46) So Jesus came again to Ca'na of Galilee, where He turned water into wine....
      When Jesus had performed the miracle of turning water into wine, he turned those pots of water into the BEST WINE. No one had ever before tasted such perfect good tasting wine of Gods own hands before....And the people, well their response to this miracle of water turned into the BEST WINE, they said, But you, you have saved the best FOR LAST.
       I show you a mystery. In heaven this hour, there are bottles and bowls filled with the tears and prayers of the interceding saints. In these last days God is going to be turning the tears in those bottles and those interceding prayers in those Bowls into the best wine of His grace given us in Christ Jesus and pour out His Spirit upon all flesh from the wells of His Living Water that is in the saints. We are the latter days true clouds of Gods Spiritual Glory filled with Gods Living Water for the Latter Days Rain Outpourings that the Name of Jesus be glorified.
       God saved the best for last. The last shall be first He said. All of heavens focus right now is not on the past but on the right now, ON US of this end time generation. We are their first, their priority at this very moment.
       And also remember those workers Jesus hired at the end of that same day. He paid them for their one hour of work the same reward that He paid those who had worked all day. It is not that he paid the all day workers to little, it was fair and much and plenty and they rejoicing agreed that it was a good wage for a full days work. Its just that all that 12 hours of grace, well Jesus took it at the end of the day and also poured ALL OF IT INTO THE FINAL HOUR, giving it to his chosen laborers for the church's works on earth as reward and this was fair and good to do so in Gods eyes.  It was a grace story/parable statement more than a simple monetary transaction  although the life of Psalms 112 chapter is always Gods best for His children.
       The men back in those days understood the value of money so Jesus uses money to open their eyes to the value of Gods grace. The power and value, and the riches of Gods New Covenant grace was new on earth to their hearing. Grace for them would be for more to their advantage and blessing than the Law Covenant ever was. It would be so much easier and better for them and for us to be justified by Christ thru our faith in his blood, death and resurrection than by the keeping of the commandments of the Law which demanded that, for Gods blessings to come upon you, you had to keep the Law and all of its commandments flawlessly. No one could. But soon one named Paul would come and thru the calling and the blessing of the Lord Jesus Christ in him he would load up on the knowledge of the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ in ABUNDANCE.
       All Gods manifold grace from Adam to Abraham to Elijah to Moses to Joshua to King David & Solomon to Isaiah to John the baptist to Jesus to the twelve disciples to Paul the power house of God, all all all of it is being compiled together to be poured out upon them that believe and thru them that believe in the atmosphere of the last days of great hostility against the Name of the Lord that comes against us by those who are blind. Great joy shall be in the church with great persecutions coming against the saints. For Satan knows he has but a short time. Satan is fighting very very hard right now against this. But the mouth of God has spoken it. Satan loses.
        Church remember remember remember, He whom God gave the Spirit without measure (Jesus) by whom God healed so many thru, he also suffered the constant in your face opposition and persecution from enemies, then finally was nailed to the cross. In this world the sweet does not come without the bitter and the bitter is cast out by the Sweet......He that has ears to hear, let him hear......deno.....share freely.

WE BELIEVE......Jesus said to us.....Blessed are those who have not seen Me and yet believe......Newsboys - We Believe (Lyric Video)

Spirit Truths. Known Spirit Revelations.......deno......share freely.

Colossians 1:13 KJV) (In Jesus Name read with your eyes opened.) 
      13)God has delivered us from the power of darkness and He has translated us into the kingdom of His dear Son. (The rapture we are looking forward to in our flesh and we should, one has already happened to our spirit.) In this just read verse we find the spiritual revelation that our inner man that is in Christ Jesus, he, meaning our spirit has been DELIVERED and has also been TRANSLATED. The born again spirit has been DELIVERED and the born of God spirit has been TRANSLATED with Christ in its union with him from death unto life with the Father. This all took place in the heavenly part of you, in your spirit, the hidden man of the heart. This is one of those heavenly things Jesus spoke of in John 3:12. Things of the Spirit of God and things of our spirits as we also see in James 2:26.

Colossians 3:1-4)...Ye are risen with Christ. (In your spirit, in the hidden man of the heart, not in your outward man the flesh).

Ephesians 2:5-6) God has made us alive with Jesus and he has raised us up together and made us sit together with Jesus in His heavenly places, (Your flesh was not dead or made new or made alive. Your inner man was, Your spirit. God is a Spirit. A real Spirit. You His child are a spirit. That spirit is inside your body. It is the life of your body (James 2:26). 
John 5:24) Jesus said, He that hears my words and believes that God sent me HAS EVERLASTING LIFE. That man shall not come into condemnation (eternal damnation) but is passed from death unto life. This was all about your spirit in Christ, not your flesh.

Luke 10:20) Jesus said...Rejoice that your names are written in the book of life.

.........Now notice in all these scriptures these words....Has delivered us, not going to, HE HAS.....notice God HAS TRANSLATED US into the kingdom of Jesus.....not going to but HAS.....Notice it says  We ARE RISEN with Christ. Not going to be but already have been.
........In Ephesians notice it says, God has made us alive with Jesus....not going to some day but already has made us alive with Jesus. Notice it says also that we are raised up together and are now seated with Christ in heavenly places....Thats the key to this light....HEAVENLY, HEAVENLY THINGS, HEAVENLY PLACES.
.......All these words, all of them have to do with the heavenly part of you, YOUR SPIRIT, the part of you that lives on beyond the bodies grave. Your flesh they are not about, nor speaking of. Jesus said in John 3:5-12, if I tell you of physical things and you believe me not, HOW WILL YOU BELIEVE IF I TELL YOU OF HEAVENLY THINGS (things of the spirit).
.......Friends, as christians, for us to say these above mentioned scriptures about our real self which is our spirit, saying those things is accurate, true, truth, and correct. Comparing spiritual things with spiritual Paul said.(1 Corinthians 2:12-14).
....... Our spirit in Christ Jesus right now, EVEN ALREADY, is born of God.  All these things that Paul wrote are the heavenly things of the NEW BIRTH (Being Born Again In The Spirit of our Being Defined). They are the spiritual revelations Jesus revealed to him of our spirits born of God (John 3:5-12) and of things of the Spirit of the Lord (See 1 Cor 2:10-13).
........If we believe and belong to Christ, then these scriptures are true about us in the spirit of our being, in the hidden man of the heart that is BORN OF GOD.
........We are REDEEMED unto God by Christ blood.
........We are reconciled to God by Christ death.
........We are in the spirit made alive with Jesus in his resurrection. Just as sure as Jesus is raised from the dead even so SURE is OUR SPIRIT raised from the dead with him and by him thru faith in His Name and Gospel. Born of God.
..........And as Jesus said, Our Names ARE WRITTEN IN THE BOOK OF LIFE IN HEAVEN....AMEN.

Friday, July 24, 2015

America Under Temptations......deno......share freely.

America Under Great Temptations.
......Friends, as one nation under God in America, we in the last 70 years or so, in the BIG TEMPTATIONS, we as a nation have fallen in those big nation changing  temptations. The Lord had me write these things so that you would get the picture of what is going on.
...... When the devils temptations came at us in our music industry years ago, we as a nation resisted not but fell in the temptation and light was turned into darkness in the music industry.
...... When the devils temptations came at us in the movie industry to use the movie industry for the devils work, we resisted not successfully, but fell in the temptation and look at us today. Sorcery on the screen. Witchcraft. Satanism. Violence. Silly women laden in sin. Movies of adultery, fornication, porn, men with men, movies of women with women, humans with animals. Blood spilling every where. The movie industry has become one of the greatest anti God anti Jesus anti Christian weapons of the devil on earth. 
       The movie industry has been used by the powers of darkness to release wicked spirits all over and into this nation massively. They have used the Big Screen to remove wholesomeness and decency, goodness, trustworthiness, brotherly love and kindness from society.  It has been used to remove the fear of God from this generation and OWN PURPOSE  they have created movies to show Sin is fun, amusing and that a life without surrender to Gods will is filled with fame and splendor. The Big Screen has polluted and defiled this nation thru the power and influence of entertainment. People now are heavily without natural affections and our nation is more and more seeing evil abnormal behavior going on. What they don't understand of all this crazy behavior is that wicked spirits are attached to all this abnormal evil activity. Without repentance and godly change things will just get worse and worse. Jesus said it would.
....... When the devil came to us as a nation with the temptation of abortion to spill the blood of the unborn innocent, we fell in that temptation also and now 55 million voices of unborn babies blood is crying out under altars in heaven against our nation.
........When we as a nation were tempted by recreational drugs, we fell in that temptation and we are now the biggest loose, partying nation on the planet. We now rise up in the night to play in the darkness having no fear of God and His commandments in our eyes. Acting like two fold children of the devil and of hell, fit for damnation and eternal judgement unto destruction.
....... When we as a nation became tempted by Satan to become lovers of pleasure and entertainments more than lovers of God, we fell as one nation in that temptation. Now we make idols for entertainment out of ourselves and in our fantasies of our imaginations.
........ When the temptation came at us to as a nation bury ourselves in debt, we as one nation fell in that temptation, laid down the resisting power and became foolish in our financial stewardship over the finances of this once so wealthiest of nations and now our national debt is a night mare, the shock and concern of all the world.
......... When we as a nation were tempted by the devil to remove prayer and the ten commandments and the bible from our schools we did not resist him but fell in those high priced temptations also and look at the beast in the heart of our children and  in the schools and on our streets today.
..........When we as a nation were tempted to exchange the truth of Gods word of the creation for the lie of evolution, we fell in that temptation and let the devil work his craft on this latest generations mind and now they wonder as unstable souls having no real assurance about anything and they question God and His Word.
......... When the devil tempted us to betray our nations Christian heritage and Christian foundations and bible base convictions as ONE NATION UNDER GOD, we fell in that temptation also and now our once famous  bible colleges have been turned into the devils church where he teaches secular humanism (atheism) and many lies and doctrines of devils to entrap and to deceive and our young people are addicted to sin. It is their life style and their life's craving and pleasures. Their constant entertainment..
........And now here we are as a nation in 2015 led by an elected prince who is one of the most craftiest deceivers ever seen in this land and the Spirit of the Lord said do not apologize for saying that. The Lord is angry with him.. The devil has come against us again as one nation and he has tempted us as a nation to exchange truth for lies. To replace what is right with what is wrong. To exchange out what is good with what is evil. To exchange the truth of the gospel of His Son Jesus Christ for the lie of Islam and to allow the 2nd greatest abomination written by God as a warning against all to not allow this. We being tempted by the devil in these last days to re define marriage and to allow and to approve the sin of sodomy. The devil came and tempted us to exchange the truth of God and His Word on this matter for what the devil and men of the abomination wanted and we fell in that temptation as a nation. The Lord is very angry with the president and the pushers of this abomination on this nation.
........Folks Paul said do not give into sin for sin gives place to the devil. Jesus said, the devil comes only to deceive for to steal, kill, and to destroy. That is his goal for America that was once Jesus' Christian Nation...He has a willing vessel right now over this nation so willing to help him, help him even to push and get approved abominations.. Sorry but it is the truth. Its all there for all to see plainly.  God Forgive us and have mercy on us. Singing in mockery Amazing Grace one day then pushing hard for the approval of sodomy by men with men in that which is forbidden by God on this nation, this once ONE NATION UNDER GOD and HIS AUTHORITY. His Word. The Lord is not smiling on this matter. The Spirit of His Woes to the Pharisees has risen up in Him against those who have chosen this darkness over His light. Abominations sins have always stirred Gods greatest wrath up.
........America, did you know that above the  throne of God, beautifully shines the beautiful multi colored rainbow. The president knows this. He pushed and had approved sodomy. The 2nd greatest abomination God spoke of in the bible. And he had the audacity to color the White House, our capital building with the rainbows colors as if Satan is saying. Yea, you may have started this nation, but look at what they love and approve of now. They have replaced you with me and with the things i love. This my friends is blaspheme. Even The AntiChrist, the bible says mocks the God of heaven. He blasphemes the God of heaven. He causes abominations to prosper and lies to prevail.
       God have mercy on our Nation. Friends the only way to overcome the devil is to RESIST HIM, not give into him. Over and over thru-out the generations on the big sin issues and in the small issues this nation has fell in the temptation and has let the devil in and increase in America. All hearts with wisdom knows this that Im writing is the truth. We must RESIST THE DEVIL AND HE WILL FLEE. Otherwise, things like promoters of sodomy and even other abominations will sit and reign in our thrones and worse and worse things will get......Jesus & deno......please share freely.

The First Words Jesus Spoke To Me......deno......share freely.

........As a teenager, the first Words Jesus spoke to me audibly were these three words, "WATCH YOUR TONGUE....He shouted those words at me like a father rebuking his child and loving him with alarm and good life instructions. James told us all in James 1:26) that if any of you think yourself to be religious or spiritual, but you do not bridle your tongue (Watch Your Tongue), your religion is in vain (meaning of non effect, worthless effort, sowing with no good reaping.....Thats In Vain)
       Paul said Jesus did not die in vain. What is dying in vain then?  It means death that accomplishes nothing good. It means sacrificing your life, laying down your life for what you think is a good cause but really it accomplished for you zero. There is a religion that is doing that today thinking to die for their god their way is much gain, but they are the ones mocked and deceived, not God. God sent His Son into the world and His Son Sacrifice is the only one with Redeeming glory.
       Jesus died to accomplish for us all many many GOOD THINGS, even eternal redemption and salvation. He shed His Blood for our sins to be forgiven, purged, washed away and forgotten.  His labor on the cross unto death was not in vain. God raised Him from the dead and sat him down at His own right hand FOR US. 
       These evil beast who throw themselves into the fire and blow themselves up in the name of their god killing others as they do, they do so to redeem themselves unto paradise. They esteem their death, the sacrifice of themselves with a bomb etc., and the murder of others when they do this terrible act a form of self redemption and as more rewarding and more beneficial for them than the Sacrifice and blood of Jesus Christ, who is Emmanuel in the flesh which means God with us. Jesus said that Satan has deceived them deeply, and has deceived them religiously. They are part of those who Jesus foretold us of and said would think killing others as they do is doing service for God.
       These same self sacrificing ones place no value in the blood of Jesus Christ for salvation, nor do they esteem the Cross of Christ to have any redeeming value so they go at it their way as taught them be the deceived false prophets. They die and sacrifice themselves in an exaltation above the Cross of Jesus. They, esteeming not the blood of His Cross and Christ sacrifice to save them, they go about to save themselves by their own death and by the sacrifice of their own flesh unto bits and pieces, but all that they do in their own blood shed is all in vain and gives no advantage to them in eternity though they have been taught otherwise by demons who act as spirits of light. They perish dying in their sins, even the sin of massive murder chained to their account in hell. That is not a way you want to enter into eternity. You want to and must enter eternity FORGIVEN by God thru the afflictions of Christ. Jesus died for our sins and rose again for our blessed sure hope.
       But James also preached the same truth about those who call on the name of Jesus but do not BRIDLE THEIR TONGUE. James wrote that he that thinks himself to be religious or spiritual or accomplishing much but he does not bridle his tongue before the living God, all his so called seeming to be religious life and works also are IN VAIN, and profit him zero. I did not say that. You did not write that.  The Apostle James by the Holy Spirit wrote those wise sayings. Watching Your Tongue, watching what you say out your mouth to God then is HIGHLY HIGHLY IMPORTANT.
       James said IN VAIN is the religion of those who do not WATCH WHAT THEY SAY, who do not WATCH THEIR TONGUE. Who gossip, back bite with their mouths, tell evil stories and jokes, cuss and curse, speak evil words, bad words, grumbling, murmuring, griping words, words of death instead of words of life. There is a difference you know? Watch Your Tongue....Jesus & deno......share freely.

The Sowing & Reaping Mind......deno.....share freely.

         I have never known my dad or our granpa to ever plant any seed and not expect a harvest. Expecting a harvest is natural to the sowing and reaping mind. When they were with us they spent a lot of time preparing the fields for the sowing of their seeds and when they sowed them, they did so skillfully. Then they would til the fields while they-being filled with the joy of the assurance of their hearts expectancy- they would wait excitedly for the first visible signs of their hope manifested. First the blade, then the ear, then the full corn of the ear THE HARVEST SURELY CAME. Year after year, season after season it worked.
       Gods sowing and reaping promises are just as sure, even more sure, than all farmers sure expectancy in the seeds they have sown. God cannot lie. His words can never fail when believed. Believe and you will see the glory of God in sowing and reaping.
       Do not limit your thinking to me're money. Goodness reaps goodness. Kindness leads to kindness. Visiting the sick leads to your own blessed visitations. Blessing others grows blessings to come to you. Forgive and you shall reap forgiveness. Do not sow forgiveness and you shall reap no forgiveness from God.
       God is our harvest guaranteer so do not quench His Spirit with your unkindness and your unforgiveness. Love reaps love. Mercy reaps mercy. Being friendly leads to friendliness. Bearing others burdens is a seed you sow, a harvest is attached to that seed sown. Cloth others and you shall be clothed. Feed others and you shall be fed. Give just a cup of cold water to a child of God and Jesus said you shall by no means lose your  reward.  In this life and in the life to come the harvest surely comes if we attend to the field of the seed we have planted in.
      No wise farmer plants and walks off. He guards his field from weeds and from the birds of the air and from the beast of the field. He guards his heart with all diligence and he WATCHES HIS TONGUE to not uproot what he has planted. An unwise, unskillful sower scatters seed all over the place. He cannot really tell good soil from bad ground. But the skillful experienced farmer plants with wisdom, til's with understanding, waits with excitement, and reaps with Joy. He is filled from the sowing to the reaping with a heart of Blessed Assurance.
       Blessed Assurance itself is true spiritual patience. It is BEING SURE at all times, in all trials, in all testings it remains the same. Yes Blessed Assurance is the farmers patience with joy with sure expectation that he is going to reap a good harvest.....Jesus & deno....share freely.

Faith and Patience, the Winning Combination.......deno......share freely.

Hebrews 6:11-15...New King James Version (NKJV)
11 And we desire that each one of you show the same diligence being filled with the full assurance of our hope until the end, 12 that you do not become sluggish, but imitate those who through faith and patience inherit the promises.
13 For when God made a promise to Abraham, because He could swear by no one greater, He swore by Himself, 14 saying, “Surely in blessing I will bless you, and in multiplying I will multiply you.”[a] 15 And so, after he had patiently endured, he obtained the promise.

......Some promises we must exercise patience to obtain them like our mansion in heaven that Jesus went and is preparing for us and like the 2nd coming of the Lord to take us home and like the casting forth of our bread upon the water.
.....Some promises are for the immediate right now such as forgiveness and being born again and the infilling of the Holy Spirit.
.....Some of the things we pray for must be mixed with patience. First the blade, then the ear, then the full corn of the ear which is the prayers harvest time..
......Things/material things we must believe we receive when we pray and thank God daily that they are ours and shall come to pass.
.......The patience of sure faith is joy and certainty mixed with praise and thanksgiving to God knowing we have what we have said and prayed (Mark 11:23-24). It shall come to pass. The desire by faith in prayer has been planted into the ground of my life. It is taking root. It will grow up and produce the fruit of my hearts desire as Jesus said......deno.
Hebrews 6:14 Genesis 22:17.

Fill My Cup Lord......The Cup of Faith......deno.......share freely.

       The words of God that your heart really believes are the cups of faith that God fills with His presence realities and manifestations. Christ dwells in the cups of our hearts faith. The bible clearly teaches us that without faith God gets no pleasure from us (Hebrews 3:12-19). He even had Paul write in Romans 14:23 that whatsoever is not of faith or from faith is sin.
        What we believe the Lord is able to walk in and fill. But the spiritual sin of Unbelief gives His Spirit no place to dwell nor walk in, nor to be Poured into. I will POUR OUT of My Spirit in the last days the Lord said. 
         Cups of faith can only partake of and receive of His Spirits outpourings. As it is written in the book of Galations 3:1-6) He that gives you His Spirit, His spiritual things and works healings and miracles in your midst and in your life, He does this by what you believe and not by the works of the law. 
       And king David said, The Lord anoints my head with oil (His Spirit & Grace), my CUP runneth over he said (with His Presence/Goodness). Scroll Down.
       And in Ephesians  3:16-21) Paul prayed.... so that you would be FILLED (Your cups of faith) with ALL THE FULLNESS OF  GOD.
       Can you imagine that? Can you see yourself and your life being filled with ALL THE FULNESS OF GOD? Ones faith cups have to be overflowing with God for that to happen. You and I being filled with all the fulness of God is Gods Spirit, Presence, Leading, Grace, Goodness realities and manifestations everyday in abundance to the overflowing measure in our cups, in our faith cups. It is you and me experiencing God being God to us and being our loving Father in our lives ON EARTH thru faith in Jesus Christ the Word of God......deno.....share freely.