Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Gods Words Becomes Things......deno....share freely.

John 1:14)....and the Word became, the Word became, the Word became  flesh and dwelt amongst us.

       In conjunction with the truth of our above text, did you know that Gods spoken Words called the Promises of God are also themselves alive with the glory and power of the Almighty Spirit of God in them. They are spirit and they are alive full of Gods life.
        Jesus said the Father has life in Himself. God has Eternal Power and Everlasting Life in His Eternal Spirit. All that inside glory of God, His internal eternal power and everlasting life and life giving creating energies He released and packed inside HIS SPOKEN WORDS & PROMISES. He sent those empowered Words/Promises to us.
       Those Words/Promises, the glory and power of God in them are activated in our life and in our world when people on earth find them and really mix faith with them. When we do WE PROFIT (Hebrews 4:2).
      Gods spoken Words/Promises are really more alive than all physical matter. Matter of fact all physical matter was made from, came from the glory and from the power of God that is in His Spoken Words. The bible reveals to us that God created all things and that BY THE WORD OF THE LORD THEY WERE MADE.
       Well as Jesus, the Word of God became flesh and lived and dwelt amongst us, even so Gods Spoken Words/Promises that He has sent to us, all those Words also are alive and ready to BECOME FLESH, to become things for us, to become transformed into heavenly and physical things and realities in us, in our lives. They care sen to become realities and things in us and among us depending in whom or in what they are sent to perform their living sent forth purpose and glory put in them BY GOD.
        God has already commissioned and approved those Words/Promises to go, work, and prosper for you and I when He Spoke them and put His power and glory in them and commanded them to prosper in things wherein they are sent. Well they were sent to the earth you and I to lay holt on to them and activate their glory in our lives by the mixing our hearts faith with them. All they need is the go ahead and do it for me by the faith of the believer that mixes his personal activating power with them, his faith.
.......Jesus said, Believe what I say (he is the Word of God) and you will see the glory of God. For a lack of a better word, there is HOLY MAGICAL MIRACLE WORKING POWER AND GLORY OF OUR CREATING GOD IN HIS WORDS FOR US TO OPEN UP BY FAITH AND RELEASE BY FAITH THAT POWER AND GLORY INTO OUR  LIVES. When we learn this truth and live by theWord in the obedience of faith our personal world will change wonderfully....deno.....share freely.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Lord, Im Here Again Standing On Your Promises.....deno......share freely.

........And after doing all to stand, STAND THEREFORE....with Gods belt of truth around your waste. (Ephesians 6:13-14).

       Jesus said, sanctify them (The Church) with Your Truth, Gods word is Truth....When we have needs we can wrap our need up with the truth of Gods Word and with the promise that we have in Gods Word and ON THAT UNBREAKABLE SOLID FOUNDATION we by faith can stand stand stand until that promise becomes flesh, becomes physical, or a reality that is dwelling amongst us in our lives. Jesus, the Word of God BECAME FLESH. Gods spoken Words and Promises are also given to us to BECOME THINGS.
       Gods Word Cannot Fail. If it has to go to the Cross, to the grave, taste death, or go into us, or into heaven or into hell itself, or go the farthest outer realms of the creation to bring forth and to fail not and to come to pass and to keep coming to pass  IT WILL AND WILL DO SO UNFAILINGLY. Gods Living Words cannot fail.
       Gods Words, Gods Promises are Gods alive miracle workers that he has sent and that He has given to us His Children on earth. Its His God Power and Heavenly Glory all packaged up in understandable Living Words in Promise form and given unto us for a taste of Heaven on earth by the obedience of faith.
       The way the glory of the Lord in His promises given to us is released is, (You know the truth and You know the way), we open up those packages by faith. Jesus said, Believe that those things you ask or say shall come to pass and Jesus Swore IT WILL...and after doing all to stand, stand, stand, stand.
       That is the Lords Word. That is the Lords Promise. That is the only assurance, the assurance that faith in Gods Word brings. I believe in miracles. I believe in God.
       Are you at the Red Sea pushed into a corner? The Name and the Word of the Sea Splitter works wonders in those situations. Call upon Him, for His strength is made perfect in weakness and even in what seems to be hopeless and helpless situations. Jesus is His Name......deno.

For The Pulling Down Of Strongholds......deno.....share freely

........A powerful demonic spirit of disobedience has come against the American people since the 50s. This evil spirit is the spirit of lawlessness sent to start an unraveling of what used to be the moral fortresses or righteous strongholds of Christ in America that used to be strong in our nation.
........Any time a nation that is of God raised (not perfect but graced and graced formed) or God formed, if that nation comes undone, it usually is a purpose driven satanical attack and operation. Strong temptation is their first weapon, because they HAVE TO BE GIVEN PLACE or PERMISSION by PEOPLE to do so. Those demonic wicked spirits, or their rebellion, or the sin that they are pushing and peddling so to speak, have to be first WANTED and then WELCOMED, even if all their operation is under radar, done in stealth, or by deception.
........They (those sent and also commissioned evil spirits) do not come in their true form but most of the time when sent on a BIG OPERATION they, knowing the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes factor, the pride of life and knowing the present mans sinful responses, (having watched the fall of even the holiest of Gods kings and people over the centuries thru diverse temptations) they hide behind lies, serpents, vessels, even man made THINGS (idols) and now often times they are behind, on the side of, connected to, or even inside the MOST BEAUTIFUL FACES or THE MOST ATTRACTIVE talented men and women that they promote on the worlds stages built for worship.
.........These men and women that they stand within, next to, or stand behind (depending upon the allowed depths that they are permitted by that person to penetrate into them or into their life) those people they USE have to first yield to their use knowingly or unknowingly. Those vessels yield or permit those wicked spirits to use them by their own welcoming spiritual signs seen in the heart and souls realms of sinful lust or desire for sinful pleasure or self worship, self exaltation, or by self idolizing. By their strong drive for worldly fame and fortune, for abnormal attention and praise from people few or many, these hearts usually possess a greater measure of the pride of life and that drives them to stand out for attention great or small.
.......That mentioned above is all included in Satans spirit and sin that cost him eventually everything, the spirit of self worship, self exaltation, one is ones own god, ones own idol or thing to be worshiped, which is a  strong inner drive in ones heart and soul wanting abnormal attention from others as to be praised by the masses whether in heaven or on earth and will do all kinds of things to get that ATTENTION whether those things or that behavior be good or bad. It is a front to God and to His love and holiness.
.........The movie and music industry are full of these willing vessels filled with or connected to these wicked seducing sensual spirits that have connected themselves to or have entered often undetected into these people who have such an abnormal itch to be idolized, praised, and worshiped by few or by many. Their moves, their music, their movies are Satan built and Sin laced to spread evil in sweet and nice forms like a disney worlds face on it, or a sweet looking boy or girl filled with alluring magical powers in the movies, or the most wicked, sensual, violent, seductive straight in your face moves, movies and music and bodily movements that show forth the vilest of sins in pleasure or violent forms without measure or little restraint.
......This abnormal sinful lust, darkness loving, and self idolizing spirit, has become now so FORMED, so rooted in the heart and soul of the people in America that now people by the thousands into the millions VOLUNTARILY buy the TICKETS to PARTICIPATE in that sin and in the rebellion. And IN THE FACE AND IN THE EARS OF THE HEARING GOD, GOD EVEN HEARS THEM WILLINGLY SAY, WE ARE GOING TO HAVE SOME FUUNNN TONIGHT.
....... In the heavenly realm of those that watch all men, Satan the accuser of the world and of the church says to Jesus, Jesus they do so WILLINGLY and listen, they even call it their fun, a GOOD TIME, even their pleasure. Like Jesus said of many in his days on earth, people love and prefer darkness more than light. So it is in the end time generation.
........ Try not to go, try not to participate in going to that certain Satan and Sin laced movie that all your friends and all of America is calling a MUST SEE. Try not going to that sin filled, sin waiting to happen party or dance. Try not to go to that rock, country, or pop concert, or try not to listen to or buy that certain kind of music AND SEE what happens on the inside of you. You may be surprised. You may find something that seems like a bad attitude with a strange voice fighting you TO GO, to go get yours. You may find A SOMETHING in you CRAVING A FIX that is not of an illegal substance or drug, but what has become what most call today NORMAL BEHAVIOR in America but the real heavenly truth is, it is of demonic sinful rebellious substance or spirits works and formations in the people of this nation and in our society.
........ God and the things of Jesus Christ USED TO BE THE MAJORITY THING THAT WAS FORMED IN THE AMERICAN PEOPLE and IN OUR SOCIETY (See Galations 4:19-kjv), but since the attack of that powerful entity of Satan that was sent in the 50s to allure, press upon, upend Jesus Christ, holiness, goodness, righteousness and to destroy the family unit, to over crowd the womans holy entrance, and to remove the convictions of the bible and the bible out of the American people using all sensual and seductive means necessary, that of God and Jesus Christ formation has been shattered and now most have gone wild and are possessed or inwardly laced with the substances of that evil spirit of disobedience that is in the spirit of rebellion. It even is reaching deep into the church members hearts and behavior for it was church members themselves even back in the 50s that laid down the power, the salt and compromised and many of them under his spell even said one that was evil was a GOOD THING for he looked SO SWEET.
.........And now, it's all on and in the American people every where. The great SALT FORMATION that was once SO STRONG in this Nation has lost its seasoning, preserving flavor and strength, and what has happened is exactly what Jesus said about salt that has lost its flavor and seasoning. It becomes good for nothing he said, and men gather that worthless salt, cast it out and people run over it.
............The lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, the pride of life those wicked, sensual, seducing SENT BY SATAN evil spirits know very well how to tickle, inflame and to appease. It starts with a demonic hiss or a hey usually from common interest or a beautiful face that is interested or loves the sin, loves the self idolizing spirit and path that possesses them or rules their hearts and mind for sins gain or advantages over the prey. Once that Satanic way and welcomed rebellion is formed into those vessels(people), these most beautiful and most talented people often times even graced, or laced, or sprinkled by the devil knowingly or not, they end up on the worlds stage somewhere great or small, in demonic settings that has been built first in the spirit world for a form of praise and worship of that person and the spirits that are in them, or that promote them, to tempt the world to join them happily in their sin pleasures and rebellion. The crowd says it all. The women go lusting crazy for the men and the men can't wait to feast upon the offerings to even more crowed the holy entrance of the willing sinful SACRIFICES of the willing lionesses.
........ It often times starts there, then the wicked spirits enter and increase in numbers in the willing, but most of the time they enter unsuspecting prey or as unnoticed by those they take captive to all kinds of sin addictions, even perversions of the most abnormal kinds.
........In closing this light I remind you of this. Jesus said, when a wicked spirit is cast out of a person, that wicked spirits goes walking about in dry places seeking rest (which means seeking satisfaction or its particular sinful pleasure or fix) but he finds none. So in its starvation for that sin or rebellion style fix, it BACK TRACKS to the place where he was cast out. That wicked spirit looks at its former lodging place and to his surprise, he finds THAT PERSON MISSING that way or that strange company within his or her self. This means also that that wicked spirit SEES a WELCOME sign on the door. It doesn't even need to knock like Jesus has to for the door to be opened for that wicked spirit sees that it is already OPEN. That person wants it that way. That person would go and VOLUNTARILY buy a ticket WILLINGLY to again participate in that sin or pleasure or in that demonic formation of rebellion that was once in that person for maybe even years. We talk about it like this, we say it seems like I'm missing something that I'm used to having or being on the inside. So that person misses it but really most have no idea it is the company of a wicked spirit and his ways that he used to use that person for, to gets its kicks or sinful fix in its rebellions against God and against the holy order and holy ways of God and of heaven.
.........Well that wicked spirit sees that that person missing that way, wants to return to the things it was before delivered form, like missing an old habit or sinful delight or pleasure. The stage is set again. The wicked spirit sees he is welcomed, he needs no forced entry or deceptive entry this time, but he does not stop there (The willing and the obedient to Satan and to sin can also eat the good side of evil as well at least on earth for a while). Jesus said that wicked spirit that lives purposely to defy and disgrace God and tear at his heart at their preying on the souls of people, with that drive also in his mind, he goes and calls 7 more demons more wicked than he is and together they enter that person, that soul and Jesus said that person ends up in worse shape at their end than in their beginning....And then Jesus said the huge monumental statement of truth, He said SO SHALL IT BE OF THE END GENERATION.
.........Almost the whole end time generation Jesus said, this same activity will be going within them . It will be happening them, and they will be possessed by it reality and operations. FOLKS like the old saying goes, the proof is in the pudding. Americas moral pudding today is made up mostly of the sinful wicked ingredients of that powerful entity that was sent by Satan back in the 50s and what is strange now about all that evil spirits works and formations in most of the American people today is that this generation LOVES THAT TASTE OF SATANS PRESENT PUDDING.
.......The younger generation is sitting at the devils table and they cant get enough of Satans pudding called sin and rebellion against God and Jesus Christ. They love, crave, and are addicted to the pleasures of sin and they are fascinated with the things of Satan and with the entertaining tings of darkness knowingly or unknowingly. All this if now FORMED in this generations children of America.
........And friends I'm not here writing to tell you a lie as to say things will get better in America. They want without the church getting serious and seriously engaging in spiritual and political warfare. This is a demonic STRONGHOLD now deeply woven and deeply rooted in this present generation. It will not if this formation is not undone and those spirits over come and cast out and their strongholds in America pulled down or fallen under the feet of the treading over them strong faith filled saints who believe on the Name of Jesus Christ and its far above all authority and power. This great overcoming surely can come for all things are possible with God and to those that believe. But the overcoming has to, must begin withing the church itself. We must denounce the secret besetting sins and the hidden things of darkness that we are holding on to in the dark in our luke warm worship and approach to God. Only by this can those dry bones live to love again and that old worthless SALT be resurrected in America to be THE NEEDED SALT for this great move of God prayed for and this overcoming of Satans power on earth thru the saints. Both God and Satan use people to do their wills and to demonstrate their powers. It has been that way from the beginning. It has always been that way. Even the cross was God using a man, the man Christ Jesus to redeem is, though in the eternal part he was the Son of God by who God made the worlds. God needs us church, all of us.
.......In the saints we need hot believing believers. We need a MASSIVE wave of surrender, full devotions, consecrations, true sanctification, commitment, prayers, fastings, intercessions, the preaching of the gospel, and of the power of God in the land. Lets ask for it and do out part Church. The put together pudding of Satan that this generation loves and craves tells us that the time is short. This grace period maybe a short one in Gods scale of things but its importance is as important as all the Cross of Christ. The souls of children and of people are at eternal stake.....deno....share freely.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Lord, Behold Their Threatenings...Prayer for America......deno......pray with us and share freely.

       Heavenly Father, All things are possible with God and nothing is to hard for the Lord. Father there are unbelieving people of Your first covenant chosen people, and Muslims, and unbelieving Atheist and humanist trying to devour and steal away our nations faith and trust in Jehovah the one true God and from Jesus Christ your Son. They are trying to denounce, destroy, and to take away our faith and hope in the gospel of Jesus Christ. They are trying to bushel our Christian light and our nations Christian roots and heritage. They want us to be silent, to speak and pray no more publicly in the name of Jesus Christ Your Son. They want us to be asleep at the political wheel of our nation so that their delusion and evil agenda can have unhindered free course thru their subtle take over of our nations government and our future. But Lord Your Word of truth says, Blessed is that nation whose God is the Lord.
      Lord Jesus, these same people do not agree with you nor do they believe that you are the Christ, nor the Son of God. They have been and are even now warring politically and spiritually against you and us the church. They are working openly, and in Stealth they are scheming trying to change Americas self view and world views. Their goal is to change America from a Christian nation as the President tried to proclaim in his beginning days as true, that America is no longer a christian nation, to a God forsaken nation, or a nation under others false gods, false doctrines and other beliefs, having their moral guide lines no longer that of Jesus Christ the redeeming truth and the light of life. 
        These people own and are using the news industry, the television industry, the movie and music industry, the internet as part of their AntiJesus and AntiChristian agenda and push to upend out of the hearts and minds of this generation the gospel of Jesus Christ and replant and promote immorality and ungodliness like never before in our nation or to change the truth for a lie, and false beliefs and false gods to replace the risen Son of God and You Father from the hearts and minds of the America people.
      But God you alone are God and Jesus Christ Your Risen Son, his blood, death, and resurrection is your glorious signature and truth on earth. Jesus did not shed all those innocent tears nor go to the Cross in vain, nor shed forth his precious sinless blood without cause. He died on that Cross for our sins punishment and rose again for our true ever enduring, everlasting real genuine hope thru grace given us from the love of God. 
      So now Heavenly Father in Jesus Name from Christ and the Holy Spirit in us RISE UP BIG  and IN GREAT POWER AND GRACE in the church of the living God and destroy and bring to nought and total failure all their evil plottings and Anti Jesus Christ schemes, all their tactics and works that they have done and are doing and wanting to do against Your Holy Son Jesus Christ and the against the church in America and around the world. 
       Father behold their threatenings and Answer them back from the Throne of your majesty of Jesus Christ Your Sons Glory and Grace in and thru the church of the living God in His Mighty Name. Grant the move of Your Holy Spirits greater than all hands of Power to be stretched forth to this generation in America and into all the nations in great power, mercy, and compassion and authority in true undeniable healings, miracles, and in signs and wonders thru the work of faith with power that Jesus and His Name and the truth that his blood, death and resurrection speaks be preached on every street, in every heart, opening eyes and saving souls in numbers in America and in the nations of the world far above and far beyond all the yesterdays, of the history of the gospel of Jesus Christ and His Grace on earth.
        Lord Jesus send into America and into the nations a mighty Holy Spirit flood of Christ Jesus' Love, Light, Strengths, Gospel, Grace, Power, Authority, Presence, and Glory and put to nought all the enemies of the precious redeeming blood of Christ. Cast them out Lord Jesus, remove them out of all the government seats that they occupy in their godless anti Jesus Christ immoral agenda and REPLACE and put in all the thrones that are the seats of government power in America,  in every town and state in our nation, replace and put in those government seats of power and of authority the true, and sincere, wise bodily members of Jesus Christ full of faith, wisdom, and the Spirit of the Lord to lead, guide, and direct our nation from the governing strengths that Jesus in his blessing us provides and supplies and remove all this ungodly madness going on in our nation from the crown down.
      Heavenly Father only you and your Son Jesus Christ are our life, our hope, our strength, glory, and THE SAVING TRUTH.  Blessed is that nation whose God is the Lord and whose hope is forever in Jesus Christ Gods Risen Son who in Gods true and great love for us all overcame sin, death, hell and the grave so that we could be saved, filled with endless hope and even become One Nation Under God In Christ Jesus the true light of the world......AMEN......share freely.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

The Finest Bread Of Heaven & Sweetest Holy Ghost Wine......deno.....pray and share freely.

      Lord Jesus, You have filled us with Your wonderful Spirit, Grace & Presence, and with the wonderful mind of Christ. We drink and absorb into ourselves that which is of YOURSELF, of the Spirit of God. We eat of  Gods finest bread of heaven and we drink more and more the sweetness of the Holy Ghost wine...In this love, life, and grace absorption we sup and fellowship with you and the Father and we are divinely blessed, and divinely fed, and deliciously enriched forevermore in all our life, in all our living, and in all our parts to the glory of God our Father and Jesus Christ our Savior. Lord Jesus, for all this goodness and for all these blessing we praise you and give you thanks.....Amen.

Satans Trick Against Us......share freely....deno

Denos Testimonies from lessons I have learned. I pray this light and life's experience of mine blesses you all in Jesus Name. Amen.
.........Lesson Part...Darkness dominated the void before God said let there be light. Void and emptiness was there before the light of life filled the emptiness with the organized Universe. The disease was there first and then Jesus brought the healing. Their bellies were empty first and then Jesus fed the five thousand. The hunger and thirst was there first and then came the satisfaction. The net was first empty before Jesus caused the GREAT CATCH. The storm rose first and then Jesus caused the perfect calm.The people sat in darkness first and then to them came the great light of Christ. Jairus' little daughter was dead first before Jesus came and raised her from the dead. The blind mans eyes were in darkness first before he was given great sight. They took up stones to stone her first before Jesus caused every one of them to throw down the stone. The woman was guilty of adultery first before Jesus forgave her and remembered her sins no more. The tablets of stone came before the heart of flesh. Spiritual death came first before being born again came on the scene by Jesus Christ. Death came first before the resurrection. The first Adam was of the earth, the second Adam, Jesus, came down from heaven. Sin came first before Jesus purchased full pardon and forgiveness. Works of the law came first before the sweetness of grace (unmerited favor). Sin entered first before Christ took the problem of the sin of the world away. Paul was an enemy of Christ first before Jesus' light and love melted his heart and then Jesus became Paul's first love and best friend. We all were lost first before we by Jesus Christ became the found. We were all together guilty first before the the judge himself pardon us and set us free by the sacrifice of himself.
..........We could go on and on about the glory of Jesus Christ and how he is our great NEED PROVIDER AND PROBLEM FIXER. How he is all and everything we need. A Wonderful Savior, A Beautiful Lord and God. All he ask is that we believe Him (His Words). That we trust him and believe on His Name and love for us, praising him in the spirit of life and of holiness. That we, when we pray, we believe we receive and we shall also see more and more the Lord, our Savior, our Healer, our Redeemer, Our Provider, Our Problem Solvers glory do the work and perform the miracles and supply the provisions.
..........But we need to know and to remember this, this TRICK OF THE DEVIL. Just remember, a lot of times Satan makes our situations look, seem, appear, or even become a whole lot worse before Jesus' grace abounds in the situation and calms the raging seas going on in our life. Jesus said and told us that it is those whose faith endures and who believe unto the end, they are the ones saved and are the possessors.
.........This and these truths mentioned above are seen all thru the life of Jesus in the New Testament. So when you are believing God for something, when you are trusting the Lord, don't let Satan deceive you into fear and doubt. Even when doubt and negative thoughts seem to come against your faith and mind like weighty tons of the waves of the opposition from darkness, recall what we read today in this lesson and stand your ground on the Words of promise and resist the faith devourer. Many times in the bible things are a huge great big hopeless looking mess of problems before Jesus heals and mends and provides and fills the nets and the twelves baskets again to the full and overflowing measure.


............Now My Testimony in the light of this lesson.......Many years ago I had a problem, an issue, a great need dear to my heart and life. I needed like a miracle. I needed divine intervention. A friend who was also a preacher and a strong believer came to visit me. He knew my problem and my issue, my need. I had been praying with tears about this situation but seems to know real avail. This preacher said, Deno. I believe we are in the will of God about this so we can pray and believe God together. Come, lets go into the office and pray.
........Folks we entered that office room and he grabbed a hold of my hand and he began to pray. This preacher could pray. He was praising God and unraveling Satan all at the same time. He was loosing heaven and binding hell in Jesus Name and man i felt Gods presence and Spirit flowing in us, with us in power. Holding on to him I was like hanging on. Well eventually he ceased the prayer. To me it seemed like, by the manner that that preacher believed and prayed, it seem like we just left a battle zone.
..........Well I'm a younger man in those days and I was like, do I build this man of God a tablernacle, One for the Father, One for Jesus and one for him next to Jesus (lol). I mean I felt I was on holy ground in the presence of this praying preacher who just showed me strength and power in the Name of Lord. Well this preaching man right after he ceased praying stared me in the face and said these words. I will never ever forget them. He didn't shout the victory. He didn't do a holy ghost praise jig. He look at me sternly and said, Son you remember this. You must remember what I'm about to reveal and tell you. He said. IT IS GOING TO GET A WHOLE LOT WORSE BEFORE IT GETS BETTER. But you will recover. The victory will be manifested. Just don't let Satan's trick cause you to lose faith and cause you to fear and doubt as to throw in the towel of your hope in God..
........Well things went just as that preaching, praying man told me. Things just kept getting worse and worse about that situation. I cried but I said Lord in my tears I will trust the Lord. What time I am afraid I will trust in the Lord...Then about the thirtieth day after the preachers prayer, the miracle happened. I mean in one day, when the day right before the great calm the storm of my issue peaked at an all time ferocious high and looks all hopeless, the very next day the healing and the mending came. God turned my situation around and that raging storm became a most beautiful calm.
...........I will never forget that believing preachers prayer, nor what he told me that day, and how it came to be just as he fore told me. I learned a valuable truth that hour in my life. We have to believe God for needs, for things, for deliverance's even when the devil is screaming and talking viciously back to us saying leave us alone, your situation is hopeless and beyond repair. It is in those intensified heated moments in the good fight of faiths battles that we often times are wrestling with the deceiver and the schemes and powers of darkness and it is according to what our hearts do under that weight that brings us victories or defeats. And yet Jesus in His compassion and mercy upon us, when Peter was losing faith and began to sink, Peter cried out in fear unto the Lord and said, Lord Save Me and Jesus loving Peter reached forth his hand and saved the sinking Peter...But Jesus said concerning these type of things, He said, When I return, will I find faith on the earth. God expects from us all faith, trust, and a loving believing heart........deno.....share freely.

Jesus & The Spirit of God Without Measure.....deno......share freely.

.........The bible tells us that Jesus had the Spirit and Presence of God His Father given to him on this earth, in this world, without measure (John 3:34 KJV). Jesus and The Father that the angels cry unto in the higher glory saying Holy Holy Holy Lord God Almighty, were living and walking and ministering together as One on the earth in this world. In the natural, the natural eyes were blind to the actual sight of the glory that Jesus was full of each day by God without measure. Now Peter, James and John on the mount of transfiguration saw that glory one day, but for one day only. God opened their eyes in a vision to see that glory. God graced and allowed them to see that higher glory when Jesus took them (those 3) a little further than the rest. 
.........And there on that mount, Jesus was transfigured before their eyes and He and his clothes began to shine brighter than all white and light ever seen by men and they all were in the cloud of the presence and glory of God that was given to Jesus without measure. It was a fuller filled sight of the glory of God in and with Jesus that was with and upon THE WORD HIMSELF/ITSELF  EVERYWHERE he went though it went unseen. Just because others did not see it in and shining from Jesus every day did not mean that the glory of God was not in and with and upon THE WORD every day FOR IT WAS. That invisible glory and presence of the Father was healing thousands and performing all kinds of miracles, signs, and wonders that no one had ever seen or done before. Friends always, everyday, Jesus who had the Spirit of the Lord WITHOUT MEASURE, the Power of the Lord to heal them all was ever present and with Jesus to do so and often times that power did..
.......Now All this the Lord had me to write so we would SEE THIS. He that was holy, He that is without sin, He that is pure light and full of eternal power and glory did something that I want you to see and God wants us to know for joy and for rejoicing sake if we really see its love and grace glory. It is found in Matthew 9:10,11) NKJV...verse 10) Now IT HAPPENED, as Jesus (whom the Spirit of God was in, with, and upon WITHOUT MEASURE) sat at a table in the house, and behold,(notice, recognize, see) MANY tax collectors and many sinners CAME and SAT DOWN with Jesus, sat down with Jesus, sat down with Jesus and with His disciples.
.........Friend those tax collectors and those sinners also were sitting down with and in the Presence of GOD the Father who was alive in Jesus thru His Spirit that He gave Jesus without measure though the physical eyes of the people could not naturally see HIM, nor the glory of God shining in, from and upon Jesus. But God graced Jesus' atmosphere so that the people in the presence and power and gory of God on earth would not die. They were not rebuked or resisted by the Spirit of the Holiest of all that was in, with, and all around Jesus. He sat down with them and they sat down with God and lived to tell about it and about Jesus the Son of God who was anointed with the Holy Ghost and Power.
.........The power of the Lord and His glory is always here with us even though we do not see it nor feel it although it is at times tangible to the heart and to the soul and to the touch and our eyes can be opened to see it as Peter, James, and Johns eyes were allowed to do so.. When peoples hearts really believe, the Spirit of the Lord sees that faith and melting love and or virtue/power flows from within Jesus into the believers, into the believing ones.
........So we conclude this light with this. Since God can sit with sinners on earth in welcoming fashion and in peace in the most hostile spiritual environment to the Spirit of the Lord that can be found in all creation (THIS WORLD WHERE SATAN IS EVERYWHERE), we can be assured and confident of his love for us and of the peace that we have with him,being we believe and belong to Christ as his very own flesh and bone NOW SEATED with him even now IN THE SPIRIT in heavenly places. For since on this earth SINNERS and the despised TAX COLLECTORS can sit with him at his table by invite in a peace gathering, surely WE who are Christ own flesh and bone can, HELLO, being that his flesh and bone bodily members are MADE BY GOD just as much a part of Jesus as he is of himself (By the Body Of Christ Love Connection) having EVEN the same peace with God as the One whose body THEY BELONG TO and whose flesh and bone THEY BE which is Christ and no others. (See Ephesians 5:28-32)....When your eyes are opened to what was just said, you will SEE THE LOVE GLORY OF THIS MESSAGE IN LIGHT.....deno.....share freely....Glory to God.
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Friday, January 16, 2015

The Sins of the Kings of Israel......share freely.......deno.

     But we want a king to be over us said the children of Israel. The prophet said to God, God they want a king over them like the other nations. God said, but I am their king. I know that said the prophet, but they insist. You know how your people are? Well, even though having a king was not Gods best for them and what God originally wanted for Israel, He in His love and goodness gave in to their wish and granted them kings to rule over them. Yet the truth of the matter on the most part, those kings were mostly awful. How often in His love God has bowed and bent down to the will and needs of His sinful people lest they be broken?
      Saul the first king, was stubborn and would not obey God faithfully and he tried to do things his way to many times and eventually God got so tired of Sauls heart that God tore the throne, the kingdom from Saul and his seed. Yet still, (note this) it was God that chose Saul to be the first king. Saul got his start as king of Israel, Saul was appointed and Anointed to be king by God Himself thru the prophet Samuel. God graced Saul for that honor and yet still Saul was terrible at obeying the Lord.  Mens hearts have over the many generations, even the anointed ones, their hearts have been turned away from God. It is amazing in numbers. Like David, their hearts God sees and likes, but something later happens under temptations and they  fall backwards. It is a common thing in the life and the history of many of Gods people, even of the best. The sins of the kings.
       We have the Anointing. We can have the Lord with us, but even though God blesses us, ordains us, anoints us with His Spirit for the ministry or position or a throne of authority that He has called us unto, God will not over ride our own wills. If you want to preach the gospel and live in adultery and sin at the same time, you can actually do that. God honors every person choices good or bad, wise or unwise. But just like king Saul and David, your bad choices, your sins whatever they be will soon come back to see you with an ugly face attached to it called judgement, the spanking of the Lord. The measure of that judgement is up to God as he reads the heart of the transgressor.
       God honors every man and woman's free will and freedom of choice. He has done so from the very beginning. He does the same to this day. That is why we must really will it and pray it that Gods will be done and not ours. But we have to ASK HIM to do that. Father, your will be done on earth even as it is in heaven. Seems like King Saul only wanted Gods will done mostly only when his stubborn will brought him trouble and pain. SOUND FAMILIAR ?
      Then came David to be King. God selected David. God anointed David with the kings anointing. As a young man David thrilled the heart of God with his passion for God and for his courage and faith in the Name of the Lord and the covenant. So much so that God took David the shepherd boy, and placed him on the throne of Israel. God chose David also just like He did Saul. God appointed and Anointed David as king over Israel. But the calling, the positioning of David on the throne and that kings Anointing did not nullify Davids own independent will or human sinful passions. David sinned also against the righteous scepter of the throne, against God, against Uriah, against the Anointing. 
       David as Gods selected and anointed king over Israel committed adultery and murder. The blood of Uriah was on his hands. His sins, though God forgave David, those sins caused David tremendous problems within his dynasty and within his family. His sin may have topped Sauls in measure. God knows. The old covenants forgiveness measure did not always remove the Fathers paddle from the life of the transgressors. 
      David, though God forgave him, those sins consequences were like a sword and a thorn in his side and in his families life that seemed to refuse to leave. In the old covenant, sins could not be purged as they are in the new covenant. They had only the limited power of the blood of animals to intercede and to atone for their sins. In the new covenant we have the blood of God atoning for our sins. HUGE DIFFERENCE. BIG BIG  DIFFERENCE. A more greater sacrifice has been offered for our sins. God became a Lamb in the man Christ Jesus and died for our transgressions. Nothing can compare to any of the power of God. Not to his Name. Not to His Words. Not to His Spirit, AND NOT TO HIS OWN BLOOD. 
     Well the selected, called, appointed, anointed David as king of Israel, he to sinned against God and the throne. God gives all of us the call, the selection, the appointing, the positioning, the anointing to reign in life as kings, Paul wrote so, but not all are because they do not know that they are kings in Christ, nor see that they are kings in Christ. Also because many of us who are so loved by God still let our own wills rule us and our life and not Gods will. Every morning people plan their day out without even consulting God about it and they give God the leftovers. Well that sure did not work for the kings of Israel and I assure you that same way, that same attitude will not bring the favor and the blessings of the Lord into our lives and days. The double minded James said, should not think that they shall receive anything from the Lord. The church and the individual believers are weak and so often so powerless because their double mindness is robbing them of victory, of blessings, of favor and joy, and Christ in their life realities (James 1:5-8).
        Then after David came Solomon, David and Bathshebas second child together. They lost the first child from the adultery conception. Solomon was their second child together. God appeared to Solomon in a dream and personally asked Solomon, What would you have Me do for you Solomon? Solomon started out with God, pleasing God with what he asked of the Lord. He asked for wisdom and knowledge to rule the people of Israel wisely as their king. God was well pleased with Solomon and with what he asked him. God said to him, Solomon you could have asked Me for riches, for wealth, for gold and silver but instead you asked for wisdom to lead and to rule My People and so for this I will grant you what you have asked. Solomon by My gift to you you shall excel in wisdom and knowledge as a king and no other king shall ever be able to be compared to your wit and wisdom and with this also I am going to make you the wealthiest king ever. All the days of your life shall be blessed with these gifts and blessings and no other king before you or after you shall be arrayed with such glory as the glory of Solomon. 
        It is absolutely amazing what this Word that God spoke into Solomon and into his life as king of Israel accomplished. That Word entered into Solomon and entered into others and into all the fields, fruits, animals etc. and other things in Israel and into people from other nations and that Word in them, not them but THAT SPOKEN WORD FROM THE MOUTH OF THE GOD THAT CANNOT LIE WHOSE WORD CANNOT FAIL working in them caused exceeding great and glorious things to be found and to be accomplished in Solomons life and reign as the king of Israel. It (That Spoken Word of God into Solomon and His life as king of Israel) even seemed to enter into the earth itself for its finest treasures and storages of gold and silver to open up and yield their glory and splendor into the life of King Solomon. For all the years of Solomons life, during the times he pleased God and even during the times that Solomon sinned, and he sinned greatly, even like no other king, that Word that God spoke into Solomon and into his life prevailed and did not cease or fail despite the good or the evil that Solomon committed. As long as Solomon lived that promise that God spoke into the life of Solomon new no breaks. They were only dissolved after Solomon returned unto the dust.
      Oh the things that one could write about Solomon and all the kings of Israel to the present us, and when I think of God and how truly sweet, wonderful, and great He is and how He is so good and how He so loves, and yet despite all His goodness and all He does for us, His creatures, from the beginning, we all have shown Him such contempt, dishonor and disrespect. We have sinned against 100% goodness and 100% love from the first two to the present us and all those in between.
    Oh God our God and Savior You have been so kind and gracious to us thru-out all the generations.  When we deserved wrath instead so many time undeservingly You showed us mercy. But it was Your love that caused mercy to triumph over wrath and your grace to triumph over our sins just as the Word you spoke into Solomons life. That Words goodness, strengths, power, and kindness that You spoke into Solomons life prevailed and triumphed even over all the sins of Solomon and still blessed him according to the full measure of the blessing that you spoke into his life despite all his manifold sins, transgressions, and despite all he said and did contrary to the Holiness of God. God that is also the glory of the love of God in the gospel grace promises that You have Sworn unto and into all of us who believe and belong to Christ. That is the power of even the gospel and grace given us in Jesus Christ. For by grace we have been blessed with salvation thru faith, and that not according to ourselves, it is Gods promise, Gods gift that He has spoken and Sworn in His love into the soul of all of us that believe, It is not of our works and doings, but according to His grace He has saved us. He has Sworn in His Love the everlasting promise of salvation to all who believe and belong to Jesus Christ, by the blood of His Cross. And that Word of God that He has spoken into us in Christ Jesus unto salvation is greater than the Promise and greater than the power of the Words that He spoke into Solomon, which promise prospered in Solomon all the days of his life thru the good and thru the bad, thru the right deeds and even thru all his many terrible sins.....Thank You God for all that You have spoken and Sworn in Your great love for us in Christ Jesus. Amen.....deno.....share freely.

By Grace Moses Went From Riding In A Basket To A Sea Splitter........deno.....share freely.

        Before Moses was in the Arms of the Almighty calling down fire and hail from heaven and splitting Seas apart with God who was his constant glory, he was in his beginning in the basket floating to the discovery of His Grace and His High Calling from the God that separated him from his mothers womb. It was 80 years from his days in that basket before he saw the Burnish Bush. Eighty years from layer upon layer of life and grace until he discovered what before was to him a strange presence with him in a hidden mystery from the days in that basket. Gods greatest servants often times have the most humble beginnings, but such God filled endings with grace and mercy filling up the in betweens until they apprehend that which they were apprehended by God for.....deno......share freely.

Before and After Sayings That Leads To Faith & Hope......deno.....share freely.

Before there was something there was nothing, only God.

Before the soul can really rejoice in the plenty it first must taste the flavor of lack.

Before there was the Amazing Universe there was the void and the emptiness.

Before there was the great light there was the thickest darkness.

Before God thundered "Let there be light" there was the silence of darkness.

Before there was the saved there was the lost.

Before he rejoiced in sight, the blind man could not see.

Before Abraham was connected to the truth and to God, he was connected to the liar and his idols.

Before Moses was is the Arms of the Almighty calling down fire and hail from heaven and splitting Seas with God who was his constant glory, he was in the basket floating to the discovery of His Grace and His High Calling. Gods greatest servants mostly have the most humble beginnings, but such God filled endings.

Before Moses was walking on the Mountain of God his feet were first treading upon the desert of despair.
Before Moses cried his first "Thus saith the Lord," he said I cannot speak Lord.

Before Moses was used by God, he was first used by Pharaoh & Egypt.

Before Moses and God came together to set the captive free, the children of Israel were first taken captive by the Pharaoh of Satan.

Before Jesus cast out all those demons out of the mad man living in the grave yards,  those devils fought back saying LEAVE US ALONE JESUS. They resisted but the still lost the battle. Jesus Won. We are to remember that. No matter the resistance, the demons are subject to us just as they were that day to Jesus in His Name.

Before David experienced the true love and mercy of God and wrote all those love songs of Gods mercy in the Psalms, David first sinned terribly.

Before Solomon learned to say that the most important duty to all men is to love God and to keep His Commandments, Solomon committed almost every sin in the book, even to the abomination of bowing his knee to idols and building those idols temples of worship even as he built Gods Great Temple. What happened to Solomon? Loose gentile women the bible says, turned Solomons heart away from God. God was furious with Solomon whom He gave all that wisdom and understanding to. In this we learn that incredible Wisdom and Understanding in themselves do not change whats really in the heart of man which is sin, nor does it change the pull that women have on the heart and flesh of men. Only the power that comes from the Cross of Jesus Christ and staying in constant prayer and true fellowship with Jesus can take away and overcome sin in the heart and in the record books. Solomon strayed from fellowship with the Lord. For years he preferred women above faithfulness to God. Wisdom and great education did not save him from this global problem and sin. Neither does is save this present generation from the constant repeating of this same sin. The world has gone wild in sexual sins, more that ever before just as scriptures fore told it would.

No one can no forgiveness unless they first know sin.

No one can really know what freedom is unless they first taste the bitterness of slavery.

What good is a solution without a challenge?

How can I know and rejoice in the sweet unless I have first tasted the bitter?

How can I experience a real answer from God if I do not first Ask Him directly in Prayer?

Israel would have never seen or known God to part Seas for salvation had they not first been backed in a corner.

How would we know that God meets all our needs if we never had a need, or if our cups are all full and overflowing. Even the rich and the wealthy Christians still have needs and still have day to day challenges. God does not let any of us that BELONG TO JESUS to stop using our faith even if our cups are all overflowing. For without faith no one can please God. He will have you giving by faith and believing for even greater things.

The way of the smooth and it's difference to what is rough is learned by the sole of the feet living life in this world, even by faith.

How can we know and experience the power of faith at work  without a mountain in its target sight?

No man can really know the difference between what is good and what is evil in this blind world without the Spirit of the Lord and His divine intervention on earth. For to man its all the same and of the same and both are natural with one having the same right as the other. For this very reason evil marches today in America and the world for its rights and expression saying I AM NOT WRONG, NOR AM I ABNORMAL.

Before we were translated into the kingdom of Jesus Christ and light, we were first DELIEVERED from Satan and the power of darkness.

Your present now is for a greater tomorrow filled with grace. BELIEVE, JESUS SAID TO MARY AT THE TOMB OF HER DEAD BROTHER, BELIEVE AND YOU SHALL SEE THE GLORY OF GOD. SHE BELIEVED AND SHE SAW THE GLORY OF GOD TURNED HER TEARS INTO INCREDIBLE JOY AND REJOICING. You may be sowing in tears right now due to lack or things that seem hopeless and dead, but the bible says to believers that those who plant seeds in tears will sprout up crops of joy by faith in God. Let us together believe and we shall see the glory of God turn things around bringing something out of what seems nothing, plenty where there was lack, health where there was sickness, life where there was death, freedom where there was slavery and bondage, love where there was hate, unity where there was division, sweet where there was bitter, calms where there was storms, wet where there was dry, oasis where there was desert, light where there was darkness, faith where there was unbelief, truth where there was lies, assurance where there was before doubt, and Jesus where there used to be Satan in the hearts of people......deno....share freely.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Loves Glistening Message Of His Cross......deno......share freely.

      The great love we see in the Cross of Christ and in the Father given us His Son; the great love that we see in the Father not withholding His Son, and in Jesus himself showing us all his own great love for us in the giving of himself for us, all that love sight seen in the Message of the Cross and all of the love that it cries and shouts is set and is preached so that when the real sight of that Message and of that great love display, when it more deeply dawns on us, on our understanding making its way deep into our hearts sight and comprehending, we first then from that sight believe unto salvation (Conversion), and then as we grow in the sight and in the knowledge of what the Cross of Christ and its love message shows us and preaches on that mountain top, the preaching of the Cross of Christ and the great love displayed there, it will rise such faith in the heart when we understand and see it properly that we come to see and come more and more to believe and come to the obtaining of the faith sight and understanding that there is nothing, not even one good thing that God will withhold from us or keep from us, SEEING He did not even withhold from us His Highest, His Most Valued Possession & Gift of His for our Ransom, Rescue, and Redemption, His own sweetest and most Precious Son Jesus Christ; and He did it when none of us, no not even one of us deserved it or were worthy of such sacrificial devotion to us from the Son of God as we see in the giving of himself for us in the Cross. Christ died for the UNGODLY.
       Paul said in Romans that God sparred not His Son even though His Son under the pressure of the powers of darkness in the garden of his despair cried that he might be sparred from drinking that cup, the cup of the Cross, which also is called in the scriptures, the CUP OF BLESSING. JESUS DRANK THAT CUP and The Father and the Son together did all this when there was none righteous, none deserving, no not even one. He did it all, every single drop of the blood of His Cross because GOD SO LOVED even when all THE WORLD so hated. It is written, And when all we like sheep had gone astray, every one of us to our own selfish self serving ways, the Lord laid on Jesus the iniquity of us all. The Lord laid on Jesus the blow that would bring us back home, and that reconciling blow is THE CROSS AND IT'S GLISTENING FOR GOD SO LOVE THE WORLD LIGHT AND MESSAGE....John wrote it perfectly in his epistle when he wrote. The glory of it all is this, It was not done because we loved God, but because God so loved us despite us....That my friends is amazing grace and amazing love. That my friends is the glistening light of the MESSAGE OF THE CROSS....deno.....share freely.