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Jesus Prophesied Of This Generation.....Come Home.......deno.......share freely.

      The real problem seems to get shouted over in the arena of all this worlds present troubles and spin....We who are believers all know in our heart of hearts what the real problem is but to say so is Politically incorrect and seems to becoming more Pulpit Incorrect.....Jesus called it ABOUNDING SIN.....
      Let us be honest here. We are becoming more and more that evil and unfaithful, eyes full of adultery, eyes full of this worlds pleasures generation that Jesus said would mount up in the last days. Our generation may be the most arrogant, unholy, haughty, cocky, proud, self serving, loose, fleshly, spoiled, corrupt, sensual, vain, immoral, wicked, unfaithful, covenant vow breaking, evil tongued, pleasure seeking, money chasing, world craving generation that God has ever seen on earth. I know friend what you are thinking, but you know also THE TRUTH IS BEING SPOKEN HERE...
       The bible says that sin gives place to the devil in our lives and in our society....And Jesus also said that the devil given place to comes only but to lie, to deceive, cheat, murder, mislead, kill, steal, take down, take over, and to destroy. Even the religion of so titled peace, the great lie, their mission is to deceive, steal from, kill all and take over every nation on earth including America. They have spread themselves thru out the nations to rise in their lawless unruly mind and cause havoc to do this very thing at a given time even to the loss of their own lives as a so called sacrifice not knowing their acts of terror damn their own soul......
       God I pray we all find your Sons true light and love and in your mercy and holy ways we as ONE delight again. For Lord we have sinned so much and given Satan to much space and place these days and our world is feeling crept on by blood thirsty feet that we desire not. Forgive our sins and heal our land to the driving off of darkness, evil and of Satan...In Jesus Name.....Amen.....
       Wolves in sheeps clothing never come into the fold to become best friends with our children. They come to deceive them and then destroy them......deno

Our Saviors Return Draws Closer...Draw Close To Him.....deno.......share freely.

         Acts 8:32-33) The place of the scripture which he (the Enoch) was reading was this, "He was led as a sheep to the slaughter (To be sacrificed) and like a Lamb silent before his shearer, so Jesus opened not his mouth. 33) In His humiliation (Christ being mocked and whipped and crucified) his judgement was taken away; AND WHO SHALL DECLARE HIS GENERATION (The things Christ did in His lifetime on earth)? For his life was taken from the earth (He died and rose again and ascended from the earth back unto the Father)."Today over 2000 years later we are still declaring HIS GENERATION (The life and works and resurrection of Christ)... 
        Christ and His return from the heavens in great glory and power is getting closer and closer. The closer that day gets the more panic and crazy things will get on the earth. Hell will be severely stirred up as the day of their torment they see at the door. The bible tells us the reason. For Satan knows he has only a short time left until he, the author, inventor, and father of all lies, deceit, deceptions, false religions, false prophets, false hope and change, corruptions, murder, rape, envy, theft, rage, self exalting pride is put in those chains and into the wrath of God that is against him. 
       This pressure on Lucifer mentioned above, the world will feel more and more at an increase level manifested in its physical realm. It is very possible we on earth are feeling some of those waves now with all this strange disassembling of our and the worlds traditional traditions and strengths and by these past decades subtle foreign cultural invasions into Europe and America that promote evil in the name of good and darkness in the name of light, both in the name of the wicked religion of peace in our lands here and abroad backed by terror and threats of resisting them.. 
      Satan is sly and so crafty, and he sure knows how to deceive people in the name of peace and kindness, as if those words can hide the evil his false religion does all over the globe, that is now more and more plain for all to see. His own false religion crowds are lining and crowding every nation for a blood bath unless the powers that be WAKE UP. 
       Jesus warned us. In the last days, He said things will become so bad and so life threatening, that had those days not been shortened NO FLESH would have been left standing. Things are now unfolding toward the fulfillment of THOSE WORDS with after burners on. So now more than ever before cleave all our hearts to Jesus Chris the risen Son of God with unwavering faith, hope, and love....Amen....deno...share freely.

Those Spoiled Itching Ears......share freely....deno

      The spoiled brat cried, "but I don't want a carrot, I want Cheetos." I don't want an apple, I want cotton candy." A spoiled world and a spoiled church cries to their spokesmen and to their preachers, "I don't want the truth, all I want is for you to stand over there and feed my fantasy and my love and gain of this worlds treasures with lies and illusions and all I want you to say is there will be only PEACE, PEACE and MORE PEACE, and tell me there are no wolves amongst us even though Jesus told us there was. I pay your bills Mr. Preacher and I am your mega so JUST DO IT......Brothers and Sisters, We have to spread some salty salt or the whole thing will rot even faster. Have you become blind and muzzled by the money and the silver and the gold? Those spoiled Itching Ears.....Colossians 3:1-4 & Luke 21:31-36 & 1st John 2:15-17.....deno
The spoiled brat cried, "but I don't want a carrot, I want cheetos." I don't want an apple, I want cotton candy." A spoiled world and a spoiled church cries to their spokesmen and to their preachers, "I don't want the truth, all I want is for you to stand over there and feed my fantasy and my love and gain of this worlds treasures with lies and illusions and all I want you to say is there will be only PEACE PEACE PEACE and tell me there are no wolves amongst us even though Jesus told us there was. I pay your bills Mr. Preacher and I am your mega so JUST DO IT......Brothers ans Sisters, We have to spread some salty salt or the whole thing will rot even faster. Have you become blind and muzzled by the money and the silver and the gold?...Colossians 3:1-4 & Luke 21:31-36 & 1st John 2:15-17.....deno

The Sword of the Lord verses the Sword of the AntiChrist. The Sword of Light Verses the Sword of Darkness. The Fire & the Friction When Swords Collide.....WATCH VIDEO FIRST...deno....share freely.

       The enemies of Christ and him crucified and risen from the dead attacked His servants in the early years of the church tremendously. Threatening them. Terrorizing them. Hitting them. Beating them. Crucifying them. Mocking them. Laughing at them. Arguing with them. Feeding them to lions. Burning them at the stake and more as they told them in their stand against Jesus Christ and in their mysterious anger against the Lord and His Name how wrong they were etc.. As it is written, And they hated Jesus without a cause.
       Paul said part of his calling that he was graced by Jesus for was for the defense and for the confirmation of the gospel, of the truth that is in Christ that he himself learned the hard way when he was warring against Jesus and his Name and gospel. Paul said we must not back off of our defense of the gospel no matter the opposition and their treats. Paul was beaten, striped with whips, and imprisoned many different times showing and expressing his uncompromising love for Jesus, the One that showed Himself alive to him when he was headed to destroy the lives of Christians in the years his heart was blind. 
       After Paul saw and heard Jesus in his resurrection life and glory Paul could not deny the One who loved him and gave himself for him and that had great compassion and mercy upon him.....He could not back away from His stand for the gospel even if the whole world turned their combined forces and wrath on him. He said, In this calling I am crucified to the world and the world is crucified unto me. God nailed and fastened Pauls heart and life to preach to this world in darkness the light of Jesus Christ. He said, I MUST PREACH THE GOSPEL. He was nailed by God to this HIGH OBLIGATION AND CALLING.  What a calling is was and oh how faithful Paul was to Jesus and to the calling of Acts 26:14-18 & Acts 9:1-20. Eventually the world did spew out Paul from its mouth and killed Paul who would not DENY THE LORD that bought his soul with such great love as revealed in the wisdom of God concerning the cross of Christ.
      The beautiful woman in the video is precious to the Lord, her heart has been taken advantage of by the cunning wit of seducing spirits that deceives and upends the love that is in the gospel out of peoples hearts. Hopefully her eyes become reopened and her heart returns back to the Great Shepherd that loves her and gave his life for her. I pray she comes back home to Jesus THE SAVING TRUTH before its to late.
       Thru it all and I know it can be painful we must forgive and intercede for those who hurt us for our uncompromising stand for the love of the truth that is in Christ Jesus the light of Life....Hats off to the preacher. A mighty courages warrior for the truth that is in Christ...Jesus is Lord.
       Though God is love, PERFECT LOVE, yet now having evil in the creation brought into existence by Satan; light and darkness shall collide and that collision in the last days will be fierce and beyond any known friction or troubles ever before us since the beginning of creation (Jesus said that). Jesus also said, I have come into this evil world to give my life as a RANSOM for many. For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believeth in Him would not perish but have everlasting life. He said I have not come to condemn the world but that the world thru the blood of My Cross might be saved....Then later Jesus said in a private moment with His disciples, Think not that I have come to bring peace on earth at this time. I have come not at this time to bring peace on the earth but to bring a SWORD, and by this Sword frictions, wars, and divisions shall it cause. So much so that in some cases even a mans own enemies shall be that of his own household (Family), unto even the nations. The promise of the Everlasting Peace by Jesus Christ shall surely come but not until Jacobs troubles in the great tribulation has first fulfilled their days.

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The Dimensions of Gods Eternal Spirit......deno......share freely.

      How can I explain this. The God of the Creation is not in measure or stature 5"11 and 165 pounds, 2 feet wide and about a foot thick from back to front and that's it. The physical body that He cleaved Himself to and wove His Eternal Spirit into and unto was about those measurements give or take a few, but in Spirit the whole Creation moves and lives and has its being full of and totally surrounded by Gods Eternal Spirits Spiritual dimensions, reach, Presence, and measurements. The real length and the real breadth and the real height and depths of Gods Eternal Spirit is BEYOND MEASURE and our Calculations. 
      Christ physical body was in-housed and connected to by the Eternal Spirit to be as the faucet so to speak for the outpouring of the precious blood and Spirit of God upon us and into usward who believe and belong to Christ having our confidence in his redeeming blood, in his reconciling death, and in his justifying resurrection. For even though Christ is bodily right now seated in the throne of God at the right hand of the Father, His Eternal Spirits reach extends all the way from the Throne of God to the earth into the hearts of men and reaches even beyond all space and time lengths beyond the beginning of the Creation of the Universe. 
       How can one measure the size of no beginning of days neither ending of days. Always has been and ever shall be. Always everywhere, in every place all at the same time. That is big beyond our natural minds physical fathoming. There is no place or time in all eternity and in all creation where Christ is not. He is ever there, always has been there and ever shall be there. Where ever there is in light, Christ fills it up to overflowing with His Presence, with His Eternal Spirit. Now that my friend is HUGE beyond infinite scales.....deno.....share freely..

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Sermon: The Freedom of the Pulpit by Pastor Randy White....PolitiChicks Article......deno.

Houston Pastor Quotes Cap. Parker: “If They Want War, Let It Begin Here!”

PolitiChicks.comWith churches under attack, one Houston pastor is fighting back.

This Thursday I watched a very inspiring video of Pastor Randy White preaching to his congregation at the First Baptist Church in Katy, Texas, a community outside of Houston.
In a recent PolitiChicks article, I wrote about Houston’s first lesbian mayor, Annise Parker, who demanded that all pastors in the city turn over their sermons regarding anything about homosexuals or gender identity. If they refused they might be charged with Contempt of Court.
Pastor White stepped up to the plate in response to the mayor with his sermon, “The Freedom of the Pulpit: The Essential Right.” He begins by giving a mini history lesson of our Founding Fathers and our country being founded upon Judeo-Christian principles of faith, then stands firm as he addresses the mayor’s bizarre request—an infringement upon our Constitution’s First Amendment.
A banner on his church’s website reads: “Attention Mayor Annise Parker: Never, Never, Never.”
There are dozens of ‘golden nuggets’ in Pastor White’s sermon regarding how intent our government is to take away many of our freedoms—and Christianity is at the top of the list.
Please watch this video. It will inspire you to keep fighting for America—and fighting to keep our religious freedoms. I am thankful for the other three other pastors who are preaching the same theme as Pastor White, but let’s hope there are many more just like them: Pastor Jack Martin of Praise Assembly of God in Tampa/St. Petersburg, Florida; Pastor Cary Gordon of Cornerstone World Outreach in Sioux City, Iowa; and Pastor Jim Garlow of Skyline Church in San Diego.
Pastor White wraps up his sermon by saying, “The freedom of this pulpit is not a privilege granted by the U.S. Government. The freedom of this pulpit is granted unto God.” He ends with a quote by Captain John Parker, who said on April 19, 1775 in Lexington: “Stand your ground. Don’t fire unless fired upon. But if they want to have a war let it begin here.”

Lainie Sloane
About the Author
California PolitiChick Lainie Sloane started her grassroots political activism as a Teen Age Republican (TAR) when she was 14 years old, helping her local College Republicans. In addition to serving on various local and state campaign committees and managing GOP Campaign Headquarters for two presidential elections, Lainie was awarded an Indiana Honorary Indiana Secretary of State for her extraordinary leadership skills and dedication to maintaining our freedoms. After she married Los Angeles native and former entertainer, J.P. Sloane, Lainie worked in management at Sony Pictures, Walt Disney Company, Warner Bros. Animation and assisted in the development and start-up of a retro record label with Dick Clark Productions and Brown Sugar Productions. Recently, her political activities consisted of being on the leadership team for California Assemblyman Tim Donnelly's gubernatorial campaign and co-hosted a Blog Talk Radio Show, Vast Right Wing Conspiracy. She resides in Southern California with her husband, Dr. J.P. Sloane and their daughter, Shannon Sloane, where she is a music publishing business consultant and works as an insurance broker and assists her husband, Dr. Sloane, in the final editing stages of his book, The God of the Bible Is Not Allah, a condensed three-volume course exposing Islam, including select sûrahs from the Koran in a parallel Bible-Koran format. Lainie can be contacted at and on Twitter @LainieSGP.

America, There's Your Sign.....VOTE.....deno......share freely.

......Every Republican candidate wants Romney to be with them on their campaign trail and no wonder. They all know Romney is a great leader, a man of honor, AN HONEST HEART, and a Patriot, loving God and Country the traditional way, and that he in his integrity and honesty told us the truth back in 2012, while the president and his left funded media machine lied, lied, and lied even more, and deceived many in the nation with their spin of the truth and we are all now bearing the burden of carrying those lies, delusions, cover ups, and with all that misleading spin now in our nation....Now that is one packed sentence of THE TRUTH and HISTORICAL RECORDED FACTS......
........While the democrat candidates are distancing themselves from the President and his failed policies and from all the lies, the scams, the cover ups, and truth dodging which have been the ways of and are THE POLICIES of THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY...The Republican candidates are all wanting and inviting and welcoming Mitt Romney THE MAN OF INTEGRITY, HONESTY, and HONOR with them on all their campaign events. ....There's Another Sign America..
........America let us not be deceived again. If their own know that their policies and their leadership failed and they want to DISTANT THEMSELVES from the President, this means also they know their policies have failed the nation and the dream was A LYING WONDER and not Power House Leadership but was based on high deception PERIOD (REMEMBER)....Voters THERE'S YOUR OTHER SIGN....Remember his PERIOD SPEECH....The Democratic party speech makers were involved in that speech and in it's delivery..It was founded on MORE LIES that he and they were fully aware of to get the President and the Democratic Party re-elected....Hello.
.........We must DISTANCE OURSELVES FROM THEM.....Far Far away from them.....Vote for the RIGHT and not for the FAILED LEFT......and lets find that document called the Constitution and tape it back together and put this nation back on GODS TRACK and on the track that our founding fathers laid for this nations unstoppable course to peace, strength, and to personal and national prosperity. 

      (Extra....How? By The American Dream and by that Good ol God Ordained and God Blessed Thing He Called Honest Work. God blessed Adam and Eve and gave them the garden and then He Himself carried them and put them in the garden and then God instituted work as a way of the life and course of all men. He told them, "Now Till It." That means to work it. They were not to just go sit in a shade somewhere and wait for that pear tree to throw them some pears as they laid back in the shade. They were not to be lazy like that, such was ungodly. They were to go and pick and gather up for themselves the fruit, and herbs, and vegetables and to prepare for themselves the SUPPER FEAST. 
       Work is Gods Instituted Way For All Men. Do Something Friend, Something. And in the fear of the Lord be sure THAT SOMETHING you do is acceptable unto God.) Jesus said, Some gathered much. Some gathered little. But at least they were out there involved GATHERING.  At lest they were obeying God and were out there TILLING. Friend, you can do this. God created you to Till, not to steal. (John 10:10).
         God said. God said. God said, "Blessed is the Nation whose God is the Lord." I have had enough of all these negative curses we all can see going on in our society and in our nation due a whole lot in part to this anti God, and anti America, socialist democratic President and Party delusional agenda that removes the PRECIOUS PRESERVING SALT from our society. Yes they are the PARTY that bood God at their last democratic convention.......share freely......VOTE. CONSERVATIVE....VOTE GOD AND COUNTRY.......VOTE REPUBLICAN.....VOTE.

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And With Christ We Sat Down Lesson Information #2......deno.......share freely.

       We found out in lesson #1 that Paul who served God with his spirit and who was spiritually minded was talking from the Spirit of Christ in him about the spirit of man that is in us. He was comparing spiritual things with spiritual (1 Corinthians 2:12-16). We learned that James 2:26 tells us that the spirit of man is real and that our bodies without the spirit in them die. Recall with me when Jesus on the Cross had paid the full price in His own blood for our sins punishment, the bible says Jesus cried out and said that IT IS FINISHED, and right afterwards Jesus said, Father into Your hands I entrust MY SPIRIT. When it is time for our bodies to die as well, we who believe and belong to Christ can say the same words to the Father concerning OUR SPIRIT. Stephen did just that (Acts 7:58-60).
        We also found out that Jesus in John chapter 3 was speaking of the spirit of man and that he called the spirit of man (MAN). We know that in heaven, in the paradise of God, in the city of the King of glory there is the Spirit of the Lord, there are the spirits of diverse angelic beings, AND THAT IN HEAVEN THERE IS THE SPIRITS OF MEN AND OF WOMEN AND OF CHILDREN WALKING AROUND IN GLORY IN FELLOWSHIP WITH THE GREAT KING IN THE GREAT CITY AND WORSHIPING IN THE GREAT CONGREGATION. Together they are called THE HEAVENLY HOST. The spirits of Gods heavenly realm. God is a Spirit. Angels are ministering spirits. Man is spirit, soul, and body (1 Thessalonians 5:23). But in heaven right now we are spirit and soul. We were created to enjoy all the realms of the creation of God, the spiritual and the physical. This was our God given us created glory and authority.
       Speaking of authority let us gaze further into this subject of AUTHORITY for a few moments in this lesson #2. This is needful and important light here that needs to shine on us. This information will help us as we seek and find more of the hidden treasures of Ephesians 2:1-10 which is our studies text. This very subject reveals and explains a whole lot to us about the fall of Adam and how his fall, his sin effected all mankind like a NEGATIVE FREE GIFT passed on and transferred to us by spirit from spirit, flesh from flesh transfer and hand off, by seed and by birthing without our own works involved in the transfer that occurs when we are conceived and born. And this information also helps us see how Jesus Christ who came down from heaven and BECAME for us the SECOND ADAM, how his redeeming, reconciling, restoring works from the Cross back to the throne blessed and POSITIVELY EFFECTED you and I. Which is also called ETERNAL REDEMPTION, and the so GREAT A SALVATION.
        None of us nowhere, gives birth to our self. NO ONES OWN WORKS HAS EVER CAUSED ONES OWN SELF TO BE BORN......Not on earth and not in heaven. On earth we are all from and born of Adam and his seed who was every bit created and born from God and His Words which are GODs Seeds. God gave Adam His image and His likeness by His Words that in-houses all Gods information which He transfers out of Himself into things to create matter and all things including MAN. Adam was to transfer that same holy information Image and that same HOLY SINLESS LIKENESS to us from the seed where in the glory for that holy information and holy nature transfer was in-housed and stored for sacred safe keeping and transfer when Adam would know his wife.  The information that formed and created all three parts of Adam spirit,k soul, and body came forth from the Spirit of God and was released thru God Speaking. The same thing man does. He transfers His beings information, his beings image and likeness by seed also, but not by spoken seed but by pleasure knowing his wife.
        When Adam sinned he betrayed God, and the sacred trust; He betrayed us, and the sacred equation, formula, and information that God used to form Adam and us and create us in His perfect holy sinless image and likeness. When Adam sinned, that sin he committed changed and rearranged that holy information line up and Adam became a cursed creature. Things in him and in his being changed dramatically and all that change, the biological change and the spiritual change was all together re-figured and recalculated and freshly stored in the physical and heavenly DNA information and man fell lower than the angels even to the taste of death, hell and the grave.
       The sin of Adam caused the curse and that curse was the change in all the information arrangement that God used to create us in His sinless holy image and likeness and a serious virus so to speak was placed in on the creation equation and the original formula that man was created with was changed for the worse. This was Adams NEGATIVE gift to us so to speak by flesh from flesh DNA  connection transfer AND spirit to spirit image transfer. In other words, the way Adam went and what he became in the spirit and in the soul and in the body whether of life or of death, whether of blessing or of cursing, so WENT THE OFFSPRING by the seed transference connection that connects US ALL to the first Adam. All this was in the reach of Adams God given him authority. If he chose life and blessing, life and the blessing remained. If he chose sin, then curse and death would become him. He had the power to lay it all down or to keep it all happy and safe. This was his God given him crown of glory and honor and Adam was highly created in an image whereby he could safely handle such a high calling of responsibility with joy and ease and great pleasure. But in the temptation, Adam sinned and he betrayed all of his crown and Satan took it up and wore it until the resurrection of Christ (Matthew 28:16-18).
                                    * * * * * * * * * * * * 
                               ......more information.......
      His (ADAMS) condition whether good or bad would directly effect our condition as his offspring, for God had untrusted unto Adam THE KEYS (THE AUTHORITY) to the kingdom and all the children of the kingdom to come. This was the GREAT ENTRUSTMENT. He gave the FIRST ADAM the full authority and blessing to bring forth all the sons and daughters of God to come. God let go of the keys and He gave Adam  those keys which included that incredible blessing and authority to conceive and give birth to the children of God, to the reach of the replenishing of the whole earth and beyond. 
       God created Adam with us INSIDE THE SACRED BAG, in the precious bag of the HOLY SINLESS SEED and Eve He created with that precious secondary dust of the earth called the womb, THE PHYSICAL AND THE SPIRITUAL GARDEN OF THE SEEDS PLANTING for the offspring to come from. "Be fruitful and multiply, God said to Adam and Eve and replenish the earth". Populate the world that I have blessed you with and given under your AUTHORITY. Till it and maintain it and keep it all safe along with the up and coming tillers that you will give birth to "MY CHILDREN". Into your hands Adam and Eve I entrust everything even to the half of My own kingdom. I entrust unto you the spirits and the souls of the offspring to come. Into YOUR HANDS I give the keys to the kingdom. As it is written, Jesus said, Fear not little flock, for it gives your heavenly Father good pleasure to GIVE YOU THE KINGDOM. And yet that kingdom was prepared for all of us from the beginning of the world, but was lost to us at the fall of Adam.
       At that point when God let go and let Adam have the keys, that authority transfer, had Adam simply obeyed Gods one warning, that one commandment which was totally and easily doable, all of us would be living in a paradise world of heaven on earth every day with not a speck of the curse, and every spirit would automatically be ALIVE unto God in a divine sinless, holy Spirit in spirit  connection and delicious joy filled fellowship from the womb as John the Baptist was from his mothers womb. It is written, and John was filled with the Spirit of God (our heavenly Father) from his mothers womb. However, oh how all things changed after Adam did the unthinkable. His sin cause his spirit to undergo change, a change called spiritual death. His spirit change from a holy spirit that was in its original state created in righteousness and pure holiness into an unclean, defiled, unholy, ungodly spirit patterned after the image of the evil spirit of the tempter that tempted him into disobedience and into that horrific heaven shocking Jesus crucifying transgression. Jesus had to come and deliver us from this death of our spirits and of our bodies curse. AND YOU (by Jesus Christ) HATH GOD MADE ALIVE who were dead in trespasses and sins......We will discuss this more in the next segment called....And With Christ We Sat Down Lesson #3. God bless you.......deno......share freely.


Thursday, October 23, 2014

And With Christ We Sat Down, Explained...Lesson Information #1.......deno.......share freely.

            In the 2nd chapter of Pauls writings to the Ephesians, the reality of UNMERITED FAVOR, UNMERITED FREE GIFTS, UNMERITED GRACE is GREATLY REVEALED AND SEEN IN VISUAL FORM. We see the power of God at work in the works and redeeming steps of Christ from the Cross to the Throne and how those works,  HIS WORKS and TRAVELS from the Cross to the Throne Blessed us and Effected Us. In all that light we also see the VERY foundation of what was meant by Paul in Colossians 2:10) wherein we read these beautiful words of assurance, "And you are COMPLETE in Him (In Christ)." That word COMPLETE here means the full measure reached as to be able to SIT DOWN and ENTER INTO REST. It means NOTHING LACKING. It also means YOU HAVE ARRIVED. You need not go elsewhere. Your fully clothed. YOU ARE COMPLETE. So with our minds fastened right now on the words of Paul that say WE ARE COMPLETE IN CHRIST, let us go to Ephesian 2:1-10 right now and study the actual foundational platform of Pauls God given wisdom from which those words were launched.
        In Ephesians 2 vs 1, Paul being COMPLETE IN CHRIST MINDED and RISEN WITH CHRIST MINDED (Colossians 3:1-4) as revealed to him by Christ (Galations 1:11-12), Paul immediately sets the stage for his revelation that eternal life and salvation is the GIFT OF GOD and not of THE WORKS of the Law performed by men. Lets notice what he said. vs1) And you God has....woe....let's stop right there and lets let those words sink in, grip and lay holt on to our thinking....What did we read? "And you GOD HAS....And you GOD HAS.....GOD HAS......GOD HAS..... I like that. He did not say that the world has done something. He did not start out saying that we have done something. He did not write about the accomplishments that we have done thru our deeds or works of the law or of natural human kindness.  No, Paul starts out saying immediately what God himself HAS DONE and that which GOD HAS DONE he reveals has all been wrought FOR US and has been done TO US who BELIEVE and BELONG to CHRIST. He said AND YOU GOD HAS MADE ALIVE.....
         God, Paul said, has made us alive. Externally in the flesh these words make no natural sense and cannot be (in the natural logic and reasoning of the fleshes carnal mind understood properly, nor connected to. But when we depart from the mind of the flesh and enter into the mind of the spirit, and into the understanding zone of the reality of our spirit within the flesh (James 2:26), it is then and only THERE these words make sense and fully connect to us their light and meaning.....So with our spirit, the hidden man of the heart (1 Peter 3:4) on the forefront of our thinking lets read it again.  But the Lord says hold on a second, there is more I want said first before........
        (Remember God is a Spirit and they that worship Him must worship, sup, and fellowship with Him in Spirit and in Truth. Remember John in the book of Revelations said, and immediately I was IN THE SPIRIT and in the Spirit I SAW and I HEARD. We to (now), must in our minds understanding, BE NOW SPIRIT MINDED and zoned in the spirit, to understand these words of Paul concerning the spirit of man and how Christ from the Cross to the Throne blessed and effected him (OUR SPIRIT). Not our flesh, but our spirit man, THE REAL MAN in heaven. The man that lives on when the body has itself died.  The part Jesus called the Son of Man that is in heaven. This was a heavenly thing of HIS SPIRIT. Every day Jesus' Spirit was in the kingdom of God, in the Holy Ghost, totally walking with and in perfect contact and fully in tuned to His Father who was ON THE THRONE, but was also WITHIN HIM. The Father is in Me, Jesus said, and i am in the Father. When we pray, our Father which art IN HEAVEN,  we in the Spirit are IN the HEAVENLY REALM OF GOD THE FATHER at the Throne in the Spirit and HIS SPIRIT is in us. We two have become ONE SPIRIT. God is with us in the spirit on earth, and we are with the Lord in heaven in the spirit.
        Remember Jesus said, Fear not those that can kill the body but after that have no power. But fear Him who is able to kill both the body and THE SOUL/SPIRIT in hell. Jesus knows the difference between the flesh of man and the spirit of man. After all we were designed and created by him, BY JESUS CHRIST. Hebrews 1:1-3, Colossians 1:16-17, John 1:1-14.
      Jesus said HIS WORDS were spirit, of the Spirit of God and for the spirit of man. He said MY WORDS that I speak are spirit and they are life. They are life giving and they give life and they MAKE ALIVE the spirit. The flesh they are not about. Jesus also taught that heavenly things, things of Gods Spirit and things of Angels spirits, and things of mans spirit and soul  and of heaven ARE REAL. He called the spirit of man *MAN* in John 3. He said unless Mans spirit is born again (THAT MEANS RE MADE ALIVE) then that soul & spirit cannot enter into the kingdom of heaven. SO we see in this that being born again, ( being made alive in the spirit ) AN ENTRANCE COMES WITH IT.
      So being more spirit within minded lets now approach our text of Ephesians 2:1-10. I feel God wanted those extra words above and their light stated before we went further.
        And you (YOUR SPIRIT MAN INSIDE YOU) God has MADE ALIVE. As people who believe and belong to Christ, our inner man, the hidden man of the hearth, THE SPIRIT OF OUR BEING (James 2:26) that lives on beyond the bodies death is A NEW CREATURE (2 Corinth 5:16-17). This means something beautiful and wonderful has happened to him our INNER MAN and this new making of Him as a NEW CREATION means that he is BY GOD beautifully and wonderfully made and has been MADE ALIVE.....more to come in lesson #2.....deno......share freely.

YES THIS I BELIEVE......I Believe in a Hill Called Mount Calvary [Live]

Believing To The Finish Line......deno.....share freely.

            It is written for our edification that Abraham believed what God said and promised to him and God "the highest authority" accounted Abrahams faith, HIS BELIEVING, as HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS. Paul revealed to us in his writings that Abraham was called righteous before God (BY GOD HIMSELF) by his faith BEFORE THE LAW WAS EVER GIVEN  and before he was even circumcised, and that his  circumcision was a work of his faith that he ALREADY HAD when he was not yet circumcised. So as it is written in the scriptures that cannot fail in truth in Romans 14:23...whatsoever is done not in faith IS SIN. Abrahams heart  was believing, was already in faith before and when the foreskin of his flesh was cut.
        Believing, the believing of the heart is to God a PRIORITY THING. Even as it is written in Hebrews 11:6) Without faith (the believing of the heart) it is impossible to please God. And what is faith? Hebrews 11:1 tells us that faith is a spiritual substance. It is the substance of things hoped for and it is the assurance of things not seen. It is the assurance of the heart that what I have been told is true and I BELIEVE IT.
       Isaiah the prophet foreseeing by the Holy Ghost the gospel to come said "Who has BELIEVED our report? And to whom has the Arm of the Lord been revealed? (Isaiah 53) The arm of the Lord is Christ and His gospel. Jesus said in Mark 16:15 -16) Go into all the world to all the nations and PREACH THE ARM OF THE LORD (THE GOSPEL) to EVERY CREATURE. The ones that BELIEVE and are baptized SHALL BE SAVED.....but the ones that do not believe the good report shall be damned. (Unbelief is so powerful and that it can stop the mercy of God, the redeeming saving power of God that is in the CROSS OF RIGHT to not be able to do anything for those of unbelief, for those who do not believe. This is also confirmed in Hebrews 4:3) For unto us was the gospel (THE ARM OF THE LORD) preached, as well as unto them; but the WORD preached did not PROFIT THEM, not being MIXED WITH FAITH in them that heard it preached.
       The prophet Habakkuk also spoke of faith and unbelief in his words in Habakkuk 1:5) The Lord said...Look at the nations and watch and be utterly amazed. For I am going to do a work in your days that you will not believe even though it is told you.
This was spoken of the fact that the Lord of heaven, The Son of God by whom God made the worlds (Hebrews 1:1-5), The Word Himself WAS GOING TO BECOME FLESH (John 1:14) and dwell on earth in Israel. Then at the appointed time be revealed as the Lord by the Spirit of the Lord given him without measure as seen in three years filled with miracle after miracle of signs and wonders and healing and miracles. His Word the bible says was WITH POWER.
        Yet despite all the signs and the wonders that no other man ever did, still yet most of Israel eventually turned away from Jesus in unbelief just as their forefathers did in the wilderness after seeing the MIGHTY SIGNS GOD WROUGHT when he delivered them with HIS STRONG ARM from Pharaoh and Egypt. The scriptures declare, they saw the miracles, they saw the Sea divide and they walked in the midst thereof on dry ground. Then on the other side they saw the army of Egypt pursuing them and they saw the STRONG ARM OF THE LORD LIFTED and the waters fell heavily upon their enemies. What a sight. Still yet a few weeks later their hearts lost faith and in their hearts the scriptures say they went backwards in unbelief (THE GOLDEN CALF SIN of UNBELIEF) and God became angry with that generation. In His displeasure God made all that generation die off before He allowed their children to enter into the promise land.
        Paul by the Holy Ghost wrote of a similar departure of those who once believed (THE GOSPEL) falling backwards into unbelief in the LAST DAYS. 2 Thessalonians 2:3)  As he wrote by the foreseeing eyes of the Lord in him he said of the second coming of the Lord...Let no man deceive you by any means, for THAT DAY shall not happen until their first comes a FALLING AWAY FIRST, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition. In 1st Timothy 4:1) we hear these words of Paul again saying....The Spirit of the Lord speaks expressly that in the latter times some will depart from the faith (from the truth of the gospel) giving heed to truth seducing spirits and their deceiving doctrines.
       Friends let us not be partakers of this falling away (THE MOVE OF UNBELIEF) from the Lord that occurs in the last days by some. For Hebrews 3:12-14 warns and exhorts us concerning this matter. It reads, vs 12) Take heed brethren lest there be in any of you AN EVIL HEART OF UNBELIEF in departing from the living God (Christ Risen from the dead). 13) But exhort one another each day, while you have TODAY, lest your faith grows cold thru the effects of the deceitfulness of sin. 14) For we are MADE PARTAKERS of Christ, IF we remain fastened firmly to Christ our confidence from the beginning all the way to the finish line.
        And what do we hold firm to no matter what happens in this world. We believe and hold firm to our faith, believing that Jesus Christ is the Messiah. That Jesus is the Lord. That He is the Christ the Son of the loving and living God and that He went to the Cross and bled and died for our sins and three days later God raised Jesus from the dead and raised him back up into glory itself and sat him down at His own right hand as the STRONG SAVING ARM OF THE LORD. And that he is going to return the next time in great power and glory from the heavens with the mighty angels to deliver us with His Strong Arms Again in a greater measure than what the dividing of the Red Sea preached concerning eternal redemption. This our hearts believe and this faith is counted unto us as OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS as Abrahams was in his walk by faith in his life time (Read Romans 10:1-17).. This gospel truth we believe in our heart in all we do in the name of the Lord everyday, and in the work God has called us unto, and everywhere God sends us and everywhere we go......deno.....share freely.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Full Movie...Jesus of Nazereth.....Enjoy.....deno.....share freely.

Casting Down ALL IMAGINATIONS To The Obedience Of Christ......deno......share freely.

     This is much of the core of what the Spirit of the Lord is doing and will be doing in the world and in us the church in these last days....2 Corinthians 10:3-6)...vs 5) With the Holy Ghost and Fire God will be Casting down imaginations (fantasies, theories, presumptions, worldly deceiving dreams, false doctrines, false beliefs, false religions, religious illusions, delusions) and casting down every high thing (false gods, false deities, deceitful lust, perverse reasoning  and more) that exalts itself against the knowledge of God in Christ, and bringing into captivity (IN OUR THOUGHT LIFE AND THINKING) every thought to get in line with the obedience of Christ (Also into agreement with Jesus Christ and His Cross & Resurrection....He will be working mightily in the church THIS SANCTIFICATION and in the world that they might be saved THRU FAITH IN THE CROSS OF CHRIST AND HIS RESURRECTION.
       God will be HIGHLY MAGNIFYING THE CROSS OF CHRIST and HIS RESURRECTION GLORY UNTO US IN THESE LAST DAYS and the Power thereof and Readying the church and the world for The Judgements.....Will we stand or fall?.....deno.

Jesus and Him Crucified Is Gods Mirror. It's Image Reflects the Truth.....deno......share freely.

       It is only when we realize how ugly we are as being sinners that our eyes can truly be opened to how beautiful Jesus Christ and Him crucified is. But as long as you think your self righteousness is beautiful in the mirror that you are looking in, you will not see how beautiful Christ is and the gift of righteousness is, which is given to us freely by faith in his sufferings and atoning blood. 
       Jesus and him crucified is GODS MIRROR...It's picture tells the true story of how we all look, both Jews and Gentiles, before God outside of the Cross of Christ...All over the world in all nations, people are looking in the wrong mirrors and by what those cultural mirrors tell them, they are ok, they are beautiful, and have no need of Jesus Christ and the blood of His Cross......
      But God from the Cross of Christ preaches to all the world a different message. God says to the Jew first and then to all of us Gentile nations, Only those washed in Christ, His Sons blood are beautiful in Gods sight....Only those who have Christ as their life and righteousness as a gift from God by grace look beautiful in the eyes of the Lord. (Colossians 3:1-4 & 1 Corinthians 1:29-31)....
      Come to Christ the Son of God so that your sinful ugliness can be blotted out and the beauty of the Lord revealed in you......deno......share freely.

Jesus Keep Me Near The Cross...Faith In Christ and Him Crucified and Risen from the dead OUR ETERNAL RIGHTEOUSNESS........deno.....share freely.

Romans 10:1-4) Paul the apostle is writing.....

      Brethren, My heart's desire and prayer for Israel is, THAT THEY MIGHT BE SAVED..(the children of Israel-THE CHOSEN PEOPLE- had become lost like the rest of the world. They had fallen away from the movements of God, His Word of Prophecy fulfillment's, and grace. The Lord as He foretold them suddenly was in Israel visiting His people as the Christ, in their temple as a man, and they rejected Him as Isaiah foretold they would, and then crucified him in their unbelief-Isaiah 53:1-6)....... 
        2) For I bear them record, (I can say this about them), that they HAVE A ZEAL for God (passionate about God), but not according to knowledge,(not according to Gods proper understanding). (So what was their problem? Where had they missed God? It was all in the area of knowledge & proper understanding concerning Christ)......
        vs3) For they (Israel) being ignorant of(blind to), of God's righteousness, and going about (in their religion of exalting THE LAW OF MOSES) to establish their own righteousness (Self righteousness, reward by their doings of the LAW instead of by faith in the doings of the Cross of Christ and His sufferings, and his bloods redeeming effects given us as a FREE GIFT). They going about to establish their own righteousness, HAVE NOT SUBMITTED THEMSELVES (that was the problem, they on this matter had not submitted their understanding to Gods understanding concerning Christ and the free gifts God gave us all thru him, thru the rewards of HIS SUFFERINGS), THEY HAD NOT SUBMITTED THEMSELVES unto the RIGHTEOUSNESS OF GOD. 
        (What was this righteousness of God that Israel failed to SUBMIT themselves to?) Here it is in vs 4)... For Christ is THE END of righteousness by the keeping of the Law to EVERYONE THAT BELIEVES....Believes What? Go and Read Romans 10: vs 5-13) ......believes basically that God had become a man and was dwelling amongst them in Christ. And that as a man He died for the punishment of their sins and rose again from the dead for their new real hope by grace. This VISITATION Israel DID NOT BELIEVE and their unbelief caused them to be severed from and separated from God. From that point on for Israel, to God it did not matter how intense or devoted they were about their keeping the commandments of the Mosaic Law or their physical circumcision. God had Himself visited HIS PEOPLE IN CHRIST and they rejected this truth in unbelief. So they going about to establish their own righteousness by the Law of commandments when they had rejected and crucified the LAW GIVER that had become flesh and dwelt amongst them as Christ, in their unbelief all those rules and laws they kept did not profit them anything from that rejection point on. Faith in Christ blood power, his deaths power and purpose, his resurrection power and purpose was the NEW RIGHTEOUSNESS ORDERED BY GOD to ALL NATIONS starting first in Israel then to the Gentile Nations.....deno......share freely.

       It is by faith that it would be by grace so that the promise would be sure to all THE SEED, them that believe like Abraham....Abraham believed what God promised him and his faith God called his righteousness....When we accept Christ by faith, believing in our heart that Jesus came down from heaven, Became a man in the virgin Mary. In the proper time Jesus laid down his life for us. He died for our sins and rose again for our justification by grace thru faith WE SHALL BE JUSTIFIED and our faith God Himself accounts as OUR ETERNAL RIGHTEOUSNESS. Christ becomes our all in all, even our every acceptable and good thing as written in 1st Corinthians 1:29-31....Amen.....This Is Salvation..

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Satan said, I Will Exalt Myself.......share freely......deno.

     Contrary to the mind and thinking and spirit of this world and it's present self exalting ways, we were not created to be worshiped. We were not created to be idolized...... Please remember this. Satan wanted that and look where it got him.....Do you remember?....How art thou fallen from heaven o Lucifer? You said in your heart, I WILL EXALT MYSELF.........Jesus said. I saw Satan fall from heaven like lightning.......share freely......deno.

Those Most Embarassing SIns......share....freely.

        In this wrestling and in this stirring that comes upon me in these quiet times with the Lord, I try to get quiet before him exercising my faith in a reach to receive from Him light, wisdom, and insight by which I write these writings from.
        Being one that has been forgiven MUCH, it's seems He wants to use me along with many of you and others also as well, as to speak thru us His message and mercies to others of our generation who have committed before Him the same sins we have and have committed even the most embarrassing sins FOR THEY ARE MANY THAT HAVE.  In all this selfishness  we have broken even our children's hearts in these selfish sins, and others have confused the children of the world also with their abominable sins.. 
         It seems to me if I am reading Him right, that the Lord is saying that there are many millions in our nation, male and female that want to come to God thru Christ and be set free from all their heavy guilt and shame from their heavy weight sins, but they feel they have gone to far into the most flesh indulging sin and even witch craft works of a satanical kind for God to love them, pardon them and forgive them. So these, being so filled with shame, they lose heart and in hopelessness they roam as slaves to even more degrading and unlawful sins of the flesh and of darkness as spoken in the Ten commandments of God and in the many others....
      But friends Jesus said, WHOSOEVER WILL let them come unto me...He said, WHOSOEVER WILL let them come and drink of the waters of life freely.....Whosoever means WHOSOEVER.....Whosoever means, Strippers, Teasers, Satanist, Witches, Humanist, Atheist, Adulterers, Fornicators, Liars, Thieves, Porn Stars, Gay People, Whore mongers, Gossipers, Deceivers, Covenant Breakers, Murderers, Rapist, Immoral People, and he calls even the so called good people also although Jesus said that there is no one good but GOD....
      So friend come back home and let this promise be fulfilled in you spoken by the Prophet Isaiah 54:4-10 & Isaiah 55:1-7...Return unto the Lord for He swore to Abundantly Pardon us.......deno.....share freel,
       Whom Jesus Pardons and sets free is PARDONED, FORGIVEN, AND SET FREE INDEED....AMEN.

When God Shows Up In The End......deno......share freely.

      Notice what happens to all the vain, to all the arrogant, haughty, proud filled people on the earth in the day God shows up in the great and terrible day of the Lord....Revelations 6:12-17)....the heavens departed and they no longer hid the face of the glory of God and His Exceeding Power from men.....Every mountain and hiding place was removed.....15) And the kings (Big Shots) of the earth, and the great men (Stars and the powerful) and the rich men (Millionaires & Billionaires), and the chief captains (Generals of the great worlds war machines) and the mighty men (All who are or think themselves to be important in this world) and every slave and every free man (Rich, poor, slave or free, the powerful or the weak on that day they all cried this same cry about to be heard)...they all together in total weakness ran and hid themselves in the dens and in the rocks of the mountains....16) And cried aloud to the mountains and to the rocks, FALL ON US, and hide us from the FACE OF HIM THAT SITS ON THE THRONE and from THE WRATH of the LAMB (Yes that is Jesus. Jesus can GET VERY ANGRY WITH MEN AND WOMEN who are vain, and proud, and haughty, and arrogant and who care not to repent.) 
       No matter how rich we are in this world and no matter what seat of power and might we sit in or think we sit in. In that day all run like fright filled chickens when GOD takes HIS STAND in the most unhidden way....
       People are proudful and arrogant now. But all that disappears THAT DAY.......All that Yo, and all that YEA, and all that wrap, and all that rock, and all the songs of sins pleasures, and all that look at me is destroyed in one hour forever.....THANK GOD shall say all the remaining creation......
        Once it is all cleared away, then shall decency rule and the love of God forever reign in the hearts of the remaining in heavens unselfish manner and grace. We shall be one heart and one mind forever with Christ and the Father. Be sure to be among the redeemed of the Lord in that day (Romans 10:8-13)....deno.....share freely.

The Adulteress Shall Seek Thy Precious Life.....share freely......deno

She said she loved me, but I told her I was taken.
She said that matters not, for my vows I've forsaken.
I said your crazy, please let me be.
She said I cannot, for my name is adultery.

Sin has a name. Sin has a price.
Please don't learn the hard way.
Rather learn Gods way.

Simply don't do it and live in peace.
Satan roams the earth, all souls to keep......poem by deno.

Hell Had Come To Man......share freely.....deno.

      Just think of it. The human ear and the human heart was designed to never have heard the word sin or to experience what sin was and its cursing effects in any way, shape, or form.. We were designed in all 3 parts, spirit, soul, and body with all innocents, to walk with God EVER BLESSED, and without sin, and to run with the angels in holy perfection rich in child like faith and joy. My how things went south that day in the garden. Jesus Christ and him crucified tells us how bad things turned for the worse for man and how bad things got out of hand.
     When Christ and him crucified and his horrific, ripping sufferings was the only remedy, you know the situations problem was EXTREME......Hell that was created for the devil and his angels had come to man.....And we needed a Savior....Then came these precious words, Matthew 1:21) And the virgin shall conceive and bring forth a Son, and you shall call his name Jesus; for he shall save his people from their sins. This is the purpose of the blood of His Cross. Christ was born to give his life as a ransom for man.....deno.....share freely.