Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Spirit of Repentance.......deno........please share freely.

When Gods Nation has become gripped and pinned to the pleasures of sin and worldly lust and interest in habitual form, and they live for that gratification everyday without a repentant heart, then Gods own people have gone to spiritual war with their Maker. It never went well with Israel when they did this and they did this often. It will not go well with us either if we refuse to repent and to ask forgiveness and find grace to help us out of these sinful strongholds that Satan has on this Nation and on even many of the people of God in Christ....In your heart of hearts, many of you  know how much you, and I, and this nation needs to hear and obey this light. Will we? It is our choice America........

God give us the spirit of grace and of true repentance in Jesus Name....Amen.

America, Where Are You in this matter? And what are you doing with the gift of God????......please share freely......deno

     When is the free gift of God no longer free or no longer a valuable gift to a person, or a people, or a nation for that matter? Well Judas betrayed it and lost everything. Simon the sorcerer sought to buy it with money and Peter said to him. Your money perish with you, because you have thought in your heart that the Gift of God may be earned or purchased with money (Acts 8:18-21). Most of Israel cast off the free gift and stumbled out of the hope, out of the Ark of salvation seeking it by works and not by faith in Jesus Christ and Him crucified and risen from the dead (Romans 9:30-33 & 10:1-13). Demas thru away the free gift, forsaking his divine calling and the ministry having more love for this world than the Lord.(2 Timothy 4:10)....
     Friends salvation is the gift of God, but people by hardness of heart caused by all these reasons mentioned above and for other reasons somehow come to a hardened place where the gift to them had become like nothing, something not worth holding on to, or keeping as there possession so they cast it off, they forget about it, and throw it away and live unto themselves and not unto God.....
      Please do not throw Jesus Christ and the gift of salvation away by any of the means we discussed here in this script or by any other means. Its to late in the game for harmful choices and chances.....Eternity is a long time with no end, ever......Friends and America, WHERE ARE YOU in this matter?......please share freely......deno

The Fellowship of His Sufferings........deno.......please share freely

 Philippians 3:9-10) And be found in Jesus, not having my own righteousness which is by the Law, but having the righteousness which comes by faith in Christ; being Right with God By Faith. 10) So that I may really know Jesus (As my best friend, Lord, Savior, Big brother being we are now family), and to know the power of His resurrection, and the partaking of the blessings and benefits and the Cross that is in the fellowship of His Sufferings......     

       In all grace situations. In all grace circumstances. In all of salvation's eternal life matters. In all of the eternal redemption glory and promises. In all the things involved in life in Christ and that more abundantly. In all the blessing and in all the blessings. In all the benefits. In all communion with the Lord and with each other in Christ. In all our walk in God and He in and with us as He said He would do in the New Covenant. In all the gifts of the Lord and His abounding grace. In all the favor of the Lord and in all THE LOVE OF GOD AND CHRIST. In all gained knowledge and wisdom and spiritual understanding. In all Christian work and relationship above and upon the earth. In all the highs and in all the lows. In all the rough and in all the smooth. In all the rejoicings and in all the tears; let us never forget this truth, It is all made possible and done, and partaken of, every dot over the i of it, and by every crossing of the t of them all, ALL ARE wrought by and from THE FELLOWSHIP OF HIS SUFFERINGS. Jesus suffered all so we could have all this and Gods all as our Dad forever. Heirs of God and Joint heirs with Christ......proclaiming peace thru the blood of His Cross.....deno.....please share freely,

Has Your Doctrine, Conviction, & Beliefs Offended The Throne?......deno.....please share freely

The preaching and the magnifying of the Cross of Christ never offends the Throne of God. What does offend the Throne is when people exalt their works or the works of the Law given Moses above the saving & justifying power of the Cross Of Christ, God's Son. When the so called church elders or leaders at the church of Galatia began to preach that all gentile male believers had to be circumcised and had to keep the whole Law of Moses or they would not be saved, in that saying THE THRONE WAS OFFENDED. The Godhead sent Paul to address that saying and Paul warned them that if they believed that false doctrine and did those things under that conviction, that they had FALLEN FROM GRACE and that all the power in the Cross of Christ would profit them nothing. That, my friend, is a terrible position to be in (Galations 5:1-8)...Has your doctrine offended The Throne????

God Is Not Looking To Down You......God with all of His saving, redeeming power and might is trying to save you. Satan, with all his lying, deceiving trickery of the religious kind and of the none religious kind is trying to down you and cause, to fall on your soul and head, what is upon his own .......please share freely.....deno

  1.        In every Word of God in Christ, God is not looking to DOWN YOU but to UP YOU. His every Word is for that SOUL purpose. He came to Save, not to destroy. He came to forgive and not to condemn. He came to bless and not to curse. He came to lift and not to put down. To up and not to down. He came to inspire and to free us from worry, fretting, and from despair, and to free us of the fear of death where in we were before in bondage to. Now when it comes our time to depart this world, our nourished faith says, In just a few moments I will be with My Jesus in Paradise. GLORY TO GOD what an exciting moment. I'm going home....When your hearts confidence is solely in the Cross, and blood, in the death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ as the TRUE WAY, you can lay it down in peace and high anticipation, because you are departing IN THE TRUTH. Jesus died for our sins and rose again for our justification, and for our living hope and confidence in this life and in the Fathers glory.

           Why constantly listen to the down side when you have the glorious UP SIDE to talk about. Why listen to the down side when you have been Raised up together and made to sit together with Jesus WAY UP in the heavenly joyous high places of His Love, and Favor, and Life? (Ephesians 2:1-10)......Jesus said, Rejoice, which means to be exceedingly glad, for your Names are written in the Book of Life......

             Friends, until you REALLY see yourself  RISEN WITH CHRIST, and really see yourself SEATED with Jesus in His HEAVENLY joyous high PLACES and really understand the redemption way of how you got there (SO HIGH UP), then you are subject to joy, faith, grace, gifts, and assurance decay and erosion by those who are trying to religiously climb their own self righteous made ladders to get there. Joining yourself to the Cross and the ascension of Christ by the connection of faith makes your upward trip a gift of God and not a work of your own effort, and climbing, sweat, and doings still in progress (See Ephesians 2:1-10 again).......By faith let the power of the Cross of Christ, His blood, death and resurrection do all the redeeming work for you. That is what His Passover Blood, and the Peace Offering of Himself, of His Redeeming hard labors on the Cross was for. He was severely pierced and punctured,  ripped, and discomforted, and punished so that you and I could have a tremendous covenant of Peace and Assurance with God everlasting thru faith in Christ Blood Sacrifice and Resurrection (See Isaiah 54:7-10).

            Paul preached that We Are Risen and that WE ARE RISEN WITH JESUS (Colossians 3:1-4)...Jesus Himself Preached that (John 17:8-20) that we who are His are NOT OF THIS WORLD (even as) HE IS NOT OF THIS WORLD. You cannot become any more NOT OF THIS WORLD THAN THAT. Being risen with Christ and being not of this world EVEN AS Jesus is not of this world, both together, means our Names are written in the Book Of Life (So as Jesus said, in this light, in this truth WE CAN rejoice and be exceedingly glad YAHOOOOOOO........

            So lets never depart from Jesus, nor from our Redemption High Place In Him by the effects of doubt and unbelief, or by moving our confidence off of the Cross of Christ and on to our own climbing (works of self justifications and of self righteousness). To do so is a major fall from heaven like Lucifer who fell from far above to way below.... And let us not fall from grace by thinking and believing in our hearts that we must be circumcised and keep the whole Law, and other similar demands, or we will not be saved. Such theology is joy removing, faith destroying, freedom crushing, soul and mind enslaving, falling from grace condemnation non sense..... So Saith Paul in the Scriptures (Read Galations 4:16-20 & Galations 5:1-14).....

              And if we do decide to look on or at the downs side, it should only be from our viewpoint from far above, from our God given us (HIS KIDS) high above this world thrones that He Himself carved out for us to sit in with Jesus out of HIS GREAT LOVE. From that Love Placement and Position of Risen with Christ we should read and view all things from and NO OTHER lest Satan thru deceit enslave us into doubt and spiritual despair with legalism and weights that Jesus has not called any of us to carry. Jesus said. My yoke is easy and my burden is light. In Me you will find rest for your souls.....Amen.....deno......please share freely.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

We are not of this world......deno.....please share freely.

     The resurrection of Jesus Christ is foolish to those who are blind and perishing. But to us who are saved and know Christ is risen indeed, that convincement in our heart, that strange almost unexplainable assurance that makes us rich in all sureness about His resurrection which is our living hope, IS NOT OF THIS WORLD. IT IS FROM THE SPIRIT OF THE LORD HIMSELF THAT CALLED YOU INTO HIS LIFE AND HEAVENLY KINGDOM. Our heart is possessed by a real Alien. His Name is Jesus Christ. We are not of this world even as Jesus is not of this world.
       Then Jesus said to the disciples, but who do you say that I am?...Peter rose up and said, I say that you are the Christ, The Son of the Living God. Jesus said to Peter, Blessed are you Peter, for flesh and blood did not make you know this. It was revealed to you from the Spirit of My Father......deno.....please share freely.

Gods Love Is The Light Of My Day.......poem by deno......please share freely

You can make this poem a day to day prayer confession over your life in Jesus Name..

Father In Jesus Name Thank You.

The love of the Lord is in my heart.
His love I enjoy each day.
My soul within sings Gods praise.
For His goodness my soul partakes.

Into my life Gods blessings do flow
Thru Jesus my life and way.
Gods favor and goodness abounds in my life
For His love is the light of my day........poem by deno......please share freely.

Up or Down, the Choice is yours .....deno.....please share freely

     You can sure tell these days by watching their channels on TV, listening to their music and watching the movies, which ones are not owned by the Jesus crowd. Did they forget about the heaven and hell issue?. God says, up or down, it is not My choice but yours alone......Yea you made em high, and made em laugh, and made em sin and all the while hell from beneath reserved for you a very very special place. A permanent parking spot with your own name written in flames. Their flashing lights will turn into flickering flames when their dust returns to dust and the soul goes to it's place.....
      What does it profit Jesus said, to gain all this world but lose your soul and peace in hell forever.......Hell and things about its reality are always a downer (Literally).....
      (Ephesians 2:1-10)...But thank God in Christ Jesus we have another choice. By faith in Christ God has raised us UP TOGETHER and made us SIT TOGETHER with Jesus in His heavenly places far above....I CHOOSE UP........please share freely.....deno.

America, is now full of bitten souls.......The Music & Entertainment Industry......deno.....please share freely

     As Satan sought to change the image of Adam and Eve and their world with temptation unto final destruction, even so he has cleverly moved in on America to change and to own Americas soul and image thru as many vessels who would yield to his end times hiss. The music and entertainment world are now full of bitten souls fit for destruction and yet they are so deceived by him that they thinks it's all just one huge gigantic good time party. What an awakening awaits them. They thought they were playing you, yet the real truth of the matter was they were the ones Satan played. But when you are deceived you do not realize truth. The shock comes in their entrance into hell when they realized they were deceived on the earth and the big good time party is over forever.  They realize in that horrible place ruled by the most hate filled evil beings, they have lost everything, even all peace. God sober up Americas thinking in Jesus Name and save as many as you can from the fire. For what does it profit and man or a woman, a young boy or girl to profit the whole world but lose their soul and peace forever in the lake of fire in an endless judgement?......

     Aleister Crowley will not save you my friend, but Jesus can and He is willing to if you will let Him. Aleister Crowley could not even save himself.  It is written, Those that deceive, in the latter days they will wax worse and worse. They will be so sly that their prey do not recognize they have been bitten by the most powerful deceiving serpents. The servants of Satan.......please share freely.......deno.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Where Is Humanity? A Must Watch Video. You Can Never Be The Same Ol Christian After Seeing This......deno.

Must Watch and Share!!!

Like Wais Barakzai

In Christ We Win. Oh Victory In Jesus......deno.....please share freely.

The book of Hebrews tells us that Christ blood has a voice and that it speaks. Christ blood is the only voice that can silence our sins now and forever. The blood of bulls and of goats and of heifers cannot silence sin. Sin still has a great big microphone under those old sacrifices in the old covenant. But the new covenant is based upon the Blood of Emmanuel, God with Us. No one, not even the whole world, and not even all the sin of all the world can out shout God's great love for us or the great voice of His Blood that speaks. In Christ We Win......deno.

No Bad Days In Heaven.....deno....please share freely

There is never a bad day in heaven. Just think what our loved ones in heaven are experiencing and enjoying every day there. One day they will greet us and show us around and teach us many things about heaven, and our Father and Jesus, even awing looking creatures and beautiful mysteries....So much to look forward to in Christ. The Blessed Hope.....deno.

In Heavens Way And Glory.........deno.......please share freely.

     In heavens way and glory, everyone's heart is what stands out and not their outward appearance. It's a heavenly thing. Though we will have bodies, we will be far far far less body minded than we are here on earth. We will be so IN TUNED to the Spirit of  the Father and Jesus and  one another in a glorious holy heavenly Oneness connection. Our heart, our spirit will rule and reign in Christ love, joy, peace and heavenly communication glory forever....No phones in heaven.
     This present world is called evil because of it's sin, and evil ways, and wicked way of thinking. This worlds way, the lust of the sinful flesh, the lust of the eyes, the vainess of pride is not of the Father, nor of any in heaven, but of this world. In heaven our minds and our affections are forever set free from the course of this evil worlds dividing evil mindsets, lust and thinking. We shall be like Jesus in all things. The former ways and things will not be remembered, nor brought to mind again.. All this is scriptural. Seek and you shall find.....deno.

Gospel means, "GOOD NEWS".....deno......please share freely

    Gospel means. "GOOD NEWS" glad tidings of great joy. Jesus said," These things I have spoken unto you so that  MY GLADNESS could be in you, and so that YOUR JOY could be made full". Jesus is rich and full of GOOD NEWS. Come now, let's together read all about it....
    Paul's revelations (letters) were for that great light (THE GOOD NEWS) to be shed abroad to and for us. The Light of the GOOD NEWS. If our heart is really full of or more filled with the glorious light of Gods Sons love and delicious joy, and you think about it, the REDEEMED AND THE SAVED have a future that is only GOOD NEWS upon GOOD NEWS upon GOOD NEWS filled everyday. No BAD NEWS IN HEAVEN FOLKS. NO NOT ANY. That is why, in part, that it is called PARADISE.
    Christ disciples preach often the GOOD NEWS IN CHRIST and the Holy Spirit says, Come Now and Read all about it. Jesus said, I have come that you might have life and have it more abundantly  John 10:10. Jesus is the Word of God. In Jesus is the GOOD NEWS. Seek and ye shall find it increasingly. It is infinite light and riches of His glory...deno......please share freely

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Just One Drop of Christ Blood.......Such Redeeming Power.......deno.......please shre freely

    John 4:10) In this is love revealed, not that we loved God, BUT THAT HE LOVED US, and sent His Son to be the propitiation (Punishment and price paid in full) for our sins..... For people that did not love God, the Cross was erected and endured by the one and only sinless pure innocent Son of God. The amazing true love of God scripture of Romans 5:5-10, vs 6) When we were without strength, in the proper timing of God, Christ died for the ungodly....for them...for them.....Why? For God so love the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believed (and cleaved to him) would not perish but have everlasting life. 
     One drop of Christ redeeming blood, JUST ONE, landing on the meanest, the most rudest, the most wicked, the most vile, the most hard hearted evil person that has turned to Christ in faith and in hope, that one drop of blood has more redeeming power than that person would ever need to be forgiven, pardoned. cleansed of all sin and iniquity, be born again and infilled with Christ, and saved for an eternity.
      Remember the thief on the Cross. Remember the redemption promises of God. For WHOSOEVER (that meant and means people like the thief on the cross and also the person we have mentioned in this writing. That person is a WHOSOEVER),....for whosoever shall call upon the Name of the Lord shall not be ashamed. Romans 10:8-13)......Just one drop.......deno......please share freely.

The God of the Burning Bush is now in us............deno......please share freely

      Christ shed His sanctifying redeeming blood so that the life He wrote in stone and gave to Moses could be written in our hearts then lived out in our lives. He that was within the burning bush speaking to Moses is now within us (INSIDE US) who are in Christ Jesus. It is such a BETTER COVENANT RELATIONSHIP. To Moses the covenant was OUTSIDE. For Christians the covenant has moved into the INSIDE. Into our very heart. God is speaking to us in the heart in heart manner by His Spirit in the inner man....
       Remember what they said of Jesus after the resurrection. Didn't our hearts burn within us as He spoke with us along the way and while He opened to us the scriptures?...Luke 24:32....Moses was amazed at that which was burning outside of him  inside that bush. By our eyes opened more and more, let us be amazed that God moved from the burning bush into the holy of Holies behind the veil in the Temple. Then after Christ paid the price for the veil to be rent into and for the stone of the Law to be rolled out of the way, He that was burning in that bush and He that dwelt behind the veil that only one man once a year could enter with blood on behalf of the people, He came on the day of Pentecost like a rushing mighty wind entering INTO THE HEART of all them that believed and belonged to Christ to join them for joy, excitement, fellowship, good works before ordained that we should walk in, and for the evangelizing the whole world
       God with your Holy Spirits Fire, burn in our hearts and make us purified refined spiritual gold by the grace and Spirit of God. Write in our heart the Law of life as it is in the heart of Christ our Savior......Amen......deno.....please share freely.

Another Sad Story in the history of a deceived and dying world......deno......please shrare freely.

Deno Smith's photo.

      1 John 2:22) Who is a liar but those that deny that Jesus is the Christ, ther Son of God? He is AntiChrist that denies the Father and the Son. 23) Whosoever denies that God sent His Son, the same has not the Father (no matter how religious he/she seems to be). He that believes and says God gave the Son, he/she has the Father........
      To be noted......Whoever denies these truths above, no matter how religious they are or appear to be, and no matter what beliefs their hearts embrace or cleave to, and no matter how honest they are in this life; if they deny that Jesus is the Christ and if they deny that God sent His Son to be the Savior of the world, they are children of AntiChrist.....children of a deceiving Fallen Angel. God Himself with His Sons Truth and Cross has made them a liar,  for Jesus is now seated with the Father in the Great White Throne exalted far above all prophets, far above all priest, and far above all kings, far above all theories and philosophies...... 
      Friends Satan knows about heaven, and he knows about God, and he knows about Jesus, and he knows about angels, and he knows about chariots of fire, and he knows about religion and worship, and about the heavenly utensils of worship and he knows about temples and the Holy Mountain and city of God. He fell from that High Place.....Here now on earth he has formed a great religion of his religious deception on earth in the dry places of the earth. These hearts are so taken religiously captive to the fallen angels religious cleverness that they blow themselves up and they kill Christians believing in their hearts that they are doing Gods work when it is the work of AntiChrist and his father the fallen angel, the religious devil....Would to God that their eyes would overcome the religious veil and the darkness that blinds them.......
       Jesus loves them as much as He loves all. He would do them all GREAT GOOD but He can't if they refuse His Gospel.....they will die religiously deceived. Another sad story in the history of a deceived and dying world.....Loving them with the truth......deno.....please share freely.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Lord Empty Me of Me so I can be filled with You (IMPORTANT REDEMPTION LIGHT) .....deno.....please share freely

    If a man is not BORN AGAIN, his keeping the holy, separating commandments of the Law of Moses will profit him nothing. Think about this, Jesus said to the Jews, the High Priest, the Pharisees and others who lived by the Ten commandments and the others, and stoned those that did not; because they did not Believe He Was The CHRIST, THE SON OF GOD, that they would die in their sins no matter how holy they considered themselves to be by the keeping of the Law (John 8:21-24).
      Rejecting Christ,  is the guaranteed SIN unto eternal death and everlasting separation from God. (IT IS WORSE THAN ALL SINS)....This SIN of unbelief and rejecting Christ, it is a SIN that nullifies all the hard labor the Jews put into the keeping of the Holy Commandments God gave to Moses. It is one of the most deceptive sins because it is a religious sin.  Satan makes it hard for Jews and others to see the reality of this RELIGIOUS SIN....
      The Law and it's commandments along with it's foretelling of the Christ to come, it's core given purpose from Gods Redemption view point,  was to show us the fall of Adam, the great curse that befell the world due to his sin; and to show us our sinful evil nature, and that we needed a Savior. All it's blood sacrifices were to point them to the GREAT SACRIFICE OF ISAIAH Chapters 52/53/54  of the Christ to come that would Redeem us. All of it, it's hearts purpose was to bring both Christ and Israel and all the world to the Cross of Christ and there we would be gathered together into ONE.BODY, Christ Body and reconciled unto God by the death of Jesus Christ His Son, This was the mighty Redeeming Sacrifice. God (Emmanuel Himself) was going to taste death for every man thru the Cross. AMAZING.. (Romans 5:5-11).... But if Jew or Gentile rejects Christ in unbelief, no matter what He does, religious or not, he is lost forever. Rejecting Christ is the chiefest of sins. There is no remedy at all for that one. No prayer. No Atoning Sacrifice. No Pardon.
      He told them because they BELIEVED  HIM  NOT and  received him not, HE SAID, Behold, (take notice to these words O Israel) Your house is now left you desolate (Empty of the Lord) and you shall NOT SEE ME AGAIN, not until you learn to cry, Blessed is He (Jesus Christ) who came in the Name of the Lord.....
      We learn from this light that there is a keeping of the commandments that is not after the Spirit but of the flesh. This is when you have religion and not relationship. They crucified Jesus, not because He was religious but because of HIS RELATIONSHIP with the Father. They said to Jesus, For a good work we do not stone you, but for blaspheme. For you being a man claim God is your Dad (relationship) (See also 1 John 3:1-3)......Romans 5:1) Therefore being made right with God BY FAITH In Christ we have peace with God......Christ In You the hope of glory, now that's RELATIONSHIP and not RELIGION.....deno.....PLEASE SHARE FREELY.

The Way To Mending Our Nation. Jesus said to the man, What would you have Me do for you?....deno.....please share freely

      In my studies in the Words of Christ, something really began to stir light and inspiration within. I was amazed when it really dawned on me that Jesus, the Lord God and Creator of the Universe (John 1:1-3 & Colossians 1:16 & Hebrews 1:1-4) humbled himself before men, touched his knees to the ground as if to honor the weaker vessel in covenant fashion with His Power and Strength and Blessings, and then washed their feet. And to others over and over again HE said, "What would you have me to do for you"? 
      When such words as these are asked of beings who are just men, there is great limitation to what we can do for those who ask us such a thing. Yet Jesus had the Spirit and Power of God and of the Throne in and upon Him without measure (John 3:34 & Ephesians 3:20). When He asked those people that question, of What would you have Me do for you? The measure of HIS GLORY  & POWER displayed on their behalf (to be Beheld in their life) was measured out according to what THEY ASKED & BELIEVED. 
       Today knowing these scriptures I know of people of faith and some Teachers of Gods Word that are even own television who got a hold of this Love Revelation, (and that is what this is, A LOVE REVELATION), THEY GOT A HOLD OF ITS MARVELOUS LIGHT years ago and they have been asking God for big and great and mighty things IN FAITH and have seen and enjoyed God over and over and over again, thru their faith in Gods GREAT LOVE that they saw in these Words, and thru their faith in Jesus Christ as their righteousness, perform their BIG PRAYERS over and over again, personal ones and ministry ones..... 
       Friends , Jesus asked , What would you have Me Do for you? (and these people He said those words to (NOTE THIS) were not even serving the Lord. Amazing Grace and Amazing Love).... Those words are included in the gospel which means GOOD NEWS. If Jesus did not mean those words, He would have never spoken them out of HIS MOUTH FOR THE MOUTH OF GOD CANNOT LIE.....
       Let's all right now start believing and asking God in Jesus Name for great and mighty things. Souls saved, Bodies Healed. Jesus Glorified. The Healing of America and Americas Faith, For Revival in America or wherever you are. Needs Met. Blessings everywhere. Love revived. More than enough supply etc. etc. We are the ones that limit God. Jesus and the Father, the Holy Spirit and the Angels are every day ON. They are never LUKE WARM about any of Christ Words and Promises to perform. Friend, Jesus said, What would you have Me to do for you? Amazing Love.....deno.....please share freely..

The Voice Of Christ Blood...She Heard It.......deno.....please share freely.

      As we look unto Jesus Christ and Him crucified, with all the blood of His sacrifice pouring down, we see God is saving us and stripping us all at the same time. He is saving us by the power of His sacrifice, but God at the same time is stripping us of all bragging about ourselves in any form of self righteousness, and of saving self (1st Corinthians 1:29-31 & Galations 6:14). 
      Imagine being right there on that bloody day standing right in front of Jesus Christ Crucified. And you see this, Isaiah said in his prophecy of the Cross of Christ that Jesus was so beaten and abused that you could not recognize him to be human because the beating and the wounds disfigured his face and body tremendously (Isaiah 52:13-14, theVoice translation). His flesh is ripped to shreds from the stripping of the whips. His breathing is hard, his pains severe. His sufferings unimaginable. The blood is every where running, dropping, staining the soil and rocks below. His soul is travailing and you look at him and say, Jesus, I thank God I am not like the rest of these here. And Jesus, I thank God I am not like the rest of the world. You know, they sin this way and that way, and in every way; but not me Jesus. I fast often and pray unceasingly. I read my bible daily. I go to worship services. I keep all the Law and it's commandments. I'm such a good and faithful servant Jesus that I have no need of this blood of yours. Aren't you proud of me Jesus? I know your not dying for me Jesus, seeing that I live righteous. Actually Jesus, daily I die for you. I die to this evil way and from the worlds way. Worship me.....
       Then something strange happens. You hear Jesus say in a loud voice, It Is Finished. Suddenly in your darkness it thunders. The earth begins to shake violently. It's loud thunders and lightnings everywhere. The Cross is shaking. The rocks are splitting from the quake and every thing around, including you, are off balance and your heart is pounding for fear of all that is going on. Everyone is screaming. In you panic and confusion you lose all balance and you fall forward and you grab the Cross and say, LORD JESUS, SAVE ME.  He looks at you. smiles in the oddest way, and He gives up the ghost. Then you hear a voice. A real voice that you have never heard before, YOU HEAR IT CLEARLY. It is the voice of Christ blood crying out from the earth all around you, IT SAYS.....Child, be not deceived, Christ blood speaks. God cannot be mocked.....Christ died not in vain. Repent and trust in Jesus Christ and Him crucified and not in yourself....Any religion, any philosophy, any charity, or any way of life,  without faith in Christ blood is SIN and strong delusion.......deno......please share freely.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Adams Sin Reached Into The Throne of God.........deno.....please share freely

     God is Love. Even perfect love. If He could have said to Adam and Eve, I forgive you, lets move on, He would have. But the Cross of His Son reveals to us something. It reveals to us that the sin and betrayal of Adam was much much more complicated than that, even far more horrifying and ensnaring than the natural human mind fathoms or understands. If it could have been so easy as to say, I the Lord forgive you, let's move on, God would have done so and He would have spared His Son such tremendous tremendous sufferings. But Christ was not spared and His blood and sufferings preaches the complexity of Adams sin that cursed and ensnared the whole world, it even snared the Son of God also. Adams transgression was so FAR REACHING in its consequences that it reached all the way up into the Throne of God and brought down to earth the Son of God nailing him mercilessly to the Cross.
     More.....Adam sin was so powerful and so far reaching that Jesus, when he came into our world, He taught His disciples that man is in such severe trouble, that it is impossible for him to save himself. He has to be saved. He has to be ransomed. He has to be rescued. He has to be Redeemed.  The spiritual Law of Adams sin and transgression was the sin unto death and separation from God forever. Had God not had mercy on us and had Jesus not paid our ransom with his own sinless blood, all of us would have died in our sins and without any hope. Satan's on horrific end would have been ours to and we all know how bad and how horrible his future is......
      Thank God though for John 3:16....For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believeth in Him would not perish but have everlasting life....And thank God also that He raised our Savior from the dead for our salvation to be sealed  done.......deno....please share freely

He's Alive, Resurrection Song by Don Francisco........Such a great inspring song.......deno......

The Man Moses.....deno

     Have you ever wondered why God selected Moses for such a GREAT TASK? It was partly because God wanted a man that had almost zero confidence in self. Now Moses was seemingly, very refined in his early days, but it also seems to be that the desert cleared out most of his human systems of self confidence and other refined qualities. God was looking for One in whom the excellency of the Power had to be of God and not of men and everyone affiliated with Moses and his calling would know this (forever). 
     Moses did grow in self confidence some, but that was his minor. Moses in his faith schooling majored in trust and confidence in God.....And what a life and ministry legacy he left us, even the whole world. One real believing heart can effect the whole world for God and His peace and good will desires to be received in men on earth.....God was the glory of Moses and his life and calling and God has called us to glory in His Name and Love forevermore in Christ Jesus.....Jesus Is Lord.......deno.....please share freely.

Standing on the Promises of God.......deno......please share freely

And Peter walked on the water toward Jesus.....I have never yet personally had such faith as to walk on water. I admit I tried it but I ended up blowing bubbles. But I can testify and say that I have personally experienced something as wonderful and I know and have seen others who have also experienced this same wonderful thing. We have taken our STAND on a promise of God that we have found in the Word and STANDING ON THAT PROMISE against all kinds of odds and against all kinds of opposition, we have seen that promise still come to be a reality in our lives. We have seen those promises that we STAND ON IN FAITH become materialized, in spiritual forms and in physical forms like the Word that became flesh did.....

Are you also blowing bubbles right now because of doubt and unbelief? Well rise back up in the name of the Lord and in your faith and get back to STANDING ON THE PROMISES OF GOD..... To God be the Glory for the GREAT THINGS HE HAS DONE, AND FOR THE GREAT THINGS HE SHALL DO FOR US BY OUR STANDING ON THE PROMISES OF GOD GIVEN US IN CHRIST JESUS.....deno.....please share freely.

Freedom of Religion and the Expression thereof UPDATED......deno......please share freely.

     Freedom of Religion and the expression thereof........Faith never ceases. On and off the field we are here to stand up for our God, for our Constitutional Rights, and to glorify the Lord. Yes they are competing. That is the American way. And so also, the expressions of our faith in God written in the Constitution is the American way and has been since our Constitution became the Law of the land....
     One day God is personally going to sue, HIS WAY, all those people who suppress God and His gospel truth and all those who have fought against the Name of the Lord, and against our freedom of religion.......Until then (American Believers), let us take our Stand for God and Jesus Christ, and for our Constitutional right to the expressions of our faith In God in this land that has fallen in love with darkness and deceptions and the destiny of demons......
     Yes there was a young man injured on the football field in this picture. What cold hearted wicked people or Americans, would sue for this faiths expression exercised on behalf of a friend, and fellow team mate, and competitor? Even the other team is on their knees calling upon the Name of the Lord and grace on behalf of this young man. What a time in America that a few pieces of dust sue to have this expression shut down because it offends them or for the lie that to express such faith in God is UNCONSTITUTIONAL. Well if your asking me, It is time for us to pick up the brooms God has given us and sweep this Nations House clean of the voice and the power of those that do.....My name is Deno and the expression of my religious faith is fully written in the Constitution of these United States. If you don't like it your now and very soon to be God's very own  DUST PAN MATERIAL.... I Believe In God and In God I Trust......Seems like I have read those words somewhere nearby before. Wonder what nation that was?.....
      America was and shall be again by Gods own hands,  GODS NATION... Yea well those same doubters doubted  Christ resurrection to, BUT.....He Rose From The Dead and changed the course of this world and it's history for Jesus Believed and He can save America again.....Believers, Have Faith In God...... Pray without ceasing for this nations faith to not fail......Jesus Christ Is Lord........

     And God said to the prophet that He showed the vision of the dead dried up bones to, God asked him, Can these bones live? God breathed His life giving, life changing Breath and Power upon all those dead dried up bones and God gathered those scattered piled up bones together. God organized them and gave them ligaments, and tendons, and muscles, and nerves, and organs and flesh and they came back alive. 
      Friends of the saving grace and faith, God is the God of resurrection miracles. Let us pray that God will freshly Breath mightily HIS BREATH into and upon our Nation again in Jesus Name and revive us again, filling each heart with HIS LOVE, and may each soul be rekindled with the Holy Spirits fire from above......Deno.....Please share freely,
Faith is a powerful asset to team chemistry!

Happy Easter....Our Faith Endures Because Love Won.......deno....please share freely

Happy Resurrection Day. He Is Risen....

For He has giving us a true, enduring, living hope that endures for all generations by his resurrection from the dead, for Jesus was the firstborn from the dead of MANY BRETHREN to come. Even so Come Lord Jesus..... Brothers and sisters, He Is Risen and is seated right now with our Father in the glory of God....Our faith endures because Love Won.......Happy Easter.....deno.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

How Art The Mighty Fallen?......please share freely .....deno

        If the so called grand education you are getting has made you an unbeliever, or is leading you to unbelief, then my friend you are at the dinner table of clever demons and seducing smart devils, and guess whose is being served up for dinner? Order up said the kitchen staff.....
        The fear of the Lord is the beginning of true wisdom. What good is it to know everything about the Universe and miss all that it has been trying to point you to all the time.....The glory of God and Intelligent Design......You have to be one of the most hard headed dishonest people in the creation not to see this gleaming truth. Every thing in and upon the earth has an interacting part with another part for the purpose of life.....And yet self proclaiming wise men teach and say, there is no purpose. All is what it is and that's it. You live, you die, and your gone. It's lights out and there is no more. 
        How art the mighty fallen saith the scriptures? God said thru blindness men are overcome and thru ignorance men are destroyed.....Jesus also said, What does it profit a man to gain all the world, all its glory, riches, knowledge and yet lose his soul. He also said, of the blind who call themselves wise, "If the blind lead the blind, they together will fall into the ditch..
      I thank God that I'm a plain ol simple guy. For it is better to be lowly and seeing than high minded and blind. It is better to be rich in faith than rich in unbelief. One justifies, saves and exalts for all eternity, while the other condemns, destroys and makes low forever........
      Jesus Christ is heavens bright and shining truth sent from the most beautiful majestic world and glory above to light up the world we live in (With His Truth).......please share freely.....deno.

Stand Still and See the Salvation of the Lord. Letting go of our past......deno.....please share freely

       The children of Israel had been delivered from the Egyptians, from slavery, from chains and from their histroy and past forever. And yet, even though they had been delivered by a Mighty Hand, and I do mean by a mighty all powerful Hand, still the things of there past, both creatures and situations took flight and were chasing after them..As they pursued them, and as all this came to the mind and to the sight of the redeemed of Israel, all this tormented Israel saying mercilessly REMEMBER ME, REMEMBER ME, I'm coming back into your life, to haunt you and bring you back into MY BONDAGE ....
       These creatures and the things of their past were chasing after them. The sight and the thought of them and those memories terrified the redeemed,  the people God delivered.....But let us look how God handled both their fears, and their past, and the enemies of their past....In Exodus 14:13-14) we find out how....."And Moses said to the people, Do not be afraid, Stand still, and see the salvation of the Lord, which He will accomplish for you this day. For the Egyptians who you see today, you will see no more. 14) The Lord will fight for you, and you shall hold your peace". Hold your peace means to worry not, to fret not ......
        Friends all this was, in a mystery, a foreshadow of The Cross of Christ and His resurrection that was to come. The salvation, the deliverance, and our eternal redemption that we have in Christ is seen clearly in shadow forms all thru the events of Israels deliverance and salvation from Pharaoh, from their slavery to his powers, and from Egypt's laws, and rule over them, and their past with all it's shameful history.....
      Pharaoh represented Satan, Moses represented Christ, and the wooden Staff the Cross and Gods Power in the Cross. The Red Sea the blood of Christ and God parting the Red Sea was God saving us and doing for us what was IMPOSSIBLE for us to do for ourselves..All they had to do was trust in, rely on, and believe so much as to enter into and walk in by faith trusting in the So Great A Salvation That God Had Fully Provided For Them thru the Red Sea (Christ Redeeming Blood).
        When they crossed over to the other side thru the blood (The Res Sea) they physically went thru what we go thru spiritually as revealed in John 5:24, they passed from death unto life, from law into liberty, from bondage to freedom. Colossians 1:12-13) God delivered them from the power of darkness and translated them into the kingdom of His dear Son. They went out from slavery under the bondage of the Laws of Egypt into a glorious liberty by Grace. Their deliverance and their salvation was the workmanship of God and not of their own doings. He did all the hard labor, they just had to follow His Lead.....So it is for us with Christ.
      And also, As God took care of the children of Israels past, of their history, of their past bondage's, of their past enemies powers and laws and rule and dominion over them, even so Christ thru the blood of His Cross, he has don FOR US the same thing. He has abundantly pardoned us....From the Cross, Christ says to us," thru this I am taking care of all your past and future, for thru the blood of My Cross I am obtaining for you deliverance from all your past sins, past history.....And I am obtaining for you MYSELF thru the blood of MY CROSS eternal redemption and so great a salvation. The laws that used to condemn you, and hold you in slavery to sin and all the history and sins of your past and all the enemies of your past this day thru the blood of My Cross I am saving and delivering you from forever.
      With this in mind, lets now read Exodus 24:13-14) in an updated form for the purpose, to get the point that God is teaching us from it......"So do not be afraid of your past life style, past history, past sins, and of the enemies of your past. Stand still (means believe, rest in faiths assurance that I am and have done this) and see the salvation of the Lord, which He will accomplish FOR YOU this day. For Satan and sins, and your past history in all those different kinds of sins and their power and dominion over you shall be NO MORE FOREVER....Jesus.
       We are to believe this just as the children of Israel were to believe the good news that Moses preached to them when he preached Exodus 14:13-14)....Believe this and Be Believing. For whom the Son has set free is free indeed....Your totally washed and freed from all your past sins and history no matter how degrading or how sinful it was. Worry not. Fret Not and enjoy the love God has for you in the salvation of the Lord. Stand Still. Be at Peace. God has redeemed you with His own precious blood. Have faith in God.
      This is just a portion of HOW REDEEMING POWERFUL the Cross of Christ, His shed blood, and His death and His resurrection is. We need not worry about our past, or our past sins, or our past history no matter how ugly, and terrible, and shameful it was,.....This is a Word of His love and grace to this generation with the hope that we will repent and turn to God by faith in Jesus Christ so that all this goodness that Jesus wants to do for us can come upon us this day and forevermore......deno,.......please share freely.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Satans Two-fold attack on America.......Please share freely.......deno

      Satan has attacked America in two ways. The promotion of the lie of evolution. This lie has been ON PURPOSE taught as if they had all the evidence in the world to the theory, yet when challenged by Christ intellectuals and scientist of the faith, we are more and more finding out the game is over for the lie of evolution. The real proof is not there. Nonetheless this lie has been ON PURPOSE presented to this generation as if fully written in stone, but the actual findings are speaking the opposite of the theory. But Satan used this crafty lie to cause a doubt revolution. To doubt the bible. To doubt the word of God gives Satan no resistance to his schemes and works, to his spirits, and beguiling....... 
      The second attack has come from masses flocking to the dark magics, new age arts and crafts, pure satanism, Alester Crowley  books like 777 called, "Do what you will", and other witch crafts and things of the devil and of darkness. This has been so abundant that the very atmosphere of America is vastly different than it was when I was a child. Darkness and wicked spirits saturate the hearts and the land. The wrestling has intensified. Everyone is wondering what happened to the American people and their youth? It is Matthew 12:43-45 literally coming to pass in our nation.....
And unless we the believing Christians get real serious about the warfare in prayer and fasting's and taking the BOLD STAND for Christ like the former generations did,  this nation will keep getting worse and worse according to Matthew 12:43-45.

      We must pray and fast regularly.....We must daily invoke Jesus Name into our lives and into the atmosphere by the power of intercessory prayer in Jesus Name.....The reason for all these public attacks against Christ and our faith, the bottom line, is so that Satan, Satanism , the spirit of antiChrist, and things of the darkness can go forth less and less hindered by the Salt, Power and Light of Christ in the saints. They call it Political correctness and Tolerance. In the bible this is called laying down or laying aside the shield of faith. The bible says the shield of faith will quench ALL THE ATTACKS OF THE DEVIL. But if the devil can take that shield down and remove it out of the way by doubt and compromise and luke warmness of the saints, he then can more and more increasingly take over this nations governments seats of power and impose laws against public prayer and public salt and light of Jesus Christ, then the devil will keep penetrating even deeper and higher into our atmosphere and society.....please share freely.....deno.

Salvation, it is the Gift of God.....deno......please share freely

Christ, the Son of God in great redeeming power and destroying sin might, worked harder than all the good works of all the world as He by himself alone HARD LABORED in great drops of blood on the Cross to purchase for us and to pay for IN FULL the greatest gift in all the Creation, the Gift of Eternal Life. The gift of salvation....

Receive the free gift today.....ask Jesus, say Lord Jesus I believe you are the Christ. I believe you are the Son of God. I believe you loved me and gave yourself for me on the Cross and I believe God raised you from the dead. Lord Jesus save me from my sins forever and come and live now risen in my heart. Breath into my heart your Holy Spirit and teach me to love you and to please you daily by grace. Amen

Romans 6:23) For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Ephesians 2:8-9) For it's by God's grace you have been saved. You receive it thru faith. It was not our plan or our effort. It is God's gift, pure and simple. You didn't earn it, not one of us did, so don't go around bragging that you must have done something amazing. 10) For we are the product of His hand, heaven's poetry etched on lives, created in the Anointed, Jesus, to accomplish the good works God arranged long ago....Amen...(theVoice translation).....deno....please share freely.

The Word Bled. The Word Died. The Word Rose Again....Happy Resurrection Day. Happy Easter.....deno....please share freely.

      John 1:14)....The Word became flesh and dwelt amongst us. The Word bled. The Word died, and The Word Rose Again. And every drop of the Words blood is filled with redeeming light and salvation's information. The bible tells us that the blood of Jesus Christ THE WORD, that is SPEAKS. One thing for sure that  the Words Blood Drops Speaks and that is this.....You cannot make it to heaven on your own good works, on your own good name, or on your own power and strength. The Words blood was not poured out in vain.  Every drop of the Words Blood preaches, YOU NEED ME. YOU MUST TRUST IN ME  AND THE ONE I BELONG TO..... Listen to Him. Believe on Him. Live for Him. Love, Adore, and Obey Him. For worthy is the PASSOVER LAMB THAT WAS SLAIN.....Jesus Christ the Son of God...THE WORD......He was dead but is alive forever more.
      Gods Word can accomplish anything and everything. The Word cannot fail. The Word always accomplishes it's mission no matter what is demanded of it. From a Creation to an eternal redemption, THE WORD cannot fail to make it happen. The Word always prospers in the thing into which it was sent.
       Every prophetic It Shall Come To Pass Word Of God Is Gods Very Own Personal Confession of the faith of His Mighty Believing Holy Spirit and Foreknowledge. The Word of God Never Fails. It was sent from heaven out of the bosom of the Father into the most hostile opposing environment of this demonically saturated  doubt filled, unbelieving world and against ALL ODDS not one thing that God sent forth His Mighty Word to accomplish failed. We can surely believe on and trust THE WORD.
        Every dot over the i, and every crossing of the t, all of it came to pass concerning THE WORDS BLOOD, THE WORDS DEATH, AND THE WORDS RESURRECTION MISSION and so shall THE WORD never fail thru out all eternity. Glory and Honor be unto Jesus Christ THE WORD forever.....deno....please share freely.

Hebrews 10:19-23) vs 19...Having therefore BOLDNESS TO ENTER into the holiest of all BY THE BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST (The Blood Of THE WORD)....this speaks volumes of the bloods power, purpose, and importance......Amen