Thursday, May 26, 2016

American Nationalist vs the Globalist......deno....share freely.

       The American Loving Nationalist of the Trump Party verses the globalist who sell out our nation to foreigners and the world. As America Loving Nationalist WE THE PEOPLE want borders to save America and to put America and the citizens of America First as was intended by our founding fathers written in the Constitution.....THEY (the globalist) DON'T....By the globalist comes all this violence and vandalism. They even fund the protest and pray for the violence to occur in hope that the All American Loving Nationalist (Trump & The Trump Train) will fear and step down....BUT WE SAY NEVER.....We are fed up with what you have been doing to OUR COUNTRY.
       The government of the globalist thought they had the controls of our nation in their hands for good and then this guy called Trump and the Massive Trump Train showed up and threatens everything.
       We The People Are Taking Our Country Back....Anyone that preaches against building a wall at the border or is demanding we have open borders and registering non citizens to vote, THEY ARE THE GLOBALIST and THE GLOBALIST PARTY..They are more dangerous to American Independence and National sovereignty than all our enemies abroad.
      The Democrats are the nations Main Globalist Party. They only get somewhat Patriotic about America as a nation around election time to deceive and mislead the people for votes. Then if we fall for the front and vote them in again, we find that they do not push an America First Agenda, but their global agenda and we get raped again as a nation and are left frustrated for another 4 years how things keep going the non American Way....ENOUGH IS ENOUGH....WE ARE TAKING THIS NATION BACK...JOIN US ON THE TRUMP TRAIN....share freely.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

The Heart of our Cause as the Trump Party....Keeping it plain & simple...written by deno

        If you see any blue highlights in this writing, they were not put there by deno, nor were they authorized. This writing was hacked. We are looking into this matter. Thank you.
........Had the establishment been able to control Trump he would not have won, Had Trump followed the normal course and standards of political correctness in campaigning he would not have established his edge and triumphed as big as he has. Had Trump been soft and tender, the professional career politicians would have taken advantage of his lack of political experience, polish and shine and they would have taken control of the debates and stole the stage from Trump. Trump kept those on the stage and the whole establishment feeling awkward and off balanced as they needed to be to lose their confidence in their normal approach to political competition, Only a wise and witty man and a strong staff could have done so. What the establishment and the career politicians tried to do to Trump fell on them. I call it the TRUMP BLESSING...Every negative thing they try to do to bring Trump down only makes him rise higher with Votes and with the Voters.
.......Had Trump compromised and kissed the backside of the will of the big cigar boys he would not have won. Had Trump let the professional politicians on the stage or elsewhere (remain comfortable in their own) personal and political skin then the show up (YOU and I) would have been yata yata same o same o and SO BORING, but this witty man WOKE THE NATION UP and for the first time in decades America has heard the TRUE GIGANTIC Voice of the SILENT MAJORITY that had given up on the same o same o lying career politicians whose true politics quit putting America First a long time ago.
.......Trump has woke the Nation Up. We feel real American Hope in the air and not one that others spawned by massive (free give away *programs*) without any work or service involved. Such programs only make (free give away addicts) out of people, spoils them from entering a productive and fruitful life. They become welfare junkies and the government itself is their pusher. Its all for THEIR DEMOCRAT VOTES and that's the Crooks (crooked bottom line). Crooked Hillary is all a part of that crooked system, as they buy their votes with the Taxpayers (hard earned money) which they take and buy votes with thru the massive (free giveaway programs). THAT CORRUPTION IS GOING TO CEASE. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. The courts must stop this tyranny,
       The Left (Democrats) gives hope by the (FREE MONEY PROGRAMS) and that attracts crowds, some legit yes, but it also attracts loads of crooks and criminals. What do we mean? Well look at it this way. The Democrats political party, those crooked people lie and lie and lie in their reasons for given out (the free money). (They say they give all that tax payers wealth away to the takers in the name of compassion, but GOD SEES the deeper evil that they try to hide underneath the FRONTS of that certain POLITICAL PARTY). Those massive (FREE GIVE-AWAY PROGRAMS) are more so crooked political moves that the Democrats use to pad their vote books with (registered numbers). Then they use those (REGISTERED NUMBERS) to PAD their voting numbers in hope to steal the elections with bought votes. Its also evil and crooked and involves criminals BECAUSE people or THE TAKERS of the (FREE MONEY PROGRAMS) often lie and lie and lie some more on the forms to get (the free money). This theft, this corruption must be stopped or the nation will get even sicker financially. This correction pill to some will be hard to swallow at first for some, but in the end the weight of their dishonesty that has haunted and possessed and marked and troubled their soul and character for years will finally be lifted off of them and they can go free before God and start anew the right and honest way.
        It used to be, COME TO AMERICA for there is plenty of work, (plenty of opportunity) and dream as big as you like, or as big as you want your personal empire to be. Work hard and lawfully and the nation will applaud the gains from your hard work both great and small. But now the Left (THE DEMOCRATS), the crooked side of America says, Come to America and (register to vote) and we will give you plenty of (free unearned money) and a (free ride without working for any of it. They have loaded up their voting books with this kind of corruption. THIS MUST STOP....BUILD THE WALL TRUMP...BUILD THE WALL AMERICA....Take Back the CONTROL OF YOUR DESTINY...For when THE TAKERS OUTWEIGH THE WORKERS AND THE TAXPAYERS SOMEONE IS DESTROYING THIS NATION with its OWN MONEY....HELLO.
       The Democratic Communist Party of America is the Party all behind the GIVE AMERICA AWAY PROGRAMS....They have an ultimate goal and it is sure not AMERICA FIRST MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. It is to change all this nations freedoms and rewrite our Constitution and redefine our nation. The more we let the Democrats stay in power the more frustrated the productive and the fruitful America Loving Patriots will get...Lets vote them out and forever keep them out...Never again elect a deceiving Obama politician ever again. And Hillary says she will continue down Obama's same ol tyrannic policies....We must as a nation BLOCK THE CROOKED to save us from the corrupt.
        BUT SUCH TAKING or SUCH TAKERS (THE FREE LOADERS) CANNOT BUILD A NATION, plant a seed, grow a tree, till a garden, nor harvest a crop, or MAKE A NATION STRONG. Such will eventually leave only dirt to kick up in the fields and no food to harvest FOR ANYONE. It will indebt a nation tremendously and that will eventually remove all the corn off the stalks until there is no more corn to give away to anyone, not even to the TAX PAYERS AND THE WORKERS.... THEN WHAT???? 
         Folks the crooked and corrupt political system itself made the nation grieve in sickness and caused the great need of an American government healing physician to rise up from outside of the crooked system. The system is so full of sweet smiling crooks on the take in government and on the streets and in the cities and fields of America that its stench itself reached the heavens and the heavens like responded and rained down upon us grace for American Recovery. 
         Nothing is pretty about this infection that is in our nation and government and the overcoming of this corruption want be a flower garden scene either. The corruption infection is as gross as of the worst infection and to remove that infection things will get and look ugly as the corruption is faced head on and removed BY THE VOICE AND FORCE OF THE PEOPLE...THE TRUMP PARTY. 
         But Friends the fight to overcome it and to remove our countries corruptions and infections is worth it all. We have a serious disease in this nations government and political system and its roots have grown deep, but it still can be uprooted. By our faith, by our Patriotism, by our strong United Determination, by our United Common Save America, Put America First, Make America Great Again Goal and Cause we can As One Nation Under God restore our nation. 
       The time is now for this restoration and not one for the tomorrows. If we elect Hillary we elect the same o same o. We elect then the same old diseased system already infested with the political infection that is destroying our country from within. The True Americans, the true WORKING TAX PAYING American Loving Patriots have been feeling our nations sickness and disease for along time now and we are fed up with it. It is time for Americans to love being Americans again.
        Do you know the heart of the democratic party really does not like for any American to feel patriotic about being an traditional American. The only time they show much patriotism is around election times for election purposes. Otherwise take that American RED WHITE AND BLUE Hat off your head young man. Take that IN GOD WE TRUST shirt off at school, for in New America its offensive. Take that American flag off your house sir. Take One Nation Under God out of the pledge of Allegiance. Take that American flag off your truck at school. But they will split the heavens on people's (immigrants and the haters of America) right to BURN OUR FLAG as a freedom of expression.
        To them (the heart of the democratic party) such patriotism is not the way they want us now to identify ourselves as being the people in this nation. Such traditional identification and patriotism they call and tag as political incorrectness by those who are trying to rewrite and redefine America, our traditions, our heritage, what marriage is, and what an American now is by their change to America.
        What I am about to write is VERY IMPORTANT. God open our eyes.
        Natural born citizens of America is NEVER EXALTED ANYMORE AS A PRIVILEGED POSITION OF AMERICAN HONOR (Have you not noticed this????).
        The American Born Citizen, YOU'R THE ONE THAT THE American Haters and the IMMIGRANT EXALTERS PLATFORMS HATE AND DESPISE. YOU ARE THEIR ENEMIES. You are the adversaries of their diverse manifold take over of the nation and of what they are wanting to do to our nation in their redefining of our most sacred traditional traditions and our American Traditional Identifications. Their goal is to take this nation over from the AMERICAN BORN PATRIOTIC CITIZENS and our traditions so they use against us weaponry words like PREJUDICE, HATERS, BIGOTS. If you oppose them in any way THEY SCREAM THOSE WORDS AGAINST YOU in hope to try to shame you, make you feel ashamed of YOUR AMERICA or embarrassed at being an American in hope to back you down. That is why things have not been going OUR WAY FOR A LONG TIME...We have felt this inside tyranny for TO LONG NOW...We Are Enraged at this tyranny and WE ARE UNITED AND ARE STOPPING IT. The Trump Train is going to run all this tyranny over for good. We Are Taking Our Country Back.
         Notice what we hear all the time now in the media and on the political scene these days. Its all about the present immigration, the new immigrants, illegal or not and how we must bend to them in all our elections for it is THEIR VOICE THAT DECIDES THE ELECTIONS OUTCOMES. IT'S ABOUT THE EXALTATION OF THE FREE-MONEY TAKERS and about the enslavement of the Workers and the Taxpayers, the American Born Citizens.
          For years in STEALTH STYLE OPERATIONS the Democratic Communist Party has been at work to take the power of this nation away from the BORN CITIZENS OF AMERICA. and put that power into their own Socialist Hands thru ever increasing immigration. THAT THE TRUTH....They are and have been trying to turn the nation upside down this way. The hell with that is now and must be our American Right and Retaliation fury. We now fight for our survival. We now fight even our own nation's Democrat Government Party to save the birth rights of the American Born Citizens.
        Trump has been given to us as a gift. Seems that even the Statue of Liberty herself, after the tyranny of the last 7 plus years of the Democratic Party against our Freedoms gave birth to this special All American Loving Man of Means to take over the reigns of our nation to help us recover from all this political corruption and tyrannies against our Constitution and Liberties and AMERICAN TRADITIONS, and all this political tyranny and war to take from the American Citizens the Power of our Nation.
        AMERICA we must not fall for the same ol same ol or that is what we will get. Hillary brings nothing new to the plate but the same old polished political lies and false promises of the establishments spin and delusions that they use to maintain their power, control, and corruption over our nation. Its just the same old lies spun with new lines but it is still the same old system.
        LET US STICK WITH TRUMP IN A MASSIVE UNITED FORCE and TAKE OUR NATION BACK....Let us keep our sleeves rolled up and political muscles still working and MASSIVELY MAKE IT CLEAR WE ARE NOT GOING TO TAKE THIS DOWNSIZING AND DESTRUCTION OF AMERICA AND OF THE AMERICAN DREAM and TRADITIONS ANYMORE. Remember why we are angry with our government and let us not let go of that anger until we as Americans Are Truly Proud To Be Americans Again and are Stronger than ever before as a nation...America First and Make American Make Great Again....Trump Wins We Win....share freely.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Donald Trump will win the Election 2016.......deno.....share freely.

.......(Thru-out the many generations God has set before People His Blessing or A Cursing. He told them how to receive His Favor and Blessing, but He also told them that THE CHOICE WAS THEIR'S TO MAKE, NOT HIS. HE WAS ALREADY SET TO BLESS THEM BEYOND MEASURE, and He already had everything lined up to make it happen if they would only believe and choose the right path that He set before them for their nation to lay holt of it...It was up to them to lay holt of it.
.......So speaking of God's blessing let us read..... And God put HIS BLESSING UPON A MAN NAMED ABRAHAM AND SAID...I the Lord will place My Favor and My Blessing upon Abraham and I will bless those that bless Abraham and I will curse those that curse Abraham.
........Before these words of the divine blessing came into Abraham's life, Abraham was an idol worshiper that did not even know the One True God. Nonetheless Abraham was lavished richly with divine favor that he himself at the first did not even understand nor naturally deserved. When he got the call to the blessing of the Lord that would bless many others, even many nations, he laid holt on to the blessing by faith and thru many test and trials he endured and still yet it is written that God blessed Abraham and made Abraham rich and in time God's blessing upon Abraham made Abraham even a blessing to many nations.
........ It is amazing what the blessing of the Lord can do if people connect to its timing, favor, and power.
.........Now let us go into the further given light.
.........We do not approach this given light in any form of self goodness or self righteousness to bank on or to brag about. This is God intervening and doing the goodness from HIS RESERVOIR OF GOODNESS and not from any goodness of any man or of any of us. If America got what she deserved she would be 6 feet under as a nation, for great are the sins of this people and of us all. On the left or on the right, we all have greatly sinned and we have all done so many wrongs. Lets stop all the stone throwing. Its a waste of time.
........WE WILL WIN THIS ELECTION and within two years jobs will be crazy abundant all over America and American loving patriotism will be at a mighty astounding resurrected high all over the nation. Huge Prosperity business and industry booms will be happening all over our country. New and old businesses and industries will be resurrected and popping up everywhere in the United States, because the plundering and the dismantling of our nations wealth, power, and strength will have ceased. The America First Agenda will be enacted and will prevail to the tremendous blessing of this nation that has for decades sacrificed so much of its blood and wealth itself to bless the world.
......We will be putting our billions and billions and billions unto the trillions of dollars back into our American pockets and not the pockets of our competitors who have dealt America all kinds of bad hands in the card game of trade competition and goodwill relations because of the incompetence of our leaders and because of political sell outs. 
.........We will be producing and buying and selling our own coal, oil, solar, and gas energies. The world has been allowed to take advantage of our nation's generosity for 50 years thru the abundance of American charity and compassion and goodness, but those days are numbered. Our nation's deficit now requires and even demands that from now on America and her citizens must come first.
.........Strength and strong Pro America Leadership will finally be back in Washington to replace those who put everyone else before our Vets needs and before the true American citizens needs. It is good to be charitable Jesus taught us, but he also taught us the importance of taking care of our own first. He said and we quote, It is not right nor is it proper to take the (citizens) bread and to cast it to the outsiders. He said that it is just not right to do that. Even Paul wrote, If a man does not first take care of his own household, he is a betrayer of his own.
........To our allies we will be that friend that sticks closer than a brother, but to our enemies that have taken advantage of our generosity and tolerance they will feel the squeeze of American retribution and regained power under President Donald Trumps 8 years administration of the America First Make America Great Again Revolution Agenda....And our IN GOD WE TRUST MOTTO WILL BE REAFFIRMED.
.......Soon something really good is going to happen in America and for America thru the Donald Trump Presidential legacy.....So hang on America, God's grace and goodness unto you has not ended yet. He has heard our cry, the cry of His people and His favor comes down from heaven once again upon our nation to bless and to empower us once again, a thing which so many of our enemies within and without strove in stealth to cease.
........These many good things do not come upon us because of American exceptionalism or because of any man's own goodness for none of us, no not even one can boast right now how good or how sinless we have been, nor because Americans have the right to boast about anything. It comes from a promise of God being fulfilled and of works before us remembered that have come up for a memorial before God working the power thru the avenue of great intercession that has stood in the gap from those who ran the race before us.
.......Let us all remember that God's greatest blessing and goodness and His salvation came upon the world when the world was totally UNWORTHY, so evil and so ungodly and so undeserving. Still yet for God so loved the world that He blessed us with His greatest blessing above them all, Jesus Christ His Son and all that His Son did for us.
........We learn from the scriptures that God knows how to bless and rain his blessing on the deserving and upon the undeserving. HE IS GOD.. Its called grace and mercy and the goodness of God and not of men. Therefore no man can boast but to God he gives the glory and that must not be forgotten.
.........We are not to let go of this abounding grace and mercy that rains upon our nation in these God ordained fruitful upcoming years..We have endured the satanic scheme sent to us for the last 7 plus years to divide us apart and to oppress with dread. We survived the storm against our nations freedom course and against our faith traditions and heritage, and now comes the blessings and the riches that the 7 year storm tried to hide and sought to keep from happening to our nation.
......... In those days to come under the Donald Trump presidential reign over this nation (AND IT IS TO BE NOTED THAT THIS BLESSING and FAVOR IS UPON DONALD TRUMP and upon no other) it shall be heard in the heart and in the streets and across this land that God has blessed America again and Happy Days of rejoicing and thanksgiving shall be heard as it was and in surpassing measures exceeding all former years. And the more they press against Donald Trump the more God will increase His lift of favor with the people as He has been doing. A thing which baffles all of us, even his enemies.
.......Also there will be also something else taking place that is so heavenly delicious in those years, a thing of which I will not speak of at this time but those who are sensitive to the Spirit will know what is about to occur in the light of abounding favor and grace. He that has ears to hear let him hear..God is a merciful God and God is Rich and Rich in Mercy.
........P.S. And it comes with persecutions but so do persecutions company many of the GOOD THINGS GOD DOES ON EARTH FOR HIS PEOPLE...This is not written to be a downer to the blessing but to preach the fulness truth..Even the happiest of souls and the wealthiest of families and friends on earth laugh a lot and cry a lot. That is just part of the present life...share freely.....deno....May 11, 2016.

America A Divided Nation.....Let's be honest here......deno.

.........And at this time in our history America is a divided country and for so many reason. Here is one.
........ America is a land of the workers and of the achievers who are the givers and taxpayers on one side of the ile, and America is a land full of takers and freeby gatherers piling up on the other side of the ile.
..........The takers and the freeby lovers worry about them and theirs mostly and how they personally will eat and survive and their concern does not reach much beyond themselves and their personal little world. Their patriotism to the nation and to national cause is often times found the least as many of them even burn the American flag. Some of that is understandable, having been spoiled by the strategic political based freeby system enforced by a certain political party for their political advantage. When their freebies are threatened they threaten back with Anti American Antics in hope to keep enslaved the rest of the nation to work for their free ride.
.........But the workers and the givers and the taxpayers of America on the other side of the ile, they concern themselves not only with their own needs and American dreams, but they also are greatly concerned now how the whole Nation itself is going to survive and afford all the free giveaways that has skyrocketed, and do so in such a manner as to not crash into national financial debt, depression and destruction from within). There exist many ways to weaken and to bring down a nation. Massive Gigantic Debt is one of them. Is someone or some party plotting this Financial Crash of America?
...........If We ALL AS AMERICANS, do not find a common realistic affordable ground in this indebting us free giveaway system issue and overspending soon, the America that we know today and have enjoyed for centuries will become a BYWORD of the world's many historical powers. We will be a has been in the sight of the world and a use to be. Do we really want that?
...........All of us are going to have make personal sacrifices on both sides of the ils in order to mend our nation that is seriously financially sick. I pray to God that it's not terminal. Those that overspend and those that keep offering and promoting the free giveaway system are spreading the very cancer that can destroy the America that we know today. They are the very problem and not any part of the solution......deno.....share freely.

Whatever Happened to America ?.......deno.....share freely.

Whatever happened to America.....deno.
.........(And at this time in our history America is a divided country. America is a land of the workers and of the achievers who are the givers and taxpayers on one side of the ile, and America is a land full of takers and freeby gatherers on the other side of the ile. The takers and the freeby lovers worry about them and theirs mostly and how they personally will eat and survive and their concern does not reach much beyond themselves and their personal little world. But that's understandable, having been spoiled by the strategic political based freeby system enforced by a certain political party for their political advantage. While the workers and the givers and the taxpayers of America concern themselves not only with their needs and American dreams, but they also are greatly concerned now how the Nation is going to survive and afford all the free giveaways that has skyrocketed and not crash into national financial debt, depression and ruin). There exist many ways to weaken and to bring down a nation. Massive Gigantic Debt is one of them.
.......For many generations in America the present generations have been blessed with the works, the sacrifices and the achievements of the former generations. Their hard work and blessings achieved, the next generation after them inherited. This went on for many generations, and generation unto generation the blessing continued. But after awhile something really terrible happened. Let's talk about it.
........As the nation grew and progressed, eventually the nation became so great and so beautiful that some really spoiled and bratty people came to power who lost sight of the sacrifices of those who ran the race in America before them. The generations before them ran their race to make it better for the next generation being taught that it was our nation's responsibility and love duty to do so as the heart of Christianity was the nation's dominance and light, but suddenly a generation was born who somehow grew to have different views from the bible path and a selfish indulging DO WHAT YOU WILL spirit began to be introduced into the nation. It was channeled into the nation thru the means of new music being introduced to America, even from afar.
........A wild and partying undisciplined generation of gluttonous covetous people that decided to over indulge in all forms of undisciplined sensual pleasure filled behaviors and to overspend the goodies of our nation on themselves and not put away for the next generation's financial health and prosperity and well being took holt to the reigns of the nation. National self serving indulging people became a massive part of America as the hippies roamed the land seeking new pleasures, new highs, new sensations to explore. A very radical self serving people were multiplying in America that one day would enter into the politics of America and they would shake the nation even to its traditional foundational settings. A change to old America was being born and the anti traditional American agenda was being set in slow motion. The John Wayne type of spirit and rugged heartfelt patriotism and love of God and country was soon to become almost extinct and would be replaced by the form of a spirit that I will call the sugar and spice of sweet evil. Evil and wrong would now be presented and would be made to taste so sweet, so spicy, and look so good yet after taking its full course in the people it still would destroy is prey in the end.
........Those gluttonous greedy self serving people became a spiteful, spoiled generation that began to take for granted the former generations sacrifices, labors, and great wealth achievements and they began to govern over those former generations achievements recklessly having no longer in them the richer spiritual depths that the former generations possessed to care for themselves and for the future generations of America. 
.........And because they did not have to really work for the national greatness that they were born into, they, looking at the great wealth that was in the nation's treasury, they thought to themselves that this could never end. The wealth is just to enormous. So they began to wheel and deal foolishly and wastefully. They forgot to be real grateful and truly thankful because they did not push that spirit anymore as America's former generations cleaved to. They even began to war with God and pushed an anti God agenda little by little and SERIOUS CORRUPTION SET IN to the course of our nation.The betraying spirit of Judas had entered and was rampant in the American government and Courts of America that began to attack Americans former Christian traditions and beliefs and from there America began to slip and slide itself away from the former generations blessings that had sustained them for several generations. The betrayal of God and of America's christian faith and traditions was now on and it is still taking its course in the American society to this day.
..........In this corruption something happened to their minds reasoning and thinking and those spoiled, unthankful, anti God anti Christian people began to handle the nation's wealth in manners that were soon to become even dangerous to the nation's security, the nation that was once the richest nation in the history of the world. The plundering of America's wealth began as the nation became governed by people that seemed to not be able to find the off button to their spending. They began to feed the world with all kinds of political giveaways and by backyard deals for America's interest and advantages and this was being done so recklessly that in time they hit a wall and a crack was put in the hull of the Great American Ship. A crack that even to this hour no one knows how to fix it without first sinking the ship and transporting the people to another boat and SYSTEM OF GOVERNMENT. Something very important was just simply said there.
........They began to dish out grants, fatly fund all kinds of programs. They began to cast their pearls before the swine and the pork all of the sudden was everywhere. They became addicted (for political gain) to give out free money to people to help them, but at the same time they perverted and polluted that helping hand by buying votes thru that welfare system to grow their political parties numbers (more corruption)
......... Seeing they could buy votes that way they began to call out for more and more immigrants to enter the land even illegally, put them also on the take, buying their votes with the unearned giveaways also, to keep their political numbers increasing for their corruptive control of the nation. The citizens kept seeing the massive increase of immigrants into America and saw its problems and they thought, how so strange it is, that our American government ignores this problem. (It was to their political advantage to look the other way because they were increasing their vote power to take power away from the real tax paying citizens of this nation.
......... A subtle and yet different kind of takeover of the democratic socialist communist party of America was underway). Money was flying out of that treasury year after years as if there was no way the nation could ever run out of money, They took the hard working tax paying people's wealth and funded wars and started buying off both immigrants, people, and nations, not to mention the under the table side bar deals that made politicians rich together as they packed bills with political pork for stealth politician feast. As the bible says of covetous leaders, those covetous people feast themselves on the people's givings.
.........America was full of citizens of great giving hearts but unfortunately greedy wolves in sheep's clothing crept into the power seats of their government singing God Bless America in order to get in and they were positioned by a people deceived on the power seat of the receiving end of the nation's givings and charities (The fiscal budget of America). They are corrupt politicians. Gangsters in fancy three piece suits with red, white and blue ties that sing publicly God Bless America only to hide their evil hearts of greed and the secret plundering of the American People's Taxes and Wealth. Giveaways Giveaways Giveaways to help others they pound and preach, but they preach that only to appear and to COME ACROSS as being charitable themselves ( a charitable party), but this has been going on for decades of the corrupt politicians to divert the attention of THE PEOPLE off of them and their own person political plundering of America's Tax Wealth and to BUY and to SECURE MORE VOTES so that they can continue to increase the size of the crack in the American Ships Hull. What's that old saying about that old con man, He deceives them, killing them by their love. 
.........These same spoiled people kept and keep on with all that reckless GIVEAWAY spending until one day they looked into the nation's treasury and bank account and said uh oh, we are out of money and we have all these checks to honor. Welfare checks, Military and government retirement checks, social security checks and all these other checks. What are we going to do? The nation's wealth we have plundered.
........They came up with an idea. They went to the printing machines and began to fabricate the government's wealth status with the printing of paper money backed by no gold. They call it borrowing money out of thin air, out of the THE FUTURE GENERATIONS in order to pay for their present reckless generations bills. That generations reckless mishandling of the nation's wealth had to reach for the first time into the FUTURE GENERATIONS WEALTH status for the first time in American history to cover its own greedy consumptions
.........These evil careless and covetous politicians have plundered America's former wealth, present wealth and now even America's FUTURE WEALTH to cover the debts of their plundering of America. GIVEAWAYS GIVEAWAYS GIVEAWAY is the main campaign strategy, even though they know that America can no longer afford that...... (20 Trillion dollars in debt-Unbelievable Financial Nightmare). Talk about an irresponsible greedy gluttonous politically corrupt people.
...........They tell us our children and their children's children shall have to pay it back. How so unfair that is. We even give so many other nations all kinds of money (Billions and Billions and even trillions) while we curse our own American children's future generations with what could be an irreparable sinking ship. These evil people should be tracked and then TRUMPED for getting us into this BIG MESS. Donald Trump and his witty mind of finance and wealth gaining blessing AMERICA NEEDS DESPERATELY. We cannot afford the professional politicians any more. THEY ARE UNTRUSTABLE AND THEY ARE THE PROBLEM AND HAVE BEEN FOR DECADES as is seen in the words of this simple writing and as clearly seen in America's Gigantic Debt. We as a nation should literally THANK GOD that a man like TRUMP is even willing to take the wheel of the nation to help us with his financial wits and experience to increase America's wealth ratio.
..........The reckless spending and borrowing money out from the future generations is today still going on, even more than ever and it is 45 plus years later. For almost 45 plus years now our government's own reckless irresponsible spending of the nation's wealth has bankrupted what was once the richest nation on earth and if it were not for all those printing machines printing huge amounts of fabricated wealth and calling it money and borrowing it out of the future, the American Empire would fall and that like a mighty financial crashing of biblical proportions. 20 Trillion dollars in debt and climbing. UNBELIEVABLE,
..........Hillary Clinton and many other professional politicians for the last forty years had the ability to attack this problem but did not. They created this problem. Out of control they themselves kept adding to this reckless spending behavior. They all kept spending more than the year before until operating in a bigger and bigger deficit became like a horrible drug addiction that our government could not kick. Now we are 20 trillion dollars in debt and that debt is in itself the worse national security threat to present America.
..........Right Now, we as a nation MUST CHOOSE the right candidate for President this time at this stage in our nation's financial crisis, that can create jobs and real wealth and control cost at the same time or at least set in motion a real feasible means to pay the debt down, we could lose America soon if we don't.
..........Donald Trump is the man for America for what our nation is facing now. We have to, we must now put America First and Make America Great Again or the America we love and know could be gone forever...In Washington it can longer be government business as usual. We must excel in achievements and prosperity and financial disciplines far above our known yesterday's. Donald Trump is the most qualified person to help the nation do all this. Let us not let go of this gifted man given to our generation for such an hour as this in America......deno.....share freely.

Friday, May 6, 2016

The Redefining of America by the Left.......written by deno.

         This is America and we with our present freedoms can believe whatever we want. You may not believe in God and you may not be religious, but a least let us be honest.
         Think about it. The Democrats pile up and pile on so many government regulations to operate businesses in America that the weight of those regulations slows business growth in the nation and causes the establishment of the Republicans & Democrats Rich & Famous who do have the big businesses here (even for years and decades), to pack up and move to Mexico and other places outside America to get away from the BIG GOVERNMENT regulations that are causing them unacceptable higher overhead. And there goes OUR BETTER PAYING JOBS.
         America, this activity mentioned above (BY OUR OWN GOVERNMENTS WEIGHTY HAND) is THE ENFORCEMENT of the dismantling of our Nation....Since Clinton's NAFTA Agreement in the 90s, this has been going on...The Communist Party of America (The Democratic Party) wants the nation "Government Dependant"....WHY? So that you want go and vote or go against THE HAND THAT FEEDS YOU NO MATTER WHAT COURSE THAT HAND TAKES THE NATION EVEN IF ITS ON A COURSE FOR THE RIPPING UP OF THE CONSTITUTION unto Social Communism and the compromise of liberties. Every time you hear a Democrat speaking of a change is coming to America they mean Communism is taking over. That is what they are talking about. Lets just put it out there as it really is. It is Bigger Government at the Price of lessor Freedoms.
       We have so many people in America today on the government free give away programs and payroll that put nothing into it, that they would not dare go against THE HAND THAT FEEDS THEM.... As long as they are getting their freebies and checks monthly THE HELL WITH THE FISCAL HEALTH OF THE NATION and the hell with the CONSTITUTION of the Nation..JUST GIVE ME MY FREE MONEY.
        And this same Party also wants the flood of illegal immigrants and refugees (millions and millions of them to continue) so they can put them on the free give aways program to feed them (making them government dependent addicts), then afterwards register them to vote so that they will vote for and not go against the hand that feeds them. This is also, by the Hand of our own Government, the government strategically moving its hand to TAKE AWAY the power of the TAX PAYING TRUE PATRIOTIC AMERICAN CITIZENS and run the elections by the pile up of the numbers of the people on the government welfare payroll (dependency) and freebies program, And by those BOUGHT VOTES paid for BY THE MONEY OF THE TAXPAYERS, use that power to control the elections by the takers, taking the power away from the givers (THE NATIONS TAX PAYERS). This is so wrong but yet so clever that it is demonic. The hard working Taxpayers are allowing their own money to pay for their own Nations destruction and takeover from within by the Socialist thru the freebies and the unearned checks of those who put nothing into the system or that lie to steal the loot..
         But then we ask why and how could they do all this dismantling and all this tyranny to America the land of liberty who strove for a more perfect union of all both small and great AS ONE NATION UNDER GOD united together by the glory of heartfelt national patriotism? Well here is the answer.
         By the de-faithing of the nation (Our Children) thru the avenue of our Universities (using Evolution indoctrination) we remove God, and God convictions and loyalties to the sacred text (which was our common ground for centuries in America), which if we can de-faith the nation, then the Constitution written by the moral code and laws founded from God's Bible can be agreed upon by these new founded atheist to be ripped apart or rewritten by a generation who no longer believes in God or at least strongly doubts His existence. So being de-faithed by the lie of evolution and being no longer esteemers of the morals of the sacred text, (with the nation gone wild) being they no longer subject themselves to the morals of the commandments of Gods Law, then they have also no guilt in being disloyal to the Constitution that was based upon fear of God and the bible. Rip it up and rewrite America....That is THE CHANGE....That is their play for their Redefining of New America.
          Pay attention......They are already redefining our traditional convictions that we have always esteemed and embraced from the bible. They take Christ out of Christmas & Easter WHICH REPRESENT THE BIRTH and RESURRECTION OF CHRIST and turn those days into secular holiday's though they were formed purely by the Christian faith. In God We Trust that was a common ground of America for many decades, they want removed to no longer be our nations motto. And as in their latest redefining of marriage and gender identification confusion, doing this is their boldest attack against all we have held to be holy and sacred in America. They know if we all bow to this They have conquered the nation and overcome old America.....It is sick what they are doing to this Nation. We must STOP THIS MADNESS.
         And also at the same time thru the bombardment of verbal pounding(Music Industry) and IMMORAL IMAGING (Hollywood & Porn) overload against America's Moral & Ethical Code called The Bible, thru all of this overloading of the mind and soul of the nation, America would undergo an inward hardening and change within contrary to her former sacred God given convictions of Americas former generations who applauded IN GOD WE TRUST... Then by this inner hardening against God and the sacred text, the nation would in time and THAT TIME IS NOW, would become a nation of people who love and prefer money over God, pleasure over sacrifice, entertainment over discipline, fame over moral code, and prefer mammon over country, patriotism, and national loyalty. Just get yours no matter what, no matter the lie, or the theft...GET YOURS.
         The nation by all these tactics and others has been divided and demonized by the Democratic Communist Party and by the lack of real resistance of the Republican party who are supposed to be God and the Conservatives Political Salt.Yet not to make everyone religious, but that the non religious would not take power and use that power to suppress the freedoms of the religious ones that the Constitution was written to protect. America was actually founded by believers for the protection and the religious freedoms of believers. Any change to this Constitutional setting is tyranny against the founding causes of this nation. Yet oh how this is now going on more and more in present America.
         To really save America, it will take a Man and A Stand greater than ever before of the American people who love this nation and who see what is really taking place to rise up in a movement and a revolution to return this nation to her former cause and glory that our founding fathers intended for THE FREE.
         Well now we have THE MAN, and we have THE PEOPLE and We ARE TAKING OUR COUNTRY BACK....ON THE TRUMP TRAIN.
          Our voice will again rule the nation and we shall dismantle from our nation THOSE PROFESSIONAL POLITICIANS THAT HAVE BETRAYED US who have been dismantling our nation, our freedoms, and our jobs for all these years and sending them to other countries while overloading our nation with the influx of millions and millions of people who have no reason to be loyal to the sacredness of our Constitution or to American Patriotism, nor to God...JUST GIVE ME THE FREEBIES AND THE FREE MONEY....but to be loyal to what the rest of the nation and our Constitution is all about they don't give a damn. They raise up their own flags of the nations they fled from and fly them over ours. This is INVASION and TAKEOVER....I'm sorry but I love this country and refuse to see this tyranny continue.. We Are The Trump Party and We Are American Correct.....deno.....share freely.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Lynne Patton FROM HER HEART...."The Trump Family That I Know" - A Black Female Trump Execu...

The Trump Blessing..Read to understand THE TRUMP BLESSING.....deno......share freely.

......There came a time in our Lords ministry that he became greatly opposed. These enemies formed alliances against Jesus and over and over again tried to catch him in his words, embarrass him publicly, and tried to stir up the villages and cities up to turn their hearts against him....But one day seeing all their attempts had failed they finally in awe struck to the Lords fame and popularity, they finally consented saying, All our schemes and attacks against him do nothing, behold the whole nation has gone after him (John 12:19).....
.....Friends not any of us can be compared to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. All of us including Trump need Gods grace, love, and mercy....But I wrote these words to say this....If God has His own hand on a person for a task, whether he super empowers and anoints that person for His cause, whether its to build a great Ark or be made His appointed ruler over a nation, if God has ordained it by His own mouth as to say THIS SHALL BE or THIS SHALL COME TO PASS; as He did in Solomon's life and reign; you can squall, scream, fuss, cuss, jump on cop cars and burn rubber all night AND ALL YOUR WITHSTANDING WILL BE AS NOTHING though you act like the devil himself in your resisting Gods plan....
.......Gods Word Spoken over the man will triumph just as it did when God spoke His own blessing word over Solomon.
.......God spoke from His mouth His own blessing and purpose into the life of young Solomon, to make him business wise, rulership wise, and decision making wise to rule His nation. And And And God spoke His riches and wealth blessing into Solomon's life and dynasty and kingdoms glory called the glory of Solomon.
.......God had his plan and hand on Solomon from the womb. God was being rich in Mercy for the nation of Israel. He raised Solomon up for the glory of God and Israel in the Temple being built days. Prosperity came to Israel from all over Israel's own treasures and from many other nations FAR BEYOND ALL THEIR YESTERDAYS. The sound of joy and happiness returned to Israel because of Gods Pronounced BLessing on ONE MAN who would rule HIS NATION.  It was great days of prosperity in Solomon's reign because God ordained it to be with His own mouth speaking His Mighty Blessing into Solomon, his life and dynasty in that generation.
........When God personally puts a man in His sights and speaks His favor and blessing and cause into that soul personally, all the world can try to stop it but Gods Word will triumph and prevail.
..........That word that God personally spoke for HIS CAUSE into Solomon (for Solomon and the nation of Israel) was a unique and special WORD BLESSING.
.........Gods spoken blessing into Solomon was so powerful that those words working their power into Solomon inside and out made Solomon rich, wealthy, wise, energized and determined. It even made the nation (THE PEOPLE) of Israel to partake of THE SOLOMON BLESSING and to enjoy for themselves exceedingly rich and wealth blessings, and to become energized to gather and to build, and to become business smart, skillful in task and in decision making and wise to rule and they were proud of being Gods People as ONE NATION UNDER GOD. The spirit of revival was in the land as the Temple was being constructed.
..........That word that God personally spoke for HIS CAUSE into Solomon (for Solomon and for the nation of Israel) was so powerful in there coming to pass power, that we read in the bible that not even the sins and failures of Israel and of Solomon himself, nor his personal human errors and failures had the power to stop the Word Blessing that God ordained and spoke into Solomon. Abounding Grace and Mercy was in the mixture of THAT MIGHTY BLESSING. When Solomon or the people missed it or sinned or even failed and grieved God in Solomons life, God had so empowered THE SOLOMON BLESSING with such abounding grace and mercy power that THAT BLESSING WOULD STILL PROSPER AND PREVAIL in Solomon's life and Israel's even when the atmosphere of Israel grieved God and sin was abounding.
.........This was a special blessing of God of great grace and mercy and favor power. This was a MOST POWERFUL BLESSING that God spoke Himself into Solomon and his life and for his governing the nation as its king. It was a blessing for the nation of Israel in that day and hour  for the great need and desire of God to come to pass in Israel, and THE SOLOMON BLESSING was so powerful in its coming to pass power, that we read in the bible that not even the sins and failures of Israel and of Solomon himself, nor his personal human errors and failures had the power to stop the Mighty Word Blessing that God spoke into Solomon. 
........Solomon was divinely called, divinely chosen, and empowered by God for Gods purpose in the nation of Israel. God can do His Similar Blessing for now for other nations who call upon the Name of the Lord, who have humbled themselves and prayed for HIS DIVINE HELP and BLESSING on their nation...MILLIONS HAVE BEEN PRAYING FOR AMERICA FOR DECADES...
......... Gods Word Blessing into men's lives when He has HIMSELF spoken those words into that mans life, those words come to pass no matter what that man does and no matter what his enemies do. Study this truth in the life of Solomon.
..........Even though Solomon was gifted beyond comparison he still made personal mistakes. Its in the record for all to see. And yet so have we all. I know I sure have, many times. God does not bless a nation always according to their goodness, but as He did in Solomons life, sometimes God blesses a people and a nation because of HIS GOODNESS and MERCY not because of any goodness of the people.
...........God gifted Solomon with increasing wealth and wisdom, and though Solomon had great great successes and some huge failures in his personal life and fellowship with the Lord, still that Word that God spoke into Solomon was so powerful and filled with such favor, grace, and mercy multiplied so greatly, that Gods SPOKEN Word Blessing into Solomon still kept on making Solomon wiser & wiser, and more famous and more famous, and more richer and more wealthier all of his life. Even though he Solomon had personal successes and personal failures and even though His sins grieved God, Gods Spoken Word Blessing into Solomon still kept coming to pass no matter what....IT WAS THE GIFT OF GOD TO THAT GENERATION THRU A MAN CHOSEN AND ORDAINED BY GOD..That was a POWERFUL WORD that God spoke into Solomon and his life for that generation. A word like unto what God spoke into Abraham saying, IN BLESSING I WILL BLESS YOU....and I will raise you up for MY PURPOSE......and I will BLESS YOU so that you will be My Blessing to others.
........Look at all they have done and try to do against Trump, no matter what they form against him by word, by political strategy schemes. or by deeds, Trumps fame keeps increasing and he gets record attendances and votes...Gods Blessing is on the Man.
.......Gods has a good plan for us and for our nation thru him....The best thing for all of us to do is to jump on the TRUMP TRAIN.
.......God has something great for this nation on His mind...He has seen what all these lying deceiving professional politicians have been doing to HIS NAME and to our Faith, and against IN GOD WE TRUST. These unpatriotic disloyal betraying America Politicians, they promote and allow the plundering of our nation as they smile and over and over again lie and deceive us, and He has seen how they have schemed to dismantle our nations blessings, faith, our economic, military, and religious strengths.
.......So God has gone outside the Box to get HIS WORK AND BLESSING PLAN accomplished for our nation With TRUMP. He did the same with David and with the 12 disciples and with Jesus our True KING.
........God has a special and grace abounding blessing plan for America.....God has put it into Trumps heart to bring His Goodwill plan to pass in America.
........IF MY PEOPLE WHO ARE CALLED BY MY NAME Will Humble Themselves and Pray and......., well many did as God said to do in that scripture promise...Its time for the democrats and all the opposers to let go and let God.
.......Trumps His Man for the hour we live in now..He has His Blessing in store for America...He is a present day Solomon. A blessing to America in our generation...Lets all thank God for him, pray for him. support him and put him on the throne...God has put in in his heart to love our Nation and to Favor our Nation. We have had enough of these down days where America was put on the bottom of the list, its time to WIN AGAIN AMERICA and COME TOGETHER AS ONE NATION UNDER GOD....America First. With Gods blessing on His Man lets make America Great Again....Lets let go and let God.....Democrats and Republicans its time to put down your stones, and burn your signs. and embrace THE BLESSING.....Trump is Ordained by Gods Mercy and Blessing for the Nation.......This does not happen often.... We must embrace the gift and the blessing in the man and be thankful for this blessing and gift to our generation.......Amen.......deno....share freely.

Monday, May 2, 2016


“Gethsemane” in Hebrew is "Gath Shemanim". The two words GATH and SHEMANIM mean, “the place where olive oil is pressed”.

      When GOD calls you to draw near to Him in your Gethsemane; He is calling you to a place of obedience and surrender. To draw more oil, there must be more pressure. When the call outweighs your own desires, GOD will put more pressure to get you where He wants you to be to accomplish all HIS desires.

      The value of your oil depends on what you are willing to let go to receive more of Him. Obedience is better than sacrifice. What you have to gain in this world is but a fading flower. What you have to gain choosing to walk obediently, is a cup that never runs dry. Your life is not a fading flower, but want that never dies.

      Every calling is great when greatly pursued. The oil of anointing has the power to heal, restore, cleanse and renew. All the pressure you have endured is to reveal the golden oil of GOD's glory He has placed inside you. The more you pour out, the more glory and honour you give to Him.

From PRESSURE comes PURPOSE. Surrender to His PERFECT WILL.

But the plans of the LORD stand firm forever, the purposes of his heart through all generations. ~ Psalm 33:11

For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, says the LORD. ~ Isaiah 55:8

If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me. ~Jesus/Yeshua [Matthew 16:24]

And we know that all things work together for good to them that love GOD, to them who are the called according to his purpose. ~Romans 8:28

Be blessed ~ AMC.