Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Jesus was not a Muslim as Muslims Put it...Jesus was FAR FAR GREATER than that...Christ was Immanuel which means GOD WITH US...

.......For God and Country and for my kids and for our dad who preached THE CROSS OF CHRIST and ITS SAVING POWER all those decades i stand up and write this. We Davids even with our flaws in every sense of the word no matter how unworthy we may be must now stand UP and defend the Gospel 
and the Deity Of Christ...The enemies of the Power of His Cross seek to confuse the world and to deceive the world even though some of them may have good intent...
........The subtilty of the serpent is to deny the deity of Jesus Christ bringing him down to the level of just a good man or just a submitted man or servant to God which Jesus certainly was but the scriptures in their fulness reveals much much more about Jesus than being just a man or just a submitted man....
.......Hebrews 7 about Jesus, It reads, Christ had no beginning of days neither ending. Always has been and ever shall he be...These words were not about the flesh of Jesus for the flesh of Jesus cannot fit such eternal power. These words of revelation spoke of the Spirit of Christ that was inside that flesh.
.......Hebrews 1:1-3 we must quote that also..the Son (speaking of Jesus ) by whom he made the worlds......John 1:1-14...Jesus was in the beginning with God and by him all things were made that were made.
.......How far back did Jesus exist? He said, Before Abraham was I AM....and By him were all things made that was made. So according to Jesus' Spirit and not ours, Jesus' Spirit existed before the foundation of the world.....Jesus said, Before Abraham was I AM....Jesus said...I came down from heaven..This means he existed way before Mary....Jesus said and what if i go back to where i came down from..
........Paul said the Son (Jesus) was eternal in the heavens and that Jesus was God manifested in the flesh..Yes Paul wrote that in his letter to Timothy..
.......The revelation from the Spirit of God to man about Jesus when Jesus was on earth in the flesh was first given to Peter...Jesus said and who do you say that I am?...The Spirit of truth came upon Peter and Peter said, I say you are the Christ the Son of the living God..Jesus said back to Peter, this world did not open your eyes to this truth but the Spirit of My Father..Any belief or wording of identification concerning who Jesus was and is that eliminates this revelation just given and the ones mentioned above are of another Spirit other than Jesus who knew himself perfectly. Jesus could tell you all about the throne of God and what it looked like because he came down from heaven and because has been sitting there with the Father thru-out eternity.
.......When Paul and John said By Jesus Christ all things were made that were made, both messengers were seeing by the Spirit of Truth far beyond the flesh body that the eternal Spirit of Jesus wore for the worlds redemption need that would be accomplished at the Cross of Christ. The eternal Jesus became flesh and dwelt amongst us (John 1:1014) and He took upon HIS ETERNAL SPIRIT/SELF a body of flesh and blood...
.......Truly a greater one than Moses and Solomon was inside that physical body that the real eternal Jesus lived in....And finally in John 17:1-5 Jesus said, And now Father, glorify Me with your own Self with the glory that i shared with you before the world was...Those words the Spirit of Jesus spoke, his flesh could never make that statement, His flesh came forth in the virgin Mary....And after Christ resurrection after he appeared to Thomas, Thomas went into his praise saying to Jesus, My Lord and My God...Jesus did not rebut those words. only the blind do.
........P.S...If Jesus was just a man then he dying on the cross was no different than all those other men who died by way of the Cross back then. But being in His Spirit Eternal and Divine, he was Deity, he was the Lord from heaven by whom all things were created by. That truth in itself makes Jesus who became flesh, the sinless God in flesh, that makes his sacrifice MOST POWERFUL IN ALL SACRIFICES FOR SIN REDEMPTION SIGNIFICANCE.
........Who would dare belittle the power that would be in God tasting death for every man (by way of the Cross) to save the believers soul from the devils hell? Gods taste of death on that cross thru Christ the LAMB OF GOD is our GREAT DEFENSE. It is our GREAT DEFENSE against all of Satan, against all of sin, death, hell and the grave.
.........We were the guilty but the Judge himself loved us so much he came off his Judges Seat and went to the Cross to pay the punishment for our sins and crimes himself..We deserved the blow but the Judge dank that Cup for us...What a love story....That is the love that Paul said of Jesus Christ that the world is blind to....deno....share....copy this...print it and put it in your bible or somewhere where you will not forget it..You will need these words to refer to soon. The deceivers just like Paul said are waxing worse and worse, even he said to denying the deity of Jesus...Image result for Jesus was a muslim pics

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Desiring that One Day of the Son of Man.....deno.

.....Jesus said when he was on earth with his followers that there would come a time when they would wish for just one day of the Son of man with them. What did he mean?
.....The bible reveals that Jesus was given the Spirit of the Lord without measure. Imagine that. Gods power given without measure unto a living fountain of peculiar flesh on earth, which peculiar flesh and fountain for the outpouring Jesus was..
...... It is written that Jesus lived before them all in the Power of the Spirit...He literally could ask what he desired and God did it. Ask what you will Jesus and it shall be done for you was all part of the redemption covenant between he and the Father.Jesus was giving his all for us so the Father was giving HIS ALL to Jesus.....Even the winds and the storms of the sea obeyed Jesus' command. Even the fish swam the direction of his beckoning. Even the dead came up from their graves at His word. Even Satan and the demons had to obey Jesus' orders.
.....Because Jesus never doubted and never sinned, the Power of the Spirit of the Lord was never by him quenched or grieved. The anointing flow was strong, powerful and constant.
.....We have never tasted the measure of the Unhindered anointing of the Spirit of the Lord as the 12 did who saw and marveled at the works and the miracles of that incredible without measure anointing that Jesus had everyday for three years....Of that unlimited anointing that Jesus had John wrote....As i think of all that Jesus said and did amongst us, If all these works and events, acts of love, and miracles and wisdom were all recorded, I suppose that all the books in all the world could not contain them. The written New Testament is a a powerful approved by God glimpse of that which was even far more abundant in the three years that God was himself walking on earth in Christ.
.....Folks, one day of the Son of God on earth in Johns days (before the Cross) was full of heavens love, joy, grace and truth glory, and gladness of spirit being seen and expressed on earth among men. God gave Jesus His Son the Spirit of the Lord without measure and the oil of gladness above all others...You just cannot match that fulness, the fulness of the Spirit of the Lord without measure that Jesus was given and every day walked in.
......Jesus knew they would miss those full and so filled days of the work of the love and power of God without measure. Every new town that the disciples walked to with THE ANOINTED CHRIST, before they reached those TOWNS they spoke among themselves wondering what kind of great works of God shall Jesus manifest in those towns. The grace and the anticipation, and the excitement was thru the roof literally......deno...Jesus Im a sinful man i know but please walk with me now and forever...I am not ashamed.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

And you shall find rest for your souls.....deno....share.

 .........In Hebrews 1:1-4 the Spirit of the Lord said that after Jesus had by himself PURGED or REMOVED our sin, HE SAT DOWN...And where does it say that Jesus sat down? It says He Sat Down At The Right Hand Of God....This means TO US, this also symbolizes for us RE-ESTABLISHED FELLOWSHIP AND COMMUNION WITH GOD OUR FATHER. We see Jesus when after he purged us of our sin he went back up and SAT DOWN WITH GOD next to the Father for communion, fellowship and conversation with the Father...All of this was FOR US for our benefit and blessings...For our Peace with God, signifying our reestablished fellowship after our sin is forgiven and purged......
........What else can we learn from this light?...This also means Christ enters into rest about our sins once they are FORGIVEN, PURGED, REMOVED...Christ himself and the Father entering into rest about our sins after we are purged of them speaks to you and I good things...This my friends authorizes all of us to do exactly the same.
........It is time for you to ENTER INTO CHRIST OWN REST ABOUT YOUR PAST AND ABOUT THOSE SINS THAT HAUNT YOU...For since the JUDGE, the HIGHEST JUDGE can enter into REST about them because He himself purged us of those sins with HIS OWN BLOOD and MERCY, then we the purged can ENTER INTO HIS PERFECT REST ABOUT THEM also...WHOM THE SON OF GOD (whIch is THE HIGHEST JUDGE) has SET FREE IS FREE INDEED.....ENTER INTO HIS REST....Preaching Peace By Jesus Christ.....deno.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

The Circumcision of Christ......deno.

The Circumcision of Christ.....
.......Thru what Paul called the circumcision of Christ in his passion where his flesh was ripped and striped, and on the cross where his flesh was pierced in hand and feet and side, thru all of that, nearly all the precious redeeming blood of His body was drained out upon the world to take away the sin of the world. (It is written that without the shedding of atoning blood, sin is not removed nor taken away). When the final out poured drops hit the earth, Jesus gave up the ghost, his body died and the earth shook tremendously from the power of what was just released. At the same moment the veil in the temple was rent in twain.
......When Jesus gave up His Spirit, the temple in Jerusalem, the holy of holies also gave up the Spirit of God at the same time. Both were representing the other. When the Spirit of God left the temple, he took off from that hiding place where he had been for thousands of years behind that veil, he left to soon come running to His children like a rushing God in a mighty wind who had for thousands of years been in waiting, in longing for that reuniting day when His Spirit could become One spirit with His new born children in Christ Jesus...It was the the circumcision of Jesus Christ and him crucified and His blood poured out upon us washing us clean and making us ready for the infilling of the Spirit of God that made it all happen.
.....Christ blood, the blood of the creator, it gives us great power, good standing, and tremendous advantage in things pertaining to God and redemption....Lord open our eyes to the full glory and power and benefits that Your Blood gives us all in Christ Jesus....Amen.....deno.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

The Blood of God Speaks.....deno.

The Blood of God Speaks.....deno.
.......Blood has always been used for the atonement of sins. From what the blood flowed from measured its atonement power.
.......The bible says that it was not possible that the blood that flowed from the bull and from the goat and from the heifer, THAT BLOOD was not able to take away sin, nor did that blood have the power to give boldness and bold entrance into the holiest to the believers. The blood of me're animals was weak though in its shadow form it greatly represented something enormously great that was to come....Christ the Lamb of God...Immanuel meaning God With Us.
.....But oh my friends God provided for us all some really GREAT NEWS, when the Creator of heaven and earth became flesh and dwelt amongst us with blood in His veins, with the destiny of a redeeming Cross before him. The blood that was in HIS VEINS was the greatest and highest and MOST PRECIOUS POWERFUL ATONING BLOOD that ever could be. THAT BLOOD would tremendously empower those that believed and understood its power and the advantages which THAT BLOOD would give them. THAT BLOOD would give them access with confidence boldness power to enter not only into the Presence of God, but even greater than that, THAT SAME INCREDIBLE BLOOD gave His Sinless Holy Spirit its own BOLD ACCESS unto us like a rushing mighty wind and boldly ENTER into the insides of those that first trusted in the power of the sanctifying blood of Christ that set them apart to be filled with the Spirit of the Holiest of all, Almighty God...
.......And He, creations Creator, the Most High God himself said, This is MY BLOOD (Immanuel's Blood) which I give for the ransom and redemption of many and for the life of the world....My Blood, the blood of God was the magnification there and so should it be so magnified.
......His BLOOD, Almighty Gods Blood, not only took away the sin of the world, it redeemed and saved all those who put their trust in it with eternal redemption, and gave us all access with confidence into all things of God and in all things that pertain to life and fellowship with the Almighty in Christ Jesus..Thru His Own Blood We Come Boldly to the Throne of God in Jesus Name...His blood speaks to us all saying, COME BOLDLY NOW BY ME UNTO AND INTO THE ONE FROM WHOM I FLOWED FROM...HE HIMSELF BY ME COMES BOLDLY INTO YOU..

....... Gods blood was poured out for our salvation power and assurance, for our boldness of faith power, for our bold receiving power, and for our bold ENTERING POWER and GLORY....As it is written in Hebrews 10:19..Having therefore BOLDNESS to ENTER into the HOLIEST, into the Spirit and Presence of God BY THE BLOOD OF JESUS.....deno.

Can You Answer This Redemption Question.....deno.

Jesus came down from heaven FOR US.
Jesus became flesh FOR US.
Jesus went to the cross FOR US.
Jesus was wounded FOR US.
Jesus was bruised FOR US.
Jesus was punished FOR US.
Jesus was striped FOR US.
Jesus tasted death FOR US.
Jesus rose from the dead FOR US.
Each one of these mentioned above, most can give the why and the what for and the redemption purpose for each of them. All of these Jesus went thru for our benefit.
But it does not stop there. The bible says that after God had raised HIS SON from the dead, after Jesus had purged us of our sins, HE SAT DOWN at the right Hand of God.
Christ sitting down and that at the right hand of God was ALSO DONE FOR OUR GLORY and BENEFIT and the why and the what for and the how come is glorious GOOD NEWS....Can you unveil the significance, the benefit, the how come, and the what for? Such a blessing when you SEE IT......deno

Answer....Where Christ is seated reveals the magnitude, the displayed measure of OUR PEACE WITH GOD that His Sacrifice obtained for us. We were all far far from God. We used to fear to enter the holy of holies. But my my my how Jesus changed all that for us. Now IN CHRIST JESUS, (and thats a great place to be), thru Jesus the GREAT PEACE OFFERING, we HIS FLESH and BONE, we who are IN HIM partake of all He has with the Father. Christ Peace with God is our same Peace with God. Lord open our eyes...Amen.

P.S..When God raised Jesus from the dead, Jesus took US (His Body) with Him. From the Cross Back to the Throne Jesus took US (His Body) fully with Him. Thats Important.

The Word Jesus Instructed Paul to preach in every city....deno.

........This word Jesus REVEALED and gave to Paul and commanded that he and all preach it. It is called the sermon or the word of reconciliation. Satan hates it. Angels love it. Sinners who see the love in it rejoice and their faith comes alive unto God thru Jesus Christ. Be sure to preach it. God commanded THIS WORD BE PREACHED. Here it is.

........2 Cor 5:18-21).....18) .....And this is the ministry God has given us, even this, to preach to the world by Jesus Christ the word of reconciliation which is this....19) How God was in Christ Jesus reconciling the world back unto himself, NOT HOLDING AGAINST THEM THEIR TRESPASSES & SINS...Yes, this word God has commanded us to preach.20) So knowing this good news that He himself has revealed to us and given for us to preach, we beg you by Jesus Christ be ye reconciled unto God...21) God is not holding your sins against you...He laid them all on Jesus who never once sinned, so that we who knew no righteousness could be given the gift of righteousness which is given to us by faith in Jesus Christ who died for our sins and rose again for our everlasting hope.. Christ loved us a gave himself for us. At the right hand of God he now sits. Your sins price has been paid for and paid for in full. Now that God is not holding against you your trespasses and sins, you are free to come boldly to the throne of grace and salvation...So be now reconciled unto God.....deno.....share freely.

The Wealth and Riches of God.....deno.

No where in the bible does it say God is poor or hates wealth. No where in the bible does it say, And My God shall meet all your needs according to HIS POVERTY in glory.
........If being well off, or having plenty, or being rich and extremely wealthy is a sin in itself or an unholy thing as some preach or think, then God is a great transgressor. For His paradise is splendorous with riches of gold, diamonds, rubies, and all kinds of precious stones that glisten and shine with the glory of God. His supply trees, vines, and gardens are so beautiful and luscious with fruits and veggies and foods we know not of. His Throne and His city and cities are filled with riches beyond measure. Paul said these words to christian givers, he said, And my God shall supply all your needs according to HIS RICHES, HIS RICHES, His great wealth in glory.
.......God never has a problem finding what you need out of his riches in glory. 7 billion trillion people and angels God can make fully happy, fully supplied, fully rich, fully fed and clothed and housed splendorously for all eternity with nothing good missing and nothing ever broken, with all their joy ever full. He is the, My Cup Overflows God and Father....
.......P.S. Gods incredible wealth never causes His perfect love to lose perfect love focus...He has always been INCREASING His paradise with greater riches and good things to increase HIS GIVING LOVE and all that increase has never made His hearts love to do unto others as he loves himself to ever wax cold...Gods increasing increase, well He has had to do that as He expanded the numbers of His creatures and created territories, spiritual and physical.
.......The problem with most of us is our hearts are not right but selfish and we lose focus when we come into smooth waters or prosperous times. The smooth and the plenty become like idols of comfort to us and we take our eyes off of God or off of serving Him..But God is the good and faithful God and there is nothing of Himself, of His veins, or of His great wealth, or of His entire kingdom that he will withhold from us..He has loved us with an EVERLASTING LOVE...He did not even withhold from us HIS SON who means more to Him than all he has ever made.....deno.....share freely.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

GET THIS.....deno.

......God with all His Power, with all his holiness and righteousness, with all his marvelous good deeds, with all his glory and majesty and authority as being Almighty God was absolutely helpless to save us without His Sons Blood. Friends that speaks VOLUMES. Gods hands were tied and his power WAS OF NO POWER TO REDEEM THE SOUL WITHOUT HIS SONS BLOOD. Even if he said I Forgive you Adam and Eve, without Christ blood applied, their sin could not have been removed. That is the power of sin.
.....And since God with all His power, glory, perfect holiness and spotless righteousness was helpless to save us without His Sons Blood, we also with all our so called self disciplines, holiness and righteousness are helpless in saving ourselves by those things.
......ONLY BY CHRIST BLOOD we are redeemed. For since God who is perfect holiness and perfect in all his ways was helpless to save us without Christ blood, we too are helpless and without hope without Christ blood our hope and salvation, OUR WAY, TRUTH and LIFE......deno.

God was helpless to save us without His Sons Blood....deno.

Lord Open Our Eyes....
......All the Power of Gods Spirit (ALL OF IT) could not save the soul of any without the blood of Christ in the mix.... God needed Christ blood to save us just as much as we needed Christ blood to save us...When you understand this truth, you understand the wisdom of God in the blood of His Son.
.....We were helpless to save ourselves without Christ blood and God was helpless to save us without the blood of His Son. That is why Jesus had to drink that cup...HE HAD TO or we were hopeless forever and Gods word and heart would have been broken forever....deno.

All the Power of God could not save the soul of any without the blood of Christ in the mix.... God needed Christ blood to save us just as much as we needed Christ blood to save us.....deno.

.....When Gods people got themselves into troubles like famine and enemies, he delivered them over and over again with His divine power. He brought down kings and mighty empires for his people. He parted the Red Sea for his people. He sent His angels to help his people take down their enemies. The bible is full of the stories of God delivering His people with His mighty hand.
.....But did you know that it was only by a sacrifice, a blood sacrifice that God saved His people from their sins. Only by the shedding of blood were their sins atoned for and they were saved from them. God could take down their enemies by His mighty hand, but only in the shedding of blood could he save them from their sins.ONLY IN THE SHEDDING OF BLOOD.
.....God from the very beginning was always preaching the mystery of the Cross of His Son and of the IMPORTANCE OF THE BLOOD SACRIFICE....As even John the baptist said concerning Jesus....Behold the LAMB OF GOD that TAKES AWAY THE SIN OF THE WORLD...And in another place the angel also proclaimed about Jesus. He said,,Unto you in the city of David a Savior has been born who shall save Gods people from their sins...They too were preaching the Cross of Christ.
......God could part a thousand Red Seas and open the earth up under the feet of a thousand armies who rise against His People, but none of those powerful acts would nor could save us, HIS PEOPLE from their sins. NOT ONE OF THEM....Only thru the shedding of innocent sinless blood can we be saved from our sins. That is why only in the Cross, in the Sacrifice of Christ would Paul glory. He understood Gods redemption wisdom in the covenants blood sacrifice purpose..And only in the Cross of Christ should we too glory and trust..Christ Precious Blood saves us from our sins.....deno.....share freely.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Jesus verses AntiChrist....Globalism verses Americanism.....Know what is going on.....deno.

#1)....Make no mistake about it, the world is in a religious spiritual war and battle where Satan and his team is battling against the truth that is in Christ Jesus. He is battling against the truth that is in the Son of God with the various lies, misleadings, theories, fantasies, with cultures that they have formed in their world and deceptions spawn from the spirit of the son of a deceiving religious appearing Satan. We must remember, Satan knows all about God and Gods heavenly world and throne and worship. He has lived there, been there, done all that..Therefore he knows how to imitate the same with his counterfeits.

#2)....America is at war within itself. Globalist and communist within our country who are even members of the house, the senate, and congress, and of the democratic and republican parties, are at war with the American People that still love Americanism, Americas sovereignty, constitution, traditions, independence, history, and way of life who oppose globalism who always want America First for the American Citizens. It is there legal citizens right..

........THESE TWO BATTLES ARE WHAT ITS ALL ABOUT FOLKS....Jesus represents Gods truth to the world and Satan is fighting hard to upend this truth out of the heart of the nations thru Islams many lies and other means...Trump represents Americanism and the people of America who love America and so the globalist sellouts in Washington of both the democrat and republican parties, and the globalist around the world are doing all they can to take Trump and American First Americanism out of power.
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Pay Attention to What is Going On.....deno.

.....You may not understand why you write the way you write. But the time will come in this world when souls will thirst for one drop of Christ wisdom and words about the end times and the events in those days. For when Satan is terrorized with the thought that he only has a short time left until his unending torment begins and his rebellion is put down, those who are connected deeply to His deceiving terrorized spirit go forth to terrorize the world...Pay attention to what is going on. The terror going on in the world is to lead the world into the need and into the arms of the false Messiah call the AntiChrist...He fills the world with terror and problems to give his voice and platform a stage that will cause the world to marvel at him, run into the arms of his deceptions, and to worship the beast and his image...Know what is going on.....Jesus Christ Is Lord and THE TRUTH.....deno .....share freely.

Monday, June 5, 2017

Seeing thru the lie.....deno

......If love me don't judge me was of Gods Spirit and full truth, then there would be no hell. You could then do and live as you want and have nothing to worry about for there would be no judgement..But hell exist and why does it exist??? Because love me don't judge me does not work with God...It is a doctrine of devils sent forth from hell to mislead people to not worry about repenting of their wrong behavior....Keeping it real..Satan screamed at God in his heart, love me don't judge me, just let me live as i want..Just love love love and do so without judgement making no rules and drawing no lines. Satan right after that fell from heaven like lightning....deno.

Still Yet....written by deno and His Jesus.

Still Yet....written by deno and His Jesus.
......King David had a sin history liken unto us all. He also had a whole lot of wild and crazy things going on with his own children and family. And yet still, the bible declares that God used David in the ministry of a foretelling prophet that prophesied certain truths and events of Christ that was to come.
.......Folks lets all quit kidding ourselves. We can all talk about perfection and perfect relationships and families, but underneath our delusions we are all like David and his children and family. We all inside and out have spots, wrinkles and blemishes of all sorts. We all have imperfections galore. Still yet, For God So Loved...Still yet, God made good things to come forth from the most driest of grounds.... Still yet, from rock God made His refreshing water to flow....Still yet, when there was lack God brought forth plenty. Still yet, when there was hopelessness God made hope come back alive. Still yet, when Israels backs were pressed up against the wall God made a way thru the Sea...Still yet when there was sickness and disease God brought forth healing.. Still yet, when death was all over the scene God raised His Son from the dead....Still yet when the nets were empty God made a way that filled them up....Still yet when a woman was in the shame of the guilt of her sin, Still yet God forgave her and set her free and put a smile on that woman's face the world could not take away. Her soul was touched by God....
..... ..So there is you and I with all our flaws and imperfections, but let us not forget Gods STILL YET part. It is seen all thru the bible of God using such imperfect men and people who in themselves, in their relationships, and in their families had flaws and imperfections, but it was GODS STILL YET that made all the difference...Christ came to us from Gods STILL YET LOVE and Grace...Thank You God for...Still Yet......deno.....share freely.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

There really is no one good but God..I accept these words of Jesus.....deno.

......Sorry, but I am one of those that believes that there is no one really good but God as Jesus told us. Jesus either told us the truth in those words or he lied. I believe he would never lie to us..Being one of the not good ones as Jesus said, friend i confess to you that I do not walk on water. I do not do everything right, I have my faults, I get mad sometimes. I do not hit a home run every time I pray, and I may do some things that you would frown upon in your holier than thou position.
......I know me enough and Iv'e been around enough and seen enough to know that I need and we all need Christ and his grace, love, and mercy each and every day...Even those that preach the hardest have been known to sin the greatest.Is that not true?
......As all the wisdom in the world did not change the heart of Solomon and keep him from all that he did in the down and dirty, even so a great sermon does not always mean the heart is sinless or perfect, nor does the mighty shout of an Amen mean all is pure within the shouter..
.......I believe every honest heart will say, I have weaknesses and faults and sin in me sometimes and I need and we need Gods grace and mercy in Christ..Maybe I am wrong in this but this is what I believe...
........In this light that there is no one really good but God I accept that truth and walking in that truth I am free to love all into Christ seeing myself no better and no different than you..I am certainly not one of those that could ever say, God I thank you that I am not like the rest of these..Friends I know me and I know where i came from..
.......Sorry if this makes you look at me differently now, but only truth sets us free....So I say that I am what I am by the mercy and grace and gifts from God given me in Christ...The me and the you outside of these things is a terrible picture to look at..Accepting this truth sets me free to love and accept you with all your weakness and faults and you me with all mine as we grow together in Christ and his love and grace..Just a man pressing on In Christ.....deno.

Abba, meaning Dad my Daddy......deno....share freely.

......The word Abba used by Paul to describe our position with God in Christ means my father, but it goes even more intimate. It is like a child that cries to his father in love and in happy fascination DADDY...Each time Jesus said the word father, Israels ears heard him saying, DADDY MY DADDY...
......Being we are Gods dear children in Christ, we too should pray and call on the Father thinking and using the same intimacy as Jesus did saying, Daddy my Daddy. God has longed for the Church to wake up to this and call Him Dad, DADDY...Only Christ and His family of redeemed brothers and sisters has this depth of intimacy with God.
......You see when we pray and say father in Jesus Name in our approach to God, using that NAME means we also are approaching God in Jesus as Christ own flesh and bone and in the glory of Christ own CHILD LIKE INTIMACY WITH THE FATHER saying to God, Dad my Daddy...This could change your perspective. It can lead us all into a greater intimacy understanding and love walk with God, even to greater confidence in our prayer life....Dad my Daddy.
......That is always what Jesus said Dad my Daddy, and in His Name as His flesh and bone we pray and our mind needs to be set in and on Christ same child like intimacy with God our Dad my Daddy..The more we call Him Dad or my Daddy, the less the enemy can play with your mind and blessed assurance...Love you friend..PEACE.....deno.

The Spirit of the Lord is addressing all this FORTUNE TELLING going on in the church.....deno

.......I love and enjoy the good times like anyone. But there are times when God sobers us to His minds thinking..It is for our good. The Spirit of the Lord is addressing all this FORTUNE TELLING going on in the church.
.......Imagine Jesus who you know can never lie, saying to you at the beginning of your ministry that the day will come on earth when you shall die by the hand of others because you believe and belong and serve Me...Stay focused friends...Its not all about the the good times and the gains although we greatly welcome all that goodness and grace, but also for some, following Christ has a price..Have you not noticed how the Muslims are murdering Christians all around the world???
.......It is easy for all of us to shout his praise in the midst of joy and much comforts. But will we fall away when friends and family and the world turns against us for what we believe? Will we lay down HIS CROSS when under the fire of persecutions?
.......John the baptist greatly rejoiced in Christ appearing and visitation to Israel. His soul leaped with joy unspeakable and full of glory....But a few months later Herod's soldiers paid the same John a visit also in prison. In that discomfort John complained not..Somehow God is able to strengthen us in all our afflictions and persecutions whether it be to escape or to overcome them, or to endure them as John did...Keeping It Real folks...
.......P.S...Those of you that prophecy over people...If all you ever prophecy is peace and comfort and fame and fortune and yet you never declare upon anyone a warning nor any form of sufferings for Christ name sake you are prophesying from the human spirit and not from the all seeing Holy Ghost...The Lord rebukes you for your fantasy..True Watchman sound the warning and shout the alarm and tell it as it is good or bad and come what may...Lord this word is burning even so let it burn until we are purified from all our delusional prophesying and fortune telling in the Church......Love you friend......deno.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Thoughts and their Strongholds.....deno....share freely.

.......Thoughts are containers. They contain darkness power that blinds us and puts us in bondage, or they contain Christ light that lights up our eyes, expands our sight and sets us free. Either way they are strongholds. Either way they effect our moods.
.......What are the strongholds of our minds. Our thoughts make up our thinking. In our thoughts are we more light or darkness? More positive or negative? More sweet or more bitter? More love filled and beautiful or is our world view full of sour milk thinking where everything even the flowers to us are yuk? 
.......When you see a person coming into your eyes view whether in person or by internet, do you immediately go negative on them or positive about them? Does your mind suddenly start malicious thought gossiping about that person? Negatively judging that person and overly criticizing that person? Or does the thoughts that come from the Spirit and Mind Christ come to your mind?
......God is Love, perfect love. Love is a Spirit. The Spirit of God has a mind. That mind is called the mind of Christ. Christ mind is made up of many thoughts and thinking. Christ thoughts and his minds thinking everyday is filled with Lovely thoughts and the thinking of perfect love. Christ minds thoughts and thinking is full of grace and truth and that which is lovely and beautiful it thinks, and what is good and mercy filled. His mind is always thinking how he can love that person, save that person, forgive that person, bless that person, get that person out of his spiritual dangers. Christ mind is always thinking thoughts on how he can help that person to overcome what he needs to overcome. Christ minds thoughts are always filled with such great love for people. It is such wonderful thinking that it is not of this world. It is the mind of paradise life and thinking far above. In Christ we are SO BLESSED. IN CHRIST we are blessed with the mind of Christ to yield to HIS LOVELY MIND and to think by.. There are no hateful, bitter, envious kind of thoughts in the Mind of Christ and because of that Jesus always is in a great mood. His joy is full everyday.....deno.

The Spirit of the love of the truth is talking...Do you really know Jesus?...deno.

.......Friends when Jesus left the 99 who were living right to go find the one who was not, to find the one who had gone astray, something here we all need to remember. Jesus was the brightness of Gods glory and the express image of Gods heart (Hebrews 1:1-4). So what do we see the true Spirit and heart of God going to do to that one that went astray? He went to find him to bring him/her back home safely, carrying him back home on his own shoulders which means in redemption wisdom, it means he reconciled him back to God thru great love, and thru the Strength and Power of His Cross and Blood intercessions. He did not go to crush him, load him up with guilt and shame, or to destroy the one that went astray....And he sure was not going to set that person up as to bury them up to their neck in dirt so to condemn and stoned them to death by people poor in mercy whose hearts are full of devils.
......If the desire of the Spirit in you wants to gossip about that fallen person, or wants to shame and embarrass that fallen person, or wants to condemn and destroy that person, or wants to pray down fire from heaven upon that backsliders head, or that has fallen into satanic snares set as a trap for his feet, YOU THEN DO NOT KNOW WHAT MIND AND SPIRIT YOU ARE BEING LED BY....It is sure not the love or the thoughts of the Mind and Spirit of Christ.....In His Own Words Jesus Showed Us His Heart, Mind, and Spirit and what he does in that situation...He is gentle and lowly and you will find rest unto your souls...
.......You that say you know Jesus and know the Spirit and mind of Jesus and want to stone and kill the fallen quickly, are you sure you know him? Israel for centuries thought they knew the Lord also, but when he stood before them face to face, heart to heart as he foretold he would, THEY DID NOT RECOGNIZE or KNOW THE LORD who was the God of Abraham, Issac, Jacob and Moses. Though he was speaking to them face to face they did not know him so  they received him not.....What is your image of Christ and His Love...????.....deno..

GOOD NEWS FOR THE FALLEN......share freely.....written by deno.

......John 18:25)..And Simon Peter STOOD and warmed himself, They by the fire said to him, Are not you also one of Jesus's disciples? Peter (under pressure) denied knowing Jesus saying, No I am not.
......Jesus knew Satan wanted to sift Peter like wheat so Jesus told Peter, Peter I am praying for you so that your faith does not fail..I pray this prayer for you Peter because Satan knows you Peter, and he knows that you have some real fire for Me (Jesus) in you heart, and he knows that he better try to beset you quickly lest that fire inside you for Me turns into unstoppable passion to preach Christ....To feed My Sheep....in truth and in essence this is what was going on.
.......Our text is about what Jesus knew of Satans desire to sift Peter and of Satans move against Peter. Our text is another satanically orchestrated maneuver of the devil, set up and formed to break the spirit of faith in Peter. The whole scene and event was Satan formed. It was a satanic scheme and device formed against Peter.
.......Peter entering into that formed scene under its beguiling pressure failed to stand up for Jesus right then. Satan created a pressure situation against Peter to get Peter to deny knowing Jesus. Satan also puts you and I in pressure situations to try our faith and confidence. He does so in hope that we "by that pressure" lose our faith in the promises we are hoping in, believing, trusting, standing on, and speaking that we believe.
.......Satan attacks our faith zone. There exist many reason why he attacks and makes his moves against our faith. He knows the sinking powers in doubting. Remember Peter sinking and losing his blessed assurance when he began to doubt...But Satan also knows the incredible powers of strong believing or great faith...Faith Paul said, is a powerful shield and the shield of faith quenches all the fiery darts the devil throws at us and he knows that those who have strong faith in Jesus Name cannot only destroy all the fiery darts of the devil, but can be also used on the offensive moves of the church, and when we become bold in our faith and go on the offense instead of being on the defense all the time, he knows our faith in Jesus can destroy his works and schemes and cast him out.
.......Satan also forms pressures against us and temptations to test our commitment and loyalty to Christ in this world. To see if we will also deny the Lord in the midst of temptation to do wrong with others. Most every day those formations have been planned against us all by our enemy. They have been ordered against us by the devil..Be alert. Be sober...Remember the devouring roaring lion truth...He is clever seeking to catch us off guard, put us under strong temptation and pressure to deny the Lord in word or in deed as to sin or to be silent when we should have proclaimed and stood up for Jesus and the gospel truth..In the midst of FACEBOOK, or family, friends or in the midst of strangers, the satanic formations against us are formed daily...BE ON YOUR GUARD.....And And And watch that text or that phone call....The Serpent hisses in all kinds of ways....pssssss...hello.
.......Yes Peter failed under the formed pressure that Satan formed against him, but there is some GOOD NEWS that I want you to see in this light. As given me i give you. Here it is.... Satan won that round against Peter. Matter of fact, Satan won 3 rounds in his battle against Peter back to back. But let us REMEMBER THIS ONE AND MOST IMPORTANT THING...Jesus said, but Peter I HAVE PRAYED FOR YOU that your faith does not fail, and WHEN YOU HAVE RECOVERED (Peter was going to end up winning anyway) strengthen your brethren. In other words comfort your fellow Christians that lose a few rounds like you did.'..Let them how i payed for you and the results of that intercession. And Peter pray the same prayer in MY NAME for them..
........Yes Peter in the battle of Satan against him lost 3 rounds back to back BUT SATAN LOST THE BOUT.....PETER WON BY THE POWER OF THE INTERCESSION OF CHRIST PRAYER FOR HIM...CHRIST IS PRAYING FOR YOU. (Hello)...Christ prayers never fail....NEVER....Things may look like they are going south for awhile like they did in Peters case, but if we have Jesus praying with us or for us in the situation, all of heaven and grace will together mount up and will move on our behalf..THE MASTER HAS PRAYED...THE MASTER HAS SPOKEN and HE SPOKE SAYING TO PETER....YOU WILL RECOVER....Glory to God...
........The RECOVERED PETER who recovered by the exceeding greatness of the powerful prayer of Jesus for him, Peter on the day of Pentecost came back swinging at the devil and preached the gospel in the Power of God and Satan lost 3000 plus souls that day.
........So get up dear child of God..There is hope in the land called and from the intercessions of Christ for you..You may have lost the round or a few rounds, or maybe many rounds, but your going to end up winning the bout in the end. The one that prayed for Peter to recover and caused Peter to recover, that same mighty Savior ever liveth making intercessions for you...Jesus is praying for you that your faith fail not and that you recover and thru Christ you are going to win the fight and come back on top...HAVE FAITH IN CHRIST....And Church let us all pray for each other the PRAYER that Jesus prayed for Peter and that prayer was this...Peter I have prayed for you THAT YOUR FAITH and HOPE FAILS NOT......
.......THE PRAYER.......Father in Jesus Name we pray for every member of the Church all over the world that our faith in Jesus Christ and His Love, Word, and Gospel does not fail, and that our faith be fully restored in Christ....And Father we pray that our faith now grows exceedingly strong in the Lord Jesus and in the power of His might and glorifies the Name of Jesus Christ and His gospel causing many to repent and believe unto salvation unto the tremendous outpouring of the Joy and of the Spirit of the Lord upon and into all them that believe in all nations....Amen.....share freely.

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The Father's Care - Kenneth E Hagin

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God Shall Glorify His People....Get Ready......deno.

God shall glorify His People...Get Ready......deno.
2 Thessalonians 1:11-12.. (NKJV)
11 Therefore we also pray always for you that our God would count you worthy of this calling, and fulfill all the good pleasure of His goodness and the work of faith with power, 12 that the name of our Lord Jesus Christ may be glorified in you, AND YOU IN HIM, according to the grace of our God and the Lord Jesus Christ.
We should pray this prayer unceasingly.
Also notice these words in the prayer...12) that the name of our Lord Jesus Christ may be glorified in you AND YOU (glorified) IN HIM....
Father glorify your church so that Jesus is glorified in us. In Jesus NAME AMEN.
.......Paradise and the glory of the Lord is great but not greater than the builder of paradise, and is not greater than the life of the Son of God himself. The bible says, Which is greater the building or the one that built the building? He that built the building. Jesus built (created) all things paradise, all thrones, all creatures, all power, glory, and honor, and Jesus built the system of rankings saying from the least to the greatest.
......Well, love shared with us (the least to the greatest) His Life even in blood, the lesser things he will not withhold but will lovingly share with us those things as well...We being glorified in Christ, in turn glorifies Christ...God is the author of glorifying His children and the one that wants to glorify His Church so that His Son be glorified in us.
Romans 8:30) And those whom God predestined, He also called, and those whom God called, He also justified, and those whom God justified HE ALSO GLORIFIED...31) Seeing that it is God himself behind all this what shall we say, If God be for us (as to die for us and wants to glorify us), who can be against us.? 32) He who did not even spare His won Son but delivered him up for us all, how shall He not FREELY GIVE US all other things.
.......(The things are of far less value than the things Maker)....He sacrificed the Maker for us. Seeing that great love for us, we can be assured God gives us every THING he made also asking for no payment or price. He would not dare give us the blood of His Son (THE MAKER) for free and then charge us or make us pay for the things he made. God would not insult His Son that way. We should not either...FREELY GIVEN FREELY RECEIVE..
.......I know this may sound different than what we have been taught but, Let us not resist God glorifying us. That is one of the ways Jesus and his gospel becomes more glorified..God shine on us your children so that we shine Christ and his gospel brighter and brighter in all nations unto many saved, healed, blessed that the name of Jesus Christ be glorified...(Read John 17:9-10 and John 17:20-23)...The Father is glorified when the Son is glorified. The Son is glorified when the Church is glorified......deno.....share freely.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Spirits Rule This World.....deno....share freely.

.....This world is formed and shaped by spirits and by the spirit world...The only nation on this earth for centuries that God sought to shape was Israel. Israel alone for centuries was the only nation on earth in any way was connected to the influence of the Spirit of the Lord. But God had a hard time shaping his formations and desires in Israels life and culture because of the hardness of their hearts. They were stiff necked and stubborn..Like Stephen said of them before they stoned him..He said, You do always resist the Holy Ghost."..Jesus also said of Israel, How often I wanted to gather your children under my wings like a hen does her chicks, but you allowed me not...See, the Lord want to form in Israels life the formation of His greatest protection and blessings upon them BUT THEY DID NOT LET HIM. They resisted God more than they resisted the devil who was always driving them with temptations in sins of all sorts and into idolatry.
......Putting Israel aside right now, the rest of the world, their beliefs, convictions, and cultures have been mostly formed by the spirits and influences of demons and of devils of all sorts and kinds. Some demons form cultures. Some demons forms beliefs. Some demons form the way a nation or a person or a people think. Some demons form fashions. Some demonic powers form cities and lifestyles and the kingdoms of this world.. Some demons looks will scare the hell out of you. Others are as beautiful as we have ever seen.
......Some deceiving demons are liars who make false promises to trick you into serving the devil or becoming a slave to a sin. Some demons are wicked spirits, mean, vicious and brutal. Those kinds of demons seek to enter people, possess them, oppress them, torment them and make their life miserable. Like in the mad man of Gadera who had the legion of demons. Those hundreds and hundreds of evil spirits in that one man tormented that man AND THEY SHAPED A TERRITORY with their presence. They kept that man in the regions of that area amongst the grave yards and controlled that territory, forbidding anyone to pass thru that area.
......Other demonic spirits are teachers. Deceiving spirits who teach the world their doctrines. The bible calls their teachings the doctrines taught by demons.
.......Other demons are rulers of the darkness of this world. These spirits are witty demons who out wit men and keep them in the dark concerning the true things about God and Jesus Christ and redemption. These use presumption, ideas, theories, fantasies, and veils, literal veils that mens minds cannot see threw. These work along with those demons who teach doctrines, the doctrines taught by devils. All is to mislead and to deceive to snatch the soul at death.
........Other demons are evils spirits that form all sorts of temptations. They implant thoughts and show visions like Satan showed Jesus to get people to bite or buy into what they are tempting them to do. They make great swelling promises to those in the arena of their temptations that are formed in the minds of the ones they temp. They use everything in the book to bring people down
...... For instance, they know scriptures. Remember Satan also quoted scriptures as he tempted Jesus. They know the scripture that says, By the way of whorish women, men and kings are brought down to a piece of dust. They also know the scripture that the adultress will seek her prey and those that go into her are fools and they go down into the region of death and they do not return..So knowing these scriptures, the spirits of temptation and of disobedience seek whom they can devour using women or whorish men who are willing to dive into that lifestyle of sin to participate and to tempt. Right now our generation is ovewhelmed with the formations of their temptations every day for forbidden sensual sexual sins. It is everywhere. In phone calls they tempt. In messaging they tempt. On streets, at work, in bars, even in churches.The list is long and the ways so many. This worlds mishaps, this worlds darkness and heavenly misunderstandings, this worlds world of distracting pleasures, and all its ways that tempt people to sin in this way or in that way, they are all purposely constructed to by the tempter and his various kinds of demons to deceive men, women, and even children to get a temporary or an eternal advantage over them to take to hell their souls.
........Bathsheba that day naked, bathing in a place where King David was going to be that evening at that time was orchestrated by tempting demons constructing the scene. They try to do this against us every day. David fell right into the trap and oh how it cost him and his children and kingdom..So it has been for many of us who fell into the snares of their temptation situations that they daily construct against us....So much more to say on this subject...Will write more later...God is opening the eyes and removing the veils and making truths known.......deno...share freely.

The blindness is in the Mind...The pulling down of mental strongholds....deno.....share freely.

Please pray that God will help you understand this light...THEN ENTER.
........The same God, the same Spirit that is way way up there in your mind, is also or is really right here here in our hearts. What in the minds thinking seems so so far away, is only 2 feet below that thought. Spirit and spiritual blindness is in the thinking compartment. Blindness is found in the minds thoughts....Can you see how spiritual blindness is a mental thing, a mental thought that can hide from us the real truth and the real present IN US reality of Christ....? Our minds thoughts and our minds suggestions say he is FAR AWAY...Truth says He is right here inside us, right here inside our hearts the TEMPLE OF THE SPIRIT OF THE LORD.
.......The mind CAN PLAY TRICKS ON US. The mind ascends far away from the truth and makes you think Christ is far far away, yet the real truth of the matter is Christ is in your heart...Christ IN YOU the hope of glory..The mind must be renewed to the spirit of our thinking and to the truth of what Gods Word says. That is why logic and the normal course of human thought cannot be trusted about the things of the Spirit of God. These things have to be REVEALED...Our eyes have to be OPENED to them. The minds strongholds, deep wrong thinking must be OVERCOME by the grace and power of God. "Then Jesus OPENED their EYES so that they could understand the scriptures concerning HIM.".
........We must use the weapons of our warfare given us from God for the PULLING DOWN of deceiving mental strongholds. Casting down every imagination and casting down every thought and every high thing that exalts itself contrary to the Word of God and bring all our thoughts, all our thinking, and all our imaginations and every high thing that drifts our minds away, bringing them all into captivity to the obedience of Christ and to the truth of what HIS WORD says..
......Thoughts are powerful. The minds thinking can blind you of the truth and that is Satan's playground for deception. He is the ruler of the darkness of this world, of the deceptive thinking of mankind's mind. He constructs their thought processes and thinking course and has been doing so ever since he got a holt of the soul and mind and life of men. THANK YOU ADAM.. He will also try to control the course of our (our meaning the churches) THOUGHTS and THINKING about Jesus and about his words. He wants to lessen our sight of the fulness of the GOOD NEWS riches of its glory, life, fellowship, blessings and benefits and of the exceeding great and precious promises given us all IN CHRIST JESUS..
........Pray threw. Pray without ceasing...Let the Word of Christ dwell in you richly. Let the Word of Christ be our thinking. Keep growing until everything we think is in line with what the Word of God says..This is a lifetime work. Keep on pressing forward.....Onward....deno.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

The Gift of God Is Perfect, not me.....deno....share freely.

       The gift of God is perfect, not me...I must depend all on Christ....Cut me i bleed...Hurt me i feel the pain..Massage my shoulders and i purr...I have laughed and i have cried...I've seen visions beyond this world and I have made some of the biggest christian bloopers of all...Good News...God knew that and loved me/us anyway.
       Having faith in Christ is having faith that God is love and that he really loves us as seen in Christ...In the ups and in the downs, in the highs and in the lows, in the yahoo praise ye the Lord times and in the woe is me I am undone times, we are to always believe in the love God has for us seen in the Cross of Christ...Always.
       Cast not away your confidence in Gods love..Its Gods love that seeks after the strayed ones and that restores us. Its His mercy from His great love for us that shouts, Get back up...I ain't heard the bell yet....Jesus loves you....deno.

The Love of God Revelation that Jesus Gave Paul.......deno.....share freely.

Matthew 9:10-11....Modern English Version (MEV)
And MANY SINNERS came and sat down with Jesus at the table..Jesus did not get up.
10 While Jesus sat at supper in the house, many tax collectors and SINNERS came and sat down with Him and His disciples. 11 When the Pharisees saw it, they said to His disciples, “Why does your Teacher eat with tax collectors and sinners?”
      The bible said that Jesus had the Spirit of God in and upon him without measure. Holy Holy Holy Lord God Almighty is the Spirit of the Lord Always...So pure...So clean...so holy....Always.
      Even though God is all those pure and holy things for sure and ever shall be, God is also Love. HE IS LOVE....God is a pure and holy, sinless LOVE BEING or SPIRIT, this truth the bible says makes God also RICH IN COMPASSION and MERCY.
     And it is because God Is Love and rich in mercy and compassion that when Jesus was eating at that table and those MANY despised tax collectors and MANY SINNERS came and sat down with Jesus at the SAME TABLE to fellowship and commune, when they sat down with Jesus, Jesus heard the Father say...Don't Get Up...I love them. That is the HEART OF THE TRUE GOD AND THE REAL JESUS..
     Often times we come to Jesus' table as believers who are justified by faith in his blood and sometimes we may not be in the best spiritual state. Maybe we sinned or failed him. Would he get up from the table if we HIS CHILDREN come to receive his mercy, sit with him, commune with him, DINE WITH HIM or to PRAISE HIM??????...No He Will Not...Love keeps him there just like it kept him seated at that table to dine with those enquiring curious sinners.
      Now Jesus will probably scold us a little or correct Us in his love, but he will not get up from that table, walk off and wipe the dust off his feet in a sign of disgust as if we are his enemies. Gods Love Is Greater than the most legalist, religious, LAW THUMPING person thinks...The New Covenant is a covenant of everlasting love and of everlasting peace (Isaiah 54:7-10). He will for sure at times rebuke us and chastise us (True Love Does That), but he will not forsake us...HE PROMISED...Jesus said, He that comes to Me I will in no wise cast out...
      Jesus and his love for the despised and the SINNER is still the same today..He will sit down with SINNERS at the table. He will even come and live inside your heart if you will only ask him to. He was invited into that mans house to dine and he went. If you will invite him into your heart and life he will....Jesus loves Sinners.....Jesus Loves You.
Romans 5:5-10...(NKJV)
5 Now hope does not disappoint, because the love of God has been poured out in our hearts by the Holy Spirit who was given to us.
Christ in Our Place
6 For when we were still without strength (weak and hopeless to save ourselves), in due time and we in that condition Christ died for us the ungodly.
7 For scarcely for a righteous man will one die; yet perhaps for a good man someone would even dare to die.
8 But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.
9 Much more then, having now been justified by His blood, we shall be saved from wrath through Him.
10 For if when we were enemies we were reconciled to God through the death of His Son, much more, having been reconciled, we shall be saved by His life.
......Those verses just read are the love of God in Christ revelations that Jesus Himself gave to the apostle Paul...Glory to God....deno.

Saturday, May 6, 2017

The Real Jesus......deno....share freely.

.......Jesus is not walking in the midst of His people seeking whom he may devour or looking for who he can pour anger upon. Nor is looking for a fight with his children and family. The risen Jesus ever lives to make intercessions for all the saints, and if 99 are walking right and one has gone astray, he takes out to show His love and reconciling mercy to that person. He is not going after that straying one with burning wrath in his heart but burning love.

........Do you have this kind of love and this Spirit in you and in your doctrine?..Or do think Jesus has high blood pressure, is depressed, and is in a bad mood every day, and all he wants to do is gripe, grumble, and complain about the church and his people.? No the real Christ, he is not like that. Jesus is prefect love, rich in mercy, full of compassion. He is lowly and gentle. His yoke is easy and his burden is light..HE EVEN SAID SO..When he chastises us for our wrongs He does it in his love and not in his anger..It is the covenant of peace (Isaiah 54:7-10).....deno

Come out of the Tents of Wickedness.....share freely....deno.

......The psalmist was FEELING, TASTING, ENJOYING, VERY AWARE OF the Sweet Presence of God. The atmosphere was different than the atmosphere outside the Temple, even back then when Christ was behind the holy of holies.
......The tents of wickedness in this verse in those days we would call today bars, party places where anything goes, and hook up for sex places, and places where demons were thought to be gods and were hoped in and prayed to.
.......Well i have been into the tents of wickedness in my life but i can tell you as a repented man, nothing is sweeter or better than the presence of Christ....NOTHING...No high...No buzz...No thrill....No Pleasure....Keeping it real. folks.....God is calling our generation back into His love and mercy and presence thru Christ...There is a grave awaiting all of us..There is Grace offered to us all...Jesus Christ.......deno.

Love is keeping ones Vows and Word....deno....share freely

......Love is keeping our vows and word to the people we say them to..
......Friends let us all (including me), be honest here....How we as a people and as a nation have fallen from the beautiful heights of true love.
......Only in mercy is there real hope. Law works wrath. Love has mercy....THANK GOD that GOD IS RICH IN MERCY....We need it....Ephesians 2..
......Have mercy upon us God according to your mercy. According to your lovingkindness...Heal our hearts. Heal our thinking....Heal our land....Restore unto us the joy of YOUR salvation and the joy of YOUR PRESENCE.....deno.

To Reveal His Love In Us.. This Changes Everything......deno.....share freely.

.......Jesus appeared to Paul with a purpose. To give Paul the spirit of wisdom and of revelation in the knowledge of God, His Son, and redemption. He also appeared to Paul to put Paul into ministry and to have him write and teach and preach all He was going to show him and REVEAL to him about God, about Jesus the Christ, about redemption and about the Church, the things of the Spirit of God and so many other things.
...... Those revelations. those things Jesus revealed to Paul were in abundance (2 Cor 12:7). One subject that Jesus gave the spirit of wisdom and of revelation to Paul about was Gods love, the greatness of Gods love revealed and fully expressed in Jesus Christ. Gods love was still not real clear in the land. The church was seeing Gods love in shallow levels. Seemed only John really had a deeper insight into Christ great love and John wrote in measure what he understood. But Paul was given the length, the breath, the depth and the height revelations of Christ love that passed natural human thought and understanding.He wrote some of that given light in Romans 5:5-11. What an awing edifying the believer revelation.
......In Ephesians chapter 3:14-21 Paul said that THE CHURCH must be STRENGTHENED by Gods Spirit in the inner man to know and understand the love of Christ that passeth knowledge. Yes he said THE CHURCH to grasp Christ love we must be strengthened by Gods Spirit to obtain the length, the width, the breadth, and the height of Gods love in Christ awing measure..
......Christ love is by no means a shallow measure that just anyone can comprehend, but one of such VAST DEPTHS OF GREATNESS that EVEN THE CHURCH HAS TO HAVE THEIR EYES OPENED TO IT and BE EMPOWERED TO COMPREHEND IT. And since the church must or has to be empowered by God to see it and comprehend it, then the world in its blindness by no normal natural means can know it, and they must depend on us THE CHURCH to unveil it to them in the form of light, works, deeds, wisdom, and power.
......Friends what if we as believers (as the church) never attained to such strengthening to see the full greatness of Christ incredible love? Would not that effect how we perceive God and effect the measure of how we understand this glorious good news gospel that we have given us in Christ Jesus and how we demonstrate the love of Christ with power in this world and to the world? It certainly would.
.......Church it is time for the bride of Christ to break thru this glass ceiling. Time to get to praying earnestly Pauls prayer in Ephesians 3:14-21 for ourselves and for all the saints..That we be STRENGTHENED BY GODS SPIRIT IN OUR INNER MAN to comprehend the length, the breadth, the width, and the height of the love of Christ which passeth normal reasoning and knowledge. When we reach that light level, Paul said the results will be this awesome grace glory. He said in verse 19 that those that obtain that higher lever of understanding Christ love will end up BEING FILLED WITH ALL THE FULNESS OF GOD in their life....WOW WOW WOW ...Glory to God...Im On....Join me in this prayer and its glory to come....Amen...PRAY without ceasing Ephesians 3:14-21....deno.

The Gospel is THE POWER OF GOD....deno....share freely.

......The gospel was planted and born, it grew up and flourished, it even took over people and nations that viciously wrestled and warred against it at the first. (Read that again listening).
......The word of the gospel my friends can bore thru rock. It can take root and grow up into great fruitfulness even from the most hardest dried up ground. It is the miracle producing power of God producing life and promises fulfilled even in the midst of the greatest resistance.
.......Gods word called the gospel is THE POWER OF GOD unto...unto salvation and unto many needs met.The gospel and all its promises just needs our faith to activate it's glory in our lives and nation. The mix of faith is the vital key. The power in the gospel is never the problem. The mix of real faith is.
.......Since therefore the gospel with its power and glory bore thru the rock of Christ grave and into the deadness of his crucified body and raised him from the dead, there exist no situation or circumstance that the word of the gospel which is the power of God cannot be applied to in faith that it cannot heal, mend, supply,or fix..
.......Therefore from the gospel are given unto us exceeding great and precious promises so that by the power of the glory of God in them, we can partake of the presence of the Spirit of Gods glorious power given us in Christ for life and godliness, filling us with a real and living hope each day and night for all situations.....Fear not Jesus told us and BELIEVE ONLY and he said then we would see THE GLORY OF GOD (The gospels powers)....deno.

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Thursday, May 4, 2017

Jesus said, "Be Believing or Be Perishing".....share freely.....deno.

......It did not matter how holy the people of Israel seemed to be, looked to be, or appeared to be. Jesus told them. If you do not believe that i am the Christ, you will perish in your sins (John 8:21-24))...In this Jesus was revealing that by the works and deeds of the Holy Law no man will be justified in the sight of God for no one could keep it perfectly. The just shall be justified by faith. Mix your hearts faith with Jesus Christ crucified for your sins and resurrected from the dead for your justification. Christ is Risen indeed. Jesus said to Israel His First Covenant People, "Be Believing or be perishing". He has said the same to the rest of the world (Mark 16:15-16)...This is the word of the Lord.

The Beauty and the Glory of our days and of our nights, and of our life, living, and being....deno....share freely

......The Beauty and the Glory and the Joy of our days, and of our nights, and of our life, living, and being is Jehovah, The Mighty God, The Great I Am, The Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, The Lord of Glory, The Lord of Heaven, The Lord Our Redeemer, The God of Our Salvation, The Lord our Wisdom, The Lord our Righteousness, The Lord our Strength, The Lord of Life Everlasting, The Eternal God, The Everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace, Abounding grace and peace multiplied. The love of God. The joy of the Lord. Christian unity and oneness. The word of the living God. The word of His grace that upholds us. The living GOOD NEWS in Christ. The gifts of the Holy Ghost. The truth that sets men free. The Anointing of the Holy Ghost and Power. The work of faith with power that magnifies and glorifies the Name of Jesus Christ. The riches of His grace and the presence of God that gives us fulness of Joy. The glory of the Lord. The heavenly latter rain. The precious fruit of the earth that God has patiently been waiting for. The Lord our Sanctifier and the God of our Sanctification in Christ Jesus.
.......The Beauty and the Glory and the Joy of our days and of our nights and of our life, living, and being is the Lord our Creator, The Lord our Designer and our Maker, The Intercessions of Christ and His Anointing, The Wisdom of God, The Living Word of God, The Great Counselor, The Spirit of the Lord, The Anointing of the Oil of Gladness, The Good News of Jesus Christ, The Angels glad tidings of great Joy. The Good Things Christ blood, death and resurrection speaks, The Wonderful God, The Holy One of Israel, The God of Abraham, Issac and of Jacob. The God of Moses, Joshua, King David, Solomon, Isaiah, Ezekiel, Daniel and Elijah. The God who raised our Lord and Savior Jesus the Anointed One from the dead. The God of St. Peter, John, Paul, Matthew and of all the Apostles.
.......The Beauty and the Glory and the Joy of our days, and of our nights, and of our Life, Living, and Being is Holy Holy Holy the Lord God Almighty. The Lord our Savior. The so great a salvation. The Works of the Father. The King of Israel. The King of kings and the Lord of lords. The Lord of Pure Light and the Greatest Love. The Lord our Deliverer, The God that Saves and heals and makes us whole forever. The Lord our Way, our Truth and The Lord our life and marvelous bright and shining Light. The Lord Jesus Christ who died for our sins punishment and rose again for our living hope and justification is the beauty and the glory and the Joy of our days and of our nights and of our life, living and being forevermore in Jesus Name. The Blessing of the Lord.....Amen & Amen.

........Make this one like your daily pledge of allegiance. If we all as Christians and as Americans made this our daily praise like our pledge of praise and allegiance, in time the whole nation would be full of Gods presence and glory. It starts as a small seed and ends up bigger than all trees in the land. But not without resistance and not without persecutions. The enemy will scream against this prayer and its birth pains will be felt, but oh how precious and deliciously sweet the fruit once it arrives......See and Read Mark 4:26-32.......SHARE FREELY.