Saturday, May 31, 2014

The New Heavens and The New Earth Is Ours In Christ. Galaxy to Galaxy Family Vacations & Universal Road Trips To Come.....deno.....please share freely.

    •        Had sin not been committed by Adam and Eve, plan B would never have had to been implemented. God's original desire (Plan A) would have remained in the VERY GOOD state forever, which means perfect state according the the standard of Gods Excellence of His Flawless Power & Spirit (Genesis 1:31).....
             Just imagine what it would have been like if Adam and Eve would have kicked the devil out of Paradise and refused to eat of that tree. Imagine with no death in humanity how many billions and billions of people would be on our planet today. Even if the worlds population reached 100 billion or more (which it would eventually), God would never allow any form of abortion, birth control, or a die off to lesson the worlds population....
               I think sometimes He already had things prepared when our numbers reached so high, even an entire universe of galaxies and other solar systems awaiting His life giving command and breath for their activation for His dear children (US) (Hebrews 2:13)(1 Corinthians 3:21-23). Talk about vacations and Universe traveling road trips. The wonder of it all, and with no fears, pain, curse, or death around. (The PERFECT LIFE amen)..... 
              One day I honestly believe that after we (the redeemed) are fully glorified in all our being by Christ to where sin and death and the curse can never touch us again, one of the blessings we will enjoy is planet to plant family road trips with God. After all, all of us who are IN CHRIST are brother and sisters and God is DAD (Family).....I mean just think about it for a second, Angels whose first estate is heaven, they in great numbers fly from heaven to earth. Paul said, beware of strangers, for some of us actually entertain angels and don't know that they are God sent angels sent from heaven to earth. Now isn't that somewhat of a space traveling long distance road trip so to speak.? I sure think it is. 
             Friends, what a glorious EVERLASTING GOOD TIME we shall forever be having in the New Worlds to come with Jesus (Hebrews 2:5-13).....deno......please share freely.

Behold I Make All Things New saith the Lord.....Here is light on how He will do it in this prayer of praise.....deno

     Heavenly Father we praise You and give You thanks in Jesus Name. Amen

     Thank you Father for being the greatest Father of all. You designed and created us and all things by Jesus Christ THE WORD OF GOD and by the glorious blueprints of His Image You made us. You and Jesus Christ Your Son our Redeemer by the WORD of Your Eternal Energies and Powers that exceeds for above all that You placed in the Atom that reflects only lightly in measure Your Eternal Spirits powers, life, everlasting energies and might, by the Word of Your Eternal Power is found the root and true foundation and origin of all things.

     Father Your Light gave birth to all light. Gods Eternal Energy gave birth to all matter and nuclear and atomic energy. Your great wisdom, knowledge and immeasurable understanding information's You poured out into the Encyclopedia of the Universe, in all of the layered heavens and the formed in layers earth, into both the micro and macro worlds. From all that is within the single cell to all that is in heavens highest complexity of heavens highest  technology that staggers the human mind and imagination, Lord You knew and understood their fulness of design and purpose before You gave the Words "Let there be light". God Your "Let There Be" is the root of all things both heavenly and physical. Oh Lord our Lord How Excellent Is Thy Name In all of Heaven and Earth. Amen.

     Dad You and Jesus and the Holy Spirit are Wonderful, Glorious, Holy, Pure, Lovely and Worthy of all our praise. Beautiful and Righteous is the God of all light who is the Light of life and the Son shining far above all created and formed light. In righteousness Your throne is established forever. The present heavens and the present earth as we know it shall pass away by the Commanding Word of the Lord, but Lord You shall remain and so shall the children of grace protected by the Vow of God in Christ. Then shall You make all things NEW. A new heaven and a new earth shall be BORN AGAIN by Jesus Christ thru Your BRAND NEW  "Let There Be Light" Life Giving Word From The Light of Light Himself who overcame for us, all the power of sin, of death, of hell, and of the grave. Christ is Risen indeed.

     And Father, because of Jesus and the redemption we have thru His blood, death, and resurrection, we the children of SO GREAT A SALVATION shall (together as One) watch and see You in the GREAT SPIN of the glory of Your Spirits Creating Powers and Eternal Energies and Awing Mights that surpass in measure far above all powers and mights, we shall watch and behold You in Your glorious Alpha mode..... Father even right now, inside Your incalculable inner deep depths and far above all heights of Your Eternal Spirit exist all the manifold wisdom, knowledge, and understanding of God in already designed blue print fashion for all the New Heaven and Earth to come into being. You Lord are already pregnant for its birthing, for You have sworn to us Your dear children the oath THAT SO SHALL IT COME TO PASS. You vowed to us in covenant promise and in covenant fashion the words, BEHOLD I MAKE ALL THINGS NEW.

     Father in Your fulfillment of this mighty promise above, You shall be moving above the speeds of the lightning within YOURSELF over the face of the deep for You have ALL LIFE in YOURSELF. Your word shall go forth beyond the speeds of all lightnings and the expansion shall soon thereafter be filled with the thundering and with the substances of Your Eternal Life and Power in the great command of God and so shall we see appear THE WORD BECOMING HEAVEN, EARTH, AND PHYSICAL PLANETS, STARS, GALAXIES ANEW ONCE AGAIN. In miraculous measures and amounts beyond natural human understanding, and in  incalculable speeds filling up the darkness with the light and afterwards life, You shall fill the deep once again with Your NEW VISION AND DREAM of Creation as You promised in the New Heaven and in the New Earth that Your Word shall Birth. All this will explode out from You by the thrust of Your Divine power and force and strong determinations. Your Word that is living and powerful shall go forth out of Your mouth like seed purposely and precisely sown and dynamically positioned in the garden of the former burned elements and Your Word shall again TAKE ITS PLACE AND PRECISE  POSITIONS LIKE PURPOSE DRIVEN SCATTERED SEED. It will take root again and it will produce, grow, and prosper in the things where into You Sent It in Your LET THERE BE NEW COMMANDS which will make all things NEW as You promised us.

      Father how awesome You are in the fulness of Your Strength and Glory. Your Word shall again reveal the Power of God. Living images in both heavenly, and physical forms shall make known again Your Great Wisdom, Knowledge, Understanding, and the beauty of Your Mind and Spirits Imagination. Father by Jesus Christ in us THE CHURCH be GLORIFIED AND MAGNIFIED  more than all yesterdays to the praise of Jesus Christ and to the salvation of many more souls all over the world....Amen......deno.......please share freely

On Top of the Mountain with Christ......deno......please share freely.

        If your eyes are not yet open to this fact, then until they are you will always (in your understandings blind spot) keep on trying to climb (by your own religious works and efforts) a mountain that God has already put you on top of by His gift and grace when He raised you up together and made you sit together with Jesus in heavenly places  far above.(That's the MOUNTAIN TOP)(Read Ephesians 2:1-10)....
      Friends listen. Just as the world is blind by their ignorance of TRUTH and of the scriptures about the curses and about their place and position in hell as the children of the devil, even so there are many Christians still (In their minds are also blind spots about  heavenly things), they are still yet blind to their many blessings given them in Christ and blind to the fact that they are NOW the sons and daughters of God raised up together with Christ in the spirit as NEW CREATURES IN CHRIST JESUS (2 Corinthians 5:16-21) and made to sit with Jesus in His heavenly places of high authority  far above (Ephesians 2:1-10).........
      You see, just as the people of the world are citizens of hell in the spirit, but in their minds understanding and in their minds seeing they are blind to this and laugh at such a thought in their mind, even so believers who are citizens of heaven in their spirit, can still be blind to their blessings and blind to their risen with Christ spiritual state and to their real citizenship in heaven (IN THEIR UNDERSTANDING AND IN THEIR MINDS SEEING) and walk as if they are not risen with Christ, as if they are not redeemed and saved, but are trying to climb the mountain by their own works and effort....
      Im so glad that by Jesus Christ and by the gift of the grace of God we who have believed the good report (THE GOSPEL OF THE CROSS AND RESURRECTION OF CHRIST), God Himself has made us alive together with Jesus in the spirit and has raised us up together with Jesus and made us sit together with Jesus in heavenly places BY HIS GRACE. 
      The reason Jesus had Paul write (Ephesians 2:1-10) was to unveil unto our understanding a GREAT BIG HEAVENLY TRUTH GIVEN US ALL BY GRACE. In these scriptures it says that God has already made us alive together with Christ and God has ALREADY raised us up together with Christ and made us  SIT TOGETHER with Jesus in the heavenly places FAR ABOVE in the spirit (That's the MOUNTAIN TOP). He wrote this so that we would see (IN OUR MINDS UNDERSTANDING),  we would SEE OURSELVES as ALREADY THERE, not working in the harvest fields for our own salvation's needs, but resting with Jesus by faith in the Power of His Hard Labors on the Cross and not from our own labors to try to save ourselves. Our work now is not to save ourselves but to serve God as the risen sons of God seated in the heavenly places in Christ to help God save others thru the preaching of the Cross and Resurrection of Christ. For how can you preach to others BE YE RECONCILED UNTO GOD when your not sure that you yourself have been? How can you preach boldly salvation when your not sure of your own? The doubting are waist high in luke warm water and in luke warm faith.
      YOU SEE Jesus came down from heaven, from HIS HEAVENLY PLACE FAR ABOVE into this world not to become the Son of God but AS THE SON OF GOD sent from Gods heavenly place not of this world. We that are IN CHRIST are down here now as the new born sons and daughters of God NOT OF THIS WORLD in the spirit and we are sent to preach the gospel from the position that WE ARE FROM ABOVE AND FROM BEING RISEN WITH CHRIST (Colossians 3:1-4 & John 17:14-16 & Ephesians 2:1-10 & John 5:24). 
       Thank God for this precious gift that He has placed us on His Mountain Top with Christ as the gift of God by grace thru faith in Christ blood, death, and resurrection and not by our works BUT BY HIS OWN HARD LABOR IN THE CROSS AND RESURRECTION AND  FAR ABOVE ALL ASCENSION OF CHRIST as revealed in Ephesians chapters 1 & 2.....
      Friends, its all in the minds understanding. We all have to climb in our minds spiritual sights and understanding to the places we are already at  and belong to, and are already citizens of in the spirit whether FAR ABOVE in heaven or FAR BELOW in hell for the needful effects of redemption plus or minus, for there is a heaven to gain which we do in Christ, and there is a hell to shun which all can by Christ. Amen.......deno......please share freely.

Friday, May 30, 2014

The Blessing of serving the Lord......deno.....please share freely.

     In this life, we can never know, nor will we here on earth ever experience the complete fulness of the Lords presence, joy, love, blessings and power in our lives if we never obtain full surrender and full submission to His will, plan, and purpose for us in doing our part in the body of Christ in the work of the Lord....This, in part, is why Jesus said some will bring forth 30 fold, others 60 fold, and others 100 fold. Those who brought forth the 100 fold were 100% submitted, surrendered to the Master plan for them. Like the disciples said to Jesus, "Lord we have forsaken all to follow you and your plan for us. Go and read Matthew 19:27-29) Therein is revealed by the Lord their blessings for doing so.....deno.

Matthew 19:27-29)  vs 27) Then answered Peter and said to Jesus, Behold, we have forsaken all and followed you. what shall we have therefore? (WHAT A QUESTION TO ASK AND WHAT A GLORIOUS ANSWER SO GIVEN).
28) Jesus said to them, Truly I say to you, That you which have followed Me, in the generation when the Son of Man shall sit in the throne of His Glory, you also shall sit upon thrones ruling over the twelve tribes of Israel.
29) And (I like that. This means there is more reward fixing to be unveiled by Jesus) And EVERY ONE (EVERY PERSON YAHOOOOOO, this includes us Gentile Christians) that has forsaken houses, or brethren, or sisters, or father, or mother, or wife and children, or lands for My Names sake (For Gods plan, purpose and work for them) SHALL RECEIVE a HUNDREDFOLD, and shall (ALSO) inherit everlasting life.

Brethren  it is truly rewarding to fully serve the Lord Jesus Christ. It blesses us in this life and in the life to come. When this world loses its grip off of our hearts, minds, and souls to where we give all and do all things in full submission and full surrender to Christ and His Lordship and Plan for us, we will taste God and His fulness in our lives in life and in death. We live in His presence and we die in His Love and Grace ascending up into the glory of God and His Heavenly Goodness. Amen.....deno.....please share freely.

Come now thou good and faithful servant. Enter ye into the joy of the Lord.

This Storm Cannot Last. A Word & Song To Encourage You......deno.....please share freely.

      When you feel discouraged and feel surrounded by darkness, REMEMBER this grace Word. Matthew 4:16 KJV) The people which sat in darkness SAW (WERE GIVEN) GREAT LIGHT; and to them which sat in the region and shadow of death LIGHT SPRUNG UP.
      No matter how dreary and dark things seem right now, God has light and grace for you. In our text that generation of people, they were sitting in darkness and in the shadow of death they were living. It does not get much darker than that, than to be living and to be dwelling in the shadow of death. Hope seemed millions of miles away. In that desperate situation our God, the God of our comforts and our confirmations commanded relief and light to shine out upon those people. 
      Friends in Christ, God has a mighty Throne of grace for you to soar to in your faith and hope in Jesus Christ to OBTAIN HIS HELP IN THIS YOUR TIME OF NEED. You may feel surrounded and overwhelmed by darkness right now, but God is God and He is the God of light and of real hope.  He is easily touched with the feelings of our infirmities and have faith in God and remember the words of David, Whenever my heart is afraid I will trust in the Lord.
       Let us remember this Word also. When the world was in great darkness, it was then that God COMMANDED something great to happen. Even His Greatest to happen. He commanded His Son and His Sons Grace, His Anointing, and Marvelous Light to shine out into this world, into the lives of those who were sitting in darkness and dwelling along the paths of the shadow of death.  (See 2 Corinthians 4:5-7)......Scroll Down.  
      Friends the light has come and is coming. This Storm cannot last. The Son will rise with recovery in His Wings. They who trust in God will not be ashamed. They who wait on the Lord shall RENEW their strength. They shall mount up with wings like an eagle REMEMBER. This means they SHALL RECOVER. In other words of His grace, you will mount up in the victory of the Lords mercies given you that restores your soul. BELIEVE and Praise Him that this to shall pass and you will rejoice and smile again in the joy of His Salvation.....deno.....please share freely.

The Real Course of this World......please share freely......deno

      When Adam and Eve transgressed the commandment, they left the blessing, the life, and the comfort of the Garden of Eden, they left the presence of God and they entered, yes they entered  into the realities of their transgressions consequences, making a living in the sweat of the brow, weighed down by the sin they had committed, into the hands of a master deceiver and his manifold trickeries, into aches and pains, into a place called the grave, into alienated from the life and power of God, into a future world that would be ruled by  greed and by the snare and trap of money, which would eventually, in the end, lead them into the arms of the crafty and clever AntiChrist, who would lead them in strong delusion into the worship of Satan as god, into a world war against the true Creator and Redeemer,  and then into hell itself which shall be thrown into the Lake of fire. This is the real course of this world by its sins and blasphemies that are now and that are soon to come. 
        But let us brethren remain in the course of Jesus' love, grace, favor, and mercy from the Cross of Christ to the Throne of the Father. Jesus came into this world to change our course. He will have the final Word. For He will destroy the AntiChrist with the brightness of His coming when He returns in the great power and glory of His Father to put all enemies under His feet and to adorn His Church with the full fruits of our so great a salvation that we have in Him. For us in Him it is Victory . For us in Him we have His full triumph over all of the powers of sin, death, hell and the grave. Thank You God. Amen......deno......please share freely.

Psalms 130:4)...Words of Encouragement....But with you Lord, there is forgiveness.......deno......please share freely.

       Psalms 130:2-7) Lord hear my voice. Let your ears be attentive to my cry for mercy. If you, Lord, kept a record of sins, then Lord who could stand? (None, no not even one.) But with you there is forgiveness, so that we can with reverence in awe of your mercy and goodness fear your Name and serve you. I wait for the Lord, my soul, my whole being waits for the Lord, and in His word I put my hope. Yes I wait for the Lord more than the night soldier waits for his morning relief. Yes even more than he waits for his morning relief. Put all your hope in the Lord and trust Him O Israel (Church). For with the Lord is unfailing love, and with him is full redemption. Amen........
        For this and these words Lord Jesus we are so thankful. THANK YOU LORD for the encouragement. Thank you Lord for your great love. For redeeming us with your own precious blood unto God and His Wonders and His Wonderful Life Forever. Thank you Lord that in You, In Christ we are Gods dear children and He is our Everlasting Holy Incredible Father. What a gloriously bright and pleasant future we have In God. Brothers and sisters we have GREAT HOPE in the Lord. In His love and in His great compassion and mercy I have set my hope forever. Amen......deno......please share freely.

The Little Yeast Problem Paul Preached About.......deno......please share frely.

Galations 5:9) A little yeast works its way thru the whole batch of dough.
      Sin and false doctrines tolerated will in time work their way and their effects into every area of our life and swell like yeast in dough in an harmful way hindering our fellowship with God and they will Quench the flow of the Spirit of the Lord. If tolerated, these sins and those false doctrines believed, can have such a robbing effect that we, instead of enjoying the real deal of Christ in us, we end up having only a form of godliness, an external image but not the power of Christ and of God within.
       Paul preached to the church of Galatia that they were being attacked doctrinally by the devil and that that doctrine, that persuasion, was not of God (Galations 5:1-12). The church at Corinth had a member of it's church having forbidden relations with his fathers wife, his step mother and it had come to light by the light and Paul said if you tolerate this, that sin with that spirit could end up ALSO working it's yeast, it's poison into the whole body and this kind of behavior will break out every where, YES even in the church. This is a major problem in today's church, fornication and adulteries, plus false inspirations & doctrines.
        Church, tolerating sin and false doctrines is extremely dangerous to us all. They effect us personally, bodily, both now and eternally. Paul said to the church of Galatia that were being taught the false doctrine of you men must be circumcised or you cannot be saved, that believing and obeying that false doctrine that it was necessary to be circumcised and keep the whole Law of Moses or you want be saved, IF THEY WERE CONVINCED YOU HAD TO AS TO FULLY BELIEVE IT SO TO GO AND BE CIRCUMCISED BELIEVING IT WOULD SAVE YOU, THEY WOULD FALL FROM GRACE AND THAT ALL THE SACRIFICE OF CHRIST AND HIS BLOODS POWER WOULD PROFIT THEM NOTHING (Galations 5:1-4). That was the power of THAT PARTICULAR FALSE DOCTRINE.
        Friends also, if we believe but never repent of our sins and do not ask God to forgive our sins, we are deceived and under a false light. We are at a loss instead of GREAT GAIN. You see Satan knows God. Satan knows and believes Jesus is the Son of God. They cried when Jesus was on earth, "What have you to do with us Jesus thou Son of the Most High God, have you come to torment us before the time. I know who you are. The Holy One of God." But these same evil hearted, evil spirits REFUSE TO REPENT. In every place that we hear them speak in the new testament we never once hear them ask Jesus to please forgive us. NOT ONCE.
        Even so there is a people who say they believe and say they know the Lord and we hope they do. But some say and do not. Some they say yes I believe and know Jesus, but they like Satan and the evil spirits, refuse to repent of their sins and iniquities and ask for no forgiveness. When they stand before the Lord they will be put in the pews and dry places of lasting judgements where the Lord will say, These people honored Me with their lips but the truth of the matter is their heart and their love was far from Me. Friends that is scripture.
      Now we know we all have or have had our issues and problems with sin and in sin. We are not blind to this. But we in whom Christ really dwells have the echoes of holy conviction in our hearts from Gods Holy Image and Spirit and from our new born spirits righteous conscience, we ask God to forgive us and we repent. Some of us even need His help to repent. He will help us for Holiness is in the commandment in both the shadow of the Old and in the light of the New.
       When we all realize how sinful we are and that realization loads us down with guilt and shame, and some one comes and  preaches the Cross of Christ to us and His resurrection, when faith is present we are happy to hear that good news. We believe in the love God has for us and call upon His Name unto Salvation and such is right and good. But just as the devil came to Jesus when he heard the voice say, This is My beloved Son, even so the devil comes to us the aged saints or the NEW BORN as he always will, and thru even friends, family members, strangers, or other misled people that say they believe,  they come and hook up with you and the next thing you know your persuaded to believe that it is ok as believers to still be involved in drunken parties of wine and drugs, and orgies, and fornication, and foul unholy speech, and other sinful pleasures. Friends this is not of the Spirit of Him that called you out of sin into His marvelous light. It is the devil roaming about trying to devour your understanding with his deceptive sensual chatter for your downfall and ruin. I personally learned a lot of this the hard way. 
      False doctrines and false persuasions are like the black widows spider web. If you fall into the webs trap, someone is happy and is coming and it sure is not God. As it is written, Go and sin no more lest a worse thing come upon you. Also it is written, When angry SIN NOT. Do not give place to the devil.
       When Satan comes against you, He will tell you things like, Your only human and to sin is only human. So you need not to repent but only to believe and all will be well with you. He will say, You were altogether born in sin like the rest of the world. God understands this. So there is no need to stop this sin after all, It is written, you are saved by grace and not by works. And thousands of other similar words he will say to persuade you to believe and then obey his lie into sin and disobedience and unto loss to rob you of the GREAT GAIN and MORE ABUNDANT LIFE that Christ came to give you in the beauty of holiness.
      In closing let us remember that in the garden of Eden we plainly see and hear the persuading voice and whisper of the devil. When God told Adam & Eve that sin would cost them  much, Satan lied to them and said that it would not. Well, I ask you, Who told the truth? Was it the Spirit of God or the spirit of the lying one?  Hell is full of the answer.
       Let us all repent and believe the gospel of our Risen Lord Jesus Christ. The Cross of Christ is Gods love for us displayed. And repentance, living  holy and believing and obeying God is the display of our love for God. Moses cried, Who is on the Lords side? Jesus said in John 14:21) If a person really loves Me, he will believe and obey My Words and My Father will love him and We will come and make our home in him......deno......please share freely.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Another joke of mine.....deno......please share freely.

     One day a bible quoting preacher was about to whip his son that he raised on quoting the scriptures, into obedience shape with his belt for acting up in church and for not doing what he was told. The little boy cried out quoting the scripture, "But dad, Jesus said I will have mercy and I will abundantly pardon, REMEMBER. The preaching dad said back, Yes Jesus did say that, but JESUS ALSO SAID to spare the rod means you hate your child and you know daddy loves you son....The little boy crying at hearing those words said, Your right dad, forgive me, Jesus certainly did say THOSE WORDS to.....Then crying some more knowing what was about to happen to him he said, "Ok dad, Just please give me a moment here, in this what is now my own garden of Gethsemane experience like Jesus had ok? The preaching dad being amused at his sons cleverness stepped back and said, ok, have your moment. The little feller got down on his knees before his preaching dad and prayed. He prayed out loud saying, Lord Jesus Paul said be ye imitators of Christ so now I'm imitatin. Lord Jesus,...this is my body which is about to broken CAUSE OF YOU. Into your hands I commit my spirit........deno......please share freely.

One of my jokes......deno.....please share freely

    One day a preacher was about to whip his son who disobeyed him into obedience shape with his belt. The son cried out quoting scripture to his dad the preacher, "But dad God said I will have grace and mercy, saith the Lord, REMEMBER. The dad hesitated and thought about it for a moment and then he said quoting back scripture, "Your right son, and also it is written that by grace and mercy came the adoption of sons and now that you are His recently adopted child, God has every right to chastise His own children and I am His chosen vessel unto this honor. The child then remembere the scripture that said, "Then learned he obedience by the things in which he suffered"....deno.....please share freely.

The Motives of our heart shall be revealed......deno.....please share freely

      When you feel discouraged remember that is all a apart of the devils schemes. His hope is that those dreary thoughts and feelings will cause you to lose faith and smother out your hope. 
      Just as we will all one day die if the Lord tarries, even so all who believe will face situations of discouragements and by them we are tested and tempted to cast away our hope.  But when those test and temptations come the real motives of our hearts are revealed. When love is our motive we will endure for love endures all things. But if our motives in our walk or in our work are from selfishness, and vain glory, then when the discouragements come we crumble and often times fall back into the world. 
        So how can we know the motive of our hearts? These may help. Do you prefer others before yourself or do you crave the attention? Do you help others fulfill their calling? Do you have to shine in others eyes and if not are you dissatisfied and grieved? Do you eat the last piece of bread before your children, or before your brother or sister? Do you let others cry in hunger when your stomach is stretched beyond measure? Do you cut the preacher off so you can feel free to do the things you love to do? Does Gods Word rub you wrong? Do you have a hundred pair of shoes and never cloth a needy person? Is Lazarus begging for your crumbs and you just walk on by to the concert hall? Do you help others and strangers as the good Samaritan did or does other peoples tough condition and wounds touch you not? Do you feed others the gospel? Jesus said, Peter do you love Me? Then Feed My Sheep. 
       Friends Love, Gods love feeds others Gods Manna, the Gospel and Bread of Life as well as their natural needs. Without Gods Love no man shall see God......please share freely......deno.

We All Need Each Other........deno......please share freely.

     It is written in the law of Gods love that we all need God, and that God loves our attention, love, devotion, and praise, and WE NEED EACH OTHER. If we all with unselfish hearts would really be turned to one another in heavens united love in the beauty of God, each day would be filled with heaven on earth. Every day people would be filled with praises to God instead of the sadness of this worlds me me me selfish way that causes us to look the other way....Let us remember that in the true story that Jesus taught us about the rich man and Lazarus, the supplied man looking the other way day after day when he passed by the poor man Lazarus, was in great part, why he had a reservation in hell.....REMEMBER....We cannot be sin full and selfishness filled and make it to heaven. The apostle Paul wrote that faith works by love.....deno......please share freely.

It is better to be chastied by God than to......please share freely......deno

    It is better to be chastised by God as dear children, than to be made rich and praised and applauded by the whole world for the beauty of your sinful way and occupation....One of these, their sorrow will be turned into joy, while the others deceiving front and laughter will soon be turned into hell....Lets all repent of what we need to repent of. There exist no exemption nor exception to this rule....deno.....please share freely.

Lets' Get Real Folks. The Clock Is Ticking......deno......please share freely.

     The Cross of Christ made both now and eternal enemies of God out of Jews who were before Gods chosen people. So knowing this, don't let it make you an enemy of God by unbelief and taking lightly the way you live before Him. But rather be reconciled unto God by the Cross of Christ and stay near to God by holding fast to Jesus Christ and Him Crucified and Risen from the dead. Faith is believing and yet it is also love and obedience in action by the convictions of the heart and Spirit of Christ in you. Why do you that say you believe, why do you call Me Lord, Lord, when you do not the things I tell you to do??? Jesus said that...The word Lord their also means BOSS......Let's get real folks. The clock is very much ticking......deno........please share freely.

LEAVE US ALONE, said the demons and the lovers of the darkness of this world. PLEASE GOOGLE AND WATCH THE MOVIE CALLED, God vs Evolution......please share freely......deno.

      For those who love darkness, the light of life (Jesus) is to them a serious problem. When the light of life Himself invaded the regions that sat in darkness, demons screamed and cried out, "leave us alone". People who made their income from the ways in the darkness, when those things were exposed by the light THEY GOT FURIOUS. Those that love darkness and the things of darkness hate the light for the light  rubs them wrong in the conscience.
      It amazes me how in this hour in America, the land whose major historical universities, that from the ground up, were built for the proclamation of the gospel, even within their walls today, their professors have betrayed the cause of their laid bricks....Instead of preaching and standing up for Jesus Christ and Him Crucified, they deny the Lord that bought them and embrace the lie of the monkey information which in the small yet main information base that distinguishes all species from another species do not match. Christ is our link to God and to our beginning. The doctrine from the monkey people is a doctrine of devils and seducing spirits. Jesus is the missing link that their hearts are craving but refuse to accept because He destroys all human fantasies of and for living and origins. 
       One single cell that some how arranging itself into a complexity that surpasses all the manifold known technology of man combined, SOMEHOW came together and from that one single cell over millions of years, that one single cell though totally mindless, eventually formed itself into every plant, every fruit, into every bug, bird, butterfly, and into all fish life and animals in and on this planet. To them, THE SINGLE CELL and evolution is their Maker and their God, but it is also their DYING HOPE that they once before hoped would kill God out of the hearts of men. This my friend is THE GREAT LIE of this generation....Science today is itself destroying the theory of evolution. Next in the despising of Jesus Christ they will join the AntiChrist in their continued defiance against God.
       But Gods Spirit of Truth Preaches Jesus Christ the Son of God is both Alpha & Omega. The Beginning and the End. He is THE EVERLASTING TRUTH. He is Risen from the Dead......deno.....please share freely.

A Storm Is Brewing......This Is Not A Time To Quit.....deno......please share freely

     In this world, when you really stand for something that is right and from the Throne of God you will be at times despised and persecuted. America, like hot and cool air clashing, the right has been clashing with the left in an intensive warfare for the present and future course of our nation. Listen to the voice in the winds of your atmosphere. A storm within our nation is brewing. Those of the faith against those of unbelief. Those of His light against those whose eyes are blind and full of the darkness. It is certainly not the time to give up, quit, or surrender.....Jesus is the Christ. The Son of the living God......deno......please share freely.

America, Let Us Bless Our Veterans.......deno......please share freely.

      Why not ignore, agitate, mislead, misinform, and frustrate out Veterans? If your a communist and despise America, her freedoms, her blessing, her constitution and all that she stands for, deceive your way into power and make Americas Finest which are her warriors, feel out of place, unappreciated, unloved, last on the list of Americas interest and priorities. After all, who would be gun ho to fight with pride in America if the people and the government show no genuine love for the sacrifices you made on the battle field. Just another way to meddle with the spirit and the mind of those who are proud to be an American. What is going on in our country?....
       We must, we have to love, honor and always, right next to the Lord, highly esteem our Veterans who have and do sacrifice so much for America and her way of life. But break Americas finest (her warriors) of their pride in America and their love of country and you have weakened our Nations strength by your own hand. We lay down our time and our lives for those and for the things we love and not for the things we hate and despise.......deno.....
       Please God, in Jesus Name, forgive us for being so cold hearted and forgive our nation of it's many sins. Have mercy Lord and cause us all to wake up to your senses of love for each other and for what is right lest we fall by the hand of the enemies of Your Cross, Your Sacrifice, and of this nation. Save us Lord from Your Sons enemies and from all our enemies, those outside our Nation and from those who are now within our Nation. And the people as One said Amen & Amen.
Deno Smith's photo.
Deno Smith's photo.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Garden and Submission....Important Light......deno.....please share freely.

        Even if Gods words feel weighty sometimes, it's purpose is light. I have learned that when Gods words feel heavy to us, most of the time it is because our will goes cross grain against Gods will. Something in our heart that still resist Him. But when we do surrender and finally submit to God, what was before weighty to us becomes doable and light, Even A Great Joy.

      Even the word and will of God about the Cross in the garden of his despair, was for awhile heavy and hard for Jesus to submit himself to carry. He cried out under the weight of it's heaviness that it might be lifted from him. Take this cup from me, Jesus prayed. That word of His Cross and Gods will was not altered for Jesus and he had to submit and surrender his heart and self to it. He had to conform. He prayed earnestly, and what was in him that resisted the Cross was overcome and finally he was strengthened upward to bare it, and once that inner submission was obtained (but not without a fight and prayer) the bible said the Cross became a joy for Him. That was a major grace achievement breakthrough....

      Hebrews 12:1-2) vs 1) Wherefore seeing we are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside EVERY WEIGHT (That which is in us that resist Gods will) and the sin which does so easily beset us, and let us run with patience the race (the Call to submit and to serve God in Christ) that is set before us. 2) Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of out faith; WHO FOR THE JOY THAT WAS SET BEFORE HIM ENDURED THE CROSS, despising the shame, and is set down at the right hand of the throne of God.....The greater the demand on us, the greater Gods will is for us measures the throne of reward if we submit. Jesus submitted Himself to be the Savior by the highest demand of the Cross and God highly rewarded Him with an exaltation and the Throne of God that is forever far above all. He received the oil of gladness above his fellows. (Hebrews 1:8-13)

        Friends even if the perfect will of God for us is a Cross, if we overcome our resistance to it thru strong tears and prayer and reach the submission grace, even that cross God will give us supernatural imparted joy about. That word, for the JOY that was set before Jesus is a word that means GREAT EXCITEMENT, GREAT JOY, GREAT GLADNESS.......At the Lords first steps into that garden of submission it was not that way (REMEMBER). Under the weight of just the thoughts of the will of God concerning the Cross, it filled Jesus with so much weighty anxiety and pressure that he began to pour drops of sweat mixed with blood in the garden thru the Lambs veins under the weight of the Cross thru the warfare that was going on in his  mind. It's mental weight was so heavy and pressurizing that in the garden Jesus began right there the first phases of the shedding of the blood of the New Covenant, and of our atonement. But after much prayer, God in His Faithfulness broke thru and sent an angel. Jesus was supernaturally strengthened for the Crosses task once he finally fully submitted. What was before heavy,  God turned into light and doable in Christ, both in his mind and in His Body. He laid aside the weight of resisting the Cross and when he finally did, suddenly we read, "Who for the JOY (The excitement & great gladness) that was set before him endured the Cross......

       Friends, there is a Great Excitement and Joy awaiting us that we at present know not of, not until we are fully surrendered and submitted to Gods will, and to our heavenly calling and to the race God has set before us....But once we really do, we will find that life and a great joy, and a presence of the Lord that the world knows not of, and that we had not yet tasted ......Whatever is in us that is resisting God let us enter our own garden of submission and thru prayer overcome.....Jesus rose up in his prayer victory and in the imparted strength and said, Peter, the cup that My Father has given me to drink, shall I not drink it? He was no longer resisting. He was now the submitted and surrendered Lamb...Jesus was transformed within himself, in the garden of his submission thru serious prayer.....

       The world and Satan is everyday wrestling with us to keep us out of the garden of submission. Everyday he speaks to us his besetting speeches. He whispers to the mind, but LOOK at the world. What will they think of you? You don't have that kind of time. It is more fun in this life to do WHAT YOU WILL and not what God wants...Nobody wants to do that. Nobody is in to that. That's boring. Gods will is to great for you. You can't do it. You have cars to wash. Meals to cook. A funeral to go to. Kids got ball games. Grass needs cutting. Forgive? No way. Look what they did to you? Get Even......On and on the speeches keep coming at us. It is time to RESIST THE DEVIL AND BE THE SUBMITTED TO GOD....(James 4:6-10)

       Church, in Christ we are encompassed about with a beautiful garden and a glorious cloud of heavenly glory and witnesses every day, but until we are living the life of submission and surrender to Christ Lordship (for real), we will continue to feel that strange constant agitating heaviness and not the Joy God has for those who every day mean the words, Father, not my will be done but Thine (Yours)........deno......please share freely.
  • Deno Smith

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

He Spoke Gods Words and Those Words They Banned......Poem by deno.

How hopeless the heart that does not believe.
So dark is the vision of those that cannot see.
He spoke Gods words to all in the land.
The nations rulers rose up and Those Words they banned.....deno.....please share freely.

Despite Gods Judgements They Refused To Repent...The Last Generation.......please share freely.....deno.

      The children of darkness are entering more and more into that biblical heart condition that no matter the pain, no matter the grief, and no matter the sorrow, they will fuss, fight and foam at the mouth to uphold their love for darkness and for their right to live in their sin refusing to acknowledge that their deeds are wrong, and they refuse to repent despite all the warnings of God and His judgements.... 

       In Revelations 16:10-11) We see this clearly. Vs 10) And the 5th Angel poured out his vial upon the seat of the AntiChrist, and his kingdom was full of darkness; and they (he and his people of the world) gnawed their tongues for the pain. 11) And they blasphemed (Cursed & Swore in mockery and hate for) the God of heaven and because of their pains and their sores (from the judgements), refusing to repent of their sins.....

       Have you noticed how the left now in America have drove their new age stakes of sin into the ground of our society and are refusing to listen to God or anybody that say their deeds are evil and wrong? Have you noticed that they attack the Christians (Gods salt on earth) today for telling them Gods Word says the things they are doing are wrong? If God pouring out all His piercing painful judgements upon them does not get them to repent, then they are the hopeless case of 2 Peter 2:12-22) vs 14....unable to cease from sin, beguiling, unstable souls.....Church, Conservatives, we have a major spiritual war now on our hands in this day in America....Let us pray without ceasing in Jesus Name for our nation......

       Jesus said the world hates him because He tells them that their way is evil and because they love life in the darkness rather than in Gods light....John the baptist preached that the king was wrong and living in sin. He preached that his sin was a platform in itself preaching the wrong message to the people of Israel and the he must repent. Well look what that sermon got him.....

       To be noted.....The evil spirit that was in Herod's wife and her dancing alluring daughter is in so many women in America today. Thru the bribe and the sinful dance they are taking down many men and causing the kings of our society to sin against God and his servants all over this nation.......please share freely.....deno.

.........Satan's World...Satan Makes Loads of Business Deals and Business Contracts Undetected All The Time And Has Been Since the Fall Of Adam.. In those businesses is sin, darkness, fraud, dishonesty, cheating, hishonest gain, sinful pleasures, sensuality, even an honest living but no faith and connection to Jesus Christ......please share freely......deno.

     Jesus who sits on the Throne of glory, when he was here giving all he could to redeem and save, he taught and he warned that in this worlds blindness and  life, there is a big gain that is interpreted by the world as a blessing from the heavens but it leads to an everlasting loss (THAT'S DECEPTION).....
       Remember, Satan said when he was trying to bring Jesus down in the temptation, he showed Jesus all the kingdoms of the world, its splendor, fame, riches, and glory and said. All this will I GIVE YOU if you will love darkness more than light and follow and worship me.....In other words, instead of being down here about the Fathers business, betray Him as the first Adam did and be about my business. I have them all over the world. Take your pick....Depart from me Jesus said to Satan. Jesus also will say to many in that day of judgement. Depart from me, you whose work is iniquity.....You could also say, You whose business is sin... ....

     Jesus said to the blind mind of this age. What does it profit (all of you world chasers) if you gain the whole world and yet lose your soul ?

      Now it is to be noted that God does bless His People. He has always made a way for His Blessing to be upon people in this world so that He may establish His covenant of promises. But you have to believe and obey Him and love righteousness; And you have to hate sin and iniquity.

      The bible teaches that the blind life in this world is like a vapor of pleasure facing an eternity of suffering and unquenchable sorrow. So he said, Wake up. Repent. Believe what I am telling you and follow Me. If you will, your eternity will be Paradise....For God has sworn that He is going to thoroughly purge His creation of all sin and corruption, and of the curse, so Escape this. This is why I came into this world to redeem you with My Blood thru the Cross and I rose from the dead to seal and to save you from this wrath that is to come.....

When the iron walls of this worlds confidence come crashing down, where will you be ?

Defining Son of God verses Son of Man. Jesus the second Person of the Godhead. He was FAR MORE THAN A PROPHET.....MUCH MORE....Hear Ye Him.......deno.....please share freely.

       When Jesus said the words, Son of man, he mostly was referring to HIS FLESH MAN. When He called Himself the Son of God, He  was always referring to HIS ETERNAL SPIRIT. The second Person in the Godhead.
        In Hebrews 1:2 the Holy Spirit takes the eyes of our understanding to the great eternal heights of Jesus' FOREVER GLORY. The part of Him (The God Part. His Eternal Spirit. The Part Called, "And the Word that was in the beginning with God became flesh)....He writes of the Son, this writing can by no means be referring to the physical body, the physical man of the Lord, for the physical body of Jesus was PREPARED FOR HIM to live in(Hebrews 10:5-14). 
     The physical body of Jesus came on the scene even after Mary's body (Hello) so the writer is far away from the son of man part (The physical body). HE IS speaking of the Eternal Son of God.....
       Read and listen attentively.....Hebrews 1:2) God has spoken unto us in these last days BY HIS SON (Eternal Son having no beginning of days neither ending of days. Always has been and Ever shall be--Hebrews 7:3)....again God has spoken unto us in these last days By His Son, whom He has appointed heir of all things BY WHOM ALSO HE CREATED THE WORLDS....The physical man/body of Christ was not around in the  beginning when God created all things BY JESUS CHRIST (HIS SON). The Son of God is the second person of the Trinity, of the Godhead.......deno.....please share freely.

Jesus here plainly reveals He is not the Father and that the Father is GREATER THAN HE JUST AS HE SAID....

John 16:23-24) And in THAT DAY (The day He is back on the THRONE with the Father)...notice this here.....YOU SHALL ASK ME NOTHING....but whatsoever you shall ask THE FATHER (Hello) in My Name He will give it you......

By His own words (Above) Jesus makes this subject perfectly clear of who He is in the Godhead and who the Father is. Jesus is the Son.....and He has always been the SON...(Hebrews 7:3).

The Coming Elijah vs Jezebel Showdown...Revival in the land.......deno.....please share freely

      Some prayers cause an instant miracle. Other prayers are like living seeds sown in the ground of your life's garden before God.The prayer plants them thru our faith in Jesus and His Name... In these prayers faith AND PATIENCE must be applied. Such prayers are seasonal. Give God time to water them with His love and living water. We just need to keep the weeds out with faithfulness, faith, love, and doing those things pleasing in Gods Sight..After all every successful farmer after he sows the seeds of his desire has to cherish those seeds with his personal attentiveness of keeping the birds, & animals, and weeds from destroying or robbing his hope and expectancy.

      All successful farmers plant their seeds with confidence. They know the law of the seed sown. It will produce and bring forth in it's time and season.We do our part. The Law of the spiritual seed will do it's part. God will cause the increase with His attentiveness to our prayer...1John 3:18-24....

      Just think of the prayers seeds we have sown before God in the garden of this nation before God..(If My People)...When He gives His approval and go ahead and blessing on these intercessions. They will spring forth speedily. When  their season has come, it will be an awing out pouring of the glory and Spirit of the Lord in an awing revival of the gospel, of Gods love, mercies and compassion, and the work of the faith of Jesus Christ with Power....The Elijah and Jezebel end of days type showdown in America....Moses' serpent swallowing up the lying serpent of Pharaoh's fraudulent magical deceiving powers...We are in the days of the great confrontation between the truth and the lie. Between God and Satan. Between Heaven and Hell....

P.S. But just like all great outpourings of the Spirit of the Lord....It will bring persecution.....The war is still going on.....Church come out of your fairy tale.....Study the scriptures and you will know this is true.......It is not heaven on earth yet......The AntiChrist is just around the corner......Are you so blind to the enmity now against our Lord and Savior now in America???? The devil never goes out of a person or a region without a fuss and a fight. He even talked backed to Jesus REMEMBER?????..And in Christ was the glory and Spirit of God given WITHOUT MEASURE...If they fussed and fought back against Jesus, so will they do the same to us (Persecution)......please share freely......deno.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Upholding The Constitution of The United States of America........deno......please share freely.

       When we study demons in the scriptures, we find that when the devil is about to be uprooted, lose ground and territory, and cast out, he starts to scream like a mashed cat and cry out loud. He starts to foam, shake, squeal, cry, beg, throw a fit, and stir up trouble. The reason the left rudely attacks Christ when He or His Word and Gods way is brought up, or brought to mind, it is the devil resisting and talking back in hope that GODS WAY AND WILL will not again be enforced upon them and in this land by the authority of Jesus Christ. In this dealing with the devil, Jesus never told us to have mercy. He said, In My Name Cast Him Out....
        In America we have let and allowed the devil to gain so much of this nation because we played church and laid the authority of the keys to the kingdom aside and preached and preached to the choir while Satan was making disciples in the streets, in the schools, and in the land of the free thru concert after concert, and song after song, and thru lie swallowed after lie believed. Satan always deceives and quietly sneaks his way into people and into the world and regions so undetected, but when it comes to him being uprooted and cast out of the land and people, he will holler, scream, cuss, fuss, foam and fight, and make a survival desperation scene to resist us with verbal resistance  and by willful force......He did this always to Jesus but Jesus would not allow him to have his way. He cast him out.
       Christians in America, in this fight for this nations light survival. soul survival, and freedoms survival, we are going to have to use the Bible and the Constitution as our weapons in the warfare AFRESH. When it comes to our liberties in this nation, we are going to have to take the Constitution and when they lie against the sworn oath that they took and break that oath with un-Constitutional legislation, WE THE PEOPLE must from now on rise up UNCOMPROMISINGLY as enforcers of THE LAW and say, OH NO YOU DON'T for IT IS WRITTEN we have the right to bare arms. Oh no you don't, for It Is Written, we have the right to our religious liberties. Oh no you don't. IT IS WRITTEN and in ALL THINGS of what our Constitution says. 
        By upholding all the IT IS WRITTEN in the Constitution we must Pull down all un-Constitutional Strongholds that they have imposed upon our nation. Casting down all their lies and constitutional law breaking by enforcing on every level of life and freedom in America ALL the IT IS WRITTEN in the  CONSTITUTION. But just like the devil, those freedom opposers will fight us inch by inch to maintain their Constitutions Law Breaking and SOCIAL Control that WE THE PEOPLE have given them place to do by sitting back and not enforcing the Laws of the Constitution .....Scroll down for the conclusion.
        American Believers, for the soul and freedom of our Nation, and for the soul and freedom of our children and for the people of this Nation, we must now enforce on all levels the IT IS WRITTEN IN THE BIBLE, AND THE IT IS WRITTEN WORDS IN THE CONSTITUTION UNCOMPROMISINGLY or the devil and his crowd will not leave and the opposers of the Constitution will continue to erode our American Traditional Moral Values, Faith, and Liberties and bury America and Our Freedoms in history as a once was and as a past HAS BEEN...It is up to WE THE PEOPLE.......deno.....please share freely.

Defending Our Freedom In Christ....Dealing with the defense of our Celebrating Easter and Christmas......deno......please share freely.

       If God, Almighty God. Jehovah Himself being born on earth thru the miracle and thru the womb of the Virgin Mary is not a most Wonderful Holy Day full of glad tidings of great news and joy that we as Christians can always reverence and celebrate on the far above all list of rendering honor to whom honor is due, then what is?????? I love Christmas and the Resurrection Day of Christ , Easter.....He is the reason why all the other holy days are holy days...Please, Pleas Christians. Enough of this opposing foolishness. Christ is Risen.
       What is worthy of more honor. The building or the Builder????.... If your in heavens right mind it is the Builder, the CREATOR that is worthy of MORE, MORE, MORE HONOR, even so saith the scriptures...God (THE BUILDER) becoming a man and born into this world to save, ransom, and redeem man is a holy day that is at the top of all holy days, TOPS THEM ALL, right under, or second on the list right below the days of His Cross and Resurrection..
        Those old testament holy days were the shadows of Christ. They were made holy days by God as He was WALKING on HIS OWN self made ROAD TO THE CROSS. GOD IN CHRIST HAS NOW ALREADY COME TO US IN THE FLESH...The shadow is made by the TRUE and not the TRUE by the shadow. The old testament, the old covenant  and the Law was all the shadow of Christ the TRUTH that was to come. HE HAS COME. 
        God becoming a man, the Word becoming flesh and dwelling amongst us and the day of the blood of His Cross and Resurrection are the most highest monumental holy days of God in HIS PLAN to redeem us though these days of Christ were hidden in the mystery of HIS SON that was hid in God from the beginning of the world (1st Corinthians 2:1-12 & Ephesians 3:1-12).. These mentioned days now tops all. The day He was clothed in the blood in the womb then born into our world on His way to the outpouring of that Blood, the blood of the Everlasting Covenant on the Cross, and His resurrection are the holiest of days in redemption light and glory on earth and in heaven in the NEW COVENANT CELEBRATIONS. 
       We celebrate His birth at Christmas and His death and resurrection at Easter with JOY, not by imposed Law for in Christ we are free. We do so free and from love and thanksgiving. So free we are in Christ from imposed Law and those former things (Colossians 2:6-23) that even the Lords supper (The Holy Blood and Body of the Lord broken and poured out for us, this most sacred meal of the body and of the blood of Christ that no former holy day comes close to in Redeeming Purpose and Power and thought, though the Passover was about HIS BLOOD in a shadow representation,  Jesus left it TOTALLY UP TO US of how often we would take the Lords Supper. He imposed on us NO SPECIFIC LAW or HOLY DAY for this. It was OUR CHOICE  in this matter.He (Jesus) left it up to the ones that HE MADE FREE to decide for themselves the day they would eat of the body and blood of Christ. 
        Jesus our Lord and our Redeemer, He Himself upholds the glorious liberty he purchased for us with his own agonies and blood on the Cross, setting us totally free from all former holy days, and sabbath days, and from the Law that gave sin its power and authority over us. We must remember that the Law of Sin in the beginning,  gave Satan and hell their power over us, and over the world from the beginning by transgression of the first single LAW that made all guilty and all guilty of all fit for damnation... 
         Concerning Christ body and blood, Jesus  said, as often as you do this, as often as you eat this bread and drink this cup, do so in remembrance of Me. HE LEFT IT TOTALLY UP TO US of how often.   Even if we, HIS FREE, DECIDE ALSO to celebrate on certain days His Birth, His Death, His Resurrection on Christmas & Easter, Jesus is fine with it. We do so by our choice and not under bondage as to HAVE TO.  He left us free to do so by His Own Words......
       Friends we are free from the Law and all former holy days. Keeping them today is our choice and not an IMPOSED LAW.  Risen with Christ means we are  free from them. But if you DECIDE to keep those days, your free to make THAT CHOICE. But do so only in the mind as FREE and not as under bondage ... (Colossians 2:16-23)...
       Even so we celebrate the Lords supper (New Covenant Passover) when we decide to as HIS FREE CHILDREN. Jesus said, As often as YOU DECIDE TO, do this in remembrance of Me..This most Holy Bread, Jesus left it up to us when and how often we eat and drink of Him in the New Covenant Passover. What glorious freedom we have in Christ.
      We choose under grace and not under LAW to celebrate our Lords birth into our World as a special day and the days of His death and resurrection as special days of REMEMBRANCE in Joy and not under a bondage of HAVE TO or you have sinned.....We choose to do so and Jesus our Lord is by no means offended by this.....Enough of this from those who preach against our New Covenant Days of Celebration of Christmas and Easter, yet turn right around and under bondage say you must keep the holy days of the Law as of NECESSITY. Christ  THE TRUE has come in the flesh. Those former days were made by HIS SHADOW as He was walking on His way to the Cross of our Salvation and Freedom. The real deal has come as they say. He bore the Cross of our liberty and rose again for our new and living fellowship with the Father as children, as the free and not as slaves in bondage to Egypt (the world), for God our Father has Himself positioned us and made us all in Christ,  Christ Flesh & Bone..He that is Christ flesh and bone is Risen with Christ unto God....We are Risen with Christ...We Are Free........deno.....please share freely.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Satans Voice In America Is Huge Today.........deno......please share freely.

This is a major present problem in America. The will and the voice of Satan is to big and great in most every heart, mind, street, car, home, town, city and state in America. You hear his voice in our politics. You hear his deceiving, lying voice in the news media. You hear his will and voice on the majority of the television networks. You hear his voice in most of the songs on the radio stations. You hear his voice in most of the song and dance grove in the music industry. You hear his voice in most of the movies. You hear his voice in the young people of America in the way that they have no morals in their heart and it certainly shows in what they say out there mouth. And in some places you can even hear the devils voice in the Church in people who really are doubters more than they are believers in the resurrection of Jesus Christ, turning church's into more of a social gathering, than a gather in the Presence of a Holy. Wonderful and Mighty God.......please share freely......deno.
This is a major present problem in America. The will and the voice of Satan is to big and great in most every street, car, home, town, city and state in America. You hear his voice in our politics. You hear his deceiving, lying voice in the news media. You hear his will and voice on the majority of the television networks. You  hear his voice in most of the songs on the radio stations. You hear his voice in most of the song and dance grove in the music industry. You hear his voice in most of the movies. You hear his voice in the young people of America in the way that they have no morals in their heart and it certainly shows in what they say out there mouth. And in some places you can even hear the devils voice in the Church in people who really are doubters more than they are believers in the resurrection of Jesus Christ, turning church's into moral of a social gathering, than a gather in the Presence of a Holy. Wonderful anf Mighty God.......please share freely......deno.