Thursday, July 31, 2014

A Word from the Spirit of Jesus to America....His Warning. His Counsel. His Hope...31 July 2014.....deno.....please share freely.

........The Holy Ghost says America is a polluted nation. That the very atmosphere of America has become the flight of every foul bird and the rivers and creeks of the flow out, the serpents den of thieves. The land has become the dwelling place of the sly fox and of the butchering hyena thirsty for more.The stench of the poisonous snake is everywhere upon the grass and underneath the rocks waiting for the unwise and unprotected. The shining shield is now dull and heavy. Its weight the same but to the men of this hour it is heaviness for the strength of the former has left their arm by the heaviness of this generation's transgressions.
........He cries, There is no glory of God in sin and shame. Wickedness is never My friend and iniquities never within my door. Those My Spirit loves, I forgive, I warn, rebuke and chastise. I the Lord do all these things. You have to be purified to enter into My Father's House of My glory. Repent I preached before I preached on faith. Demons believe but they all are wicked believing unclean spirits of devils who refuse to repent though they know and believe. Faith without repentance is incomplete light. Holy is My Everlasting Unchanging Name. I deal with My childrens sin as a father deals with his sons disobedience. A loving mother does the same. Only the wicked applaud sin and make lite of rebellion. Only the uncaring withhold the rebuke. The most loving father raises the rod to discipline his child. He does this for the child's good and not to appease his anger. With My own I'm not angry for the chastisement of our peace was upon Me, yet I still raise the rod because of My true love. This is My Doctrine.
........Most seek their own. Most war to parade upon the stage. Flattery, seduction, and abominations are flourishing in every town and village in this nation. Ten thousand lies here and mounting false prophecies there. The soothsayer is the lips possession and seen by the angels in the midst of the great congregation. All is well, All is well they cry, when blood is spilt by murderous hands in God's garden made from dust and upon the streets made by the curse of the sweat of the brow, for they are paths now and so many are they whose course leads straight to hell. Elders are blind to the whirlpool that leads to damnation. This bread is uncooked though it is risen to be served. Prepare ye this bread of the Lord, make this doctrine straight for the way is still narrow.
.........This is become a dark nation. A beast driven nation of the lions roar and evils daily delight. A delightsome  land to Satan who is ever so comforted and comfortable with a people who love and cherish darkness and deceit more than light, and pleasures more than contentment or the spirit of grace. To their darkened minds holiness has been redefined for it is a curse word to this generations deluded mind of reprobate. A nation where most seek their own and power and fame in both light and darkness.  The glory and the splendor of the world and its stage they esteem more than honor, more than the fear of the Lord, more than the gates of hells threatening. They love idols.
........By the spirit of Pontius Pilate the children of this generation cry, What is THE TRUTH?  There favorite drink is called STRONG DELUSION. They are abominable offspring and practice their fathers craft in lies, trickeries, and deceits. They honor not God nor parent, and their lacking of respect for God and authority is fulfilling the TRUE PROPHECY....But they cry All is well, All is well.
.......I warn, and I rebuke, and I judge and I sentence. I lift up and I cast down, I kiss and I spew, I say Come unto Me and I say Get thee behind Me. I reward and I punish saith the Lord. I also  give life and bless those that repent. Hell was formed out of My fury against rebellion and sin. Heaven was formed out of My love.
....... Those that repent and overcome the delusions of this nations craft and overcomes the deceitfulness of her sins I will bless in My Name. Repent and Return to Me saith the Lord your Redeemer and the God of the Light of your foundations, and with my own blood I will cleanse this nation and pour out My purifying fire of the Spirit of the Lord...Jesus Is Lord......deno.....please share freely.

TOLERANCE...The devil and our enemies favorite word.......deno.......please share freely.

      Why is it that with this Presidency and his communistic, Muslim, left administration agenda, that more and more WE THE PEOPLE seem to have our hands tied to do real justice against him and them for all this constitutional lawbreaking and in all this unlawful invasion of our boarders? Tolerance Tolerance Tolerance has been preached by him and them to us for years now and it seems that He/they keep taking advantage of us and our nation thru the imposed demand of Tolerance in huge ways rearranging and redefining things that before we thought were set in stone unable to be altered because they were founded upon the Word of God the bible. When they use the word tolerance or political correctness it seems most of that is geared up to give place to wrong and evil, lawless & immoral  behavior that is forbid by God, and to give place to false religions and more sinful things.

      How do we not know that even all this boarder trespassing that the President and the left push is not going to bring us a 911 just ahead....or down the road of horror flick proportions..It is written, Neither give place to the devil. Neither give place to the enemy...Yet he preaches Tolerate Tolerate Tolerate.... Tolerance is one of the devils and all our enemies most favorite words...?
      Father send your help from on high and on earth  to us to save us from our Nations enemies, and from those who oppose Your Name and Gospel Glory, and from those who exalt their will above the Word and will of God, and from those who war and betray the Constitution of the United States, and from those who unlawfully try to enter or  have entered across our boarders, and from all of the enemies of the Cross of your Son our risen Lord Jesus Christ. In Jesus Name So Be It.

Abraham Believed....We Believe.....deno......please share freely.

     Genesis 22:1-19)....vs 9 -18)....Abraham, Abraham, cried the voice of the Lord. Stay your hand. Do not hurt Issac. Now I know you believe Me. Now I know you fear My Name.....Abraham, because you were willing to offer unto Me your son, YOUR ONLY SON (God in these words of His was preaching of the mystery of Christ His only Son that was to come as THE GREAT SACRIFICE -THE CROSS of Christ),...and the Lord continued, I the Lord of glory Swear, (When God swears whether in His Love or in His wrath it is an unbreakable word of God), I will bless you with incredible blessings and increase and multiply your SEED (Paul received the revelation that that SEED was Christ-Galations 3:16,29)) and your SEED (Which was Christ) shall overcome and conquer his enemies...And thru your SEED (Which was Jesus) shall all the nations of the earth BE BLESSED....
     Abraham believed Gods promises and God accounted Abrahams trust and faith as his right, his righteousness before God to receive the BLESSINGS. God Himself said Abrahams righteousness before Him was HIS BELIEVING AND TRUST IN GOD and the mouth of the Lord never can lie. This word is TRUTH. Abrahams faith was his righteousness before God........    
     From the beginning of the everlasting covenant, FAITH has always been what pleases God and what God accounts as His covenant members RIGHTEOUSNESS. Trusting in John 3:16-17. Trusting in the blood of Christ our Passover Lamb and believing that Jesus died for our sins and rose again from the dead is believing as Abraham did. It is trusting as Abraham trusted. 
      You see God stayed Abrahams hand from sacrificing his son, HIS ONLY SON, but God did not stay or withhold His own hand to sacrifice His Son, His Only Son Jesus. He personally delivered him up for us all the scriptures says. Isaccs blood was tainted with sin so it could not qualify for the redeeming need, so his blood shed would have done no good. But Jesus, well certainly that is a different story. Jesus was the perfect holy, sinless, eternal Spirit of the Lord that had become flesh. Jesus was (The Lamb who knew NO SIN fully qualifying He and His blood as the Lamb without spot, wrinkle or blemish, meaning NO SIN, PURE AND UNDEFILED. PERFECT for the atoning blood. 
     In Christ we come to the altar of the place of a great sacrifice again with believing Abraham. We look as Abraham did and find the promise fulfilled of what Abraham said to his sons question. Issac had asked, Father Abraham I see the altar, the wood, and the fire, but father wheres the Lamb?....AND Abraham answered his son saying, The Lord will provide THE LAMB. The Lord will provide the Lamb.... So like Abraham suddenly we see that promise fulfilled. We look and Behold what John the baptist saw. We see THE PROVISION OF THE LORD. We see Jesus, the Lamb of God that takes away the sin of the world on the scene sent to us by God and by the Sacrifice of himself the Lord that had become flesh, that had become the Lamb promised, put away our sin forever thru the blood of HIS CROSS.....
     Then after his blood (THE PRECIOUS BLOOD) was shed unto his bodies death, three days later God raised His Son from the dead....This we believe. This is every believers foundation and connection point and place connecting us all to God, to the so great a salvation, to the so great a SACRIFICE, and to one another in Christ in the Body and in the Spirit of the Lord......deno.....please share freely.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Throw Away The Stone.....deno.....please share freely.

Matthew 11:27-30) Jesus said, Come unto Me all of you that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. 29) Take My yoke upon you (Which is His Spirit, Word and Guiding Light) and learn of Me, for I am gentle and humble in heart and you shall find rest unto your souls, 30) For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.....
     Being justified, being justified, being justified. Law, Law, Law. Legalism, Legalism, Legalism were all in the mix of all those weighty works demanded of the Law that Paul called the dispensation and the administration unto condemnation that CONDEMNED ALL. Paul wrote, For the Law worketh wrath. Strict adherence to even man made up religious looking rules was the enforced smack and treatment going on by the Hypocrite Elders upon the children of Israel in the days Jesus visited His People. Israels shepherds were in themselves filled with religious judgemental wrath and rage, loving to toss guilt, condemnation, and shame upon everyone but themselves. Those elders paraded themselves as the shepherds of Israel, but Jesus said to the face of all of those self appointed, self righteous leaders that they were blind guides who were even of the devil (John 8:44). He even said that they were like dead mens bones, they looked clean and fare without, but within they were full of dead mens bones and all corruption.
      The Pharisees, they were men who felt that they knew all and needed no one to correct or to teach them anything about God. They were Self righteous men always exalting themselves, but when it came to others, they were found by God to be so often walking about the streets of Israel seeking whom they could devour with the Law. They loved belittling the flock, and constantly throwing guilt trips and stoning threats upon the transgressors. Remember how quick they were to stone to death that woman who was caught in the act of adultery. This killing rage was their common attitude. The dispensation of their visitation when Christ visited them, the very atmosphere of Israel in those days was ripe and hot for the Cross of Christ by their hands. They were, IN THERE USE OF THE LAW, men who became thirsty for the blood of transgressors and so called blasphemers.
     They drooled over publicly ridiculing people for their sins and embarrassing them. Thinking to do so was a real holy adventure. They rebuked harshly anyone that did not wash their hands before they ate or walked to many steps on the Sabbath day. They tried to rebuke Jesus for doing such things, but their foolishness did not work with the Lord from heaven, HE WAS THE BOSS. They became so hard hearted that they would rather stone a person to death for their sin than to have mercy or compassion on them. TO FORGIVE was just out of the question. Jesus said to them about their evil hearts, I know that you do not have the love of God in you. They had Moses, the Law, and the Commandments they enforced, but Jesus shocked them when he told them that they did not have God. He told them, You do the lust and the desire of Satan (John 8:44). We see mean religious hearts like they had back then today in our generation. Religious, Law preaching, Commandment enforcers, and Stoning blood thirsty fanatics....but they do not have the love of God in them. Which Jesus and John said means that they do not have or know the one true God.
     Many of the elders in Israel in their visitation from The Lord from heaven, they had Law and religion but no love. That my friends Jesus said is Satans scripture interpretation and deceptively formed religion, not Gods. They were religious and mean spirited and highly judgemental instead of being the light and hope of the world and to their own that God called them to be......Jesus said that they lost sight of the heart of the Law which was justice, fairness, MERCY and GOOD FAITH.
      Satan twisted and manipulated their religious and biblical view. They constantly loaded the flock of Israel down with heavy loads and religious bundles that were burdensome to bare, but though they would go to a house top to shout your name and expose and point out your sins publicly to the crowds to stone you to death, they were above the thought and the idea  to help lift one ounce of the load of guilt and of religious bundles that they exalted and laid upon the minds and backs of the sheep of Israel. In other words they thought it was most godly to be merciless and to exalt Law over mercy and to stone more than to have mercy and compassion.
        Good Samaritans also they were not. They saw that man wounded, bleeding, and in dire need and they just shrugged their shoulders and walked on by. In their twisted by Satan religious mindset they would think, I wonder what sin he did that got him in that condition. Better not mess with the Lords work there and they just walked on by. THEY WERE DECEIVED.
     The elders of Israel by their zeal to stone (recall with me how they often quickly took up the stones to stone Jesus for this or that. Folks it was in them to do that. They were driven by the stone). The elders were people who seemed to have lost all sight to what God had formerly said thru the prophet Micah 6:8...and what does THE LORD REQUIRE of all of you, But to act justly, to love mercy and to walk humble with your God. Many of the elders of Israel were not at all walking in the light of those words. They loved the rebuke and the stones of their religion, and to publicly humiliate sinners above the love and mercy of God. They had forgotten the heart of the Law Jesus said which was justice, MERCY, and faith...
     Jesus was appalled at their hardness of heart and lack of mercy and understanding. He was grieved at many of the elders and teachers of Israel, about their lack of gentleness and what it had done to the children of Israel in their views and image of God. He even one day said of the citizens of Israel that they had become like sheep without genuine true caring shepherds led by blind men.....They had such a distorted view of the image of the heart of God that when God and His true image was standing and talking right there in front of them, they were blind to see it and to know who He was. It is written, the Lord came unto His own and His own did not recognize him or receive Him. THEY WERE BLIND and by Satan deceived using the book of the Law.
     But Jesus came down from heaven to earth on a BIG MISSION. He came to open the eyes of the blind and to take away THE WEIGHT of all the sin of every person and of all the world. Imagine the enormous weight of all that sin. The weight was SO HEAVY that we find in the scriptures that most of the world and even many of the chosen people of Israel, when they died, THE WEIGHT OF THEIR SINS WENT WITH THEM (UPON THEM) AND THEY DESCENDED BY THAT WEIGHT DOWN, DOWN, DOWN, AND SUNK INTO THE REGION OF HELL ITSELF. Friends that is some heavy weight. That is the most heaviest burden of all to bear in this life and in the life after the body (Eternity in Hell for dying in ones sin). We needed the burden of that enormous worry and weight of the Law and of sin OFF OUR SHOULDERS AND BACKS, AND OFF OUR SOULS.
      In the Lords dealing with this weight of the Law which gave sin its destroying power, Jesus was going to have to deal with many different things that were included in the ingredients of THAT WEIGHT that burdened all of Israel and all the world down. In this lift off, He came to take away all self righteous boasting of any sort of any Jew or by any Gentile by the meaningful sight of His Blood in the Sacrifice of Himself. By taking on this sight and HIS YOKE and LEARNING OF WHAT HE DID AND ACCOMPLISHED THRU THE BLOOD OF HIS CROSS would, WHEN LEARNED AND UNDERSTOOD PROPERLY be a MIGHTY BURDEN LIFTER TO ALL THOSE THAT UNDERSTOOD. Lets remember in our text what Jesus said, Take My yoke (My guiding light) and LEARN, LEARN, LEARN of Me (Who I am and What I have accomplished for you) and WHEN YOU LEARN RIGHTLY THIS TRUTH, YOU WILL FIND REST UNTO YOUR SOULS. He said, Continue all of you IN MY WORD (His Yoke-His Guiding Light) and YOU SHALL KNOW (they learned something) YOU SHALL KNOW THE TRUTH AND THAT TRUTH (that truth that you learned and came to KNOW of ME) will SET YOU FREE. 
     In freeing us and in lifting the weighty burdens of our sins  off of our backs and souls Jesus HAD TO to do away with the Laws heavy weight, it's power to condemn and to stone. THE REASON? Read very attentively. I Corinthians 15:56...the strength of sin IS THE LAW, then in Romans 4:15 we find the wisdom of God in the purpose of the Cross of Christ. There we read, For the Law arises Gods wrath, (Now pay attention, this is REDEMPTION GLORY AND WISDOM)...BUT WHERE THERE IS NO LAW THERE IS NO LEGAL TRANSGRESSION. 
      People go to court proceedings and to punishments for breaking Laws, but where there is NO LAW the court is CLOSED (glory to God). You see we were all found guilty of sin, that was proven in the dispensation of the Law and we were all in the courts and had been judged GUILTY AS  CHARGED. We all had the sentence of death against us. But an amazing thing happened. John 5:22-24 reveals to us that God committed all of us to the authority of HIS SON (John 17:2-3). And that God had made Jesus now the Judge and committed ALL JUDGEMENTS unto His Son. And what did the Son, the NEW JUDGE DO???? He looked at all of us that were guilty under the weight of the condemning Law and that were condemned and sentenced to death, hell and the grave, and said the most remarkable words from His Judgement Seat that He was sitting on as the NEW JUDGE. He said, By the Sacrifice of Myself I will take away their sins, the sin of the world to be their propitiation. I will be wounded for their trangressions so that they would not be. I will be bruised for their iniquities so that they would not have to be. I will be punished for their PEACE WITH GOD to be covenantly established, and by my wounds and stripes they shall be healed and these words shall be sealed (Isaiah 53:4-12 & Isaiah 54:7-10).
      He came to literally take away the stone out of all hands even hells hands. He came to remove the old and to establish for us in His own Sacrifice and blood a better covenant of PEACE with GOD far better than the covenant that caused men to pick up stones and throw them at sinners and at each other. 
      After and thru the blood of His Cross, all of us were humbled to the obedience of these NEW WORDS OF THE NEW AND LIVING WAY. Those words included these words, Judge not and you will not be judged. Condemn not and you will not be condemned. He that is without sin among you let him cast the first stone. 
      What was Jesus saying to us? He was saying, God cannot be deceived nor mocked. God knows every heart you Pharisees. Even to lust at a women or a man in your heart makes you guilty of sin. Your all, everyone of you are guilty before God. So throw away the stone and leave all judgements unto the Son. Jesus told us, So now I say to you all that for you to be forgiven by God then you must forgive all. To obtain His mercy you must always show mercy. Those guilty before God, those even guilty of one transgression is in Gods sight guilty of all, then the guilty of all have no right to judge without mercy, nor condemn with a thrown stone. They that live by the sword shall die by the sword. They that live by the stones shall perish by the stone. They that judge shall be judged and they that condemn shall be condemned. When Jesus took away the Law by the power of the sacrifice of Himself, He lifted the burden of being stoned publicly in Israel. He killed rock throwing and removed the old  pointing of the finger fault finding ill will filled spirit with His own blood. 
     Jesus also came to fulfill Gods peace and goodwill to man scriptures. He came not to stone, not to condemn, not to destroy but to seek us and to call us unto his great table of grace in glory and to save us by the sacrifice of Himself. He came to make it clear that all of us were sinners, Pharisees and citizens the same. He even went so far as saying the Pharisees would end up receiving the greater judgements consequences and their attitude was, basically yea right Jesus, we be Abrahams seed, We are the Chosen. We are above reproach. We fast. We tithe and we rebuke. We have the right to throw the stone. We are the Lawyers of our society. The rest are all together born in sin, but we are the righteous and have no need to be taught by no man. 
     Humble the elders and the pharisees they were not. God said that pride leads the way to the fall with God and they were already fallen in Gods eyes being so lifted up with pride. Jesus called them the children of the devil, the offspring of Satan. Their interpretation of the Law had blinded them. They loved to highlight in bright yellow the scriptures of stone and yet blank out the scriptures of love and of mercy. When Satan gets a holt of the heart and mind religiously, that is what happens. This same happening, this same thing is even going on in a false religion that we see functioning in the world today threatening the worlds peace with terror....Like the Pharisees in Jesus' day, they have not the love of God in them.
      But Paul said God sent His Son Jesus Christ into the world to save the world of sinners and not to condemn,  and that we preach His message of peace with God, not by the weights of the heavy religious stones of the works of the Law that no one could fully keep, but thru faith in the burden lifting, weight lifting blood of His Cross. He preached Jesus was the Peace offering. The Guilt Offering. The Passover Lamb offering that saves us from the wrath to come. He preached God came to us all in His Son PREACHING PEACE BY JESUS CHRIST. Peace by the blood of his Cross.....
      Now notice with me now in our text that Jesus said that the peace and the rest he was talking about would be a peace and a rest that would come to us  by FINDING AND BY LEARNING.  He said, Come unto Me all of you that labor (Work to somehow save and justify yourself but always fall short) and are heavy laden (Full of the heavy wait of guilt and shame over your notable weaknesses and sinful nature and ways and fear filled from being stoned) and I will give you rest. Take My yoke an learn of ME and by that learning you SHALL FIND REST unto your souls.
      We all, everyone of us, if we are honest and do not hide this truth in self righteous hypocrisy, we all deal with the yuk of our personal weaknesses, carnality, and sins. Even God said and the word of God cannot lie, said of us all, there is none righteous in Gods sight NO NOT ONE. Personally I bow my knees to this truth, but the pharisees despised such words and scriptures because those words  put them in the same boat with the common people and with the rest of us. The boat being called THE GUILTY BEFORE GOD....
      But Jesus knowing that we all were guilty loved us anyway and in our text He said, Actually God Said it...He said. Come unto me all of you that work for righteousness and yet are weighed down by that burden that leaves you fear filled, worried and worn out. Take My yoke upon you and LEARN OF ME. If you learn of me THE HUMBLE AND GENTLE ONE PROPERLY, by that proper learning YOU WILL FIND REST UNTO YOUR SOULS....
      When we learn, and that is the key LEARNING OF HIM RIGHTLY what God has done for us in the Powerful Blessing Filled Sacrifice of His Son, when our hearts learn this, when our eyes are opened and we see this, and understand this, then chains are broken. Burdens and religious and sinful weights are lifted. Guilt loses its power over us. Shame and Past sins lose their condemning weight off our minds. We Are Free. For whom the Son has set free is FREE INDEED.
     When we LEARN that God has made Jesus to be for us Salvation and Eternal Redemption. When we learn that we no longer work ourselves unto the religious bone to be righteous before God, but by faith in Christ blood God has made Jesus to be FOR US OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS which is FAR BETTER than our own doings, and that this is THE GIFT OF GOD, when we really LEARN THIS TRUTH and our eyes SEE THIS TRUTH,  WE THEN TAKE ON the YOKE OF Christ which is easy for us and whose burden is extremely light compared to the weight of the big heavy stone of self condemnation that we used to carry around in self righteousness which we all measured ourselves by, by the works of the Law and not by grace and as a GIFT OF GOD TO US from His great love.....
       The peace and rest in our text Jesus said, it is given when we TAKE HIS YOKE AND LEARN OF HIM THESE THINGS. LEARNING IS FINDING....He said His yoke, His leading is easy and his burden is light. Jesus does not spend all his day knit picking our every sin. He carries no stone around with him. He carries the blood of His Cross every where He goes to save us, to rescue us, to redeem and revive us; to renew us and to forgive and cleanse us of all unrighteousness. He knows He is our peace with God and Gods peace with us. But he also knows that we need to LEARN THAT HE IS OUR PEACE and our PEACE WITH GOD (Ephesians 2:12-19)(Romans 5:1). 
      Of course we know that Jesus as our Lord and Counselor, He will of course deal with us about our sins (For we are in a very personal relationship with the Holy One) but not outside the power of the sacrifice of Himself;  but you will always find him gentle and non abrasive to us who are trusting in His Blood and leaning hard on His Grace and Mercy walking HUMBLE with our God. 
     We are his (Christ) flesh and bone. He does not go around seeking whom he may devour or seeking whom he may stone and destroy, (The religious Satan that transforms his dark deceiving self as a religious messenger of light does that). Jesus is gentle and lowly, full of grace and rich in compassion and mercy. He and the Father are LOVE. He does not go about to beat up or stone or behead or crucify his own flesh, nor cut it with condemning stones. His flesh we are in Christ.  But Christ loves us and cherishes us as his own flesh GENTLY. He purchased our life, our freedom, our peace with God with His Own Blood. The purchase was made at the Cross. The transaction has already taken place. We were bought with a price, A GREAT PRICE. We are the Lords and the Lord is ours. Husband and Wife free of all strife. Learn this..Peace thru the blood of His Cross......Amen.....More could be written but Ill stop here......deno....please preach, please teach, please share freely. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ smile upon you. Amen

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Deliver Us From Evil.....please share freely......deno

     When America went from 3 TV channels that never in those days would dare offend the Name of the Lord and the Church, to the cable system of hundreds and hundreds of channels owned by those who oppose Jesus Christ as Lord, who love to offend Him and crucify him afresh with their fresh unbelief, the course of America and the way Americans perceived this nation and themselves on a national level from then on out would vastly be changed and never be the same again.... The Last state shall be worse than the first without Divine Intervention of God and His Grace and Mercy upon this nation....And yet Jesus said, Men should always pray and never give up, for all things are possible to those that believe and all things are possible with God. Hope then in God...
      Let us daily call upon the name of the Lord Jesus Christ for our nations healing and deliverance from evil....Jesus said, Father I pray, not that you take them out of the world, but keep them from the evil and sanctify them thru Your Truth, Your Word Is Truth. We to should join Jesus with these SAME WORDS  in our intercessions for our nation and the world. (John 17:9-17)....deno.....please share freely.

Why Israel Rejected Jesus As Messiah.....please share freely......deno.

     Jesus did not fit the carnal natural minds religious fantasy of what Israels elders imagined and wanted Messiah to LOOK LIKE and to be like. All the healing's and all the miracles, and all those people Jesus raised from the dead, and the preaching of repentance and of faith and obedience to Christ message of love and of His Lordship over them, they little esteemed concerning Messiah. THEY DID NOT WANT TO ACCEPT THAT PART OF MESSIAH NOR DID THEY WANT TO HEAR THAT...Jesus told them, You do not hear nor understand My Words nor the scriptures concerning Me. Even his closest disciples had to have their eyes opened to see the scriptures concerning Christ. Read Luke 24:44-48.
      What they wanted was a mighty warrior and a man of wisdom and economy wits THAT THEY COULD MAKE WORLD PRESIDENT OR KING LIKE OVER THEM AND THE WORLD to make them prosperous and super rich, super strong, and of fierce countenance in this life and in this world. Someone of riches, of power, one of glory, and worldly splendor  and militant superiority of the battle field like king David was and Solomon, that could rise them above all the powers of the world and make them rulers of the earth with all nations including Rome under their feet with Messiah as King. As that kind of Savior.....Not the law of sin and death deliverer of His People. Not the Savior that saves us from sin and hell. No, they wanted the Jewish mighty one for this life's profitings. They did not understand the spiritual or heavenly side of Messiah, Read John 3:1-21.
     They failed to see the stages of the Christ scriptures written appointments and of the importance of His blood and suffering scriptures, and why those scriptures said that Christ must first suffer and then enter into His Glory (Matthew 24:44-53), then later return to carry and deliver and exalt His Redeemed, those who were saved by His Blood. 
      When Jesus returns from heaven to earth the 2nd time in GREAT POWER AND GLORY that all the world will see all together at once, then shall his enemies be put underfoot. Then shall the government of all the world be placed upon his shoulder and shared with all the Redeemed both the Christian Jews and the Christian Gentiles whom Jesus will appoint as rulers of territories and cities and nations. But not till the spirit of AntiChrist has ran his course to fulfill 2 Thessalonians 2:1-13.....
     What is your image of Jesus? What is your image of his return? What should we all be doing at his return? Working for Jesus. Witnessing for Jesus. Living for Jesus. Dying daily for Jesus. In fellowship with Jesus. Washed in His blood. Risen with Christ (Colossians 3:1-4). Loving the brethren. Living holy and separated lives, not in sin. Calling upon the Name of the Lord. Watching our tongues. We should BE BELIEVING. Keeping our watching lamps full of oil SO THAT WE ARE NOT BLINDED BY THE WORLD. Abounding in the work of the Lord with thanksgiving. Loving the Lord our Savior more and more. Helping. Hoping. Visiting the sick and those in prison. Feeding the hungry. Clothing the poor. Bearing each others burdens. Not weighed down with love for this world and the cares of this life. Redeeming the times knowing the days are evil. Aiding our appointed shepherds/pastors. Blessing one another in the Name of Jesus Christ. Resisting the devil and the spirit of antiChrist in prayer and in strengths of all sorts God given......deno......please share freely.

The Spirit Of AntiChrist Unveiled......please share freely.....deno.

      Note: The spirit of the AntiChrist is not anti Jew, it is the spirit of the devil which is anti Jesus as the Christ, as the Son of God by whom God made the worlds (Important point there). The spirit of  the AntiChrist, it's goal and mission is to take from Jesus Christ the Anointed of God, the glory that only He deserves and to give it to another by means of deceived and mislead Jews who crucified the Christ, and who counted His blood as an unholy thing, and by the world who is blind to heavenly things, and are totally unanchored to fantasize about a world without God, and a world full of alien possibilities and many other delusions, as in the theory of evolution that scientist know today is a lie but for AntiChrist promotion it is still preached despite moderns day science contradiction and discoveries to it with the present observable facts found in DNA and other resounding truths.
     The spirit of AntiChrist was first manifested to have infiltrated into the heart and the mind of Judas and into the  majority of the Chosen People of God first in Israel. It was first thru them that came the first stages of direct face to face confrontation of man with the Lord from heaven who had become flesh. Under the bewitchings of the spirit of AntiChrist upon their theology and upon their heavenly perception of the Messianic Scriptures as clearly seen in Isaiah 61:1-3 and in Isaiah 52:13-15, and in Isaiah 53:1-12, that under it's subtle and crafty spell they argued against him (Jesus Christ the Anointed, Empowered Son of God). They challenged and withstood Jesus  all the way to the Cross of Christ despite the thousands and thousands of notable miracles of healing THEY TOGETHER SAW AND WITNESSED. Even the resurrection of many raised from the dead. (Matthew 27:50-54) (They united against Jesus and withstood him to the cross of their own desolation of the Spirit of truth and to their being fully handed over to the reprobation of their minds by the spirit of error and of AntiChrist thinking and behavior to withstand Jesus thru out their generations unto the future generations even to this day. These are heavily backed by Satans power over this world and it's finances, it's riches, over it's fame stages, it's glory and splendor supply and powers to continue this until the AntiChrist fully comes on the scene as the scriptures foretold in bodily form in the last days of grace. 
      These words of truth just penned above about how thru Jesus Christ God created the heavens and the earth, puts Jesus with the Father upon the throne of God BEFORE THE WORLD BEGAN. This truth Satan knows is THE TRUTH for he was there years ago in heaven and saw the glory of the Son of God with the Father in the Godhead, with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit all in One Triune Spirit in Spirit Divine Mix.(Recall with me that the scriptures says that Jesus proceeded out of the Throne and Bosom of God the Father and that He was WITH THE FATHER to be revealed in due season as He was when the Word became flesh and dwelt amongst us in Israel......
     But it is this truth he, the spirit of AntiChrist, tries to hide from men because it puts Jesus in the hearts and minds of men EXALTED far above all his religious and non religious beliefs that he has formed in the world in the belief structures of the hearts and minds of men in his formations of their thoughts, thinking and cultures. And it also gives great great power and significance to the blood of His Cross, the Cross of Christ the Son of God our Redeemer and our Redemption wrought by His Precious Blood.
     Satan, the spirit of AntiChrist, he is the ruler of the darkness of this worlds blindness to heaven and to the true Divine things that are of God...So whether you are a Jew or a Gentile, if you do not believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God by whom God created the worlds, you are in the dark and you have been over powered in your thoughts and in your believing by the spirit of AntiChrist and by the Power of the Prince of all Darkness and Delusions of deceptions in this world.....Setting the record straight in Jesus Name.....Jesus Is Lord....deno.......please share freely.

Jesus & The Constitution of the United States.....deno.....please share freely.

     As Jesus and His gospel is the anchor to the believers soul and eternal pathway, so is the Constitution of the United States the anchor of liberty and of freedoms maintenance in America. The tossing away of either one of these most treasured pearls of freedom and liberty will bring men into bondage, one in the spiritual world and one in the natural world. Both must be defended and confirmed by and thru the triune union of God, faith and THE PEOPLE.....please share freely.....deno.

The Way To Gods Good Upon Our Nation.....deno....please share freely.

       In Gods plan to do the house of Israel HIS GOOD unto their nation, notice the standard He set for that good to happen and for THAT BLESSING of His to them to BE MAINTAINED in there society......Zechariah 8:14-17) This is what the Lord Almighty says, Just as I had determined to bring severe trouble and disaster on you and showed you no pity because of the sins of your ancestors who provoked Me with their sins and unbelief and just as I fulfilled those words and scattered them into the nations, So again have I thought in these days to make you a promise for MY PERFORMANCE, A PROMISE to do MY GOOD unto Jerusalem (My People) and to the house of Judah (My People): Do not be afraid (in other words do not doubt Me doing this GREAT GOOD to you. I told you what I was going to do to your ancestors for there many sins and those words and that trouble I surely fulfilled and brought to pass.  So now, do not doubt that I will also fulfill MY PROMISE HERE TO DO YOU GOOD and to bring THIS GOOD to come upon you and be fulfilled and come to pass....God can do it and is willing to do it.
     Friends Not doubting this (this good God promised) brings real hope of a BLESSED FUTURE with an EXPECTED END in these present days and in the days to come).....16) These are the things that YOU SHALL DO saith the Lord, (America are you listening again? Your founding fathers, even though they were in need of grace and mercy just like all, they hoped in the Word of the Lord and in His Promises they took their faith stand). 
      These are the things YOU SHALL/MUST DO, (Ready?) #1) Speak everyone of you truth to his neighbor. (No lies, no deceit, no false fronts, nor cover ups, no lie to hide a lie to hide that lie, and another lie to cover up that lie). #2) Render true and sound judgement and peace in your courts and in all your affairs (Truth and judgement based on GODS WORD about all situations, not humanist/atheist thought that God resist and refuses to bless. Honor God as God). #3) Let not any of you plot ill will or imagine any evil against his neighbor, #4) Love no FALSE OATH, do not swear falsely or in vain not meaning it, and do not break your Vows, For all these are things I detest, hate, and I will not bless..... 
     Well America right now is full of the DOING ALL THESE THINGS that God said DON'T DO for He will not bless such behavior. Faith and Loving your neighbor as yourself, and holiness of heart and vow keeping integrity of the tongue were the blessing combination......
     The choice is ours. God has already made His Move. He has already come down from heaven and went to the Cross (TO BLESS US read Acts 3:24-26) and was raised from the dead. Now like Israel, we must believe, love one another for real, and speak no evil, no lie, never swear or promise or vow and not keep it. We must not do these things (Swear or Vow falsely) in swearing in for political office or in marriage or in any other Vow sutations. 
     In our courts we are to render our judgements according to the Word of God even as our founding fathers laid the legal foundations for us to do FOR THUS SAITH THE LORD. We must rebuke sin and wrong lest we spoil our land and society and fill it with corruption and abominations FOR SUCH GRIEVES THE SPIRIT AND THE BLESSING OF THE LORD and things THAT GOD HATES AND WILL NOT BLESS....
      America we have done all the things mentioned above that GOD HATES and Fore told us that He would not and could not bless. We need a revival of neighborly love and honorable and righteous living in America. We need a personal and national and governmental INTEGRITY REVIVAL. Healings and manifestations of the glory of the Lord are truly wonderful. But all that good without our repenting is a miss of the whole point. For though Jesus did all those miracles and healings and all that good to His people in the days of their visitation on earth from the Lord, most refused to repent, and most refused to listen to Him to the point of that they OBEYED HIS TEACHINGS and in their unrepentant hearts of unbelief they crucified Him in. Oh they loved and wanted the supply and the loaves and fishes blessing but not repentance and faith in Jesus Christ as Lord. God could not bless Israel for that and He said, Behold oh house of Israel, Your house is now left you desolate and empty of GODS PRESENCE. Your on your own and and you will not see Me nor My Blessings again, not until you learn to cry of Me your Redeemer, Blessed is He that came to us in the Name of the Lord. 
     Note this very very very IMPORTANT DISCERNED TRUTH AND POINT: Some riches and blessings though they seem glorious and spender filled, they are not from the hand of the Lord but from the hand of the tempting Satan, who for deception sake gives abundantly the riches and fame of this world to those who do his bidding like that which was in crucifying the Lord. Read Luke 4:5-8 and then go and read John 8:44, they did the devils desire. They (even THE CHOSEN) unbeknowings to them bowed down and yielded themselves to Satan's request & will and the lust of their father they did and they crucified Jesus (John 8:44). 
     Note also, As it is written of Judas for his willful betraying of Jesus, The scriptures clearly says THAT SATAN THEN ENTERED INTO JUDAS. Well Judas was not the only one that did not believe and he was not the only one that BETRAYED JESUS to be rejected and crucified in that hour. Many many other people, both Jews and Gentiles were in on the nailing and in their unbelief that is going on even in our day today, they still crucify Jesus afresh today thru their multi faced works in our society against His Cross, against HIS NAME, and against HIS SAINTS, against HIS GOSPEL. These betrayers, just like what happened to Judas has happened to them, SATAN, (The spirit of antiChrist) HAS ENTERED THEM TO OPPOSE AND SCHEME AGAINST JESUS CHRIST in secret and publicly in America and in all the nations in these last days....Scroll Down.
      Believe it or not, and the DEVIL (the spirit of antiChrist) has put into these betrayers of Jesus  Christ, he has put into their hands much of the wealth and riches of HIS WORLD AND HIS SYSTEM for doing that (Luke 4:5-8). For doing many subtle latter days schemes against Christ Jesus, and against the Saints, these schemes. And these anti Jesus plots are going on as we speak and have hit and infiltrated America and our once Christian society Hard like the driving of the nails that comes from their unbelief. Open your eyes America...
      Paul said clearly that those (whosoever they be) that do not believe that God gave His Son and that do not love His Son and that do not believe in His Atoning Blood and sacrifice and resurrection are ANTICHRIST whether Jew, Buddhist, Muslim, Humanist, Atheist, American, or other Gentiles....God in Jesus Name open our eyes......please share freely....deno.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Jesus' Big Shoes that Buddah nor Mohamed could never wear......deno.....please share freely.

       Ephesians 3:8) Unto me, who am less than the least of all the saints is this grace given, the I should preach and write to the church's the unsearchable riches of Christ....and to make all men see what is the fellowship and benefits of THE MYSTERY  which from the beginning of the world has been hid away in God who created all things by His Son Jesus Christ......That God had an Eternal Son hidden from our sight was part of that MYSTERY. That by His Sons Incredible Involvement God created all things and that without Jesus His Son was nothing made that was made (John 1:1-14 and Hebrews 1:1-2 and Colossians 1:12-17)....Scroll Down.
      And there is no prophet among men that God exalts equal to or above His Son (NONE). No prophet and not one of us could ever fill the shoes of these BIG WORDS, That by Him were all things created and without Him was nothing made that was made. Moses Could not wear those shoes. Kind David could not fill those shoes. Buddah nor Mohammed, nor any other esteemed person on earth are not worthy to untie those BIG SHOE STRINGS....Jesus is Lord. No one else, no matter how much they exalt themselves or are exalted by people as to be something, can come close to Jesus Christ Gods Son, the Lord from heaven by whom God created the worlds. And the Word, the Son of God by whom God created all the worlds by, He became flesh and dwelt amongst us.....deno.....please share freely.

AS ROME BURNS......deno.....please share freely.

Photo: A tale of two leaders…As President Obama goes to a BBQ joint, Texas Governor Rick Perry goes to the border.  What happen to, “I'm not interested in photo-ops. I'm interested in solving a problem.” Who looks like the real leader here?
      As Rome burns, her Caesar is out shopping, raising money for political gain, throwing a party, and on vacation reading a Post America book..By their fruits you will know them. Its called a wolf, a dragon, a beast, a Communist in Uncle Sams clothing. 
       Yes I have had enough of what this man and his party links have done to America, to National Integrity and Trust, to conservatives, to our veterans, to the Twin Towers, to our Nations image, to our Banks, to our health care system, to our military power, to our borders, to the definition of marriage, to Christmas, to the Cross, to our nations Christian heritage, to God and Country, to Patriotism, to One Nation Under God, and to Jesus Christ and the Christian Faith of our founding fathers.....WE THE PEOPLE....
      Best to note.....WHEN IT COMES TO THE FINAL BIG SHOW DOWN JUST AHEAD, IT IS BETTER TO HAVE JESUS ON YOUR SIDE THAN ALL THE MONEY IN THE WORLD AND IT'S BANKS. Jesus arose from what they did to him, but what God is going to do soon to them in His avenging of His Son, they will never rise back up from. It is written. And God shall destroy them with everlasting destruction and the smoke of their torment ascends up forever and ever. Who is on the Lords side? I AM.....deno.
      A tale of two leaders…As President Obama goes to a BBQ joint, Texas Governor Rick Perry goes to the border. What happen to, “I'm not interested in photo-ops. I'm interested in solving a problem.” Who looks like the real leader here?

Beast Driven They Are.....please share freely.

       It still amazes me that Jesus, the Lord of glory who came to seek and to save that which was lost. Who was sent by the Father to the lost sheep of the house of Israel, he found them asleep and dead to who He was. He found them, even the chosen, deaf, dumb and blind to the scriptures that He said they should have known and should have understood for Moses and the prophets had wrote of Him. Instead of them fully greeting Him with open hearts, Jesus found their elders his worst enemies on earth. 
      And so it is even to this day. And then one day after constant opposition of the elders of Israel, Jesus had had enough of their arrogance and said to them, John 8:44 words Israel never thought they would hear from God. He said, You hear not my words and you hear not my voice, nor do you see the scriptures rightly. For you are of your father the devil and the desires of your father you will do. He was a murderer and a liar from the beginning. You are his offspring. You will do his will and desires.
      No wonder John the baptist said to these same ones, Who warned you to flee from the wrath to come? And don't even think just by saying your Abrahams offspring that gives you special place with God anymore. Like the rest you must bring forth the fruits God wants. Fruits of real repentance and of change of heart. How did they respond to John the Baptist sermons? They beheaded John. Then later they beat, whipped, spat on, mocked and crucified Jesus just as Jesus said they would. 
      What would they do to Christians if they lived and were the power of the world today? Would they oppose them and try to deceive us for their advantage over us? Yes. Would they make inhouse war with us for power and control of towns, cities, states, Nations, Economies, and Governments to usurp their power and financial influence over the course of those nations and the world (See Ephesians 2:2). If they were of their father the devil like Jesus said they were THEY MOST CERTAINLY WOULD and even more. Listen wisely and carefully. If the spirit of the beast, the spirit of the antiChrist that was in those who crucified Jesus is at work in them today, then you can bank on the fact that If they are willing to betray and murder the Lord of glory, then by the devil inside them they are willing to betray Christians everywhere and do anything against Jesus Christ and his followers unto high deception and manipulations, and extreme persecution levels. Proof is in History, even written in the blood of Jesus Christ and Him Crucified....
      God is not afraid....He said to Jesus after He raised His Son from the dead. Come now and sit at my right hand until I make your enemies your footstool. I will bless Israel for such is the calling of the love of God. But I will also as a christian keep now one eye open to their works in America and as well as the works of the others who love not our Lord Jesus Christ in these last days. 
      Friends I do not write this out of any form of hate as some would try to say. But truth is truth and there is a cloud of opposition rising and coming against Christianity, against the faith of the Son of God in America and thru-out the world such that has never been seen before in history..It is BEAST DRIVEN..It is being driven by the same spirit and the same flesh that crucified the Lord of glory. These same forces are behind the gay agenda being promoted in America to defile this nation and to uproot our National Honor. While as they promote the abominations that God warned would bring His judgements upon nations for doing those abominations,  they denounce Christ and the christian faith publicly but say at the same time that it is politically incorrect to call upon the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ publicly......please share freely....

The Glory of the Lord......deno......please share freely

     Jesus said....If people will really believe, it is then that they will see the glory of God. Then after saying those words Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead. Right then and there the people saw a great portion of the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ. 
     I want to see more of the glory of the Lord in our assemblies, in my life, in my children's life, in your life, in America and in all nations. Heaven knows how we and all the world need the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ. His glory is the healer of all things and the answer to every need and problem small or great. 
     Every Word and every Promise of the Lord has the glory of God in it to come forth and be manifested. The whole creation was given life and was made from the glory of God that is in His Word. Jesus is the Word of God. As it is written, And we beheld HIS GLORY, what glory? The glory of the Word Of God. In healing's, miracles,  in great provisions, and in other signs and wonders they beheld the glory of the Lord. The glory of the Word of God in it's great power.
      But to activate the glory of God in His Word, In His Gospel, and In His Promises WE MUST BE BELIEVING just as Jesus said. The bible reveals to us that Faith (Which is Believing) comes by hearing and hearing the Word of God in Christ Jesus. Hebrews 4:2 reveals to us that if we do not mix faith with Gods word, then we do not profit from it. We do not activate its power to save, heal, solve and to bless. It says, For unto us was the Word of the gospel preached as well as unto them, BUT GODS WORD PREACHED DID NOT BENEFIT, BLESS, OR PROFIT THEM BECAUSE THEY DID NOT MIX ANY FAITH WITH IT.
       Satan knows about faith and its place and power and that it is the key to unlocking the glory and power of the Lord that is in GODS WORD. So this is what he does in his roaming about on the earth. He wars against the world and people to turn our ears and our hearing and our attention and affections away from Jesus Christ and away from the Word of the Lord and His Gospel to so many other things of interest. The goal of his is to cause a famine of real bible faith in the land and in the church so that there is less a chance for the gospel to be manifested with Power from on High. Then it shall be presented more like a topic of discussion on the earth instead of WITH POWER. For such will dull peoples senses and make the good things Christ blood covenant speaks a bore. A conversation piece, but not respected as it should be as THE WORD OF ALMIGHTY GOD given to men by Jesus Christ to save, to heal, to benefit, and to bless tremendously.
     Faith real faith that really activates the glory of the Lord in His Word becomes more and more a rare jewel on earth the less Gods Word is attended to, inclined to and listened to. Read Joshua 1:5-9, John 2:11, Proverbs 4:20-27. And after those scriptures read the secret for all of us to unlock the Power of the glory of Gods words in our lives (John 15:7-8). Friends when we are really in the zone of faith and devotion to Christ, John 15:7-8 becomes our fruit and reality. It's every word.....deno......please share freely.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Standing Before The Lord. Are We Ready?......deno.......please share freely.

       Maybe if we were more about Gods work we wouldn't be in the personal shape we find ourselves in in this world, in the here and the now. Sometimes stopping to lay up for ourselves treasures on earth in the moths domain can be more costly than we rightly considered. Didn't Jesus tell us DON'T DO THAT? For where your heart is there is your pile up.  Scroll Down.
      Some people have multi million dollar mansions and hundred thousand dollar cars and have never ever shared Jesus with anyone. Was that right? Was that wise in Gods sight? They never even darted the door of a church. Who then was their Lord and their Master? What does it profit anyone, to gain the world but lose your soul. 
     Lets all start now more re-evaluating our situations. Where is the location of our hearts affections today? Have we forgotten that we must all stand before the Lord Jesus Christ to give our personal account to Him?......Let us read Colossians 3:1-4. 
      Gods True Word Thrills and Excites and Gods True Word rebukes and sobers. He's a parent. A Mighty Wonderful Loving Father.....deno......please share freely.

Gods Hands Are Clean.......deno.....please share freely.

      When all the layers of sin are gone from our hearts and when all the layers of darkness have been eternally removed from our spiritual sight and understanding, then shall we fully and clearly see and know that God is truly perfect love and that God is pure light and in Him is no evil, no sin, no darkness at all. We will fully and clearly know that all fault was on us and not Him. We will fully know and understand that Gods hands are perfectly clean of all sins and transgressions ever committed by people and the fallen angels. We will know that Adam and Eve had all the power created in them of love and holiness to do what is right and holy but they chose evil in the temptation. We will fully know that God did not tempt them but gave them all power to resist evil and to resist the devil even as he has told us to do. Can we honestly blame God for our disobeying Him. No we cannot if we are honest about it.. THEY CHOSE THERE PATH. And that path led God to show us how much He is love and light and loves us dearly thru the blood of His cross.....Scroll Down.
     Every time our thoughts rise up to put the blame on God or to make God look double minded, double standard, or to make God look like He is holding good back from us, I assure you Satan is in our gardens, the gardens of our thought life meddling to distort Gods true image and to cause us to question Gods love and goodness. Gods hands are clean. Gods has are innocent of all transgressions. He did not die for His own sins and transgressions but for all ours. We were the guilty party NOT GOD. God is good all the time. All the time God is good. Satan, us and the world, when we sin, we sin against 100% pure love and goodness. You may not understand the full sight of this truth just yet but in time you and I and we all will in the all clear day just ahead. In that day Lucifer the deceiver, the twister and distorter of all Gods true image and Words, and truth will be bound with chains while we the redeemed of the Lord will know and understand even as we are known and understood by God. Amen....deno......please share freely.

The Lords Tongue Is Powerful......deno.....please share freely.

       Revelations 19:11-21 is the revelation of Jesus Christ returning to the earth upon a great and magnificent  white horse. On the horse the Lords eyes are as a flame of fire. He is in His war mode. He us coming to the earth to avenge His and the Fathers glory. His enemies He is going to deal with head on and tongue on. Let me explain.
        What is interesting to me in this mighty war action mode of the Lord is that verse 15 and verse 21 reveals to us the Jesus is going to turn the Power of His Tongue on all His enemies and destroy them with it. What a mighty weapon, the tongue, the tongue and mouth of the Lord. In His mouth was a two edged SWORD and He smote His enemies with it.
      With His Sword, His tongue He created the worlds. By the Word of the Lord were the heavens made, all the universe by the breath (Words) of His Mouth. By the tongue of the Lord He cast out devils. By the tongue of the Lord He caused the dead to come back to life again. By the tongue of the Lord He turned water into wine. By the tongue of the Lord He said to the raging storm, Peace Be Still and the storm ceased. By the tongue of the Lord He made the fig tree wither up from the roots. By the tongue of the Lord He filled Peters fishing nets with an over load of fish. By the tongue of the Lord He made all those men drop their stone. By the tongue of the Lord Jesus sent His word and healed them. By the tongue of the Lord Jesus dispatches the mighty angels of God. By the tongue of the Lord Jesus causes water to flow from rock. All things are possible to Jesus because He is the mighty Believing God and has whatsoever He Says.
      With that Almighty power in His Tongue, He is going to turn that power on all His enemies in the end of the scriptures time and none of them shall be able to resist the brightness of His tongues glory, nor the power of His Tongues incredible ability. He releases all His Eternal Spirits Powers, Energies, and Incredible Might into His Words and in the last days He points that power upon His enemies heads and they all fall and are crushed to powder.
      Remember with me when those soldiers came to arrest Jesus in the garden, Jesus said to them. Who do you seek? They said, Jesus of Nazareth. Jesus said, I Am He, and when He said those 3 words those solders fell backwards on to the ground. Everyone of them did. Jesus just gave them a little tiny gentle taste of the real power of God in His tongue, in His mouth. In the end of the age, His enemies are going to get the full dosage. Scroll Down.
         Did you know we can fight all our enemies with the power of our tongues? The bible reveals to us that life and death, blessing and cursings are in the power of the tongue. The enemies like sin, sickness, disease, poverty, lack, discouragement, depressions, devils, demons. Thru faith in Jesus Name and the promises of God Jesus said all things are possible to us who believe. He said concerning the power of our tongues in Mark 11:23-24...Believe that those THINGS YOU SAY will come to pass and you to will have whatsoever YOU SAY.....Words with faith in them are POWERFUL. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. Start filling up your heart with the hearing of the Word of the Lord and faith will more and more come....deno.....please share freely.

Don't Withdraw Your Faith & Hope. Hope Thou In God. Believe To The Finish Line....deno......please share freely

      Hebrews 10:38-39) Now those justified shall live by faith; but if any man draws back, my soul shall have no pleasure in him. 39) But we are not of them who draw back unto perdition but of those that believe to the saving of the soul.....
      Did you know this scripture reveals that there does exist a drawing back of faith? What was formerly believed is no longer believed. What was formerly hoped for is no longer hoped for. You have WITHDRAWN YOUR FAITH AND YOUR HOPE. 
       Sometimes we believe and ask God for certain things and for this reason or that reason we lose faith and let the promise slip away from us and we end up not receiving what we asked God for. The bible teaches all of us that doubt and despair are spiritual robbers. It is written, Let not the doubting person think that he shall receive anything from the Lord, for the double minded people are unstable in all their ways (James 1:5-8).    
     Let us learn to hold firm to the beginning of our faith confidence all the way to the finish line. All the way to the promise manifested. Scroll Down.
     What are you believing God for? Jesus said, When you pray believe that you receive it and you shall have it (Mark 11:23-24). Don't be deceived into doubting. Let patience have its perfect work in your faith walk, in your hope life, and in your believing for things.  Remember the honey only comes to those who fight their way thru the bees that resist us. ...deno....PLEASE SHARE FREELY.

Fact or Fiction America...You Decide.....please share freely......deno.

.....and the people in America became filled with the good time spirit. They became so high, and so drunk that to many of them became deaf, dumb, and blind to what was going on in their nation, in their own back yard. A beast therefore rose up seeing the unguarded door and by great deception and tremendous numbers of fraudulent behavior by those he deceived, he made his way to the throne of America. There, sitting upon their own throne he warred against the saints and against the American Dream. Sitting upon the throne of the people he warred against their christian faith, he warred against their liberties and freedoms and against all that made America strong and great and against the works of Americas foundations and founding fathers. He promised them great change but little did they know he was after their freedoms and was seeking the transformation of their Constitution by compromise, and working under radar he damaged their nation and sought to cripple them to where they could never rise again to Americas former glory and strengths. He killed them with their trust. He crushed them while they were careless, parading. and seeking only pleasures having lost the sobering view of all the sacrifices the former generations made to establish and maintain liberty......Fact or Fiction America? You decide.......deno......please share freely.