Tuesday, March 31, 2015

People Are Praying and Crying Out To God In Your Local Town.....deno.....share freely.

      Be a blessing more and more to someone in your local community soon. Buy a stranger a load of groceries. Hand a person an envelope with money in it and write on it that Jesus is thinking of you. Pay for someones gas by surprise. Take some clothes you own to a needy person in your area and watch them smile. Pay somebodies electric bill...I feel the Lord has been impressing upon me to share this and to do this more and more myself.    
     We often times send our offerings out of our local communities when locally we could be putting smiles on peoples faces and meeting needs here in our own towns in Jesus Name. Imagine we Gods children in our own local communities doing  this so much that it becomes a constant GOOD HABIT? Imagine the new talk of the town this would become and of the testimonies. Imagine the praise to the Lord this would bring for they see Christ giving love really real and in action more and more on the local scale. Heaven knows that in these days we now live in, such praise to God and such conversation needs to be heard in heaven ascending from the earth, from every heart, town, and city. Scroll Down.
      People in our own communities are praying these days and crying out in tears to God for help and for needs to be met and so often we have like walked right on by them out of our local towns to help people far far away from us who we never even see. Jesus always ministered to the needs of the people in the town that he was in. ALWAYS.....deno......share freely.

Words and the Judgement.......deno......share freely.

.......Luke 11:33) NKJV.... No one, when he has lit a lamp, puts it in a secret place or under a basket, but on a Lampstand, that those who come in may see the light.
......Gods Words are Gods Light Carriers...What are our words carrying? If darkness then how great is that darkness? If our words are empty of the Son of Gods light, then how empty is our heart of His Light? If our words have no light in them they are then the idol words Jesus spoke of. Jesus said, all people shall give account for all their idol words they spoke in their life time on earth. That is the Word of the Lord. A non light filled word is as vain chatter to God. A language that God would rather not hear.
.......As I personally study the Words of Jesus in every verse, it amazes me how bright it shines that our Lord NEVER SPOKE AN IDOL EMPTY OF LIGHT WORD...NOT ONE....No wonder John said that God gave Jesus His Spirit without measure. Jesus was fully committed to never speak one idol word ever. What A Savior. Jesus was morning to night the fully committed and fully devoted Son of God.

........ Is the great congregation of the church empty of the manifestations of the presence and Spirit of the Lord realities? Idol words can surely cause a famine of Spirit of the Lord manifestations. Such words grieve the Spirit of God. Such idol words QUENCH THE SPIRIT of the Lord. Jesus knew this and that is why He personally stayed completely away from them. He never gave place to a single idol empty of Gods light word.
........ What is the measure of our commitment to God in our words and conversations? Is our mouth constantly filled with idol words? Are we suffering from IDOLATRY OF THE MOUTH????? Jesus said, By our words we shall be justified or by our words we shall be condemned..We all must give more serious thought to this light of life matter....
........Proverbs 16:24) Pleasant words are like the honeycomb, SWEET TO THE SOUL and HEALTH to the bones...Lord Jesus light up our hearts with your marvelous light so that our mouth will be Gods light to both Jew and Gentiles. Amen....share freely......deno.

Monday, March 16, 2015

I Learned This From Jesus Himself.....Remember He Said, My Sheep Hear My Voice.....deno.....share freely.

       Several years ago at noon day in England, I was literally taken on by the enemy. I felt it when he came at me. It was nothing sweet about any of it. He came at me in the spirit and a more severe wrestling match was underway. 
       When he first hit me the taste was awful, terribly oppressing. I, for a brief moment actually tasted some of his hopelessness. He is severely depressed. At the first of the fight  my mind took off almost in a panic because this was new to me. I did not  know he could come against believers toe to toe like that. (Remember he took Jesus. He took him...see Luke 4) That is toe to toe battling with the enemy.
        Well before I went into a full freak out, the Lord in His love rose up inside me and I heard these words. I had been digging into the Gods Word for several months at that point and I had tasted some victory, but this that came on me that day was to find out what I had learned and what I was really made of so to speak at the time. In that panic moment I heard the Lord rise up within me and say, "Now take what I have taught you and use it against him".
        Friends, right after those instructions  came to me I unloaded on the devil. Strength entered and I rose up saying In the Name Of Jesus Christ of Nazareth Satan you take your hands off of me. You don't  belong here. I belong to Jesus and in Jesus Name you stop and get out of here. Many other scriptures I hit him with and folks God as my witness I FELT THE DEVIL TAKE OFF. I FELT IT. I knew he was gone and he left running.
      You can taste and see that the Lord is good and I know for a fact now that you can taste and see when the devil is gone. When the devil left Jesus, Jesus knew in the Spirit that he was gone.
      Man I had tasted another victory and oh how sweet it was. Then some time later as I was reflecting on this grace episode in my life the Lord spoke to me. He gave me these words that Im to give you. He even had me to write them down. Those words are these. Ready? Scroll Down.

God Gave Us This Mighty Weapon. SO USE IT.....deno.....share freely.

.......In Christ Jesus we are wrestling with Satans forces and under the constant pressure of the sinful flesh that is always warring against our soul wherein dwells our choice maker...(Ephesians 6:10-18 and 1 Peter 2:11)....But thank God we are graced and empowered with Power from on High in the faith of the Son of God who thru His Cross, Death and Resurrection overcame him, overcame death, hell and the grave and all of Christ overcomings, victories, and triumphs are all INCLUDED in the glorious power of Christ Exalted Far Above all Name that God gave us all as His Weapon for us to use against the enemy AND AGAINST CIRCUMSTANCES, SITUATIONS, STORMS. NEEDS, and against MOUNTAINS.
.......The Name of the Lord is a STRONG TOWER. The righteous run to it (Call upon it) and they are saved, delivered, rescued, upheld, and HEARD BY GOD... Load Up and Let the devil have it.....deno.......share freely.

The 4 Points of the Cross.......deno......share freely.

4 things were a major part of the Cross of Christ..... Scriptures. Sin. Satan. Surrender.
#1)....Scriptures. The scriptures had to be fulfilled.
#2)....Sin. Jesus died for the sin of the world.
#3)....Satan, Jesus said to them, You are of your father the devil and the desires of your father you will do. They murdered the innocent One with the Cross.
#4)....Surrender, Jesus laid down his life. He surrendered his body to taste death by way of the cross for every man in order to bring many children unto God by his blood. Nobody could get to him had he not done that, had he not laid the power of his life down....deno.
Deno Smith's photo.
Deno Smith's photo.

We Have Got To Get The Fire Back..The Fire of the Holy Spirit....SO IMPORTANT........deno.....share freely.

......When the real and bright light of Jesus Christ shines bright in this world (JOHN 3:19-21) and when that which holds the wolves and the lions back is taken OUT OF THE WAY as shown in (2 Thess 2:6-7), it is then that the real truth of how wicked, evil, and mean the worlds heart is, it is then revealed and shown, and the vicious haters of the REAL LIGHT (the True Gospel) comes forth (John 7:7) to do the devils bidding.
 ........The Cross of Christ, his blood, death, and resurrection is the great saving and stirring light.  That light causes the full revelation of Satan and the AntiChrist evil heart and their real hate of that REAL LIGHT to be shown on the earth. When that light is less shinning on the earth they rise and take advantage of it. For they walk comfortably in darkness, but where Christ real light shines, the brighter that light shines it often times stops them in their tracks like light does when it is shined in a snakes eyes. But when THAT LIGHT shines little, they are given greater place to and their works multiply in peoples lives, in society and in our world.
......Remember, all thru Christ shinning his light on earth, the wolves and the lions were always nearby trying and hoping to get their teeth into him using men as their present serpents. But around the Lord was a mighty hedge of Gods Covenant Protecting Power (Angels) to keep Jesus safe from all of them until the CROSSES APPOINTED TIME WOULD COME. When that time had finally come, Jesus had to surrender that hedge of protection up, it had to be taken out of the way, no one could take that hedge from him, he had to LAY IT DOWN. He had to lay down his life and surrender that body unto death, unto death by the Cross. And when that surrender happened, when he removed His Covenant hedge so to lay down his life, it was then that the dark lions and dark wolves of the worlds darkness finally were able to move in and they got there teeth into Jesus in the form of whips, staff, crown of thorns, spear, and thru hammer and nails and a Cross with Christ name on it.
........The real light of Christ shining always brings light, life and blessings in its shine, but it also brings the wolves and the lions of darkness all around. If it were not for Gods present covenant shield FOR PROTECTION given for us by faith in Jesus Christ (Ephesians 6:16), then those lions and wolves would be putting their teeth into us in full Cross mode or similar hate demonstrations (ISIS like)
...... Notice 2 Thess 2:6-7, it says the full manifestation of the AntiChrist, all his lies and lying glory and lying wonders and all his hate for Jesus Christ, cannot be fully manifested until that (the hedge, the restraining force) which holds him back is taken out of the way or is SURRENDERED. This happens partly because the Church quit resisting and quit skillfully fighting in the Spirit for their rights in Christ Jesus . Instead of them being strong in the Lord and in the power of His might and casting out Satan and binding his works, they laid the power down falling in love with this world and were deceived to let loose of the power. Those lions and wolves said among themselves, hey look the saints have laid down the power. They have fell in love with our bosses world and the things of the world and they are far more interested in those things than keeping us out of their lives. Come lets take advantage of this open door and fill the hearts and the souls and the nations with us wicked spirits to worsen their conditions on the earth. This gave Satan also a huge place all over America and the world. The Church itself laid their power and authority down by half hearted interest and luke warm devotion and distant participation and these kinds of sins gave Satan great place in the latter days until finally Satan was given even fulness place and the AntiChrist finally became flesh and dwelt among the world.
........Friends the new testament shows us that people in Paul and in the early churches days PRAYED ALWAYS with all manner of prayer. They prayed night and day. They prayed without ceasing. They had all day prayer times and all night prayer times. I've been told that the most power filled ministers and churches of the last 300 years on earth have often had 24/7 prayers going on by the church members around the clock. THAT'S DEDICATION. Living Sacrifices like that are powerful and avail much in the spirit world when wrought in Jesus Name. Those peoples fire kept the wolves and lions of the darkness further away and less and less in manifestation on earth. But where there is little fire in the darkness, the lions and wolves fear less. Now the church, the Salt of the earth has so watered itself down extinguishing its own fire out, almost to the point that is has become a theatrical show of worldly light and with little blood of Christ light and prayers are like a mysterious flash with even the angels themselves saying to one another, what was that and a UFO?....please hear what God is saying to us His children......deno.....share freely.

Mary Madalene, Her Passion For Christ......deno....share freely.

.......John 20:15)..Mary Magdalene was at the tomb of Jesus. His body was gone. Thinking that his body was possibly stolen and SO MISSING HER LORD she broke down crying.....Jesus sees her heart. He walks over to her in a hidden type form and says, Woman why are you weeping so much? Whom do you seek? She said, I'm seeking Jesus My Lord.
     Brothers and sisters in Christ, are we that in love with Jesus as Mary was? Do we miss His presence so much we are in longing and crying about it due to the feelings of His absence? Like Marys passion for the Lord, if we seek the Lord fervently with all our hearts love WE WILL FIND HIM. He will more and more MANIFEST HIMSELF to us, and in our lives. 

     When you have really been touched by Jesus in your soul, when there seems to be an absence of that touch, of His presence, the more it means to you the more deeply you feel about it when its there and when it seems absent. If you have been touched as deep in your soul as Mary had been with Jesus, you to would show such emotion at the thought of His absence. Nothing compares to the touch and the taste of the Lords Spirit and presence in us and in our life. Worth seeking after with all our passion to taste it or to re-taste it. Worth selling all Jesus said, to buy that field, where the fruit of the Presence and taste of the Lord has been planted in that ground and is grown ready for you to harvest into your life thru the obedience that comes from real faith.
     Mary, who before was a prostitute, in whom Jesus cast out seven wicked spirits out of (her loose ways opened doors for their entrance), SHE FELL IN LOVE WITH JESUS. When he set her free she tasted in herself the change, the beautiful deliverance that he gave her from those wicked spirits that drove her lust to her madness with multiple men, and for this purification she was love and life struck with Jesus. His works and entrance into her life made pleasantly new and bright her days as Gods smile she felt in her soul daily. Those that hunger and thirst for righteousness Jesus said WILL BE SATISFIED.Holiness had become her. She was a changed woman. VERY GRATEFUL.
      Jesus said, those that are forgiven much loves much, Mary proved that word true. Her love for Jesus her deliverer and Savior was with sanctification passion unto newness of life in sweet peace and holiness in fellowship with the MASTER. When she thought He was gone she wept tremendously. REAL LOVE.......deno.....share freely.


The Glorious Church....deno......share freely.

......Scholars tell us that the KJV and many other bible translations are step by step, word for word translations. They strive for a word for word, as close as possible word match. That's what God wants to see in us His children. A Step by step, word for word, as close to Jesus as possible near My God to Thee match until we are the glorious church of Ephesians 5:25-27).
....vs 25)..Husbands love your wives, just like Christ also loved the church and GAVE HIMSELF for her.
.....vs 26) So that He could separate and sanctify her from a world of sin and darkness, and cleanse the church, bathing her with the washing of the water by His word (His Bright Light).
.....vs 27) That He may present the church (His Bride) unto Himself as a Glorious Church (that's the Lords own high goal for us - A Beautiful Spiritual Bride walking in the newness of her spirit, heart in heart and hand in hand with Christ in what He loves (Holiness), not having spot, wrinkle or any such thing (Pure love relationship all holy - faithful and true to one another, walking in Christ glorious light); but that it should be holy and without blemish (this is relationship to Christ and Christ to us full faithfulness as a husband is to be to his wife and the wife to her husband in all things, resisting all temptations to do other wise, pure and undefiled by the world and evil. God said Israel went away a whoring from Him, Committing adultery and burning incense under every high tree - idolatry-relationship to God unfaithfulness).
........We will never be that level glorious until we (the body and bride of Christ) are all together walking as One heart and as one mind with the fruit of Oneness and unity our constant every day flavor and taste to God and we are together step by step, word for word, faithful to God and to one another, as close as possible near My God to Thee loving one another flawlessly faithful to Christ in all things Church..We will not get there until we THE WEAKER VESSEL humble ourselves leaning on the Mighty Hand of God promise to those who do and are in all things SUBMITTED to Christ Lordship over our lives in all we say and do......deno.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Become Gods Rock In The Faith......deno.......share freely.

       In Christ, when your heart is fixed and your focus becomes established, your a Rock in the faith....Moveable only by God.......1 Corinthians 15:58) Therefore, my beloved brethren in Christ, be established, UNMOVABLE, always involved in the work of the Lord, for as much as you know your labor is not in vain in the Lord.
       Love never ends. It is an Everlasting Work. When all other gifts and works cease, Love remains the same. Every day in glory, heaven is full of works of Gods love demonstrated in all and thru all. Love endures and remains forever.........deno.

God Saved His Best Wine, the Best Wine of His Grace For Last..... (John 2:1-11)......deno......share freely....

John 2:1-11)...Jesus brought forth BY HIS GRACE MIRACLE the Best Wine Of His Power and Grace for the last....Remember in the order of things. He said, The last shall be first and the first shall be last. This in part means the last days church rises up to the top of Gods priority list, and the first that have already run their race of grace before us sit back and watch us run our last days race of grace....deno....On your march....get set.....Its up to us......deno.
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Revelation Given Me About Jesus, The Body Builder..When You See It You'll Get It.......deno......share freely.

.......I was amazed and yet so happy when he opened these ears and these eyes saying....The reason that on the day of Pentecost that I came boldly to My children like a rushing mighty wind and entered into them, into the throne of their hearts without complaint, upbraiding not, and without any hesitation was because....GET THIS..... I was lighting upon and entering into the SAME flesh and bone body of the SAME SON of mine (Hello)(Ephesians 1:22-23). My Son had been BODY BUILDING thru the workout of the Cross.
.......I love the way the Lord brings His things to my level and relates things to me so that I can understand them. Jesus is a BODY BUILDER, and with every new believer more muscle is added to HIS ONE BODY made up of MANY MEMBERS.
.......On the day of Pentecost Christ had been BODY BUILDING on earth and the Holy Spirit entered His Muscle Increase. He that has ears to hear, Jesus said, Let them hear.

......If we want to ENTER into more Love Grace, look at the pic and remember what Jesus said that we all have to do to enter His Kingdom and things...God resisteth the proud but promises to give His grace to those that humble themselves. It is so TRUE.......deno.

One Of My OMG Moments with Jesus......deno.....share freely.

......When you look at your life past and present, and it more deeply dawns on you as like startling that God has graced you and MANIFESTED HIMSELF to you in what to you is peculiar ways and you look at these things, sit there pondering them in your heart and you know, I mean you know that your not the cream of the crop, and you know you have not been the most sanctimonious church member, and that you have been one of the chiefest sinners, maybe even professional at it from time to time and yet despite all this on the record of your life you have seen the Lord show up in certain forms in visions, visitations, audible words, dreams, revelations, demonstrations, and in the Power of the Spirit and you say to Him how can all these things be when yet I did all those things before? He rises up and says, My Love, My Mercy, My Forgiveness, My Grace, My Choice, My Compassion, My Purpose, My Blood, My Spirit, My Power, My Presence, My Righteousness, My Cross, and My Intercessions........You sit there and you contemplate what He has said to you. You think about those words. They go over and over in your hearing like echoes of love and grace. Then after time goes on and after more deeper and more focused thought on those things that He said, SUDDENLY ONE DAY YOUR EYES ARE OPENED, a grace filled light in you goes off and something so beautiful in all of it hits you. Something wonderful DAWNS ON YOU. You realize that you yourself were not even mentioned in all the Answer He gave. It all happened by Christ and Christ alone. That was and is even now a personal OMG moment for me. Not I, Paul said but Christ in me....Christ is all of it from the root to the fruit. Lord I bow my knees and say thank you Jesus. To You Be All The Glory forever and ever. Friends You Are Greatly Loved and You Are Gloriously Called By The Living God And Savior......Amen......deno.

Ephesians 2:8-10) For by grace you are saved thru faith and that not of your doings, it is the gift of God. Not of men's doings lest men boast.......and SOMETIMES for by grace are we called thru faith and that not because of anything we did to deserve it, that calling is a gift of the grace of God. Then God graces you more for His purpose and you learn to seek His face and obey the Lord that in all things Christ be honored and glorified.

Gods Spirit Entered us & We Enter Heaven By The Same Way. Jesus Christ......deno.

......The way Gods Spirit entered you down here on earth is the SAME WAY you will go up and enter into heaven. Jesus, Jesus, and thru the power of His Name, Blood, Death & Resurrection.

......The same way and the same power of God that God used to get Himself (His Perfect Sinless Pure Holy Unblemished Spirit) into the land of our hearts on earth on the day of Pentecost to this day, is going to be the EXACT same way and the EXACT same power of God that God is going to use to transport us and to get us into His Holy Perfect Incorruptible Paradise in heaven. Jesus is the Way, the truth and the life no one Comes to the Father nor enters into heavens perfect glory but thru Him (His Cross, His Blood, His death and resurrection) and the Father enters no heart except thru His Son...So God came to our heart thru the blood of His Sons Cross and we shall go into heavens perfect glory thru the same.
......Hebrews 10:19-23) We having therefore boldness TO ENTER into the Holiest (Into Gods Spirit and Holy Place) BY THE BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST.......deno......share freely.

The Body Of Christ Revelation Connection Brings Confidence & Boldness in things pertaining to God........deno......share freely

        Church member, when you realize the more deeper meaning of what it means THAT YOU, YES YOU are Christ OWN BODY, His flesh and His bone, when He visits you in a visitation and takes you to His Holy Place, IN THAT HOLY PLACE you can have confidence and assurance and boldness there knowing this, KNOWING that you being BY GODS OWN HANDY WORKS (Christ HIS SONS flesh and bone body part), you can stand in your faith in the HOLY PLACE OF GRACE bold and confident there because YOU KNOW WHO YOU BELONG TO and YOU KNOW that you are A PART OF HIM, you are A MEMBER of His Body. You know that where Jesus is you belong there also, for you have found out thru the BODY OF CHRIST REVELATION CONNECTION that God has made you as much a part of Jesus as He is of Himself. For you now know and understand that Christ is One Body made up of MANY MEMBERS. 
       He that your a part of thru the BODY OF CHRIST REVELATION CONNECTION, stands there in the HOLY PLACE smiling at you for overcoming and finding out that truth, that knowledge. It's for WHOSOEVER will to discover. It is for whosoever will let him come and drink from the waters of life and of this truth freely. It is the mystery of Ephesians 5:28-33 revealed and unveiled.
       Personally I'm a simple common man and I just believe Jesus simply meant what He said. WHOSOEVER will let him....Whosoever seeks will find. Whosoever ask will receive. Whosoever knocks will have doors opened up unto him.
      To Sinner or Saint went out the WHOSOEVER WILL INVITE from Jesus Himself.....There is so much love light and knowledge that He wants His Church thru the engrafting gospel light to still come unto. (Who by God Himself have been ENGRAFTED into the life of HIS SON thru the BODY OF CHRIST CONNECTION). God so greatly wants us to realize the riches of the glory of what that truth and saying more deeply means.
      Much like how God desires the lost to come unto a certain knowledge of Jesus Christ that they can be saved, even-so with great earnestness God desires that the church comes unto and comes to understand the DEEPER MEANING of and all that is being told us in the light of the BODY OF CHRIST CONNECTION REVELATION. That we who are IN CHRIST are now as much a part of Jesus and His life as he and his flesh are one and of himself and that it was God Himself that did all this strategic engrafting of us INTO HIS SON and did it without seam in the spirit. He wants us to understand all the love, and all the light, and all the honors and all the riches, and all THE RIGHTS, all the authority, all the power, and all the more abundant life, and all the fellowship with the Father and all of the blessings that being Christ own flesh & bone gives us in Name, in the spirit, in the soul, and in the body.
      Press On, Press On thru in faith. Seek Jesus told us all, AND WE SHALL FIND. WE SHALL ALL UNDERSTAND, REALIZE and DISCOVER......deno......share freely.

I Speak Concerning The Mystery of Christ and The Church.....deno.

     Put your redemption spiritual ears on.......In the mystery of our oneness with Christ (Ephesians 5:30-32) the Spirit of truth is revealing that we THE CHURCH are now thru the engratfment, as much a part of Jesus as bark is part of a mighty tree. Make the connection. Such light speaks volumes of GOOD THINGS to Christ flesh and bone, THE CHURCH. It reveals belonging. It reveals life status. It reveals redemption status. It reveals relationship with the Father. It reveals glory and honor. It reveals location and where about's. It reveals ones new identification. It reveals our New Name and by that name we are called and that name is called, "IN CHRIST JESUS". It reveals righteousness, inheritance and value. It reveals abounding grace and truth and loving kindness far above the world. It reveals rights, peace, and placement as part of the Son of God. As bark is all part of a mighty tree, we who are Christ flesh and bone are all part of a mighty King...Love that the world knows not of is speaking......deno......SHARE FREELY.

When I Filled You With My Spirit.......deno.....sahre freely.

......When I filled you with My Spirit, the Holy Spirit, the Perfect God moved into your heart to walk with My child in Christ which is your spirit that I have created anew in righteousness and true holiness for the fellowship from the blend, can you speak to Me, of My Presence within or have your eyes grown dim, I am Spirit? Has the ears of your heart become hard of hearing?. Do you clearly hear My Voice? Can you yet see and tell My movements. I walk within the temple of My people, do you hear my foot steps? Who among men are wise to this light? Who among the redeemed can shout to this generation, Look, Listen for the Lord is speaking? There He moves, look He has risen....And if you are still a child concerning these things, an infant in spiritual matters and understandings and cannot expound with clarity of sight My quiet moves nor hear clearly with your crowded ears My voice, how can you speak of your own spirits condition in truth, do you see us Hand in hand within walking, supping, fellowshiping as Father with son in the Spirit thru the redemption mix that My finger has shown you or has the constant screen in your mind blinded your sight?....Do you look to the voices of your flesh to declare truth and spiritual things? Is the sinful fleshes desire and corruption My Voice, the voice of perfect holiness of He that is Holy and without sin.Lo I Am In You........ Is the fleshes many voices the light by which I guide My children and draw all conclusions? How can that which is dead speak of everlasting life? How can corruption know the voice of the incorruptible? On you is that which is of corruption and In you is that which is born of incorruption, can you discern the difference, the difference between those two men? When you can, then having eyes to see you will see and having ears to hear you will hear the voice of My Spirit, the voice of Him who is ever so close, but in your crowded ears and mind seems so far away....Amen.....deno.

There Shall Be Showers of Blessings......deno......share freely.

......As the Lord can make those dead dry bones of Ezekiel to come back together and live again, so shall He revive His people. Though they be as the blind they shall be made to see again, and though they be as the deaf they shall be made to hear again. With His glory shall come forth that which is glorious in His redeemed. There shall be showers of blessings upon His trees even though the world has become a parched land of curses for their rebellion in their believing of lies.. The Lord is always faithful to His people and to His word. His word brings forth wonders even when sent into deep places of void and emptiness. Gods Word gives birth to light even in the midst of great darkness and to laughter and exceeding great joy even when great darkness has fallen upon the land. God is in the midst of Zion. God is in the midst of His purchased possession, His redeemed..His light shall roll away the clouds and His rain shall revive His people, the planted in the Lord.......Amen......deno.


Darkness Removed By The Glory of Gods Light......deno......share freely.

.....As darkness is removed by the glory of light, even so sin is removed by the glory of Christ blood and is no more....It is written. In Christ Jesus we have redemption thru His blood, even the forgiveness of sins. His love shall soon swallow up all the hate of the world just as His light removes darkness, but the hate, this hate, "and they hated Jesus without a cause," must peak the second time first. But Jesus told us, when you see all these things coming to pass on the earth, YOU MY PEOPLE REJOICE AND BE EXCEEDINGLY GLAD for your deliverance draweth near.
.......Jesus has given us grace, approval, and permission to be excited, to rejoice and to be exceedingly glad even when all the world is heavy with darkness and undergoing severe judgements. Set your hearts love and affections on things above Paul preached, for your redemption draws nigh...Amen.
....God is good to His people...So let us choose to laugh in these storms. Lets choose to live and walk in that joy rich rejoicing in hope to the very end Grace. Lets obey God....deno.

Light Of Christ Enthrone Us....My Prayer For the Redeemed......deno.....share freely.

Light from Christ enthrone us
Shine upon us the beauty of grace and peace multiplied.
Fill us so full of Your love that we are absent of all division.
Fill us so full of the blessed hope that all clouds of gloom disappear by light.
Smile upon us Lord, we are the trees of your own planting.
Water your garden with living waters of grace.
Breath on us afresh O Lord. Revive the joy of Your children.
Our branches we stretch forth unto your heavenly Son light in praise.
Melt our hearts as One of many. Lead us in the path of the glorious church.
Bring forth such precious fruit of heavens love and harmony in the saints.
Keep us in Your Name forever and in Your mercies unending.
Rise Lord it is time for the Greater Works.
We look unto you Jesus with high expectation.
We Pray Lord.....Amen.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

The Three Words That Changed The Course of all the World......deno.....share freely.

The Three Most World Changing, Life Changing Words Ever Spoken or Penned On Earth. We Are All Family and Friends Here Today Because of Those Three Little Gigantic Words....He Is Risen.....deno.

The Prodigal Sons Revelations. The Things He Learned of God the Father. The Things He Preached To The World.....deno.....share freely.

       The revelations of God that came to the prodigal son were these.

..... (1) God will honor our choices. If we choose to walk away, He honors our will. He will plead with us with love and wisdom, even with blood and tears, but he will only knock. We have to choose to open the door and obey God. Such freedom has prices if you choose wrong over right and foolishness over wisdom. But it is so rewarding if you receive God and obey Him.
...... (2) Sin deceives you. It looks good. It taste good. It feels good for a while. But once it gets its poison in you, it is a downward ride form there to the pigs parlor, and only God having mercy and intervening with the washing of His Sons blood can your sins be atoned for and you restored and healed.
........(3) He also learned that he still had all his sonship rights and blessings. They were given him not for the good works he had done, but because of his BIRTH RIGHT.
...... (4) When he came back home, his return was FAR MORE the matter with God than all the dark sins he mixed with while he was deceived by the world and by the deceitfulness of sin. He learned all those sins combined were no match for the love God had for him. This Revelation Amazed him. Such grace, love, and mercy, and compassion made others mad that God was so kind and loving to the wayward son that had returned home, but despite their self righteous shallow love, God was exceedingly glad and so were the angels. He took His ring and put it on his son, He put his robe on him and then had the greatest welcome back party the family had ever seen before. Such love seems unfair to the world, but to God it is the perfect right thing to do.
      But had the Prodigal son not come home, he would never have learned or known any of this of God the Father and he could have ended up dying having never come back home, and maybe even lost forever. Not a good place to depart from friends. Come home friends. Jesus is calling us all to come back home and experience the Fathers love.....deno.....share freely.

Doubt and Unbelief, the Greatest Most Robbing Sins of All......share freely.....deno.

     Matthew 17:16)..And Jesus, this son of mine that I am telling you about, I brought him to your CHURCH but they could not cast him out....Jesus turned to his church and actually rebuked them for their failure in this.....then later the CHURCH MEMBERS of honest report came to Jesus and said....vs 19) Lord, why did we fail in casting the devil out? Why could not we cast him out? Jesus of perfect integrity that can never lie did not withhold the truth here. He answered saying, BECAUSE OF YOUR DOUBT, YOUR UNBELIEF.
       Now we also find this truth in Matthew 13:58 and in Mark 6:5-6)..And in his own home town Jesus COULD NOT do many mighty works BECAUSE OF THEIR UNBELIEF.
       You have heard the words, Grieve not Gods Spirit, Quench not the Holy Ghost (The Power of Gods Spirit and Presence). Well if we are not in faith but in unbelief, the honest truth of this matter is, God we will grieve and the presence of His Spirit and Power and MOVEMENTS we, yes you and me His Church, we will QUENCH the Spirit of the Lords Power, which means to cut off the flow. To hinder the Lords moves, EVEN TO TIE HIS HANDS. Yes that is right, your and my doubt and unbelief can literally bind Gods hands from being able to do MIGHTY WORKS as our text tells us happened to Jesus and the Father in Jesus' home town. If doubt and unbelief can do that in the green to the One who had the Spirit of God without measure, well then doubt and unbelief can Grieve the Presence of God and can Quench His Power today.
     Friends let us understand this revelating and so needful truth. The Lord startled me when he opened my eyes to this, to what others have already known yet to me it was sort of like fresh bread. He said, Note my love how I love all and long for all to come unto the knowledge of the truth, believe it, mix their hearts faith with it and BE SAVED. But though I long for this blessing to come upon them with all My Love and with all My Bloods poured out power,  all the power of My Father and Mine combined cannot do one single thing for them IF THEY BELIEVE NOT. Their unbelief literally ties all the hands of MY LOVE AND POWER and though I love them and will them to NOT PERISH,  I have to walk away from them. Just like in my home town on earth, in my home town I there could do no mighty works BECAUSE OF THEIR UNBELIEF. It was not because Me and the Father did not love them, did not want to do GOOD for them, but their unbelief tied our hands. This is a truth My people often resist to accept and even cry to not receive. But unbelief is the sin above all sins for both the lost (the unbelievers, for they perish because of it) and for even the Church (My Body on earth, they are robbed of so much God wants for them and to do thru them because of their doubt and unbelief). 
     My people who are living in the sinking position of Peter in overwhelming doubt are always calling upon My Name to save them from the fruit of their doubt and unbelief. I do what I can for them, but some times they are sick and even die in the flesh because of their unbelief, but their spirit I save because they have called upon the Name of the Lord unto the spirits regeneration unto eternal salvation FOR I AM THEIR SAVIOR. But unbelief will cause all My love and all the power of My Cross to profit unbelievers nothing thought I will them all My good and that they do not perish. Their unbelief ties the hands of all my love and power that is fully available to them, if only by faith they would lay holt on to it. 
      Unbelief is the greatest Spirit of God and Power of God Quencher on earth. Even many of My people become very Law abiding and usurp themselves back under the Law trying to by those works justify thenselves, and make up for, or try to mask or hide the doubt and unbelief that I see in the heart. But in the New Covenant, faith works by love thru grace, not by the Law for the Law is not of faith and the Law works wrath and there is no confidence of faith when the conscience is weighed down by the Law that works friction and wrath between God and men. But faith that works by love thru grace is the winning walk with God in Christ Jesus. For right believing causes right living, for it increases My Grace and Un-quenches My Spirit in the heart of them that believe......share freely....deno.

Lord then increase my faith? Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God.

Jesus Name Thru Faith In His Name Is The Devils Nightmare In Every Generation. Let This Generation Wake Up....deno.....share freely.

.....When we are tricked to be sympathetic and nice to the devil, he takes wolf levels of advantage of us. When all we do is cry and complain about the devil and what he is doing in our world, he laughs at us because no where in the bible did tears, griping, or complaining themselves ever get rid of him....But when we become salty, and bright in our light and believe on the far above all name of Jesus Christ, and pray and speak that Name which is above every name from where we are seated with Christ in heavenly places far above all with Jesus in his seat of FAR ABOVE ALL power and authority (Mathew 28:18), that's when the devil begins to fumigate, fuss, foam out the mouth, stir up his bees, scream and throw a hissy around town, in society, on the streets, and in the world; And the good things and even greater things that Jesus caused in the bible to be seen on earth will be seen more in our generation, for our eyes have been opened and the generation that has been asleep has AWAKENED. For that name thru believing on that name is driving Satan out and pouring Gods Power back in.
      Be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might. Let us all remember exactly why Paul told us those words. (Ephesians 6:10-19).....deno.....share freely.

Power & Authority In Christ. Decreeing and Praying From Your Heavenly Place In Christ....Most Important Light......deno.....share freel.

.....Matthew 26:36).....Jesus said, Sit ye here, while I go and pray OVER THERE.
.....Ephesians 2:4-10) vs 6) And God (in our spirit) has made us ALIVE TOGETHER with Jesus (John 5:24), That in itself is wonderful to be born again, resurrected in our spirit, made alive with Christ, with the RISEN ONE who dies no more, but the revelation light did not stop there. Jesus was revealing more to Paul, to us. Lets read the rest of the glory, he raised us up together with Christ and has made us SIT TOGETHER with Jesus in heavenly places. Heavenly places covers heaven itself, Gods Spirit World in paradise, but it also means seats of spiritual placing, positioning of the spirit, spiritual thrones of authority. Notice here Paul is talking of the spirit of justified men/women in Christ. This is not a word concerning the flesh. If you think after the flesh here you will lose sight of the heavenly revelation like Nicodemus who strained at Jesus' words of spirit life and spirit realities as in (John 3:12).
......Notice with me the spirit born of God in Christ is risen, he has passed from death unto life (John 5:24 & Eph 2:1) and he has been delivered from darkness unto light, from spiritual death unto eternal life with Christ for Christ in him is his life (Col 3:1-4). Then passed from death unto life with Christ, the spirit that is born of God and made new with Christ in Christ resurrection form has RISEN WITH CHRIST and has PASSED INTO THE HEAVENS into the heavenly places of Jesus Christ and His kingdom (Col 1:12-14). Our spirit in Christ has been delivered from the power of darkness and HAS BEEN TRANSLATED, TRANSLATED, TRANSLATED into the KINGDOM OF JESUS CHRIST.
........All these words are heavenly realities of our spirit in Christ, NOT THE FLESH. So many like Nicodemus mentally stuck in the flesh fail to see and understand the heavenly things of God in the Spirit (John 3:12). The heavenly places of Christ is WHERE our spirit in Christ is seated, placed and positioned. It is THERE (get this, SEE THIS) that we ALL in Christ ARE KINGS. Well Kings HAVE THRONES....Those thrones are MAJESTIC SEATS, they are each and every one.THRONES, (positions of high royalty for RAISED UP, EXALTED WITH CHRIST KINGS and a ROYAL PRIESTHOOD in heavenly places). Those THRONES GOD HIMSELF has SEATED US IN as His dearly loved and honored children in Christ. Those thrones are thrones for Kings, those with high authority and dominion for the making of decrees as KINGS of God in Christ seated in them REIGNING on earth form this position they have in the spirit of great power and authority in Jesus Name...... AND AND AND those spirits in Christ that God has sat down in those thrones are ALSO members of the HIGHEST ROYAL PRIESTHOOD. Jesus is our High Priest, but as He is KING of kings, and Lord of lords, He is also Priest of priest. A Priest to God in Christ is A King of GREAT GOD GIVEN AUTHORITY, SEATED IN HIGH PLACES/HEAVENLY PLACES IN THRONES WITH CHRIST EVER LIVING TO MAKE INTERCESSION FOR THE PEOPLE in all things that pertain to God and life in Christ here on earth FROM THEIR HEAVENLY PLACE AND POSITION IN HEAVEN. Jesus our great High Priest always reigned in life on earth from His heavenly place that was in Him in the Spirit though he had become. When he prayed, or commanded demons to shut up or to come out of people He was using the power and authority God gave him in the spirit as A KING AND INTERCESSOR for the people. He pushed Satan around not the other way around. He cast Satan out of thrones of peoples hearts and souls that they had invaded and took over. Jesus reigned in life from the far above all heavenly place that He ruled and reigned in life from in the Spirit in fellowship with the Father and Empowered with the Holy Spirit. He knew His Word was with power and authority. He knew His Word was final authority in all situations and in all circumstances. Life nor the powers of darkness did not push our Lord around, He told the Storms to take a hike (Hello) and COMMANDED the light to cast out the darkness..
........This HIGH POSITION, this HEAVENLY THRONE. this Seat that God has raised us up together with Christ and has HIMSELF seated us there is for Making Kings Decrees and Intercessions for the saints and for the lost. So let us start reigning in life on earth knowing and seeing our spirits THE REAL US) on these THRONES AS KINGS IN CHRIST AND INTERCESSORS, making decrees, intercessions, binding what needs to be bound, and freeing and loosening what needs to be freed and loosened.
......Kings who know they are Kings in Christ having the highest God given them authority In Jesus' Name, the enemies CANNOT TOSS or THROW AROUND. They do the tossing, they do the throwing of their weight, their authority around, THEY DO THE CASTING OUT not the other way around. When a Christians eyes are opened and He really sees himself SEATED WITH CHRIST IN THESE THRONES OF LIFE AND AUTHORITY, the world nor devil will be able to run them, ride them, toss them, emotionally drain them with worry and frustrations for they HAVE BUILT UP IN THEM THE GREAT KNOWING. THEY KNOW WHO THEY ARE IN CHRIST. THEY KNOW AND BELIEVE IN THE LOVE GOD HAS FOR THEM. THEY KNOW THEY ARE BORN OF GOD AND FILLED WITH THE SPIRIT. THEY KNOW THEY ARE RISEN WITH CHRIST AND IN THE SPIRIT THEY HAVE PASSED FROM DEATH UNTO LIFE AND SIT WITH JESUS (that they know is THEIR RIGHTEOUSNESS) IN HEAVENLY PLACES OF HIS POWER AND AUTHORITY SHARING IN HIS FAR ABOVE ALL DOMINION, POWER, AUTHORITY, LIFE AND THRONE IN LOVE.
......CHURCH LISTEN, Don't let Satan use your throne against yourself. He wants your throne just like he went after Gods Throne of power authority and might. Its time to CAST SATAN OUT THAT HE MAY FALL LIKE LIGHTNING OUT OF OUR WORLD. WE HAVE THE POWER. WE HAVE THE GOD GIVEN US AUTHORITY TO REIGN AS KINGS IN JESUS NAME FROM THESE THRONES, SEATED IN THESE THRONES AS KINGS AND THE ROYAL PRIESTHOOD of God in Christ in us on earth.. It is time we rise up in our God given us prayer positions of authority in Jesus Name, making will of God decrees in line with HIS WORD from our Kings in Christ AUTHORITY, heavenly place and position AND CLEAR THE AIR OF OUR ATMOSPHERES in America (Ephesians 2:1-10) and around the world of all this demonic spew and spill that so needs to be cleaned up, cast out, and done away with. It is poisoning our world with demonic snake venom ruining our societies, relationships, marriages, families, and what was once holy ground and sacred holy institutions.
.......Friends We Are Seated with Christ In Heavenly Places Far Above All Power and Authority in the spirit. Everyone, whether man, woman, boy or girl, whether they know this or not have and live life from heavenly positions, spiritual conditions, and from heavenly places from within their spirits. (Note: Faith and unbelief are heavenly things. They are spiritual conditions in the person heavenly place. Think of faith or unbeliefs power positive or negative). ........Everyone has a heavenly place of darkness or of light, of life or of spiritual death within them. No way around this. Your heavenly place can take you to heaven or hell. Its in your full heavenly authority to pick and choose, to overcome or allow bondage, to permit or not to permit (READ Matthew 8:31 NKJV and notice the use of the words, ALLOW US or PERMIT US to so such and such....If Jesus would have took after those evil spirits with a baseball bat or a machine gun, they would have laughed at Jesus. But Christ Word was with power. Jesus came at them from His Heavenly Place of High Power and Authority in God....So are we to do so from our high heavenly place IN CHRIST.
....... Together let us stop letting Satan push us around and destroying our lives, relationships, and Nations. Satan laughs at all those who come against him or his works in their FLESH POWER AND IN FLESH WIT OR STRENGTH. He to is a spirit and it takes Spiritual Power, Spiritual Muscle and Authority to cast him out and to

overcome HIS DEVICES and cast out what he has done or planted in our lives and in our nations and he has been doing much work and planting much in America these days....In the Name of Jesus Christ We Make Our King Decrees & Priestly Intercessions and Priestly Blessings as co laborers with Jesus himself who ever lives to do so these same good things from His Own Most High Throne of all power and authority that has been given unto Him both in heaven and on earth. A throne that he shares with ALL HIS FLESH AND BONE BODY MEMBERS.......deno......share freely.

P.S. When we pray in the Spirit in the gift of tongues, we are praying directly from our heavenly place and far above all position in Christ. It is purely a heavenly thing when it is real. We are in the spirit SEATED with Christ in our Prayer Throne, the throne we sit and reign with Christ in as Kings and Rulers and as Priest from the ROYAL PRIESTHOOD. Seated in that throne our spirit prays the gift and though our natural understanding goes unfruitful at the time, our spiritual prayers in the Spirit are super powerful and avails much. We should pray in tongues more than they all as Paul said he did. He KNEW THE BENEFITS AND THE POWER of God in doing so.  Amen.