Saturday, April 29, 2017

The sons and daughters of the beast.....share freely.....deno.

......The sons and the daughters of the Beast can be recognized with ease. They cut people heads off thinking they are doing Gods work. They are the most deceived of all.
.......The sons and the daughters of the Beast of the book of Revelations, Jesus said that the lust of their father (which is the devil) they will do. They will lie, cheat, STEAL, LOOT. Jesus said they are thieves, despise decency, hate authority, love darkness. They are self boasting, proud, haughty, violent, brutal, destructive, unkind, uncaring, irresponsible, lazy, unfruitful, wicked in the tongue, vulgarity is their language.
.......The children of the beast, they are full of jealousies and rich in envy. They are covenant breakers, untrustable. Their eyes are always roaming with unfaithfulness. To sin unto sin they run. They live for fleshly pleasures rather than living for God. They love sin and its pleasures and hate righteousness. They curse, swear in public having no regard for God, elders, or children. They listen to the devils rhymes and dance to the beat of demonic chanting's.
..... The children of the beast, they are cocky, arrogant, puffed up people. They walk and talk proudly. They grab their crotch as if to speak. They mug, murder, and make a mess of themselves and of the world. They are fit for nothing but eternal destruction. Peter and Paul called them the Cursed Children that refuse to cease from sin fearing not the wrath of God unto damnation.
.....Jesus would love to save them, but they love darkness more than light and refuse to humble themselves unto repentance. Even if they did seem to repent, it is to bring more worship and attention to themselves than to be real and sincere toward God. They are vain. As soon as they leave the church service they are looking for the fellowship and pleasures of sin. They are lions looking to devour the lioness or the lioness looking to devour the lions even in the church. One of the first demons Jesus cast out was inside a man in a synagogue.
......Having their eyes full of unfaithfulness and adultery, and they cannot cease from sin nor care to repent. They are beguiling souls always with their tongues and flatteries leading women and men into harlotry. They are unstable souls whose heart has been over and over again exercised in sin after sin after sin, CURSED CHILDREN..These children of the beast and for the fire are now multiplying amongst us..They have no shame. No desire to change. Their hearts again have become as stone.....2 Peter 2:9-19 and much more...To whom does our heart belong?...Let us all repent if repentance is the fruit God sees we need...Im repenting daily it seems....Do you need to do the same ?...deno.
They laugh at truth and mock Gods light.

The Spirit of Elijah known as John the baptist is still preaching..Are we willing to listen?....deno.

........One day a man of God, actually the greatest prophet and man of God ever born into this world thru a woman came into a modern day church. He was wearing camels skin with its hair around his waist and shoulders with a rope tied around him as his belt. His hair was sort of wild and his beard was rather a bushy bush and he had a container of wild honey strapped around his shoulder. Grasshoppers and wild honey was his diet.
.......This man of God was filled with the Spirit and Mind of God from his mothers womb. From his conception God was teaching him all he wanted him to preach to HIS PEOPLE.
.......Passing thru his mothers womb and growing up in God out and away from the hustle and bustle of this world, the Word of God came to him clearly.
.......One day that man who was the greatest prophet of God that ever lived was asked some questions when he visited that fancy modern day church that sparkled and shined with gleam. In one of his answers to a question, John by the Spirit of the Lord at that fancy big church said, Well you should be content with such things as you have. Cause no one unjust harm. Take advantage of no one and never accuse someone falsely or give out fake or false news about people.
.........Another asked him about taxes and John told him, You should be honest when you do your taxes for God the judge judges all you say and do.
........Others asked him what they should do and John answered, Be charitable. Share your possessions and clothes and food with the needy and be thankful and be CONTENT with your pay.
.......So I ask you...What does the Spirit that you preach by tell you to preach ? Does it clash against or go contrary to what John the greatest prophet and man of God ever born thru a woman, and who was filled with the Spirit of the Lord from his conception preached? Church are we content? Or are we preaching now to chase vanity and to gobble up all we can from the gold dust falling from the trees??????
.......Paul who preached about giving and receiving and about sowing and reaping ALSO PREACHED THAT WE SHOULD BE CONTENT WITH SUCH THINGS AS WE HAVE..FOR WE BROUGHT NOTHING INTO THIS WORLD and surely we will not take anything of this world with us. So let us with food, clothing, and shelter BE CONTENT...Pauls words did not clash with John the baptist, the greatest prophet that ever lived sermons.
.......Our extra and excess is for blessings and for joy and for us being used by God to answer other peoples cries and prayers and needs...Not for self pile up in excess..Its great to have plenty and more than enough...But the more than enough has a calling of God attached to it also..Let us walk worthy of that calling and you that are rich do not fall short of it..(Remember what Jesus said about the poor man Lazarus and the self absorbed rich man)...For one of them it was a very sad ending that no period to its torment could ever be found.
.......Paul said let them that are rich be charitable. Be givers. Be willing to share and do so..You can be rich and content at the same time..You can be rich and the greatest giver at the same time..The heart is the matter in this.......deno.Image may contain: one or more people

I will spew you out of My mouth. A New Look at that scripture..This may surprise you.....deno.

Something to think about.
.......When our Lord and heavenly Father told that church in the book of Revelations that he was going to spew them out of His mouth if they did not obey and adjust to his counsel and do what he told them, the Lord was talking to HIS CHILDREN and not to his enemies. Those Jesus loves, he rebukes and chastises....He was rebuking them and about to chastise, not condemn them to hell as if he has no interceding power to save or to redeem.
.......Let us think about something here....When God spewed Jonah out of HIS MOUTH, out of the fishes mouth after he chastised Jonah, Jonah was spewed out closer to Nineveh where Jonah was supposed to have gone..God in his chastisement of Jonah in the belly of the fish, God was also transporting Jonah closer to His will and to Jonahs duty.
......Chastisement from God always has a will of God purpose attached to it. When God spewed Jonah out of the mouth of HIS USE, Jonah was ready to obey God and do what he told him to do. That spewing taught Jonah to obey the Lord and caused him to bring forth the fruits of the will of God in his life. God did not spew Jonah out of His Mouth into hell, but into His purpose and will...Something to think about.
.......Our saving covenant that we have with God in the blood of Jesus Christ is FAR GREATER in saving power, keeping power, attachment and strength than what Jonah had interceding for him in the old covenant..
.......Friend since God can save the worse of sinners, surely he can save the stubborn servants of his...He has the power and the love to do so..Look on the bright side of grace..The hope it gives us is greater than all sins and stubbornness.
........Are you and i in the belly of the fish right now? If so, despite the pain and the discomforts we are being transported closer to the will of God for us...I know and believe in the love God has for both sinner and saint, for the faithful servants and for the Jonahs that God is dealing with...It is better to be in the belly of the fish than to be in the hell beneath...Let us repent quickly and get our heart and serving God right.....deno.

A Word For America......deno.

.......Jesus Christ and him crucified and risen from the dead used to be the common exalted and promoted faith of most Americans and during that time calling upon the name of the Lord was always accepted and politically correct and brought encouragement and comfort to the nation. But a very small group of people despised the name of the Lord and his gospel and they began to contest the common faith and moral convictions of our nation to bring the nation into subjection to their convictions, beliefs, perversions, deceitful lust, and desires.
.......Now these opposers of Jesus Christ have grown in such power and financial influence in our nation that they are able to cast forth from their movie makings and television shows the illusion that things like two pro football players to sleep with each other and have sex with one another doing abominations is ok and is what the nation wants and approves, and is Americas new norm, but for a pro football or basketball player to confess that Jesus is Lord or pray publicly like on the side lines of a pro football game is shameful and is to be shunned and silenced and to be put in the closet. They have turned the nation upside down and wrong side up. Darkness is striving to replace the light. Pharaohs servants and sorcerers are trying to re write the scriptures to where to two serpents of the witches swallow up the serpent of Moses staff.
.......What in the world happened to America, the nation that used to be called by the world A Righteous Nation?...Answer...The Church became awed and fascinated by the modern world and all its new sounds and songs and dance and with the modern worlds present entertainments and pleasure and the church became worldly, lost its salt and laid down the power, and in our lukewarm state for a generation or two the devil turned the tide in America to his favor. He was able to put his people in the power seats of the nation to approve sin and promote abominations, even by law and legislation enforcement. Most of us are so sinful ourselves that this no longer enrages us.
.......We need the promised revival in America soon to restore the holy convictions of righteousness in our hearts and the glory of Christ and his love..Let its fire and burn start in our own hearts first..With the election of Trump God is intervening..Let us keep seeking God and humbling ourselves before him and keep turning from our wicked ways so that He will hear from heaven and heal our nation....deno.
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God Shed His Grace On Thee....America.

The Woman at the well...Her grace story preaches.....deno.

.......Years ago at one of my brothers football games (he is a football coach) these words came to me...I heard them so clearly and wondered why a man like me was receiving such words. I was not a holy pure man as many of you have been. Those words were these...AMERICA HAS BECOME THE LAND OF THE SWAPPING OF WIVES...Well from those words i have written many things. From those words came forth this writing for hope...The woman at the well written by deno....scroll down.

......The woman at the well in the bible, she was married 5 times and the day she met Jesus at the well and had her grace conversation with he that is called THE HOPE OF ISRAEL and THE WORLD Jesus Christ, on that day the man she was living with was not her husband. She had been thru a lot of men. (5 husbands and one live in).....And yet the love Christ had for her and us which passes all understanding was SO GREAT that he offered her the power of his sacrifice to come and his salvation and living water anyway. Like the prodigal son/daughter, her past could not over power her present. Her situation and sins could not over power Christ love. Jesus told her, all she had to do was IN FAITH ASK and he would give her that living water.
........Now he did address her sin but he did so in love and not in wrath...BIG DIFFERENCE..She needed to be un-entangled from the snares of the sins of her life. She so desperately needed the mercy of the living God and Jesus came into the world to do just that. Jesus said, I have not come into the world to destroy people for their sins, but to save them from their sins. His name shall be called Savior and he is truly that.
........5 husbands and the present man that she was living with was not her husband, still yet the love of God was going to reach out to her and prevail for her and save her from the snare of her sins. His love will do the same for us. (Read 2 Corinthians 5:17-21) So true it is for the hope of us all..)
.......Friends we all have GREAT HOPE IN CHRIST..No matter the trap or the snare our sins have us in, Christ can save us from them and deliver us out of them. His power to do so IS EXCEEDING GREAT POWER spawned from EXCEEDING GREAT LOVE....Truly Christ love hides/overlooks the multitude of sins.
.......Young lady/young man Jesus awaits his love and grace conversation with you...He says to you what he said to the woman at the well. Woman he said, If you knew the grace of God and who it is that is speaking to you, you would ask and He would give you living water.......deno...share freely.
P.S...She said, He knew and told me all that i ever did and yet he loved me anyway and offered me his salvation...That is our wonderful Jesus. That is the Lamb of God that takes away the sin of the world speaking his truth is love....Amen.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Finding the path of Peace and Joy in Christ.....deno.....share freely.

.......Jesus was so full of God, Love, Light, and Grace that he never let any of the sin, nor any of the evil ugliness, nor any of all the negativity in this world get him down until it was his time to lay the power down to suffer for our sins. Jesus laid the power down to deliver us, to save us from sin and its power, and to empower us to overcome the world with all its negative ugliness and bitter hate, and find that place IN HIM that gives to us THE JOY that every day was shinning bright thru him. Christ Joy was always FULL.
......There is a grace place of peace which passeth all this worlds reasoning and understanding offered unto us in Christ. It is found on a certain path and in that same path is found fulness of JOY. It can never be found or tasted if we are in doubt, doubleminded, or in some form of disobedience....Keeping it real folks.
.......Lets press on for the excellency of the good and faithful servants obedience, for that type of servant always enters the joy of the Lord. His joy on earth and his joy in heaven......Thank you Jesus....deno.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

From the supernatural VISION that God gave me.....deno....share freely.

......One evening in an imparted Vision giving me, I found myself in the power of God. Soon i entered a vision. I was taken to a church.
.......In that vision i was shown different things that had meaning and purpose...In a certain place in that vision, God opened my eyes and enabled me to see thru a wall into a room that was in a huge church. Several women were in that room. Looked like a Sunday School room..
.......As i was looking into that room my ears hearing became strangely magnified and i was able to hear their talk. Folks some of it was shameful. Like words or speech that should never be heard in the house or in the true temple of God ever, neither at home or in life period. But it was going on and that in that room in the church where the church was gathering..
.......As I was watching and listening to this and wondering why of all people i myself, one of the chiefest of sinners, was seeing all this, all of the sudden the emotions or feelings of the Spirit of the Lord swapped places with my natural normal emotions. When that happened i began to melt in my gut, and groan in my heart/belly area. It was breath taking. Jesus was allowing me to feel his feelings about what i was seeing and hearing.
.......Folks the Lords feelings are deep deep. His holy convictions deep deep.I almost cannot put it into words the depths of the feelings of God...Did you know God has feelings? He is easily touched with the feelings of our infirmities because He is VERY SENSITIVE...His heart is never hard or calloused or stony. His love never waxes cold for sin cannot be found in Him. He is a pure Spirit. A Holy Spirit. He is Perfect Faithful Love.
......His feelings that i was allowed to taste within about what i was seeing and hearing in that VISION was not wrath, nor anger nor out rage THANK GOD. We know He has a wrath, but his children are not appointed to wrath because He poured on Jesus His wrath for them. But He was showing me a condition that He wanted addressed.. Back to the feelings he was causing me to feel. It was almost like He was blushing in shock. Like as if he was in shock and awe and in astonishing wonder. It was like as if he wanted to cry deeply as if in intercession for their souls as his daughters who with their mouths had gone astray.
......I know this word is for somebody today. Maybe even many...Love you in Christ...No stones here folks...Just trying to obey God in this sharing..It speaks to us men to....He said that he was going to baptize us by Christ with the Holy Spirit and FIRE....We need the Power and the Fire that purifies us as refined gold and straightens all of us up...The time we are entering demands it...That he may present unto himself a glorious church, washed in the blood of the Lamb and without spot, wrinkle, or blemish.....WATCH YOUR TONGUE, watch what we speak out our mouths was a vital part of the Visions  message.....deno.

The Prayer That Changes Everything

Thursday, April 6, 2017

How Much More Shall The Blood of Jesus, the blood of God sanctify and cleanse us......deno.

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The Chastisement For Our Peace Was Upon Him.....deno.

Isaiah 53:5....that chastisement for our peace was upon him.
......Lets interpret this. In the redemption wisdom of God in Christ we can say it this way...The punishment that was needful and necessary for us to have peace with God (a covenant of everlasting peace with God established), Jesus met that punishment completely.
......The full punishment (or chastisement) that had to be endured for us to have that covenant of endless peace with God, that punishment was what was in that cup that Jesus was praying to be taken from him. He saw what was in THAT CUP. He knew it was a horrible bitter drink. God had measured in full the full needed punishment that had to be endured for us to have PEACE WITH GOD and he filled that CUP himself with His own calculations. Then God took those calculations, poured them all into that Cup and he gave it to HIS SON to drink and to drink it to the fullest measure, even to the licking of the bowl. Once Christ had fully drank that cup, God for Christ sake would establish FOR US that New Covenant Peace with God. A peace with God that was FAR BETTER, FAR GREATER than the measure of peace Moses and David had with God in the old.
.......Folks the CUP has been drank. The EVERLASTING PEACE OFFERING has been offered. The PEACE is Established. Romans 5:1) Therefore being justified by faith in Jesus Christ and Him crucified and risen from the dead we have peace with God...We are in the everlasting Covenant of Peace in Christ Jesus....Let the REDEEMED of the Lord Say So...Amen....deno.....share freely.

And Jesus was transfigured before them.....deno.

Mark 9:11)...And Jesus took Peter, James, and John to the mount and he was transfigured before them.

......Here we have the real Jesus who is the Lord from heaven by whom God made the worlds, showing his true Self (His Eternal Spirit). vs 3) Jesus begins to manifest His Eternal Self. He begins to shine as light, as light and white beyond all known white, beyond the brightness of glistening white snow. His body fades out of sight. His Eternal Spirit takes over the scene. The sight is glorious and in power. Peter, James, and John stand in the glory of this power and vision in striking awe..So struck with the awe of the glory Peter turns to worship...Most every time God has appeared to men in measures of His Spirits glory, those men have all hit the floor stricken with awe, wonder, and fear.
.......And yet none of us on earth has seen the fulness of His glory nor the full of the exceeding brightness of His glistening Self. For Revelations 4:5 gives us a further glimpse of God in His Glorious Power. John the apostle was allowed to see it in measure. From Gods eternal Spirit, lightning and thunderous thunders proceed forth from His Divine Life and Energies. The sight of God is also with great loudness...Look at the Universe, think of HIS POWER.....Jesus revealed HIS HEART.....Thank God He that is all powerful and Almighty IS LOVE...PERFECT LOVE & HOLY. The combination is PERFECT as to make His Name to be called Wonderful.....deno

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

You will FIND ME saith the Lord, when you SEEK ME with all your heart....deno.

 ......Many prophets did not see the fruits of their labors after much prophesying about the Christ to come. They went on into glory waiting for the descending of Christ. Many of us will not see all the fruits of our labors in Christ until our feet have actually landed on heavens eternal ground. We must not lose sight of this truth lest Satan frustrates and wearies us with false interpretations of premature obtaining's.
.......There are things prepared for us IN HEAVEN that only IN HEAVEN shall we possess them....In the mean while we keep pressing and we keep on laying up for ourselves treasures in heaven and we keep on walking by faith and not by sight...And what we do taste of God and of Grace and of His presence and favor in this life let us give thanks.
........And yet we say this...You will find Me saith the Lord to His people. You will find Me when you SEEK ME with all your heart..
........God promises each and everyone of us this great finding while our feet are still upon the earth. Who knows what REWARDS God has in store for those who diligently SEEK HIM.
........To find the Lord to the degree of what Jesus is saying in this scripture is A PECULIAR SPECIAL HANDS ON FINDING..It is like a most valuable TREASURE hidden in a field that one gives his all to dig for and find.
........This GREAT FINDING PROMISE God made unto HIS PEOPLE. In Him they (HIS PEOPLE) were living and In Him they were moving about and having their being but they had become a people NUMB TO HIS PRESENCE and MOVEMENTS and their vines empty of precious fruit and presence of God favors and blessings.....It was a mighty Presence of God finding and a mighty outpouring promise that He was making for them..In this great peculiar finding of God on earth by His People they would richly find out that the Taste of the Lord is so good, so delicious, so flavor filled that every thirst of soul would be met and fully satisfied and much more...For in Gods manifested presence is fulness of Joy and at His right hand pleasures (full satisfaction) forevermore....deno.

And the number of believers increased and the Word of the gospel prevailed......deno.

TRUMP NATION....Image may contain: 4 people, people standing and text
......Acts 18:9-10).......And Jesus said to Paul, fear not to preach and teach the gospel here Paul, for no one shall harm you. For I am with you and have MANY BELIEVERS in this city..
......Thank God for America where MANY BELIEVERS live...Lets pray for the number of Christians to INCREASE in our towns, cities, and nations...America is a safe haven for believers as long as our Constitution reigns and is defended and upheld...The spirit of AntiChrist is trying to take this liberty from this nation to force a submission to his desire...BELIEVERS WE MUST STAND TALL AND STRONG AS NEVER BEFORE FOR JESUS..
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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Christ and his inner circle.....deno.....share freely.

.......Jesus had an inner circle. In that inner circle of disciples he had a few really close ones that he confided in like on the Mount of Transfiguration. The bible says all his disciples were with him at the base of the mount. But then it says that Jesus chose 3 to go a little further with him than the rest. Those three got to see the REAL JESUS that was hidden behind the fleshes veil when He began to shine so brightly on the Mt. of transfiguration. They got to see the real Jesus that was from Everlasting to Everlasting..
......When we are specially chosen, get yourself willing and ready...Who knows how far up the grace ladder God plans to take us...Be ready and willing to go.....deno.

I want to tell you a story....deno.....share freely.

I want to tell you a story.
......In a certain church there were these women who took pride in not ever cutting their hair. Their hair on the bun was their sanctification trade mark and they took great pride in the hair bun pile up..Each Sunday they stacked their hair up upon their heads as high as they could as if in competition with the other sisters to see who would have their hair bun piled up the highest. Best friends they were and hair sanctification was their common ground.
......One day a woman of the world came into their church. She was very worldly in her tight fitting pants and attire and her face was all painted to allure. She was one of those that had been around in the sinful ways of the world. Yet this same woman was torn in her heart. Her sins had become heavy on her mind and her soul had become vexed from sins pleasures, sins deceit and abuse. She had no real peace. She was miserable within. She wanted freedom. Her heart was craving to be set free from her bondage of guilt and shame.
......During that church service her hungry heart heard the love of God preached in Christ. She heard the preacher preaching about the woman caught in adultery and how Jesus loved her and forgave her. She heard about the woman called Mary Magdalene who was a whorish woman whom Jesus forgave and saved. The words of that preacher became like a fire of light and love in her heart and soul. Jesus knew she was going to be in that service that day and he prepared that preacher of his to deliver his love message to that woman's longing heart. The lady was so touched in the warmth of Christ and His Love she began to cry and cry.
......It came time for the altar call. That wild looking woman took off running for the altar of God for she was running for the presence of the Lord. Jesus had SEEN HER FAITH and as soon as she got to the altar she fell down on the floor even speaking in other tongues as the Spirit of God gave her utterance. For 30 minutes this lady was in Gods other world called abounding grace.
.......After she came to from being filled with Christ and his love, those women of hair sanctification pride began to gossip about how she looked without and failed to see how she was now clothed with Christ within. She was now born of God and a NEW CREATURE in Christ Jesus. But those fair haired ladies did not seem to care about that. They judged everything by the external and nothing by the internal.
.......Well days turned into weeks and weeks into months and none of those fair haired ladies of hair sanctification pride still would not welcome that woman into their circle. They kept their distance from her all though Christ Himself had come and made his home in her heart to fellowship with her daily in grace and in love.
........Well this new believing woman became disturbed, bothered, and hurt by these ladies because she always felt them shunning her. What can i do she said to win their love? She went home crying. When she got home she looked at herself in the mirror and she saw her short glaring back at her and it dawned on her. I know what I will do. I will go buy a wig that looks like their hair does on Sunday and then they will accept me. She did just that. She went and bought a wig that looked like the Empire State Building all piled up upon her head.
......On the next Sunday she put that wig on and headed to church so excited to fit in with those sisterhood of hair sanctification. When she walked into the church sanctuary she noticed the hair sisterhood ladies looked at her with a quick glance and then quickly looked away. She was crushed. What am i doing wrong she said?. Then she looked down and noticed she was still wearing pants but they never did. So the next Sunday she came to church with the wig and in a dress and when she walked in those ladies of the sisterhood of hair sanctification all got up and highly complimented her and told her, now you can come sit with us. Your sanctified now unto salvation
.....Friends isn't it strange how we can be so filled with Christ Spirit into our hearts and so accepted by Jesus by faith but many religious people live by other rules and demand those rules and ways be upheld or they say we want be accepted or saved.
......I stand strong in the glorious liberty that we have in Christ and I refuse to be entangled with a yoke of religious looking bondage...Since Jesus the greatest of all accepted that woman and filled her heart with himself by her faith, who are we to undo that by the enforcement of a yoke that leads to a religious type bondage..?..Justified by grace thru faith we preach. We do not exalt any form of physical circumcision or hair pile up above Jesus Christ and him crucified and risen from the dead....Paul said, You that began in the spirit are you now only justified by the flesh?.
.....Note....Faith is made powerless and none effective by the guilt that comes from the religious bondage of carnal human rules enforced..Such rules do not increase faith nor faith confidence, and such rules rob us of peace and assurance..But those carnal ordinances and rules do increase doubt, unbelief, and an unhealthy unworthiness that robs faith and crushes blessed peace and assurance that yields forth JOY, the joy and peace that is in believing.....deno.

Monday, April 3, 2017

The Bible Ep. 2 - Exodus

God is tenderhearted......deno.

Someone today needs to read these words.
.......If all you do in your relationship with your wife, with your children, and with your friends is to accuse and to nit pic them all day long about their faults and failures and imperfections, you would have a bitterly tasting ugly very oppressing relationship. The atmosphere of your fellowship gatherings would be loveless, merciless, and depressing, never a joy.
........Well friends the bible tells us to love and accept each other and understand we all have faults, and to be kind and merciful to one another with the love of Christ. Be ye tenderhearted towards one another the scripture says and forgive one another as God for Christ sake has forgiven you.
........If you think that all God your Father cares to do is to nit pic you to death about your faults and failures and imperfections all day long and that's it, there is another spirit sitting upon the throne of your idea about God. Did not Jesus each day love, and fellowship with, and talk to his disciples each day in His joy and peace even though, even though, even though HE KNEW their hearts and KNEW that they were evil (Matthew 7/11) and that they were men and women of many flaws, sinful ways within, and imperfections? Jesus is the same Jesus today in heart as he was then. His heart is the same yesterday, today and forever.
.......Do we not love one another and rejoice with one another in our families and with our friends even though we know each of us have sinful ways and flaws of imperfections? Yes we do... Would God who commanded us to love one another this way DO LESS? Would He not do the same? Would He transgress His own commandment?...Folks we are all justified by faith and not by our perfections...Preaching peace by Jesus Christ and him crucified and risen from the dead....share freely.....deno.