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God Exist....Video....54 seconds

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Jul 25, 2012 3:42pm
Dentist Says God Doesn't Exist - Watch What his Patient Says
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    When another system and nation rose up and came against the freedoms and way of life and against the faith of the people of Israel, one young believing teenage boy of incredible courage God used to bring down their attempt to overthrow Israel and their way of life and faith. Where are all the King Davids in our land today? Goliath with his OBAMACARE is threatening so many freedoms of the American people and way of life and to many people are just standing on the sidelines and letting them do this. Had David remained on the sidelines like the rest of Israel history would have been different for Israel, MUCH DIFFERENT......
      And this also. We that have been paying attention, all know now our presidents  true faith. "If things get tough in America, he said, I will stand with the Muslims", President Obama. OBAMACARE is the socialist/progressive armies subtle weapon to fundamentally change America and incarcerate freedoms by the use of the guise of human health insurance and care, but it's greater AGENDA is for the subtle surrender of Constitution guaranteed freedoms and liberties. EVEN BY UNCONTESTED NEW NATIONAL SOCIALIST LAWS IMPLEMENTED BY VOTED IN LEGISLATION INTO THE AMERICAN WAY OF LIFE BY TREASONAL BEHAVIOR BY OUR ELECTED OFFICIALS. America the cost is staggering and it's a lot more than just money at stake. 
       Demand they explain all that is in OBAMACARE before it is to late. They are counting on your staying on the side lines, on your disinterest, on your silence.......deno


       But deno, don't you care about peoples health and insurance in America? Of course I do. All caring people do. But that is just the front page of OBAMACARE. It's headline used to get you to buy into the rest of the agenda and hidden print. There is a whole whole lot more to the story. There are thousands of other subjects included in the OBAMACARE package and legislation that the Obama administration of PROGRESSIVES do not want the American people to know until after it comes in to full power over the people and over the Constitution of the United States as LAW. The health of America and health insurance is the sympathy card they use to swing us to buy into the GREAT COMPROMISE TO OUR FREEDOMS......deno
But deno, don't you care about peoples health and insurance in America. Of course I do. All caring people do. But that is just the front page of OBAMACARE. It's headline used to get you to buy into the rest of the agenda and hidden print. There is a whole whole lot more to the story. There are thousands of other subjects included in the OBAMACARE package and legislation that the Obama administration of PROGRESSIVES do not want the American people to know until after it comes in to full power over the people and over the Constitution of the United States as LAW.The health of America and health insurance is the sympathy card they use to swing us to buy into the GREAT COMPROMISE TO OUR FREEDOMS......deno

OBAMACARE #1...The Hidden Agenda......deno

      Leaders of a Communist Nation years ago said in similar words that they would take down Americas Liberties and Freedoms and System of Constitution without firing a single shot. They had internal infiltration in mind for the years to come in America. Our Presidents list of his attachment to communism and socialism and their promoters is staggering, check the record....You tell me....He said, A fundamental change is coming to America. The cold war is still going on and the battlefield is the field of American government legislation. By the whip of a pen and printed ink President Obama and his socialist/communist/progressive crowd have and are re-writing our Constitution in the Volumes of the WORDS that they have hidden in the maze of OBAMACARE POLICIES, RULES AND REGULATIONS and America is blind to what is really going on in this New Constitution called OBAMACARE. It's an American Government Abomination For The Surrender of Precious Liberties & Freedoms of the American People. It is THE GREAT CHANGE HE CAMPAIGNED ON and entertainment loving America was to sedated to see what was ahead and coming to our country. And now it is just moments away unless the People of the United States themselves seriously rise up and STOP IT. You have a voice America, a great and mighty voice. Don't compromise your Constitution........deno

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Why I Love The PolitiChicks. It's Easy To Understand If You Listen.....CONSERVATIVE, WITTY, WISE, AND BEAUTIFUL. Lovers of God and Country. Lovers of our Christian History and Heritage. Politics that does not go cross grain with our Constitutution.......deno

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The Bible's Accuracy and Power........deno

      The bible is so accurate and so powerful that all of us will go the bible way one way or the other. The bible speaks of two directions and tells us all exactly how we enter both and that for all eternity. Just because men and women wish not to hear the bibles words, blessings, and warnings will not make it's power and truth null and void in it's dominance & rule over them. Sure we could all throw away the bible. Bury it. Ban it so far away from our ears and society and live as loose and as free as our lust and passions and prejudices will take us. This too is also mentioned in the scriptures. But just like the bible says, the end of those that choose to do that is not a pleasant one by any means. It is terrible upon their unruly souls. The bible has a word of truth for every choice we make good or bad, right or wrong. For every truth or lie......deno.

God's Real Cure For Hopelessness.......deno

     When a soul wakes up each day to face life and it's challenges on this earth, if the soul is possessed or overcome with a hopeless thought process, then that soul is or can become dangerous to himself and society. They have no love light shinning in them. For the princes of evil looks for such love empty souls to be formed upon the earth to prey upon and roam thru to make blacker and gloomier the day with shadows and excretions of their dull and darkness placed upon it.     Darkness begets more darkness.  Light begets light. They prefer darkness over light and they and others will suffer for it.
       Hopelessness comes from the one, the spirit of the hopeless one. He that fell from heaven like lightning that knows he has no hope and is set outside the kingdom of God with only a judgement of eternal fire and destruction ahead for himself. This just penned is his hopelessness and  constant personal haunting. So he roams to deceive in order to be given place to, in order to presently or eventually steal, kill and destroy those souls or his prey in his hate and rebellion against God. 
      We have a generation that this simple spiritual light and wisdom is deeply attached to and is increasing more and more on the earth and will continue to show it's ugly face in acts of unnatural affections and criminal behavior as the world is driven more and more away from the hope Jesus Christ gives. You can see all this drifting away in their eyes. Only the light and hope of Jesus Christ understood in it's love message can really change this and brighten up our days. All other hope and change messages are misleading information. A temp of illusional hype that cannot reach into eternal depths within and everlasting heights. This coming scripture contains in it's light the true healing message, It is this, "CHRIST IN YOU the HOPE OF GLORY." .....deno......please share freely.

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Christian Persecution Increasing.......

      God does not and will not pour out His wrath upon Himself. He pours out His Spirit and Living Waters upon His own that believe and belong to Christ. 
     God does not and will not persecute His believers and children called THE CHRISTIANS whose righteousness is by faith In Christ blood. 
     But Guess who does and will pour out his anger and rage on CHRISTIANS from the least of them to the greatest of them?.....hmmmm? It's a no brainer. It is he who in order to deceive, appears to people sometimes in his transformed state. Paul said Satan transforms himself as a messenger of light to deceive and work his agenda and schemes on the earth. He did this to one a long time ago and from that one appearance he has an army in these last days with religious rage, anger and hatred and fear in their heart waged against those who believe and belong to Jesus Christ the Son of God. Satan has deceived them. Jesus said, they will kill the Christians thinking they are doing God's will. They are deceived......please share freely


Where Faith And Patriotism Come Together. This Is Our True American Spirit And  Heritage. God And Country.....Make It Plain And Simple. Speak To The Heart And To The Conscience Of Ever Age Young And Old.

The Children's Bread.........deno

Jesus said as he was speaking in covenant lango....It is not proper, nor is it right to take the children's bread and give it to outsiders.....America and American parents are FIRST to be obligated to their children and to it's own true citizens and family members and meet their needs (FIRST). That's the bible way. That is Jesus' own teaching and love order. Then once this is established and set in stone, charity to others comes in line. When this is not the order, a disorderly, unruly spirit is amongst us. An enemy of covetousness like a thief is forcing a takeover/robbery....  It is like an act of war. As if he or they have conquered a city, a nation, a people, a house or home that does not belong to them and took the goods, the  bounty, and gave it or are giving it to themselves & others. Taking from the rich or taking from the poor, either way, without the consent of the owner is thievery, is stealing, is theft....."Thou shalt not covet your neighbors wife, property, nor ANYTHING that is his." This very commandment to us from God tells us many things. One is God believes in property ownership and property safekeeping and the rights of the owners and He gives His warning to those who disrespect this rule.......deno......please share freely.

Mark 7:27)...And Jesus said, Let the children first be filled, for it is not right to TAKE THE CHILDREN'S FOOD, it is not right to take what belongs to the children/citizens and give it to outsiders/strangers.......Jesus

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The Rocks Will Cry Out......deno

       In the city of David a people of the Lord began to praise him highly for his love and miracles of healing that he had much performed blessing them immensely. They herald him with such high praises that it caught the attention of the envious and those that envied both he and the praises given him said to Jesus,  "Stop these people from praising you. It is not right". 
     Well Jesus knew who he was. He knew a greater one than Moses, a greater one than King David, a greater one than Solomon and a greater one than John the baptist was now on the scene and on the earth in their midst. He knew he was from eternity. He knew he was from Eternal glory, power and might of the GODHEAD and that both he and the Father had been as One since before ever and ever shall be. He knew he was worthy of all praise, adoration and admiration of his created creatures. And he also knew that we were all created by him,  for his daily praise and good pleasure. This praise and giving the Lord good pleasure connection was so deeply woven into us, into our CREATED PURPOSE that Jesus answered those envious ones SAYING, "IF THEY DO NOT PRAISE ME, THE ROCKS, THE FOUNDATIONS WILL CRY OUT."
      Every Word and work of God has a spiritual foundation like unto a rock upholding it. God builds all His works on a solid rock and foundation. The earth has a foundation. As it is written of Jesus as the Lamb, "You were known slain from THE FOUNDATION of the earth."
      America in her great rebellion has now been hammering at her foundations for quite some time. She has taken the praise that rightfully was given and belongs to the Lord which was her foundations and has placed her praise elsewhere in other fantasies, lying wonders, other lust, pleasures, and in other false hopes, phony religious and non religious names and dreams. So much so her rocks and underneath foundations are beginning to split and show there movements.  Just as Jesus said, They Are Crying Out.
      Fellow believers, as much as the left and the liberals and the atheist and the humanist and the Aleister Crowley crowds with all their money, media, and might fight against us Christians to shut up our convictions and bushel our light wishing we would no longer speak or pray in the Name of Jesus Publicly. We must do as the apostles did when the same was commanded against them in their hour to glorify Jesus. They said," It is better for us to obey God than you. We must never stop speaking the words of the Son of God's life and testimony". They laid it all on the line. Even their physical life itself in their uncompromising stand for the Lord whom they had seen, handled, touched and even ate with after his resurrection. Even so like wise, when those envious said to Jesus demanding that he shut up those in the great crowd and congregation that were praising him, He said in his own unique way with the message of the rocks, "NO I will not tell them to shut up their praising Me".
      Let us be that stubborn and bold as well in this our hour where in we are both called and ordained to magnify, exalt, stand up for, and glorify Jesus Christ the Son of God. It wasn't politically correct in their days also to preach and teach in the name of Jesus Christ. But in God's greater court and light everyday is given for the glory and praise of God and Jesus Christ with our abounding thanksgivings for all His provisions and goodness and mercies. 
       Well friends please hear what the Spirit of the Lord is saying here. Recall the former days. What eventually happened to that nation that turned from Lord and refused to praise His Son that He gave. They crucified him to hopefully silence his message and voice. They failed though in their attempt to silence him and soon not many years after  that their house was left them desolate and empty of God's presence and they were attacked and trampled over by the gentiles and scattered throughout the world and tasted bitter streets and the rough edges of life for hundreds of years....Amen......deno....please share freely.

God Is Speaking To Us All.....deno

     So many voices in the world. So many ideas, diverse religious faiths and convictions being promoted around the world as THE ANSWER. So many I have a dream speech add ons by deluded so called self appointed prophets whose spirits illumination is of darkness rather than from light. Jesus dealt with this spiritual, religious condition that he saw in many in his days on earth saying, "If the light that is in you BE DARKNESS, How great/deep/ misleading is that darkness"? Jesus taught many will believe lies as to be truth concerning divine things. They will believe that things of darkness are actually things of light but they are not. They, he said, are deceived. Every day these and this fills the news.
      So many today in all nations hold fast to what is of darkness but in their strong delusion they call and classify it as divine light and divine illumination and many of these are anointed in the tongue with the empowerment (not of God), but of a clever, seemingly bright, Serpent that in craftiness of wit of religious looking smoke and non religious smoke, lie, deceive, mislead and confuse with clever distortion what is the real light from heaven which is THE GOSPEL TRUTH. They say our voice is of the same source as Jesus. Our voice equals his might and light and will bring forth in the end the same result as his ascension back into paradise. WRONG. WRONG. WRONG.
     Martin Luther King had a dream and I personally believe he was a man of God called for a destiny of liberties call to justice for all men who are created equal by God in America. But today, standing upon  diverse stages in this world, musicians, spokesmen, movie stars, politicians, so called enlightened ones, new ager's, atheist, evolutionist, humanist, and many others of so called truth revelation or religious insight self promote their ideas, dreams, doctrines and convictions that when scrutinized by God and His Sons words, they fall short of agreement. This my friends in turn as a result is right now, in the heavenly places that are attached to the heart and souls of mankind, are causing fiery friction between heaven and earth  and we are feeling this disagreement explosion in our society in human conduct and behavior.
      God told His People long ago that righteousness exalts and blesses the nation of His People who call upon His Name, but when corruption and sin abound in it's leadership and society things begin to fall and fail around them. He said even men's hearts will fail them as they contemplate, observe, and see what is taking place on the earth and in society. For it is better a people had not known than to have known and then turn away from the truth. Believe it or not this is America's biggest problem and the core cause of it's present slippery slope. The sinkholes are the earths cry against a sinking nation whose foundations have been rattled and shaken by the power of rebellion against God and against it's righteous foundations that are buckling. A generation has dawned who embraces light that is not light but darkness. They love darkness Jesus said more than the light. But the party of wickedness will continue in the land. The further promotion of bewitching things the witches of new age and other doctrines of demons will deceive even more. The rocks below will continue to cry out against the rebellious nation. And for all that happens so many will still  not understand this and refuse to repent. 
      I close reminding all of us of these words that bear the weight of this script. Jesus told the man that he had just set free, healed, delivered and made whole, He said to him what he says to us all and this nation who for generations in it's majority CALLED UPON THE NAME OF THE LORD IN RIGHTEOUSNESS AND IN FAITH, He Said, " Now Go And Sin & Rebel No More Lest A WORSE THING COME UPON YOU AND YOUR LIFE...This truth extends out into America's society and nation and streets.
      America Come Back To Your Root. Come Back TO  The God Of Abraham, Issac and Jacob. Come back to the God and Father of Our Risen Lord Jesus Christ in both repentance and in faith. For if you refuse to forgive you cannot be healed. If you refuse to love your neighbor as yourself, you lie against the truth and are in your courts again of perception and reasoning objecting against the Sermon of God and against the saving gospel of Jesus Christ whose word and name is in heaven forever MAGNIFIED AND EXALTED AS FAR ABOVE ALL. God is speaking to us all.....Amen......deno......please share freely.

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Is Satan Worried and At Work On The Earth Because He Is Realizing He Has But A Short Time Left Before Jesus Returns?

We are all wondering what is going on in the world. So much hate and negativity. So much love for things of darkness instead of the Light. So much deception, lies and cover ups. So much blood shed and deception and striving for power and control. So much abnormal behavior going on in our streets and around the world. " We killed him because we were bored". So much persecution against Christ Jesus and Christians....hmmm....Could these manifold strange activities be the beginning of those sudden moments in Satan's mind where he knows and is realizing he has but a short time left before God destroys him with everlasting fire as the bible fore told. Food for thought.......deno.....Jesus Is Lord and THE TRUTH....

Atheism Defined by the wisdom of the scriptures......deno

Atheism defined from the wisdom of the scriptures...A heart and mind so blackened by the thickness of great and deep darkness that it cannot see spiritual things or the glory of God in the sight of understanding and perception. Having eyes to see yet they see not. Having ears to hear and yet they hear not, nor perceive. They have afixed in them a demonic veil, a demonic planted block....deno

President Reagans Farewell Address To The Nation....The City On A Shinning Hill

The Real American President......President Ronald Reagan. He was the voice of America. The voice of Freedom. A lover of freedom, liberty and the Constitution of the United States. He loved God and Country and believed in the gospel of Jesus Christ. He loved our nations rich Christian Heritage and History.He loved the national day of prayer and promoted it. He loved our pledge of allegiance just the way it was. He loved in God We Trust. He knew our enemies and recognized their clever undermining of freedom and built our military so strong and our patriotism so high that we all came together singing and saying, I'm Proud To Be An American.......deno

Ladies and Gents, this is an American President!

Joe Dan Gorman (IntellectualFroglegs)......I'm A Fan......deno

      A reminder to Joe Dan Gorman (IntellectualFroglegs) one voice, just one, crying in the wilderness turned a nation and then a whole worlds focus and attention back to God thru the preaching of repentance, exposing crooked paths, preaching moral righteousness and of the glory of the Son of God. That ONE VOICE also spoke of the evils of it's government in that day and its leaders wrongs and sins. Their leaders and elders had betrayed God, His Word and the people for monetary gain and advancement in the system of corruption. One voice was used to strike the match that lit the fire that eventually reconciled God's people back to God and then from them sounded out the GOOD NEWS all over the world which changed the course of man and the world and history and eventually gave birth to a MIGHTY CHRISTIAN nation founded upon the bible both the old and new testament. JUST ONE VOICE STARTED THE GREAT RETURN. Believe it or not your voice has a powerful punch in it. It is a different style but it is unique for the ears of this generation. Keep swinging at those giants with truth, conviction and with faith.....your friend deno.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Lord Himself Has Redeemed You. That itself says Volumes......deno

    The Lord Himself has redeemed you. He has raised you up and placed your feet on His high place of life, grace and glory. He has called you by HIS NAME. He has fastened on to you and your life the exaltation's in HIS GREAT NAME. He has come down from His throne. He has entered into your life and world. He has humbled HIMSELF and bowed down before you washing your feet in HIS HANDS. He has submitted HIMSELF to an agonizing cross to suffer the punishment for all your sins forever. He has risen from the dead and ascended back unto HIS THRONE all for you. Then His Father, ALL FOR YOU, said,"Come now, sit at MY RIGHT HAND until I make all your enemies your footstool." 
     Friends there was not one move or movement of the Son of God from the THRONE to the Cross and from the Cross back up unto the THRONE that was done without you and for your Benefit and Extreme Blessings. He did not have to come down from heaven to go to the Cross for HIMSELF. All of it. Every bit of it, every dot over the i, and every crossing of the t of all his sufferings were one and all wrought FOR YOU. You are GREATLY LOVED. You are incredibly valued and cherished no matter what this world says or does to you.  Never forget these words, for there is an eternity.....Amen......deno.....please share freely.

The Glory and The Awe Of Redemption. He that is PERFECT lives in the IMPERFECT.....That is the power of His blood and Cross that sustains us and upholds us.....deno

Some times I wished that I could just be perfect. But to be honest with you I am for from it. Whats that Lord? You just said what? I Am that I Am is your Perfect. Yes Jesus I agree. Only You and You alone are our perfect Savior and so perfect salvation. Only You Lord Jesus and You alone are our perfect Redeemer and so perfect redemption. I have all of You and Your perfections in this mortal body given me as a gift from God. The Perfect Son in an imperfect believer who is justified by faith in THE PERFECT SON'S PRECIOUS PERFECT SACRIFICE AND ATONING BLOOD and not by imperfect works of an imperfect man. That is redemption's awe, it's amazing grace and glory. Only in You Lord Jesus (Our Perfection) have I all my hope and trust.......deno and family and friends.


Has Your Heart Been Broken?.....Jesus mends the broken hearted.....deno

Jesus came to Heal The Broken Hearted. Is your heart heavy or broken today? Has someone that you love offended or hurt you? Has the world showed you it's dark side? Jesus who calmed the storm and comforted the feeble and restores the soul with His divine breath and had compassion on the hungry will heal the broken parts of your life and soul and restore unto you the joy of His presence and life. He said, I have come so that you could have LIFE and have it more abundantly. A broken heart cannot be found in these words of promise and hope. People and this cruel world may give us one, BUT NEVER THE LORD. HE IS THE GOOD AND FAITHFUL SHEPHERD. He is that true FRIEND that thru thick and thin sticks to us closer than a brother. He will never leave you nor forsake you. He said, Lo I am with you always, even unto the end of the world......He is merciful and rich unto all who call upon HIS NAME in faith. Seek Him. Learn of Him and you will FIND THE HEALING, THE PEACE AND THE REST that we all have desired and many have found.....deno

Friends Are Friends Forever If The Lords The Lord Of Them....Song & Video

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Choosing the Right Response....Satan is fighting viciously to keep people in the dark about this light and it's power. And he is fighting to keep us from actually doing it with hunger excuses and other things he can use......deno.....please share freely.

    In this world if someone has physically attacked you or your children, you have to take physical action to deal with the assault. I mean your in a crowd and someone grabs you by the throat or grabs your child and takes off running, you wouldn't just all of the sudden drop to your knees in prayer to pray about the situation to be resolved WOULD YOU? Of course not. Such you know would not be the appropriate response or action needed that would save you or your child in that situation. You would take physical action against the physical assault. Responding to this physical assault with spiritual response would be inappropriate at that sudden time.
      Evenso like wise, if we try to combat those wicked spirits in high places that we wrestle against in Ephesians 6:10-20 with physical strengths, actions, weapons, and physical logic, then the devil will whip us every time and will maintain his position, his STRONGHOLD over us, or his advantage over our situation or circumstance.
      Prayer in Jesus Name, in the assurance of faith and in love, and  wearing the Spiritual Armor of God is how we uproot Satan and evil spirits that are planted in people, and in cities and society. Jesus said of a deeply rooted demon that was in a person, He said, "But THIS KIND can only come out by prayers and fasting (Mark 9:28-29)." This combination of prayer mixed with fasting in Jesus Name is one spiritual weapon of enormous spiritual power that will work and prosper in people, places and in things in Jesus Name. We can change all kinds of people, situations, places and things in America if we would become continuously serious and committed to the use of these two weapons of Prayer and Fasting. I know that this does not make natural sense. It's not supposed to (1st Corinthians 2:14)(2nd Corinthians 10:3-5). But it will work. We have Jesus' Word on it. This kind is overcome, uprooted and cast out by PRAYER AND FASTING......deno....please share freely.

    If we THE CHURCH would constantly be in prayers and fastings before the Lord, the very atmosphere of our Nation would be different. This is great salt power in action in the heavenly places of the AIR and ATMOSPHERE. It pushes and pressed against the forces of evil and against the powers of darkness. It has a treading over them power punch to it. It is a withholding  and restraining force against evil spirits and their movements. America is saturated with evil spirits today do to abounding sin and much unbelief and witchcraft and the Aleister Crowley movement. But God has given us a mighty weapon to use against them in the warfare in Jesus Name. It is our choice to use them or not. Jesus said"Behold I give you MY PEOPLE the KEYS to the KINGDOM. Whatsoever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven and whatsoever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven." He gave and put His authority into our hands for use against all the wiles and schemes of the devil and his power.

OBAMACARE: Americas Ball & Chain in so many ways.......deno

      Health care is just it's front to pull on the American Peoples sympathy buttons. But the pages of the bill are filled with FAR MORE THAN THAT. ...WAKE UP AMERICA .

     This Is The Purpose of OBAMACARE In Our American Society Business & Personal. Loading Our Personal & Business Freedoms Down With Un-Constitutional Weights & Un-Constitutional Laws. Our Fore Fathers Would Not Stand For This Tyranny Against Freedom. Will We? 
     It's not because of love for God and Country and the American People that OBAMACARE has been legislated. I wish I could say it was, but it is obvious it is not. For even our own national politicians who are pushing this upon us THE PEOPLE, voted themselves to be set free from it. It is a political power grab of the Progressives to compromise more American liberties of it's PEOPLE to impose on the American system more government control. It's called Communism.
       If we do not resist this devilish assault against our freedoms victoriously. Just down the road from this comes the RFID CHIP. You talk about a major compromise of liberty and freedom. Wait till this becomes legislated by the PROGRESSIVES AS  NATIONAL LAW. This is where it is all headed. They are just testing our waters right now to see the AMERICAN PEOPLES RESPONSE. You heard it here......deno.

When President Obama Campaigned, American Liberties Were Already Being Compromised........deno

When President Obama campaigned for the Presidency, he kept proclaiming a change is coming to America. Little did we know he was speaking of attacking our liberties with socialism and with his foreign ideologies that he was formed with in his youth, and our Constitution with what our fore fathers would call treason and betrayal of freedoms guard and entrustment. Has a nation changed it's God. Has America redefined itself and it's Constitution as a has been for the rest of it's history? It is up to U.S. The People Of The United States of America. IT MATTERS NOW......The Americans of America.......deno...
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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Jesus Is My God And Might ...Poem by deno.....please share freely

In stealth they roam to take you down.
Their scheme is for surrender by fear.
But they are blind to the trickery of Satan.
Who embraces their own souls as dear.

They blindly call Lucifer god and lord.
They force on nations their will.
To subject the world to their on course
A course on a road straight to hell.

In the name of their god they bark and scream
They blow themselves up being blind.
Thinking to murder little children in the name of their god.
Leads to virgins abliss by the divine.

But THEY ARE THE DECEIVED, each one and all
Who call what is of darkness Gods light.
I fear them not these souls of the damned
For Jesus is my God and Might......deno.

     Jesus Is Lord. Jesus said in the last days a people will rise up upon the earth to kill Christians because they belong to Me. They will do this by Satan that deceived them, and when they do it they will believe and think they are doing Gods service. Behold I tell you before it happens. They are AntiChrist children.

     John 8:44) Jesus said to BLIND RELIGIOUS PEOPLE....You are of your father THE DEVIL, and the desires of your father you will do. He was a MURDERER from the beginning and remained not in the truth. He is a liar and the father of it......Jesus told them....You seek to kill me. A man who has done you no wrong. It is written, They hated Jesus without a true cause. He had done NO SIN. Neither was any deceit found in his mouth.

     Just think of all the politicians that have been lying to America and the world these days. How they have tried to deceive and cover up truth with lies.....How they lie under oath and have broken their word with the American people over and over again. Satan is trying to take over our nation and saturate our society with false gods, lying wonders and chains binding freedoms....We must pray and fight back in the Name of Jesus in faith, hope and Gods love with the gospel and with courage's  fire, power and might. Be fearless and we win. Surrender to their evil intimidating schemes and they win. 
     We Are Americans. The Home of the brave. They feel empowered against us right now because we have a Leader who favors their religion and global domination cause and is in stealth helping their strategical spread. So his retaliation is withheld for agenda purposes. God is telling us, Be not afraid. My Son is the truth. Be bold. Be of good courage. Be fearless. Be full of faith and the Holy Spirit. This intimidates the spirit of fear and the devil.

God Is Pro Life....Blog Rated PG 13......deno

     A man offshore said when Saddam Hussein was in power, he used to have these machines by which he tortured his enemies and would grind them up slowly. He said those he preyed on with these machines would scream and cry for mercy because of the pain and because they wanted to LIVE. Saddam just smoked his cigar as heartless evil possessed his soul. His heart had become hardened thru the deceitfulness of sin.  He had no regard for their life. 
     Million and millions of babies in the womb each year cry out for mercy and to live as ruthless, merciless machines operated by willing people devour them in wombs all across America and the world. But like Saddam's enemies their cries are ignored and their enemies just smoke their cigars and cash their checks. But also  just like Saddam, they will one day hit the wall of justice just like he did. They will reap what they sowed. Jesus told Peter when he raised the sword and cut off that soldiers ear, "Peter, put away your Sword. If you live by the sword , you will perish by the sword".Jesus was not playing with words when he said that. Saddam watched people for years cry out for mercy and none was rendered. Eventually his reaping season came into his life. A millstone was tied around his neck and he was cast into an endless bottomless pit in this world and in the souls world. He went down crying out for mercy and none was given. 
     Ask for forgiveness for this sin and Jesus will forgive and pardon you by the power of His Cross. HE PROMISED TO DO SO.  But keep fighting for the right to commit this sin; keep marching and  pushing legislation to uphold this evil and your sin remains......This is a word of God and an Unchangeable Truth. It is written, There is a way and a wisdom that seems right at first in a persons own eyes, but the end of that way is destruction. That is scripture.......deno......God Is Pro Life......please share freely.
Jesus told us all, Let the children come unto me and stand not in their way....He was not talking this way.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Rivers Of Life and Living Waters......deno

..and out of your hearts, your inner most being, shall flow rivers of living water. Whosoever will they can come and drink of the waters of life FREELY....Jesus. I'm a whosoever and so are faith my friend. by faith.

Allah and Jehovah Our Heavenly Father Are Not The we show clearly why.....deno

       Allah and Jehovah our God are not the same. The Spirit of Our God cannot deny that Jesus is His Son by whom He made the worlds and cannot deny that He sent His Son From Heaven into the world to redeem the world with his own precious blood. He cannot nor will He ever deny that Jesus died for our sins and rose again from the dead. The scriptures reveal to us that God and Jesus cannot deny each other. He cannot deny Himself (2 Timothy 2:13 confirms this truth. The spirit of Allah denies all this and calls Jesus only a prophet and that his cross, his blood has no redeeming value at all. Well why don't they listen to ALL HE "THE PROPHET SAID and not just quote him selectively. For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life. One is the spirit of AntiChrist. The other is the Spirit of Truth, The True Spirit of the Living God. You heard it here. There's your sign. (1st John 2:18-23 & 1st John 5:1-5).....deno
Ist John 2:22-23) Who is a deceiver and a liar but he that denies that Jesus is the Christ? HE IS ANTI CHRIST, that denies the Father and the Son. vs 23) Whosoever denies the Son, the same has not the Father (meaning he has another spirit in his heart that is not of God); but he that acknowledges the Son has the Father also.
1st John 4:1-3)) Beloved believe not every spirit but test and try the spirits to see if they are of God.....vs 2) Here is how we know the Spirit of Truth of God. Every Spirit that confesses that Jesus is the Christ and is come in the flesh IS OF GOD. vs 3) But every spirit that does not confess that Jesus is the Christ and that he came to us in the flesh IS NOT OF GOD; IT IS THE SPIRIT OF ANTICHRIST......Hello.
1st John 5:1, Those that believe that Jesus is the Christ are born of God.
1st John 5:4, Whatsoever is born of God has overcome the world and its darkness and spiritual death.
1st John 5:5, Who is he that has overcome the world? It is those that believe that Jesus the Christ is THE SON OF GOD.... The Muslims do not believe any of this. Their god is the spirit of ANTICHRIST...

Another Prayer For America. Please Join Us In This and Other Intercessions For Our Nation.......deno

Heavenly Father, We are asking you for a miracle of salvation and deliverance from our own present government in Washington that is constantly breaking the laws of the Constitution and are compromising our religious liberties and freedoms. Uproot all the politicians that are dishonest, liars, deceivers, and crooked and on the take and replant in their place men and women of faith and of real honor after your own heart to heal our nation and restore our faith and strengths in every good way. We ask this in Jesus Name. Not my human might, not by human power, but by the power of the Spirit of the Lord that they cannot resist. Father please spare America. Have mercy. Keep America the safe haven for Christians in these latter days. In Jesus Name. Amen.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

A Prayer For Our Nation. Please Join Us In Jesus Name. This Is Truthfully Graphic. Be Advised.

Father In Jesus Name. You know the evils of this present administration and all their deceiving lies and cover ups and frankly Father I'm fed up with it. This is evil upon evil, lie upon lie, deceit upon deceit, cover up upon cover up, and it must be stopped. Father In Jesus Name, Stretch forth your Hand of power and glory and prevail over the liars and the deceivers and the manipulators of the truth and of the news.  Prevail over the politicians on the take and that lie to us and betray us the American people and that betray our Constitution and Freedoms. Father you see what they are doing in the dark and in the secret places. Bind them and their evil deceiving  works with failure. Expose their games with shame and do so with your own POLITICAL CORRECTNESS ACCORDING TO YOUR WORD AND TRUTH AND GOSPEL FOR YOU ARE GOD . In Jesus Name bind the enemy from taking this nation down and deceiving us with lies and false fronts of evil agendas. Put your fire and courage in the hearts of the men and women that are called to uphold  truth and justice and the Laws of our Constitution and freedoms and bring down the liars and their deceiving schemes one and all to nothing and give this land back to its citizens of the Constitution and to the lovers of God and of freedom. In Jesus Name  Amen. So Be It. Please share freely. 
 The Pic below is our Ambassador Stevens in Benghazi the night our warriors were told to stand down. They raped him. Humiliated him. Burned him. Cut him. Bled Him. Slowly tortured him. Sodomized him. Then crying and screaming for mercy they took his life while praising their god in the name of peace. WHAT DOES IT MATTER ANY WAY.  ALL THIS EVIL AND COVER UPS AND LIES MUST BE STOPPED. PLEASE JOIN US IN THE PRAYERS ABOVE FOR OUR NATION. 
They will do this same thing to you America if you keep foolishly giving them place. He smiles while he is bringing you and your children stealthly to the lions.You do not know the full magnitude of the evil and the evil one that is behind this. Jesus warned us all plainly saying. In the last days there will be a rising of a people that will think that in killing you as Christians they are doing Gods service and work.

Is Being Rich and Wealthy Evil? Is Prosperity Really AN UNHOLY THING? Lets look into this briefly......deno

     Is Prosperity Evil? Is being rich and wealthy in itself a sin? Lets approach this with some biblical common sense. The bible says that it is absolutely impossible for God to lie or to Sin. The bible you and I feast on reveals that being rich and wealthy and prosperous is the way of God and His Son Jesus Christ in Heaven and has been from everlasting to everlasting. Notice with me the verse in 2 Corinthians 8:9) It tells us something about Jesus our Lord before He came into our world. It reveals to us clearly how He lived in Holy Sinless Heaven thru-out all eternity . Read and listen very carefully.
        Verse 9) For you know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, that THOUGH HE WAS RICH, yet for our sakes he became poor, (WHY?) This was a LIVING SACRIFICE HE MADE FOR OUR BENEFIT). Here is why by the Word of the Lord. So that we through his poverty (This living sacrifice of his wealth and wealthy life style that he gave up while He lived on earth) thru its own redeeming power and exalting might received in our lives by faith, we would be made RICH & WEALTHY.  The 2 Greek  words in this verse here means to be SUPPLIED RICHLY AND ABUNDANTLY; AND in the latter use of the word rich in the verse, that word means TO BE WEALTHY, TO BE MADE RICH .
     The scriptures plainly tell us all that Jesus in His Greatest Sacrifice, by the Sacrifice of Himself, He put away sin. The scriptures also reveal to us that He did not die in vain but to have a great and enduring everlasting glorious effect of salvation on all them that believe and are justified by faith in His Blood now on earth and forevermore in glory. In this we all agree. But did you know the cross was not his only sacrifice that he made. It was His  greatest of course, but it was not his only sacrifice. 
      We read above that though He was RICH, yet for OUR SAKES, OUR NEED, FOR OUR BLESSING, He became poor (By Choice as a living sacrifice of His Rich and Wealthy lifestyle which he has been enjoying for all eternity) he offered himself up unto God everyday as poor SO THAT, SO THAT, SO THAT. There was a reason for the SO THAT. So that we thru his poverty might be made rich. The might is there because not all will believe or receive Christ or believe and receive this part of His message and Good news. (Hebrews 4:1-2 can apply here)
      I was rather startled when I first saw this light. It had never been taught to me growing up. It was a territory that I some how  never grazed upon in the field of Gods plenteous Words on earth, the Bible. 
      So what am I saying here? Well I'm over the taboo teaching that being rich and wealthy is of the devil or that it is only evil. Now the devil has made a many a people rich in this world. This none of us can deny ( The Aleister Crowley Bunch). But that does not make being rich and wealthy automatically evil. For We read in our text above that Jesus lived in heaven wealthy and rich for all eternity and He nor the Father have sinned or are evil. They are more purer that the most whitest glistening snow. 
      We can also read in the scriptures where God also Himself on purpose made people wealthy and rich, and promised to do so EVEN FOR ALL OTHERS if they would hearken unto His voice, Delight in Him, Keep His Commandments, Trust and Obey (Deuteronomy 28:1-14). He made Adam & Eve Rich. Gave them all the earth and the fulness thereof. He made Abraham exremely rich and wealthy to establish the covenant of THE BLESSING POWER AND ENFORCEMENT, saying to Abraham in Blessing I will bless thee. Abraham confirmed this blessing (Genesis 13:2) & (Genesis 14:21 - 23) Abraham was confessing here that God was His Strength, His Source. That God was the one that made him rich and wealthy. Much like He did unto Solomon.
        When God is your source, your supplier and you know in Covenant awareness that God is the one that prospered you and maketh you rich and wealthy as Abraham was aware of it and gave God the Glory, it is a Joy and a Thrill, not a curse or delusion. Just wait til you do get to heaven and see how wealthy you always have been since the day you were born a king in Christ Jesus, a son or daughter of the Most High God. It is just that as some have learned and partake of the riches of the glory of the forgiveness of sins thru Covenant knowledge and understanding in Christ Jesus. Even so others God has OPENED THEIR EYES to see and understand the other blessings and benefits of Christ manifold sacrifices for the blessings of God to come down from hevaen as Jesus did to earth and INTO THE HEART AND LIVES OF MAN. Jesus said, Pray that Gods will be done on earth even even even as it is in heaven. Only we in our shallow understanding limit how much Gods will is done on earth as it is in heaven. God has a will for every area of our  lives, in the spirit, the soul and the bodies life. Amen.....more to come in the future.....deno....please share freely.